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Title: Just People
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Category: CC, UC
Rating: PG to PG-13
Summary: 3 kids go back in time to save their family.

Part 1


Three children run into a small shed with Michael right behind them. There is a huge machine in front of them. Michael starts pushing buttons on the machine and it starts to glow.

“Okay, it’s time to go.”

The youngest child runs to Michael. He picks her up and hugs her tight.

“No daddy! I don’t want to leave you!”

“You have to sweetie. I wish you didn’t, but you do.”

“Come with us.”

“I can’t. You’ll be okay. If you stick together and take care of each other you’ll all be okay.”

The oldest child looks at the machine, then at Michael.

“But Uncle Michael, you don’t even know what went wrong! How can fix things if we don’t know what to change?!”

There is an explosion outside. All four of them are knocked to the ground.

“You have to do this! I believe in you! I know you can save us! Now go!”

The oldest child picks up the youngest, and takes the middle child’s hand. As they walk into the bright light that the machine created the youngest child reaches out to her father.

“No! Daddy! I love you! Daddy!”

“I love you Angel! It’s gonna be okay! I promise!”

Suddenly the children disappear. Michael collapses to the ground and cries at the loss of the only family he had left.

“I love you.”


Michael puts his arms around his beautiful wife as she makes breakfast. She was so surprised when he proposed to her two years ago, but she is so glad he did. Now she is Maria Guerin. She loves saying that in her head. Maria Guerin. She is so happy, and so is he.

Isabel and Kyle walk in hand in hand. Two years ago Isabel found out that Jesse had remarried. She and Kyle have been dating for a year now. She thought she’d never find love again, but she was wrong. She and Kyle are very happy together.

Max and Liz come in all over each other. They are doing better then ever. They have been married for five years now, and they couldn’t be happier.

None of them have had children yet. They all agreed to wait a little longer to be sure it’s safe.

Suddenly there is a bright flash across the room and when it is gone three children stand where it was. They all feel a strange connection to these children, but who are they? Where’d they come from? And what are they doing here?



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Part 2

The children are shocked. Standing in front of them are people they haven’t seen in years. They all look so young. Different, and yet the same. The oldest child puts down the youngest and runs to Max and Liz. She hugs them both tightly. The middle child does the same to Isabel and Kyle. This frightens them a little, but for some reason their first instinct is to hug them back. The youngest child just stands there staring at Michael and Maria. She looks as though she’s trying to figure something out. Like she’s not really sure if this is real. Michael and Maria bend down in front of her and take her hands in theirs to show her that they are real. She starts to cry and hugs them both, but she seems to hold Maria tighter. Maria is not sure why, but she doesn’t mind. They both hug her back just as tight. Deep down they all know who these children are, but they still need to hear it out loud.

“Who are you?”

The oldest child answers.

“I’m Sara Evans.”

She points to the middle child.

“He’s Alex Valenti.”

She points to the youngest child, who refuses to let go of her parents.

“And she’s Angel Guerin. We’re your children.”

Max looks at Isabel, Kyle, Michael, and Maria, then at their children, then at his daughter. She looks just like Liz. Her hair, her smile, but she’s got his eyes, and from the way she was with Angel and Alex when they got here, she seems to have his leadership role as well.

Isabel is staring at her beautiful son. She’s not surprised that his name is Alex. She did promise him she’d name her son after him. He has her eyes, nose, and her smile, but he’s got his fathers hair, and mostly likely his religion.

Michael and Maria pull away from Angel just enough to look at her. She is a perfect mix of the both of them. She has Maria’s hair and smile, but Michael’s eyes and nose. She is still crying. Maria picks her up and tries to calm her.

“Why don’t we all go sit in the living room?”

“Good idea.”

They all go into the living room. Sara sits on her father’s lap. Alex sits on his mothers lap, and Angel is still clinging to Maria.

“So, where are you from? Or should I say, when are you from?”

Just as before, Sara answers.

“We’re from the year 2019.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m 10, Alex is 7, and Angel is 5.”

Michael is a little confused.

“Wait a minute. You’re telling me that 12 years from now each of us only has one kid?”

“No, I’m telling you that 12 years from now we’re the only kids left. We each had brothers and sisters, but they’re all dead, and so are all of you.”

Angel holds onto Maria even tighter, and then looks over at Michael.

“Except you daddy. You got us out and sent us here to save the family.”

Kyle gets curious.

“When do we die?”

Isabel gives him a weird look.

“I don’t want to know that.”

“I do.”

Sara looks at Alex and Angel as if to ask permission to tell. They shake their heads yes.

“Dad and Aunt Isabel died 6 years before we left. They were trying to protect us, but ended up getting killed. My two younger brothers and Alex’s older sister died with them. Mom died 2 years later of a broken heart.”

Sara starts to cry. Liz takes her in her arms and whispers in her ear.

“I’m sorry.”

Alex continues the story.

“Dad, you died a year after that. You were also trying to protect us. My younger brother and sister were killed the same day.”

Isabel pulls Alex closer to her to comfort him. Angel finishes the story.

“My 2 older brothers and my older sister died with my mommy. She was almost ready to have my little sister when it happened. I was only 3.”

Maria holds Angel tight as she cries.

“How did you come back in time?”

Sara is the only one calm enough to speak.

“Mom made a time machine. Her friend Serena helped.”

“What happened to make things go so badly?”

“We don’t know. One day everything’s perfect, and the next the FBI and Kivar are hunting us down.”

“So you don’t know how to change things?”

“Not really. Uncle Michael said that we could figure it out. He said he believed in us.”

Angel yawns. They can all tell that the children haven’t slept in a while.

“Why don’t we put them to bed? We can talk about this tomorrow.”

“Good idea.”

That night Sara, Alex, and Angel sleep better then they have in years because there are finally back in the arms of their parents.


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Part 3

The next morning Sara, Alex, and Angel wake up in empty beds. They are terrified. Where are their parents? Was it all a dream? Are they still dead? All three of them run into the hall. Sara picks up Angel. She is hysterical. Alex is almost as bad. She hugs them both and tells them everything’s alright. They hear someone come up the stairs. Angel’s face lights up when she sees her father. Michael sees how scared they are. He picks up Angel and hugs Sara and Alex.

“What’s wrong?”

“We didn’t know where we all were.”

“We went downstairs to make some breakfast. We didn’t want to wake you yet. It’s okay. We’re still here.”

He takes them downstairs. Alex and Sara run into their mothers’ arms. Isabel and Liz both look at Michael with stern looks.

“What did you do to them?”

“They got scared when they woke up and we weren’t there.”

They hold their children tighter to show them that they are still here. Maria walks over to Angel and gives her a kiss on the forehead before taking her from Michael.

Max and Kyle walk into the room and are immediately confused. Why are the kids crying? They run to their families and hug them tightly as their wife and girlfriend explains.

After breakfast Isabel, Maria, and Liz take the kids shopping while the guys work. Sara, Alex, and Angel are so glad to get to spend time with their mothers, especially Angel. She was only 3 when her mother died. She didn’t even get to know her. Her father told her everything about her. He showed her pictures and told her stories, but it wasn’t the same. She wanted her mommy. She couldn’t imagine how hard it must have been for Sara and Alex. At least she still had her dad; they didn’t have any real blood family left. She didn’t even want to think about what she would have done without her daddy. She knew that Sara and Alex would have taken care of her, but she needed her dad. She couldn’t bare the thought of losing him. Just thinking about it brought tears to her eyes. Maria notices that Angel is about to cry.

“What’s wrong honey?”

“Nothing. I was just thinking.”
“About what?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”


Isabel spots an ice cream shop.

“Who wants ice cream?”

“Me, me, me!”

“Okay come on.”

When they get home the guys are waiting for them in the living room. Sara is covered in strawberry ice cream, Alex is covered in vanilla ice cream, and Angel is covered in chocolate ice cream.

“What happened to them?”

“We made the mistake of getting them ice cream. And now you three get to clean them up.”

The girls start laughing at the look of horror on the guys’ faces.

“I think they are old enough to clean themselves.”

Maria leads Angel over to Michael.

“Angel isn’t. Have fun honey.”

“You’ll pay for this.”

Angel doesn’t look very happy. She runs into the back yard.

“Angel! Where are you going?!”

Michael runs after her. She falls down and scraps her knee. Michael picks her up, forgetting that she is still covered in ice cream, and brings her in the house. Max heals her knee.

“Angel, why’d you run off like that?”

“You don’t know me.”

“What’d you mean?”

“You used to love helping me in the bathtub. We had splash wars and you always let me win. You used to read to me at night. You always read Dr. Seuss cause it was my favorite. You used your powers to put a picture of mommy on my teddy bear so I felt like she was with me. You washed my red and purple pajamas everyday cause I couldn’t sleep in anything else. You always woke me by singing really loud, and if that didn’t work you’d blast your Metallica music. Whenever you made bacon during the day you always made extra cause you knew I’d want some. You knew everything about me, and I knew everything about you, but now you don’t. You don’t know who I am. You don’t know the way we did things. It’s not fair!”

He takes her in his arms and holds her tight. He wants to be that man for her, but he doesn’t know how to be.

“I may not know everything yet, but I will. You just have to help me. In your time we got to know each, but we haven’t had time to do that yet. We will though. I promise. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

Maria has been watching them the whole time. She is now crying. She always knew Michael would be such a good father, and hearing what Angel said proves it. ‘I can’t wait to tell him!’

Michael takes Angel upstairs to bath her. Maria peaks her head in to see a splash war that Michael is losing. He spots Maria out of the corner of his eye and whispers something to Angel suddenly water is flying at her. She comes all the way in and starts splashing them back. Once all three of them are soaked they get out of the bathroom and get dressed. Maria is dressing Angel in her new cloths.

“Angel, was your oldest sibling a boy or a girl?”


“I’m just curious.”


“A boy?”


“Then a girl.”


“It has to be one or the other.”

“Nope. Not one, not the other, both.”

She smiles and runs down stairs. She almost runs Michael over as he comes in the room.

“Whoa! Slow down sweetie.”


She just keeps going. She knows her mommy has to talk to her daddy.

“What are you so smiley about blondie?”

“Can’t I smile?”

“Of course you can. You look beautiful when you smile. But I’ve never seen you smile that much.”

“I was thinking about what Angel said downstairs. It’s good to know that if something ever happened to me you’d be able to take care of children.”

“Is there something going on that I don’t know about?”


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Part 4


“Michael… give me your hand.”

She takes his hand and puts it over her stomach. He gets a flash of two beautiful babies. Twins, a boy and a girl. His children. When the flash ends he looks up at Maria.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They share a deep, passionate kiss before they go downstairs to tell the others. Angel’s face lights up when se sees Michael’s hand on Maria’s stomach. She runs to them and puts her head against Maria’s stomach.

“Hi Jack, hi Emily.”

“Is that what we called them?”

“Yep. Jack Michael Guerin and Emily Marie Guerin.”

The others quickly get the hint and congratulate Michael and Maria.

“Wow. That’s great for you two.”

“Thank you.”

Sara walks up to Alex and Angel.

“We need to talk.”

She turns to their parents.

“We’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?”

“The back yard. We need to have a ‘future kids’ chat.”


They go to the back yard. Sara looks at Angel.

“How much have you told them?”

“What’d you mean?”

“I mean its fine that you told them what they named their first kids, but you have to be careful. You can’t tell them too much. Uncle Michael warned us about that.”

“I remember. I listen to my daddy.”

“I know you do. Just don’t forget Angel, if you tell them too much we may never exist. That goes for you too Alex.”

“What’d I do? I haven’t said anything!”

“I’m just making sure you don’t.”

Angel gets very angry at Sara’s tone and says the wrong thing.

“God Sara, you’re just like your dad!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“It means you try to run everyone else’s life! You think you’re better then us!”

“My dad doesn’t do that, and neither do I!”

Alex steps in.

“Yes he does! And yes you do! He got my mom and sister killed!”

“That wasn’t his fault! He died too! I didn't see your dad try to help him!

"My dad always tried to help!"

"And what about yours Angel?! What'd he ever do to help them?! Oh wait he was too busy sleeping with your mother!"

Angel gets right in her face.

“Maybe if your daddy had let others help him he would’ve lived! Then none of our parents would have died! My daddy couldn’t protect my family because he didn’t have anyone to help him! If your daddy had been smarter then he would’ve lived!”

Sara runs inside, straight to her parents’ room. Alex runs to his mothers arms. Angel just falls apart in the back yard.

The parents are very confused. They didn’t hear the conversation. Max and Liz go after Sara. Isabel and Kyle take Alex to the living room. Michael and Maria go to the back yard to get Angel.


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Part 5

Michael picks Angel up off the ground. She is crying so hard that she can barely breathe.

“Angel, what happened? What’s going on sweetie?”

She is still crying too hard to answer. They take her back inside to the living room where Alex is crying in his mothers arms. Max and Liz bring Sara in as well. She is latched onto Max. She looks at Alex and then at Alex and then at Angel.


Sara, Alex, and Angel are in the back yard arguing over whose fault their families’ deaths were. Michael comes in and hears the argument.

“All of you stop it right now!”

They all shut up quickly.

Michael takes them to the living room and sits them down on the couch, with Angel in his lap.

“I don’t ever want to hear you guys blaming each other, or anyone else for our families’ deaths. What happened to them was no one’s fault. It wasn’t ours, and it wasn’t theirs. Okay?”

They all nod in understanding.

“Let’s make a pact right now to never place blame for any of the terrible things that have happened. Promise?”

He puts his hand out in front of them. Angel puts her on top of his.


Alex puts his hand on top of Angel’s.


Sara puts her hand on top of Alex’s.


Michael puts his other hand on top of Sara’s to close the pact.



Max, Liz, and Sara sit down. Max looks at all three children.

“Okay guys, what happened?”

All three of them are silent.

“Come on guys. We don’t have time for this. How are you gonna help us if you’re not even speaking to each other?”

Sara gives Angel an evil glare.

“Then maybe Angel shouldn’t have broken the most important pact we ever made!”

Angel gets very angry.

“You’re always so quick to blame everyone else! It’s never Princess Sara’s fault! Well you did it too, and so did Alex so don’t go pointing fingers at me!”

Suddenly a lamp blows up. Angel has obviously inherited her father’s alien powers, and his temper. She starts crying again and latches onto her father.

Alex is staying silent. He knows it’s the safest thing to do right now.

Maria stands up.

“Maybe we should just give them some time apart to think about whatever they said. Then maybe they’ll want to talk about it.”

Michael agrees.

“Good idea.”

Max doesn’t agree. He steps in Michael’s way when he tries to take Angel upstairs.

“We need to settle this now. We still don’t know what happens to screw up the future. What if it happens now and these three are still at each others throats?”

“Look Max, Sara’s your kid, so what you want to do with her is your business, but Angel’s my kid and whatever was said out there obviously upset her. We even have a broken lamp to prove it, so I’m not gonna make her talk about this if she doesn’t want to. Now get out of my way.”

Max steps aside and Michael and Maria take Angel upstairs.

Isabel gets up, with Alex still in her arms.

“I have to agree with him Max. It’s not gonna help them to make them talk about this.”

She and Kyle take Alex upstairs.

Sara walks up to her father and hugs him tight.

“I’m sorry dad. It’s just, what we said outside was really bad, and…”

“It’s okay. They’re right. You don’t have to tell me until you’re ready to.”

She smiles and hugs him again.

Michael lays Angel down on the bed. Maria motions for him to come to the hall with her.

“We’ll be right sweetie, okay?”


They go into the hall. Maria whispers to make sure no one hears her but Michael.

“How can he act like that? I know they came here from the future to fix things, but they’re still just kids, especially Angel. I mean she’s only five years old!”

“I know. That’s Max.”

“Well, if he ever treats my kid like that again I’m gonna kick his ass all the way back to Antar.”

“Not if I get him first.”

That night the kids sleep in their parents arms once again.

Angel starts to have a nightmare.


She is playing in a park with her mom, dad, 2 older brothers, and older sister. Her sister is fixing her hair when her brothers and father come at them with water guns. Her 9 month pregnant mom just laughs as the girls took the water guns and started chasing the boys. Suddenly they are surrounded by tall men in suits. They all pull out guns. Michael tries to get to his three eldest kids, but they are shot before he can. He raises his hand at some of the men but others shoot him from behind. Maria tries to run to Angel, but is also shot as she runs. Angel is standing in the middle of the park surrounded by FBI agents and her dead family.


All the agents raise their guns at her. She continues to scream.



“Angel, wake up!”

Michael and Maria try to wake Angel as she screams. Everyone runs to Michael and Maria’s room when they hear Angel scream. Sara and Alex no exactly what’s happening. She’s had these dreams before.

“Angel, wake up! Wake up!”

Suddenly her eyes shoot open and she looks around. She cries uncontrollably as Maria holds her tight. Sara remembers something and runs to Max and Liz’s room. She gets something out of the backpack she brought. She walks up to Angel and hands her a teddy bear with a picture of her entire family on its stomach.

“Your dad changed the picture just before we left. I forgot he I had it.”

She starts to calm down when she sees her beautiful family on her teddy bear. She looks at Sara.

“I’m sorry for what I said.”

“Me too.”

Alex steps forward.

“So am I.”

The three of them hug as their mothers cry and their fathers smile. They will fix things. Together.


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Part 6


Michael walks into his house. It’s feels so empty, silent, different. Without his family it doesn’t feel like home. He goes into Angel’s room and looks around. She has stuffed animals all over the place. He picks up a few and hugs them, trying to feel his daughter through her things. Suddenly her white bunny turns red. Blood red. He looks down at his chest. He’s been shot. He turns around and sees 5 FBI agents with guns pointed right at him. He didn’t even hear them come in. They shoot him three more times. He falls to the ground. He hears a soft, beautiful, familiar voice calling out his name.

“Michael. Michael.”


He opens his eyes and sees his beautiful wife in front of him. The whole world has fallen away and a bright light surrounds them. She helps him up off the floor. When they stand up he gives her a deep, passionate kiss.

“I’ve missed you so much.”

“We’ve missed you too. The kids are waiting for you.”

She motions to the side. He looks over and sees his kids.


He runs to his children and hugs them all tightly. His oldest son Jack puts his hand on his fathers shoulder.

“Don’t worry dad. They’ll fix things.”

“I know they will.”


Angel wakes up from a disturbing dream. Then she realizes that it wasn’t a dream. They found him. They killed her father. She gets out of bed and leaves the room without waking her young parents. She goes into Max and Liz’s room. She tries to stay quiet so she won’t wake them.

“Sara. Sara.”


She looks at the clock.

“It’s three in the morning.”

“I need to talk to you.”


She quietly leaves her parents arms. They get Alex from Isabel’s room and go onto the roof.

“What’s up Angel?”

“He’s dead.”


“My daddy.”

“But I saw him on our way up here.”

”Not him. In our time, they found him.”

“How do you know?”

“I felt it. I felt him leave.”

She starts crying and sits down. It’s just hitting her that her father is really gone.

“I never should’ve left. He was all alone.”

Sara and Alex are crying too. Their Uncle Michael is dead. For two years he’s taken care of them and protected them. He took them to the park. He read them stories. He let all three of them sleep in his bed with him when they were scared to be alone. He was fun Uncle Michael. He was all they had left. They sit down next to Angel and hug her.

“He’s not alone now. He’s with our families in heaven. Don’t worry. We will fix things. We won’t let it happen again.”

“I know. I know we will. We have to.”