Title: Into the Fire
Author: Ashleigh
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Catagory: m/l
Authors Notes/Summary: This fic is based on the movie Firestarter with Drew Berrymore, and the book by Stephen King Only in this Fic instead of the little girl named Charlie Mcgee it is Liz Parker. If you’ve seen the movie you will recognize the flashbacks Liz has. Please tell me what you think of this fic good or bad I can take it.


Silence is all she heard as she laid in her small clear cell. That is what bugged her the most the things she couldn’t hear. The four guards were posted around her little glass ‘fireproof’ cell nothing was fireproof to her if she didn’t want it to be.

Jeff Parker lay his head down in the hay looking up at his 8 year old daughter who has endured so much pain in her lifetime and here he was about to give her more. Her little hands were on his chest right above the bullet wound in his stomach tears streamed down her little small face.

“Please daddy don’t die” Liz chocked out. She knew he wasn’t going to make it but a part of her was still full of hope despite how much they tried to take it away from her.

“Lizzie Listen to me” He knew they didn’t have much time they were close. they were about to charge into the stable to kill his daughter. “You have to be strong. You let them know its a war Liz, You have to make it to where they can never do anything like this again.” He looked at her one of those do as your told looks. “Do you understand?”

“Yes daddy.”

“I love you Lizzie” He said right before giving into the darkness.

“I love you too daddy.” Liz whispered to her fathers limp body.

Standing up she begun to do the bad thing. She felt it coursing through her. first turning to the horses she melted the hinges off to where they could run from the fire.

Her breathing began faster as she stepped out of the stable letting the fire work as a tomb around her burning up the bodies that were inside. Once outside the bullets began to explode in front of her never completely reaching her.

She fell on top of her cot wishing for her thoughts to stop. It was easier to forget at the ‘Shop’ where they kept her in a security room with lots of toys and games with a telivision that kept her mind off of most things. but she wasn’t at the ‘Shop’ anymore not since that day now she was at the special unit.

The only reason she hadn’t escaped yet was because their was no where to escape to. She didn’t have a family not friends or even a place to stay. They always found her someone always came to get her.

They weren’t really protected by their guns and four gaurds that surrounded her or their so called fireproof cell. It just made them feel secure having something real they could see in front of them. They wouldn’t look deep enough to know that they broke her because it is not something they can see and touch. but that is what she was broken.

But to those long since dead and lost she will still be Liz Parker........

to them she was



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