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Title: Subtly Different
Author: FireflyDreamer (aka Shann S.)
Email: trueshannsdreaminaway⊕
Category: M/L (if I add anybody else it will definitely be CC)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Sue me. I dare you.
Summary: Earth has been taken over by Antarians, and humans are a dominated species struggling to survive. Most humans have been made into slaves. That’s all I’m going to say, don’t want to give anything away.
AN- It has been such an extremely long time since I’ve written anything I'm practically a new author, so you’ve probably never heard of me, but please give my fic a chance, ok? Pretty please?? LoL – the prologue is kind of weird but I’m just using it to set everything up. If you like the story leave FB!!! Even if it’s only one word, I just need to know that people are reading! *wink* If you really like the story leave FB and tell a friend about it! The more the merrier! *big*

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She ran. The murky shadows and dimly lit back alleys doing little to cover her from her followers.

Of course, this was all unbeknownst to her. She only ran swiftly because it was unsafe for humans to be out at night. She never dreamed that tonight would be the end of freedom.

They struck quickly and suddenly. The last thought she had was, ‘I can’t believe I’ve finally found it…’


He sighed lazily. These meetings were always so long and tedious. Then he heard a commotion from the door.

She slowly woke from her unconsciousness. There was a sharp pain in her head and there were lots of bright lights and noise everywhere, but she was so disoriented that everything just seemed to spin.

“We found this human in the alleys,” her captor sneered as he threw her on the floor.

As others were talking angrily about what they’d like to torture her with, he watched her. And he felt sadness in his heart at the harsh fate the innocent girl was sure to endure. That’s when he felt something snap inside of him.

“I’ll take care of the girl,” he said evenly causing everyone to stare at him in shock, though no one dared to contradict him. Then he walked over and gently grabbed the girl’s forearms to help her up. As he was leaving, with the girl stumbling beside him, he remembered to call over his shoulder, “Meeting adjourned.”

As they walked outside in the cool night air he noticed her start to stagger even more, so he picked her up and carried her in his arms. ‘How is it possible for anyone to be this light and small?’ he thought to himself as he stared down into her pretty face. “What’s your name?” he asked softly.

“Liz,” she managed to bite out before darkness enveloped her yet again.

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argh...I was going to write the second half of the first part today but we had a basketball game, so I didn't get home till late and I was blessed with tons of homework on the first day of's the first day of school for god's sake! LoL - but I decided to post part 1a anyway...although the part and I don't agree with each other - it's very tedious and includes a lot of background info and not much else (and so will part 1b unfortunately), by part 2 things will finally start to get interesting, so if you can just behr with me until then...*wink* oh, ya, and fb is a must!

Part 1-

Liz woke with the sun shining on her face. She had never felt so comfortable in her entire life. The bed underneath her was soft and warm and she felt as though she had slept for days. Soon Liz looked around lazily with her eyes half-open. ‘Where am I?’ she wondered abstractly. Then reality came shattering down around her, breaking the fragile sense of relaxation and contentment she had felt, and her eyes snapped wide-open as she bolted upright.

The events of what she could only assume was the night before ran over and over through her head. ‘I was so close…so close’ she whispered silently to herself, rage and sorrow welling up inside of her. As her jangled nerves started to calm she looked at her surroundings much more deliberately than before, assessing the situation. She was in a big room with sparse furniture, just the bed, a dresser, and a bedside table, and the walls were painted white. Despite the lack of decoration, it was still a pleasant room with a huge window next to the bed giving an airy feel. There were even satin sheets and fluffy down pillows on her bed. ‘I don’t understand…if they were going to torture me or make me a slave, why would they put me in a nice bed…or give me new clothes to wear?’ she asked herself as she realized for the first time that they had changed her clothing. It was a soft cotton nightgown, very comfortable, but it still didn’t make any sense.

“Liz,” a warm voice called from the doorway, “ I’m glad you’re up. Here I brought you some food.” The man who had carried her the night before gently placed a tray down in front of her, with steaming food on it. The smell of the food was so good Liz sighed. She was famished and couldn’t remember the last time she had eaten. Even though her instincts told her this man would not hurt her, Antarians were not to be trusted, so she decided to ask questions before she ate.

“Why?” she said simply. “Why what?” he asked arching an eyebrow at her. “Why did you take me in just to give me a nice bed and warm clothes and food when anyone else would jump for joy at the chance to torture a human?” He sighed. “Just because the general population would get satisfaction out of that, doesn’t mean I would. I have never agreed with how humans are treated.” Now Liz was truly confused. “But why take me in? It doesn’t change how things are.” He turned his head away from her and looked out the window. After a long pause he quietly replied, “Because it was the right thing to do. Now eat. I have work I need to attend to and you need more rest. We can talk further later.”

As he was leaving Liz called out, “Wait! Who are you? You never told me your name.” He turned at the doorway and smiled lightly. “In due time, Liz. In due time. Now eat.”

She would know soon enough.


He sighed. He just couldn’t concentrate on his work. Although he didn’t regret his decision to help Liz, he just didn’t know what to do about the whole situation. She was relatively safe, for now, he surmised. ‘But what about tomorrow, or the next day?’ he asked himself, causing him to groan and lay his head on the table. The whole situation was impossible.

Then again, everything in general kept getting more complicated. Antar had spent a lot of money to take over Earth, and now Rath was talking about conquering Venya next, which would cost even more money. ‘Money which we don’t even have,’ he grumbled to himself, ‘Rath must be mad. We’ve depleted practically all our money and all he cares about is exerting his authority over others. Why he feels he must control everything I will never know…’

Times were very bad on Antar. To pay for war Rath had taxed everyone heavily, causing practically all Antarians to grow poorer. After the war, when the humans were brought in as slaves, Antarians started using them as scapegoats, blaming them for all their problems. Although they knew in the back of their minds that they had caused their own problems, they needed someone to blame and the humans fit the job perfectly. Soon the torturing and beating of humans became commonplace.

He had never agreed with any of it though. ‘If only…’

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Leigh - You'll discover Max's role in the Antarian hierarchy soon enough, I promise! *wink*

Don't know when I'll get part 1b the weekend I hope, though school & b-ball always manage to get in the way...
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Hey, sorry it took me so long to get a new part out, but school has completely taken over my life...argh! I'm going to try and get parts out once a week now - I should have time to write on weekends at least. This part get's dark towards the end, but it's imperative to Liz's, enjoy *big* ~

Part 1b

After Liz had finished her food she lay quietly on her bed and tried to come up with a plan. She knew that she had to get out of here as soon as possible. People were counting on her and she couldn’t help them here. What a horrible time to have been captured, she mused silently.

Thinking of her capturing, or more specifically her captor, was thoroughly confusing though. She didn’t understand him; he was just so different from any other Antarian she had met. But, she concluded, no matter how confusing he may be, it should be very easy to escape from here. Or was escape the right word? He said he didn’t agree with how humans were treated, so would he even protest if she told him she was leaving? So confusing…so different…she sighed.

“Liz,” a soft voice called from the doorway, interrupting her thoughts. “Dinner should be ready in an hour or two, so if you would like to freshen up there is a bathroom across the hall. You should find everything you need there. Oh, also, there are clothes in the dresser which are about your size. Feel free to come find me if you need anything,” he said lightly with a small, crooked half-smile. “I have to go now, so see you at dinner.” With that he walked briskly back out the door.

Liz decided to enjoy these few small luxuries he had offered while she had the chance and immediately went across the hall to the bathroom. Now this proved to be an exciting and somewhat exasperating endeavor. For Liz had never been in a real bathroom. She’d never seen an actual bathtub with flowing water. Truthfully, baths had been the least of her, or her family’s, worries.

After quickly stripping off her clothes, she looked at the shiny white thing she assumed was the bathtub. She studied it quietly for a few minutes before coming to the conclusion that the little knobs at the end of the thing would probably turn it on. First she tried pressing them, and when that didn’t work, she tried turning them. They look kind of like doorknobs, she said to herself.

She tried the first knob, with red markings on it. A smile lit up her face as water started to flow. In glee she brought her hand down to feel the water and was scarcely able to control the scream that welled up in her throat. The damn thing had practically burnt her hand! She quickly turned the evil thing off and glared at it. Then a thought occurred to her, what did the other knob do? Hesitantly, she reached down and turned the second knob with blue markings on it. As the water poured out she slowly stuck her hand in and then quickly jerked it away. “This one is almost as bad as the first,” she muttered to herself. The water was absolutely freezing!

As she watched the flowing water, she sat back and pondered her predicament. She desperately needed a bath while she could get one. But this evil contraption would not cooperate with her! She groaned in frustration. Think, think, think, she told herself. There had to be some way to get the damn thing to work right. Finally, after what seemed like forever, she got an idea.

Again she found herself reaching down for the red knob and slowly turning it. With both the red and blue knobs turned on even more water was pulsing out. Holding her breath she stuck her hand in the water for a third time. To her delight the water was neither to hot nor to cold. She felt a smile of satisfaction form on her face, which soon fell as she realized all the water was flowing out of the tub. She groaned, yet again, in frustration as she peered down at the bottom of the bathtub. All the water was flowing out of a hole with some kind of thing sticking out of it. This proved to be a much easier problem to fix, and she soon pushed the stopper into place.

Having done all this, she patiently waited for the water to rise so she could turn it off. Even with her non-existent experience with bathtubs she was smart enough to know that once it was filled up it would start to overflow. Finally, after a few minutes, the bath was ready, and she eagerly stepped in. The feeling of the warm water all around her was unlike anything she had ever felt before. It was so relaxing and comfortable she felt like she could fall asleep. Sighing, she sat up to look at the stuff around the tub.

There was a small, soft piece of cloth, which she knew to be a washcloth. She could still remember her mother scrubbing her clean with her bare hands, when she was little, complaining about how much she need a washcloth and soap. Then she picked up a small vile and opened it. A lovely scent unlike anything Liz had ever smelled before filled the air. On the back of the vile was written, ‘Soap,’ along with directions on how to use it. So this is what soap is, she reflected. There was another nice smelling vial, which the directions said was to be used in her hair.

As she scrubbed herself clean with the washcloth and soap she had never felt better. But she couldn’t stop the sadness she felt as she thought about how much her mother would have loved this. Quickly trying to forget these depressing thoughts, she washed herself off and attempted to wash her hair for the first time. After this task had been completed she lied back and just let the relaxing sensations take over.

A little while later she finally managed to drag herself out of the tub. With a towel wrapped around her she walked back to her room to find some clothing to wear to dinner. She gazed in awe at all the beautiful garments contained in the dresser, but eventually chose a soft white dress that was extremely comfortable, clung to her body and was made in a material that she had never seen before. Although she was beginning to realize that there were a lot of things she hadn’t seen before.

There was a mirror above the dresser and she was shocked at what peered back at her. That can’t be me, she thought. In her plain clothes and with all the dirt and grime she had managed to collect she had never known how pretty she could look. It was shocking. Not that she thought she was amazingly beautiful or anything (although she was), but the change was so dramatic you could barely tell she was the same person.

Later, after she had recovered from her shock, she found a brush on the end of the dresser and started to brush her hair. When she was done she looked at the brush and memories came rushing to her, unbidden. She thought of her mom’s brush, the only thing she still had from Earth, and how much her mom had treasured it. The old brush itself had practically fallen apart and didn’t do much good, but that didn’t matter to her mother. It was their brush, they should feel lucky to even own one, her mother had always told her.

Liz looked closely at the brush in her hand. It was wooden and the handle had intricate carvings. The bristles were very fine and the brush looked like it had never been used. As Liz took in all these things she felt tears form in her eyes. It was only a brush, but it epitomized her life so well. While Antarians have all these nice things that they take for granted, humans would treasure a useless piece of junk. She felt anger and renewed determination rise in her. Although she would allow herself to enjoy these little luxuries tonight, she would be out of this place as soon as possible. There were people counting on her, and she would not let the Antarians win, she thought heatedly.

But when Liz had let this flood of emotions take over it would be a long time before it stopped, and the memories came faster and more furious than before…and she was powerless to stop them. She could still vividly remember when they had come for her family…She had been so young…

Her mom and dad had hidden her in that tiny little place under the floorboards where no one could find her. But the floorboards didn’t block out the sounds of what was happening, and the crack down the center let her see all to clearly. They had come bursting into the room shouting curses and many other things that her young mind couldn’t comprehend. And then, while one of them restrained her dad, the others had taken her mother and…

Although she probably should have been crying by this point, she had cried so much in the past that there just weren’t any tears left. There was only this overwhelming sadness. And still the memories kept coming…they had thrown her mother on the ground and then they had ripped her clothes off. By this time her father had started shouting, but the guy restraining him had only laughed and grabbed him tighter. Although she hadn’t understood what was happening at the time, they had raped her mother right in front of her own eyes. She might not have known what was happening, but she could see the pain it was causing her mother, and the tears coursing down her mother’s cheeks. After they had finished with their “fun”, laughing all the while, they had used their powers to kill both her mom and dad. She may have been young and naïve at the time, but she was able to comprehend that they were dead and were never going to do anything with her again…

“Liz,” a voice called persistently, causing her to crash back into reality. “Dinner’s ready.”

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AN: Hey! Hope everyone's had a good day. *wink* Uh, this part and I argued with each other for a very long time, but I'll go ahead and post it. It's short, but I wanted to end it where I did, and I couldn't think of anything else to do with it. It's a really important part of the story, all the action and everything starts after this. And because it's such a crucial part I was extra critical on it (which is why I'm probably not very happy with it). I hope you like it. Hopefully the next part will be out this weekend.

Special thanks to all those that left feedback (and you lurkers too!) - frenchkiss70, ccrswll, LixMix5, aZNroSweLl anglgrl, Spicy trini1, roswellluver, the better twin! You guys rule! *big*

Part 2-

Dinner was served in a small, elegant room. The walls were painted a bright and shining white, while the carpet was a dark red. There were also two rather large windows on two sides of the room, which sat in one corner of the house. They ate at beautiful mahogany table with silverware that was actually made of silver and fine china. The food was already laid out on the table when they got there, so Liz still had yet to see any servants.

They ate quietly, in an awkward sort of silence, and although he could tell that Liz tried not to look awed or surprised by everything, she couldn’t fool him. He knew this was all new to her, and her fascination made her all the more endearing.

The whole dinner he studied Liz out of the corner of his eye. There was just something about her and he couldn’t tear his eyes away. She fairly seemed to glow. He had known she was pretty before, but now, with a bath and that dress that clung to her every curve, she seemed attractive and luring and it scared him. He’d never known a human like her, and although he couldn’t place it there was something subtly different about her. It wasn’t in her looks. It was something else…

Suddenly, she sat down her silverware. “Who are you?” she asked bluntly, breaking the silence. She looked up and stared at him, waiting for an answer. When their eyes connected he knew he’d never seen anyone more beautiful before. Her large doe eyes did things to him that no one had ever done. And then he understood. He knew what was so different about her. There was sadness in her eyes, but the fear that he normally saw in humans’ eyes wasn’t in hers. She hadn’t been broken. There was an inner strength and passion in her that he’d never seen in a human before. The difference was subtle, yes, but this realization made his stomach drop. Her strength amazed him. Made him feels things he’d never felt before, and he may not have understood it, but he didn’t feel afraid anymore. Instead he felt a kind of contentment as he stared at her.

“Well,” she prompted. He felt a blush rise on his cheeks as he realized he hadn’t answered her question yet and had been staring at her like an idiot. Just as he was about to answer, it happened.

There was a loud bang, and the next thing he knew Liz was lying on the floor surrounded by blood and there was shattered glass everywhere. He looked up just in time to see a blurred figure escaping into the night.


Surreal. Unbelievable. Amazing. Astonishing. Astounding. Remarkable. Wonderful. Marvelous. Miraculous. Staggering. The synonyms for everything Liz was experiencing went on and on. If Liz had thought the bath was interesting, then dinner was beyond imagining.

Here she was sitting at a table full of all kinds of delicious foods she’d never seen before. There was fine silverware and china, and she was wearing an expensive dress while eating with an obviously very wealthy Antarian. She thought to herself, this must be what a princess feels like. Not that she would know, but she didn’t think there could possibly be anything greater than this.

She could also feel him watching her. And, oh, the things it did to her! Her body felt like it was on fire and she silently berated herself. This was an Antarian for God’s sake! The more he offered her the more she came to the conclusion that there was some kind of loophole. No Antarian could be this caring. Antarians were the ‘baddest of the bad.’ They were. But she was just telling herself this, insisting really. The day this man had taken her in was the day her life had changed forever. Even if she didn’t know it yet. As she kept reminding herself about how horrible Antarians were, a nagging feeling in the back of her mind kept bothering her. Not a sense of doom, but of impending danger and a feeling that if things hadn’t changed yet, they were about to change irrevocably.

Finally, unable to resist any longer, she had to find out who this man was. “Who are you?” she stated simply. When she lifted her head up to look at him and their eyes connected she felt it all the way to her soul. He has the most beautiful amber eyes, she lamented. But although the feeling was a good feeling, a very, very good feeling actually, it was thoroughly disconcerting and she found herself wanting to break off the staring contest and get her emotions back under control. “Well?” she asked rather impatiently.

And then everything went black.


He had known this was going to happen, but he hadn’t thought it would happen this soon. Or that they would actually be able to hurt her. Although no one had dared to argue with him when he took her away, he knew that someone would come to make sure she was dead. He may be a higher authority than, well, practically everyone, but the hate between humans and Antarians was a palpable thing and “justice” had to be done.

Well, he knew what he had to do. Someone so beautiful and passionate didn’t deserve to die. Not like this. Before he knew it he was on the floor. He ripped the dress open and carefully placed his hand over the wound. The laser gun had caused much damage, but he could fix it.

As he started the healing process he felt the flashes start. Pain, loneliness, anger, determination, hope, hurt, sadness, and many other countless emotions swept over him with the images. He saw the slaughtering of her parents, her struggle to survive, among other things. But it was the last flash that sent a chill through his bones. She’d found something alright. Something that could save the whole human race…and annihilate every last Antarian in the universe.

TBC...with feedback!
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Against my better judgement I decided to go ahead and post the next part now, instead of waiting until tomorrow in case I don't have time. Normally I wait a day and go back and make corrections then post it, but what the hell, I'll just post it. Don't be surprised if I edit it later - LoL - I normally make about 500 corrections. *wink* A writer's never satisfied with their own work...this part is a little interlude that explains what it is that Liz found, so if you'll behr with me I promise the next part will go back to the m/l storyline. Sorry it's short, but I wanted to keep this part seperate from everything else and there wasn't much more I could've added. Read and you'll see what I keep babbling about. LoL *happy*

Part 3-

Years earlier…

Zachary rushed around quickly. They would be coming for him soon, he knew. Slowly but surely the underground movement had dissipated, overcome by the Antarians who had found nearly every member and killed them. He was the practically the only member left, but he was at the very center of the underground. The one responsible for it, actually. He thought affectionately of his wife and how he would be joining her soon. For he could never let the Antarians capture him. No, he would have to complete this last final task and then join the world of the dead.

His full name was Zachary David Knowles. He’d grown up in a normal suburban neighborhood and had done things just like any other child. But it soon became evident that he wasn’t just any kid. He was brilliant and had gone through school easily without even blinking an eye. After scoring a 1600 on his SAT’s, well, needless to say, he could’ve gone to any school in the country. Eventually he achieved a PhD in biochemistry and became famous for his many discoveries.

But that seemed so long ago, and his proud arrogance he’d developed was all gone. His old work seemed so unimportant now. When the Antarians had come everything changed. For the only time in all of history humans banned together, since there was no other choice. They could not fight the Antarians on their own. But it had been a dying battle from the start. The Antarians’ superior technology destroyed them easily.

Not that they hadn’t fought bravely. One of the first things they did was to gather all of the top scientists in the world together. That’s where he had become involved. Their job was to find anything, whether it be a weapon or a virus, that could defeat the Antarians. There was only a small group of them and in some strange way it reminded him of his favorite book growing up, The Andromeda Strain, by Michael Crichton. Only difference was instead of battling an unknown deadly microscopic thing they were battling aliens, not unlike people really.

Truthfully he’d quickly discovered that they were almost exactly like humans. His specific task had been to study the Antarians and see if they whether they were immune to any deadly contagious diseases. After studying an Antarian prisoner, it soon became apparent that they were identical to humans except that they were immune to everything. Eventually he came to the conclusion that Antarians were a couple thousand years more evolved and that, if given time, humans would also develop this immunity.

He hadn’t let their invulnerability faze him, though. He’d always loved a challenge. After laboring for nearly a year he seemed on the edge of breakthrough. Then the war was lost and one night he was taken and thrown on a ship and transported to Antar. Somehow, amazingly, he had slipped away when they reached Antar and started the underground movement. He knew that if given the chance he could finish what he had been working on, which was to create a deadly virus that would kill all Antarians.

Slowly had had begun to collect supplies. This was not an easy task, but with the help of enslaved humans who worked in places where the supplies he needed could be found, he gathered everything he needed. He’d established his ‘laboratory’ in an abandoned basement. There were many places for humans to hide, but hiding was a hard way of life and many starved.

And he had been working in the basement ever since, leading the growing movement. Of course the inevitable had happened – the Antarians caught word of the underground somehow and had been working to wipe it out ever since. But even as people were being killed he came closer and closer to discovery. Then he received word that they were coming for him next and it had clicked in his mind. Even as the last hours of his life dwindled down he toiled hard to complete his job.

Now, though, as he stared at the deadly virus he had worked so hard to create he felt the beginnings of hesitation. To let loose this virus would be complete genocide, a holocaust, and he knew it. Suddenly he felt that he understood how Leo Szilard felt after the creation of the atomic bomb.

“Thus a nation which sets the precedent of using these newly liberated forces of nature for purposes of destruction may have to bear the responsibility of opening the door to an era of devastation on an unimaginable scale,” Zachary quoted softly to himself part of the first version of the Szilard Petition that he had learned about in college. But this thing he had created was much more destructive than the atomic bomb and he had no idea what kind of can of worms he would open if he set it free. Although it seemed to have no effect on humans, still…was it right for him to destroy a whole race of people? He sighed. Now, after all his work, he decided to think about everything morally. Not that the Antarians had been moral in their treatment of humans, but was that an excuse?

There was barely any time left before they would find him. It was now or never…and he picked that someone else could make the decision. He’d done his job and created this thing, but he was incapable of deciding whether it should be used or not. He took the glass tube with the virus in it and thought quickly. He knew the perfect hiding place for it.

He called Jeremiah, who was watching the door, to him and told him his plan. After he hid the virus in a place where no Antarian would be able to find it he would commit suicide so the Antarians could never torture the location out of him. Jeremiah was supposed to spread word among the humans that if it ever became absolutely necessary a virus, which could destroy their enemy, could be found using clues, which would be misunderstood by the Antarians, but somewhat easily understood by humans. Once found it could be used, but caution was advised. With that, Zachary sent Jeremiah off.

Now, with the virus well hidden, there was only one thing left for him to do. He pulled out the pills, which he had saved for an emergency, and swallowed them. Then he lay down on the floor and slowly drifted off, smiling, thinking about his beloved wife.

As the years went by the clues to find the virus became distorted and although many tried to find it, no one managed to succeed…for a long time.

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To clear up some confusion about the last part, neither max nor liz have ever met zachary. That part was just to give some background on the virus. All liz knows is that it's supposed to kill all antarians. And now, no more background info filled parts - everything's set up and the action is ready to start! *wink*

Lolita Behrbuns - You are my new best friend! LoL! You just completely made my very bad day sooo much better! Thank you soo much for making that for me! *big* I love it! *happy* I've never seen that eppy, but Sliders is an awesome show...and all the answers to your questions will soon be revealed! *wink*

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Part 4a –

Liz came around slowly. Once the hazy fog lifted from her brain she looked up and straight into beautiful amber eyes. I would’ve died if he hadn’t healed me, she suddenly realized…HE HEALED ME! OH MY GOD!

She sat straight up and hurriedly crawled away from him. “You…you’re…you just…shit,” she stuttered, beyond shocked. Only one could person could heal, and that was the king. Which meant that he was king and the reason that humans had been almost completely destroyed. She had the sudden urge to grab the nearest piece of glass and shove it straight through his heart. But even as that thought crossed fleetingly through her mind, she knew there was something more going on.

As she backed away from him he could barely control his body’s reaction to her. When he healed her he had ripped her dress open, and now her creamy white skin was clearly visible. He could see her breasts heaving since the tear was right down the middle of the dress, exposing the valley between her breasts and much of her smooth, white…stop it! He cursed at himself. She had almost died and had no doubt come to a wrong conclusion about who he was and all he could think about was sex!

Once she started stuttering he regained control of his brain. The shock and anger he saw in her eyes immediately sobered him. While waiting for her to wake up he had realized that even though she had the ability to destroy him and all other Antarians, she was a good person. He knew that her desperation had led her to this horrible method for gaining freedom and he felt a strange compassion for her. Now he only needed to convince her that she did not need to resort to that and he would protect her. For he had seen into her beautiful soul and felt a possessiveness of her, and he knew that he would die before he ever let anyone hurt her again. First thing, though, was to get her to trust him.

“I know you’re probably thinking that I’m Rath, but I’m not. I swear,” he said soothingly, trying to calm her down. He started to slide closer to her, but she only moved farther away, so he stopped where he was.

“What do you mean you’re not Rath! Of course you are! Only the true king can heal…” as she said the last part a sudden thought occurred to her. “Start talking now!” she demanded.

He looked away then, contemplating what to say. He had never uttered to a single soul these things which he was about to tell her. His life story, how he came to be, and the fact that according to tradition he should be the king were all things he’d kept closely guarded during his life. Yet he wasn’t afraid to tell this human who’d come into his life so suddenly.

“Let me start at the beginning.”

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Part 4b-

“Let me start at the beginning. My name is Max Evans and I am the son of Phillip, the late King Guarnier’s closest assistant, and Diane Evans. Or so it is believed. Phillip wasn’t the only one, ah, close to Guarnier. Although my mother and Guarnier were both married, unhappily for they were basically arranged marriages, they fell in love. And I’m sure you see where this is going. Anyway, everyone believes that I am Phillips son, except maybe two or three. Even Rath and his brother, Michael, don’t know this. This is how I ended up with the gift of healing…”

“That means you are the true king!” Liz interrupted. “The only son that can inherit the throne is the one who can heal! It is your duty to protect your people, and right now I’d say you’re doing a damn shitty job of it!”

“It’s not that easy, Liz!” Max shouted back. “If Rath knew he’d have me killed in two seconds. Even if I’m the ‘true’ king, as you insist, Rath would still have plenty of supporters, who would be more than willing to go against tradition! What’s the saying? Absolute power corrupts absolutely? Rath isn’t just going to let me have the throne…”

“You’re afraid! The throne is yours and you don’t even want to do a damn thing about it! People are starving, for God’s sake! And I don’t just mean humans either, Antarians are starving too. Rath is a horrible leader, and you know it! So stop giving me that bull! You could change that, and you’re just sitting here on your ass! Well, let me tell you something, buddy, even though you live a nice easy life, people are dying!”

“And you have a much better solution? Hey, let’s just kill all Antarians, why don’t we?!”

“How do you know about that?” Liz whispered shakily.

“When I healed you, I got flashes of things from your life,” he said stalking up to her until their bodies were only a few mere centimeters away from each other. He could feel her breath on his face, see her scantily clad breasts heaving. Her eyes were burning with anger, and although he knew it shouldn’t, it turned him on. “I saw other things too,” he whispered, unable to stop himself from brushing the hair out of her face. “I saw how hard your life has been, but most of all I saw into your soul. And it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” His voice was so soft Liz had to strain to hear him.

Liz started shaking her head and backing away from him. “But th-that doesn’t cha-change any…anything,” she whispered sounding scared. As if her reality was changing and she was struggling to hold on to all that she knew.

“Shhh…” Max whispered, following her and placing one finger across her lips. “I know that everything has been a lot for you to take in and that your angry with me, but I want you to trust me, Liz. I need you to understand why I haven’t taken the throne. Please, Liz, just give me a chance and I promise I’ll never let anyone hurt you anymore.”

“But what about everyone else, Max? I’m only one person…you can’t just let people die…”

“Not now, Liz…not now,” Max spoke softly as he leaned down to take her lips. “I’ll help you Liz, I promise. I’ll do whatever it takes…Later,” he murmured, his lips now brushing against hers with every syllable.

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Part 4c -

Giving her time to pull back, he melded their lips together, slowly rubbing his lips across hers. Liz’s lips were soft and supple, and although she didn’t kiss him back, she hadn’t moved away either. Her eyes were closed and her body tense, but ever so slowly she started to relax into him. When she sighed he deepened the kiss, groaning at the new sensation and pulled her more fully against him. Then the flashes started…

Liz was pulled into a chaotic maelstrom of memories and swirling emotions. Max and Michael playing in the palace as children… Max looking at King Guarnier and realizing he was his father for the first time… Max’s mother reminding him relentlessly that he must never tell anyone who his real father is… The sudden death of Max’s parents when he was 15… Rath glaring at Max in jealous hatred, because his father treated Max like his own son… Guarnier dying and Rath becoming the new king, killing anyone who dared to defy him… Rath using a set up to make it appear that he had healed someone… Rath announcing the war against Earth… Seeing the suffering and death of the humans and Antarians… Seeing Liz for the first time… Watching her sleep… eat… smile… yell at him… and more and more images of her…

By this time they were kissing passionately, Liz completely opening herself to him. She pulled back, panting harshly, and stared into his dark eyes. Throughout all the flashes she’d felt different emotions, but during the last one’s of her there had been one underlying emotion…love. Although that scared part of her, it felt so right to be in his arms she couldn’t have denied him if she wanted to. He made her feel protected and safe and she had felt his kind and gentle soul during all the flashes. Her mind was a muddled mess with the revelation of his feelings towards her, and she just let her emotions take over, all thought gone away.

She pulled him to her roughly, fusing their lips together again. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get close enough to him. He started kissing down her neck, nipping and licking at her sensitive skin, causing her to arch back and moan. Suddenly he moved his mouth up to her ear and gently sucked her lobe into his mouth. Then he took a harsh, ragged breath, before whispering, “I know I’ve only known you for a very short time, but…” he took in another gasping breath. “But I’ve already fallen in love with you. I don’t know how…but I know this is right, that this was meant to happen. I can feel it.” With that he bit down on her neck again, Liz whimpering in pleasure.

Liz grabbed his face and pulled it back to hers. “I don’t understand this either, but I’ve never felt so protected and safe as I do when I’m in your arms. I don’t want to deny these feelings…” “What feelings?” Max interrupted softly. Liz looked up into his eyes. When she had let her emotions take control, she hadn’t bothered to question what those emotions were. But now, looking into his beautiful amber eyes, she couldn’t deny the truth, no matter how sudden or unthinkable it seemed. “Love,” she whispered, kissing him tenderly. “As crazy and impossible as it seems, I think I’m in love with you.”

With that Max picked Liz up and hurried to his bedroom, unable to deny his need to possess her any longer.

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