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Title: The golden goose
Author : Vicky (Angelic)
Couples : CC M/L
Rating: pg:13 AU
Disclaimer : I don't own the character or the fairytale. All I own is the fisher price tape!
Summary : Its the story of the golden goose. If you don't know the boy finds a goose. Other people who want it for greed get stuck to it, then everyone who touches those people get stuck to it!!! Other stuff happens and the meet a king... well I'm not saying any more!!!!
Authors Note: Don't worry for those of you readibg Roswell - X it will be finished. However this idea just stuck in my head. It won't be a long fic, as the story isn't itself. I just used to love this story coz I had it on a fisher price fairy tale tape, along with snow white and rose red!!! This is dedicated to Becky (Chica) who has never heard of this story before!


Once upon a time in a far away land live a boy. Though he was almost a man he still had many a things to learn about live. This boy had a heart of gold and everyone who met him loved him, well almost everyone. His family, wood choppers by trade, felt that their youngest son was rather inadequate as a wood chopper worse as a son. No they favored their older son Khavir. Now you see the boys parents are rather heartless creatures, and if they favor a certain son, it gives you the idea that this the older son too would be rather heartless. If you believe this than you would be correct. Khavir was truly a heartless person and loved to rub in his parents love in his little brothers face.

Now that our story has been set, I take you to a time in our boys life were his father has given work to Khivar, to cut down the old oak tree in the middle of the forest. This oak tree, being hundreds of years old is the biggest of all the trees in the forest, and many men have atempted to take it down, but have all fallen to injury, whilest chopping it down. Many say that it is protected by the old man that lives in the forest. Of course khivar and his parents believe that to be a crazy story. So in our story we follow Khivar deep into the forest with his apple cider and loaf of crusty bread, where he meets an interesting fellow on his journey.

And if you don't know our boys name is Max Evans.

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Hey guys I have a new pic for my fic (hey its ryhmes!)
Check out the top!!!!

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Ok so who do you want to be the old man in the forest, Kyle or Alex???? Maybe it could be Jessie...
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I re did the picture for the fic!!! I know the part is short, but I was doing this quickly!

Part One

"Hi ho hi ho its off to work we go...." Khivar began to sing on his way to the centre off the forest. He liked to sing it when he worked, though he had no idea where he had heard the song before.

"Excuse me young man!" Khivar heard someone calling. He looked around, but alas he couldn't see anyone around. He continued to walk through the forest.

"Excuse me young man!!!" Again Khivar heard yet again. This time he could see to the left of an old man. With caution in his step he walked up to the old man.

"Can I help you old man???" The man looked at him.

"Yes. You see I'm on my way to see my daughter, but mice stole my food, and I'm starving. I was wondering if I could share some of your bread and cider?" Khivar wondered how the old man could know what he had in his bag as he had never shown him. Any way Khivar being as evil as he was of course he wasn't gonna share.

"No I'm not going to share it with you ol man. Its not my problem your hungry. Now get lost and let me be on my way." The old man looked him in the eye. Ok but let me warn what comes around goes around! Khivar kept on walk into the middle of the forest, toward the big oak tree.

"There yo are old tree. Men have tried to conquer you but have always failed. But today I will sucessed!!!"

Khivar set to work with his trusty axe. After 2 hours work Khivar had barely cut half and inch into the tree.

"Why you could for nothing...." However before Khivar finished shouting at the tree, his axe repelled off the tree, and the blunt side smacked him in the arm. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" He looked at his arm, and saw that it was badly broken. In the distance he sore he could hear the laughing of the old man as he made he way home....

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Part 2

The following day after Khivar ran home to lick his wounds, Max was sent into the forest to cut down the tree. Now Max isn't exactly a very good woodscutter...

"Hey I'm a good woodcutter, I just can't cut tree's!!!"

Ok Max whatever you say.

"Look stop telling your readers horrible stuff about me ok! I'm the nice guy remember.

Hey if you don't let me continue I'll make Alex the main character

(off stage) "Yes please!!!!"

"Fine! Continue your story miss narator!"

Sarcasic much??? As I was saying Max isn't exactly a very good woodscutter, as he has trouble cutting down trees. This is down to him being incridbly soft hearted. He hated cutting down trees full stop, as he believed that they had more right to be there as he did. So as he walked along he had a sorrow heart. However it wasn't too long before his frown was turned upside down.

"Excuse me sir." Max heard someone calling him. He looked behind him and sitting on a log was an old man.

"Can I ehlp your sir." Max asked him politely.

"Well yes you can. You see I was on my way home to my wife and daughter, when I lost my lunch, and I haven't eaten for days. I won't get back till tonight, and was wondering if I could have some of your food?"

"Iis only stale bread and water. But I am more than glad to share with you. In fact I will enjoy the company." He sat down and got his food out. He broke the bread in half and gave the man some. "By the way my name is Max Evans." He held out his hand. The old man took it and gave it a firm shake.

"My name is Alex Whitman. Its a pleasure to meet you. Not many men would stop to share his food."

"Well I'm here to cut down a beautiful old tree and I realy don't want to do it! But if I wan't a roof over my head."

"Well I'll come help you lad, for all that you have done."

"Won't you get home late Mr Whitman."

"Alex please, Mr Whitman makes me feel old. And please I want to help."

"Well ok thankyou. We better get going." With that the left to find the tree. As they Alex had a twinkle in his eyes. In fact if you look really closely into his eyes they look more like that of an 18 year old boy...
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Part 3 will be up later. If you like this fic you should check out my sisters (Chica) called sleeping princess
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Guys there is no update!!! However I''''''''m here just to pay my tribute to September 11 one year ago. It was an idea by some of the mods that it would be cool if everyone had 9/11 in their titles to momorate the day!