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Hey everyone! I have had this idea in my head for a little while now and finally decided to start writing this. I hope you guys like it and please let me know what you think and whether to continue writing. Here goes...

Author: Liz Evans a.k.a Jen
Title: Cherish Your Name
Category: Max and Liz AU
Rating: PG-13 – R. I havent really decided whether to go further yet.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything so don’t sue ;).
Email: DreamgirlJen⊕
Feedback: Yes Please. I love to hear what you guys think
What this is about: It’s from Liz’s point of view and Max’s point of view. Max and Liz are best friends and it is their senior year at West Roswell High. Something happens that brings them closer and this fic is their story. It’s an alternate universe but there still are aliens. You’ll see.

Part 1

He’s kissing me and it feels good. It’s just not ‘that’ good. As in it can be better… God, how selfish am I again? Here I have a great guy kissing down my neck who loves me and here I am thinking how much better that it would be if it were someone else.

That someone else being Max Evans.

But see, I cannot think like that because Max is my best friend and it would ruin the friendship right? I mean there is always the possibility that it could work out but is it really worth the risk? Max and I have been best friends since he helped me up when I fell on the playground in 3rd grade. He and I are perfect for each other but I know he only thinks of me as a friend. Now I am here with Sean Matthews who is kissing a dangerous trial down my neck.

I feel hands start to undo the top button of my shirt and it snaps me out of my thoughts.

“Sean…” I say as I take his hands away from my shirt. “Oh come on Liz, we’ve been dating for what, 3 months?” he says.

Maybe I should rethink the ‘here I have a great guy’ thing.

“Sean we’ve been dating for 5 months...” I say as-a-matter-of-factly. Sean just looks at me like I have grown a second head.

“Right. 5 months Liz, 5 months in which the farthest we always get is you stopping me from undoing your shirt. I love you baby, doesn’t that count for something?” He starts to move his hands towards my shirt again and I move back into my seat and look out the window.

Ugh... I hate it when he calls me baby. And what a jackass for saying ‘doesn’t that count for something.’

“Sean look, I am just not ready for that yet alright? You should respect that.” He just rolls his eyes and turns back to his steering wheel, starting the car. “What are you doing?” I ask because obviously he is pissed.

The thing is, I don’t care anymore.

“I am taking you home. We need to rethink where our relationship is going Liz.”

And here I thought I was the selfish one. We are on our way back to the Crashdown, the restaurant my parents own and where I happen live and work, and I finally decide to speak. “Well maybe there shouldn’t be a relationship anymore.” Sean speeds up and we are finally in front of the Crashdown.

Ohh... looks like I’ve hit a nerve.

“Liz I didn’t say we should end it, I just think we need to rethink things on where this is going. Well actually, you’re the one who should think things through because I am ready to move to the next level and how can we do that if you aren’t ready to come with me?”

Can someone please tell me what I see in this guy? I am not going to even respond to the stupid comment that he just made. “Goodnight.” I say and open the door to get out. Then I feel my arm being pulled. “Liz there are plenty other girls out there that would kill to go out with me but I chose you. Remember that.” With that, he lets me go as I slam the car door shut and he spins out onto the road.

What a Jackass .

“Jackass,” I hear as I watch the car disappear. I turn around and see none other than Max Evans staring at me with his amazing amber eyes. He is sitting at one of the tables outside of the Crashdown with a book.

“My thoughts exactly,” I say smiling.

He gets up and comes over to me still staring. He probably is just concerned because he thinks of me as his little sister or something like that.

“Are you okay?” He asks and he touches my arm gently. Shivers go up my spine. When he touches me it definitely does not feel sibling like or friend like for that matter. I can’t explain it but it feels like we are connected somehow and we are lovers. It kills me knowing that he doesn’t feel the same way about me.


Oh right… he asked me a question. I turn from him and go to the door. “Yeah Max, I am absolutely fine,” I say as I go into the restaurant.

“No you’re not.” He says and I feel his stare through the back of my head.

“What? I am Max.” I turn around and there I go, getting lost in his eyes again. They are absolutely incredible I tell you.

“Liz,” he says with a cocky grin, “You never say absolutely unless you’re not fine.”

Damnit! He knows me to well.

I shake my head and smile. “You know me too well.” He laughs a little and nods his head. He then turns serious and walks a little more towards me. “What happened?”

I point over at one of the booths and we go and sit down.

“Sean thinks that our relationship is ready to be taken to the next level and I don’t.” I say looking over at the Ketchup bottle. You know what? It’s funny how I really hate tomatoes but I absolutely love ketchup. I put it on everything but I cant stand to even look at a tomat…I then look back over to Max which snaps me out of my ketchup thoughts.

He looks pale. “Max?”

“Oh, sorry…so he got mad at you for telling him no?” he asks and then looks over at the ketchup bottle. Maybe he is thinking the same thing as I was about ketchup. See? I told you we were perfect for each other.

“Yeah, he did. He says that I need to think about where I want our relationship to go.” I say staring at his forehead as he turns back to me. I don’t want to get lost in his eyes again tonight.

“Liz,” He says and it’s almost a whisper. He puts his hand on mine and I just stare at it. Our hands together would be perfect for holding hands. “Please don’t do anything that YOU aren’t ready for no matter what Sean says alright? You deserve much better than that asshole and if he tries anything then tell me and I will punch his lights out okay?”

He stares at me and for a minute I think I can see a fleck of Jealousy in his eyes. By the way, I started staring into his eyes again. It’s probably just his protectiveness. Max gets really protective when it comes to his friends and family.

I give a huge smile and nod. “I won’t do anything that I am not ready for Max and thank you.” Is it just me or is Max Evans really the greatest guy ever? He nods and takes his hand away from mine and I feel a little colder.



“Why were you here tonight, outside?” I ask because I have kind of been wondering that since I saw him earlier.

“Oh.. I started reading ‘The Pearl’ today and I was hungry so I just decided to come here and read it. When the café closed I didn’t really want to go home so I thought I would just read outside for a little while..” He kind of babbled there but oh it’s so cute when he does that. He looks around at everything and his words kinda come out fast. It reminds me of when we were little.

“I love Steinbeck!” I say smiling. I know Max knows this because I have read every John Steinbeck book.

“I know.” He says with a grin. “I am almost finished because I couldn’t put it down.” I sigh. You gotta love a guy who actually likes to read.

“That’s awesome Max. Let me know when you are done and we can discuss it,” I playfully hit him on his arm and he smiles even more. “That’d be great.”

I hate to say goodbye him but I really need Maria right now. She is my other best friend and she’s a girl and understands more about the pressure that is called guys. Plus it is Thursday and our girls late night where we sit up and eat ice cream and talk about life.

We both get up from the table and start towards the door.

“Well, I would ask you to spend the night and eat ice cream with me while we are in our pajamas but I don’t think that Maria would appreciate that very much.” I say laughing. Max has a little look of shock on his face and then he gives a nervous laugh. He must have been terrified at the image of spending the night with me. “Hmm..What kind of ice cream?” He asks playfully and I smile back. “Rocky Road.”

“No Vanilla?” He asks, raising an eyebrow. I love it when he does that. He does know me too well. “It was Maria’s turn to pick the ice cream,” I say, rolling my eyes.

“Damn right, and I am gonna go get it out of the freezer myself if you don’t come on chica,” I hear Maria’s voice behind me and close my eyes, shake my head and smile and I hear Max chuckling.

“Hey Max,” Maria says and comes and stands next to me. “Hey Maria,” Max says looking at her for a second and then looks back to me. “So are you girls riding with me again to school tomorrow or is the Jetta fixed yet Maria?”

“Kyle says it will be ready Saturday since they have to order a part or something.” Maria says rolling her eyes.

”So I will pick you up at seven?” He says as he back towards the door. “Yep, that’d be great.” I say and give him another smile telling him thanks again. “Night Liz.” He says and then he is gone.

“You know, he has been forgetting to tell me goodnight here lately.” What’s that supposed to mean? I wonder. Maria frowns and she goes through the back door of the Crashdown obviously heading toward the rocky road.

I follow her and when we stop at the fridge I ask “Why are you so cranky?” and give a little laugh. I can tell Maria is upset when all she wants to do is go for the ice cream.

“Michael.” She says and I just sigh and nod my head.

It’s going to be a long night.


I love her you know.

I have been in love with her since I helped her one day when she fell off the monkey bars on the playground in third grade. The moment that our hands touched there was this electricity that went through me like I knew she was the one. True, I was only in the third grade at the time but I just knew. I smile at the memory and get into my Jeep.

It kills me to know that she doesn’t feel the same way. To know that I never can hold her like I want to…like we are lovers. I feel as though we are connected and I feel a stab through my heart every single time I see her with Sean Matthews. He is such an asshole and doesn’t deserve even to look at Liz Parker. Maybe this is just jealousy talking but I swear to God if he hurts her then I will shove his balls down his throat.

Then a thought crosses my mind and I kick myself for thinking it. What if she decides that she wants to have sex with Sean? It’s her decision. I long for her someone to be me but if I can’t be then I want her to be happy. I don’t see how she can be happy with him though. I know I can make her happy but then the situation is just complicated.

She only sees me as a friend. Well we are best friends, and I don’t want to ruin our friendship even though if we ever were together that would be it for me.

I love her so much.

But then there is something else which she doesn’t know.

That I’m an alien.

Yeah there I said it and stop laughing. It’s true. Me, Isabel, my sister, Michael, my other best friend, and Tess, the annoying bitch who won’t leave me alone, all came from these pods out in the desert. The famous Roswell New Mexico stories you heard are correct with some twists added to it but I won’t go into that now.

I go into my room and I almost trip over something. A body.

“Hey man, watch it!” Michael growls and sits up from his sleeping bag.

“What’s up Michael? Why are you here?” I ask as I go into my bathroom to get my boxers.

“Maria.” He says as if one word says it all.

It’s gonna be a long night.


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Hey Everyone! Thanks soo much for all of the feedback! I love it and it makes me feel special lol. The new part will be up tommorrow so look for it probably in the afternoon! I absolutely love fics where they are best friends too Pixie. I've had an idea to write one for quite some time and finally got around to it *happy*

Thanks all again and I'll be back tommorrow!


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Hey guys! here is part 2. I hope you like it and please let me know what you think!

Author: Liz Evans a.k.a Jen
Title: Cherish Your Name
Category: Max and Liz AU
Rating: PG-13 – R. I havent really decided whether to go further yet.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything so don’t sue ;).
Email: DreamgirlJen⊕
Feedback: Yes Please. I love to hear what you guys think
What this is about: It’s from Liz’s point of view and Max’s point of view. Max and Liz are best friends and it is their senior year at West Roswell High. Something happens that brings them closer and this fic is their story. It’s an alternate universe but there still are aliens. You’ll see.

Part 2

“I hope neither of them comes to school today,” Maria says as she stirs her coffee.

She is speaking of Sean because I told her what happened, and Michael Guerin, her boyfriend and Max’s other best friend. Apparently Michael looked at another girl’s ass while they were on a date last night and then she smacked him and it grew into this big argument about Michael not being able to make a commitment.

I bet you five bucks they will be in the Eraser Room by 5th period.

I hear a horn and then turn to see Max pulling up to get us. Uh oh. Michael is sitting next to him and I see Maria’s eyes grow wide.

“Nuh uh!” she yells rather loudly.

And here she goes…

“I AM NOT riding to school with him in the jeep. Nope, no way.” Maria says with her hands on her hips. I see Michael roll his eyes.

Those two are made for each other.

I share a secret smile with Max as we watch Maria going into a dramatic fic about Michael being a pig and how she doesn’t want to ride with a pig to school. I just shake my head and walk over to Max’s side of the jeep and get in. He gets out and gives me a hand like he always does. I love it when he does that. Then he gets back behind the wheel.

“Come on Maria,” I whine and I tilt my head.

“Liz I can’t believe you! You would ride with him after what the jerk did last night?!” She shouts and gives Michael an evil eye. “I’m not riding with Michael, Maria. I’m riding with Max and he just happens to be in the jeep.” I tell her and look through the rearview mirror to find Max staring back at me grinning.

“First of all, I didn’t DO anything and let’s just leave her here Maxwell.” Michael says throws his hand up in the air. Maria opens her mouth to say something when Max finally speaks up.

“Come on Maria. You don’t want to walk to school do you?” He says smiling the charming way that he does. Of course I know that he wouldn’t leave her here but I don’t think she knows that.

Maria sighs, defeated, and climbs into the back of the jeep with me.

On the way to school I think about seeing Sean. Maybe I was overreacting a bit. I mean it has been 5 months after all, but I don’t want to just give myself to anyone. I want it to be Max but that will never happen so do I wait? I mean the guys at West Roswell High aren’t exactly lining up to go out with Elizabeth Parker and I don’t want to remain a virgin all of my life but it just doesn’t feel right with Sean. I am just so confused.

We are at school and I am so lost in my thoughts that I don’t even realize it until Max has his hand on my shoulder and he is saying my name.

“Liz? You okay?” I look down at his hand on my shoulder and then quickly back up to him.

“Yeah Yeah, I’m absolutely fine Max. Just thinking.” I declare and get out of the jeep to stand next to him. I let his hand go because again, he always helps me out of the jeep. He never does that to Maria though. Probably because she would tell him how she can do it perfectly fine herself. He is giving me that concerned look again and I have to look away or I’ll crumble. Damn, I said absolutely again didn’t I?

I look towards the school and Maria is already going in with Michael not far behind. Then I look to my right and I see Sean. I have to talk to him today but I am still angry so I will wait for him to make the first move.

Max must have seen who I was looking at because when I look back at him he is staring in that direction and he is grinding his jaw a little.

He turns back to me and gives me a small smile. “Remember Liz, just say the word and I’ll handle it.” I laugh at his serious tone and tilt my head to the side. “Thank you Max and after I talk to him today I’ll let you know.” I wink at him and head towards the school.

Max isn’t too far behind me and I hear him sigh. “So you are gonna talk to him about last night?” I hear him ask me as he comes up to walk beside me. “Yeah… I mean he was a jerk but we have been dating 5 months. That’s almost half a year.” That phrase is really starting to get on my nerves but yet I continue to say it. We go into the school and to my locker.

“That doesn’t mean that you have to give in to him Liz…anything you aren’t ready for and don’t want then don’t do just to make him happy.” He tells me with a small frown.

“See Max, that’s the thing. I am just really confused and maybe it wouldn’t be so terrible if I took that next step with Sean… I don’t know what I want...” I can’t believe I just said that to him. Actually I do know what I want, he is standing right in front of me but I can’t let him know that now can I?

I look up from my locker and into Max’s eyes. God, those eyes! I know, I know, I am an obsessed woman who is obsessed with this man’s eyes. This time though, when I look into his eyes for about the millionth time, I see what looks like pain but before I can figure it out, he looks away. He probably doesn’t want to hear about my sex life or the lack there of it because I guess that makes guys uncomfortable, so I am just going to shut up now.

“Hey Babe.” I hear from behind me and when I turn around there Sean is with a red rose and a teddy bear. I look over at Max who is just staring at Sean like he could run through him. Yep, definitely that friend protectiveness there.

“Thanks Sean,” I look at the teddy bear and rose. Funny, I thought Sean knew that I love white roses but this red one is perfectly fine.

“Max.” Sean says and nods his head.

“Sean.” Max says and nods his head.

I’ll never get that you know, why guys nod their head and say hello by saying their names, especially guys who don’t like each other.

“Listen Liz, I need to talk to you…in private.” Sean said as I took the rose and the bear from his hands. He looks over at Max who is just staring at the rose in my hands. “I’ll just uh... go on to class.” Max says quietly and starts to turn around.

“See you later Liz,” I hear him say, and he smiles at me before he enters his classroom nearby. I watch him till he disappears and then turn back to Sean when I hear him cough rather loudly.

“Why is he always around?” He asks as he looks at me out of the corner of his eye.

“Sean, we’ve been through this. He’s my best friend.”

“Right.” Sean said as he closed my locker for me. “Listen Liz, I am sorry about last night. I was just stressed about game tonight and everything and I just took it out on you I guess.”

“Yeah well you did,” I tell him rather harshly. He did act like a jerk and I am not going to let him off that easily.

“I’m Sorry,” he tells me again and pouts his lip out. He is being sweet now and it’s kind of winning me over. I mean, he is my first serious boyfriend and I should give him a second chance right? It’s not like I’m ever going to find anyone else in this town…


I am sitting here in AP English not listening to a word that Mrs. Kingston is saying. My thoughts are somewhere else on someone else, a certain beautiful girl with long dark hair and dark eyes who is with someone else.

He gave her a red rose which really pisses me off because he should know that Liz’s favorite flowers are white roses. He also called her babe which I can tell that Liz hates. She is too sweet to say anything to him about it though.

The bell rings and I am pulled out of my thoughts. I go out the door and the voice I hear next makes me cringe.

“Max!” Tess Harding shouts as she comes up behind me putting her hand on my back.

“Hey Tess,” I say as I walk a little faster so her hand will be removed from my back. I am nice to her because she is one of us after all. She used to not be like this but over the past 2 years her main goal seemed to be me.

She even snuck in my room once and climbed in bed with me. Then the shit really hit the fan.

I smile at the memory of Liz walking up and decking Tess right in the middle of the hallway at school after I told her. Well, Tess did call Liz a bitch after all and if Tess wasn’t a girl I would have hit her for saying that. I think it was partly anger of how Tess kept throwing herself at me though. She is very loyal to her friends so I don’t think it was jealousy. Luckily Liz didn’t get in trouble because no teachers were around and I told Tess if she told on her then I would never speak to her again. That seemed to have worked.

“So where are you going?” she asks as she comes up to walk next to me even though I am walking very fast to find out what happened with Liz and Ass Boy.

“I’m going to talk to Liz.” I say. She knows that Liz and I are best friends and I know that she’s jealous because she’s actually told me that before.


I smile because ever since that incident in the hallway she has kept her distance from Liz. She’s my little killer cat I joke.

Most guys would love a girl throwing themselves at them like Tess does to me but she is just not my type at all and there is nothing there. She’s not Liz.

I pass Isabel and give her a ‘help me’ look and she smiles and gives me a knowing look. She grabbed Tess’s arm. “Oh my gosh girl have you seen what Mindy Smith is wearing today?” Tess shakes her head and before she can look at me again I am out of there. Isabel has been really nice to her here lately because she thinks that we need her since she is one of us. I think she knows that she can talk to her about the girl problems of being an alien.

I find my target at her locker getting her books out and I walk towards Liz. My Liz…I wish.

God she is beautiful. She turns and smiles at me walking towards her. She is my smiling angel as cheesy as it sounds.

“Hey.” I say as I grab one of her books while she gets the other one out of her locker.

“How did it go?”

She sighs and I can’t tell if it is a relieved sigh or a sigh of frustration. “Sean said he was sorry so I thought I would at least give him a second chance. You know, he is loyal and all and he can be a really great guy most of the time Max. I just think that maybe it can work out and he will probably give me some time...”

She’s babbling. I love it when she babbles because she kind of runs her words together and she gets this little crease in her forehead which is so cute.

“You sound like you are trying to convince yourself of that.” She looks up with me and I stare into her eyes. “I just don’t want to see you get hurt, that’s all.” I say and she puts her hand on my shoulder and smiles her perfect smile at me. “Thank you for caring Max. Things are really going to be okay though. You’ll see.”

We walk to class in silence and this eerie feeling washes over me. I have a feeling that things aren’t going to be okay and something about Sean just urks me.

He better not hurt her.


If any of you doubted that Maria and Michael would be in the Eraser Room by 5th period then pay up.

I laugh as Maria tells me that she just can’t stay mad at him and how he is so cute when he is apologizing. Sigh…those two.

She isn’t too happy with me about fixing things with Sean. She hates him. So does Max. They would never put me in that position but if it ever came down to it then I would choose Max and Maria over Sean any day.

School is over now and I am going towards the jeep to get a ride home with Max. Maria and Michael rode with Isabel and Alex because they all wanted to go to the mall or something. It was really weird because Maria is the one that suggested that I ride with Max. I was going to anyway but lately she has been pushing me to spend more time with him but I have no problem with that of course.

“Hey.” I walk towards him and notice how the wind lightly brushes against his hair.

“Hey,” Max says and gives me his hand to get in the jeep.

“Liz!” I hear Sean yell as he pulls up beside us in his red corvette. “I can give you a ride.” He says as he stares at Max.

“Max.” Sean says nodding.

“Sean.” Max says nodding.

UGH. Why do they do that??

I look at them both quickly and I give my best friend an apologetic smile. He gives me a hand to help me back down out of the jeep.

"I’ll see you later Max,” I say and wave goodbye as I get into the car with Sean.

I look out of the side mirror when we are pulling out of the parking lot and I see Max kicking the wheel of the jeep.

Whoa. What was that over?


Feedback is awesome thanks! Jen

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Thanks roswelluver. dont worry it'll come soon. patience :D

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Thanks for all the feedback! I love it.

Hey marteloise!

bhoney - Thanks for reading and commenting! I plan on continuing this because I really am excited on seeing myself how its going to go. I have a pretty good idea. I have a couple of parts written, I like to stay ahead. "Save yourself" is one of my favorite songs and I loved that part of the song so I had to use it and thought that it fit really well. *happy*

Shama - Liz is dating Sean because she does care for him. just not like she does for Max. she doesnt know though that Max shares her feelings so she is settling.

narly21 - they do care a lot about their friendship. it's really special.

SweetLilDreamer - Liz is just really confused right now. If it came down to choosing between max and maria and then sean, say an altamatem (sp?) then she would choose her friends over Sean. She felt though she had to ride with Sean because they just mended things.

JBehrsgurl - Hey! lol she just cant seem to realize it can she?

The four aliens have really hid their secret well over the years but... well I dont want to give too much away so you all will have to wait and see what happens!

The other aliens and their relationships are fairly new so keep that in mind. I'll explain more later.

NOTE: Unfortuantly I am going camping this weekend so I wont be back until monday. However, I am going to get a lot of writing done so that is a big plus! Definently expect part 3 on monday evening okay?

I love the feedback and I look forward to responding to more comments! Thanks a lot!


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Hey frenchkiss70, IceRose, and bhoney! thanks for the fb.

bhoney - Sure. just bmail me your email addy and I can send the updates there when I post them. *happy*. I will explain more of the alieness later. But I might as well let you all know to clear up the confusion.

Im sticking with the story that Tess moved to Roswell their sophmore year like on the show. she was okay at first but then started pressuring Max to be with her like she is now. Ed harding is still alive but off on "business".

You will see later. Yeah its pretty obvious that when the secret does come out feelings will be hurt because they have known these people their entire lives. But their reasons and everything will be explained later on. Just keep reading!

I dont have much patience either so dont worry, what you are waiting for will happen, with time that is just not too much time lol *happy*.

I am so glad that you guys are excited about this story because so am I! You guys are very perceptive and that is a good thing :D keep it up.

Talk to ya later. Thanks!


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Hey Eccentric One :D

You guys bring up some really good speculations. I already have how almost everything happens, well for a little while, figured out in my weird little brain and you guys have really good speculations. Im not gonna give everything away too soon though *happy* Just keep readin *wink*

thanks! Jen

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Just wanted to stop by and tell you guys to have a Great Weekend!

see you on monday!

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Im back. Let me know what cha think. Any Feedback always welcome. I hope you guys had a great Labor Day Weekend!

thanks guys

On with the story..

Author: Liz Evans a.k.a Jen
Title: Cherish Your Name
Category: Max and Liz AU
Rating: PG-13 – R. I havent really decided whether to go further yet.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything so don’t sue ;).
Email: DreamgirlJen⊕
Feedback: Yes Please. I love to hear what you guys think
What this is about: It’s from Liz’s point of view and Max’s point of view. Max and Liz are best friends and it is their senior year at West Roswell High. Something happens that brings them closer and this fic is their story. It’s an alternate universe but there still are aliens. You’ll see.

Part 3

“Hey babe,” Sean says and kisses me on my cheek. I hate it when he calls me that.

The Roswell Comets won yet another game with a winning touchdown by Sean Matthews. Whoo… sense my excitement? He really is a good football player, great even I guess you could say, but I am just not that into football. Basketball is a different story. Even though I suck at it, when Max and I play I really get into it.

Sean puts his arm around me and we head toward his car. Every Friday after a football game we go to the Crashdown. I am very glad I don’t work Friday nights but I feel bad because Maria has to.

We are in the car on the way there and it has been silent so far…until now that is.

“So, have you thought about anything since last night?” Sean says and he puts his hand on my leg. I don’t move it because it’s become a common thing here lately.

“Yeah, I have been thinking but I haven’t made my decision yet.” I say and look over at him. He looks at me with wide eyes and he nods. “We’ll I’ll wait then I guess.”

Oh Swoon. He might just wait for me. Gee, what a swell guy…

I just give him a little smile and let it go.


Two hours and about 5 cherry cokes later I am sitting here at the booth with Maria and Alex. Alex is my other best friend. I only have 3, I swear. I was sitting with Sean but then his friend Paul wanted to sit with him and some of the other football players so I got booted out.

I hear the little bell at the top of the door jingle and I turn to see Max walking in.

“Hey Max!” I say a little too loudly I think because I see Sean out of the corner of my eye staring at me. I don’t care. This night has been really boring and Max always tends to make it less -- boring. “Hey guys,” he greets us and sits down next to me.

“Hey buddy, we were just talking about the homecoming dance next weekend. Your sister is forcing me to go.” Alex said, resting his head on his hand. He and Isabel are so cute. I guess you could say that she dominates the relationship because she has poor Alex wrapped around her finger and they have only been dating for about three weeks.

“Michael is going because he knows that if he doesn’t then I’ll kick his ass.” Maria winked.

Maria and Michaels’ relationship on the other hand is based on fear.

Fear that Michael has about the wrath of Maria. They have been dating for about 4 months now I think.

“I still have to go shopping for my dress. Sean thinks I should wear a dress that is blue and yellow to show school spirit,” I say and scrunch up my nose. I love our school don’t get me wrong, but picking out something to match our colors for a dance I think is a bit extreme.

Max laughs. “Well is he going to get a blue and yellow tux?” he says and playfully pushes me on my shoulder with his.

Did I mention whatever cologne he wears should be turned into an alcoholic drink or something because it’s intoxicating. He smells so damn good but maybe it’s not the cologne. Maybe it’s just him.

“If he keeps on me about it you bet your ass he will be wearing one,” I laugh. It’s not gonna happen though because I have my eye set on this sexy black dress that I saw earlier in the week. I know that Ma…I mean Sean will like it.

“I still can’t believe you have waited so long to get a dress,” Maria says to me shaking her head. She had her dress like a month ago and I, being the procrastinator that I am, waits to the last minute. Well it’s not the last minute; I mean I have a week.

“Maria we have a week and I already know what dress I’m getting. I just have to go get it. You’re coming with me right?” I ask her raising my eyebrow. “Of course chica,” she smiles. I love Maria.

We all joke about the dance for a little while longer until Sean comes over and puts his hands down on the table. I look up at him and he is squinting his eyes a little and staring at me and then at Max.

“Hey Max. What are you doing here?” Sean asks in a rather rude tone.

“Uh, just thought I would stop by and hang out with my crew for a while.” Max looks at Alex and Maria and smiles.

“Why Sean?” He furrows his brow and looks back at him.

“Just wondering I guess.” He is really starting to get on my nerves interrogating Max.

“Sean…” I start. I have to stop this, whatever this is, with Max. He hasn’t done anything to him and for Sean just to be rude like this isn’t acceptable.

“I was fixing to leave and I uh…wanted you to come with me.” Sean says and grabs my hand. I look over at Max and he gets up to let me out of the booth. “I’ll walk you out but it is really late,” I say looking at the clock. Its 11:30 and the café closed at 11. My parents let us stay late on Fridays though.

“Oh come on Elizabeth, your curfew isn’t until 12.”

Elizabeth? What the hell? Is he my dad now? He only calls me Elizabeth when he’s mad or frustrated. Like my dad does.

“Sean I’m just really tired and I have to work the early morning shift,” I tell him and fake a yawn. Sean rolls his eyes and grabs my hand again to walk out to his car.

He places his hands on my hips as we walk to the car across the street. We start to kiss and he pushes me up against the car. I open my eyes when he starts kissing my shoulder and for some reason I look into the window of the Crashdown and I am met with Max Evan’s eyes staring right at me with such intensity that I gasp. Max quickly looks away and Sean notices the gasp that I made.

“What?” He asks and his hands are going a little too far up my sides. “Nothing,” I say and he kisses me again.

“Wait. What was that about in there?” I ask and push him away a little. I want answers.

“What was what about?” He asks me and tries to pull me to him again.

“Max doesn’t need an explanation on why he is around, Sean. He is one of my best friends and you need to accept that.” I am proud of myself because I think I sound mature. Go Liz, Go Liz. Okay, maybe not ‘that’ mature.

“I do! It’s just I don’t want anyone movin’ in on my girl,” and with that the hands start a roamin’ again.

“Max is not moving in on anyone! He was just hanging out with us!” I kind of yell at him when I say this.

“Shhh… I know, I know. I can’t help it if I am jealous though Lizzie, I love you.” Sean admits and he kisses me.

I just nod and sigh. “Just don’t be so rude to him okay?” I give him a little smile and he nods. “Okay.” He really can be a sweetie sometimes, especially when he knows I am upset with him. I can’t really stay mad at him I guess.

We say goodnight and I walk back to my parent’s restaurant. I hear his tires squeal behind me. “See you tomorrow baby!” He yells.

I cringe.

I really do like Sean and I have even said “I love you” back to him when he told me last month but I am not in love with him.

I think I am in love with Max though.

I remind myself that I am the worst girlfriend ever.

I walk back in and Max is standing up and fixing to leave. “Are you going already?” I ask and tilt my head. He just nods.

“Uh… yeah. It’s late and all.” He says and lays down some money for the cherry coke he drank. He knows he never has to pay for cokes here though. “You know it’s on the house,” I say and he just nods. “I know.”

”I’ll walk ya out Max,” I look at him and he smiles at me. “Do you have plans for tomorrow night?” He asks all of a sudden as we walk to the jeep.

I smile.

“Nope,” I lie. Sean and I are supposed to go see some football player he likes that is in town signing autographs. I was trying to find a way out of going. See? I don’t deserve to be a girlfriend to anyone.

”Well, I have a surprise for you, Liz.” He tells me giving me a sly smile and a wink.

“Oh really?” My mouth is really dry all of a sudden and the guilt that I had over canceling my plans with Sean fades.

“Yeah. Will you come with me somewhere tomorrow night?”


I have this big goofy grin on my face all of a sudden. “What kind of surprise Max?” I have ask because I now I am excited and I even jump a little once or twice. .

He just laughs and shakes his head. “You’ll have to wait and see. Just wear something comfortable and bring a jacket just in case.” He tells me and then he gets in his jeep.

“Can I pick you up at six?”

I nod and tell him of course. We say goodnight and I don’t go back into the restaurant until I see his jeep disappear.

I wonder what the surprise is. I don’t care as long as I get to spend time with Max. He really is a good friend.



I can’t stand to watch him touching her any longer. I should be the one kissing her. He treats her like property and Liz is just so much more than that. I am going to get up the nerve to tell her how I feel about her you know. I just have to do it before it’s…before it’s too late. I was thinking about telling her tomorrow night when we go out. I hope she likes my surprise. No, knowing Liz she will love it. This is my chance.

With what seems like forever I am finally to my house and I go in. “Max!” I hear and immediately want to go back out the door.

“Hey, Tess” I say and throw my jacket over the back of the recliner.

“Where have you been?! Izzie and I were just about to go out and look for you.” She puts her hand on her hips. “I was at the Crashdown and Isabel knew that,” I say to her and glance over at my sister who is sitting on the couch just shaking her head. She waves at me and then goes back to reading her magazine.

“Oh. Well do you want to stay up with us for a little while? We were going to find something on TV to watch,” she offers and holds up the remote.

“I think I’ll pass. I want to finish this book I’ve been reading and I’m really tired,” I just tell them and it’s the truth. I just left out the part of thinking about Liz Parker.

“Okay, but you know where we are if you change your mind,” She says and grabs my hand. I nod and pull away and head to my room.

I lay there for about an hour just thinking about Liz. Thinking about how I wanted to pull her away from Sean’s arms when I saw him kissing her outside tonight and tell her how much I love her and how she should be with me.

I am anxious about what tomorrow will bring.

I fall asleep dreaming of the girl of my dreams. The girl who happens to be my best friend.


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Hey Nikkisue, roswellluver, isis7777 *happy*

Transparent Clear and frenchkiss70 - Youll find out the surprise soon.

bhoney - ;) Part 4 will be posted sometime tommorrow. I hope you have a wonderful trip!

thanks guys.

take care, Jen

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Hey Shama, IceRose, and bhoney lol *happy*

thanks guys. catch ya tommorrow.


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Hey guys. here is part 4. The surprise! I hope you like it and please let me know if you like it or hate it lol. here goes..

Author: Liz Evans a.k.a Jen
Title: Cherish Your Name
Category: Max and Liz AU
Rating: PG-13 – R. I havent really decided whether to go further yet.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything so don’t sue ;).
Email: DreamgirlJen⊕
Feedback: Yes Please. I love to hear what you guys think
What this is about: It’s from Liz’s point of view and Max’s point of view. Max and Liz are best friends and it is their senior year at West Roswell High. Something happens that brings them closer and this fic is their story. It’s an alternate universe but there still are aliens. You’ll see.

Part 4

After this morning’s shift ended, we headed to Janey’s Boutique so I could get my dress and accessories. Janey is a pretty good friend of my mom’s so I think she’s giving me a discount. That is one of the perks of living in a small town.

“Oh my gosh Liz that looks amazing on you!” Maria screams as she gets up from the chair in front of the dressing room.

”Really? You like it?” I ask her as I look in the mirror.

Alright, so I am a little self-conscious about my looks but what normal teenage girl isn’t? Hmm… I really do think this dress looks good on me though. It’s that long black one with thin straps. Sexy, yet elegant.

“Girl I LOVE it! Max will too,” Maria says and gives me a wink.

“Wait…What? Max?” I ask as I give her a confused look.

She nods. “Yep…Oh don’t give me that ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ look. I’ve seen the stares between you two.” Maria says and gives a cocky grin.

“Maria we are just friends!” I say to her and throw my hand up.

“Yeah,Yeah I know Liz, but don’t tell me that you don’t want it to be more. I’ve seen the way you look at him and I don’t see Sean getting those looks from you.” Maria knows me too well also.

Damnit, why do people have to be so perceptive?

Maria is just staring at me with this huge grin on her face.

“Alright, so what if I do have feelings for him? It doesn’t matter. Max doesn’t even see me like that Maria.” I tell her and I feel a little sting as the words slip out. It’s more of a reality when I actually say he doesn’t feel the same way about me.

Maria just shakes her head at me.

“Liz if you could only see the way his eyes light up when you are around. Michael’s face even isn’t that expressive and we are together!” she says and sits down on the big yellow chair.

I just shake my head because what she is saying has to be wrong right? I mean if Max really did want us to be together then why hasn’t it happened yet? I just have to accept the fact that we only can be friends….but oh how I want more!

“Maria, you’re wrong.” And with that I go back into the dressing room to change back into my regular clothes. I stay silent as I go up to the register and pay for the dress and shoes.

“Just pay attention next time you are around him. You’ll see what I am talking about.” Maria says as she puts her arm around my shoulder. I’m glad she knows that I have feelings for Max even though I didn’t directly say it to her. Things will be a little easier if I can talk about it with someone.

Could hell actually freeze over?

Could Max Evans actually like me, boring Elizabeth Parker, more than a friend?

Sure, Max and I have flirted a bit through the years I guess you could say, which I have no problem with, but I never thought it could be anything more.

What if it can though?

What if our friendship can turn into something you see in those movies where the two people who have known each other their entire lives end up confessing their undying love for one another?

This is so confusing and soo Dawson’s Creek.

“I am going with him tonight somewhere. He says he has a surprise for me.” I tell my best friend. Her eyes grow wide and she has this crazy look on her face. “See what I mean!? Liz, the guy’s got it bad.”

I shake my head. “Well why hasn’t he ever said anything then?” I ask.

“Why haven’t you ever said anything?” Maria fires back.

I open my mouth to speak but no words come. She’s got me there.

“This is so Dawson’s Creek.” Maria says laughing and I nod and start to laugh with her.

She took the thoughts right out of my head.


“Sean I’m sorry.” I am on the phone with my boyfriend telling him that I can’t go with him tonight. He is very disappointed I can tell.

“What friend is more important than me that you have to go with them Liz?” he asks me on the other end of the phone. Okay so I didn’t tell him everything but I don’t want him to get suspicious of Max again.

”I just don’t want to break a promise to my friend okay? I already said I would go. You can call me later and tell me how me how everything goes meeting…what’s his name again?” I ask and I am little embarrassed. I feel really bad because I am letting him down. I am his girlfriend and am supposed to be there for him.

“Payton Manning.” I hear. He sighs heavily. “Alright Liz, I will call you later. Love you.”

”Um Love ya too.” I mumble because I am not so sure that I do anymore.

With that, we hang up and I go to get ready because I am meeting Max in about an hour. I feel really bad but I really feel that going with Max tonight is the right thing to do and for some reason I have this anxious feeling that tonight there is going to be change happening.

I just don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.


My heart is beating fast as I pull up to the Crashdown. I am nervous because tonight I feel it. I feel change about to happen. I don’t know whether I can work up the nerve to tell her how I feel but I am going to maybe try and show her.

I get out and go into the restaurant. Maria comes up to me with a smile on her face and I wonder what’s up.

“Hey Maria.”

“Hey Max! Liz said she would be down in a few minutes. Do you want anything to drink?” She asks me excitedly.

“Naw. I’m fine Ria.” I go and sit down at my usual booth waiting for Liz to come out. Then when I do see her come out into through the door everything goes in slow motion.

I think I just stopped breathing.

She looks amazing and she is giving me the biggest smile. She is wearing a black tank top with a blue jean jacket, blue jeans, and boots and she is a sight to behold. Hell, she would look great even if she were just wearing a paper bag. Hmm…

“Hey Max,” She sits across from me and puts her hair behind her ear. I love it when she does that. But she only does that when she is anxious or nervous so it makes me wonder.

“Hi,” I manage to get out. “Are you ready to go?” I ask and am happy to know that I can finally make a complete sentence.

She nods and gives me another smile. “Where are we going?”

“Nuh uh. You’ll see,” I smirk. She claims to hate surprises but I know that deep down she really loves them. It’s exciting not knowing what good thing is in store for you. I guess it’s kind of like on Christmas morning and you are waiting to open your presents or kind of like the way I am feeling right now about taking her where I am taking her.

“Maaax, you know I hate surprises!” She whines and tilts her head. I smirk again.

“I think that you’ll like this one,” I say and get up from the booth. She gets up with me and lowers her bottom lip like she is pouting.

“Please? Just a little hint!”

I sigh, defeated, and give a little nod. “Think goldfish,” I wink and smile. I know she will catch on and figure it out, but it is still a surprise to her so it’s all good. I walk out the door and to the jeep and she is behind me racking her brain for what the hell I meant.

“Huh? Goldfish?” She asks and I turn around to see the crease in her forehead. She’s so cute when she’s lost in thought.

I give her my hand like I always do to help her in the passenger side of the jeep. She gets in and I let her hand linger in mine a few seconds longer than necessary and then go over to my side and get in.

“Hmmm…Goldfish…Goldfish…GOLDFISH! MAX! She practically tackles me in the jeep hugging me. “The Carnival in Hondo!”

I hug her back and My God this feels good.

If this is the reaction I get for one of my surprises then I gotta think of these things more often!

She pulls back and looks at me seriously. I see a faint blush in her face as she retreats back to her seat but she is still smiling. “Sorry, got carried away.”

“Don’t apologize,” I look intensely into her eyes and then look at the key in the ignition because if I keep staring at her then we are never going make it there. It’s over a half an hour drive.

“Max, thank you. It’s been years since I have been to that carnival.” She says and places her hand on mine. Yep, definitely have to surprise her more often.

“I know. Me too.” I smile at the memory of the last time she and I went to that carnival. It comes once a year and is kind of in the middle of nowhere and small but we thought it was the greatest thing ever when we were younger.

I bet you are wondering why goldfish was the hint I gave her. When we were 12 years old all of us somehow convinced our parents to take us. Liz had ate a lot of carnival food and wasn’t feeling too well so when we rode the tilt a whirl for the fourth time in a row I guess that was all she could take. She ended up getting really sick so her mom wouldn’t let her ride anything else that evening. She had to sit out for the rest of the night and I felt really bad for her and I sat with her so she wouldn’t feel lonely. I told her that I would be right back and went to one of those game booths where you throw a ball in the right bowl and you win a goldfish. I used a little of my alien magic and won her one. When I brought it back to her she acted as if it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her and she even kissed me on my cheek. We were best friends before but that was the moment I believe something just clicked with us and we became closer. It was one of the best times of my life and I am happy to be going back there.

I am pulled out of my memory by Liz turning up the radio. “I love this song!” She says and looks over at me.

“So do I,” I say and sigh. It’s You Make Me Feel by Jeremy Toback and is a really good song.

We sit in silence for a while just listening to music as we continue down the road.


He is taking me to the carnival. I haven’t been there in a really long time. Last time I went I was only 12 and I got sick. It’s kind of a long story so I won’t go into it but Max got me a goldfish to make me feel better and I just thought that was the greatest thing ever. It came from the heart and that is the moment that I fell in love with Max Evans. I even kissed him on the cheek and I blush a little even now thinking about it because to me that was a huge thing back then.

That was 5 years ago and I still get this dopey grin on my face when I think about that night. It really was one of the best times of my life.

I am excited that we are going back there and I wonder if anything will happen.

Max is such a sweetheart for doing this for me and it makes me think about what Maria said today. Does he feel something for me too?

I hope so because this is making me fall even deeper in love with him.


Thanks! Whaddya think?

Take Care

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Hey roswellluver!

Thanks Jen

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Part 5 should be up sometime this weekend. Swimfan opens tommorrow and I cant wait to go see it!

who else is going to see it?


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Hey Transparent Clear thanks *happy*


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Hey guys. here is part 5 that I promised this weekend. I still havent decided if I am that happy with it but I tweeked it enough already lol so I am going to post it already. Let me know what you think.

Hey Alien614 & MoonLily *happy*

Thank all of you so much for the FB. It means a lot to me!

On to the story:

Author: Liz Evans a.k.a Jen
Title: Cherish Your Name
Category: Max and Liz AU
Rating: PG-13 – R. I havent really decided whether to go further yet.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything so don’t sue ;).
Email: DreamgirlJen⊕
Feedback: Yes Please. I love to hear what you guys think
What this is about: It’s from Liz’s point of view and Max’s point of view. Max and Liz are best friends and it is their senior year at West Roswell High. Something happens that brings them closer and this fic is their story. It’s an alternate universe but there still are aliens. You’ll see.

Part 5

“So what do you want to do first?” he asks me as he buys our tickets. I wanted to pay for mine but Max refused to let me. He is such a gentleman. I’ll have to think of some way to repay him for all of this.

“Mmm Carnival food!” I grin and look towards the stand selling funnel cakes and foot long corndogs. I love me some fair food. Max laughs. “Isn’t that what got you in trouble the last time Liz?”

“Shut up.” I giggle and smack him on his arm playfully, sticking my tongue out.

We go to the stand and I get a funnel cake with a dr. pepper. Max orders a coke and a hotdog. There is a small pond that is nearby and we go to a bench there. I think that is why they have the carnival here, because of the pond. It’s really nice.

Max throws a few ducks a piece of his hot dog bun and they flock towards it.

“Want some?” I ask him holding out my paper plate with the funnel cake on it. He smiles at me. "Sure." He gets a little of that powdered sugar stuff on his mouth and I just have to wipe it off because I just can’t resist.

Max just looks at me with wide eyes as I bring my thumb and touch his bottom lip lightly to get it off. “You have um,” I suddenly find it hard to complete a sentence, “some sugar on your lip.”

“,” Max says, but I barely hear it because my gaze is where my thumb is. I let it linger there on his lip longer than needed but he doesn’t seem to mind.

I realize what I am doing and jerk my hand away. I know I must be blushing soo bad right now. I look up at him and he just looks dazed. Um.. ookaay.

I quickly think of something to break the silence because I feel so stupid right about now. “So how did you find out about this being here, now and everything?” ugh. Way to go Liz.

“Oh, um I knew it still came every year and I called a few months ago to find out when it was going to be.” Max says just staring at the ducks.

“Aw, so you were planning this Max?” I ask because I think that is just too sweet.

“Yeah.. I was.” He then turns back to me and just gives me this breathtaking sexy smile.

I sigh. I hope that wasn’t too loud.

“Well thank you.” I give him a huge grin because he planned this! For me!.

“So are you ready for the tilt-a-whirl?” He asks me and wiggles his eyebrows. I giggle and scrunch my nose up. “I think I am gonna wait on that ride,” I tell him laughing.

We throw our food away and head towards the rides.


My stomach is rumbling a little right now and it’s not because of the fast ride that we are on.

It is due to Liz Parker’s hand on mine.

I look over at her and can’t help but laugh. She is screaming and laughing and has her eyes closed.

She looks so beautiful.

I see her hair flying around her face and notice that the ride is slowing down.

It’s called the Remix or something like that and it goes up in the air in circles. When it picked up speed her left hand came down on mine and suddenly I didn’t see the world around us spinning anymore because I just focused on our hands.

They would be perfect for holding hands.

No, I can’t think like that.

But friends hold hands right? They do. I’ve seen them.

I planned on telling her how I really feel tonight but I think I have chickened out. I am just going to wait and see what happens…what if I don’t like what happens though. I am really getting confused.

When she wiped the sugar off of my mouth earlier it took all I had not to grab her and kiss her. When she touched my lip, it sent a surge of electricity through me, and it just felt so right. But she was only getting food off my lip, so I shouldn’t be thinking how much I craved her touch. I’m a sick person I tell you.

“Max?” I hear an angel saying my name and I am snapped out of my thoughts.

The ride has stopped and Liz is already out of our seats and giving me a weird look.


“Sorry, I was just calming down from…the ride.” I say nervously and quickly undo the belt across my lap.

“Everything okay Max?” She asks me with a concerned look as we walk around a little. We have been here for a couple of hours now and it is already dark. We should be heading back in a little while I guess. It has been a perfect night just hanging out and joking around with her. We haven’t got to do this often since she started dating assho..., I mean Sean.

I feel her tug on my arm and I look down at her. Funny, I didn’t know we had stopped.

“Tell me what’s wrong.” She demands and I can tell she is worried.

“Nothings wrong Liz. Why?” I start walking again and she comes up beside me. “It’s just you have been spacing for the past few minutes.” I feel like an idiot now because I guess I have been a little lost in thought…about her. If she only knew that though.

“I guess it was just that ride. Let’s go on something slower,” I smile at her reassuringly and I hope it works.

She just nods and looks around.

Then I spot it.

The Ferris Wheel. “There we go,” I point to it and she looks back at me and nods her head.


The Ferris Wheel

It’s perfect. I think that is my favorite ride of all. I smile to myself because I used to be so afraid of heights. If it weren’t for Max then I wouldn’t be able to even look at the Ferris Wheel right now. He got me over that fear last year when we bungee jumped.

Come on Liz, just hold my hand and we will do this together

Max, I am absolutely terrified!

I know. I know…Everything is going to be fine though. Just don’t look down.

Oh God!


I looked down!

Liz….If you want to get down from here just say the word and I’ll have you out of that harness in two seconds

I want to do this

Are you sure?


Okay. See? I told you that you were strong


Alright. On the count of three. Remember just hold onto me okay?




Oh God!

You okay?

Max this is awesome! You’re amazing for doing this for me!

You’re the one that’s amazing Liz.

Let’s do it again Max.

I am pulled out of my memories with a little jolt. Ohh, looks like we’ve stopped on top.

I look down at the lights of the other rides and all the people down below and then the lights reflecting on the pond. Beyond that you can see the desert that is lit up by the moon and it’s just so beautiful.

“Wow, you can see everything from up here. It’s amazing Max.” I tell him, because it truly is.

“It is amazing.” I hear him say and when I turn back to him he is just looking at me with his head bent a little and immediately I get lost in his eyes. The wind is blowing a little bit through my hair and he reaches up to put a strand behind my ear. I feel wonderful chills up my spine as he does this and I find myself leaning in closer.

and closer

still closer

I look into Max’s eyes again and they are glazed over a little and he is staring at my lips and leaning closer to me as well.

I feel the anticipation building and everything within me is yelling KISS HIM! Does he want this as badly as I do? I hesitate suddenly because I think of Sean but I stay where I am. I don’t want to move. Our lips are just millimeters from touching and I close my eyes.

At that moment there is a big jerk and the ride is in motion again. Since when do Ferris Wheel seats jerk so hard when they start up again? Damnit.

The moment is gone and Max and I pull away, both looking in the opposite directions.

We don’t say a word until we are off the ride and are going through the crowd towards the parking lot.

“Wait here.” He says finally and I nod.

I see him return and all the confusion that I felt disappears because I think GOLDFISH!

He brings me back a beautiful goldfish in a bag and he is grinning from ear to ear.

“Maax! Thank you. You’re the best!” I say and give him a hug.

“You’re welcome. I thought it was only right that you have one of these since you did get one the last time that you were here.” He tells me smiling.

I take it out of his hands and look at it while we head towards the jeep.

I don’t think either of us wants to bring up the almost-kissing thing tonight. It’s a little awkward for him I guess. It was just a moment. Got caught up in a moment. Nothing more to him probably.

That’s all.


“So what are you going to name him?” Max asks me as we start down the highway.

“Ferris.” I say proudly and look over at him. I know I am blushing. I never want to forget that moment even if that’s all it was to him.

Wasn’t it?


what'd you think?

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Hey MoonLily, roswellluver, roswelllover, ILYMEFOREVER, frenchkiss70, Emotions23! Thank you guys so much for the feedback.

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SweetLilDreamer originally wrote:
Aww! I missed three absolutely amazing parts. Oh my! My tummy was flipping and I was chanting "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" in my head!

Aww! I hope they get together. They're just so precious!


Aww. Hey SweetLilDreamer! Thanks for the fb! Liz was thikning "kiss kiss kiss" too hehe.

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sorry I havent been back here in a few days. Im planning on posting part 6 tommorrow evening.

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sorry for the wait. Here is chapter 6 and thanks for the feedback! *happy*

Author: Liz Evans a.k.a Jen
Title: Cherish your name
Category: Max and Liz AU
Rating: PG -13 – R.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything so don’t sue ;).
Email: DreamgirlJen⊕
Feedback: Yes Please. Let me know whether to continue writing this.
What this is about: It’s from Liz’s point of view and Max’s point of view. Max and Liz are best friends and it is their senior year at West Roswell High. Something happens that brings them closer and this fic is their story. It’s an alternate universe but there still are aliens. You’ll see.

Part 6

We almost kissed.

Liz and I almost kissed.

Liz Parker and Max Evans almost kissed.

I just dropped her off at the Crashdown and my attention isn’t currently on the road ahead of me. It’s a good thing that I have driven this way hundreds of times otherwise it wouldn’t be safe heh.

I had the perfect moment to tell her and I didn’t.

I am such a coward.

She is with Sean

Wait though, she was leaning in too.

Did she want me to kiss her? I should’ve kissed her shouldn’t I have?

This is really getting confusing. She’s my best friend and it was just probably just a moment.

Maybe she was just picturing Sean. I bet that was it.

How could I be so stupid?

Then I think about the times that she hugged me tonight and I smile. Even if all I am to her is a friend then I will have to accept that because I am thankful to even have Liz Parker in my life. She really did act like she had a good time didn’t she?

I had a blast.

I go in my house and head towards my room successfully dodging Isabel and Tess who are on the couch painting their nails or something girly like that.

I just lay there and think about tonight and this whole messed up situation

I hear a knock on my door and tell whoever it is to come in. “Max?” Tess says opening the door a little and I motion for her to come in. She sounds kind of upset and as much as I dislike her I at least try to be civil.


She sits down on my bed. “What’s wrong Tess?” I sigh.

“Well I was thinking about how much I feel like an outsider here, Max. I haven’t even dated anyone since I moved here with Ed. I don’t even see him that much anymore because he’s off on ‘business’ and I just want a guy in my life.” She puts her hand on mine and there is a tear running down her cheek.

“Tess…” I just say because I'm not very good in these situations. Well, I think I am good in them with Liz but I mean come on, that’s Liz. This is just Tess. But I really do feel bad for her.

She came here 2 ½ years ago with Nascedo, also known as Ed Harding. That year our whole lives turned upside down when he told us this whole destiny thing on how this girl next to me and I were married in another life and Isabel and Michael were engaged. That really threw all of us through a loop and I even pulled away from Liz for a little while.

I can’t change the way I feel though. I love her. I don’t love Tess, and the idea of us together creeps me out but like I said, she is one of us and she can’t help that. Nascedo is off on ‘business’ a lot (meaning alien related stuff that we aren’t to know about) so while he is away Tess stays with us. She shakes me on the shoulder a little and I realize my mind has been wondering.

“Max I am not asking for us to hook up or anything like that, not that I wouldn’t mind…” she gets quiet after this when she sees me roll my eyes.

“Look, I was just wondering if you would go to the Homecoming dance with me. Just as friends. I really want to go and I already have a dress but I refuse to go alone.”

I am not very surprised I guess. I figured she would ask me. I don’t really have the heart to tell her no but the moment she tries to pull something like she did last year in my bedroom then that is it. I want her to feel accepted because Isabel needs her. So I do accept. Plus she already bought a dress I mean.

“Okay Tess. Just as friends though” I tell her.

She squeals and hugs me. Ugh… maybe I shouldn’t have given in. “Thank you Max! This means so much to me!”

Then she runs out of my room, probably to go tell my sister.

Liz and I went last year and we had a blast just hanging out but this year she is going with Sean and now… I am going with Tess.

I am going to dread this.

But I decide not to dwell on it tonight because I want my thoughts to be focused on someone else.

Did I mention that we almost kissed tonight?


“Liiiiizzzzzz!” I hear for like the 20th time under this pillow that I have over my head. I finally answer my mother to tell her I am getting up so she can stop screaming at me.

Okay, so I’m not a morning person.

I was up half the night thinking about last night and then the whole thing with Sean.

On every other weekend I have to work the early morning shifts. Sunday mornings are really heavy because of people coming to eat breakfast before and after church services.

I hear a knock on the door and yell “In a second!.” My mother hates it when I am late. I finish putting my hair up and I tie the alien apron around my waist and I am good to go.

“Lizzie I had been yelling at you for over fifteen minutes. Did you not set your alarm clock?” My mom asks me as we go down the stairs.

“I um didn’t hear it mom,” I tell her and get my antenna headband out of my locker.

“Liz,” she stops me before I go out the door. “Is everything alright? You and Sean aren’t having problems are you?” My mom loves Sean. He is the perfect gentleman around my parents.

If they only knew that wonderful Sean Matthews wants to get their only daughter in the sack. I smirk.

“Sean and I are absolutely fine mom.” I tell her smiling. She doesn’t have to know everything about my life you know.

“Good,” she kisses me on my cheek and steers me towards the door.

“Chica I thought your dad was going to go postal,” Maria says walking towards me. “He sent your mom up like 5 times to get you up. Agnes had to leave so we are the only ones working.” She tells me and I shake my head.

“Why did Agnes leave?” I ask her.

“Something about having to drive her sister back to the nursing home. I didn’t even think that Agnes had a sister.” Maria shakes her head and squints her eyes.

I just shrug. My thoughts are somewhere else right now.

I see Kyle Valenti and his dad come in and shiver. Kyle is a really good friend of mine but his dad has always creeped me out. He is the sheriff and something about him just makes me want to steer clear of him.

“Hey Kyle, Sheriff, I greet them at the door and show them to a table.

“Hey Liz,” Kyle greets me and smiles.

“Miss Parker,” the sheriff nods his head at me and they sit down.

“Kyle thank you for fixing the Jetta again, even if you do over charge me” Maria tells Kyle walking up next to me. “Well if I were you I would just trade her in Maria, this is the fourth time that I’ve worked on her in like six months.” Kyle replies shrugging.

Maria shakes her head and mockingly gasps. “She’s my baby Kyle, I’ve had her since I got my permit.” She says walking off.

I work for a few more hours when I see Max and Michael walking in with Isabel and Tess.

“Hey guys!” I wave them over to their usual booth. They all say hey except Tess but I could give a rat’s ass about her. I don’t particularly get along with that girl. I even hit her once when she snuck in Max’s room one time. What? She called me a bitch so it wasn’t totally out of jealousy or anything like that. Max says he doesn’t have feelings towards her but sometimes I wonder. But I cant say anything because Max isn’t mine. He can date who he wants..

I look at Max and smile because he’s looking up from me at the booth and it makes me think back to the Ferris Wheel.

I smile at the memory of just last night.

I am pulled out of my thoughts when Isabel says “Earth to Liz,” and waves her hand in front of me. “We’d like to order sometime today,” I really do like Isabel but she can be an Ice Queen sometimes. Max nudges her with his elbow.

Oh right, Food. I remember I am a waitress and I serve it.

“So what can I get you guys?”


Work seemed to go by faster just because he was in the same room as me. My shift just ended and Sean just walked in.

“Hey Sean,” I wave at him and he comes up and kisses me on the cheek. “Hey.”

“Want a coke or anything?” I ask and he nods. “Yeah just give me a coke and some french fries Lizzie.”

I go and gets what he asks for, Johnny already had the fries cooked so it didn’t take long, and when I come back I notice he is staring at Max’s booth. I look over and what I see makes my heart sting.

Tess is sitting VERY close to Max and they are laughing. Noo. I have no right to be jealous but I am.

“Ooh looks like Max is gonna get some,” Sean says and winks at me.

Oh hell no.

“I’ll be right back,” I tell him and grab the first thing I can think of.


Yeah I think they need some ketchup.

“Hey guys, need anymore ketchup?” I ask noting that they only have about four French fries left and there is a full bottle next to the napkin dispenser on their table.

“I think we are set. Thanks though, Liz.” Tess tells me through her pearly whites which I’d love to knock right out.

She’s being too nice. Something’s up.

“Are you and Sean going to the homecoming dance on Saturday?” She asks and hands me her plate. I take it and just nod. “Yeah we are.” I look over at Max who is just looking back and forth.

“Oh that’s great. Max and I are going so we will probably see you there!” she says and smiles over at him.

What the hell?

“Really?” I ask as I look over at Max, thinking that Tess has become a permanent resident of the town of Crazy.

I see him swallow and then look back over at Tess.


“That’s great,” I manage to say a little too quickly, and how I managed to say even that I am amazed. “Well, if you’ll excuse me, I better get this plate over to the dishwasher, I tell them lamely.

How could this be happening and with Tess of all the girls in the world? I hate her. Well, hate is a very strong word so with that fact I guess I just dislike her very very much.

“Bye Liz.” She says and I look back over my shoulder to see Max just staring off into space and then Tess leans in to whisper in his ear.

Okay, so I do hate her.

Sean gives me a weird look and I just smile and wink at him so he thinks nothing is wrong. I go through the back door and to my locker.

Ugh get a hold of yourself Liz! They are just going to a dance. I bang my head lightly against the locker two or three times.

I think back to the almost kiss and it makes me even more confused. What if he is finally starting to like Tess back? She has been after him for about 2 years now and what if it finally got to him?

Oh God. What if he was actually picturing Tess in that almost kiss? That moment that we shared. He was wasn’t he? Tess Tess Tess.

We had a perfect time last night. We are best friends though so I can see why he would do that for me. The carnival and all. Max cares a lot about his friends.

Just friends.

I am not gonna cry. I’m not.

I curse myself because I shouldn’t be getting this upset because I have no room to even be upset over this because I am going with Sean, I babble to myself.

I feel like my heart is being torn in two though.


Let me know what you guys think ;)
Thanks! Jen

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Hey roswelluver, Alien614!

ILYMEFOREVER - *happy* Hey! They both are feeling that the other just sees them as a best friend and are just scared for their true feelings to come out at the time. *happy* Plus Max still has the fact that hes an alien on his mind and he wants to protect her.

Frenchkiss70 - Hey *happy* Our Maxy boy doesnt see Tess as more than a friend but he does feel bad for her. She and Isabel are friends and she did buy a dress afterall. (Of course I still dont like Tess at all!) So he wants her to be accepted but hes still keepin his guard up.

Thanks for the feedback! and dont shoot me yet! lol. keep reading ;)

Part 7 should be up in a few days.

Thanks ya'll and much love
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A Post to Wish Bhoney a very Happy Birthday!!
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Author: Liz Evans a.k.a Jen
Title: Cherish your name
Category: Max and Liz AU
Rating: PG -13 – R.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything so don’t sue ;).
Email: DreamgirlJen⊕
Feedback: Yes Please. Let me know whether to continue writing this.
What this is about: It’s from Liz’s point of view and Max’s point of view. Max and Liz are best friends and it is their senior year at West Roswell High. Something happens that brings them closer and this fic is their story. It’s an alternate universe but there still are aliens. You’ll see.

Part 7

So Yeah.

I am going with Tess Harding to the homecoming dance. Whoo I say sarcastically to myself.

She wanted to go with Isabel and me to the Crashdown and of course I am not going to say no. I’m not exactly ‘that’ rude ya know. I am really working on becoming friends with her. But I do have to make sure that she realizes that that is all it will ever be with us.

She is whispering to me in my ear right now what her dress looks like.

A. I don’t care
B. She is way too close to me
C. I think she just spit on the side of my face a little.

“So anyways Max, I was thinking of getting you a vest to match my dress. What do you think?”

I blink

“Um well I was just going to wear dress pants and a white shirt since Tux’s aren’t mandatory or anything.” I tell her, taking a sip of my cherry coke.

She scrunches up her face and shrugs. “Whatever, I am just so excited to be going Max!” I roll my eyes but I don’t think she sees it.

My eyes are still to the back door where my best friend a.k.a the one I love, just disappeared. She seemed a little upset earlier. I know that she hates Tess so I have to talk to her. Explain my reasons so she won’t get the wrong idea.

I see Sean go out the back door too and my emotions turn a little bit to anger. I know that I don’t have any right to be angry but I am. I don’t want her with him but she is with him.


I look over to her and she is looking at her nails.

“Do you want to go to a movie or something?” I blurt out and I have no clue what possessed me to do this.

Tess blinks at me in surprise I guess, and I am a little surprised myself. “Yes Max!” She is smiling real big right now.

“As friends Tess,” I remind her and her smile fades a little. I feel bad but she has to know the limits.

“Right. Yeah I know.” She says and goes back to looking at her nails.

I look back towards the back door and sigh. Where did she go?


I yelp when I feel someone grab me from behind.

“Sean! You scared the shit out of me!” I shriek a little too loudly when I turn around and see him behind me smiling.

“Sorry babe, but I couldn’t resist. What were you thinking about?” he asks me and tilts his head.

“Oh you know, um just the English paper that is due at the end of the week. I already have it done but have yet to revise it.” I babble and toss my hand in the air a little.

Sean scrunches up his face and nods. He never was the type to do school work.

“Well that’s the perfect reason for you to go to the movies with me tonight then. You think way too much about homework.” He says and leans in to kiss me. “It will be a great way to relieve…stress.”

“Alright,” I give in because we haven’t been spending as much time together lately and I really do need to get my mind off of things.

“Great. I’ll pick you up at six-thirty then.” He says and kisses me again.

“Bye Sean.” I wave and prepare to go back out to the restaurant to get my backpack which I left in there behind the counter earlier.

When I get it, I risk taking a look over at Max’s booth and I am relieved to find that Tess is gone.

Max looks up at me and throws his head back signaling me to come over. This should be good. “Hey there,” I say like a complete dork and sit across from him, taking off my antenna.

“Heey…” He is fidgeting around a little and I squint my eyes a little because I know he’s trying to say something and he’s looking at everything around him except me.

“What’s wrong Max?” I ask because I can always sense when something is wrong with him.


I don’t know why I am so nervous. I want to talk about our almost kiss from last night but my shyness prevents me from doing so. I do need to explain about Tess, though.

“Max,” I hear my name which snaps me out of my thoughts.


“You look like you want to tell me something.” I wish I could tell you everything…how I want you to be mine, how I want to be human, how I wish that kiss would have actually happened last n…

“Max?” Oops.

“Yeah, I did, about Tess.”

“Yeah I was wondering what brought on this sudden change, heart about her,” She says and takes her hair out of the rubber band letting it fall. I love her hair.

“Oh well, it’s not a sudden change of heart, I just.. she already had a dress but no one to take her to the dance so…”

”Ohh. That’s very sweet of you Max.” She smiles at me and tilts her head. Even though she and Tess don’t really get along she still is happy I am doing this for her. This is one of the many things that make Liz Parker a beautiful person. “Just lock your window after the dance,” Liz smirks and I laugh. A killercat too, I grin to myself. “That I definitely will be doing,” I tell her shaking my head.

Just then, I see her looking over my shoulder towards the door so I turn around.

Tess is coming back in towards us and I look back at Liz.

“Hey guys, I got half way down the street and realized I forgot my purse.” She points beside me and there it is a small black handbag with little red rhinestones around it. Kind of Cheesy.

I hand it to her and she smiles.

“Thanks, Well I better get going. I need to get ready for the movies and all,” I see her turn her attention towards Liz and she gives her this look. I can’t explain it looks like she’s bragging.

“Movies?” Liz asks and raises her eyebrows. Uh Oh…

“Oh yeah, Max and I here are going to the movies tonight.” Tess smiles and I cringe.

“I see. Um, Sean and I are going tonight too..” As she says this she turns towards me and gives me a confused look leaving me wondering what is going on in that pretty little head of hers.

“Oh Really!? Why don’t we double date then?” Tess asks grinning and it is then that I wish for some duck tape. Seeing Liz making out with another guy isn’t my idea of a good time.

“Well I don’t think that’s…” Liz starts to decline when Sean comes up and says “You know, that’s a great idea.” She turns around and has more a look of shock on her face than anything I believe and tells him that she thought he had left.

“I forgot my jacket.” Sean lifts up his leather jacket for us to see. Suure. Right, it was the jacket that made him come back. People seem to be forgetting things a lot here lately.

“Great then. We will meet you guys there then! 7:00?” Tess asks Sean since they are the only ones seem to be making the decision here.

Sean nods and kisses Liz on the cheek goodbye.

Oh Joy… At least I get to hang out with my best friend a little tonight. Even if she is in the arms of another man….


Sorry this part was so extremely short guys and the update took so long. I dont really know if this part turned out like I wanted but Ive tweaked it enough already so I decided to go ahead and post. I’ve been really busy here lately. Expect part 8 next week because this weekend is pretty hectic for me. Thank you so much for the feedback and the bumps and all that *happy* it is like my pay and I enjoy reading your comments. ;) Keep it up and again, sorry it took so long! I shall be back later! Also, remember that I am a Dreamer after all so try not to worry too much ;) Let me know what you think!

Thanks! Jen

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Hey everyone! AlienDreamer101,jasonallmine,roswellluver,frenchkiss70,Ner,the better twin,rainrose,nallitie,Alien614 and anyone else who I have missed. I noticed new posters and hello!

Thank you so much for the bumping and feedback for this fic. It is so much appreciated and I hope you guys continue to let me know what you think.

Now, on to the double date...

Author: Liz Evans a.k.a Jen
Title: Cherish your name
Category: Max and Liz AU
Rating: PG -13 – R.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything so don’t sue ;).
Email: DreamgirlJen⊕
Feedback: Yes Please. Let me know whether to continue writing this.
What this is about: It’s from Liz’s point of view and Max’s point of view. Max and Liz are best friends and it is their senior year at West Roswell High. Something happens that brings them closer and this fic is their story. It’s an alternate universe but there still are aliens. You’ll see.

Part 8

I love my strawberry lip-gloss, I think to myself, as I apply it in the mirror.

I have been trying to think of everything but Max Evans at the moment because those thoughts and feelings I am having of him scare me. It’s not exactly a bad scary feeling but one that comes with anxiety and longing.

I could kill Sean for agreeing to double date with Max and Tess tonight.

Max and Tess.

My God. Those two names don’t even belong in the same sentence.


See the claws coming out?

I have no right to say who Max can date but this overwhelming jealous feeling inside of me just doesn’t seem to want to go away. They should make a pill for it. It would make a lot of money. Hell, I'd buy a year supply.

Plus I am his best friend after all, and friends look out for each other.

Friends don’t let friends…date Tess.

Yep, Max and I are definitely talking tonight about this.

I still don’t really get why he kind of lied to me. He said that he asked her to the homecoming dance because she had no one else which I think is very sweet…in a twisted ‘Im-taking-a-skank’ sort of way.

But still, he asked her to the movies, and for what reason is beyond me. I don’t trust that girl.

Believe me though, I tried to get along with her, I really did…sort of.

Well she climbed into the object of my affection’s bed for Christ Sakes!!! You can’t blame a girl for not particularly caring for said person after that.

“So I hear that you are going to have a blast tonight,” I hear from behind me and turn around to roll my eyes and smile at Maria.

“Yeah, it should be delightful since Tess is one of my favorite people in the entire world, after all,” I say sarcastically and turn back to the mirror to put on a little more powder and Maria laughs.

“Well, at least Max will be there making goo-goo eyes at you.” Maria smiles at me and I shake my head. “Maria if that were the case then why did he ask Tess to the movies huh?”

“Liz, you are with Sean. You could very well possibly be losing your chance with him because Max probably doesn’t think he has a chance. Tell him how you feel chica.”

“It’s not that simple. Maybe I will hint at it sometime or something but tonight he is with Tess.”

Maria lies back on my bed and sighs. “What is the deal with she and Max anyways? I thought he hated her as much as you do.”

“I don’t think he actually hates her but last time I checked we shared the same distaste for her. Max has always gone out of his way to be polite to her, though. I think that is due to the fact that she and Isabel have been becoming really good friends here lately.” I tell her truthfully and sit beside her, confused as ever.

“Well, whatever, she still isn’t on my happy list.” My best friend informs me as she walks out of the door.

“Oh yeah, I was supposed to inform you that Sean is here although I think you can just keep him waiting,” Maria pokes her head back in to tell me.

“Goodbye Mariaaa,” I chuckle at her and shake my head. I love the girl but she does make it known how she hates my boyfriend.


I just picked Tess up and we are on the way to the theatre.

To meet Liz and Sean.

Liz and Sean

Dark Movie Theater

Me wanting to cut Sean’s hands off.

Ugh I could kill Tess for making these plans but at least I’ll get to be around Liz.

“So what movie do you want to go see Max?” Tess asks, sitting next to me as she chews her gum loudly.

“Um I don’t know, I was thinking about Swimfan since I’ve been meaning to see it for almost a month.” It’s my kind of movie. It’s suspenseful, and plus I know that Liz has been wanting to see it too. “Unless there is something else that you want to go see,” I ask just because it’s polite.

“Swimfan is fine Max,” Tess smiles and puts her hand on my leg and I’m relieved to see the parking lot to The Roswell Cinema. Original name right?

I pull in the first parking space I can find and she finally removes her hand as I get out of the jeep. She is still sitting in the passenger side of my jeep though.

Oh yeah. I guess she wants me to open the door for her. I go around letting her out and we walk towards the theatre and immediately I spot her.

She looks incredible, as always, and is wearing half her hair up. She is also alone I immediately notice.

“Hey Liz!” I yell and wave as we walk towards her. She turns around and flashes me a brilliant smile.

“Hey!” She yells back over the crowd and maneuvers her way through to us.

“Hi Liz. Where’s Sean?” Tess asks, looking around.

“Oh, he just went to the bathroom. I thought I would wait out here for you two. Do you guys know which one you want to go see? I was thinking Swimfan.” She smiles at me and I smile back knowingly.

“That’s the one that Max suggested. It’s okay with me,” Tess shrugs. She put her arm around my waist as she said my name and I look down at her. Before I have the chance to casually pull away from her I stop as Sean comes up behind Liz and puts his arms around her.

“We should head in so we can get the back seats,” Sean looks at me and winks and I am both surprised and disgusted by this. He probably loves me being here with Tess because I don’t think he likes how close Liz and I are even though we are just friends.

“Sean…” Liz scolds and rolls her eyes playfully. They turn around and we follow to go inside to buy our tickets.

Kill me now.


I admit, seeing them together is making me want to rip Tess’s hair out, I don’t care how nice she has been to me here lately. I’m definitely talking to Max tonight.

We are already in the movie theater and getting our seats, obviously in the back row picked by my caring boyfriend I move on the other side of Sean so I will be sitting next to Max and Sean gives me this weird stern look which I disregard.

It goes Tess, Max, Me, and Sean and I like this arrangement.

I don’t think that me being next to her at the moment would help a lot of things.

“I knew you still wanted to go see this movie,” I whisper to Max as he turns to look at me and smiles. “I knew you did too, that’s why I suggested it.” He nods and I laugh. “You just wanted to see it because Michael told you about that pool scene.” I joke back and he shakes his head.

Sean grabs my arm and pulls me over towards him. “We don’t have to watch these previews you know.” And he starts kissing me. I don’t feel right making out in front of Max or Tess so I pull away after a minute or two.

“Sean I just don’t feel right making out right in front of other people if you know what I mean,” I whisper and Sean looks over at Max and Tess.

“You guys don’t mind, do you?” He asks them and I suddenly feel extremely embarrassed.

I look over to Max and he just has a blank expression on his face. I hold his gaze for a moment before Tess speaks up.

“Noo not at all, right Max?” She places her hand on his thigh, rubbing it, and I feel myself getting a little nauseous.

“Um..” I hear Max mumble but I am looking back towards Sean.

“I’m just gonna go get some candy,” I tell him and get up.

“The movie is fixing to start in like 2 seconds Liz,” Sean grabs my hand but I pull back. “I’ll be right back,” and I kiss him on the cheek so he doesn’t get suspicious.

I need air.


I watch her as she out the back door and I wonder if everything is alright. I suddenly become aware that Tess’s hand is on my thigh and I remove it quickly.

Seeing Sean basically grope her made me on edge and I decide that a breath of fresh air would do me good.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom, do you want anything from the concession stand before I come back?” I ask Tess so it might give me a little more time.

“No, thanks. Just hurry back before the movie gets going really well,” she replies and there is that hand again on my thigh. “I will.”

Sean gets up in front of me and gives me another one of his looks that tells me I am not one of his favorite people. I wonder why he wanted to go on this double date thing anyways.

I make my way out of the theater and stop at what I see over on the oversized red couches on the wall. Liz is there eating Cookie dough bites, one of her favorites, and looking…depressed.

I go over too her and sit down next to her, mimicking her slumped position

“Oh hey,” she sits up as she notices me and I smile at her.

“Hey.. You know, I remember when I got these for the first time,” I start and take the box out of her hands and eat a cookie dough bite. “You said that cookie dough was meant for ice cream and cookies and that it was this big scheme created by candy cooperation’s.” I give the box back to her. “Now they are your favorite.” I smile at the memory.

She smiles at me and pops one into her mouth. “I was trying to sound sophisticated.” She giggles and then frowns again, getting lost in deep thought.

“Liz, what’s wrong? Why are you sitting out here? Is it because of Tess? We could leave if you want, I mean…”

“Max..” She says and shakes her head. “It’s not that. I just needed some air.. and cookie dough bites.” She holds them up and tries to change the subject again.


“Max, last night, um you probably don’t even remember, but on the Ferris wheel, I thought that we, I don’t know…God why is this so hard to say…what I mean is that…”

My heart is racing and I just look at her wide eyed because this is my moment. To tell her how I feel. To tell her that she is in my every thought and she is my dreamgirl.

“Liz, I remember and I wanted to kiss you so much then.” I blurt out and I look back at her. The look of shock on her eyes makes me want to retract that last statement and Oh God.. what have I done?

“Me too..” I hear her say and I almost think I imagined it.

“Could you…please say that again?” I ask as I move closer to her.


The moment I have waited for has arrived and I feel the air leave my lungs as I hear him say that he wanted to kiss me.

He wanted to kiss me.

HE wanted to kiss ME


“Me too,” I tell him and he has a look of awe on his face.

“Could you…please say that again?” he asks and I giggle as he moves closer to me but his expression is as serious as a heart attack.

I know in this single moment that I can tell him anything. All the years that we have spent together are reflected in his eyes and I see something there that I haven’t noticed before. He’s my best friend and so much more and I know now that I can tell him everything. Everything.

And I want to.

So I start. “Max...We have been friends for so long and I’ve had these feelings for almost as long and…”

“I’m not interrupting anything here am I?” I hear a voice asks and I freeze.



thank you guys again! luv Jen

note: I will be going away this weekend and will be back to repsond if any feedback is left, on sunday night.

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Hey Everyone!

Thank you so much for the feedback and bumps! I am currently working on part 9 because I just got home today. Hello to all the new posters and thanks for posting!

You all have some great speculations by the way and look for the next part sometime this week!

Thanks! Love Jen
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Okay, here's the thing. I already have part 9 written and revised and ready to post but my interenet on my computer is down! Im getting another ISP real soon but that may be a few more days. Right now I am using my webtv (internet on your tv) to post but its just the internet and my part 9 is on Word and I have no way of emailing it to myself. I promise to get it up as soon as I can.

sorry for the inconvience. Thank you so much for the feedback and bumps! you all have been awesome

posted on 19-Nov-2002 11:54:04 PM by Liz Evans
Author: Liz Evans a.k.a Jen
Title: Cherish your name
Category: Max and Liz AU
Rating: PG-13 – R.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything so don’t sue ;).
Email: DreamgirlJen⊕
Feedback: Yes Please. Let me know whether to continue writing this.
What this is about: It’s from Liz’s point of view and Max’s point of view. Max and Liz are best friends and it is their senior year at West Roswell High. Something happens that brings them closer and this fic is their story. It’s an alternate universe but there still are aliens. You’ll see.

Added Disclaimer: I don’t own Cookie dough bites nor Swimfan as you probably have guessed ;)

Part 9

“I’m not interrupting anything here am I?” Sean asked and I want to run right through him. I just heard the sweetest words and I want to yell Yes You Asshole! You were interrupting something I have waited my whole life for!!

Tess comes up behind him with a confused look on her face.

“What’s going on?” she asks and looks at me.

Liz clears her throat and shakes her head.

“Nothing. Nothings gong on, I just decided to get some Cookie dough bites before I went back in, and Max decided he wanted some,” She smiles and holds up the candy for them to see and nudges me to play along.

“Right Max?”

My head is confused and my heart is even more confused.

“Yeah, Yeah.” I nod my head and smile.

“Well, let’s go back because we’ve already missed like fifteen minutes of the movie.” Sean rolls his eyes and grabs Liz’s hand.

I just sigh in frustration as I see them walk towards the hallway. Liz looks back at me and mouths “Later” and I nod.

I remember that Tess is standing right there and I look back to her. “Come on,” I tell her we start walking. She is just looking at me with her eyes squinted.

“What’s going on?” she asks and stops.

“Nothing, what do you mean?” I ask right back and open the door to go back to our seats. She is still stopped with her hands on her hips.

“I don’t know, you seemed a tad bit cozy with Liz back there,” She has the nerves to say and throws her hand up. I shut the door and turn back to her trying to keep my anger under control.

I don’t want her to cause a scene around all these people so I point to the end of the hallway where this is an exit so we can go outside.


“Liz, what was that about in there?” Sean asks and I tense up. We are back in our seats now and I am still so confused about what just happened. I take Seans hand and hold it.

“Hmm?” I ask and look back at him. “Sean, I told you, nothing.” I was sitting out there and Max just sat down to talk to me. He is my friend, after all.”

“Well, he was moving awfully close to you out there, Liz.” Sean says whispering.

“Shhhh!!!” the woman in front of us has said for like the fifteenth time tonight and I feel bad.

“Sean, could we just not talk about this right now?” I tell him and point to the movie screen.

He nods and grips my hand harder.

It hurts and I slightly pull away.

About Ten minutes pass and I am still looking to see if Max and Tess have come in yet.

“I’m gonna go look for them. Maybe they can’t find where we are sitting or something.” I whisper to Sean and he sighs.

“Liz, they are probably just somewhere making out, which isn’t a bad idea…”

“Sean….” They are ‘not’ making out. They’re not. I say to myself.

“Kidding. Be back here in like 2 minutes or I am coming and looking for you.” He tells me and I roll my eyes as he kisses me.

“Mmkay.” I say and head out.

I hear the lady that was shushing us say to Sean, “This is fifth time that you people have got up, can’t you teenagers sit still!?” and I hear Sean lean in and tell her “Nope, must be our hormones, you know ‘we teenagers’ think about sex every five seconds so it’s no wonder that we can’t sit through a 2 hour movie.” He retracts back and she has her mouth hung open.

I have admit, I do love Sean’s sarcastic side at times. I smile back at him and give him a thumbs-up as I walk out the movie theater door.


“Tess, Liz and I are best friends. And what doe s it matter to you?” I ask calmly. This is me being calm.

“Well I’m trying to get our destiny on track here, Max, and when I see you with Liz all the time and it’s kind of hard!” She says that angrily and then opens her mouth like she said too much.

“Are you crazy?! Tess we are just friends! Understand that! I thought you stopped this whole psycho bitch stalking routine?!” I ask in anger.

“You’re in love with her” she says calmly with eyes that could kill.

“So what if I am?”

I’m through denying it. I can’t deny it. I don’t care if Tess knows. I don’t care if the whole world knows. The only person I care about knowing it is in that movie theatre and nothing is going to stop me…that is until I hear the next words out of Tess’s mouth.

“You’re going to hurt her.”

“She is going to find out what you are and run screaming into the night. And do you really think that she will be happy that you have been friends for fucking ever and you never told her huh? And I know you will tell her because I know you, Max.” She yells and then pushes me against the wall.

I let the bitch’s words sink in because even though she is usually wrong, she is right this time. I wouldn’t be able to hide anything from Liz if we were together.

“You can’t just jeopardize all of us like that. You would be jeopardizing her too you know.” She says in a whisper but her eyes are still flared with ugly anger.

I open my mouth to say something but I can’t. She just brought my worst fears out and I know that I can’t deny them either.

“I don’t want to put her in danger, I love her.” I say, defeated, in a whisper. I shake my head and bang it twice against the brick wall I am against. This is so fucked up.

“Then don’t” Tess says and then I am shocked by her next move even though I have learned to expect it from her. She kisses me and before I realize what the hell is going on and have the chance to pull away, I hear a voice that sends a pang through my heart.


I slightly push Tess off of me and look to my right to see Liz standing holding the door open with wide eyes staring at me.

“Oh Liz, sorry bout that, Max and I wanted to get by ourselves for a minute. We will be back in a few though to watch what’s left of the movie.” Tess says.

Liz just stands there.

I just stand there.


“Oh…” is all I managed to get out and even that makes my voice crack.

I listen to tell me how Max and she wanted to get by themselves for a while and I cringe.

I look to Max to deny this but he is just staring at me.

He nods and looks at Tess.

He nodded to agree. I guess he didn’t want to kiss ME after all huh? I just say ‘okay’ and go back in practically running.

My heart just feels like it has been ripped out and handed back to me, courtesy of Max Evans and Tess Harding. I go back to Sean and do the only thing I can think of.

I attack Sean’s lips as soon as I get back to our seats and he is more than happy to oblige. His hands are roaming like they usually are and I can hear the woman in front of us saying how she is repulsed at the way the youth of America is acting these days. Like Rabbits in heat, she says.

I continue kissing Sean and I open my left eye to see that the movie is now at the part where the girlfriend finds out that the love of her life was someone else. I know how she feels in a way only my way is much more complicated.

Max is now with Tess apparently and I am still with Sean.

We continue making out and I am doing this to get rid of the pain. Get rid of my feelings I have of guilt because I know that Max can be with whoever he wants. After all, I have been with Sean for months now. It’s my fault for not telling him sooner. Screw whatever feelings Max has for me if he has any at all. Screw whatever feelings I have for him because I’m with Sean.

He’s with Tess. I’m with Sean, I remind myself.

I hear a loud cough and look up to see the lovebirds have returned to their seats, so I stop kissing my boyfriend who is kind of in a daze.

We continue to watch the movie and I decide that the psycho girl in the movie reminds me so much of Tess that I have to giggle a little. Weird how I can laugh when inside I feel like everything is shattering.

Max looks over at me, furrows his brow and smiles. “What are you laughing at?” he asks me and nudges me.

I look over him and my smile I had from laughing quickly fades because all I can see his him kissing Tess. I remember what Maria said about how Max likes me and I wonder if this is what he felt every time Sean and I kissed.

Payback is a fucking bitch I tell you.

After a while Max leans over and whispers to me. “We need to talk.”

“There’s nothing to talk about.” I whisper back.

“Liz, yes there is.” He whispers back to me.

“Congratulations.” I tell him and point to Tess who is wrapped up in the movie now.

“For what?” He shakes his head. As if he didn’t know.

“You and Tess.”

“Oh. That.”

“Yeah, that.”

“Meet me on your balcony at around midnight?”

“Okay.” I agree

“Are you alright?” he asks and I still haven’t looked over at him through this whole quiet conversation.



This situation couldn’t get much worse I decide that is, until I feel Sean pat me on the back and say “Way to go Evans. Harding is quite a piece of work.”

We are walking out of the theater and to our cars to pick up the girls on the curb since it is starting to rain.

Tess and Liz are standing right inside the movie theaters watching us out the doors. I can see them talking when I look back and I just pray that Tess isn’t doing more damage.

“It’s not really what you think, Sean.” I tell him shaking my head.

“What? It’s alright if you bang the girl, Evans. I know that I would want to if I didn’t have Liz. Now that’s what you call a fine piece of ass…if you know what I mean.” He says and I stop. I can’t stand that he talks about her the way he does. I grip the keys in my hand and keep quiet, though wanting to shove my fist down his throat.

“Well, Liz is very smart and beautiful. Any guy would be lucky to have her.” I say calmly because I can’t just let him disrespect her like that.

“Hey man.” Sean stops. “Listen,” he walks right up to me and stares me down. “I know that you and Liz are close. In fact, I can’t get her to shut up about you and then I notice how close you get to her. Especially when I’m not around. Do you have a thing for my girl?”

“No. She and I have always been close and it’s something you can’t understand so back off.” He pushes me against my jeep and that’s it.

I push him back ten times harder and clench my fist when the rain comes down in a downpour.

He backs off. “I’m watching you Evans.” He says and goes to his car.

He just started calling me Evans and I want to kick his ass so badly right now that I almost go after him. I’ve learned to not draw attention to myself though and I slowly get in my jeep.

One day though, I am afraid I won’t be able to hold my anger back. I am worried that day is going to come soon with the way things are right now.


“So Sean seems like a very cool guy.” Tess tells me and I just nod.

“Um yeah, you could say that.” I just say and wrap my arms around myself like I do when I feel insecure.

“How is he in bed?” She asks and raises an eyebrow.

“Well, I don’t actually feel comfortable discussing things like that with you, Tess.” I say maturely. Look at me, acting all grown-up.

“Oh. Right, well I’m just making small talk. I bet Max is a God in bed.” She says and I wrap my arms around myself even tighter.

“Yeah, well I wouldn’t know.” I say gritting my teeth and looking out the window.

“I can’t wait to find out. When I do Liz, I’ll be sure to let you know.” She says and I can’t stand it anymore.

“And how do you exactly plan to do that, Tess? By climbing in his bed again and him kicking you out? Go right ahead.” I tell her, now facing her.

“Oooh now we see the real Liz Parker coming out.” She says. “Sure, I’ll climb in his bed but next time, he will be asking me to.”

“Oh sure, like all the other guys that you have slept with, right Tess? Max isn’t like them” I retract back.

“You don’t know anything about me so don’t pretend to aight?” She says and moves closer to my face which I am about to remove from my site.

“And you don’t know a damn thing about me so don’t you pretend to. Got it?” I ask and stare at her like I did the time I punched her a while back.

She backs off. “Look, Liz I thought we maybe could be friends but obviously you are jealous, and you can’t really base a friendship on that, now can you?” She says and goes out the door.

“Well, I thought we maybe could be friends since I thought you were over that psychotic stage, obviously you’re not. And I am not jealous of you, Tess. I don’t get jealous of little girls who act like 12 year olds.” I say as I wave at Max who is in the jeep looking very confused and I get in the car with Sean.

It’s been a long night and is about to feel even longer.


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Hey Everyone! sorry I didnt get to post hellos and thank yous in my previous part post. I just got the internet back up and running on my computer and was going around fixing some things.

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ForeverDreaming8602 - Welcome! Im glad you are liking it so far. Sean and Tess wouldve been a good couple on roswell wouldnt they? lol.

Hey Eccentric One, roswellluver, moonieADT, and bridge52 *happy* I know it kinda seems angsty right now but I am a dreamer so I know what its like not wanting to be put through a lot for too long. Ill post the next part soon!

thanks again and later! Jen

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Hey guys!

I want to apologize for not coming back here in a while. I havent forgotten about this story or you wonderful people but its been hectic these past few weeks. I have half of the next part written and am working on it so it should be out soon. thank you so much for being patient with me and everything.

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I am finishing proofreading part 10 right now. (thanks erin) so it will be posted tonight

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Author: Liz Evans a.k.a Jen
Title: Cherish your name
Category: Max and Liz AU
Rating: PG-13 – R.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything so don’t sue ;).
Email: DreamgirlJen⊕
Feedback: Yes Please. Let me know whether to continue writing this.
What this is about: It’s from Liz’s point of view and Max’s point of view. Max and Liz are best friends and it is their senior year at West Roswell High. Something happens that brings them closer and this fic is their story. It’s an alternate universe but there still are aliens. You’ll see.

Part 10

I just dropped Tess off at her house, Nascedo is back in town.

Tonight was one of the happiest nights and saddest nights of my life. I realized that Liz wanted to kiss me last night, but at the same time I realized how messed up her life would be if she was pulled into this..this…alien abyss.

I drive as slow as I can to the Crashdown, thinking about what I am going to say to her.

Damn Tess.

I hate that she was right.

If I am with Liz then I will tell her everything about what we are. I trust Liz with my life and I know that we would be safe with her but question is, would she be safe with us? With knowing what we are.

I just can’t put her in danger like that.

And then I think of the other reason why I am so nervous. If Liz did ever find out about me, then I know she would be hurt that I lied to her all of these years. I am afraid for her to see what I am.

I keep picturing her face when she saw Tess kissing me.

I know that I saw pain there and I wanted nothing more than to run to her and take her in my arms telling her that she is the only one for me. But, then again, I just can’t do that now no matter how ready I am. Her safety is something I just cannot risk that.

I don’t know what made me ask Tess out tonight. It was a bad idea. Very bad. I guess just seeing Liz with Sean and me wanting to be in his place just for some reason made me do it. I am dreading Saturday, but I did tell her I would take her.

I am almost halfway there when my cell phone rings.


“Hey Max.” It’s Liz and I can hear her voice shaking a little.

“Um about that talk tonight, I’m really tired and we will see each other at school tomorrow so we can just talk then okay?” She says this in one breath and I know she is just trying get out of the talk even though I am relieved because I have no idea what I was going to say.

I decide not to push it further. Little did I know that we wouldn’t talk for a whole week!

“Okay Liz, I will see you tomorrow then.”

“Max, I’m sor-“

“No, it’s okay, really.” I tell her and turn around in the hardware store’s parking lot.

“Okay. See you tomorrow Max…Goodnight”

“Goodnight, Liz.”


Okay so it’s Friday afternoon and I have managed to avoid “the talk” with Max so far…

I know what you all are thinking…what kind have crack have you been smoking Liz?

Well none lately, thankyouverymuch. It’s just that seeing Tess and he kissing right after I was finally going to tell him how I felt, definitely put a damper on things, I guess you could say. Then seriously, I have 5 tests all this week so studying has been something very much present in my life this week. Plus, it hasn’t been hard to avoid him since I think that he has been avoiding me as well.

I hate this. I fucking hate this! We are best friends for pete sakes and best friends don’t do this! I don’t want to lose Max as a friend but I want him more than a friend! I can’t have both. Ah but I am just ranting right now.

“Let me guess, thinking about Max again?” Maria comes and sits next to me under the tree. I just sigh and nod knowing that she knows anyways so there is no point in denying it.

“Michael says that you two haven’t talked all week Liz… that’s like a record!” She opens her bag of carrots that she is holding and munches on one.

“Not true. Remember that time I went to went to Florida for a few weeks to visit my aunt?” I say proudly.

She just shakes her head. “You sneaked and called him collect every other day at the UFO center because he told you to.”

I scrunch up my nose. “Damn you and your great memory!” I say pointing and smiling.

“Okay it is a record then. But I have also been busy with studying and everything. Thank God this week is over, Maria. I don’t know how much more I can take, with the teachers having gone crazy giving us tests all in one week, and then Max and I not talking.”

She shakes her head and munches some more on the carrot.

“Well the Max and you not talking thing is you guy’s fault.” Maria says, pointing her half-eaten carrot at me.

“I know.”

“Go talk to him.”

“I can’t...”

“You can...”

“I can’t!”

“You can!”

“I can’t!!”

“You CAN’T!!!”

“I CAN!!!”

She smiles.

Wait... “Maria! Why do you always do that!?” I smack her playfully and laugh. We go through this a lot. If you ever need someone to argue with or convince you to do something you think you don’t want to do but really do then Maria is that person you wanna call.

I get my books and get off the grass to head towards 6th period, where Max happens to be working on an experiment or something.

I reach the room and stop just inside the door. He is talking to the slugs and I have to stifle a laugh.

“Why don’t you guys just go at it already?” he says as he keeps poking them around.

“Max Evans making his own slug porno? Very interesting,” I say grinning as I go and sit next to him.

He just looks at me kind of surprised but then his features soften.

“Yeah, well it would be much easier to get them to work if I had some Marvin Gaye going you know.” He raises his eyebrows twice and I laugh.

“Max—Liz” we say each others name at the same time.

We give a shy smile at the same time.

“I’m so sorry.” I decide to speak up first. He looks up at me with confused eyes and I know that I have put that confusion there.

“Max, you are my best friend and my rock and this past week not talking to you has been like I misplaced something but I knew where it was. Everything has just been hectic this week between tests and then....then I don’t know, everything that happened Sunday. I just withdrew.”

“Liz, you have nothing to apologize for and it takes two not to talk to each other and I have sure done my part as well. I haven’t talked to you for basically the same reasons and I thought you were mad at me over Tess. I know you don’t care much for her.”

I just nod my head and look away. “Yeah, well I know you don’t care much for Sean either,” and he nods. “You got that right.” He says and grins at me. I just shake my head and give him a half smile.

“She is the one who kissed me. I still don’t think her more than a friend, Liz.”

Thank GOD

I look at him out of the corner of my eye suspiciously. “You don’t?” I ask.

“No. I’ve even made it clear to her. But you know how she is.”

“Yeah I do.” I say and then without even thinking about it first I have to ask. “What is your type Max?” Obviously not the blonde bimbo type I smirk to myself.

He get this serious cloudy look on his face as he looks at me after I ask him this question and I look down at the desk and some of the indentions. And my eyes go wide as one of the indentions catches my eye.

It says M.E. + L.P.

What the…..?

“Liz—“ he starts to say but is interrupted by Mrs. Hardy walking in. “How is that mating coming along Max?” She says and we pull away abruptly.

“No mating here.” He says as he puts his hand through his hair.

Mrs. Hardly looks at him strangely.

“Doesn’t look that way anymore.” Mrs. Hardy says as she looks down at the slugs that are now apparently going at it.

I look over at Max and laugh because he is blushing furiously. He’s so adorable.

Mrs. Hardy leaves the room after writing something down on a score sheet and leaves Me, Max, and the humping slugs alone.

“Well, I’ll just leave you three alone since I’ve got to get to work in half an hour.” I say and grab my books to leave. He laughs and nods.

“Liz, wait.” I turn around and before I know it, Max Evans is hugging me close and running his fingers through the back of my hair.

“I...I’ll see you later Liz.” And before I know it he’s already going back to his table.

I just stare at him kind of in shock because we haven’t hugged like that in a really long time. I keep thinking. M.E. + L.P. It’s starting to hit me like a ton of bricks.

I think - Max Evans and Liz Parker.

“Liz, I remember and I wanted to kiss you so much then.”

That’s what he revealed to me and I cannot believe that I just pushed it aside. People who are just friends don’t say that but he hasn’t brought it up again. Neither have I though… He is not letting this happen for some reason and I have to find out why.

What is he so scared of?

Is he afraid of what I was? Of our friendship getting lost in the mix? I have to find out and make him see everything will turn out okay.

It is up to me now. I am a woman on a mission.


“Yeah, Later Max.” and with that I turn and walk away.


the next part is pivotal so you won’t wanna miss it! Thank you all so much for behring with me and sorry it took me so long to get my ass back here! lol. The Feedback is wonderful and I will see you guys later!

Thanks! Jen

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I just wanted to say thanks again for being patient and part 11 will be up soon! *happy* I am working on it now and its coming out longer than most of the parts I have posted it so look for it toward the end of this week! Thanks! you all are wonderful!

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Hey Everyone! Thanks again for the FB and the bumps! You all are completley awesome. Sorry it took longer than expected but this is the longest part I have written so far so it took a little while longer. lol for some reason I always end up posting at odd hours of the night but oh well, call me a night owl. Let me know what you think and thanks again! And on with the story...

much love, Jen.

Author: Liz Evans a.k.a Jen
Title: Cherish your name
Category: Max and Liz AU
Rating: PG-13 – R.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything so don’t sue ;).
Email: DreamgirlJen⊕
Feedback: Yes Please. Let me know whether to continue writing this.
What this is about: It’s from Liz’s point of view and Max’s point of view. Max and Liz are best friends and it is their senior year at West Roswell High. Something happens that brings them closer and this fic is their story. It’s an alternate universe but there still are aliens. You’ll see.

Part 11

It’s already Saturday night and I finish putting my tux on. Yes, I decided to wear a tux instead of the vest outfit I was going to wear. Michael was forced to wear one so he pressured me into it, saying something about men having to stick together.

For some odd reason the West Roswell High homecoming dance is almost bigger than prom.

Tess is in there with Isabel getting ready and I’ve heard so much giggling going on tonight I want to shoot myself.

giggle “Oh Maxxxieee are you ready yet?” giggle giggle

I roll my eyes as I finish putting on my clip-on and turn towards the door where Tess and Isabel are now standing.

“Come on, Max. Mom wants to take pictures before we leave.” Isabel says and turns to meet Alex downstairs.

Tess walks up to me as I start to go out the door wearing a short red dress that obviously Isabel picked out. If she had her way than the entire population of Earth would be wearing red. I kid you not.

“Max, I want to thank you again for going with me to this. You’re a great guy, you know.” Tess compliments me and I just smile at her. Then I frown, remembering what she did last Sunday night and what I found out what she said to Liz.

“Thanks, Tess…You know, you still owe an apology to Liz. I haven’t forgotten about that.” I say as I go to put her corsage on. I smirk. How romantic, right? She is really pretty tonight but she’s no Liz Parker. Am I such a great guy now, Tess?

She pulls her hand back abruptly right after I finish. “If YOU are so smitten with HER, and obviously the girl is so taken with you, then why aren’t you together Max, huh? Oh right…that’s right, I forgot… you just happen to be an alien king who is destined to be with one of your own! Want to explain THAT to her, Max?”

I stare at her thinking long and hard.

“Yeah, I do.” I say it simple. I have always wanted to tell Liz.

Tess opens her mouth like she is shocked and I smirk. “Wha? Max.. I was making a statement there saying you CAN’T.” She says pointing at me.

“She’s been my best friend for years, Tess. YEARS. I am in love with her. How can I not tell her?” I say firmly. I’m finally opening my eyes. I was scared of her getting hurt. Of putting her life in danger but if we tell her then we can protect her more I believe.

I feel relieved.

I feel determined.

I feel… SCARED.

“Because you would be a dumbass if you did!” Tess snaps me out of my thoughts. “How could you even think about putting all of our lives in jeopardy Max? Huh? Just what would Michael and Isabel think?”

“I already told them.”


“I already had a talk with them, last night about it. They said it’s my decision and they are behind me if I want to do it. I think they are relieved because they know that Liz is trustworthy. I think part of them wants to tell Alex and Maria, too.” I tell her.

I didn’t invite her to the ‘meeting’ because I know that she would object. I knew that even though Michael and Isabel wouldn’t think it was the best decision, they would still support me. Michael knows how I feel about Liz so he was all for it as long as she doesn’t tell anyone. Isabel, even though she pretends to be the Ice Princess a lot around Liz, knows I have been wanting to do this ever since third grade.

“And you don’t even ask me? Max, I’m hurt.” Tess says with tears in her eyes. I put my hand on her shoulder because I do feel bad for her.

“Tess I already knew what your answer would be. I had to get their opinion.” I tell her.

“You’ve went like 8 years without telling her. Why now?” She asks and turns her back to me.

“Because, that is 8 years of living a lie. I don’t want to pretend anymore.”

She nods, knowing that I am not going to change my mind on this.

Tonight. Tonight is the night everything changes. For the better or worse I am still nervous about. What if Liz never wants to see me again for lying to her for so long?...

No, I have to think positive.

“Everything will be okay, you will see.” I tell her reassuringly, and we start to walk down the stairs. I want to believe myself. I need to believe myself.

“Well, when she slips up then don’t expect me to stick around to be taken by the F.B.I. Max.” She says as her final statement before we join Isabel and Alex in taking pictures.

I know she is upset but she will get over it. She knows it is the right thing to do to tell Liz. She is just so jealous of her. I can even feel it coming off of her sometimes in waves.

“Smile everyone!” My mom shouts as we continue to take pictures.

This is going to be a long night.


“Liiiiiizzzzzz! Come on! Your mom wants to take pictures!” Maria screams from downstairs.

I am still up in my room getting my hair ready for the homecoming dance. I think I may have just put another hole in the ozone layer with as much hairspray I have holding my hair up.

I look in the mirror smoothing down my long black dress.

Lipgloss – 5 bucks

Lovely black dress – 78 bucks

Little black shoes – 20 bucks

Telling your best friend that you love him – Priceless.

Yes folks, I am going to tell him.

I am tired of pretending.

This could turn out to be the best night of my night or the worst and I take deep breaths to prepare myself. This is how I am going to succeed in my mission. If I fail, then at least he will know. I just hope he feels the same way.

I walk down the stairs through the door to the Crashdown and I run into a hard body.

Max Evan’s body.

I look up at him stunned because for one, I was just lost in my thoughts about him and two, I want to literally eat him with how handsome he is looking tonight.

“Wow.” I hear him say as he looks at me.

“I know what you mean.” I say looking him over and smiling. I bet my cheeks are so red right now.

“Liz…Liz you look…amazing.. Wow..” he stutters and I smile. He is so adorable!

“Thanks,” I blush. “You look pretty incredible there, yourself Mr. Evans.” I say and wink at him. He gives me one of those famous smiles which he doesn’t do too often and laughs.

“Maria had just sent me to come and get you.” He says nervously.

“Yeah.” I say back just as nervous.

“We should…”

“Go on out there…” I finish.

“Yeah.” He says.

“Yeah” I say.

“Yeah” he says back

“Yeah” I say once again.

“Yeah.” He says once again.

And this, my friends, is what you call an intelligent conversation between two nervous teenagers.

“Yeah.” I say finally and we are both just still staring at each other. This reminds me of when we used to have staring contests when we were younger. I always won, of course and Max always claimed he just had something in his eye, always wanting a rematch.

We walk out and I am being pulled away from Max and into Sean’s side.

“Hey babe,” he says and kisses me.

“Hey Sean, you look great.” I say, complementing my boyfriend who will only be that for a few more hours.

Yes, tonight is the going to be a big night. Me, confessing my love to Max. Me, breaking it off with Sean. I really want to stay friends with him though, if he wants to that is.

“You do too but I thought you were going to buy that blue dress I picked out for you with the yellow stuff around it?” He says, looking me over.

What the hell?

“Uh…yeah, about that. I decided to go with this one. Don’t you like it?” I say, batting my eyes. I’m getting pissed fast.

“Yeah, it’s uh, fine.” Sean smiles and I look at him with squinted eyes as my mom snaps a picture of us.

I steal a quick look over at Max and he is grinding his jaw again next to Tess. Poor thing. He is always looking out for other people’s feelings. He didn’t want her to go alone tonight even with the way she has treated he and I over the few years she has been here.

“Don’t you two look lovely.” My mom says, coming over to us and hugs us. She takes a few more pictures of Sean and I and then all of us as a group.

“Chee Mrs. Parker, We would love to stay and take more pictures for you and Mr. Parker but we have to get going if we want to make an entrance.” Sean says, sucking up to my mother as always.

She eats this up. It’s quite sad how my parents love Sean. They think he is this ‘swell’ guy. I used to think so too but once you get to know him.

I sneak away while Sean continues to kiss my mothers ass to go talk to Maria who is smiling next to Michael.

“Wow, how did she ever get you in a tux Mike?” I say smiling.

“I hate it when you call me that and you bet your ass she’s going to make it up to me,” Michael says giving Maria a glare. He tries to look all serious but fails when she winks at him and he smiles. Those two are so adorable even when they are fighting, which is quite often. Maria tells me that the make-up make-out sessions are always worth the fights though.

“So are you and Sean going to ride with us right?” Maria asks. Isabel, Alex, Max, and Tess are all riding in the Jeep and I assume that Me, Sean, Michael, and Maria will ride together too so I nod my head. That would only make sense, right?

“No, we are just going to take my car.” Sean says walking up and putting his arm around me. I tense up and give Maria an apologetic smile. I told her I was breaking up with him after the dance tonight. I decided to wait till after since Sean says the dance is very important to him for some reason.

Max and Tess come up and we all chat for a few minutes. Mostly Max is joking with Michael about their ‘penguin suits’ and such.

Alex and Isabel step up behind us. “Shall We?” Alex says and we all follow them out the door.

I take a final glance back at Max who is staring right at me as we get into our vehicles.


“Great dance, right Max?.” Tess says to me as we are dancing. Despite our argument earlier, we still are attempting to have fun. We are out on the dance floor dancing to a fast song and I laugh as I look next to us and see Alex doing the robot and Isabel rolling her eyes and smiling at him.

“Yeah” I shout over the music. We have been here for about two hours now and I haven’t seen Liz in about an hour. I am going to go look for her.

“Want some punch?” I shout again and have to repeat myself because the music is so loud. “Sure!” is her reply and I am off.

I look for a few minutes and still have no luck. I see Michael finally leaning against the wall of paper flowers and go towards him.

“What’s up Maxwell?” He asks as he walks towards me. “Looking for Liz, have you seen her?” I ask as we walk out into the hall way so we can actually hear each other.

“Yeah, she went with Maria to the bathroom a few minutes ago. Why they always have to go in pairs I will never understand.” Michael says, shaking his head.

I smile. “Yeah, I know what you mean.”

“So, let’s cut to the chase Max-a-million. You gonna tell her tonight, or what?”

“Yeah. I am, I just hope everything goes okay and she doesn’t run off screaming into the night. Although knowing Liz, she would make a list of questions instead.” I tell him running my hand through my hair. She’s my little biologist.

“I was talking about you telling her that you are in love with her.”


”You are in love with Liz, aren’t you?”

“Yes. Completely.”

“Look, I ain’t the sappy type or whatever but I think you two would be much happier if you were together.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Good. Now about the other thing, just don’t screw it up Max, or it’s our asses on the line.”


“So then, I go outside right? And who do I see but Vikki Delaney and Kyle going at it in the back of his pick-up truck right outside in the back parking lot.” Maria tells me in the bathroom.

“Oh my gosh, so like clothing was off?” I ask my best friend, who keeps me up to date on all the latest gossip.

“Tops were partially off, I guess you could say.” She says as she puts her lipgloss back in her purse.

We talk about it a little more when we start out of the bathroom in the main hallway when we see Max and Michael in what looks to be an important conversation.

“Shhh.” Maria shushes me. I start to protest because it’s not exactly polite to eavesdrop but Maria insists I keep quiet. She whispers. “Come on Liz, I never know what’s going on in Spaceboy’s head let me have some insight here.

“So, let’s cut to the chase Max-a-million. You gonna tell her tonight, or what?” Michael says.

“Yeah. I am, I just hope everything goes okay and she doesn’t run off screaming into the night. Although knowing Liz, she would make a list of questions instead.” Max says and I wander what the hell he is talking about.

“I was talking about you telling her that you are in love with her.” Michael tells him and my eyes grow wide as I look at Maria, who has her mouth hanging open.

”Michael—“ Max starts.

”You ‘are’ in love with Liz, aren’t you?” Michael asks once again and I realize that I am now holding in my breath and have a crushing grip on Maria’s hand.

“Yes. Completely.” I hear my best friend who I now know as the guy who is secretly in love with me who I happen to love back, say.

“Oh My God,” I whisper to Maria, smiling. Maria gives a hushed shriek and hugs me. “I knew it! I knew it!” she tells me grinning. “This night keeps getting better and better! Shh…” she says.

“Look, I ain’t the sappy type or whatever but I think you two would be much happier if you were together.” Michael puts his hand on Max’s shoulder and I now have renewed appreciation for Mikey Boy.

“I’ll think about it.” I hear Max say as they walk back into the gym. Well, he is going to think about it sooner than he thinks.

I turn back to Maria because I assume the conversation is over and she is still grinning at me.

“He loves me Maria.”

“He loves you Liz.”

“HE loves ME!” I hug Maria and we slip out from behind the corner and into the hallway.

“I am so happy for you two! Now all you gotta do chica is make him tell you. That boy is slower than a snail when it comes to admitting his feelings.” Maria laughs. I laugh. This is such a great day!

“Speaking of feelings, when are you going to tell Sean that it is over?” Maria asks me.

“Well, first I am going to go back in there and find Max and dance with him, then I am going to attempt to find Sean who seems to be missing all night. I haven’t seen him in about 45 minutes, Maria.

“Good luck, girl.” Maria yells at me as she heads off towards Michael.


I turn around to see her walking towards me smiling and I wonder what put that gorgeous gift on her face.

“Hey,” she says coming closer to me.

“Hey, I’ve been looking for you.” I tell her and offer her a glass of punch. “Having fun?”

“Yeah. You?”


“You know what would be really fun, Max?” She smiles and bats her eyelashes. We flirt like this all the time.

“What’s that?” I ask raising an eyebrow.

She grabs my hand which I stare at because our hands fit perfectly. I smile down at her.

“Let’s dance.” She says and she winks at me. I laugh at her playfulness and the fast song fades to a slower song as we are gravitated towards the center of the dance floor with the colored lights swarming around us and the many couples around us starting to sway.

Turn out the light
just say goodnight, to yourself
may I remind you
when you find you, you're all alone is when you've got to be strong

I put my arms around her waste and she puts her arms around my neck. I sigh blissfully that we are so close like that and all thoughts that she belongs to another leave my mind as I possessively pull her closer.

Cause that's when they call you, in the night
he's got your picture in his mind
he's got your number on a paper at his disposal anytime

She looks up at me with her beautiful eyes and she grins at me. I smile back because its just contagious. “What are you smilin’ about?” I ask wondering.

“Because, I’m happy.” She tells me and bites her lip. I have to hold in a groan as I stare at the tempting lips of my beautiful best friend. friend. Just a friend the thought crosses my mind and I wince.

Is it really true
could you save yourself for someone who, loves you for you
so many times we just give it away, to someone who
someone who you

“Shouldn’t you be with Sean?” I ask and I know I am pouting when I say this. I look into her eyes, the eyes I hope that will not be filled with fear and anger later when I tell her the truth about everything. But all thoughts again leave my mind as she shakes her head, smiling, and pulls herself even closer to me.

She sighs. “Max, I am right where I want to be.” She puts her head on my shoulder and her hand plays with the hair on the back of my neck which is standing still right now because I am in her embrace.

Met in bar
the back of a car
and for a moment you felt important but not in your heart
my self esteem, it's been low, go ahead and count it's been lower than low
I know the feeling of it stealing life out from under me

I step back a little and look at her, a little confused and that’s when she gives me the biggest and most gorgeous smile that I have ever seen.

I want to learn, how you save yourself for someone who, loves you for you
so many times we just give it away to someone who, couldn't even remember your name
could you save yourself for someone who, loves you for you, loves me for me
give it away to someone who someone who will cherish your name

“I’m breaking up with Sean, Max.” She says simply and looks up at me for my reply which all I can ask is “Why?” I realize that I am holding my breath in.

“Because Max,” She takes a deep breath and then looks straight into my eyes.

“I want to be with you.”

This is when everything around us stops. All that exists in the room, hell, the entire world, is just me and this goddess in front of me, who by the way, just admitted SHE wanted to be with ME

Cause I want to learn, can you save yourself for
someone who will love you for you so many times we
just give it away, someone who, couldn't even remember your name
you save yourself for someone who, loves you for you,
loves me for me

My heart is beating 50 times its normal rate and I look down at her in amazement, in love, and in fear that this gift will be taken away from me once she knows the truth.

“Max?” She says my name as her smile starts to fade which I cannot let happen so I do the one thing that I have been wanting to do most for the past 8 years.

I kiss her.

Give it away to someone who, someone who will
cherish your name
cherish your name


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Hey Everyone! thanks so much for the feedback and the bumps! The new part will be out shortly as I am working on it right now.

thanks! You guys are awesome
much love
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Hey Everyone! Happy Valentine's Day even if it is a few hours late. *happy* I wanted to post this earlier today but I still had to go over it but here it is. Thanks so much again, for the feedback and the bumps. It touches my heart. Let me know what you think, and On with the story...

Author: Liz Evans a.k.a Jen
Title: Cherish your name
Category: Max and Liz AU
Rating: PG-13 – R.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything so don’t sue ;).
Email: DreamgirlJen⊕
Feedback: Yes Please. Let me know whether to continue writing this.
What this is about: It’s from Liz’s point of view and Max’s point of view. Max and Liz are best friends and it is their senior year at West Roswell High. Something happens that brings them closer and this fic is their story. It’s an alternate universe but there still are aliens. You’ll see.

Part 12

It is strange to think that one moment, one moment that you may have been waiting for your entire life is finally happening and you just know, you just KNOW that it is going to change the course of your entire life.

That moment is happening right now.

His lips descend on mine and only stay there for about five seconds as he pulls back and looks into my eyes, passionately, lovingly. There is this force that seems to be drawing us together and neither of us are powerful enough to stop it, nor want to. As soon as he pulled back it only took another second for his lips to be back on mine, which were welcoming him all the way.

I open my lips a little more to give him better access as his lips caress mine with such gentleness yet intense enough for my knees to grow week.

I feel like floating.

I feel warmth.

I feel… Home.

I hear clapping and ‘whooing’ around us and I reluctantly pull my lips away, slowly, and we just look into each others eyes. It’s weird how I have looked into these eyes like a thousand times but when I look this time I see love. I see longing and hopefulness, and me. It’s all so familiar yet, not and I could drown in this forever.

I look around and there is a small crowd that has gathered around us. Maria is grinning wide and clasping her hands together, Michael gives us the thumbs up. Isabel is smiling and she winks at me while Alex is making kissing faces at us.

I look back at Max who is still staring at me with one hand still kept in place on my cheek. A blush is creeping through his cheeks and I know I am already as red as a tomato as we just stand there.

“We need to talk,” He says as he grabs my hand.

“Yeah.” Is all I manage to get out. You must remember, I just kissed Max Evans so my speech is very limited right now.

We go out the back of the school where it’s more private and his arms are kept around my shoulders to keep me close and warm. He leans against the brick of the building on the side and pulls me closer to him.

“Let’s hope nothing explodes,” I say smiling as I lean in closer.

“Liz…” My name sounds so sweet coming from his lips which I move closer and closer to until they fuse together. I realize that I have just moaned because this feels so right. It feels damn good to finally be able to kiss the guy who I have been in love with for years now. You would be moaning too, I assure you.

“Liz?..” He says again as we still are kissing 5 minutes later.

“Mmhmm?” Told you that my speech was limited.

“There are so many things that I have to tell you.” After he says this he stops and rests his forehead on mine. I realize that breathing would be good right now as I look into his eyes that I am just drawn to.

I kiss him again and thoroughly. My tongue slides in his welcoming mouth as he sucks it in and we dance with our mouths, showing each other how much we have wanted this for so long and now it is finally happening.

“Oh God... Oh... Max... I’ve wanted this for so long.” I say as I pull back and he is currently paying wonderful attention to my neck with the caress of his tongue.

“Me too, Liz, Me too. Mmm.” He mumbles as he kisses up and down my jaw line and his hands move in circles around the sides of my waist.

“This feels so good. So right.” I tell him truthfully as I take his face in my hands once again and move him back to my mouth.

“Nothing has ever felt so right before.” He says and his mouth moves back to its new home.

He pulls me closer and everything goes hazy. I am on cloud nine and never ever want to come back down after being in Max Evan’s arms and being kissed like I have never been kissed before.

“Liz… talk... we need to...” He manages to get out still kissing me in between the words.

“I know… I know we need to talk about this.” I say, pulling back a little and nodding my head.

“No, not just that Liz. Let’s get out of her---“

Max is interrupted by slow clapping as we stop to see who is intruding on our private moment.

“Well, well, well, I’d have to say…what a surprise. You both fooled me with the friend act for quite some time. I always expected you were a girlfriend –hiccup—stealer Evans, and you Liz, who knew –hiccup-- that innocent little perfect Lizzie Parker would be such a slut in –hiccup— a prude’s clothing.” Sean says, obviously drunk, holding a can of beer in his hands.

Oh shit.


My God. Nothing has ever felt this perfect in my entire life. I almost think of it as a dream as I rush to get us outside, holding her hand tightly in mine.

I don’t even care that the entire student body just saw us confessing our love with our mouths in the gym because I just kissed Liz Parker.

We go down the hallway and I take a quick glimpse to the left where the Eraser room is and where I want to take Liz when we are in school. It’s always been a dream of mine to put that infamous room to use with the woman that I love. But I always thought that was a fantasy, something that could never happen so I just dreamed of it.

Now that my dreams have turned into what seems like reality I feel my stomach rumble at all the possibilities. That is, if she will still have me after she learns the truth.

After what seems like ages, we are finally outside and she is in my arms once again. I want to keep her here forever. Call it my cavealien instincts but I never want to let her go. I want her to be mine.

“Let’s hope nothing explodes.” She says with laughter and a lovely smile and I have to smile back at this. How true. I thought it would be so wrong to be doing this with her because I feared the worst. But how can something so wrong feel so right? I ask myself.

I want this.

I need this.

I love this.

“Liz…” I manage to say right before we start kissing again and it’s the most powerful thing I have ever felt in my life. Fuck the super powers I may hold inside. This right here is enough to send me flying through outer space, as cheesy as it may sound.

“Liz?” I manage to ask as my thoughts turn back to what we really came out here to do.

“Mmhmm?” She moans and… what was I going to say again?

Oh right…“There are so many things that I have to tell you.” I say to her, resting our foreheads, but before I can get out anymore her lips are on mine and I am not one for protesting a beautiful girl wanting me to kiss her.

“Oh God... Oh... Max... I’ve wanted this for so long.” She says to me as I kiss and learn all the wonderful tender places of her slender neck...

“Me too, Liz, Me too. Mmm.” I manage to mumble this as I kiss that perfect jaw line I have been wanting to kiss for so long.

“This feels so good. So right.” She tells me and yep, once again I am kissing her lips lovingly.

“Nothing has ever felt so right before.” I tell her truthfully. This is my new home I have realized.

“Liz… talk... we need to...” I find myself saying once again because I did pull her out here for a reason, after all.

“I know… I know, we need to talk about this.” She agrees and points her finger at both of us. I can’t tell her here though. We have to go someplace more private.

“No, not just that Liz. Let’s get out of her---“

I am interrupted by what sounds like clapping as I turn my head to see Sean Matthews staring at us blankly and clapping his hands slowly.

“Well, well, well, I’d have to say…what a surprise. You both fooled me with the friend act for quite some time. I always expected you were a girlfriend –hiccup—stealer Evans, and you Liz, who knew –hiccup-- that innocent little perfect Lizzie Parker would be such a slut in –hiccup— a prude’s clothing.” Sean says, drunk as hell as he holds a can of beer in his hands and stumbles forward.

She grabs on to my jacket tight as I want to go towards Sean and hit him so hard for calling Liz a slut. I could care less anything he says about me but he can not just call Liz, My Liz, something she is far from.

“Max, Max. He’s drunk.” Liz snaps me out of my thoughts as I finally look back down at her.

“Yeah Evans, He’s drunk but apparently sober enough to –hiccup—realize what you two really are. Freaks.”

“Sean, we need to talk.” Liz says going towards him and trying to show him some compassion. She is, after all, breaking up with him.

“Oh right. Let’s talk then.” He says and grabs her around the waist as she comes to him.

“Ow! Sean let go of me!” Liz screams and I am over there in less than a second pulling her away from him.

“Don’t touch her!” I scream, pissed that he grabbed her so forcefully.

I turn my attention to her and look into her eyes. “Are you okay?” She nods and looks back at Sean who is taking one last chug of the beer can before he throws it on the grass.

“So that’s where you’ve been the last hour that I have been looking for you Sean. Out getting fucking wasted! That’s why this gives me great pleasure to say this. We are through!!!” Liz says with tears in her eyes and I grasp her hand tightly.

“Not that I will be missing anything anyways, babe. It would take a crow bar to get up under that dress since you’re so hell bent on not givin’ it up.”

This is when I snap.

I lose control, and before either of us know it, he is on the ground with a bloody nose and my fist feels really bad right now.

“Fuck! Fuck Fuck Fuck!!” Sean screams, holding his nose with both hands. I hope I broke it with the disrespectful things he just said, even though he is drunk.

I turn around as Liz says my name and she takes my fist in her hands to look at it, making sure I’m not hurt. This is the sweetest gesture I have ever seen.

“You’ll pay Evans.” I hear and right before I can even fully turn around, I see Sean lunging at me with a knife in his hand.

Everything is in slow motion.

The scream from Liz, telling him to stop.

The shimmer of the knife glistening from the moonlight as it gets closer to me.

The hatred in Sean’s eyes I see as he is coming towards me.

Liz running in front of me right before Sean can get to me.

The sound of the knife hitting flesh as Sean’s target is blocked by my love as it goes in her stomach.


I know it's not as long as the other part but behr with me and I'll be back soon!

much love

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Hey guys, thanks for the fb, I am currently working on part 13 but have a lot to do in the next week or so but it will still hopefully be out soon.