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My Sacrifice

Author: Alexia

Cathegory: CC

Disclaim: I don´t own nothing at all. The characters aren´t mine (I wish they were!), the songs are´t mine... Just this whole 'crazy´idea belongs to me!

Spoiler: all the 3 seasons, but most S2 and S3

Sumary: the Roswell gang is called by Langley who wants to show them the true story of Zan, Rath, Vilandra and Ava. There´s a lot that Nasedo, Queen Mother (the hologram) and the book didn´t told.

Author´s note: I tried to balance M&L, M&M, A&I and K&T but in some points I could´t denny my Candy heart.

Feedback: Pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!!

The van stopped in front of the mansion. Max turn down the radio who was playing Stuck in a moment. He get off of the car with Liz and they stoped at the mansion´s gate while the rest of the gang is in the van. Liz noticed two cars outside the mansion, there´s more people in the house.
LIZ: Are you sure it´s a good idea come here like this? Those people won´t be curious to know who we are?
MAX: I talked to Langley on the phone and he said it´s ok. And if someone ask, we are just actors and actresses or producers. They always buy it.
The gate opens. Max and Liz got back in the car and then entered in the garage. Langley was at the door waiting for them.
LANGLEY: Finally!
MAX: You seem glad to see me this time.
LANGLEY: Soon you´ll know why.

They get into the house.
LANGLEY: I´m in the middle of a meeting but you can get knowing the house while waiting. I´ll be right back.
Maria was the firt to follow Langley´s suggestion going to the outside.
Isabel stoped beside Maria in front of the pool.
ISABEL: That´s great!
MARIA: Yeah!
Isabel noticed that the stereo was on to the whole mansion to hear it.
ISABEL: The stereo is always on, Max?
MAX: I can´t remember. I guess it´s just when there´s much people in the house.
KYLE: I can´t hardly wait to hear what this Langley wants to say to us.
MARIA: I just wanna know why I´m developing powers too.
Michael saw a maid opening the glass door and pointed at her.
MICHAEL: The questions will be answered now.
They follow the maid to the study room where Langley was waiting to them sitting on his chair. Everyone got their chair around the big table and sits down to hear the news.
LANGLEY: You people must be asking to yourselves ‘why the mistery?´
MAX: We´re here cause we think you´re the only one who can tell us why Maria is developing powers like us. I mean, I didn´t healed her...
LANGLEY (misterious): Why did the children you healed in Phoenix aren´t developing powers too?
ISABEL: What do you mean?
LANGLEY: Nobody in this room is normal.
MARIA (curious): Are we all aliens?!
KYLE: But we have human parents, I think. We were not adopted after crash in the desert.
LANGLEY: There are other ways to come to Earth, Kyle. And you make it the hard way.
MICHAEL: The Granilith?
LANGLEY: Exactly. It´s a long story. Did you have time to hear it?
MAX: Sure.
Langley call the maid and minutes later she was back with two people the gang knew for a long time.
LIZ (surprised): Alex? Tess? But you´re not...
TESS: Dead? Nope.
MICHAEL: What the hell is going on?
TESS: Alex and I, we pretend to be dead to protect you guys. It was all a mindwrap.
MAX: So you´ve been alive all this time? But what about the rest? What about our son? Was that a mindwrap too?
TESS: No. It was real. Only our deaths were a mindwrap.
ISABEL: Why did you pretend your own death?
ALEX: Remember when I deciphred the book? The last chapter was about other people who was involved with the Royal 4. I showed it to Tess and we decided not to show it to you yet.
LANGLEY: Because you weren´t ready. I bet you know just a few thing s about your former life.
KYLE (sarcastic): Sure. Just now you tell me I´m a martian.
LANGLEY: No, not martian. Compano.
KYLE: Co-what?!?
LANGLEY: Compano. We came of a solar sistem with five planets. Antar, Treasona, Compan, Etern and Havok.
MICHAEL: We already know about that. And so what?
MAX: Michael....
LANGLEY: No problem. I always enjoid the way Rath was straight to the point.

The group was gettin more and more curious about everything. Between the voices of everybody speaking at the same time you can hear the song Mobile plaiyng on the stereo.
LANGLEY: Maria, what about your powers? Tell me, what can you do?
MARIA: Well, I´m frozing thing, forzing the time.
LANGLEY: That was you´re biggest gift.
MAX: You didn´t answered yet, Langley. What they, Liz and Maria and Alex and Kyle have to do with the war? How they can be related to us?
LANGLEY: On the contrary of what was told to you the ruin of Antar didn´t start with Vilandra and Khivar´s affair. It begans with Zan and Ava´s marriage.
TESS: How...?
Langley got up and picked a book on the bookcase and gave it to Max. The book was very similar with the one Tess found on the Roswell´s library.
LANGLEY: The history of your lives are very interesting. That´s why I registered everything in this book. It´s a kind of biography where you´ll find all the answers you´re looking for.
KYLE: We didn´t know how to read this.
LANGLEY: You don´t have to know. It´s just like second nature to you people. You´ll understand everything. Don´t worry about it.
Max took a look at the book. It was writing in antarian ´The Truth History´.
TESS: We´re gonna have flashes?
LANGLEY: A few. I arrenged not to show much things.
ALEX: Why not? What´s wrong with the flashes?
LANGLEY: Some things are gonna catch you out of guard.
MARIA: Like what?
LANGLEY: Did you know that Courtney was your sister?
MARIA: The Courtney?
ISABEL: Now it makes sense that you acted like Max and I, specially when it cames to Michael... Ops, I didn´t mean... Oh my!
Everybody got up laughing at Isabel´s little mistake when Langley got ready to leave the room and like it was far away you can hear No Doubt´s Tragic Kingdom.
LANGLEY: I started to wrote this book when I found out that Nasedo was on Earth.
MAX: So he shouldn´t be...
LANGLEY: Nasedo´s real name was Gethin. All your questions will be answered soon Max.
Max took another look on the book. One of the chapters is called ´The hope´. Liz and Maria looked at the book then to each other and get off of the room hand in hand with Max and Michael.

The gang followed Tess to the pool. Maria was sitting by the pool with her feet in the water and make a gesture to Michael sit next to her. Isabel, Alex and Kyle picked some chairs to sit down. Liz, Max and Tess followed Maria and got comfortable on the floor. Max gave the book to Alex who started to read it.

Vilandra runs off of the breakfast table straight to her room and bounced the door.
At the same time in the palace Zan is trying to organize the last things for the wedding day while talking to Rath about a rebellion.
RATH: The rebels demand that all parts must be enjoyed as one. All the people of the Sistem.
ZAN: This wedding is a proof that we´re doing our best.
RATH: But they didn´t belive you can do it.
ZAN: That´s why you have to marry Vilandra. Doing this the rebels will think you´ve become powerfull.
RATH: I´m powerfull already. What do you mean?
ZAN: With this marriage you can became a king if something happens to me. It will chill out the rebels since they trust in you and not in me.
Zan noticed Ava argumenting with some servants so he runs to see what was happenig.

In her room Vilandra throw herself on the bed and with a move of her hand the phone was floating from the writing desk to her hand. She called to her friend since forever. When the person on the other way of the line picked the phone a small screen showed the image.
VILANDRA: I´m so glad you answered this call! I really need to talk to someone.
KURLOWA: It s looks serious. What´s wrong?
VILANDRA: Zan decided that I have to get married...
Before she finished the sentence the room´s door opens.
RATH: We need one more maid of honor!
Before closed the door Rath noticed that Vilandra was talking to a long brown haired girl.
KURLOWA: Who´s he?
VILANDRA: My fiancé, Rath.
KURLOWA: Rath? Zan wants you to marry Rath?
Vilandra noded
VILANDRA: I have a great idea! You will be the maid of honor.
KURLOWA: Me? No way! I didn´t talk to Zan for years. I think I didn’t even recognize him if I saw him in the street and you want me to be maid of honor on his wedding?!
VILANDRA: You´re coming with your brother anyway. And I need someone to talk too. You can spens some time here, take a break of the college. Come, please. I´ll tell Zan that I found the perfect maid of honor.

On the next day, a couple of hours before the wedding a little bustle get place at the halls of the palace. Zan was getting dress for the cerimony when Rat came to tell him what was happening.
RATH: Vilandra disapeared.
Zan made a move to the servants who stopped to help him get dress.
ZAN: How could she desapeared?
RATH: I don’t know. When I get on her room she was already gone. I have some soldiers looking around the palace but I think we should do it without alarm anyone.
ZAN: Good idea.
They leaved the room and started look for Vilandra. Zan entered on Kurlowa’s room without knock and she didn’t like it at all.
KURLOWA (sarcastic): May I help you, Your Highness?
ZAN: I need to find my sister. Do you come?
KURLOWA: Let’s go.
Zan opened the door to Kurlowa but stood still at the door looking for the girl who turned around to look at him.
KURLOWA: What? There’s somenting wrong?
ZAN (trying not to smile): Your dress. It’s open.
Kurlowa looked at her back and notice the knot wasn’t the way it supposed to be.
KURLOWA: Oh. Wait, I’ll finish...
ZAN: Wait. Give me this.
He tied the knot on her dress and she looked again to see if he did it right.
KURLOWA (embarraced): Thank you.
Going downstairs to one of the gardens Kurlowa tried to break the silence betwen them.
KURLOWA: So, I didn’t knew that kings can be into fashion.
ZAN (ironic): You shoud’ve know. Your brother is a king.
KURLOWA: You’re right. But he’s more into science.
In another garden Chad saw Zan coming downstairs with Kurlowa, so he tried to distract Ava.
CHAD: So. Anxious?
AVA: Yes. I can’t believ eina few minutes I’ll be married with Zan!
CHAD: Your father must’ve be really happy right now.
AVA: He accepted it so easly. I think it’s because I will be a queen.
Chad leaned towards Ava.
CHAD: Are you sure this is what you really want?
AVA: I love Zan.
Chad didn’t care about he just heard. He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her.
CHAD: This was for our good times.

Alex stopped the reading. Tess’ face was blush, she was confused but at hte same time seems like so much things get clear on her mind now. She looked at Kyle.
MICHAEL: Are you ok?
ISABEL: What’s wrong?
Kyle looked back at Tess.
KYLE: That was a flash?
TESS: I think so. Alex, go on.
Alex started to read again.

Vilandra’s sitting on a bench at the garden talking to a charming man who’s trying to calm her down.
VILANDRA: You say that couse it’s not happening to you. Can you firure out how could be get married to someone you consider as your brother?
NICHOLAS: You need to relax, Vilandra. Things can be the way you want. All you have to do is learn how to get it.
Rath aproached distrustful.
RATH: What are you doing here?
VILANDRA: We are... we are... Oh Rath, I’m so happy to see you!
Vilandra huged Rath while Nicholas explained ‘what happened’ to Zan and Kurlowa that aproached too.
NICHOLAS: Vilandra was outside the palace when some rebels tried to attack her.
RATH: Attack her?
VILANDRA: Yeah. I don’t know what they wanted, but they were after me and I don’t know what might have happened if Nicholas weren’t there.
ZAN: Thank you for save my sister’s life.
NICHOLAS: I just did what I have to do.
KURLOWA: Well, we still have a wedding that starts in half an hour.
They got back to their rooms to get dressed for the wedding.
Two days after the wedding Ava insisted that Zan shoud’ve pay more atention to her. He was tired of her complains so he left their room to go for a walk. In the hall he was interrupted by Kurlowa.
KURLOWA: Vilandra told me that somebody’s leaving today to pick up a friend of mine at the college in Etern.
ZAN: That’s true. Some problem?
KURLOWA: It’s just that she left Antar some time ago and she have sort of a secret...
ZAN: I know. You mentioned it yesterday, I guess.
KURLOWA: The point is. Who’s gonna take her?
ZAN: One of my soldiers.
KURLOWA: I know I should have going too far but I have to ask. Is he reliable?
ZAN: Why you’re so worry?
KURLOWA: Iris is my best friend and I worry about what could happened to her during this trip.
ZAN: Since you’re too worried about it I’m gonna send a friend of mine to take her. That’s ok? There’s another thing I should’ve know?
KURLOWA: To make sure that he’s talking to Iris, ask your friend to call her Wallflower. She hates this nickname.
ZAN: That’s all? Fine. He’s leaving in an hour.

there´s much more to come *wink*

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Here´s more...

Afternoon of the next day, Iris’ getting dress to meet her ‘body guard’ at the university’s campus. She put her shoes on, looked one more time in the mirror and leave locking the door.
At the campus she bought a soft drink and get her back against a wall, waiting.
IRIS (thinking): Is he coming or not? How could Lowa send Rath to pick me up? Rath?!
The ski is dark now. The night arrives and Iris was about to lose her patience when she looked at the ski and saw Oreon. She got lost in her thoughts looking at it. That’s when she heard her name. She lokked around and saw a tall man talking to a woman. She could swear he was trying to seduce the poor woman while he ask where he can find that Iris girl. The woman pointed to the wall and he come closer.
RATH: So you’re the famous princess Kurlowa’s friend.
IRIS: Famous? Me?
RATH: Yes. You. Kurlowa demanded that Zan send his best soldier to pick you up.
IRIS (sarcastic): So, where is he?
RATH: Very funny. Seems like you know how to defend yourself and didn’t need a ‘body guard’.
IRIS: If someday I’ll need a ‘ body guard’ it’ll be to defend me from men like you.
RATH (mocking): Powerful, proud and with a lot of fans.
IRIS: Exactly!
She start to walk letting him behind. He followed her.
IRIS: I hope this trip is short.
RATH: A day.
IRIS: What we do for a friend!
RATH: Can you tell me why you hate me so much?
IRIS: Cause you’re Rath.
RATH (sarcastic): And that’s a great reason, I guess.
IRIS: Sure it is. I hate the Royalty.
RATH: So that’s it! You’re a rebel who hate anything who have money. Am I right, ‘honey’?
IRIS: Leave me alone. And don’t call me ‘honey’!
RATH: Sorry, Wallflower.
Iris stopped, turned around furious and trow the rest of the soft drink on Rath’s face.
RATH (ironic): At least it could´ve be more cold.
IRIS (sarcastic): I can buy another if you want.
RATH: All I want is to settle what you did.
IRIS (playing inocent): What do I did?
RATH: I´m not going back to Antar like this!
IRIS: That´s what you get fot piss me off.
RATH: Where´s your room?
IRIS: What? No, no, no! No way!
RATH: Fine. I leave you alone andd you find your way to Antar. On your own.
Iris looked down on him and admit that he has a point.
IRIS: Second floor. But I´m warning that I don´t wanna see anybody walking around the room wearing just a towel!
Rath followed her upstairs laughting.

Rath was in the shower and Iris is looking for some clothes that can fit him. The room is a mess with clothes all over the floor.
RATH: How can you make suck a damage with just a few things?
IRIS: I´ve been practicin.
RATH: I hope you don´t want me to wear this.
Iris turned her head to look at Rath. He was wearing just a tiny towel and holding one of her red bikinis.
IRIS: I´ve been thinking in something more like this.
She trow at him a flowered shorts.
RATH (mocking): Don´t you have something more... pink?
IRIS: That´s the best I could find. It´s a girls room, remember?
Iris took a look at the beds, kinda like those japanese beds that are just a small ´hole´ in the wall, but the antarian ones get most the time closed and only openeds with a password. She tried to open it but with no results.
IRIS: Dammit! Kurlowa changed her password again!
RATH: And you don´t know the new one, I presume.
IRIS: Sorry.
RATH: No problem.
He kicked some clothes to a corner of the room while she jumped on her bed.
RATH: I have seen worsts.
IRIS: During wars?
RATH: Yeah. Can I ask you something?
Iris noded.
RATH: Why do you hate me?
IRIS: I don´t.
RATH: Yes you do.
IRIS: Ok, maybe I hate you. A little. But it´s not my fault. People talk about you on the streets.
RATH: They love me.
IRIS: See it?! You´re so proud of yourself!
RATH: I´m just saying what I heard.
IRIS: The sadest thing is that is true. They love you.
Rath looked up to her.
IRIS: I hate the way they think you´re the ‘saviour’
RATH: Are you talking about me?
IRIS: Yes I do. You know, everybody adore you and you seems to not even care!
She turned out the light to try some sleep.

Alex paused the reading again. Max, Liz, Isabel and Kyle cracked up with laughts. Michael and Maria couldn´t resist and started to laught too. Only Tess and Alex didn´t get the joke.
TESS: What´s so funny?
ISABEL: We just remembered when we found those two...
She pointed at Maria and Michael.
ISABEL: ... in a motel room on route 285.
Michael tossed some water on Isabel.
MICHAEL: F*** off!
Alex gave the book to Isabel and she continued from where he stopped.

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Here´s a little more *happy*

Iris woke up with a good smell coming from the kichen. She got out of her bed and made her way to the kichen to see what Rath was doing.
IRIS:Hum, smells good. What´s that?
She stayed at his side trying to see what he was doig. He started to walk around the kitchen to avert the pan from her. But she followed him.
IRIS: Let me try.
RATH (mocking): No. You hate me.
IRIS: If you let me try, I say I love you.
RATH: I´ll think about it.
She picked a fork on the sink and keep following him.
IRIS(sarcastic): I´ll tell everybody that you like flowered shorts.
RATH: Blackmailer!
She didn´t give up.
IRIS: You´re so stubborn!
RATH: And you´re annoying!
She tried to get some of the pan but as he avert one more time all ended on the sink and the floor.
IRIS: Great!
She trow him a tea towel.
IRIS: Clean it.
RATH: Me? Are you kidding?
He trow her the tea towel back.
IRIS: No. I´m serious. You did it. So you clean it!
And she trow it back to him. They keep playing this silly game till the phone ring. Iris picked up from the kitchen.
KURLOWA: What a mess!
RATH: Blame it on your friend.
ZAN: What the hell is that?
IRIS: Your Captain.
RATH: It´s Higher General.
IRIS: Whatever!
Zan and Kurlowa were surprised to see how they friend are getting along so fine.
KURLOWA: When you´re come back to Antar?
RATH: We supposed to leave yesterday but we have a little problem.
Saying that Rath looked at Iris.
ZAN: Can I speak to Rath in privacy?
IRIS: Sure.
Iris picked the other phone in the living room and continued to talk with Kurlowa.
KURLOWA: I tought you hated Rath.
IRIS: He´s not exactly how I thought.
KURLOWA: He´s engaged.
IRIS: What? You´re thinking that me and Ra… Oh, ewgh!
In the kitchen Zan tells Rath how things are going in the palace.
ZAN: She´s still in her room since you leave. She can´t accept the engagement.
RATH: Did you told her that is all façade?
ZAN: Yes I told her but she just can´t accept it. I think you should talk to her.
Zan is on the staircase lost in his thoughts. Kurlowa sited on a stair next to him.
KURLOWA: Problems?
ZAN: I hate to see my sister so sad.
KURLOWA: And there´s something that you can do?
ZAN: I don´t think so.
She reach for his hand and they kept a warm silence for a moment. From a window at the top of the palace Ava saw everything.
While Isabel´s reading Max hold Liz´s hand and they could see each other, or better say Zan and Kurlowa on the staircase. Apparent no one notice that they´re having a flash cause it happened so much times with Max and Liz that they get used to it.
The guards opened the gate interrupting the moment when Rath and Iris arrived.
IRIS: Lowa, you´re breautiful as princess!
KURLOWA: I am a princess.
IRIS: But you don´t use to wear those kind of dresses like this one.
KURLOWA: Yeah you´re right. Come on, I´ll show you´re room . We have a lot to talk!
They run inside the palace with two servants carring Iris´ baggage.
Rath stopped in front of Vilandra´s room thinking about what to say. So he knocked and entered.
VILANDRA: I don´t wanna talk.
RATH: But you have to listen to me.
Vilandra sit on the chair next to the writing desk.
VILANDRA (harsh): Go ahead.
RATH: What´s the problem with you?
VILANDRA: This engagement. I don´t wanna get married just because of a dozen rebels.
RATH: This dozen rebels are half of the kingdom.
VILANDRA: And so what? I supposed to do all they want?
RATH: It´s better you marry me and not some prince that you didn´t even know.
VILANDRA: No, I don´t think so. I wanna marry for love and not for obligation! Specially with you. We grew up together and I think of you as a brother. You´ll always be my brother!
She couldn´t hold the tears so Rath reached her to make feel better.
RATH: I know how you´re feeling…
VILANDRA (putting him down): No you don´t. If you knew how I´m feeling you alread talked to Zan and made him change his mind!
RATH: Lonnie…
VILANDRA: All I wanna know is if you´ll stil thinking like Zan when you fall in love for someone else. Cause you just love me as your sister and someday you and me, we both will fall for someone and there will be nothing that we can do because you accept my brother´s stuppid idea!
Rath thought that the best he could do now was leave Vilandra alone so he left the room thinking of what she just said.

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*bounce* Thanks.
I always wanted to write this kind of fic but I couldn´t though in a story good enough to be writed.
I´m glad you like it! It means that now I´m doing the right thing *big*

Some days later all the five kings are busy with the assemblage. Knowing that almost the whole royalty will be in the senate Iris took advantage of it to go visit her sister.
COURTNEY: Where have you been lately?
IRIS: I was in the palace.
COURTNEY: In the palace? So now you live with the royal family.
IRIS: It´s not what you´re thinking. Kurlowa is spending some time there and she wants my company.
COURTNEY: But now you´re constantly with Zan and Vilandra and Ava and Rath
IRIS: I know what you´re thinking and the answer is ´no´. I am not goig to give you informations from the palace. Forget it!
COURTNEY: Think about it. You´ll not betray your friends... You´ll be just helping your sister.
IRIS: I can´t. If someone knows that I may be giving you informations I can be arrested!

On the senate the leaders of the five planets are reunited around a table discussing about a peace treaty. Khivar got up irritated.
KHIVAR: I can´t be submissive to Antar! It is not fair!
COLTON: This choice was made decades ago. The leader of Antar have power to command all the five kingdoms. And I believe Zan is a good and impartial leader just like his father.
GETHIN: Impartial?!
Now Gethin got up too.
GETHIN (sarcastic): Sure he´s impartial! He´s impartial to you and Kurt who are more developed than Khivar and I!
The discussion seems to be far from over everytime Zan looked at the first front rank where Ava and Kurlowa were sitting next to each other. Ava smiled back to him while thought if the lovely looks were actually for her. Kurt was standind up at Rath´s side now discussig with Kihvar and Gethin.
KURT: Yes, we are developed now! But it didn´t came for free! And it´s only because we spend our time thinking in how to make it better for everybody. We are not fighting to know who have more power!
GETHIN: What you say about that, Zan?
ZAN: I. I agree with Kurt. We should try to make it better to everyone. So? We sign the treaty?
KHIVAR: Not yet. I have to think about what was proposed today.
COLTON: So we hold off again.
GETHIN: I think so.

The assemblage is over and the senate is almost empty when Nicholas approached to Vilandra.
NICHOLAS: Did you have trouble with rebels lately?
VILANDRA: No. Actually they´re not bothering anyone it´s been a couple of days. Oh, and talking about rebels I want to apologize for all that happened on my brother´s wedding. It´s just that Zan and Rath are overprotectives and didn´t like to see me with a stranger.
NICHOLAS (charming): So you´re saying that I´m a stranger.
VILANDRA (inocent): No, no. It´s just, you know, I´m the youngest and you have to be carreful nowadays.
NICHOLAS: I know what you mean. Would you like to come for a ride?
VILANDRA: I don´t know...
NICHOLAS: Come on. I don´t bite.
VILANDRA: Fine then. I guess.

The night came with a cold breeze and the gang got into the house.
In the dinner room they´re asking questions to Langley while Tess and Maria are picking up the dirty dishes.
TESS: Ava really loved Zan?
LANGLEY: Yes, she loved him. And she was very jealous.
She stood in front of him with some dishes in hand.
TESS: It´s just that after Chad´s kiss I get some doubts.
LANGLEY: Before married Zan Ava was dating Chad. Chad was Colton´s son.
MAX: Colton was the leader of...
LANGLEY: Compan. He was one of the most loyal allied you had. He was the one who teached Rath the arts of war.
Maria and Tess took the dishes to the kitchen and came back to hear more.
MARIA: Vilandra was Kurlowa´s friend since they were children and Kurlowa´s best friend was Iris. They never fight or something?
LANGLEY: It may seem strange but they never fight. Actualy Vilandra and Iris never spended much time with each other.

The boys are on the living room and the girls are in the kichen putting the dishes on the cleaning machine.
LIZ: What are you thinking about all this? I mean, you trust Langley? Did we realy are or were all that he´s saying?
TESS: I believe.
ISABEL: Me too. It´s a good explanetion for everything that happened on the last three years.
TESS: Besides, everything Nasedo told me is making sense now.
LIZ: I know. Teh bond between Max and I is making more sense now too.
MARIA: I just wanna know if in Antar we were like we are now. I mean, fisicaly.
ISABEL: I think so. Cause when I ' turned out´ to Vilandra in La Hoya the guys told me that only my eyes changed.
LIZ: Good. cause I can´t picture myself as a green alien like Marvin the Martian.
The girls started to laugh with Liz´comment.

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In the living room Isabel´s sitting on the carpet embracing a pillow. At her side are Alex and Tess. Kyle is comfortable on a little couch. Liz and Max are together in a sofa in front of the another one where Maria lays on Michael´s arms. A relaxing song spread over the room.
MARIA: Who turned on the stereo?
TESS: Me. That was so nice yesterday.
ALEX: Cool.
Michael trowed the book to Max who started to read it.

KURLOWA: Are you sure you wanna do this?
IRIS: Of course! It´s time for him to see how´s the world out there.
KURLOWA: Isn´t it dangerous?
IRIS: Don´t worry. We´ll be fine. Where´s he?
Kurlowa made her way to the hall and Iris entered in Rath´s room.
IRIS: Ready?
RATH: Are you kidding?
IRIS (cynical): Why?
RATH: I really have to wear this... thing?
IRIS: If you don´t wanna be recognize in the streets, yes. Besides this whole "rebel´s spy" idea was yours.
She opened the door.
IRIS: Let´s go now that Zan is saying goodbye to Ava.
Rath grabed her arm and pulled her to the oposite way she was going.
RATH: This way!
Outside the palace´s gates Iris picked a scarf and tied it in Rath´s left hand.
IRIS: Do you think that everybody had this simbol on their hands?
RATH: Sh**! I totaly forget that! Thanks.
IRIS: You´re welc... Wait!
Rath grabed her arm again and pulled her to a corner hidding of a car that was leaving the palace. Through the car´s window they saw Ava.
IRIS: Where she´s going?
RATH: Visit her father in Treasona.
They waited til the way get safe for them to go arread and joined a group of rebels on their way to the show.

Iris pushed Rath into the crowd and they made their way to the front row.
RATH: Are you sure all those people are rebels?
IRIS: Absolutely. They love this band. And don´t talk like taht anymore cause now you´re a rebel too.
Three girls waved to Iris and she approached.
IRIS: Hey girls!
CAMINE: Where have you been?!
IRIS: I´m in college.
LANASSA: In Etern. Courtney told us.
COURTNEY: You ain´t gonna introduce your friend?
IRIS: This is... Ralf. We meet in college. Ralf these are Lanassa, Camine and Courtney.

The band is rocking the place.
CAMINE: Maybe it´s just me but this Ralf guy reminds me of Rath.
LANASSA: Me too!
She turned around to talk to him .
LANASSA: What you think about get in the stage and make a speach after the concert?
RATH: No way!
LANASSA: Why not? Are you shy?
RATH: I´ll think about it.
Courtney is a little far from them speaking and giggling with some guys and they didn´t stop stare at Iris and Rath. Iris notice that and tried to hear what they´re talking.
COURTNEY: I dunno. She says he´s a guy she meet in college. But I´m sure they´re not dating.
WADE: Why? She don´t like dates?
COURTNEY (sarcastic): Oh she likes. When she gets one!
They laught.
NATT: How did you call her? Wallflower?
COURTNEY (mocking): Yeah! She didn´t get along with us and only think on her own simple life.
They stared again to Rath and Iris. Before she noticed Rath gave her a scandalous kiss. Everybody around looked at them clapping. Courtney aproached to them.
COURTNEY: Why didn´t you told you were dating?
IRIS: Well... I...
Rath holded Iris in her arms.
RATH: It supposed to a surprise.
COURTNEY: And it was. What a surprise! My little sister have a boyfriend.
RATH (wispering in Iris ears): Little sister?
IRIS (wispering): It´s a slang.

The concert is almost finished and Rath thinks it´s better leave now before it ends.
IRIS: What the hell did you thought when you kissed me?!
RATH: I just did what it needs.
Iris gave him a indignation look and pushed him to open space in the crowd so they could leave the arena and go back to the palace.
RATH: You didn´t explained me that "sister" thing between you and Courtney.
IRIS: I told ya. That´s a slang!
RATH: I don´t buy it.
IRIS: That´s up to you.
He turned around and huged her again.
RATH: Tell me or I kiss you again!
IRIS: There´s nothing to tell!
RATH: I know you have!
He tried to kiss her but she avoied him.
IRIS: Stop it!!!
RATH: Are you gonna spill? Are you a rebel?!
IRIS (pointing at the crowd): You too.
RATH: You know what I meant.
IRIS: Ok. I tell you. But not here.
RATH: Where?
IRIS: I´ll think about it.
RATH: You´re cheating.
IRIS: I am not! I said I´ll tell ya and I´m gonna do it! Ok?!
He let her go from his arms and the kept walking into the crowd.
IRIS (under her breath): Jerk.
RATH: I hear that.
IRIS: Great.

At the palace Kurt is enjoing the company of the two princess.
VILANDRA: I heard about your new research.
KURLOWA: He just think about it now.
VILANDRA: And it´s about what?
KURT: Clones.
VILANDRA: I thought we already know how to create a clone.
KURT: But this is different. The idea is remake ourselves.
VILANDRA: What do you mean?
KURLOWA: I didn´t get it too.
KURT: Actualy we collect the essence of what we want to clonate and mix it with DNA so this person or thing didn´t die. Or if you prefer it reborn.
VILANDRA: That´s realy interesting. Did you make tests?
KURT: Only with plants and animals. Now we´re preparing to make it with persons. But it´s a delicated job.
Kurt and Vilandra and Kurlowa looked at the two happly youngs that just arrived. Vilandra didn´t helped herself of be a little jealous about the way Rath seem to be less serious and more opened just because of that Iris chick. Before Iris came to Antar the only person who affected him like that was her, Vilandra. And now she´s not the only one.
KURT (mocking): Where´s the party?
IRIS: Party?
Kurlowa looked at Iris and then it strikes her. She and Rath are yet undercovered as rebels. So she laught.
IRIS: We were on a concert.
VILANDRA: A rebel´s concert?! Did you know how dangerous it is?!
KURT: Dangerous? They adore Rath!
KURLOWA: Even thou, if Zan finds out...
RATH: He won´t.
Iris put her arms around Kurt and Kurlowa.
IRIS: I´m tired. Let´s get inside.
Rath stood with Vilandra and yelled to Iris who was almost inside the palace.
RATH: You own me one!
VILANDRA: One what?
RATH: Nothing important. So you talked to Nicholas?
VILANDRA: Nicholas?
RATH: Seems you´re getting pretty close to him.
VILANDRA (playing inocent): He saved my life once. I´m just being polite like my mother teached me.

At the same afternoon but in Treasona Ava is waiting for her father to finish the strange conversation he was having at the phone.
AVA: I missed you so much daddy
GETHIN: How´s like to be a queen?
AVA: I thought it was easier.
They made their way to another room of the castle.
GETHIN: You look tired.
AVA: Problemss with Zan. He´s not the same since that Vilandra´s friend came to Antar.
GETHIN: What´s wrong?
AVA: He´s spending so much time talking about politics and all kind of stuff with Kurlowa that I don´t think he pay atention in me sometimes.
GETHIN: They´re just friends. Problably you´re overreacting.
AVA: I hope so.
After this little chat with his daughter Gethin made another phone call.

At the dinner Ava and Gethin cotinued to talk about Antar and other things.
GETHIN: You can talk to me anytime you want.
AVA (distrustful): Are you planing something with Khivar?
Gethin didn´t answered.
AVA: I knew it!
GETHIN: You should join us.
AVA: And what I win?
GETHIN: Freedom. Don´t you wanna get free from Kurlowa? If we´re on the command she won´t be more interest in your husband.
Ava thought about what her father just said before she speaks.
AVA: Nobody gets hurt, right?
GETHIN: Sure. Did you think I´d hurt your husband or his family, honey?

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Thanks. *wink* Now, back to the story!

Some days later Ava is trying to distract her mind from the troubles and worries so she looked for Chad´s company.
AVA: You companos enjoy a good fight, right?
CHAD: We do our jobs. Actually Compan is one of the most calm planets I ever seen. And you know I travel a lot.
AVA: Is it true that there´s a planet almost like our solar sistem?
CHAD: Yeah. They call it Earth. People from Earth look quite like us and the atmosphere is kind of similar too.
AVA: It must be great to travel like that. Get to know new people, new cultures.
CHAD: You´re feeling stuck in Antar.
AVA: How did you know?
CHAD: You always have this puppy face when you´re sad.
AVA: Puppy face, hun? Come on! I wanna say hi to Colton.

In Antar the very yellow sun is brighting and Iris thougth it was a good time to visit her sister again. Iris was so amused that did´t noticed someone following her.
She knocked on the door, looked through the window and started to call her sister.
IRIS: Courtney! Oh Courtney!
From inside the house she heard the answer.
COURTNEY: Stop yelling you anxious!
Courtney opened the door.
IRIS: Let me get inside first.
They made their way to the kitchen and Iris picked a chair sitting with her arms leaned against the back of the chair.
COURTNEY: I heard that the king is planing a trip. Is it true?
IRIS: Yeah. They´re going to Havok.
COURTNEY: They? So Rath is going too?
IRIS: Rath and Kurlowa and Vilandra are going with Zan.
COURTNEY: Vilandra is having an affair with Nicholas.
IRIS: Who told you that?
COURTENY: I have my informers.
IRIS: Leave her out of your business. She´s a nice person.
COURTNEY: So why she didn´t want Rath?
IRIS: She must have her reasons.
COURTNEY: And you? I heard from another person that you were escort by Rath from Etern to here. Why you didn´t told me?
IRIS: Cause I knew you wouldn´t leave me in peace after get know that.
COURTNEY: You lived with the rebels. You should´ve be used to it.
IRIS: But I don´t. And why this veneration?
COURTNEY: It´s not veneration! We just think that Rath is more abble to be a leader. Remember the rumour that he supposed to be the leader of Etern?
IRIS: That´s legend.
COURTNEY: So why Kurt don´t have the V on his left hand?
IRIS: How I suppose to know? By the way, did you ever saw Rath´s hand?
COURTNEY: I didn´t have this rare oportunity. But you have. So tell me. He have the simbol?
IRIS: I didn´t noticed.
COURTNEY: You what? Almost a month and you never looked at his hands?!
IRIS: Why should I? I don´t want him to steal the throne from Zan nor Kurt! Specially because Kurt is my best friend´s brother.
COURTNEY: We don´t want it too. The rebels just want to know if the ´legend´ is true. Is it too much to ask?!
Iris rose from her chair ready to leave.
COURTNEY: Alright. Forget it. Tell me how´s the figth betwen Kurlowa and Ava.
IRIS: Ava is very very jealous, you know. But Kurlowa don´t give up from Zan´s friendship so she keep giving him advices and talking to him. And Ava stil get angry when it happens.
COURTENY: So it´s all fine in Antar´s palace?
IRIS (ironic): It couldn´t be more perfect.
The two of them laught and kept talking the rest of the evening.

It´s late at night and Iris is geting back to the palace in absolutely silence when she was startled by a shadow.
IRIS: You scared me! Wait. Are you following me?!
RATH: All day long. I told you that I would find out your secret.
She hasted her way to the servant´s door but he grabbed her arm.
RATH: Stop.
IRIS: To hear a scold? No, thanks. I´m not a rebel and I´m not one of yours. So leave me alone!
Rath grabbed her other arm and kissed her. Slowly he let her arms go and wraped her in his arms. She slightely push him away.
IRIS: This is crazyness.
RATH: Why?
IRIS: You´re engagged. With princess Vilandra!
RATH: I don´t love her.
IRIS: It didn´t change anything betwen you two.
She started to walk again and one more time he followed her.
RATH: This is not about Vilandra! It´s about your sister, right?
IRIS: Courtney? She´s a rebel but I don´t do what she wants. I have my beliefs!
RATH: Me too. And the whole kingdom know me as a persistent person.
Iris stopped and looked back to him.
IRIS: Is this a threat?
Rath came closer to her face.
RATH: It´s a warning.
And then he quickly kissed her before leave her alone and confused in the garden.
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Alex and Kyle showed up with some popcorn as Max finished the chapter.
Isabel watched the couples. Liz is paying atention in Max as he read the book. Alex is pleased just to have Isabel´s head leaned on his shoulder. Tess loves to tease Kyle in her own particular way, what means made him the target of her popcorns. And Michael and Maria seems to read one another´s mind, just like now that Maria loosen from Michael´s arms knowing he was going to arise from the sofa.
ISABEL: Did you noticed that we are four perfect couples?
Everybody looked at each other and suddenly they realise what Isabel meant.
Liz gave the popcorn to Max and picked the book.
LIZ: My turn.

A week later Zan, Rath, Vilandra and Kurlowa are in Havok to try a approximation betwen Antar, Etern and Havok.
Vilandra convinced Rath to take a walk while Zan and Kurlowa apparently talked about politics.
KURLOWA: What do you really think about the approximation of the kingdoms?
ZAN: Approximation of the kingdoms is not exactly what I´m thinking about.
KURLOWA: You shouldn´t act like this.
ZAN: Like what?
KURLOWA: Like you´re in love.
ZAN: But I am. In love with you.
KURLOWA: Zan... I don´t know what to say.
ZAN: So don´t say anything.
Zan came closer and kissed her. Kurlowa sofly pushed him away.
KURLOWA: It won´t suppose to happens.
ZAN: I know, but I can´t stop it. All I can think about is what if we have meet before my wedding.
Unfortunelly they were interrupted by Nicholas who announce that Khivar wait for them inside the castle.

Vilandra leaved Zan, Rath and Kurlowa discussing with Khivar to meet Nicholas in one of the many rooms of the castle.
NICHOLAS: I´m glad you´re here.
VILANDRA: I can´t believe I´m doing this. It´s dangerous.
NICHOLAS: It´s good to take some risks sometimes.
Vilandra looked through the window and saw almost the whole kingdom of Havok.
NICHOLAS: You´re very close to the princess of Etern. aren´t you?
VILANDRA: Yes, I am.
NICHOLAS: Why Kurt don´t have the simbol on his left hand?
VILANDRA: He and Lowa were raised by Etern´s king. After his death Kurt was acclaimed king because the real prince renounced the throne.
Knocks on the door made them stop talking. Nicholas oppened the door after hide Vilandra behind a curtain. She was snooping to see Nicholas talking to a soldier when she noticed a small object on the curtain.
*A recorder? He´s recording everything I say? Bastard!*
She snoop again but now the soldier was gone. Nicholas oppened the curtain.
NICHOLAS: I´m sorry for that.
VILANDRA: No problem. I better go. Zan must be looking for me.
Vilandra left the room trying to remember her way to the meeting. She was sparing time in the almost dark hall when he came. A beautiful and charming man.
KHIVAR: Hi. What are you doing inside the castle with such a beautiful day outside?
VILANDRA: I... I was curious to know your castle.
KHIVAR: And what do you think?
VILANDRA: It´s a very nice place.

Langley is now sitting beside Liz.
KYLE: This prince was Rath?
LANGLEY: Yes. Rath.
ALEX: Why he renounced?
LANGLEY: He didn´t wanted to be the leader of so many people. So he passed the leadreship to Kurt, you. And Kurt proved that Rath made a good choice.
ISABEL: Vilandra´s first meet with Khivar was a set up, right?
LIZ: Why you think so?
MICHAEL: The recorder was there to Vilandra to see it and get depressed. And with her sad it was easier to Khivar get closer.
TESS: All the rebels were obsessed by Rath like Courtney?
LANGLEY: I believe most of them was kind of like Courtney. But I admit that she had a crush on Rath.
MARIA: I knew it!
LANGLEY: You can read some more. Then take a break. It´ll be much time tomorrow.
Liz readed some more.

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Ava locked her room so she could answer the phone alone.
AVA: Daddy I told you to stop calling me.
GETHIN: Tell it to Khivar. He want news.
AVA: There´s nothing to tell. It´s all quiet now.
GETHIN: You told me that last week. Are you sure that there´s nothing you can tell me?
AVA: Kurt is making some researchs.
GETHIN: And so what?
AVA: He´s trying to clonate people.
GETHIN: I heard the rumours. He´s trying to clonate just with the essence, right?
She nodded.
AVA: They intent to use it if there´s a war.
GETHIN (sarcastic): How? Duplicating soldiers?
AVA: If we die, we´ll be clonated. Dad, I know you tell Khivar everything I tell you but don´t do it. Just this time... for me.


Some days later on her way home after a walk Vilandra is surprised by her admirer.
VILANDRA: What are you doing here?
KHIVAR: I came for business. Then I thought 'vilandra must enjoy if I stop to say hi.'
VILANDRA: Like this? In the middle of the day? You´re looking for trouble.
KHIVAR (ironic): You´re affraid of what your fiencé must do to me? What you get marring the Higher General?
VILANDRA: It suppose to be a secret. So I can´t tell you.
He kissed her hand as a gentleman while looking across the street.
KHIVAR: It was a plasure to see you again.
VILANDRA (wispering): As you did´t saw me yesterday.
She made her way to the palace smiling. Khivar crossed the street to talk to a man.
KHIVAR: Got it?
NICHOLAS: That´s al here.
He pointed at hin own head.
NICHOLAS: Read their minds is very easy.

At the same night Vilandra is talking to Rath in the garden.
RATH: What are you hiding?
RATH: Yes, you. A few months ago all you did was cry and now you´re so happy.
VILANDRA: I find out that you can´t fight against your destiny.
RATH: So you´re ok, about the wedding?
VILANDRA: I guess so.
She smiled. Then she saw someone on the small bridge above the lake.
VILANDRA: You´re late again.
RATH (surptrised): How do you know?
VILANDRA: Kurlowa told me that now you know how I was feeling about the marrige. So I figure out that you really like that girl.
Vilandra left him alone with his date.

Iris was lost in her thoughts when Rath put his arms around her.
RATH: She knows.
IRIS: I knew it was wrong.
RATH: There is nothing wrong.


Another month has past and Gethin is visiting her daugther in Antar. Ava thought this visit a little too odd so she dicided talk to Vilandra.
AVA: I know you and khivar are very close.
VILANDRA: We´re friends.
AVA: You should be more carreful about the friends you get.
VILANDRA: I know that no one here like him. But I believe we should give a second chance.
AVA: Some people don´t deserve a second chance. Trust me, I know what I´m saying. Just promisse you´ll be carreful.

In her room Ava started to write a letter while listening one of her favourite songs, ' Ski Ming'.
AVA: The song of my life...

Ava is back on Vilandra´s room. Vilandra was wearing a beautiful black dress.
AVA: Where are you going?
VILANDRA: I´m going to the theatre.
AVA: With Khivar?
VILANDRA: No! But it could´ve be. If Rath can go out, I can do it too.
AVA: Go out with who?
VILANDRA: Forget it. I´m just talking to much.
AVA: Ok. No more questions.
Ava placed the letter on Vilandra´s bed and left the room.
AVA: Have fun.
Vilandra noticed the letter on her bed. She picked and started to read it.


Laing on her bed Isabel thought about what Liz readed earlier that night.
ISABEL: I can´t believe I let them use me like that!

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Tess is so excited with the reading that didn´t wait the group finish the breakfast to pick the book on her room and give it to Kyle read.
KYLE: Did I have to read?
MARIA: Sure. Eveyrbody reads a little.
MICHAEL: You didn´t read it yet.
MARIA: Neither you!
ALEX (mocking): That´s so sweet.
ISABEL: Let´s read it!
MAX: You´re curious to know more, huh?
ISABEL: Yeah! Come on, read it Kyle.
KYLE: Fine! I´ll read it!

Colton and Chad are visiting Antar. Colton and Zan are chating about politics as Chad play a game in the garden with Ava, Vilandra, Kurlowa, Rath and Iris.
CHAD (yelling): You´re cheating! Ava mindwraped me to see the target at my left and not my right!
IRIS: No one is cheating!
KURLOWA: Shut up! You´re from her team!
AVA: You people are giving up?
VILANDRA: No way. Bring it on!
Rath throwed the ball with so much force that it went throught the target and stoped outside the walls.
CHAD (jawdropped): Wow! How can you do that, man?
VILANDRA (sarcastic): I hope this was the result of your war training sessions with Colton insted of your powers.
KURLOWA: I´m not gonna skip this wall!
Chad used his powers to pick up the ball then gave it to Kurlowa. She throw it but Iris froze it in the air.
RATH: Yeah!!!
VILANDRA: That´s impossible!
AVA (mocking): What can I say? Our powers are more... cooler.
KURLOWA: Mindwraps, telecinesia and froze things against dreamwalks, premonitions and see auras is unfair!

The two teams joined to Zan and Colton in the table next to the lake. Tired of run Ava sits next to Chad, Kurlowa tried to give atention to Vilandra and Iris at the same time as Rath discuss politics with Zan and Colton.
AVA (under her breath): Sometimes I wish I really hate her.
CHAD: What did you said?
AVA: I know how much Zan like Kurlowa, but I can´t hate her.
CHAD: From what I saw of her aura she´s a good person.
AVA: There´s nothing to do with aura or whatever. It´s about me and Zan. I hate to admit it but we got married for different reasons.
CHAD: He doesn´t love you.
AVA: He likes me but doesn´t love me. Not like I love him.
CHAD: He realy likes you and he´s your husband now. You should be happy for that.
Ava took a look aroud the table. Vilandra was once more complaning about her engagement, Iris and Rath were trying not to stare much at each other and in the two extremities of the table were Zan and Kurlowa.
AVA: You´re right Chad. Nobody can be perfect.


Chad, Iris and Kurlowa are in the library and Courtney was serving them.
KURLOWA: Gilr, your changed!
COURTNEY: Me? Must be the haircut.
Iris was taking a look on the books on the table while the others talking.
COURTNEY: What are you doing here?
CHAD (mocking): Reading.
IRIS: What´s this? Miths and legends?
Courtney took the bok from Iris to look at the title.
COURTNEY: Lanassa was making some researchs about you know what.
KURLOWA: She´s a rebel?
IRIS (sarcastic): I told you, Lowa. Maybe I became one too.
CHAD: This rebels. They realy believe that Rath supposed to be the prince from Etern?
COURTNEY: Yes, they believe it. Actualy they always looking for information and making researchs. They´re not troublemakers.
IRIS: That is true. I have to admit.
COURTNEY: And how´s your ' friend'? You talk about him anymore.
KURLOWA: He got back to Etern.
COURTNEY: Iris told me he´s from Havok.
IRIS: He´s from Havok and is doing College in Etern.
CHAD: I think we better go before Zan send some guards looking for us.
They left the library and got back to the palace.

Late at night Iris make sure Kurlowa was asleep and leave the room. She walked throught the large corridor and entered in one of the rooms almost in the end of the corridor.
IRIS: I know you didn´t expect to see me at this time...
RATH (cynical): Actualy I was thinking in make a visit to your room.
IRIS: Don´t make jokes. Please.
RATH: What´s wrong?
IRIS: Today at the library Courtney and Lowa talked about the rebels and I noticed that Chad doesn´t know about your 'trademark'. So, I wana know the truth.
RATH: What truth?
IRIS: What the hell this V on your hand means?! I know what it means cause I grow up listen to this stories, but I want to hear from you. Why you gave up from Etern to follow Zan´s orders here in Antar?
RATH (irritated): Why this questions?! We were doing fine abd now you diceded to interrogate me?! That´s it?!
IRIS: It was just a question!
RATH: Leave me alone! Go back to your room before something happens.
IRIS: Like what?
RATH: Just do what I´m saying!
IRIS: You don´t have to hate for that.
RATH: I don´t.
IRIS: Are you sure?
RATH: Go! We talk tomorrow!
Iris left the room upset. Before get back in her room she could heard the sound of an explosion coming from the end of the corridor.


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*bounce* Thanks ppl!
Now, back to the story!

Kurlowa opened the door. As Iris saw Rath standing there she just turned away.
IRIS: Tell him that I’m not here.
RATH: I need to talk to you.
IRIS: Lowa, tell him that I don’t wanna talk.
Kurlowa made a gesture to Rath enter in the room and left them with the door open.
KURLOWA: You know what? I’m gonna have some girls talk with Lonnie.
Rath closed the door but kept some distance from Iris who didn’t turned around to look at him.
RATH: Last night you asked me why I have this secret and...
IRIS: And you were rude!
RATH: But now I wanna tell you everything. If you stil want to know.
She faced him.
IRIS: I want to.
RATH: You grow up listen this stories so you already know that when someone is destined to be a leader he got this V on the left hand to prove who he realy is.
IRIS: I know.
RATH: I should be the leader of Etern and actualy I was excited about that.
IRIS (confused but stil harsh): So, what happened?
RATH: One day I saw my father became violent and out of control with no reason. Since that day I’m afraid of what this simbol can do with my mind.
IRIS (more calm): Are you sure it was the simbol?
RATH: Yeah. I saw it happened to Zan, Colton. All the leaders except Kurt.
IRIS: And you think you can control it if you’re not in power?
RATH: Not totally. Sometimes it comes and go.
IRIS: The explosion last night?
RATH: Yeah. Sorry for all that.
IRIS: That’s ok. Who else knows?
RATH: Besides the royal 3 only Kurt and Kurlowa. And now you.


Two days have past. Vilandra followed Kurlowa til a great room where Ava and Iris were watching the tv.
VILANDRA: What happened?
KURLOWA: All the nobles are in the Senate now.
IRIS: The enemies planing an atack.
AVA: Remember what I told you?
Vilandra remembered of the letter. Then she focus her atention on the meeting transmited on the tv.

In a Senate’s table are Zan, Colton, Kurt, Rath and some other nobles. For more than one hour they discussed what to do when Havok and Treasona atack.

At some point of the meeting Zan asked to stop the transmission and in the palace the girls started to get worried.
AVA: What are they doing?
IRIS: Problably they have a plan.
VILANDRA: I hope so.
Kurlowa didn’t heard anything they said, she was in a kind of transe. When it’s gone she left the palace straight to the Senate.

In Senate Zan announced his decision.
ZAN: I’m sure we can expect a war. And when it happens they will come after the Royal 4. But if they kill us, you will clonate our essences and send us to Earth.
LAREK: Wait! Are you sure, Zan?
KURT: We didn’t make all the tests!
ZAN: What was made till now is enough.
LAREK: You can’t decide the destiny of the other three like that. That’s not your life!
ZAN: We’ll be dead already.
RATH: But we will live again! And we don’t know how!
ZAN: The decision is made.
Zan left them discussing. Rath followed him, furious.
RATH: Think about what you’re doing!
ZAN: I’m trying to save our people!
RATH: How?!!
ZAN: Living on Earth we’ll have a chance to come back and claim what is ours.
RATH (ironic): And I’m sure it will work perfectly. Like my engagement with Vilandra!
Zan turned around to atack Rath.
ZAN: It didn’t work because you and Vilandra are irresponsibles!
As Zan opened the door he almost hit Kurlowa who was trying to get in.
KURLOWA: We have to talk. Right now.
ZAN: Come on.
They went to a empty room so they could talk.
ZAN: What’s so important?
KURLOWA: What I have to say it’s not good.
ZAN (worried): What is it?
KURLOWA: I… I had this premonition. We were in a war and we lost to Khivar.
ZAN: You mean that he took the power.
KURLOWA: More than that. He kill you all.
ZAN: Don’t worry about it. We got a plan in case of this happens.
KURLOWA: I hope you’re not talking about the clones.
ZAN: Why?
KURLOWA: They in the experimental phase.
ZAN: It’s our only chance.
Kurlwova shook her head.
KURLOWA: I’m afraid. I’m afraid of what could happen if my premonition became true. I’m afraid of what he must do with our people.
ZAN: My only fear is that I’ll problably never will see you again.
ZAN: Admit it. Just for once, Kurlowa, admit that you wish everything had been different. Admit you wish we have meet before Ava and I got married.
KURLOWA (saying it out loud): Yes! Yes, all I wanted is that all had been different and I hate the fact that Vilandra made me your maid of honor! And most of all I hate people staring at me as just an love affair of the king! Specially because I’m not!
Said that she sits in one of the front seats looking at Zan standing right in front of her.
KURLOWA: It could have been different if we meet before you get married. But you love your wife.
Zan got on his knees looking in her eyes.
ZAN: No, I don’t love Ava. I like her. It’s a different thing.
KURLOWA: So why you married her?
ZAN: Political reasons. We needed a union between Antar and Treasona. Beside, how I supposed to know that one day I was meeting someone like you?
He came closer to her.
ZAN: And you are not and never will be just a love affair.
Kurlowa was motionless. It was all she wanted to hear since the day things got out of control in Havok. Zan stood at his foot and helped her to get up.
ZAN: I have to get back before someone suspect of something.
Before open the door Zan looked one more time to Kurlowa and kissed her passionately.

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Back to the palace Kurlowa told Iris about the premonition and the kiss.
IRIS: So what we will do about this premonition?
KURLOWA: Nothing. There’s nothing we can do.
IRIS: You love Zan, right?
KURLOWA: Of course I love him! But what can I do? Follow him to Earth?
IRIS: Exactly!
KURLOWA: Are you insane? Me in that ship with Zan, Ava, Rath and Lonnie?!
IRIS: No, silly! You and me on another ship or something!
KURLOWA: You mean we both go down to Earth if they die?
IRIS: Yeah. Why not?
KURLOWA: But how?
IRIS: Did you ever heard about the Granilith?
Somehow Kurlowa know that her friend is willilng to do whatever it takes to be with the one she loves.
KURLOWA: You’re gonna do it. With or without me, right?
IRIS: Wrong. I know you’ll come with me.
KURLOWA: But nobody knows where the Granilith is hided.
IRIS: There must be some kind of map in the library. I’ll go there tonight.
KURLOWA: It’s dangerous.
IRIS: I’m almost a rebel. I can take care of myself.


Iris left the palace in the middle of the night without get the attention of the guards. A few minutes later and some blocks far away from the palace Rath reached for her.
RATH: Where are we going?
IRIS: I’m going to the library. And you are going back to the palace.
RATH (ironic): Are you dispensing the escort?
IRIS: I’m trying to get you out of trouble.
RATH: What kind of trouble?
IRIS: Big trouble.
RATH: I’m a soldier. I like trouble.
IRIS: Did you never get tired of those jokes?
RATH: Nope.
Iris hold his hand covering the simbol.
RATH: How did you left the palace without my guards see you?
IRIS (sarcastic): They were asleep.
RATH: Not when I left.
IRIS: I froze them for a few seconds.

They stoped in front of the library and with his powers Rath opened the door.
IRIS: Why the royals have the coolest powers?
RATH (mocking): Cause we rock.
Inside the library Iris started to look the books of the shelfts.
RATH: What are we looking for?
IRIS: An old book.
RATH: Can you be more specific?
IRIS: It’s an old book with a golden cover.
RATH: And this book, it’s about what?
IRIS: It’s a kind of an atlas.
RATH: What you will do with an atlas.
IRIS: Find a map. Just help me to find it, ok?
Rath just watched her as she climbed the shelft’s ladder.
IRIS: Are you gonna help me?
RATH: Not till you say what map you’re looking for.
IRIS: That’s tipical!
RATH: What?
IRIS: Your attitude!
RATH: My attitude? You’re the one who never tell the truth! You’re always hidding something!
IRIS: Me? You… Ah! How did I get involved with such a complicated guy?!

Maria placed some cups on the sink and got back to the table with a cynical smile that only Michael could understand the real meaning as Kyle gave the book to Tess.
TESS: My turn? Cool.

Rath was ready to leave but Iris made him stay.
IRIS: Wait! You can’t tell anybody about this.
He looked at her almost falling from the little ladder.
IRIS: Lowa got this premonition about the war and her premonitions used to came true.
RATH: And what it have to do with a book?
IRIS:We’re gonna need this book to find the Granilith.
She got out of the ladder and kept looking for the book.
RATH: The Granilith? You’re intenting to go to Earth?
IRIS: Don´t you believe we can do it?
RATH: Are you crazy? Why you want to go to Earth?
IRIS: Cause it’s where Zan intent do go with his wife, his sister and you.
RATH: You don’t have to do it. Go to there just to be with me.
IRIS: I know I don’t have, but I want to. We want to. Me and Lowa.
Her decision was made, they will be together no matter what. Rath picked some books and placed in a table to find another book hided in the shelft. He gave the book with a silver cover to Iris.
IRIS: What’s this?
RATH: The map to the Granilith.
Still confused she followed him back to the palace.
IRIS: How did you knew about this book?
RATH: I know everything in Antar.


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In the five planets things seems to be far from over. Ava was again in Treasona in a atempt to do something good at once.
AVA: Daddy I miss you so much!
GETHIN: You look very happy for a girl was so sad a few months ago.
AVA: It was before. Now I’m really happy.
She kept talking and smiling while tried to mindwrap Gethin so he could not give more information to Khivar.
AVA: Live in Antar is good but is here that I really feel in home.
GETHIN: That’s great Ava. But never try to mindwrap me.
AVA (pretending be surprised): Mindwrap? I would never do something like this!
GETHIN: I hope so.
AVA (changing the subject): So, where’s everybody? This castle is so quiet!


After the weekend Ava returned to Antar. As soon as she left Gethin made his way to Havok.
GETHIN: She’ll do anything to repare the damage she did giving me those informations.
KHIVAR: I knew she wound’t be useful for much time. Your daughter loves Zan.
GETHIN: So what’s the plan B?
KHIVAR: I can’t tell right now. But if it didn’t work as I planed I’l gonna need your services.
GETHIN: For what?
KHIVAR: To bring me back the Royal 4.

The same night but in Antar, Vilandra read once more Ava’s letter and decided to make sure her sister-in-law was telling the truth. Vilandra laid on her bed with a picture of the wedding.

//Ava’s dream//
Ava and Gethin are talking about Antar and other things.
GETHIN: You can talk to me anytime you want.
AVA (distrustful): Are you planing something with Khivar?
Gethin didn´t answered.
AVA: I knew it!
GETHIN: You should join us.
AVA: Daddy I told you to stop calling me.
GETHIN: Tell it to Nicholas and Khivar. They want news.
AVA: There´s nothing to tell. It´s all quiet now.
GETHIN: You told me that last week. Are you sure that there´s nothing you can tell me?
//End of dream//

Worried she placed her finger on Nicholas in another picture of the wedding.

//Nicholas’ dream//
Khivar crossed the street to talk to a man.
KHIVAR: Got it?
NICHOLAS: That´s all here.
He pointed at his own head.
NICHOLAS: Read their minds is very easy.
NICHOLAS: Is everything ready?
IDA: The husks are in the ship.
NICHOLAS: Get more skins. Khivar wants to make sure the Royals don’t have a chance on Earth.
IDA: Yes Nicholas.
//End of dream//

Vilandra channel her power to the lampshade and it broke in little pieces. In the dark of her room she cried.


Although the palid look for being crying all night long Vilandra decided to go for a walk in the market with Kurlowa and Iris to clear her mind out of the worries and sadness.
They’re cheking some rings and bracelets in one of the many stalls next to the tent knowed as the meeting point of the rebels leaded by Courtney.
IRIS: Let’s walk some more.
VILANDRA: I’m kind of tired. And I really like this stall.
Iris and Kurlowa looked at each other when Camine wave to them before get in the tent.
VILANDRA: Isn’t this the rebel’s tent? Did you know rebels?
KURLOWA: Iris grew up on these streets. She knows everyone.
IRIS: Not everyone. But yeah, I know a lot of people.
VILANDRA: Be a princess have some disadvantages. Most part of my life was and still is spend inside the palace’s walls.
She tried a ring and asked the girls if they liked.
VILANDRA: I want to tell you something, but no one can know about it. Can you keep a secret?
KURLOWA: Sure. What is it?
VILANDRA (wispering): I dreamwalked Nicholas last night.
IRIS: You what?!
VILANDRA: Shii! I dreamwalked him cause I needed to know what they’re planing.
KURLOWA: And did you found out?
VILANDRA: Yeah. They have an army of skins ready to be sended to Earth as soon as our… you know… as soon as ‘someone’ gets there.
IRIS: How they know about… you know?
VILANDRA: I’m not so sure but I bet Gethin have something to do with it.

A young boy entered in the tent to talk to Courtney as soon as the girls left the stall.

Vilandra convinced Kurlowa and Iris to leave her alone for a wile and so they did. She made sure they were distracted before made her way to a building two or three blocks away from the market.
Inside the building Vilandra greeted the secretary and entered in a ofice.
VILANDRA: I need to talk to you.
KURT: What are you doing here?
VILANDRA: I need a big favour.
KURT (charming): What I didn’t do for you?
VILANDRA: Can you make more than one group of clones?
KURT: I guess so. Why?
VILANDRA: Khivar will send skins to Eath as soon as you send our clones. Don’t ask how I know it.
KURT: Fine, I won’t. Who else knows about it?
VILANDRA: Your sister and Iris. Please make the other set of clones. And don’t tell anybody, specially Zan.
KURT: I’ll be in trouble if someone found out.
VILANDRA: If someone found out I take the blame.
KURT: Would you realy do it?
VILANDRA: Of course!
She walked to the door but before leave she turned around and approached of him.
VILANDRA: Can I ask just one more little favour?
Kurt nodded.
VILANDRA: Can you make the clones, the real ones, just a little forgetful?
KURT: What do you mean?
VILANDRA: I mean, make them forget almost everything about Antar and this life.
KURT: I think I can. But why you want this?
VILANDRA: Cause I wanna have a second chance.
Saying that she kissed his cheek and smiled. Then she leave.

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Some days later.
A sound came from Rath’s window and he opened it to see what it was. At the garden right belowhis window was Courtney with a stone in hand.
COURTNEY (wispering): Can you come here for a wile? I need a favor.
RATH: do you have a tinny idea of with who you’re talking?
COURTNEY (sarcastic): Yes, I have. Your Highness.
RATH: What do you want?
COURTNEY: I told you I need a favor. Please come down here if you have a little bit of esteem about Iris!
RATH: Wait there.

The garden was quite dark but the two moons brighten a little. Rath came to Courtney so they can talk.
COURTNEY: So you’re the misterious Rath, Second in comand of all this.
RATH: I guess so.
COURTNEY: It was you at the concert with Iris. Am I right?
RATH: Maybe. Why you think so?
COURTNEY: Cause Iris changed a lot since she came to palace. She don’t bash you anymore, no offence.
Rath nodded as she kept talking.
COURTNEY: She get really envolved with you people.
RATH: That’s true. But what do you want for me?
COURTNEY: I don’t know how far you know about Iris and I…
RATH: You’re sisters and you’re a rebel leader.
COURTNEY (ironic): you know a lot, huh!?
RATH: And so?
Courtney take a letter in her bag.
COURTNEY: Can you give it to Iris tomorrow morning? Please, do not open it! And make sure nobody knows about it. Please!
RATH: What is it about?
COURTNEY: I can’t tell.
RATH (sarcastic): You two really like secrets, don’t you?
COURTNEY: Are you always this tough guy?
RATH: I have to. Are you gonna tell me what it is about?
COURTNEY: Me and some friends, we have aplan that can help Zan. Although we still believe you would be a better leader.
RATH: A plan? Do you know what you’re doing? We´re talking about a war! A real one!
COURTNEY: I know exactly what I´m doing! I´m not so inocent as my sister who believes in everything you noble persons say!
RATH: Do you think I´m using your sister?
COURTNEY: It can be true. Vilandra was used by Nicholas and Khivar. Ava is using Zan. Or is it the other way around?
RATH: You don´t know us. Things aren´t that simple!
COURTNEY: Tell me just one thing. Are you using Iris to get information about the rebels?
They still in silence for a moment then Rath spoke again.
RATH: Listen to me Courtney. I don´t know anything about this plan of yours but one thing I can asure you: Stay away from Khivar and Nicholas.
COURTNEY: Why? Cause I´m a girl? Look Rath, you don´t have to worry about me. I´ve been in public demonstrations, rebelions… I even fight with some of your soldiers. And as you can see I´m stil alive.
RATH: Khivar´s army is not just some soldiers trying to obstruct a rebelion. They´re trained to kill anyone who try to stop Khivar´s plans!
COURTNEY: I made my decision!
RATH: So I can´t stop you.
COURTNEY: No chance. I better leave now.
She started to walk when Rath grabbled her arm and tok the letter from her hand..
RATH: What do I tell her?
COURTNEY: That I´m gonna be fine.
Then Rath called one of the guards.
RATH: Walk this young lady home and made sure she´ll get there in safety.
GUARD: Yes Sir.
Outside the gate Courtney looked back at the palace.
COURTNEY: Take care of her for me.
RATH: Don´t worry. I will.

Isabel made a gesture to Tess stop the reading when the housemaid came to the kitchen.
TESS: The chapter is almost finish.
MAX: Tess.
TESS (talking to the housemaid): Are we bothering you?
HOUSEMAID: No. You can fell at home.
TESS (talking to Max): See it? Ok… where were I?

The girls are at the breakfast table talking about girlie stuff when Zan and Rath joined to them. Rath politely asked Iris to meet him in the study room and left the table. She waited a few minutes and followed him without get the atention of the others.
RATH: Close the door.
She closed the door and runned to his arms.
IRIS: You like to defy Zan.
Rath gave her the letter.
IRIS: What is it?
RATH: Courtney ask me to deliver it to you.
IRIS: When?
RATH: Last night.
IRIS: Last night? She was here and you didn´t told me?
RATH: I´m teling you now.
Iris opened the letter. After read it she was surprised and most of all, worried.
IRIS: Did you knew what this was about?
RATH: All she told was that she got a plan.
IRIS (angered): Plans to go to Havok and joined the skins army!
RATH: What?!
IRIS: How could you let her do it?!
RATH: I didn´t knew it! Besides, you know your sister, if I tried to stop her we could end up killing each other!
Iris took a deep breath before spoke.
IRIS: I don´t know what to do about Courtney´s crazy ideas anymore. She thinks I´m a child but she´s the one who get involved in the big troubles.
RATH: She´s great in fight. She´ll be ok.
IRIS: I hope you´re right.


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Max, Liz ands Isabel are chatting and listen to the radio in one of the rooms of the mansion when Maria and Alex found them.
ALEX: So is here you guys get hide to don’t have to clean the rooms, huh?
LIZ: Did Tess finished with the clothes?
MARIA: You´re becoming a lazie girl, huh, Liz Evans?
The rest of the gang entered in the room too. Isabel laid down on the big bed swinging her foot and throwing pillows to the gang.
ISABEL: We´re not forgeting something?
TESS: The book!
KYLE (mocking): You´re nuts about history!
TESS: I was intenting to get the book but after this joke I quit.
KYLE: Me and my big mouth!
He went to his room to get the book and in a couple of minutes he was back.
ALEX: Who goes first? Maria? Michael?
Maria laid down on the bed beside Isabel and didn´t heard Alex´s question.
TESS: Maria!
MARIA: What?!
MICHAEL: Your turn.
MARIA: I want the last chapter.
MARIA: Cause I want it.
MAX: There we go again.
LIZ (ironic): Shiii. Don´t piss them off.
ISABEL: Come on!
MARIA: I wanna read the ´The hope´ or something.
MICHAEL: Give it to me!
Michael picked the book and started to read it.
In a big house nearby Antar once more Zan and rath are discussing about the war that take place in the streets.
RATH: We can´t give up and let Khivar win!
ZAN: And what do you suggest?
RATH: I suggest that we destroid the skins that he´s been hiding!
ZAN: It would piss him even more!
RATH (sarcastic): So we have another great plan. Wait and let the destiny guide us.
ZAN: That´s the best we can do now. You as a Higher General should know what to do in a war!
RATH: As a Higher General I sent all my soldiers to the streets to fight against Khivar´s army. But it´s not enough! I incist we should destroid the skins!
ZAN: Fine! Get your soldiers and do what your followers always ask you to do, took the leadership!
RATH: That´s what I should do! But I´m too loyal for that!
He left the house slamming the door with anger. Vilandra saw everything and followed him.
VILANDRA: You can´t go back to the palace. Khivar is there rounded by soldiers!
RATH: I´m not gonna stay here and watch my men and innocent people dying in the streets!
VILANDRA: This is suicide!
RATH: So go back inside and enjoy the last time you have with your friends.
VILANDRA: That´s not fair! I´ve been cheated as much as you.
Before left the property Rath incisted.
RATH: Lonnie, go back inside and try to protect yourself!
VILANDRA: I won´t. Sooner or later they´re gonna find us here and I chose to fight with you.
Saying this she left the property determinated to go as far as she can.
Before the enemies geet notice rath and Vilandra were joing the soldiers and fighting in the streets.
Two days have past. Vilandra was once again in the royal property which was dark and desert. Not so far she saw a shadow.
VIILANDRA: Iris, is that you?
Iris get close to the princess who was anxious and in a rag dress.
VILANDRA: Where´s Zan? I need to see him now!
IRIS: Where´s Rath?
VILANDRA: He´s in Antar. He´s hurt and I need Zan to heal him.
Iris was in chock. It was the last thing she expected to hear.
IRIS: Zan... He´s... He´s dead.
VILANDRA: Oh no! No, it´s not true!
IRIS: I´m so sorry.

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Michael stop the reading when he noticed that Isabel and Maria were crying. Alex was sitting in the floor next to Isabel who was still laid on the bed. Michael then sitted next to Maria.
LIZ: Are you girls ok?
The two girls looked at each other and laughed between the tears.
ISABEL: Yeah. We’re fine.
TESS (joking): You’re such cry babies!
MARIA: I’m so gonna kill Langley for that flash! Did you guys saw it too? Or was just me and Iz?
MAX: I didn’t saw anything.
KYLE: Me too.
Isabel turned up the radio as she noticed the song that was playing.
… and maybe I’ll find out a way to make you back someday
To watch you, to guide you through the darkest of your days
If a great wave shall fall and fall upon us all
Then I hope there’s someone out there who
Can bring me back to you
If I could then I would
I go wherever you will go…
She focusses on sing the song not to cry again and Maria did the same. The gang waited them finished the singing so Michael to continue to read the book.


Vilandra and Iris went into the market without get the attention of Khivar’s soldiers. In the markes there’s a group of rebels hiding from the soldiers. Some of the rebel immediately recognize Courtney’s sister.
VILANDRA: I thought you didn’t knew the rebels.
Iris approached the group.Vilandra was right after her and as they’re getting closer she could feel the rebels looking at her as a traitor.
NATT: What the princess is doing here? You shouldn’t be at your palace?
IRIS: That’s ok. She’s with me.
LANASSA: We thought you left Antar with Courtney.
IRIS: She just left me a letter explaining the plan.
VILANDRA (confused): Let’s go.
WADE: Why the hurry?
IRIS: We’re going to the lab.
NATT: There’s soldiers everywhere. You have no chance.
IRIS: We need to get in there.
Vilandra noticed that the rebels were not interest in help them two, so she gave a step forward to talk to them.
VILANDRA: I know you never suported my brother and I know what people say about me at my back! But now we don’t have time to judments. Iris and I, we need help to get in the lab and try to save Antar! Please help us. Not for me, but for yourselves and the people. Our only chance is inside that lab! Please.
LANASSA: You’re talking about the clones, right? What happen to us if we help you?
IRIS: They can get back to took the power of Khivar.
WADE: Do you really believe in the Royal 4, Iris?
IRIS: Yes I do! And so my sister. Otherwise, why should she infiltrated with the skins?
NATT: What’s your plan?
IRIS: You people distract the soldiers while Vilandra and I went to the lab. But you never ever tell anybody that you saw us here in the market. For your own good.

The group split as the girls sneaked through the streets. But a soldier saw them one block away from the lab and call more soldiers. Iris froze some of them as Vilandra throw others in the air while running to hide in some destroied stalls. There they stay for a wile till Kurlowa and Ava appear and sit beside them.
VILANDRA: What are you doing here?!
AVA: We came to help you.
KURLOWA: We don’t have much time.
IRIS: And how we suppose to get in the lab?
AVA: I can mindwrap the soldiers.
KURLOWA: There’s too many. You won’t do it long enough.
They keep quiet, thinking. Then Vilandra came up with the solution.
VILANDRA: Ava and I take care of the soldiers as Iris and Lowa send the pods.
KURLOWA: Must have be other solution.
AVA: I don’t think so.
Kurlowa hughed Vilandra saying goodbye to her friend.
VILANDRA: Say Kurt I’m really thankful for all he did.
KURLOWA: What he did?
VILANDRA: He never have doubts about me. And for the dupes.
KURLOWA: Dupes…?
VILANDRA: He knows what I’m talking about.
Ava picked up a cristal of Vilandra’s hand and gave it to Iris.
AVA: The ship only works with this cristal.
VILANDRA: Give it to Langley and he knows what to do.
AVA: The soldiers are coming. Go, go, go!
Kurlowa and Iris ran to the building at the same time Vilandra and Ava tried to stop Khivar’s army.
Quickly Kurlowa and Iris were in the lab at he second floor. There was more three persons with Langley.
KURLOWA: Who are they?
LANGLEY: They’re here to protect the pods. Don’t worry, they’re reliable.
IRIS: Alright. Here’s the cristal.
LANGLEY: What would you do now?
KURLOWA: Wait the soldiers to found us.
LANGLEY: Let’s go. I can give you a ride to Compan.


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Sorry for the waiting. I had a lot of works and tests at the college that I couldn´t finish my fic.

But now, to the ' grand finalle' *big*

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KYLE: That was when all went wrong.
MAX: One of these protectors was Nasedo shapeshifted.
LIZ: Did it have something to do with Tess be the last one to left the pod chamber?
MICHAEL: Sure. She was the last one to leave the chamber and was raised by him, so she believed in everything he told her.
TESS: And I did it! I can´t believe I did it!
ISABEL: so why did you kept with the deal he made with Khivar even after he was dead?
TESS: Because he´s my father. I believed in what he told me... Silly! Silly! Silly me! I should have think more!
MARIA (mocking): Don´t worry. You´re a blondie.
Isabel laughed.
TESS (sarcastic): And you two became so intelligent after dyed your hair.
Maria looked over Michael´s shouder and then took the book of his hands.
MARIA: Finally!

Since the biggest college of the sistem is placed in Etern it was the planet less afected by the war. Kurlowa, Iris, Chad and Colton waited for the war to 'calm down' and went to Etern.
She runs to his arms and huged him.
KURT: Why you diddn´t came at the beggining of the war?
IRIS: We couldn´t.
CHAD: It was a surpreise to everybody. There were no ways to left Antar.
COLTON: The only communications they have is with Compan.
KURT: How did you scape?
KURLOWA: Langley left us in Compan.
KURT: So Zan´s plan worked.
IRIS: Yes it did. Do you have news from Nicholas?
KURT: They send the skins yesterday.
IRIS: It´s time Lowa.
CHAD: Time for what?
IRIS: Time to find the Granillith
KURLOWA: Do you really think it´s gonna work?
IRIS: If it´ll work or not I don´t know. All I know is that I´m gonna try it. Kurt, can you collect our essences?
KURT: Yes, I can. But I don´t have enough tecnology to make more clones.
KURLOWA: But we can uyse our essences in a earthling. If is that how they are called.
KURT: We never tried it. But I think it can work out.
IRIS: Great. I can be the 'lab rat'.
CHAD: You´re crazy.
IRIS (ironic): Thanks.

A month has pass and Kurt have finished her job. He meet everyone at the campus.
KURT: I think I made it. but how we´re gonna send it to Earth?
CHAD: I think the most important is: who´s gonna keep it safe?
COLTON: Chad´s right. The clones will leave the pods at age of six. If we leave now we´re gonna be there too early.
KURLOWA: We can went down to Earth and wait for the right time to make our move. We can find the perfect childrens to be our 'eartling version'. I mean, the perfect parents for us.
KURT: Somebody must stay here to distract Khivar.
CHAD: I stay.
COLTON: Are you sure?
CHAD: Of course. I know you´re gonna do a good job.
Kurlowa gave the book to Colton and he started to walk throught the campus followed by Kurlowa, Kurt, Iris and Chad. Then he suddenly stopped.
COLTON: It´s here.
IRIS: Here?
KURT: Whoever hidded the Granillith had a great idea hidding it in the garden of the University. It was right below our feet.
CHAD: How we´re gonna dig it up?
Kurlowa bend down and placed her hand on a small simbol drawned in the grass focusing her powers to it. Of a sudden the ground started tremble and opens. Then the Granillith was right in front of them.
All the five approached to the misterious Granillith. Kurt found a crystal placed beside the Granillith. As like she have did it before, Iris gave gave the orders.
IRIS: Put this crystal right there.
KURLOWA: How did you know?
IRIS: I don´t. Intuition, I guess.
Kurt did what she said and placed the crystal at the base of the Granillith. Chad said his goodbyes to everyone and took some steps back as the Granillith started to change its color. In matter of secondes an intense light cover the whole place. When it fade out, neither the four of them and the Granillith wasn´t there anymore.

At the room in the mansion everyone looked around with a mix feeling of surprise and satisfaction. It was like the affirmation that they did the right thing running away from their destinies.
ALEX: Wow. If I didn´t make part of it I should said this is a really crazy story.
KYLE: Not exactly crazy. Actually a strange story.
MARIA: Odd is the right word.

At the same night they talked more with Langley.
LANGLEY: It would made a great movie.
MAX (mocking): Are you interested in the script?
KYLE: I just wanna know one thing. Chad, I, stayed in Etern, right? So who´s my real father and how I am who I am now?
MARIA: Why you have to make all more complicated?!
KYLE: I´m just curious to know it.
LANGLEY: Well, you real father is your father.
MICHAEL: You mean, Valenti?
LANGLEY: Exactly.
ISABEL: Why I´m soo surprised?

Next day the gang was exited and kind of happy. It was like all the big troubles are now dissolved and everything can be more easier for now on.
ALEX: And now? Where do we go?
TESS: I think we should go back home.
Everybody on the room looked at her.
TESS: Roswell! I´m talking about Roswell!
KYLE: Never ever get me scarry like that!
LIZ: Is it safe we went back to Roswell now?
MAX: I don´t think the FBI is still waiting for us there.
MICHAEL: But we can´t live there anymore. It´s too much suspect.
MARIA: And where should we stay, Spaceboy?
MICHAEL (mocking): It´s up to you, honey.
ISABEL (laughing): What did you did to my brother?!

The end.
I guess...