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Title: 2 + 1 = Love
Author: me, sunrise102
Catagory: purely Max and Liz
Rating: PG, maybe higher? I dunno yet
Disclaimer: I dont' own anything Roswell nor anything every made by Disney. I'm just borrowing, I will give them back after.
Feedback: You bet!
Summary: Did anyone see Disney's Lilo and Stitch? I saw it over the summer with my little brother and I thought it was soooo adorable. So I thought I'd write a story based on the movie. It's actually gonna be losely based on the movie, except no alien pet. Instead it's gonna be a romantic kinda story.

Author's Note: This is gonna be pure Max and Liz. No other couples at all ( I think). I'm actually going to keep this story very short. No more than 10 parts, if that. I'm hoping that writing this story will help me get back to writing "Pacifica" (for those whoe remember it *happy*). I've sort of lost the inspiration for writing over the summer, it was just not that great. So I'm hoping this will help.

Part 1


“What do you think?”

“You look sooooo perty.”

“Thank you.”

“Will you come play dolls with me Lizziebeth?”

“Sure sweetie.” Liz Parker got out of her cap and gown and hung them up in her closet. Then she turned to her four and a half year-old sister who was sitting crossed legged on her bed staring at her with big brown eyes holding a Barbie in each hand.

“But only until mom calls us to dinner.” Liz told her. Then went to sit down on her bed to play.


“So are you excited yet?” Liz turned toward the voice talking to her.

Max Evans, hottie of West Roswell High, captain of the football team, basketball team, wrestling team, member of endless clubs, community service do-gooder, all around nice guy, your basic softie, and her best friend was standing by her locker looking down at her.

He was smiling at her.

What was he smiling at exactly? Liz looked at the bottom of her locker where she was kneeling trying to clean it out. There in the corner was an old brown-bagged lunch all squished up with some sort of brownish-greenish substance coming out of it at the corners. There was also some unidentifiable things there and on the shelf.

Max must have taken a look at it and decided to continue teasing her about her cleaning habits. Ok, so she wasn’t the cleanest person in the world, her bedroom could attest to that. It wasn’t that she was messy. She knew exactly where everything was. But if she cleaned she would lose everything. Better off leaving things as they were.

“Am I excited? Hell yeah!” she answered Max’s question with a grin.

“We’ve only been waiting for this day since our school careers began.”

Max smiled in response.

“I know and now graduation is only four days away and counting.”

Liz finally stood up and decided to postpone the cleaning of her locker she had been considering doing. She’d do it later. She was going to go have lunch with her best friend for one the last times of their school days before they went into a whole new world.


Graduation came and went and Liz and her friends, along with the entire senior class could not keep the smiles off their faces. While she gave her valedictorian speech she looked out at the crowd and gave private smiles to her closest friends, Max, Maria, Alex, Michael, and Isabel. She also saw her parents along with her little sister, who was wearing a miniature version of her cap and waving like crazy. They looked so proud of her that she felt tears prick in the back of her eyes. She loved them so much and they had always been so supportive of her with everything she did. She hoped she never disappointed them.


2weeks later

“It feels so weird with everyone gone or leaving.” Liz said while looking up at the stars.

“I know.” Max responded. They were sitting on Liz’s front porch. It was very warm outside. Very quiet too. Only the chirps of the grasshoppers broke the silence around them. Little lightning bugs were flying around, blinking their tails on and off.

“I mean, it’s not even the end of summer yet. That’s when most people start to go away to college.” A lightning bug landed on Liz’s palm and with her other hand she cupped it on top caging it in. She could see the outline of her hands glow.

“Well, you’re not gonna leave. You’re gonna stay here and go to Stanford. Since it’s not too far, it’s pretty convenient for you.” Max put his hand on Liz’s wrist and gently pulled her hand off to free the little creature.

“I know. Still. You’re gonna leave at the end of the summer when you go to NYU and if the gang hadn’t already left they would have left in August anyway. What with Alex and Maria’s families’ taking them to Australia for the summer, Michael going to visit his relatives in Canada, and your sister joining the Peace Corps, you’re kind of all I have left. I guess I’m really going to miss you when you leave. It’s making me a little melancholy.”

“Don’t be sad Liz, we’ll make this summer the best yet. You’ll see, it’ll be unforgettable.” Max assured Liz with a smile and an arm around her shoulders.


“UNO!!” Liz said triumphantly. All four Parkers were sitting around the living room coffee table for their weekly family night. They had decided to stay in and ordered pizza and Chinese food while having a movie marathon that included Disney movies, action movies, romantic comedies, ands sci-fi movies, something for all four of them. But somewhere along the way they forgot the TV and were having a mean game of UNO. Whoever won got a no-chores-tonight ticket. Liz really wanted to win so she could get out of doing the dishes, taking out the trash, or picking up the living room so she could go call Max and tell him the funny thing that happened to her that day.

“Sorry to burst your bubble sweetie, but you’re not getting off that easy.” her mom gave her an apologetic smile while she put down a pick-up-four card.

Liz’s smile vanished comically and sent a glare to her mom, who couldn’t hide her smile. Liz always got so competitive. It was really kind of funny to watch.

The game went on for another forty killer minutes amidst laughter, more glares, near misses, and almost wins until finally Mr. Parker was declared the victor.

Later as Liz was doing the dishes and her mom was cleaning up the living room she could hear her dad helping Mimi take out the trash. Go figure. That was her dad. Even when he won, he still helped out. That’s one of the reasons she adored him so.

When Liz’s mom walked in the kitchen, Liz turned to her.

“Dad’s helping out again.”

“I know. Go figure.” Nancy replied with a smile.

“Listen, Liz, are you sure you’re gonna be ok these next few days Liz? With work I mean. I know you took off work for an extra two days so you could watch after Mimi. If it’s a problem I’m sure I could stay, it wouldn’t be a problem.”

“Don’t worry mom. It’s no problem. Go to the convention and then to that weekend getaway with dad. You deserve it. Really. I don’t mind. And it’s no problem.”

“Are you sure? If not then –“

“Mom, you’re acting as if I’ve never sat for Mimi before.” Liz glanced over at her mother with a laugh.

“It’s not that. I don’t know, I just want to make sure you’ll be ok, but if you’re sure…”

“Don’t worry. We’re gonna be fine.”

The next morning after five minutes of hugs, kisses, be carefuls, take cares, and a few be goods added for good measure, Nancy and Jeff Parker packed up their car and left. Neither of them nor their daughters knowing it would be the last time they saw each other again.


I know the title really sucks (it actually makes the story sound kinda pornographic if you know what I mean), but I couldn't think of anything else. So if anyone has any suggestions, please speak up. Dont' be shy, any will be considered a big help. Thanks.*big*

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Wow! Thanks guys. I have the warm fuzzies.*big* I'm so glad you guys like it. This was a short part, but only because it seemed like the best place to stop. I really wanted to get the story going before getting to meat and potatoes. I promise I'm gonna get writing on the next part ASAP, but classes start tomorrow and it's jam packed. But I'll start as soon as I can. Thanks again, you guys rock!*bounce*

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*bounce* So this is where this thread disappeared to. Over Thanksgiving I hope. *Keeping fingers crossed**big*