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I don't own the characters at all!!

you must of read all the roswell high series and have seen all of seaon two of roswell to understand the story that so complex.

This starts at bk 9 the dark one

and after max in the city

Chapter One

It was a beautiful school day in Roswell New Mexico, perfect weather for any occasion.
Isabel Evans smiled brightly as she and the other cheerleaders of Ulysses F: Olsen High paraded around the basketball court. Her short plaided green skirt hugged her hips as her short skimpy white sweater had the word UFO High Aliens in bold green letters. The UFO was in the centre across her chest. Doug Highsinger gently pattered her buttocks as he and the other team members ran around the court.
“ Don’t screw this up Is-abel,” One of many Stacey cats squealed. Isabel winched and stuck both forefingers in her ears; her delicate eardrum swam around in blood.
Out the corner of her bright blue eyes was Michael; raking his hands through his jet-black hair- his grey eyes stared at Isabel as his red brick aura glowed in grief and worry.
Ever since that night when Michael found out Isabel was in the first stages of her akino, he has been her watchdog over her and Max.
Max, she didn’t want to turn out like her brother- a puppet for the collective consciousness. She would rather slowly die a painful death then give up her life to the hell prison that is the collective consciousness.
Isabel swayed her green and white pom-poms side to side in order to pump herself up for the UFO cheer.
Side step, twirl then Stacey walk over- then Tish then you. Isabel lend on her arms for support as she did her double back flip. Isabel looked at her left hand in trance, she faintly saw her blood rush through her green veins as her bones tweaked and moaned with each slight movement. Her head throbbed as the blood-pounded through- a droplet of blood was on her shoulder.
Keep moving, Isabel coached herself. there is only the human pyramid and then you can go and rest your bones.
Her cheer teammates all worked together and Isabel stood behind and started to climb the human pyramid.
Meanwhile the loud pain induced music came from the brass band and from everyone clapping of enjoyment.
Her knife knees poked Stacey slim back. Her left kneecap slanted and Isabel felt it pop out of place. Her bones had it mind of its own as her organs melted together and spread the horrible virus to her lungs, mould began to build up the wind pipe.
Still Isabel smiled her 1000-watt smile and threw her arms up in victory.
But Fate had other ideas. The crowd was a wave of many blurred arms and limbs; Stacy’s back was like tiny grains of sand. Isabel wobbled and her arms danced and melted into the darkness that was slowly swallowing her existence. She was falling, Isabel knew she should of felt the hard polished floor a while ago but she kept on falling, more like floating into darkness.
I’m Changing, Isabel vaguely concluded. And it’s killing me.

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Chapter Two

It was the worst weather imaginable for Roswell, New Mexico. It was a rainy afternoon and Michael’s apartment stank like old rotting pizza boxes and Chinese food. But Tess still tried to rub it in Liz’s face by holding Max’s hand with pride. It made everyone in the room want to hurl.
Liz- you gotta trust me here... There is no time… if Max brought you back your different now. At least Max could stand to be in the same room as her, unlike last time.
“ Everyone who is standing here today is a friend and apart of this group. After Maria and Liz’s shift we are all going to meet the granolith.” Max declared in full king mood.
Isabel was still skating on thin ice since the vilandra ordeal. Not that Liz could blame her. Liz had a secret that could unlock everything in their existence but it will cost them all their lives.
Liz looked at her watch. Exactly two hours until her long shift to ten thirty with Maria and the new college girl waitress Maggie.
Different, Liz thought. She didn’t feel different at all. She still had the same ordinary looks and there is no trace of powers… except when Isabel and her connected to warn Max about Lonnie and Rath. Apparently Isabel said it was Liz that got through but Liz still believed it was Isabel sending her the power. She was just the switch in the connection.
Liz went to pick up her pink sweater but immediately dropped it; her fingers were frozen locked as pins and needles spread.
Ignoring the meeting Liz studied the skin on her backhand. Recently she had been losing weight, except bags were under her dry puffy eyes. Liz’s lips were always chapped and dry. Liz picked up the tiny piece of dead skin on her top lip, a droplet of blood appeared.
Her hair had millions of split ends from her recently cut hair. It was exactly like Ava’s except for the fringe, she had two long hair locks forming her hairline; the two locks were one centimetre longer than her bob layered hair. It was different but Liz needed a change. Liz was scratching her dry skin when Isabel looked At Michael, a silent understanding Michael nodded and asked Max to stop talking about some weird disturbance in the stars.
“ I found this in the cave last week,” Michael held up a diamond prism. At first glance it looked like a chunk of plastic that is until you see the tiny little circle designs on the surface and little holes. It looked like a key but for what purpose?
“ I think this is some sort of key for the granolith, I say we should try this tonight,” Michael said.
“ No,” Liz whispered.” The granolith is- may be dangerous,” Liz wiped up the little steak of blood oozing out from her full lips.” Where’s the bathroom?”
Michael pointed behind him- down the hallway and Liz stepped past Isabel who was crouched on the floor next to Alex and Kyle.

Liz held her nose as she entered the bathroom.
Didn’t Michael have any knowledge of hygiene? Liz took shallow breaths. It was hard to breathe as the bright orange toilet screamed at her. The organs seemed to be glowing like neon lights. Liz studied closer. Her mind must be playing games with
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her. After all she hadn’t been getting much sleep. Her bed was too heavy with all the cotton sheets- it seemed to be crushing Liz’s rib cage to cave inwards and poke holes in her lungs each time she tried to sleep. That explained the bags under her eyes. The thick dark magenta scarred under her eyes as her doe eyes twitched.
Liz felt her lungs scream for some clean air but Liz was trapped. She had trouble finding the doorknob when all her attention was focused on the blazing orange toilet.
Look away, Liz ordered but the orange filled her field of vision. Mould began to fill her lungs. Liz shields her eyes from the colours but her eyes were molten heat.
No, Liz thought. She wasn’t going to die in Michael’s bathroom.
She jammed one of her fingers down her throat. If she was able to get some of the mould out she could breathe again.
Then her throat was clear, the burning colours diminished. Her nose wasn’t bleeding anymore. Liz wiped away the blood from her nose and Liz saw her hands trembling, the faint outlines of her bone structure moved and clicked out of place.
I’m changing, Liz thought. And it’s killing me…

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Chapter three

The sun began to set. The streaks of orange and red were almost like warm sand.

Adam glanced over at Liz Ortecho, as she was taking orders at the Crashdown Café. Her combo men in black outfit looked sexy on her. Her dark Spanish hair was tied in a neat ponytail as her dark eyes flickered between him and other customers. Meanwhile Adam saw Maria sitting behind the counter staring at Michael motorcycle jacket. Her short curly hair bounced with each intake of her shaky breath. She was on the brink on breaking down again.
The group was slowly breaking up ever since Max had become walking death.
Adam didn’t want to think about what Isabel said about the collective consciousness.
It made him think about the underground compound and his fake childhood, believing Sheriff Valenti was his father He scratched his brown Leonardo Dicaprio hair. That was Maria said when they watched Romeo and Juliet The modern version that his hair was exactly like the actor- Leonardo Dicaprio.
Liz said she quite liked his hair and leaf green eyes. Adam felt himself stiffen as he pictured Liz dark plum lipstick lips parted- invited him into her warm wet mouth.
Adam wore a black button down shirt and black cargo’s. The clothes were Max’s but since he wasn’t around Isabel said Adam could wear them.

Adam saw the net of grief surrounding Liz’s warm amber aura and he knew it was about Max. Grief because of the hard break off and that she still loved him, which Adam slightly didn’t like. One of the things that drew him to Liz was the strong love she had for Max. To be loved like that must be the best thing in the whole world.
But lately he had been having these dreams. That if Max was out of the picture for good then somehow Liz’s love and devotion would be aimed at him. Adam didn’t like these dark feelings but his heart agreed.
But he couldn’t do what he desired? That would be giving in to the teachings he got from his father- Sheriff Valenti.
The Egyptians worshiped the sun god. Adam worshiped Liz and he wanted Liz to feel the same way and not about Max.
Adam glanced at Liz and her dark skin. Her dreams were usually filled with a blonde haired bright-blue eyed mystery man from an exostotic place. But sometimes Adam wished she had dreams about him and her swimming naked under the stars.
Destiny brought them together. It was Liz that helped him to fit in this world.
Soon Max won’t be in the picture and then Adam could show Liz that he is worthy of her affection.

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Chapter four.

No one could see the sun set with all the clouds drooping; the rain still poured cats and dogs. The group was slightly breaking apart.
Tess Harding glanced at Max Evans as he glanced over at Liz working in the crashdown café. He smiled heartbrokenly at her goofy uniform as Maria Deluca took their orders.
A long time ago they would be making Love, Tess thought. He would be telling her how much the stars were apart of her beauty and he wouldn’t be brooding about Liz Parker.
But thanks to Liz having a slut streak in her she fucked Kyle and now Max is free. But somehow Fate decided to have Max and Liz still pining for each other.

Nasdeo told her it wouldn’t be like this. That she had someone out there waiting for her to return and that they were destined to be together. That false hope kept Tess alive through the dark years. She had no friends or boyfriends growing up. She didn’t have anyone warm to her. Nasdeo was usually away and when he was there he drill her about Destiny and said that she was an alien and humans were insects.

But when she got her it was different as she dreamed about. Her king and lover was involved with this dopey human. It took a lot of mind warping but Tess was able to Lure Max to her in hope of him remembering their past.
But still even when Liz said goodbye Max was still head over heals for her and not Tess.
Tess was about to leave. Why would she stay when obviously she wasn’t needed. But that night was the night destiny showed Max the way to her and Tess was bursting with pure joy. If only Max felt the same way about the situation.

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If Liz was out of the picture then maybe Max would realise how much it was meant to be and in love with her?
No, Tess thought. She couldn’t feel that way. But Tess has been having these dreams. That if Liz were out of the picture for good then somehow Max’s love and devotion would be aimed at Her. Tess didn’t like these dark feelings but her heart agreed.
But she couldn’t do what he desired? That would be giving in to the teachings she got from her protector Nasdeo.
In the olden days Tess was Max’s desire and his wife and Queen.

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Tess glanced at Max Evans slurping his cherry coke. His dreams were usually filled with Liz parker and strawberries. But sometimes Tess wished he had dreams about her and swimming naked under the stars and making Love.
Destiny brought them together and Tess was going to show everybody that she and Max were made for each other.
Soon Liz Parker won’t be in the picture and then Tess could show Max that she is worthy of his affection.

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Chapter Five B
Maria Loved Michael- she always knew that but things have gotten between them. Especially Courtney, The skin Michael worshiper he was attracted to. They were alike in a way Maria would never understand. Courtney and Michael both were aliens. Maybe that’s why Michael fell for Courtney instead of her. That’s why Maria was nothing to him but something to dump all his problems on. But what hurt Michael more is that Michael betrayal in his past life against Zan, Max Evans. Suddenly Maria noticed Michael muttering about leadership and control. Maybe that’s why Michael wants Max to be with Tess. So in some way History won’t repeat itself. Maria tucked her long blonde hair under her ears and looked around the empty diner.
Beside her problems other things were going on. Isabel Evans kept her identity about Vilandra secret from the others and now Max doesn’t fully trusts anyone but the scheme blonde Tess Harding. Maria sighed. Her mother was on another date tonight and her relationship with Michael was slowly fading. Her life couldn’t get any worse.

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Chapter Five B

Maria Loved Michael- she always knew that but things have gotten between them. Especially Courtney, The skin Michael worshiper he was attracted to. They were alike in a way Maria would never understand. Courtney and Michael both were aliens. Maybe that’s why Michael fell for Courtney instead of her. That’s why Maria was nothing to him but something to dump all his problems on. But what hurt Michael more is that Michael betrayal in his past life against Zan, Max Evans. Suddenly Maria noticed Michael muttering about leadership and control. Maybe that’s why Michael wants Max to be with Tess. So in some way History won’t repeat itself. Maria tucked her long blonde hair under her ears and looked around the empty diner.
Beside her problems other things were going on. Isabel Evans kept her identity about Vilandra secret from the others and now Max doesn’t fully trusts anyone but the scheme blonde Tess Harding. Maria sighed. Her mother was on another date tonight and her relationship with Michael was slowly fading. Her life couldn’t get any worse.

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I hope you like the story so far

as for my other fan fics they are still alive!

La Flamingo Deluxe
The One
The Wild One
The Gatekeeper
Destined forever-destined forever continued
The cult of aphrodite

Please ask me questions if you don't understand


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I don't know at this stage with a isabel and alex Manes pairing

Plot: ( I forgot to add this) When max and the gang go to the graonilth to find answers. something happens and they end up in a parallel universe.

I am also trying to link characters together ie Tess and Adam to show the similar things between both worlds.

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Chapter 6

Max Evans was covered head to toe in his mom’s silk curtains. He could smell the aroma the curtains gave off, it smelt like strawberries. His blonde bangs covered his tired bright blue eyes that had no spark in them like they used to. He knew that he should call the others for a meeting. They had to discuss certain issues regarding Trevor’s betrayal and Isabel’s refusing to join the collective consciousness but he had other important issues to deal with first.
The collective consciousness knew that Trevor was trouble all along but Max told them to keep their anger at bay. Ever since Alex Manes showed him the stone of Midnight it was all coming together. Max knew Trevor was going to betrayal them but didn’t wasn’t to say so. He already lost trust from Michael and he didn’t want to lose him as a friend either.
However the beings felt troubled about something. Max knew that because he didn’t feel the beings pleasure of experiencing the feel of touching the curtains through him anymore.
Max sent them an image of a question mark, trying to find what was troubling them.
The mystical beings showed Max a flash of the three stones of midnight combined. Max gagged as he felt the power flow through him in waves. Then he felt another power wash through, different and yet more powerful than the stone of midnight. It seemed to be in another galaxy as Max felt the beings remorse of them not being able to reach the great power.
A group of beings are acting weird, Max thought. He pictured a crowd of them all silent and in the middle were a few people laughing. It was similar being in a cinema and everyone was hushed except for the mindless chatter in the back row.
Max allowed the flow of the collective deepen within him. Apparently the new source of greater power was arriving.
Max breathed in and clenched his throat. The beings were shouting for him to find the power and do what ever it took to gain that power. The power could be used to destroy Durpis.
Max stood up and ignored the burst of annoyance from a group of the collective that wanted to feel the silk. He had to call the others and arranged a meeting at Michael’s.


The group stood awkwardly around the granolith. The gentle hum filled the eerie silence. All eight pairs of eyes were locked on the deep dark cone as a hot beam of light crackled to meet the bottom platform.
Liz Parker fiddled with her jagged hair. Her loose white fluffy sweater was weighing her down.
Michael Guerin and Max Evans were crouched and inspecting the small hole that would be able to hold the prism Michael found earlier.
“ We shouldn’t be doing this,” Liz mumbled. Something bad could happen to them. The granolith could explode or even worse….
“ You have no choice in the matter,” Tess interrupted Liz’s train of thought. Her bouncy curly hair bobbed as she happily stood behind Max as he slowly inserted the crystal.
Max’s own private lap dog, Liz chuckled.
Nothing happened.
“ Looks like it’s the wrong key,” Maria listened to the sound her shoes made against the steel floor. She gave the granolith triangular platform a kick.
Maria giggled.
“ What was that for?” Michael crossed his arms.
And they are off, Liz thought.
“ I bet Michael wins,” Kyle said.
“ You haven’t seen hurricane Deluca,” Alex warned.
Max seemed defeated. Liz’s heart ached to walk over there and share his grief but Tess was already there, giving sly glances at Liz.
Liz walked up close to the humming granolith and slid her hand over the cold surface. The surface felt like cold rain drops as the metallic surface rippled under her touch. Liz poked her index finger as watched in awe as her whole finger disappeared. Liz tried to draw her finger back but it was stuck and only accomplished Liz having her whole left hand dive into the sphere.
“ Ohmigod,” It was Maria’s voice.
“ No body move,” Max walked behind Liz. “ Liz,”
“ I don’t know,” Liz replied. She didn’t know what was happening.
Then everything went black.

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authors note: sorry for lack of updates but this is a difficult fic becasue of the complex story line but that won't stop me!!!


be back soon
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okay I am here and yes got a new part but I am editing it so it will be here it it wasn't for these black outs- its nearly summer and its rummored to hit 43 degrees ! arrgh
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Dear Fellow readers :
All of you have something in common. You haven’t received another part of one of the stories written by!
So now that I am back or in the real world, Rachel would like to explain herself. This year Rachel wanted a challenge- something to do with writing. There was a Novella Writing competition out for all High school students. The word limit must be no less than 10 000 and no larger than 20 000. Let me tell you something. You don’t really know how much sleep I lost.

So I wrote a Novella called TWO SIDED MIRROR

So My story is about Brooklyn- turning sweet sixteen who gets advice on life from her rebellious brother Alexander- who prefers to be called Xander. I’ll just give you his advice from little extracts from his letter..

Life is a two sided Mirror. It’s only once that we see both sides….. People hide from each other Brooklyn… so how do we really know the person with out seeing both sides?

I’m thinking of changing a few characters names and appearance so I could change this to a Roswell story AU that’s already finished! Wow! I have already posted it- if you wanna read it

Okay so ever since March I have been writing this story- well it took me three months to go through six story ideas before Two sided Mirror arrived.. 19,492 words and 67 pages…. So I worked really hard on this for 9 months and nine days this includes all my spare time and all my energy I always devote to these lists of stories

1. La Flamingo Deluxe
2. The Wild One
3. The Gatekeeper
4. The One
5. The Outsider- new
6. The cult of Aphrodite- new
7. Destined forever- finished
8. Destined forever sequel( on same board as Destined Forever)
9. Parallel Universe
10. Thursday nights at the Crashdown- on polar web site

Okay so this is the bad part of the news. SO when Two sides mirror was coming to an end I have a looked at the status of my stories. You see for me to slowly slip back into Roswell writing mode as I like to call it I have to put a temporary hold on some stories. Until I get hang of it and start writing for the other stories that were put on hold.

So this list are the ones I put on hold, which are the ones I quite love so this is hard for me too…

1. The Gatekeeper
2. Destined forever- finished –
3. Destined forever sequel( on same board as D F)
4. The Wild One
5. The cult of Aphrodite- new
6. Parallel Universe

And the ones I will continue writing for are

1. La Flamingo Deluxe
2. Thursday Nights at the Crashdown
3. The Outsider
4. The One

Okay so Before I end this letter I will write the status on each story. But I would like to thank these two people- New Yorker 18 and 2crzy4roswell. You guys kept me going when I felt like giving up on THE ONE and La Flamingo Deluxe..

La Flamingo Deluxe

Okay…. Now if I remember Mad Max- LOL and the gang saw Ava in NY who said she pretended to be a girl called Rachel- working at Michael’s fashion company
The G
If you remember this is the same Rachel who is working with Michael so this will help the gang to get behind the scenes at the fashion show.. and Ava was going to tel them Zan’s dark past- I am so looking for to this!

And Michael and Liz are at his messy apartment where they are going to have a shaving cream fight- Lol! At least I think they will… okay and Liz and those pills her pimp gave her. Well she is still taking them! But not for long… and this disc is going to be discovered and so is Liz’s confession to Sean’s murder- which was the reason why she left Roswell in the first place..

And evil Jesse. Now that I finally am seeing Roswell season 3 I can work better with Jesse! And his faithful minion Tess. Eww and how is Isabel going to help Lex- Jesse Kill Michael? And what about Tara-charli? Yes she is Michael’s and Liz’s child but more about that later but I must warn you she isn’t quite Tara…

And yes Liz will find out she is Lola.
( I have beeped out this part because someone on this board might guess my ending!)

The Gatekeeper

Rae’s or Riana Parker love for Kyle and her fatal attraction to Zan… I feel so sorry for her. Okay so I left you with Liz seeing a vision of herself of killing Zan in the bath tub! But that’s the magi talking!
So the gang is going to have to find out about Riana. Max is not that thick- but that’s debatable… so what is rae’s plan to get max and liz together… and what about Tess?? Remember Rae feeling sick that when real pure evil is around… well is she going to throw up again or what if she got her feelings mixed up? No she is not pregnant. Well what you are going to find out that on the way to earth Liz’s pod got damaged so the aliens put her with Rae’s so they shared a pos and became more in tune with each other… like twins… okay I leave that part there…
And Zan da man is not going to sit around much longer… he wants to have Rae back with him… so this is going to be… trouble?

So that all I can say with out giving away a new villain! Evil laugh!

Thursday Nights at the Crashdown

Another polar story I only gave the prologue to. At the polar attraction board- ezboard.
So I won’t say much coz it is not here
If you want to read it bmail me

The outsider

Well this is based on this theme “ what if only three pods were saved and one got left behind?” and no dupes in this story…. That’s why its kinda AU
So Max was raised in the base. Not like Adam in the books but a walking killing machine…

Liz has a troubled life. At eight she saw her father and her aunty have sex. Well she caught them in the act when Nancy was 5 months pregnant! With a son!- Liz’s father was a guy named Gordon so Jeff Parker will be in it later as Nancy new love interest!
So they went back to Roswell- where Liz was born. Liz is a good working girl looking after her 4 year old brother Jason and her mother Nancy and she is only sixteen! ( she will turn seventeen in December the 7)

This is a new story… bear with me


So Liz is on Antar- trying to uncover the four square’s past? But she can not understand Zan? The original King

And what about this son? Is it going to be Zan’s or Max’s?- you are goning to wonder about that one for a while

And this Serena! She is sketchy ! but you have got to understand. Liz was originally deaf and alex and her parents are dead so with Serena offering something else. Its better being on earth liz kind thought but liz was mentally forced… more about that later

And this mysterious ring? Which ends up after their love making at las Vegas but soon Liz can go anyway. Including the night of Gomez where she could have cemented everything! Okay???
Man I have already planned this story out and don’t want to give away much but…. A new part will be out soon… and this twist I got for you whoooa!

The other stories that are put on hold- will still get parts but not frequently as the others- a private paragraph will be posted shortly about the where I am up to after this letter is sent out…. And plus this letter will be too long because I love all my stories

Please- forgive my lack of updates

From Rachel-
If you have lost any of the stories links please let me know by bmail or when you post your reply
PS- I am currently looking for a Beta reader- someone who I can pass ideas and first drafts of stories etc…