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Title: The Lost X-5
Summary: Let's just say this is a different sort of take on a Roswell/Dark Angel crossover. What if Manticore had found the pods in Roswell? And when Max does a voice over type thing, it's the Dark Angel Max not the Roswell one.


Max (Voice-over):

It happened when we were about 5 or 6. Some of the soldiers had been dying, the seizures getting worse and worse. Only one of us were seemingly unaffected. X-5291. The only soldier with a 4-digit number. Don't ask me why that's significant. Lydecker was obsessed with her. Seems she was the only one minus the flaws we had. She was his perfect specimen. Until the pods were brought in.

I should have the prologue up a little later.

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Thanks. This is my very first attempt at writing a DA x-over. I'm working on it.
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Author's Note: Most of this fic is going to be done from Max's POV. If it's someone else's, I'll let you know.

Before the escape, life, if you could call it that, was as it always was. Out of the many X-5's, not many were left. It seems that Manticore couldn't fix them. One day, Liz, the special X-5, was led away. Coincidentally that was the same day that the pods were brought in. I was being led to the med lab after my latest bout of seizures. I wasn't going to be killed, or so I hoped. A group of men in suits were carrying 3 almost see-through oval pods. From the first look you could tell that there was something in them and just as I was about to pass them, I found out what.

Ok, for being 6 years old at the time, I wasn't very big. Most of the other X-5?s, with the exception of Liz, were bigger than I was. From the position they were situated in the pods, they were about my size. They looked like regular people, but regular people weren't born in translucent pods. Even I knew that. Before I could get a closer look, the guard that was with me ordered me to turn my head, so I did.

Two years later, we escaped. When I was 'saved' by Hannah, she had 4 other kids in the car. One I recognized as Liz, and the other three I didn't know. No one said anything even when we got to her house. She fed us and suggested we get some sleep, but Liz and I didn't. We didn't need to.

The other three apparently didn't have names. If they did, neither I nor Liz knew them. The next day Hannah brought us clothes that we could wear that weren't the Manticore-issued pajamas. To the naked eye, if you didn't pay attention to the hair-cuts, we looked like normal children.

Hannah excused herself to make a phone call that I absently listened to. Just because we weren?t in Manticore didn?t mean we had to let our guards down.

Well, I was right. She was telling someone that we were there and that she'd meet someone in an hour to bring them here. I had to get the others out of there. I waited until Hannah came back out and told us she was leaving us here for a little while and that she?d be right back.

I went to tell Liz, but Liz was faster than I was.
"She went to get someone. Let's get out of here." Liz said quickly. I mean, my hearing was good, but she was clear at the other end of the house. The other three kids nodded their heads at Liz. Apparently they didn't talked much. Maybe it was because of me, but at least they trusted Liz.

We hurried out of there and we were nearly out of state by the time Lydecker got to Hannah's house. Liz promised me she'd take care of the other three and we went our separate ways. That was the last I saw of them.

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You think I'm doing good so far?
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Cool. I'm writing chapter one now, so I might have that up in a little bit.
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Ok, I might have the first chapter finished tonight. I'm not sure though. I'll think about it.
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