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Today was like any other day, Max Evans was watching Liz Parker while she was rushing around the crashdown waiting on customers. Michael Guerin was manning the grill, Maria Deluca was trying to take my order. Trying beening the key word in that sentence. My name is Zackary Parker and little did they know that today was going to be anything but normal.

what do you think, should I write more?

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Thanks for the feed back I should have a update tomorrow.

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Today was like any other day; Max Evans was watching Liz Parker while she was rushing around the crashdown waiting on customers. Michael Guerin was manning the grill; Maria Deluca was trying to take my order. Trying benign the key word in that sentence. My name is Zackary Parker and little did they know that today was going to be anything but normal.

Part 1

Hello, my name is Maria and I will be waitress, what can I get you to drink asked Maria.

Lee: Two cherry cokes please and could I speak with Liz Parker.

Maria: I'll be right back your drinks. Maria walks over to the fountain pouring two cherry cokes. Maria looks around for Liz and surprisly Liz is have a staring contest with the little boy; he couldn't be older than two or three years old.

Liz was walking toward Max when she noticed a little boy with brown hair. Zack whispered Liz. As if he heard her Zack turned around to lock eyes with Liz.

Zack: Mama!

Liz walked as steadily as she could to Zack's table. Zack honey is that you cried Liz. Opening her arms to him. Zack was in her arms in seconds.

Mama I luv you whispered Zack. Liz hugged Zack to her " I love you to baby." Liz looked up from Zack's face to the girl
sitting with Zack for the first time..

Lee: hey, Liz I couldn't get him to wait one more day to see you, we're missed you.

Liz: Lee where are your parents? (Rocking Zack back and forth calming him and herself0

Lee; oh, there in Europe for the summer, so Zack and I came here. Basically I’m here for the summer, Zack is another story. I believe Uncle Jeff and Aunt Nancy knew we were coming. But like I said Zack couldn't wait so we are here a day earlier.

Liz still rocking deep in thought so that was what they wanted to talk about; thank god it’s not about Max and me again. Remembering Max Liz looks to see him stand behind her with a huge smile. Max I would like to introduce Zackary Alexander Parker and Lee Summers.

Max stoop down next to Liz, so he could be eye level with Zack. Hey Zackary or do you like Zack?

Zack looks from Liz's face to Max's their eyes lock, for severally minutes before Zack finally tilts his head, "me like Zack! Are you are going to hurt my mommy again" whispered Zack.

Max and Liz both had a shock look on their faces. No, Zack I’m not going to hurt your mommy again I love her answered Max. You're going to be my daddy soon! I’ve seen it whispered Zack so only Liz and Max could hear him. Max looks at Liz alarmed they haven't told their family and friend that they were engaged. Liz just smiled at Zack. Liz was not worried Zack has always had a six sense of things, special when it happens to her.

Max it'll be ok, well talk later about it whispered Liz. Liz picks up Zack and slides into the booth with him in her lap, she was not ready to let go of him. So Lee how long is your summer vacation? While talking to Lee Liz noticed Lee checking out Max how was still standing at the end of the booth looking lost. Liz raised her hand to Max calling his name. Max takes her hand letting her pull him into the booth with her and Zack. As soon as Max sits down Zack crawls from Liz's lap to Max's.

Zack: I didn't mean to mad you sad.

Max: Zack you didn’t make me sad.

Zack placed a hand on Max’s chest so he could stand. Zack looked Max in the eyes a connection formed. “I like you, will you be my daddy?”

Max blinked back the tears that were threading to fall, the connection was broken Max wrapped his arms around Zack. Max was to choke up to speak so he just nodded his head. Looking at Liz how had tears also in her eyes for she had felt the connection between Max and Zack. Max mouth I love you to Liz.

Maria was watching the whole seen in front of her in awe, fear and anger. Placing the two drinks on a dray Maria was on her way back to the table. Placing the drinks on the table Maria looked from Liz to the girl. What could I get you to eat?

Lee: One Will Smith burger with Astor fries, one Scully with no onion with Saturn rings.

Maria turns to Liz and Max waiting for their orders. Just some fries and a cherry coke answered Max. Maria looks at Liz before turning around to place their orders.

Michael: Order up! Maria what is going on, who is that in the booth with Max and Liz?

Maria: I have no idea but I’m going to find out here is their orders. (Picks up the order to deliver it to the couple at table 7)

Max watches as Maria walks away before going to talk to Michael. Hey Michael we need to have a meeting tonight at your place around 8:30. I’ll bring the drinks and Pizza.

Michael looks at Max, this was the first time in a long time that Max has looked this happy. Sure answered Michael still watching Max.

Lee: Liz we’re not going to cause trouble with you and Max or your friends?

Liz: No, but Maria is going to flip when she finds out about Zack. But everything will be ok.

Liz looks down at Zack who is watching Max talk to Michael. Hey little man would you like some Ice Cream after lunch asked Liz.

Zack: Ice cream, ice cream!!

Lee and Liz were laughing when Max walked back of hearing a ice cream chant. What so funny asked Max.
Zack perks up hearing Max’s voice he starts to jump up and down chanting ice cream, ice cream!!