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prt. 1She fell back onto the bed, her chest heaving as she fought for breath, and took a second to rest. “Come on Liz, we’re almost there.” Liz looked at the man sitting between her legs. She felt a sudden urge to kick the man right in the head, just to see how far she could get him to go. She would’ve laughed at her own train of thought if she wasn’t in so much pain at the moment. She felt the person next to her give her hand a gentle, encouraging squeeze and she calmed immediately. She looked to her left and he smiled at her and kissed her lightly on her forehead. “Liz, I’m so proud of you. I love you so much, you’re having our baby.” “Max, I’m so tired.” She sighed, closing her eyes briefly. “The doctor says just one more push and it’s over. You can have as much rest as you want.” She nodded and he helped her sit back up. She clamped her hand on his in a vice-like grip as she pushed one more time. Once the baby was out, she fell back against the bed. She smiled at the sweet sound of the baby’s cry piercing the air. She closed her eyes and felt tears begin to roll down her face. “Mr. & Mrs. Evans, you have a beautiful baby girl.” The doctor cut the umbilical cord and wrapped the baby in a receiving blanket, then placed her in the arms of her father. He looked down on her sweet face as he bounced her slightly in his arms. She stopped fussing immediately when he began to whisper softly to her. “I would really like to bring her to the hospital. It would just be for a check-up, nothing more.” Max looked from her face to the doctor’s. “That won’t be necessary. We’ll be heading back home to Boston soon. We have a doctor set up there for her.” The doctor just nodded and headed out of the room to wash up and gather his things. Max looked back to the bundle in his arms. She had his eyes and a dark patch of hair on her forehead, but her face resembled her mothers’. He walked back to Liz’s side and looked down at her. She was smiling up at him as she watched them together. He smiled at her and she felt the weight of the bed shift as he sat next to her. She propped herself up slightly and he placed a sweet kiss on her forehead as he placed their daughter in her arms. She parted the blankets slightly and the baby wrapped her little fingers around her mothers’. Liz smiled and kissed the baby’s plump cheek. Max raised his hand and ran it through her hair, brushing it off her face and neck, then kissed her lips softly. The door creaked as the doctor slipped back into the room. “I have the bathtub all set up to wash her off. I promise I’ll bring her right back.” He smiled. Liz nodded and Max placed his daughter into the hands of the doctor, who quickly exited the room. Liz sighed happily and laid back in the bed. Max walked back to the bed and sat beside his exhausted wife. He picked up her left hand and kissed her wedding ring. She smiled and ran her other hand through his hair. “What are we going to name her? I never even thought of that.” She said softly. Max just smiled and laid down next to her in the bed. He ran his fingers through her hair and she closed her eyes, a soft content smile playing on her lips. “How about Alexandria?” He asked softly. Liz opened her eyes and looked into his with a mixture of sadness and happiness. She nodded as a tear slipped down her face. He wiped it away and smiled. “Alexandria Lillian Evans.” She whispered softly. He nodded and got up to leave the room. Liz reached out and captured his hand just before he was out of reach. “Stay with me?” She whispered. He smiled and walked back to her side, kneeling over her. “You and Alex need your rest. I’m going out to tell Michael and Maria and everyone else the good news, and that everything’s ok. I’ll be back in a little while. Just rest.” He bent over to kiss her one last time and took his daughter from the doctor, who had just entered, and placed her in Liz’s arms. He watched them both for a moment as they slept, then, reluctantly, walked out of the room and into the hallway. He cast one last glance at the door behind which his whole life lay, and headed for the living room.
Liz’s eyes followed Max until the door closed, then she looked down into her daughter’s face. Her and Max were only 22 years old. He was just starting his internship at a Boston hospital, and she had just graduated from Harvard and was soon to start her internship in a molecular biology lab. They were married at 19, like Future Max had said they were in his time line,(guess some things can’t be changed) she thought happily, and then they had moved to Boston together. They had come back home to Roswell so their child could be born here. Many people criticized them for being too young, namely Michael and her parents, but they didn’t listen. Alex would be their whole world now. Maria and Isabel had made it clear that they had every intention of spoiling the baby. She looked into her daughter’s eyes and realized how much like her father’s they really were. Deep amber with golden flecks in them. She ran her hand over her head and through her soft dark hair. She was perfect in every way. She kissed the baby’s head softly and no sooner had she closed her eyes, she heard a noise by the window. She opened them, expecting to see Max, but instead she found herself staring into the eyes of a tall man with sandy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Something in the man’s eyes sent a shiver down her spine. As if detecting her mother’s fear, Alex began to squirm and fuss. The man’s eyes darted down to the baby and he smiled. “ this must be Zan’s heir.” “She really is quite beautiful, as is her mother.” He smiled at her as he came closer to the bed. Liz’s panic began to rise. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her stomach was churning. He had referred to Max as Zan, which meant he was obviously an alien. She tried to get up from the bed, move away, scream, kick, anything, but she found herself powerless. She couldn’t pry her eyes from him. He came closer and closer until he was hovering directly above her. He bent over the baby and smiled at her, then Liz. “Don’t worry Elizabeth, I will take good care of you. Both of you.” He gently took Alex from her arms. A small, fearful sound escaped her throat as the man cradled her baby. She didn’t understand what was happening. She couldn’t even move to protect her own child! She tried calling out to Max with her mind but something was blocking it. She focused on the man, who now had his back to her, walking towards the window. She held out one arm towards him. “Please....” she choked out. The man stopped in his tracks and turned to her. “Don’t worry Elizabeth. You will be safe, I have no intention of harming you or little Alexandria.” Two men climbed through the window and made their way towards her bed. She pleaded to them with her eyes, begging them to let them go. Let her child go at least and just take her. They ignored her wishes. One of the men held her down while the other injected her with a fluid. She became suddenly drowsy, her eyelids became heavier and heavier. Before she blacked out, she managed to mumble one more thing. “Please, a name. Anything.” He turned to her and smiled. “Elizabeth, you disappoint me. Obviously my reputation does not exceed me. I am Kivar.” One last tear escaped her lids before she finally passed out.
Max stood up from the couch and made his way towards the hallway. He had told everyone and let them know Liz was safe. Maria had wanted to immediately go in and check on her, but he had convinced her to wait a little longer and let her and Alex rest. After about 10 minutes of convincing, it worked. At the moment everyone was seated in his parents’ kitchen having coffee and talking. He, however, couldn’t bare to be away from his wife and child any longer. He came closer and closer to the door. When he was about three feet away, he knew something was wrong. He couldn’t feel her anymore. It was like her warmth was gone. He flung open the door and found the bed cold and empty and the curtains swaying slightly in the breeze that came through the open window. “ can’t be happening.” he mumbled to himself. “NOOO!” he cried. He punched the wall in a rage and flew to the kitchen, where everyone was standing, alarmed. “Max, honey, what’s wrong?” His mother asked, concerned. “It’s Liz....her and Alex....they’re just......they’re gone.” He choked out. Michael, Jesse, and Kyle followed Max outside. They split up and searched the whole neighborhood, then the whole town. They found nothing.
She sat up slowly, groggily. Her head was pounding. She looked around and found herself in a hospital room. She began to panic. She had no idea why she was here. She couldn’t remember. Anything. She was ready to climb out of the bed and go in search of someone who could tell her what she was doing here, when a tall blonde man walked into the room. She froze as she watched him enter. He was holding a tiny bundle in his hands and smiling at her. Something about him set her on edge immediately. She didn’t trust him. “There’s someone here who wants to see you.” He said softly. He placed the bundle into her arms and stepped back, smiling. She looked down and saw it was a baby underneath all the blankets. It was hers, she remembered that much. “Alex.” She whispered softly. She smiled and kissed the baby’s head softly. “Beth, honey, are you okay?” The girl looked up confused. “My name isn’t...” “The doctor said you wouldn’t remember much. Honey, do you remember what happened?” She thought on it for a moment. Her head was still pounding. She didn’t remember anything but her daughter. She couldn’t remember her name, her parents’ name, and she definitely didn’t remember the man standing in front of her. “Do you.....remember me?” He asked quietly. She shook her head, totally confused. “Who are you?” “I’m Kevin, your husband. Alex is our daughter.” She looked down into her baby’s face. Her eyes were a brilliant amber color. Something was wrong with this situation. Alex didn’t have her eyes...or this Kevin persons’ either. Something was definitely wrong. She looked back into the man’s face and just smiled. She had a feeling this was definitely not a man she wanted to cross, but what did she know? There was no way she could deny his claims, at the moment all she could remember was her daughter.
End prt.1

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JBehrsGurl originally wrote:
I lilke this! Its cool, hmmm... as for a name...

Uh how about, Shattered Memory?


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I dunno. lol But I like this plz continue! *tongue*


hey! thanks for the suggestions...I'll post the next part in a few and then tell me what you think. I'm so glad you read my story...I've started to read your fic 'Just Emotions' great so far!!

thanks to you Jane Lane! keep readin'!

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same alien time...same alien channel!
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*slaps forehead* sorry..I realize I did forget to tell you guys where this leads off goes *takes deep breath* It's basically after Chant Down Babylon. The Pod Squad went on with their life..Tess DID leave in Departure.

Now, as for Liz not being able to do anything...well...for now let's just say Kivar has more mind he was basically controlling her. Am I making any sense to anyone else but me??? I hope so.'s the second part that I promised you guys for today. I didn't like it that seemed kind of rushed, but I hope you guys enjoy it. I'll try to stay on the board and answer any questions!


~*4 yrs later*~*
Max pulled his black Cherokee into the driveway of his small, two-bedroom, house. After Liz and Alex disappeared, he had moved back to Roswell after finishing up his internship in Boston. Now he was working at the local hospital as a resident doctor, and lived right next door to Michael and Maria, and their four year old twins, Evan and Claudia, and their three year old son, Adam. He looked at his watch. 3:30 p.m. He sighed and ran through the rain, up the walkway, and to his door. The keys jangled as he retrieved them from his pocket and unlocked the door. He tossed them on the table in the hallway and flicked the light switch. He made his way to the phone and saw the light on the answering machine blinking, signaling a new message. *Hey Max, it’s Maria. Listen, I know you probably want to be alone tonight, but why don’t you just come over for dinner or something instead of at your house by yourself. Give us a call later. Love you.* *Hey, it’s Isabel. Maria called and invited Jesse and I to their house tonight. I guess Kyle’s going too. Why don’t you stop by and just hang out for a while...get out of the house. Talk to you later. Love You.* He sighed and deleted the messages. Today was the 4 year anniversary of their disappearance and his daughter’s fourth birthday. He glanced around the house at all the pictures. Most of them were taken after or before their disappearance...mostly pictures of their friends. There were a few of Liz, but he found it was too hard to see her face all the time. He didn’t have any pictures of Alex around, they didn’t take one the night she was born. He didn’t need one anyway. Her little face was burned into his mind forever. The way Liz held her. The way she smelled, the little noises she made. He closed his eyes, willing the memories to go away, and turned to the door. Maybe it would be best to get out of the house for a while.
Beth closed the door to her house with a sigh. Alex’s birthday party was just ending, the last guest having just left. She turned and walked down the hallway towards the large playroom where the party had been held. There were toys, paper plates, party hats, napkins, and pieces of cake and chips ground into the carpet. She let out a groan and picked up the trash can, as she began to make her way around the room, cleaning up the mess. “Hey, don’t worry about that, I’ll get it. You were the one who had to put up with twenty screaming kids all day.” She turned around, surprised, and smiled when she saw Kevin standing in the doorway, briefcase in hand. “Hey, you’re home early.” He walked closer to her and placed his briefcase down and pulled her into his arms. “The meeting got out early. I thought we could go out for a nice dinner with my sister. Sort of my apology for not being here today.” He smiled sheepishly. “No, it’s ok. So, where do you wanna go?” “I made reservations in an hour for that Italian place in town.” “Sounds good.” She smiled. “Let me get changed and then I’ll change Alex and we can be off.” “Ok.” He kissed her again and watched as she left the room. She made her way down the hall. She was really not looking forward to dinner. She had the sneaking suspicion that his sister did not like her at all. Over the past four years that she had gotten to know her, she had always acted somewhat snobbish to her. She didn’t remember anything from before the accident that had caused her amnesia, but she thought she must’ve been somewhat nasty to her before. Ever since the first day she had come home from the hospital, she felt like something was missing in her life. Like there was a hole inside her that she would never be able to fill. Her life now was what some women would consider the American dream. She lived in an enormous house, her husband was a wealthy computer software programmer, she didn’t have to work, and she had a beautiful, healthy daughter. The first day she’d come home from the hospital, she had asked to see all proof that her life before the accident had existed with Kevin Michaels. He produced all the paperwork, leaving no room for argument, and even that didn’t satisfy her. She didn’t love him, that much she knew. The reason she stayed with him was because she felt she owed it to him and their daughter. It wasn’t his fault she had been in an accident and gotten amnesia and he didn’t deserve her leaving him all because she couldn’t remember him. And it’s not like she had any where else to go. Her parents had died when she was young and she had no other family. At least that’s what all the paperwork said, plus, nobody had attempted to contact her over the last four years. All she had now was Alex. Somewhere deep in the back of her mind, there was always the idea that he wasn’t even her father. Alex resembled her mother in many ways, but the ways in which she didn’t resemble her, she didn’t resemble Kevin either, if that made any sense. Even Alex seemed distant from him. Their bond had never developed really strong, at least not on Alex’s end. Kevin doted on her hand and foot, but Alex always seemed distant, like she knew she didn’t belong here...didn’t fit right. She walked into Alex’s room and found her playing with all of her new toys. “Hey Ali-cat, wanna go out to eat? Daddy’s home.” The little girl dropped her toys and ran into her mother’s arms, hugging her tightly. “Where are we going?!” She asked excitedly. “Daddy’s going to take us out to a really fancy restaurant, so we have to get dressed up really nice, okay?” “O-K.” She said, giving a mock salute. Beth laughed and pulled the little girl back into her arms and began tickling her. She erupted into a fit of giggles, squirming as she tried to get loose. “Mommy!! more!!” She said as she gasped for breath in between giggles. “OK, OK, but we have to get dressed now, OK?” “OK, Auntie Tessa isn’t coming, is she?” Apparently the four year old disliked her aunt as much as her mother. “Yes, she is, and you better be nice to her this time. She wasn’t too thrilled about you putting gum in her hair last time. That wasn’t very nice.” The little girl crinkled her nose. “She asked for it.” She mumbled. Beth stifled a laugh and kissed Alex on her forehead. “Why don’t you pick out a nice dress and Mommy will come back and help you get dressed.” Alex nodded and headed to her closet to pick out a dress. Just as Beth was exiting her room, she heard Alex call out to her. “Mommy?” She turned back around and stuck her head back in the room. “Yes Ali-cat?” She teased. She took in her daughter’s frightened demeanor and immediately sobered, rushing to her side. “Honey, what’s wrong?” “Mommy, you will always love me...even...even if I’m...different...right? You won’t be mad at me?” Beth looked at her daughter, confused. “Honey, I’ll always love you no matter what!!” She pulled the little girl into her arms and ran her hand through her hair and over her back. “Tell me what’s wrong Alex.” The little girl pulled back a little and looked at her mother seriously. “Mommy, I think I’m different. I have....umm...I have...special powers.” Beth was twice as confused now. “What? Honey, what are you talking about?” The little girl touched her shirt and changed it from pale pink to dark blue. Beth just stared at her with an open mouth. “Alex, honey, how did you do that?” She just shrugged and eyed her mother warily. “You aren’t scared are you mommy?” The frightened tone of her daughter’s voice broke her heart. She really thought she would turn away from her because she was different. “Oh, honey, I still love you just as much as before. This just makes you even more special.” She whispered as she pulled her daughter back against her. “Mommy, there’s something else I have to tell you. It’s about Daddy...he’s....he’s really mean mommy.” “Alex, honey, what are you talking about? Did daddy do something to hurt you?” The little girl shook her head. “He’s like me mommy, I’ve seen him use his powers before. But, I heard him talking to Aunt Tessa and she was saying bad things about you and she said she didn’t understand why he loved you. She said he was turning into someone named Zan.” Beth’s heart leapt in her chest. She recognized that name...she’d heard it before. “Honey, are you sure you heard what you heard?” Alex nodded. “I think I can show you Mommy. You have to hold my hand.” Beth took her daughter’s hand in a daze and stared into her amber eyes. There was something about her eyes that was so familiar. She remembered them from another time. She gasped and closed her eyes when images began flashing before her. She listened to the conversation between Kevin and Tessa and felt her daughter’s fear as she crept away silently, trying not to be heard. The next image that flashed before her eyes was from a year ago when Kevin was watching Alex while she was at a store. Kevin had broken a bowl. He cursed silently and bent down, waving his hand over it. The pieces swirled in the air and came back together to reform the bowl. Images continued to speed past her faster and faster. Some she remembered and others she didn’t. The next image was one that shook her to the core. She was looking at things from Alex’s point of view. It was when she was just born. Beth was holding her in her arms, then she handed Alex to someone else. The man looked down at Alex and he had the same amber eyes. They were glowing with love. Alex dropped her mother’s hand and let out a breath. Beth felt tears streaming down her face. She pulled her daughter close to her, kissing the crown of her head as she cried silently. She knew that man. She had loved him. He was the father of her child, and he was out there somewhere, waiting for them. She knew it, she could feel it. She didn’t remember much from before she had amnesia, but she knew that this was not her life. And now she finally had proof...a way out of the whole mess. Now all she had to do was find this man. Alex pulled back and looked at her mother’s face. “Mommy? Was that my real Daddy?” She whispered. Beth nodded. “Yes honey, I think it was. We have to get out of here though. I think you were right about Kevin and Tessa. We need to find help and I think your Daddy is the only person who can help us.” She laid Alex down in her bed and pulled the covers up. “You stay right here, if Daddy or Tessa come in, just pretend your sick. We’re gonna get out of here honey, ok?” Alex just smiled nervously and nodded. Beth made her way down to Kevin’s study and slowly opened the door. “Hey you, how come you’re not all dressed and ready to go? Our reservation is in a half an hour.” He said, giving her a confused smile. Beth forced and apologetic smile on her face. “Alex said she isn’t feeling well, probably all the excitement. Since we don’t have a baby-sitter, I thought you should just take Tessa out and I’ll stay here with Alex.” He walked from behind his desk in front of her. “If she’s feeling sick do you think we should call a doctor? I don’t want to go out and just leave you two here.” He tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear and smiled. She closed her eyes at the familiar gesture. Alex’s father had done that all the time. “No, I don’t think a doctor is necessary. It’s probably just too much candy and cake for one day, you know she doesn’t eat too much junk food. Plus, I know Tessa probably wants to spend some time alone with you. Ever since Alex was born it’s always been the four of us going out. She’s your sister, you should spend time with her.” She offered. Kevin seemed to debate it for a moment, then gave in. “Ok, as long as you’re sure?” “Yes, I know how hard it is to get a reservation there. I don’t want you to waste them if no one is going to go.” She just wanted him out of the house as soon as possible. “OK. Well, I guess I should probably get going then.” He dipped his head down and kissed her lips softly. The feeling of his lips on hers was enough to make her stomach churn. But she couldn’t let him get suspicious. She pulled back and pushed him towards the door playfully. “Now go. You still have to pick up Tessa.” He smiled and made his way towards the door. She strained her ear as she listened to him pick his keys up, then shuffle the ten steps to the door, turn the handle and close the door behind him. She ran to the door quickly and watched from the side window as he backed his car out of the driveway, and took off down the road. Beth turned around and flew back to Alex’s room. “Ok honey, I want you to put on a warm sweater, pants, and a pair of boots. OK? Can you do that for Mommy?” Alex nodded and ran to her dresser. Beth headed to her closet and pulled down her PowerPuff Girls roller suitcase. She opened the dresser and jammed as many clothes as she could fit in there. She’d worry about her own clothes later. 10 minutes later Alex was done changing and they were in Beth’s room. She went to Kevin’s top drawer, his sock drawer, and pulled out a wad of money he had stowed away there. Next, she reached into a vase on her dresser and pulled out the four thousand dollars she had hidden in case of emergency. She ripped open her pocket book and took out her licence and one credit card. She would have to buy them time. She picked up Alex and made her way to the garage. She buckled Alex into the passenger seat of her black Passat and ran around to the driver’s side. She turned the key in the ignition and screamed out of the driveway. She picked up her cell phone and dialed information “Yes, can you please connect me to Logan International Airport? Thank You.” She ordered two first class tickets to England, and a connecting flight to St. Petersburg, Russia, with her credit card for her and Alex. Next, she ordered two tickets to Dallas, then two tickets from Dallas to any other destination. “Where would you like your connecting-flight destination to be?” Beth racked her brain. She knew the name of the town. It was right on the tip of her tongue. The place where Alex’s father would be waiting for them. The place where her life had been before. Where the people she loved were waiting for her. “Roswell. Roswell, New Mexico.” “Under what name will you be purchasing these tickets?” Beth panicked, then picked a name out of the air. “Melissa and Angie Smith. I’ll be paying for those tickets with cash upon arrival.” She hung up the phone and glanced at Alex who was clutching her favorite doll in her arms and looking frightened. “Don’t be scared honey, we’re leaving here. We’re going to go find your daddy.” Alex smiled and nodded. “I know mommy.” “Honey, I have one more favor to ask you. Do you think you could use your special powers one time for me? See if you can change the name of mommy’s licence to Melissa Smith. Can you do that for me?” Alex gave her a toothy grin and wiped her hand over the licence that Beth was holding out. She looked down and saw that it now read ‘Melissa Smith’. She looked at her daughter and smiled. “That’s my girl. Try and get some rest...ok? We’ll be there in just a few minutes.” Once they were at the airport, Beth made sure to pick up the tickets for London, and hand them over to the ticket agent. Next, she ran to the counter and paid for the tickets to Dallas and Roswell. As she approached the gate to Dallas, she took a calming breath and checked her watch. It had taken them an hour and a half. Kevin would be getting home soon. Then he’d probably head to the airport. “Last call for flight 459 to Dallas. All remaining passengers are asked to please board at this time.” Alex tugged on her hand. “Mommy, that’s us.” Beth smiled and they boarded the plane. They found their seats and she made sure to buckle Alex in, then buckled herself. “Just try to get some sleep honey. It’ll be a long time before we get to Roswell, ok?” Alex nodded and leaned against her mom. Beth put her arm around her and pulled her close as the little girl drifted off to sleep. The plane taxied to the runway and they were airborne within minutes. She leaned her head back against the seat and sighed. Things were just starting to come back to her. Little flashes and fragments of memories of her past. She couldnt clearly remember anyone or anything...but she remembered she’d had a very close friend in Roswell. And she knew she wasn’t an orphan. Her parents were still alive...or they were last time she was in Roswell.

Once again, hope you like it and be sure to leave feedback...I live for it!

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