Title: Steps
Author: ~Amy~ AngelicDreamer57⊕aol.com
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Summery: AU. I'm not sure about the aliens but probably none. Liz's parents had a divorse when she was in 6th grade and went to move in with her dad around the same time in Washington State. And Liz and Tess are stepsisters
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Part 1

Liz's POV (Point of view)
Great! I am sooo happy. Okay, I lived with my dad in Olympia/Lacey, Washington. Never heard of it? Well you probably did in 5th grade because (Olympia) is the capital of the state. Now, I'm on the plane headed to live with my mom in Roswell, New Mexico.
My mother lives there and so did I until the summer of 6th grade (before 7th), she got remarried in June to Edward Harding and it's August 23rd. Ed is the father of Tess. She dispised me throughout my grade school life so I dont expect anymore from her now. She is Miss Popularity, next to Isabel Evans. Sister of Max Evans aka my crush. Well he used to be.
I remember when I lived in Roswell my parents owned a restaurant called The Crashdown. Max would come in every day after school sometimes with his sister and her friends. So I would see him there and at school since we were in the same class from 3rd grade until I left. I did miss him though. He was really nice and sweet. But he was really shy (like me) so Maria (my best friend I think) would make fun of me. So I would say that she like Michael Guerin aka Max's best and seemed like only friend. I still dont get why because he could be very popular if he wanted too. He has the looks, the personality, the skills, everything. The girls loved him and most of 'em had a crush on him at some point in the years and the guys liked him because the girls liked him and he wuz oh so good in sports etc... Oh well.
I wasn't the most popular either, but I did have a large group of friends. The best including Maria Deluca and Alex Whitman. I wonder if they still wanted to be their friend? Well I'll find out when I get there. When she (Maria) used to say that Max was always nice to me and stuff but he was like that to everyone! And that he would stare at me or something like that. She was just trying to keep my hopes up and then I'll get hurt! The plane has landed.

Tess' POV
I hate this!! My "father" remarried and to Nancy Parker no less!! He said that he needed to for some reason but I didn't listen to it. I still don't get why Liz Parker's mother. I mean I hate that girl and now she comes to live here!?!? Everything is messed up in my life....Well except at least I have the guy everyone else wants a piece of!

Max's POV
I can't believe she is coming back!! Liz Parker is coming back to live with her mom. I got the news from Tess. She was over and talking to Isabel and told her while I overheard. Maybe I'll have a chance with her! Dream on, Max! Why would she want you? I had the biggest crush on her when she used to live here and saw a picture of her that was taken recently and I am in love all over again!
Another problem, Tess Harding. My sister's best friend! That girl thinks I like her and she says that I am her boyfriend. Where did that come from? I hate that girl! She shoves her chest in my face and thinks I like it! I hate when she does that or even talks! Her voice is one the most annoying sounds! She started this "trying-to-get-me-thing" in 7th grade. It's getting really old.
Now I usually keep to myself. I am the star quarterback and captain of the football team along with the basketball team but I am still one of the most shy people in the school. I stay out of the lame light. Aside from the games or practices I am just quiet, shy Max Evans. That's the way I am but I seem to get a lot more attention than I want. I don't want any!! Kinda stange, the star quarter back being shy. But I play well and I like to playing them. Oh and I'm a straight A student. Yet another difference from the other jocks. Do I don't fit the normal jock.

Liz's POV
I am walking down the tummel thing. I am in the airport and my mom is here. She is with two other people. A golden-blonde girl (not Tess) and a tall, lanky, brown haired boy. Oh my god! It's Maria and Alex! I haven't seen them since I left!!

Maria's POV
So my best friend is coming back from hibernation. She moved away to Washington State. Can we say cold? Now she's coming back to live with her mom. Okay I know, I know you heard this aleady so I won't go down memory lane with you. Jeeze pushy pushy. Well I am hoping that we will get reaquainted with each other. I'm gonna ask if I can spend the night or visa versa.

"Liz! I can't believe you're here!" Maria screamed
"I know! I wasn't sure if you would remember me and still wanted to be my friend!" Liz replied
"How could you think that? You are my best friend!" Maria
"Ditto" Alex said with a huge grin on his face
"Well it has been 4 years!"
"Group hug!!!"
Once they let go Liz turned around to hug her mother.
"Hey mom!"
"Well, hey yourself."
"This town has missed you."
"I would think it forgot about me!"

Max's POV
Liz is here. She's here. Don't ask me how I know but I do.


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