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Title: Sleeping Princess
Author: Becky(chica) and Vicky(Angelic)
Category:xover, M/L
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Don't own Roswell or Sleeping Beauty
Summary: This a story based on Sleeping Beauty were Liz is princess Aura and Max is prince Phillip and the evil wicked fairy is Tess!!!! The characters all have their Roswell names.
Authors Note: Please leave fb. This story is dedecated to two people: my nephew and sister Vicky (Angelic) who is helping me with this fic! Just so you guys know the begining sounds like the beginin of the disney version but its ONLY simpilar not the same!!!

Once upon a time in a fairytale land lived a King and Queen. Now for the longest time they had longed for a child. Years they waited and finaly a beautiful child was born. She was called Elizabeth. On this the day our story begins Elizabeth was being christened, and a grand party was being held at the palace. King Philp from the neighbouring kingdom came with his young son Max, who was betrothed to our young Elizabeth. Of course at 4 Prince Max believed girls to be yucky like his sister Isabel. Others guests at the party were the 3 good fairies: Clover, Cover and Cherryweather. They were here to bless our young children. It is here were we begin our story....

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