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Title: Love On The Net
Author: Amanda
Rating: PG-13 I'm only 16. I don't know how to write NC-17.
Catagory: M/L CC
Disclaimer: None *sad*
Summary: Max ,Liz and Tess chat in a chat room. Max and Liz haven't seen each other since childhood.
AN: ~ ~ Means chat room.

Liz=Sweet Angel ( What can I say? She can be Max's Sweet Angel)
Tess=BoysLoveMe (Yeah right lol)

Part 1

Max just got home from a base-ball game. He wanted to take his mind off his test that he had to do this week. He got on the computer and went to a chat room.

Liz was at Maria's all day. Her ,Maria and Alex were trying to come up with a new study date. Liz went on the net to clear her mind.

Tess and Pam were talking about boys all day. Thats all they really did. In there mind they can get any one they want. So Tess went on the net.

~ AOL Chat ROOM Love At Last ~

Online Host MELP has entered.
Online Host BoysLoveMe has entered.

BoysLoveMe hi cutie

Online Host Sweet Angel has entered.

MELP hi Sweet Angel
Sweet Angel hi MELP
MELP a/s/l? (age/sex/location)

Sweet Angel 17/f/nm you?
MELP 18/m/nm
BoysLoveMe 18/f/nm MELP we are more on the same page because we are the same age how cute is that?

MELP cool

Sweet Angel bye
Online Host Sweet Angel has left

BoysLoveMe what do you do 4 fun?
MELP sports
Online Host MELP has left

~ ~

Max felt like he knew Sweet Angel. He should have got her name. He would have to find out later. He went and put her on his b/l (buddy list). Right now he had to pack. He was going to vist his friend Michael.

Michael's friend was coming over this week. He and Liz have not seen him in a long time.

Liz was going crazy. Kyle was going to pick her up for there date before Max comes. Max was always Michael's friend. They never got along. In fact they hated each other.

I'll post the rest later today. Whats a beta? I have heard that a lot.

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AN: Mermaidgirl you just gave me a good idea. I'll post part 2 tonight. Right now I have to go eat.
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A/N:I saw some one else's fic today. I am really sorry about the same S/N for Max. Max's sceen name will be changed to MELP.