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Title: Long Road To Normal
Rating: PG ((for now))
Summary: In response to Lilah's 4th challenge, posted below.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, absolutely nothing.

"Liz, honey, can you check the mail?" Liz's mother called to her.

"Yeah sure, Mom," Liz answered as she moved out of the hosue and towards the mailbox, retreiving the letters. "Mom, Dad, Mom, Mom, Dad, me," Liz mummbled moving her letter to her other hand as she entered the house. She walked over to her mother and handed her the rest of the mail. "For you and Dad," she commented before drifting into her room to read hers.

The envelope was addressed from Tucson. She didn't know anyone in Tucson. She studied the eltter, wondering if it was really for ehr before cusiously ripping it open. She let the envelope flutter to the ground as she unfolded the eltter and began reading.

Dear Elizabeth,
We hope that this letter reaches you
alright. We realize it's a little alte in the
game to try and be a part of your life.
Your father and I miss you very much,
everyday, and that's why we're finally
writing this letter. Let us know what's
going on in your life, or if it's too late.
Love you always,
Lena and Thomas

The letter was awkwardly written. That was the first thing Liz realized. maybe they were nervous. Maybe they didn't know if they'd be excepted or not. Well they ahd good reason for their doubt, since Liz didn't know quite what to do. She stared at the letter mystified. It couldn't be real could it? But it couldn't be a joke either, could it? She decided to go ask the people that would know: her parents.

Well there's the first part...let me know waht you think. *happy*


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Okay, so here's part two...sorry it's been a while, but with school getting normal, I hope I ahve more time to post.

Liz moved into the living room to find her mother still sitting on the couch. "Mom?" she questioned to get her attention.

Mrs. Parker's head snapped up. "Yes, dear?" she asked her daughter. She immediately noticed the pained expression in ehr eys. "What's wrong?" she asked quickly.

"I got a letter," Liz began,"From Tucson." She handed it to her mother. "Is this true? Am I adopted? Are they my parents?" She waited for her mother to answer.

Her mother skimmed the letter. "Hmm..." she said as Jeffrey walked into the room after hearing Liz. He knew they'd both have to tlak to her about this.

He moved next to Mrs. Parker and nodded,"It's true." Liz deserved to know, even if it hurt.

Liz took in a breath and let out a stressed laugh. It was true. They were her parents she was adopted. "What?!" she demanded,"How could you not tell me?! Don't you think I deserved to know?!"

"Honey, we didn't want you to feel weird your whole life," Liz's mother began,"We didn't want you to feel unloved. Or have any doubts..." Some children felt rejected when they knew they were adopted.

"So you thought lying to me would be better?" Liz asked them,"Making believe you were my family when you weren't..."

"Now that's not fair," Mr. Parker interjected, standing up for his wife,"We're all the family you have."

"Oh really?" Liz demanded,"Well I beg to differ. because I have a letter that says that I have a mother and father in Tucson that want to meet me. And at least they haven't lied to me my whole life!"

"We were trying to protect you," Diane tried to start again. A shake of her daughter's head, cut her off again.

"You weren't trying to protect me, you were being selfish!" Liz yelled at them,"You didn't want me to know that I had other parents because it scared you!" She shook her ehad again, not wanting to hear the next thing out of ehr father's mouth. "I've got to get out of here," she said to them softly, going to get her journal and then heading out the door, slamming it behind her.

She got outside of The Crashdown and broke down in tears. Where could she go? Shemost definitely couldn't go home? But maybe she could go home, the idea popped into her head and she walked voer to ehr parents car, opening it. Okay, how did you do this hotwiring thing agian. She'd seen Micahel do it once. She yanked the wires down and pulled them apart, placing them together until the engine turned. She smiled slightly, throwing her journal into the passenger seat as she closed the door and then shifted the car into drive.

She was going to Tucson. Home. With her parents. It was going to be a long road to normal, but nothing was going to stop her.
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Okay, sorry it's been so long, but I've really ahd a lack of time with college, two jobs, and keeping up with normal life. Here's another part that I'm adding very quickly...I'm tired, sck, and can't sleep, so I figured I could probably give most of my stories an update. *happy* Hope you enjoy! And a big thanks to everyone who's reading, and of course everyone who's leaving feedback.

Liz had pulled the car over to the side of the road. She knew she couldn't turn the car off, or it wouldn't start again. She sighed, leaning back agianst the passenger side car door as she moved ehr journal to ehr lap. She closed her eyes as she let the events of the day sink in.

Her parents weren't her parents. her real parents hadn't wanted her. After feeling like a part of something for so long she realized she hadn't belonged. A solitary tear made it's way down her cheek. She wiped it away, but she realized it was useless as more tears came, faster, heavier, until her chest was heaving as she cried. One tear was all it took to start a waterfall.

Liz woke up and glanced at the clock. Four in the morning. She must've fallen asleep, or rather cried herself there. She began to move and winced from he pain of falling alseep in a car at such an odd angle. She looked down as she heard a thud as something hit the floor. Her journal. She pulled it abck up to her lap and turned on the overhead light in the car. Her hand dove into the glove compartment, rummaging for the pen she knew her father kept there. When her hand landed on it she pulled it out triumphantly as she slammed the glove compartment closed. She elaned back into the seat, uncapped the pen, opened the journal, and begn to write.

October 27
I just found out some of the strangest, most heart shattering news today. I know what you're thinking. Didn't you already get that? You know aliens exist. Well while that might have been strange, it hadn't broken my heart. Nothing changed, if anything things got better because there were no mroe secrets. No more lies.

But I guess that's not completely true. because I was a lie. My life was a lie. I thought I was normal. I had two average parents who were married and ran the cafe that my best friend and I waitressed at. I went to school. Got good grades. Had a group of friends.

I should've known after that day that normal was just a conundrum. Something that would plague me. Soemthing I'd never get. Something I'd never figure out. Something I'd never have. Life with aliens could never be normal.

But I thought I had done the impossible. That somehow I had managed to move my life back to the right side of normal. That I could continue normally. Sure life was different. I knew something the run of the mill human didn't know. It made things difficult sometimes and it definately made them dangerous. but it ahdn't immediately appeared to make things downright abnormal. In fact it never really had.

Today I finally lost normal. I finally had to give it up. had to letit be an unfulfillable dream. had to abandon hope of reaching. Because like I said, I've been living a lie. I've neve been normal. I've always been a mistake, a baby no one wanted. My parents weren't my parents. They had adopted me. And the moment when I found that all out it turned my life upside down. It suddenly made me an outsider. An outsider in my own life even. And it made me say goodbye to normal forever.

Unless of course things go as I hope. if I get to Tucson and meet my parents. If they really welcome me with open arms like their letter promised. Then maybe, maybe then, I could find normal again. Maybe there, in Arizona, with my parents I could be truly normal. At last.

A small smile crept over Liz's lips as she glanced down at the journal. it felt good to say it all to get it down on paper. And as she set the book down on the floor and turned off the light she kenw she could sleep easy.
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As Liz finally arrived in Tucson she pulled into the post office's parking lot. She turned off the car figuring she wouldn't need it from this point in. She pulled out ehr journal and ehaded towards the building. her head was spinning with thought. What it would be like when she saw her parents. Worries about whether or not she'd find them. Concerns about whether or not they'd like her. She pushed though the doors and glanced around, seeing a free teller. She walked over to them and showed them the address that she'd recieved the letter from.

"Can you tell me how to get here?" she asked them with a small smile.

The woman nodded before proceeding to give Liz directions. Liz smiled and thanked ehr before beginning the walk to her parents home.

When she came to stand in front of their house, anxiety set in. She couldn't just walk up and ring the doorbell, this was crazy. She mulled it over and finally decided that she had come all this way, so the least she could do was ring the doorbell and get whatever reaction, she'd get.

She walked towards the hosue and took a steadying breath as she ascended the stairs. "here goes nothing," she said under her breath as she rang the doorbell. She ehard movement inside the hosue before a man and a woman answered the door. She suddenly realized she had no idea what to say. "It's me," she said slowly,"It's Elizabeth Parker."