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Hey we;ve uploaded our episode at Enigma...the first season 4 one so here it is...

[ Episode 401 ]

Episode 401: "Exposure"- 24th August 2002
Written by Kiranjit

Rating: PG

In order to get this episode feel like a Roswell episode you have to imagine the characters in your head acting that way they would in order to get that true Roswell feeling!- Kiranjit

Sitting at the back seat of the van Max looked to the side of the window seeing the sun setting on the horizon, looking at the warm, orange and yellow colours that blended together which made him want to stare at it forever. Which is how he felt about is wife, Liz. He had his arms wrapped around her tightly; putting his lips on her hair and whispering to her "I love you." And he really does. He has to protect her, no matter what since their lives are in danger. Liz looked up at him and smiled, feeling blissful and in high spirits that the fact she had finally married the one she truly loved. She looked into his eyes and gazed at them, then closed it for a while and opened them, looking at her ring. She closed her eyes thinking I am in love and happy. Then thinking that there was this silhouette around them, which was a threat. A threat to her lover, her friends and family. The FBI. Feeling apprehensive about what is her destiny is in the next 24 hours. Would she and everyone be dead? She didn't know. She looked up at Max again and said, "I love you, to." And closed her eyes, trying to fall asleep as Max held her tightly around his arms

Michael driving down the empty desert highway, constantly staring at the rare view mirror. Checking if they were coming. Yes them. The FBI. That's all he could think about because he feared for his life. But then Maria came into his head. He changed the direction of the mirror and focused it to her. Maria, slouching on the back seat seeing the sun setting in Max's direction and then focusing her eyes on her fingers, fiddling with a pen. She showed an expression of melancholy. He can tell in her eyes she was missing Roswell and her loved ones…especially her mother who'd she hadn't even told her she was leaving Roswell because the FBI are after her. He can see the fury in her eyes as well because she feels aggravated that she has made a huge mistake leaving her mother like that without explaining. Michael couldn't help thinking if it was Maria who was killed; he just ignored the thought, pushed the peddle on the accelerator and drove at high-speed

"Erm nature is calling here, can we stop at the service station because I am really desperate." Said Kyle putting his hand on Michael's seat.

"Why don't you just piss it the bushes?" replied Michael, focusing the rare view mirror to Kyle so he can see him

"What?! Piss in the bushes, there are no bushes around here. It's a desert. Plus in Buddha's teaching, hyg-." Kyle was interrupted when Michael said forcefully "Look! Do you want the FBI tracking us down and then killing us?" "I could get real bladder problem here and I do I will blame you and besides we are near the next service station!" retorted Kyle, moving around constantly, having a desperate urge to urinate

"Ok cut it out. Michael how can the FBI track us down when they are miles away. We've taken 285 South and are heading for Texas; there is no chance they can get us. Plus I am kinda hungry and Kyle is right there is a service station nearby." Said Isabel, with her hand on her stomach as it was rumbling quite load

"Isabel's right the FBI are now where near and besides we should eat." supposed Maria, since she to would feel much better other than slouching on the back seat still feeling bad and aggravated.

Michael stopped the van and pulled it to the side of the road and turned round his head. "But have we got any money? We can't do anything without it. I might as well die even before the FBI gets us," replied Michael angrily at Maria. She just looked at him with grief, showing a depressing look and simply said "Michael you're not the only one feeling terrified of them, I am in danger to as well, have you even thought about that instead of you being so self centred?" Michael could see Maria was really hurt. He can tell in her eyes. He sighed, turned his round and looked at the open highway. Where was Maria, feeling distressed but in a way happy since Max and Liz did get married. But there was always something in the way of her happiness and now Michael just shouted at her. Maria turned her head and looked at the dirty window of the van, folding her arms

Max got up sitting up straight and saying "Look since we've got nothing and we are stranded in the middle of nowhere we might as well go home back to Roswell, we've got no choice."

"And get 50 bullets in our brains, yeah that would be great idea Maxwell." Replied Michael sarcastically, feeling nothing but frustration

"No, Michael is to right Max, we can't take that risk, besides we might as well drive to the nearest town and get help." Said Liz, slouching back up from Max's arms. Tying her hair with a rubber band and into a ponytail, and looked at Max waiting for an answer

"I just remembered something. My dad told me that he did a 'wild goose chase' on the FBI. He said to me that he will make them head to Canada. He told me that they were going to head South. He's probably already convinced them that we are up north and not down south. Wouldn't it be safe" explained Kyle in every detail as possible.

"Kyle is right I remember him telling me that before," said Isabel trying to convince everyone that the FBI will never after them for a while.

"Alright, we'll do that, but we have to watch out everywhere we go because the FBI could be watching our every move," responded Max, looking at everyone so they understand the plan. Then looked at Liz, especially caring for her.

Michael started the van and drove down the deserted highway. Seeing the van go into the distance.

As they drove, it was almost dark.

"Man we've driving for 6 hours, don't you think we should have a break like now because I have been waiting for 2 hours to urinate here!" Commanded Kyle feeling really desperate.

"You said there was a service station nearby…oh wait there isn't one! Or there is a town nearby who can help us" said Isabel sarcastically. Her stomach then rumbled realising she was real hungry. Then Isabel straightened her self up.

A thought came into her head "I know Jesse can help us, he 's heading to Boston soon, maybe we can ask him for help?" Isabel questioned, finally feeling joy insider her.

"The FBI must have got him, he's probably dead. Isabel whoever discovers our secret is in danger like the rest of us and you know that," replied Max with a serious expression on his face.

"How do you know that Max?" Jesse's alive and I know it… I can feel it." Isabel said hesitantly. What happens of he really is dead? The thought went into her mind again and again. She just couldn't even think that. She just sat down and kept quite.

Then a few minutes later Kyle, putting his hands in his pockets, searching if had any money. Then luck was on our side when he found a $10 note and 2 quarters.

"Buddha. Thank you!" Said Kyle, showing a silly grin on his face

Isabel turned her head to Kyle and questioned "Kyle. What can we going to do with just ten dollars?" "Correction, $10 and 2 quarter it is," corrected Kyle showing the 2 quarters in one of each hand to Isabel.

"That's enough to get snacks and chocolates. Then maybe there could be a motel or something where we can stay… but then how would we pay for the motel rooms?" butted in Maria with some happiness inside after Michael shouting at her earlier and leaving Roswell.

As the gang drove down the highway, 30 minutes later there was service station with a little corner shop. After a long journey, already in the middle Texas and taking the highway 285 South, Michael remembered the day when he "abducted" Maria to go to Atherton's dome in Marathon Texas. He then looked at Maria. That was the day when they had real feelings for her.

"So what shall we get for $10 and 2 quarters in the middle of Texas?" said Isabel. Looking at everyone and smiling, and then looking at Michael.

"What I need to is piss real badly!" Kyle said in a rush and left the car rushing to the men's room.

"I'll go get the snacks, anyone wanna come?" asked Isabel as she reached out for the side door of the van. Then looked in Max and Liz's direction.

"I'll come with you Isabel, and plus, I can freshen up as well because there is a horrible sweat smell." replied Liz, holding Max's hand and leaving out of the van with Liz.

As they walked of into the shop, Maria and Michael were left alone. Maria sprawling down on the back seat staring at the stars. Where as Michael just looking the shop and doing virtually nothing.

"Maria, I'm sorry I shouted at you earlier, I was being self-centred and not thinking about you, but you know they are coming to-" said Michael who was interrupted by Maria.

"Michael that's what it's not just about us being danger, don't you realise we've left all the our loved ones, how do you think I feel about leaving my mother without telling her, I was the only thing she ever had." Replied Maria, putting her right hand on her heart trying to show the emotion she has.

"Now you're the only I have got left Michael and I can't afford to loose you, like before Max and Liz's wedding you said I love you and just rode away…well I didn't get the chance to say I love you, to. I love you Michael," said Maria, with a tone of melancholy in her voice and her eyes full of fear and distress. She then cupped her hands of Michael's and gave a gentle soft kiss to him.

Then head to head to Maria, Michael whispered, "I don't want to loose you, and please don't break up with me again, like when you faced sucked Billy."

"I won't!" said Maria giving a look to Michael, then she smiled at Michael, and so did he.

Suddenly Michael noticed a Black Ford on the corner of his eye. He realised it was the Special Units.

"Excuse me, you know where the Tabasco sauce is?" asked Isabel to the shopkeeper, still worried about Jesse, since he did kill an Agent 2 months ago. Maybe Max was right, maybe he was really…dead. Isabel just ignored the thought

"Yeah it's on aisle 2." Replied the shopkeeper. He was looking suspiciously at Isabel for a while, and then slightly closing his eyelids on her so he can focus. Then he turned round to a computer, typed something and then on the screen Max and Liz's faces came up who were looking at the snacks.

"You know I fancy some Malteasers," said Liz as she picked a couple of red packets. Then Liz turned around and walked to Max.

"Well I won't eat those without Tabasco sauce Mrs Evans." Said Max with a sexy smile as Liz laughed. Then put his arms round her waist and planted a firm kiss on her, leaning back on the shelf.


People sitting on booths at the Crashdown on a sunny day, smiles, laughing. Then BOOM flames!!


Liz broke the kiss and gasped. She was showing an expression of shock and disbelief.

"Oh my gosh!" said Liz in astonishment.

"What! What was it Liz, tell me." Asked Max rapidly, dieing to know what she saw in her flash, holding a firm grip on her shoulders.

"I-I-I saw…people eating at the Crashdown in booths and then there was a bang…and and the Crashdown was in flames." Liz said hesitantly who was just to shocked to speak, and then there were tears in her eyes as she looked into Max's eyes.

Max, looking around checking if no one was around and said quietly. "We'll get what we need and tell everyone!" As Max put his arm round Liz, who was wiping the tears of her face and walked.

Meanwhile Kyle in the toilets washing his hands and posing in the mirror

"You know within a space of 3 years I went from being a popular and a ladies man…to being a Buddhist and with 5 other people on a wild adventure. Kyle when are you going to find love? Said Kyle, lecturing about his life and what has happened. Suddenly, Kyle noticed a man. A tall man wearing glasses and a black suit going into the toilet. Then the thought of the same man back in Roswell…who worked for the FBI. An expression of shock of exploded on Kyle's face.
Kyle ran out the toilets and ran to Isabel who was at the counter

"That'll be $9.97 please," asked the shopkeeper to Isabel.

"Your change and thank for shopping at happy shopper," as the shopkeeper smiled at Isabel

Isabel holding a bag full snacks and about to leave the shop when Kyle grabbed her by the arm

"Isabel, we've got a problem, we gotta leave now!" as he urged Isabel to go with him and so she did looking weirdly at Kyle.

"Kyle, what is up with you?" asked Isabel trying to show a smile at the same time since she was pissed off by Kyle's sudden behaviour as they began to leave the shop.

"There's an FBI agent here from the Special Unit." Said Kyle in a fast tone as Isabel yanked him out of the store and ran to the van. But wait, Max and Liz, they were inside. She let go of Kyle and went back inside.

"We've got them, the 4 aliens, they are here now!" said the shopkeeper on his radio as he took off his uniform and mask. He got out from behind the counter, held out his gun as he aimed at Max and Liz.

As Max and Liz were trying to get out of the shop, Max noticed the shopkeeper suddenly was an FBI agent. Subsequently, another FBI agent came out of the toilets aiming a gun at them. The FBI agent shot a fire as a can of beans fell on the floor.

Max and Liz ducked down as Max tightly hugged Liz as he was protecting her. At the same time Isabel and Michael came in. Michael using his powers blasted the FBI from the toilets into the air knocking over a stack of cans

"Come in Maxwell, move move!" Michael said quickly shouting.

Max got up holding Liz's hand as the FBI agent who was the "shopkeeper" fired a shot. Swiftly Max holding Liz's hand got his shield and blocked the shot and at that moment Isabel waved her hand the FBI agent went in to the air and crashed through the window.

Quickly, Max and Liz whisked through the aisle and ran out with Michael and Isabel. Michael then went up to the Black Ford car and busted the tires.

As the gang ran up to the van, Isabel got into the drivers seat, started the van and just drove at 60 mph. Meanwhile the FBI agents getting into the car noticed there tires were busted.

"Oh shit." Said one of the FBI agent angrily and began firing at the van which was heading back to Roswell.

BANG! There was a bullet hit on the right front seat, which was also in the direction where Max and Liz were sitting. Liz screamed with fear. Max put his arm round

"I don't think I could live with myself if anything ever happened to Liz" said Max into her ear as they both ducked down

"Isabel drive faster!" urged Michael who was just in fury

"I am for crap sakes, oh why did we even bother stopping, Kyle this is your entire fault!" retorted Isabel, driving as fast as she could as well as talking.

"What?! My fault, I just wanted a piss that's all and besides everyone wanted to eat as well." Replying angrily at Isabel he hated being blamed for something he didn't just volunteered to do

"Look we can't keep on blaming each other for something we all wanted do and eat. Wherever we go, we will always been seen and get killed. So just go back to Roswell," said Max who was in shock after almost getting shot by bullet.

"What the?! I took the wrong turn; there is no chance we can turn back because they are there. And why are we going back to Roswell, there are even more agents after us Max." snapped Isabel as she was looking at the rare view mirror to look at Max

"When we were getting a couple of snacks, me and Liz started to make out. Then as we were Liz caught a flash of the Crashdown in flames. Her parents could be in there dead even before we make it to save them and other innocent lives. We need to go back to prevent this." Pledged Max with apprehension. Looking down at Liz showing a worried look at her, Liz also showing an anxious look and feeling so scared.

Meanwhile back at Happy Shopper, the FBI agents who were pissed as it is.

"So they are going back. They think we are so stupid thinking they went to Canada when they were actually heading south to Texas. We got to tell Agent Wolf about this… they can run but they can't hide!" said the Agent in a deep, sombre tone of voice.

As they drove for a few miles. Isabel stopped the car.

"Look we can't go back to Roswell. There could be FBI agents everywhere.!" Asked Isabel desperately

"Isabel, Liz got a flash of the Crashdown looking an inferno. We can't let this happen to her family and other innocent lives. Liz's visions are always right. I have seen them happen." Max replied feeling scared about everything. Going back to Roswell

"Look, it looks like to me Valenti was not successful on this plan he did making them think that we went up north! But they FBI tracked us down and basically were about to kill us Max. They are probably patrolling all around Roswell encase we 'magically' come back and they'll kill us." Retorted Isabel feeling scared.

"Just shut up the both of you. We can't keep on fighting here because we are all in this together! We have got to get back in time in order to prevent this from happening here. I mean after Liz's parents it could yours next." Said Maria angrily feeling so scared that the FBI have probably killed her. She brushed they awful thought away and looked out the window and then a minutes silence.

"Alright, we'll go back and ask Valenti for help." Said Isabel as she started the van and drove away into the distance.

As they drove feeling distraught and tired after their epic journey through hell as they tried to escape. Liz, lying on Max's shoulder opened her eyes and still in shock about her premonition, looked at Max's watch it. It was 5:30 am; they had been driving for 6 hours. Liz then got herself up and sat straight looking at nothing but the highway. She faced to look at Isabel. Poor girl Liz thought, since Isabel has been driving all night.

"Isabel, why don't you let me drive? You've been driving all night, you need some rest," as Liz volunteered and putting her left arm on Isabel's seat.

"No it's ok, we are only 6 miles away from Roswell, besides I can't wait to see Jesse," Isabel said. There was sadness in her voice as she was about to cry.

"I'm so scared about you, me, everyone and even Jesse getting killed, I am just hoping the FBI haven't got him." As Isabel broke into tears. She stopped the van and parked on the side of the road.

"Hey Isabel, it's gonna be ok, if we stick together like we did when we escaped from the FBI we can sure to be live because we are all strong together." As Liz said, trying to convince Isabel that Jesse is alive and so are her parents. Isabel closed her eyes tightly and just concentrated in her head that everything will be ok, but how can it. The FBI are after them because they think we are dangerous. We are not as she continued to say it again and again in her head. We are not!

Subsequently Liz saw the Crashdown right in front her. Liz looking at Isabel closing her eyes so tightly realised that she was mind warping us. Isabel opened her eyes, feeling breathless. Then noticed Liz was looking at her because Liz had noticed something. Isabel had inherited Tess's power

"What?" asked Isabel feeling confused by Liz's expression on her face

"You just mind warped me. You made me think the Crashdown was here when it wasn't; you've just inherited Tess's power Isabel." As Liz told Isabel. Now Isabel was not confused now, she has got a new special power.

Michael who was awake the whole time listened to what had happened. He let go of Maria as he had his arm round her and who was still asleep.

"Don't you get it Isabel?! When Max died, I was King and I had inherited Max's healing and shielding powers. That means when Tess died you inherited her mind warp power. This proves that Tess is really dead." Explained Michael, who was quite surprised by the news

Simultaneously Max, Kyle and Maria got up, rubbing their eyes and wondering why they have stopped.

"Why have we stopped?" asked Maria who was tired after the "great escape" from the FBI

"Isabel knows how to mind warp, she's inherited it from Tess," Liz told Maria

"So wait, Isabel can mind warp, that's an advantage for us because she can hide us from the FBI when we enter Roswell." Max said. The putting his arms round Liz. Liz then looked up at him

"Yeah." Said Liz as she smiled at Max then looked at Isabel. Isabel who was in disbelief of the fact she can mind warp. She was starting to feel real awful because this was the power that killed Alex; She looked up at the highway for a minute remembering him and then brushed the thought away

"Let's go back to Roswell!" dauntingly said Isabel. Michael then took over the driver's seat, started the van and drove. Where as Isabel sitting still in disbelief noticed Kyle was looking at her.

"You know this reminds me of so much of Tess, but your not her your Isabel Evans and I respect that." Said Kyle who was also feeling shocked because it reminded so much of Tess and how Tess betrayed him.

"Thank you Kyle, I appreciate that, but still I feel as if I am like her because this power killed Alex and-" Isabel was interrupted by Kyle

"Don't feel like that! You are Isabel Evans period!" Kyle said forcefully. He then noticed a sign saying 'Roswell 2 miles'

"Thanks Kyle!" as she understood

"Hey you guys we're approaching Roswell, where do we go from here?" asked Kyle

"We go to my house, that's the only place the FBI don't know where we are." Asked Isabel. Hoping Jesse is ok as he was heading for real Boston.

"Why don't we go my dad, he's a deputy now, he can help us and plus I miss my dad. I thought I was never was gonna see him again." Asked Kyle, since he really does miss him.

"We can just go to Isabel's house and phone Valenti for help." Ordered Max. Who had is arm around Liz as usual. He had to after what happened earlier, they almost got killed but what happened if it was Liz…he couldn't think that awful thought of his new wife.

They were finally in Roswell. Maria could see in the distance loads of FBI agents and the military. She gasped in fear

"They are over there. They have guarded the whole place. I just released we are America's most wanted aliens and humans," spoke Maria. She was wondering what her mother would feel to see since she left without even telling her. What happens if she says, "I don't want to know" or "Oh my gosh, Michael is an alien" or even "Maria I missed you so much". The thoughts kept running into her head.

As the van approached the heavily secured area, they were all getting anxious and scared.

"Here we go." Said Liz apprehensively as she was holding Max's hand tight and hoping they will get through without their brains getting blown out.

"I thought we would never ever return to Roswell but we have." Said Michael to Maria and then holding her hand.

It's there turn next

"'Isabel, do it." Urged Max who was hoping this would work. She closed her eyes real tight and concentrated hard

As Isabel mind warped she changed the appearance of her face to a blond haired girl at the back and Michael, a brown haired man with a buzz cut.
"Go morning Sir, have you seen these people?" asked the FBI agent in a low, deep voice

"Err…No sorry, I am just here to visit my mama, she's gotta a broken foot and my daughter wanted to visit her today." Said Michael, who spoke hesitantly and anxiously waited as the FBI agent looked around the van

"Thank you sir!" Said the FBI agent, which freaked Michael out as the drop of sweat fell down his cheek.

They drove for 2 minutes and then Isabel exhaustingly let go of the mind warp. Feeling breathless and relieve that the nightmare was over.

"That felt like a hammer was hitting my head so hard." She said breathlessly, then putting her hand on her head as she laid back and closed her eyes.

"You did it Isabel, and we will need you to do it again." said Max who was thinking about the premonition Liz had.

"I can't Max, it hurts and plus I need more practice because I have only done it twice. But I'll try my best" Said Isabel who still had her eyes closed and her hands on her head still feeling the agony of holding it.

Arriving at Isabel's house Michael parked the van into the driveway. They all got out with Max the last to come out as he closed the door. Isabel used her powers to get inside the house and went inside as she then went searching for Jesse

"Jesse, Jesse." As Isabel shouted and went around the whole looking for him. Meanwhile everyone else was sitting on the sofa as Max went to the fridge to get something to drink. He found 6 bottles of Snapple as he picked all them up

"Here you go people." Called Max to rest of people to the room as he threw one to Michael, Maria, Kyle and Liz. He put the last down for Isabel. Dieing of thirst Max opened quickly and drank the whole bottle in flash.

Liz who had also finished her drink got up and peeped through the curtains opening it a tiny bit. She noticed there were FBI agents everywhere and just stared for a few minutes


People outside eating, smiles on their face and sun shining brightly. Liz's dad comes and serves food to people eating at booths. He goes back inside as two FBI agents come in as they forced him to come in …and then leave out from the back door. BOOM, the crashdown in flames.


"Oh my gosh," Liz gasped, "Oh my god!" Liz repeated again and tears flooded into her eyes. She looked in horror and dropped her Snapple bottle on the floor as it broke. Liz looked down who was in shock. Max went up to her, and cupped his hands on her face as Liz is forced to face him

"What?! Liz what did you see. Liz tell me." As Max said showing serious yet sorrowful look. He can see tears falling down from Liz's eyes as she looked up at him in fear

"My Dad…the-the FBI blowing up the Crashdown, my dad, my mum they are going to die " Liz said tearfully. Then Max hugged her for comfort because something horrible was about to happen

"Maxwell we got do something before this happens." said Michael, as He put his Snapple bottle down.

"I think the FBI are after Liz's journal because she gave it to her dad and then to give to Amy's mum. They probably want it because it might have information on where were heading…but Liz didn't write that." Max said hesitantly

"We can phone my dad, we can ask him for help. He'll know what to do." Pledged Kyle who was also in a state of shock. He then sat down on the sofa thinking.

Isabel then came back downstairs with a note in hand. It was from Jesse

"Jesse left to go Boston 5 hours ago. I hope he makes it their safely." Said Isabel feeling anxious about Jesse's safety. She then put the letter aside as she closed her eyes hoping for the best.

That is not what matters right now Isabel. Liz got another premonition, more detailed about the Crashdown in flames with her parents in it. We need to call Valenti now." Ordered Max as he hugged Liz tightly who was still in shock.
Isabel in surprise and gave a shocking expression. They all sat down and faced Kyle

Kyle picked up the phone, dialled the number and it was ringing.

"Dad! Something's up, we're back in Roswell and we need your help now." said Kyle in a serious yet showing a surprised look on his face because the fact he 'suddenly' comes back and sees his dad when he thought he was never gonna see him again

"Kyle. Is that you?" Valenti said in astonishment

They arrived carefully and yet safely to Valenti's house as they all got out of the van. Keeping a look out since there were Agents everywhere. Max holding Liz's hand, which was still in there wedding clothes. Michael who was first at the door used his powers to open. The door opened and they all went inside.

Meanwhile Valenti noticed them coming, but he is especially looking out for Kyle who he thought he would never see him again. Subsequently Kyle came and showed a smile as he went up to his dad and hugged him and then sat down.

"This is surreal for you guys to come back I mean what happened?" Valenti asked, as he was desperate to know but then the thought came back into his head about the 'goose chase plan' he did

"I should have even told you guys but the plan didn't work. They knew that I was lying and they headed south. I am sorry I mean why did you guys come back anyway? Said Valenti feeling guilty yet shocked that they are alive

"We left Roswell the minutes after Max and Liz tied the knot. Since we didn't know where we wanted to go we decided to head South taking highway 285 south." As Michael told Valenti

"Since we had no money, nothing but $10 and 2 lousy quarters. We decided to stop at a service station to eat until two FBI agents were there. One was a shopkeeper in disguise and the other came out from the toilets, which Kyle saw, and both agents started firing at us. We eventually used our powers to defend ourselves, busted their tires and basically ran for our lives and I know how to mind warp" Explained Isabel, feeling a bit breathless after talking

"Until Liz caught a premonition of the Crashdown in flames and in state of horror as she saw her parents. The FBI is going to do this god knows when so we need your help fast. Liz told me that she gave her journal to him about everything that's happened, which is probably why the FBI are after that. Since your Deputy now, you got all the resources to do this" Max told Valenti as he was feeling desperate. Then turned his head to face Liz.

"So that's why you came back, this is all my fault I should have done more to prevent this then you guys wouldn't have been attacked." Said Valenti feeling real guilty and upset as he sat down on the sofa

"Valenti we don't blame you. You did your best to protect us. But what happened at the service station doesn't matter now. What matters is that you help us preventing the FBI doing this before they are successful and then kill my parents and Maria's mum." Said Max

"Alright we need to plan this out on how to prevent this. It could happen today but it can happen tomorrow. Said Valenti as he took off his hat to think

"It's a sunny day like I saw in my premonition…I know it's going to happen today." Liz said hesitantly,

''Alright we need a plan before this happens." Valenti said in a serious tone and already thought of a plan. He got a map out of Roswell and circled the location of the Crashdown Café is.

"Isabel, Liz and Maria are going to the Crashdown, as the FBI agents spot you guys, you turn into another direction then you mind warp Isabel. As they are looking for you Kyle and me evacuate everyone out of the Crashdown and into safety. Since Isabel cannot hold her mind warp very long the will get spotted alright." As Valenti dictated on the map telling each person what to do

"Then Michael and me can use our powers on them in anything happens," said Max thinking this plan was a good one.

"Alright we've got it. Any questions? Asked Valenti. They all nodded their heads indicating they knew what to do, as they were ready for action. Valenti picked up the map and off they went into the van.

Isabel changed the colour to green and licence plate of the van so the FBI won't notice them. They all go inside as Max drove the van feeling nervous.

The journey to the Crashdown was near to the end as they were going to risk their lives for Liz's parents and others safety.

"Right you all know the drill, lets go." Said Valenti as Max parked the van in a bushed area. They all got out

"Max be careful," said Liz as she hugged him tightly

"You to." As he whispered in her ear

As Liz and Isabel about to walk off, Maria just about to leave….

"Err Maria, I know we've been through a lot lately right and just want to say please be careful," as Michael showed a worried look on Maria. Maria walked up to him and hugged him tightly.

"I will Michael," she said as she looked in to his eyes.

"Now we have to wait a minute for the FBI to come into the Crashdown Isabel, Maria and Liz distract them." Informed Valenti the them

They all waited for it happen until 20 minutes later Jeff came out and started serving food as what Liz exactly saw in her premonition. She watched everything, but it appeared in slow motion until two FBI agents came like what Liz saw. Feeling scared she got up, with Isabel and Maria and walked up to the Crashdown.

"Go!" said Kyle

As Isabel, Maria and Liz walked like someone normal would do in streets. Meanwhile at the Crashdown Jeff is talking to the FBI agent at the back.

"Excuse me I don't want people barging in my restaurant like that," stated Jeff to the two FBI agents

"We are looking for a red book which has specific information about certain people which we need," said the FBI agent in a solemn mood

"What red book" Said Jeff with a shocked expression in his face. He then realised that the red book they were talking about was the journal Liz had which he gave to Amy and these people are here to kill Liz.

"You're the Special Unit?! I don't know where it is…now please leave my restaurant." Retorted Jeff as he was about to push them out.

"Mr Parker, we are not here to waste time now please tell us where it is or you will face severe penalties." Said the second FBI agent as he had some kind of high-tech explosive coming out of his inside pocket.

Then just a second before Jeff looked in the direction of the where the FBI agent was putting his hand he saw Liz with Maria and Isabel talking and walking around.

"Liz?!" as Jeff said in disbelief that "suddenly" she was doing and runner as we she wrote in her diary now acting as a normal teenager. The FBI agents then looked into his direction and pushed him out of the way as they whisked out and got there guns ready. Jeff then followed them…just basically in shock

At that moment, Isabel, Maria and Liz noticed the FBI coming. They quickly went behind a bush

"Do it Isabel!" as Maria whispered to Isabel as she closed eyes tight concentrating real hard

"I saw them go behind this bush." Said one of the FBI agents. As they both went there, they were confused

"I swear they went here." Said the FBI agent looking confused as they both searched around carefully for a while. As Isabel tried her best to hold her mind warp.

Meanwhile Kyle and Valenti got into the Crashdown.

"Right everyone there is a bomb in the Crashdown. I repeat there is a bomb here could you please evacuate immediately" ordered Valenti as people in disbelief hurried out of their chairs and out of the doors.

"Great idea Dad…you know what their reactions be about the truth?" asked Kyle as he smiled at his dad and helped people evacuate.

"We'll just have to wait and see." Said Valenti until he noticed the FBI agents coming back.

Isabel broke the mind warp and fell over.

"Oh my gosh is Isabel ok?" questioned Maria feeling scared as Isabel unconsciousness

"It's probably the mind warp, she's been holding it for a while now. Maria you grab her legs." Said Liz also feeling worried and scared. They both picked up Isabel and dragged her to where there was light so Liz can see well. Suddenly the FBI agents spotted them! But the crowd of people were blocking their way as they barged in. As they broke free of the crowds they put their hands inside their pockets to reach out there guns

"Oh my gosh, this was not a good idea," Maria said in a panic

"Maria grab her legs and move to the back!" ordered Liz as they lifted heavy Isabel up as fast as they can and ran as fast as they could to the back the Crashdown.

BANG! The gun was fired and a fraction of an inch away from Maria's leg as it hit the tin rubbish bin

"Ahhhhhhhhhh." They both screamed simultaneously as the hurried. Subsequently Max and Michael popped out. Using their powers as they blasted the Agents into the air as they fell. Max and Michael went up to Liz and Maria. But quickly the Agents got up and started firing. One fell down as Valenti shot him in the stomach and Kyle ran to other side to get to Max and the gang

"Oh my gosh Isabel you alright?!" Kyle said in an anxious tone.

At that moment Michael got up and blasted the Agent into the air.

"Quick, quick, quick, lets go!" Michael retorted loudly as the gang lifted Isabel and put her into the van. Everyone else go inside except for Max who noticed the FBI agent was up again. BANG! More bullets being fired as Max got his green shield ready and blocked the shots and blasted him far away into the air. Max grabbed Valenti and yanked him inside.

"Go Michael now!" Max ordered forcefully as everyone in the van horrified after this shocking event. As Michael drove fast he could.

"Maxwell where are going now?" asked Michael driving at the same time and concentrating in Max for answers

"Going to Maria's house to get that journal and destroy it before they kill all us and our and our parents."

Next episode 31st August 2002

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