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Title: Moments
Author: Jenn *tongue*
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Roswell. If I did I'd be rich and happy. I do however own this story idea and any new characters who happen along.
Rating: I'm not sure yet but R and NC-17 parts will be labeled accordingly.
Summary: First and foremost Ales is still alive. Max, Isabel, and Michael are aliens. Liz never pretended to sleep with Kyle and Tess is gone. This picks up right after Departure. I know what you are thinking. Another post-Departure fic but have no fear! This is sort of AU. Tess was not pregnant when she left.

Note: I know, I know, another fic...I can't help it there are just so many in my brain and I have to get them out! I hope that you like it! Jenn *tongue*

Part 1:

"So can you believe it? It's been three months since the wicked witch of the west left," Maria said donning her Crashdown uniform.

"I know. I'm afraid though. I mean Max, Michael, and Isabel need her. She completes the four square," Liz said adjusting her antennae.

"Would you two ladies mind hurrying up? There are a crap load of people awaiting your service," Alex called from the dining room.

"Please Alex you know as well as I do that the only people in there are you, Max, and Michael," Maria yelled back.

"Yeah, and your point would be what exactly?" Michael asked. "We're hungry."

"Aww, I'm sorry sweetie. Have you been waiting long?" Maria asked Michael in a sugary voice.

"As a matter of fact I have, but I've been waiting even longer for a kiss," he said to her.

Liz laughed at her friends banter. They had gone from annoying to sickeningly sweet. Liz didn't mind though because they were happy. That's all that mattered to her. She smiled over at Max and Alex while picking up her order pad and grabbing two large Orange Juices. Maria could get Michael's drink.

Liz put the juice down in front of both boys and asked what they wanted for breakfast. They both wanted pancakes so Liz placed the order with her dad. He was cooking this morning. She kissed his cheek hello and walked back over to her friends. There was still no one else in the place so she sat on Max's lap and waited for either the first customer or the order to be finished.

Maria went to get Michael a Cherry Coke and put his order in. He wanted scrambled eggs with bacon. She knew his order by heart since he ordered it every time he was in there for breakfast. She loved how close they were getting. Ever since that night before he was supposed to leave and they crossed the intimacy barrier they had gotten very close. They never crossed the line again but they were emotionally closer and that was all Maria needed.

Liz's dad called her order up and she jumped off Max's lap to get their food. He stopped her before she got too far away and gave her a quick kiss. He loved kissing Liz and he was just happy that she was still with him. After everything that went down over the past year it surprised him that she stuck by him.


He had caught Liz and Kyle talking in her bedroom getting ready to stage some sort of thing. He was grateful that he was early that night or else he might have gotten the wrong idea about something. He had gotten tickets to the Gomez concert and he wanted Liz to go. He tried to wait like he was supposed to but something made him leave his house earlier then he planned to and he saw Kyle walk into Liz's room getting ready to take off his shirt. Max was not going to allow that to happen, he didn't care that Liz didn't want him anymore. But he knew that she didn't want Kyle and if he was going to try to force something on Liz Max was going to make sure Kyle'd have to go through him first.

Liz gasped in surprise when he walked though the window. "You aren't supposed to be here yet," she exclaimed confusing Max and Kyle. Max could see the confusion on Kyle's face and it actually comforted him to know he wasn't the only one not knowing what was going on.

Liz ran into her bathroom to confront Future Max but he was gone. Liz got really scared then and ran back into her room yelling incoherent things. Max couldn't make all of them out and he tried to get her to calm down and tell him just what happened but she wouldn't stop freaking out. Her mom walked in the room and saw both boys and Liz freaking out.

"Lizzy honey what's wrong?" she asked looking between the boys. Things had gotten so weird for her daughter this past year and she didn't like that. She and Liz used to be close but this past year they had drifted apart and that upset her greatly. She knew that a lot of the reason they became so distant was Max Evans but even with that knowledge she couldn't find it in her heart to dislike him. She could tell he loved her daughter very much and for some reason she knew that he'd protect her from anything. She also knew that even though Liz and Kyle broke up they were mending their friendship and that made her happy. If she was going to have anyone looking after her baby girl she wanted it to be Max, Kyle, Alex, and Michael. Those boys were so sweet and loyal, and she knew that they'd never let anything happen to Liz, or Maria for that matter.

Liz didn't answer her mom she just turned back to Max with tears streaming down her face. "He's gone," she sobbed as she started to fall to the ground.

Max reacted with lightening quickness and caught her before she hit the ground and cradled her to his chest. He rocked her in his arms and ran his fingers though her hair calming her down immensely. Nancy noticed this and realized that Max and Kyle could handle this. "If Lizzy needs anything boys please come and get me," she said walking out of the room.

Kyle assured her that they would and closed the door the minute Nancy was through it. He turned to Max looking helpless. He had never seen Liz freak out like that and it scared him to pieces. She was always the strong one and to see her completely lose it like that was really bad. The only thing worse would be to see Max completely lose it.

"Liz, you have to tell us what's wrong please," Max pleads with her. "We can't help if we don't know what's going on, and besides you are scaring us," he adds.

"I don't know what happened. He was in there one minute and then gone the next," Liz mumbled.

"Who Liz? Who was where?" Kyle asked gently.

"Max," she said exasperated.

"Huh? Max was outside not in the bathroom," Kyle said confused. Max's face showed exactly the same thing as Kyle's surprise and confusion. Liz wasn't making any sense.

"You don't understand. A future version of Max came back and said I had to get Max and Tess together. I tried everything, but nothing worked. So I asked for your help Kyle. I knew Max would be coming tonight with Gomez tickets, and I also knew that we would cement our bond tonight, but I had to stop that from happening or Tess will leave. Anyway, I was planning on making it look like Kyle and I slept together so you would hate me," she explained in a small voice. "But he's gone."

~~~End Flashback~~~

"Do you want to go for a little road trip this weekend?" Max whispered to Liz as she sat back down next to him.

She looked over to where her dad was and shook her head yes. She knew that her parents weren't going to like this but she didn't care. She'd get Maria to cover for her. She just really wanted to spend time with Max. They had gotten a flash while kissing the week before and found out the location to their spaceship and she knew that Max wanted to check it out.

"What time do you want to leave?" she asked him.

"As soon as you get off today," he replied.

"I get off at three. I've got to pack so by three thirty I guess," she said.

"Three thirty is fine. I'll be by then to pick you up. I love you," he said walking towards the cash register.

"I love you too," she replied kissing him.

He walked towards the door and smiled at her before continuing out of it. She turned to finish her shift with happy thoughts flying through her head.


Please leave me feedback and let me know if I should continue.

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Roswellluver: Thanks! I didn't like how EOTW ended and I always think of ways that it could have gone differently. This is just one of those ways! LOL I'm glad that you like it! *happy*

I'll try to have another part of this up well as a new part to Loving You Loving Me. Thanks again! You guys are the best!

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Part 2:

At three thirty on the nose Max pulled up to the end of the alleyway and climbed out of the jeep. He walked to the back door of the cafe and knocked on the door. Jeff opened it moments later and smiled at Max.

"Liz is still packing some stuff. I take it your bringing her to Maria's?" he asked.

"Yes sir. We'll most likely go to dinner and stuff and then hang out at Michael's for a little bit," Max said hoping Mr. Parker didn't realize he was lying though his teeth.

"That's fine. I hope you two have a great night," Jeff said walking back to the kitchen. "You can go up. Liz should be ready soon."

"Thank you Mr. Parker," Max replied walking up the stairs.

Max climbed the stairs and knocked softly on the door. Mrs. Parker opened it smiling at Max. He smiled back. "Liz is in her room," she told him.

"Thanks," he replied walking towards Liz's room.

He opened the door slowly and watched Liz finish packing. He loved watching her when she didn't know he was there, which wasn't often but it still brought a smile to his face every time. Not that he didn't like watching her when she knew he was there but to observe unnoticed was better. He could see all the quirky little things she didn't want anyone else to see and those little quirks made him love her all the more.

Liz turned around to grab something she realized she forgot and jumped when she noticed Max standing in her doorway. "How long have you been standing there?" she asked him.

"Not too long. I was just watching you pack," he said.

"Well, I can see that silly. I'm almost finished and then we can go. Where are we heading?" she questioned.

"Utah," he said. "I reasearched some places that could hold the something the size of our ship and all the places are in Utah. It also fits the landscape that we saw in the visions."

"So Utah it is!" she exclaimed quietly not wanting her parents to overhear. "All done! Lets go."

Max grabbed Liz's bag and together they walked back to the living room. "Mom! I'm leaving now," Liz called.

Nancy walked into the living room and hugged her daughter. "Have fun sweetie. Call us tonight before you go to bed," she said.

Liz nodded her head assuring her mom that she'd call. "I will. I'll see you on Sunday," she replied.

"See you Sunday. Bye Max," she said.

"Bye Mrs. Parker," Max said following Liz out of the apartment.

They walked down the stairs and Jeff was waiting for them. "Now, no drinking or anything like that. Be good, don't give Amy a hard time, and have fun," he said.

"I will dad. I'll see you Sunday. I love you," she said kissing his cheek.

"I love you too," he said. "Max."

"Mr. Parker," Max replied nodding his head.

Max and Liz walked out of the Crash holding hands and passed Isabel and Alex. They knew where they were going and Isabel didn't like it. "Max, I still say we should go with you two," she said stopping them.

"Isabel we've been over this a million times. You can't. It would be more suspicious if a bunch of us left. I told mom and dad I was going camping with Michael since the weather is still nice. You wouldn't be able to come up with an excuse like that. This is better, besides you need to keep mom and dad safe," he told her.

"I know but I stil don't like it," she said.

"Noted. I'll call every night and tell you what we find," he told her.

"You better. If you don't I'm so going to beat your ass when you get back," she said.

"I'll make sure he calls. I've got to call my parents anyway and pretend that I'm at Maria's so he will call you," Liz assured her.

Isabel gave Max a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you Liz," she said hugging her friend. "Keep my brother out of trouble, and Max, protect her, I really want her as my sister-in-law."

"I will. That's a promise. I want her as my wife someday," he said grinning.

"Have fun you two, and don't do anything too crazy," Alex said wiggling his eyebrows.

"Alex!" Liz exclaimed blushing making Alex laugh until Isabel elbowed him in the ribs.

"Ouch," he mumbled rubbing his side.

"Serves you right. That was so uncalled for," she said.

"We'll see you guys on Sunday. Stay out of trouble," Max said helping Liz into the jeep.

Max jumped in and started the engine speeding out of town. He had never felt so free in his whole life. Well, maybe only once before. When Liz accepted him and his alien-ness was the only other time he felt this free.

Liz looked over at Max and noticed the peaceful look on his face. He looked so content and carefree. She hadn't seen him look like that since before Tess showed up. Tess, just thinking of that girl made Liz cringe.


Max stroked Liz's hair while she cried. She couldn't understand why Future Max disappeared. She hadn't changed the future. Nothing was different. Max still wasn't with Tess, and now probably never would be. She had failed, so why did Future Max leave. She just couldn't figure it out.

A noise came from her balcony and Max and Kyle turned towards it. They looked at one another thinking the same thought. 'We need to check that out.' Max slowly got to his feet lifting Liz up with him. She went willingly not having the will to fight.

"Liz, there was a noise outside. We need to check it out. Do you want to come or stay here?" Max asked her.

"Will you come back in after you check it out?" she asked him.

"Yeah. Kyle and I will be right back," he assured her.

"Ok. I'll wait here," she said.

Max kissed her forehead and nodded to Kyle. They cautiously walked to the window. Max glanced around outside but didn't see anything. He stepped out the window slowly with his hand raised just in case. Once he was out Kyle followed much in the same manner just without the raised hand. They searched the entire balcony and below but there was nothing there.

"MAX!" Liz screamed teriffied.

Max and Kyle scrambled up the ladder and jumped through the window. "Liz! What's wrong?" Max asked skidding to a stop looking at Tess.

"Nothing's wrong. I guess Liz just freaked out when I opened the door. Her mom said I could come right in," Tess said. "I didn't mean to scare you Liz."

"Are you all right?" Kyle asked Liz.

"Yeah, sorry. I nerves are a little on edge. I'm sorry. Tess just startled me," she replied.

"Are you sure?" Max asked not wanting to prod too deeply so as to alert Tess to something being wrong, but he just had a bad feeling about this.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm sorry," Liz said.

"You don't have to be sorry Liz. I was just checking," Max said. "Do you want me to stay for a while?"

"Yeah that'd be great thanks," Liz said smiling at him.

Tess rolled her eyes, but no one noticed. She thought she was going to be sick. He was supposed to LOVE her not some mousy girl! She'd make him see though she'd make them all see. That she promised herself.

"Well, I was just looking for Kyle. I forgot my key and I couldn't get into the house. I looked everywhere for you and since I couldn't find you I thought I should check here. It was the only place I hadn't looked," she said.

"Well then, let us be going. Max, Liz, it was a pleasure. A bit confusing, but a pleasure nontheless," Kyle said.

"See you tomorrow Kyle, and thanks," Liz said as he and Tess walked out the door.

Max looked at Liz. "Do you want to tell me what really freaked you out now that everyone is gone?" he asked.

"I told you. I didn't expect Tess to walk through the door and I got scared. I didn't know what to expect," she said fingers drumming on the dresser. Max didn't notice her fingers but he knew something wasn't right. He let it go for the moment and walked up to her wrapping his arms around her. She sighed and snuggled into his body loving the fact that he was there.

They sat and talked for a few hours before Nancy knocked on the door. "I think it's time for Max to go home Liz. It's getting late and you've got work tomorrow," she said.

"All right. Give us five more minutes," Liz pleaded.

"Five minutes but no more," Nancy said smiling. She remembered what it was like to be young and in love so she allowed them this time. She knew that they just wanted to kiss goodbye without an audience, she understood that all too well.

"I really don't want to go but I know I have to. I'll stop in tomorrow to see you," he said getting up.

"Yeah, tomorrow," Liz said stroking Max's cheek.

He leaned down to give her a kiss and she tilted her head to accomidate him. It had been so long since they'd really kissed. Yes, Max kissed her in Whitaker's office, but it wasn't the same. She didn't respond, she didn't kiss him back. This kiss was different. This one had feeling.

Max held her face to his deepening the kiss. He couldn't get enough of her. He missed her taste, it was so uniquly Liz. Strawberry and spice, something he would never tire of. As the kiss deepened so came the flashes.

Tess walking out of Liz's bathroom had raised.

Liz screaming for Max causing Tess to drop her hand. Tess looked really pissed.

"You were supposed to make him fall for ME!" Tess screamed.

Tess turning towards the window as she heard Max and Kyle coming up the fire escape.

Tess closing her eyes concentrating. Making Liz think she walked in through the door so Max wouldn't get suspicious.

~End Flash~

"Oh my God! It was Tess, the whole time. The whole Future Max thing, and everything! How'd she know you were coming tonight with Gomez tickets," Liz asked freaked out.

"I told her that I had gotten a pair and that I was going to be coming to surprise you at like six, but something told me to leave my house and get here so I left early. I'm gald that I did," Max said.

~~~~End Flashback~~~~

"Liz? Are you hungry?" Max asked.

"A little bit," she replied.

"Well, there's truck stop coming up. Do you want to stop?" he asked again.

"Yeah sure. I need to use the ladies too!" she said laughing.

"Cool. We'll be there in about ten minutes. Go back to whatever you were thinking about," he said.

"I don't want to. I was thinking of that horrible night I almost destroyed us," she said near tears.

"Liz, please don't cry. It's in the past and we stopped it before it happened. I understand why you were willing to do it. I mean you were trying to save us all, and for that I thank you," he told her sincerely.

"I know, but it still hurts Max. She really is evil, and she's out there...somewhere," Liz whispered.

"I know, but we'll stop her Liz. I don't know how but we'll stop her," he said pulling into the truck stop.


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Part 3:

Max opened his door and climbed out of the jeep. He stretched his sore, tired muscles and made his way to Liz’s door. Opening it up he offered her his hand, which she readily took and he helped her out of the jeep.

Max watched as she stretched her muscles. His mouth watered as her shirt rode up enough to give him a tantalizing glimpse of her taunt tummy. He remembered having his hands on her stomach all those months ago healing her gunshot wound. That was the best, and yet scariest moment in his whole life. He almost lost the woman he’d been in love with for as long as he could remember but he also opened the gateway for this relationship and he wouldn’t change it for a minute.

Granted there was some things he would like to erase that happened but that was neither here nor there.

“Are you ready?” Liz asked him shaking him from his thoughts.

“Huh? Oh yeah. Come on let’s go,” he said taking her hand and walking towards the entrance.

The diner was small but clean and the two of them smiled at one another. There wasn’t a piece of alien memorabilia in sight, which made them both extremely excited. It meant that they were far from Roswell, New Mexico. Max caressed the back of Liz’s hand with his thumb while they waited to be seated. As they were waiting they took in the look of the place.

The booths were blue with sparkles in the material, there were pictures of famous actors, and cowboys on the walls along with some hats, and boots. It looked like a typical western diner to them, not some cheesy alien themed tourist trap place.

“Look at this place! It’s so different from Roswell. I’m so glad we are away from there, even if it’s only for a little while,” Liz whispered.

They had drawn a lot of curious stares from the other patrons at the diner but neither of them noticed. They were wrapped up in their own little world, and nothing could break them out of it.

“Hello. Welcome to the Bendix diner. Smoking or non-smoking?” the hostess asked.

“Non-smoking,” Max replied dragging his eyes away from Liz. He then noticed the stares of the other customers in the diner and blushed with embarrassment.

Liz smiled at Max’s discomfort and blushed herself. She had forgotten where they were and that people outside of Roswell would think their strange “look deep into my soul” stare was quite odd. Everyone in Roswell knows about Max and Liz, they’ve seen them on numerous occasions just looking at one another having a silent conversation so it was like second nature to everyone, but out here, well, these people didn’t know them and that intensity would seen a little off for ones so young.

They followed the hostess to the booth and sat down opposite one another still holding hands. The girl placed the menus in front of them and stole a longing glance at Max before she walked away. Liz raised an eyebrow at the girl who quickly blushed and walked away.

“Did you just see that?” Liz questioned.

“Did I just see what?” Max asked confused.

“That girl! She just checked you out, and you are holding MY hand,” she said exasperated.

“Liz, you don’t have to worry about girls like that. And I stress the word GIRLS. You are the only woman, do you hear that WOMAN, I want. Tess couldn’t come between us and you can bet your life no human can either,” Max told her quietly.

“I know that, I do. Our love is beyond this time period alone. It’s lasted centuries and even light years, but still. I can’t help getting jealous whenever some pretty thing looks in your direction,” Liz told him.

“I can understand that. Every time a guy looks at you I so want to tear his face off,” Max told her. “I can’t stand seeing guys leer at you.”

Liz smiled knowing that Max feels the same way she does. Their waiter came to the table and checked Liz out. Max’s grip tightened slightly on Liz’s and she smiled at him. ‘I don’t think so’ she mouthed to him.

He grinned at her and rubbed his thumb across the back of her hand again. She visibly relaxed. The waiter asked what they wanted and they ordered their cheeseburgers and cokes. Once the waiter turned away to place their order Liz got up and squeezed into Max’s lap. She gave him a sweet kiss and he wrapped his arms around her.

“I bet they are runaways,” the man next to them said.

Max and Liz looked surprised. Runaways. Yeah right. Did they really look like they decided to just pack up and run? Well, maybe they did. They had that look like they are in love, and so much in love that their parents wouldn’t agree therefore making them leave their homes. Too bad they have too many responsibilities.

“Did you hear that?” Liz whispered.

“Yeah. How funny is that. We won’t run away in the US…we’d be running away to Antar,” he answered as quietly.

Liz laughed. “True,” she replied kissing his cheek. She then went back to her seat and waited for their food. She and Max kept looking at one another and talked about what they were going to do in Utah.

The food was placed in front of them and he slowly walked away. He tried to get Liz’s attention but she was too wrapped up in Max’s gaze to notice the way their waiter was looking at her. She reached into her purse and pulled out some Tabasco and handed it to Max. He smiled his thanks and poured it on his cheeseburger.

He looked around to make sure no one was watching before he put some in his coke too. He handed the bottle back to her and she placed it in her purse. They ate their lunch in silence, and while they were sitting there Max’s mind starting to wonder to a couple of months before.


Tess kept trying to get Max and she together but he and Liz were so much stronger now. They were on to her and she knew this. She had no idea how they knew but they did.

The dupes showed up telling Max that he needed to go to New York City for a meeting between the planets. They said that the king needed to go, that the meeting wouldn’t proceed unless the king was there.

Max was reluctant to go but Liz talked him into going saying that it was important and that they would probably find out a lot of information on where they are from. Max was still reluctant but Isabel finished off his convincing telling him that it was important to all of them.

The seven of them agreed that Tess should go because they needed Michael to stay and protect the others if trouble came, and Isabel couldn’t leave too because then their parents would get suspicious. He and Tess left with Rath, and Lonnie. Rath was Michael’s dupe, and Lonnie was Isabel’s dupe. Ava, was left behind because there wasn’t any room for her. She was Tess’s dupe.

New York City wasn’t what Max was expecting. Rath and Lonnie lived in the sewers, which was gross to him. Their pods were on the walls and there was an eerie glow on the walls. He had to pass a test to make sure he was the King and he passed.

Max was surprised to see Nicholas at the meeting. He wanted the Granolith, and he said that he was talking in Kivar’s behalf. Brody was there too, but a man named Larek was speaking through him. Max and Liz talked with Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Kyle before he left and they agreed that the Granolith was not to leave their position.

Nicholas was furious. He said that this means war, and Max only nodded his head. He told Nicholas that the Granolith was put in his possession for a reason and it was going to stay that way.

Rath and Lonnie tried to kill him after the meeting but Liz projected herself and saved his life. Tess was taken after the meeting and Max helped her. They went home shortly afterward and he couldn’t have been happier to be home.

~End Flashback~

Liz threads her fingers though Max’s hoping to bring him out of his stupor. It worked. He blinked his eyes and looked at her. She smiled at him.

“Where were you?” she questioned. “I was trying to get your attention for a good five minutes.”

“I’m sorry I was lost in thought. What were you saying?” he said.

“I asked if you were ready. We should get going now,” she said.

“Oh yeah. Sorry, we’ve got a lot of road to cover,” he said smiling.

Max picked up the check and headed to the cash register. He paid the bill and they walked back to the jeep hand in hand. Liz had left the tip on the table before meeting Max at the register.

Part 4:

Max climbed into the jeep after he helped Liz in. He could feel all the people from the diner looking at both he and Liz and just to put on a show for them he kissed her deeply before running to get into his side. Liz smiled at him as he started the jeep and they sped out of the parking lot and jumped back onto the highway.
Max was looking forward to this little vacation from Roswell. It was going to be much different from his last one. The last time he left Roswell it was for New York and he almost got killed. If it hadn’t been for Ava telling the others that Rath and Lonnie killed Zan, and Liz showing up to save him he’d be dead right now. He shuddered at the thought.
They drove in comfortable silence with just the mellow tunes from the radio wafting in the air. Max loved these moments when it was just the two of them. They didn’t have to talk they could just sit and be content.
“Max how much longer? My legs are starting to cramp and my butt is getting sore,” Liz asked.
“Only about an hour I think. We’ll stop at the next rest area and stretch. I’ve got to use the rest room again anyway,” he told her.
She smiled at him thanking the powers that be for this reprieve. Exactly fifteen minutes later Max was turning off the interstate into the rest area. They needed gas too so he was more then happy to pull over. They both jumped out of the car and stretched their weary muscles and walked out all the cramps. Liz went to the bathroom while Max filled up the jeep and she was walking out as Max was walking towards the men’s room. He gave her a quick kiss before continuing to his destination.
“Max? Do you want anything to eat or drink while I go inside to get something?” she asked.
“Yeah a Cherry Coke, spicy beef jerky, and chocolate,” he replied.
“All right. I’ll meet you back at the jeep,” Liz said.
She walked into the little store and got Max a Cherry Coke and herself a Sprite. She picked up the foodstuffs that Max wanted and grabbed a bag of Doritos with the Tabasco on them and headed to the counter. She noticed that there were condoms behind the counter and on a whim decided to buy a packet.
“Is this all?” the clerk asks her.
“Um, no. Can I get a box of large lubricated and extra large lubricated Trojans?” Liz asked.
The kid behind the counter looked at her sideways trying to figure out how old she was and she stared right back at him never looking down from his eyes. He shrugged his shoulders and handed her the two boxes.
“That will be $25.40,” he said after ringing it all up.
Liz handed him the money and asked for a paper bag and then walked out of the store. Max was already sitting in the jeep with it running so as soon as she jumped in he took off. She secured her seatbelt and they continued their journey to Salt Lake City.
They talked for a little bit about Michael and Maria’s new couple status and things of that nature before falling silent again. Liz couldn’t help but think back to the day everything almost changed for the worse.


Tess was beginning to get out of control. There was no stopping her anymore. She was going to get Max if that was the last thing she did and she didn’t care who stood in her way.
Liz noticed something was off the moment Alex came back from Sweden. He wasn’t acting like himself and that worried Liz. She didn’t know what was going on but this needed to be solved. With everything else that was going crazy Alex’s weirdness was making her more nervous then ever.
All the signs pointed to Tess and Liz wasn’t sure why, but she just knew that it did and yet couldn’t figure it out.
“Alex what’s going on with you?” she asked him one day.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about Liz. I’m fine. I guess the jet lag is still with me. I’m just tired,” he replied fingers tapping against the table.
Liz noticed his fingers drumming against the table but didn’t think anything of it. After a few days had past Maria and Liz were sitting in Alex’s room talking about prom. He was strumming his guitar while the girls talked about their nights. Maria was so upset that Michael wasn’t going and she tagged along with Max and Liz as their third wheel. Alex had gone with Isabel and Tess and Kyle went together. Everyone still didn’t trust Tess and Liz told Max about her suspicion about Alex’s weird behavior. He agreed with Liz and together they watched Alex for any other strange behavior.
Alex reluctantly took Isabel because he didn’t want to get hurt again but she asked him because well, the rest of them didn’t know at the time but she was graduating a year before everyone and she really wanted to go to prom with him.
Alex was telling them about the kiss that he and Isabel shared as they were dancing and Maria was saying how excited she was that Michael showed up. He had taken dance lessons just so he wouldn’t embarrass her at Prom. She thought that was the sweetest thing ever. Liz was telling them about the romantic walk she and Max took after prom before going back to her house making it just before her 2am curfew.
The phone rang interrupting their conversation and Alex held up a finger as he picked it up. The girls listened while he flirted with Isabel and smiled. They were happy that both Alex and Isabel were finally happy. Alex had said earlier that Isabel told him she loved him. Liz beamed at that finally Isabel was opening up and realizing her feelings.
Alex hung up the phone and resumed conversation with Liz and Maria. Maria teased him about his date with Isabel and he blushed telling her to shut up.
“Well guys I’ve got to run, I’ll talk to you later,” Maria said grabbing her stuff and heading out the door.
Alex and Liz said good-bye and talked for a few more minutes. During a lull in the conversation Liz noticed that Alex was tapping his fingers against his guitar and wondered about it.
“Alex why are you tapping your fingers?” she asked him.
“Huh? What do you mean? I’m not tapping…” he said stopping when he realized what he was doing.
Liz watched in horror as Alex grabbed his head in pain. She didn’t know what to do so she grabbed the phone and dialed Max’s number.
“Hello?” Isabel said answering the phone.
“Izzy it’s Liz. Is max there?” she asked.
“Yeah hold on a second,” Isabel said. “MAX! Liz is on the phone!”
“Hello?” Max said picking up the extension in his room.
“Max we’ve got a problem. I’m at Alex’s and he’s holding his head rocking back and forth in pain!” Liz said frantically. “He was drumming his fingers on his guitar and then started rocking and grabbing his head.”
“I’ll be right there,” Max told her hanging up the phone.
As he ran out the door Isabel was behind him. “I heard what Liz said and I’m coming too. I love Alex and there is no way I’m going to let that stupid witch do something to him,” she told her brother jumping into the jeep.
“That’s fine with me,” he said handing her his cell phone. “Call Michael and give him the details but tell him to stay put. We don’t want to tip Tess off.”
“Ok,” she replied dialing Michael’s number.
After giving him the heads up she hung up the phone and worriedly. She was more then happy when they pulled up in front of Alex’s house and jumped out of the car before Max had it turned off. She ran to the door and rang the doorbell.
Mr. Whitman let both Max and Isabel in saying that Alex and Liz were in his room upstairs. They both said thank you and ran up as quickly as possible. When Max opened the door he almost wished Isabel stayed home. Liz was cradling Alex’s head in her lap and there was blood coming out of his nose. He was moaning softly and Liz was crying.
“Thank God you’re here. I wasn’t sure what to do. I mean he just started rocking and holding his head. Then the moaning started and he fell. I caught him before his head hit the ground and he’s been like this ever since. But now his nose is starting to bleed,” she said sounding so little. “Is there anything you can do to heal him?”
“I don’t know but I’m going to sure try,” Max said.
Max walked up to Liz and Alex and placed his hands on either side of his head back hear his hair just in case some silver handprints showed up and concentrated on Alex. “Izzy try to get him to open his eyes. Stand behind me so I’ll be able to see him and it will be easy for him to look from you to me,” Max said straining.
“Alex, sweetie, it’s me Isabel please you’ve got to open your eyes. We are trying to help you,” she said crying.
“Isabel? Why are you crying?” Alex asked in a whisper opening his eyes slightly.
That was all Max needed. “Alex! Look at me, you have to look into my eyes,” he said forcefully causing Alex to drag his eyes away from Izzy. The moment their eyes connected a warm sensation filled Alex’s head and Max saw everything that Tess had done.
He broke off the connection after he repaired all the torn tissue in Alex’s head. Max slumped against the foot of Alex’s bed exhausted and Alex slowly sat up holding his head. Even though Max repaired all the damage he still had one hell of a headache.
“What happened?” Alex asked trying to clear his muddled mind.
Max tried to catch his breath. Since he was the only person who saw what Tess had done he was the only one who could explain.
“Give Max a minute Alex he’s a bit spent from healing your head,” Liz told him. Alex nodded and leaned against the wall. Isabel sat down next to him and rubbed his arm soothingly.
“It was Tess. She cornered you in here and mind warped you into thinking you were going to Sweden for an exchange program. Instead you went to Las Cruses because they have this new Quantum Physics computer and she had you running the language of our Destiny book though the computer. She wanted to figure out what it says and knew you would be the only person who could get into Las Cruses to decode it. You refused when she asked you and had to resort to mind warping you. Once you got to Las Cruses she mind warped some innocent girl and made her pretend she was your girlfriend to take pictures and stuff with you. You did manage to decode the book but didn’t bring anything home with you,” Max explained.
“Oh my God!” Isabel exclaimed. She called Michael up and told him to meet them at the Crash. Liz had to get to work and Maria was already there so Liz would relieve her early and she and Michael could be brought up to speed. They called Kyle as they were hopping in the jeep and told him to meet them too.

~*~*~*~End Flashback~*~*~*~

The jeep jerked to a stop startling Liz from her thoughts. Max had tried at least four times to get her attention but nothing worked so he left her in her fantasy world for a bit and drove in silence. They finally made it to their destination and Max was very grateful. He pulled into a motel off the interstate that had a diner next door so that way he and Liz wouldn’t have to walk far to get a bite to eat. He was really tired and was craving some dinner and then sleep.
Liz realized that they stopped and turned to Max. She took in her surroundings and realized that they were parked in front of a cheep looking hotel. Liz smiled at Max and even though the place looked cheep it also looked clean and she had a feeling Max drove for a bit to make sure they’d get a decent room.
“I’m going to get us a room. You stay here and I’ll be right back,” he told her kissing her cheek. Liz nodded and started to grab some of their things getting the bags organized.
Max came back minutes later with a key. He grabbed their stuff and handed the key to Liz. She walked up to door 5 which they were parked near and unlocked the door. Her mouth opened in surprise at what she saw. There was a dresser, table, TV, radio, lots of lamps, but only one bed. A big king sized bed in the middle of the room. Liz looked at Max who shrugged his shoulders.
“The guy said this was the only room left open so I took it. I was too tired to drive around for another hotel that looked as clean as this one,” he told her.
“That’s ok. It just surprised me that’s all,” she told him walking into the bathroom to relieve herself.
When she came out Max jumped in there. “Do you want to eat now or wait a bit?” he asked.
“I’d like to eat now,” she told him quickly taking the condoms out of the paper bag she’d been holding since their last stop and stashed then in the drawer on the table next to the bed.
Max came out of the bathroom and nodded his head saying he was ready to go. Liz grabbed her purse and the room key and together they walked next door to get a bite to eat.


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This part is NC-17

Part 5:

The two teens made their way to the diner slowly both too tired to move any faster. The drive took a lot out of them and they were ready to just sit back and crash, but hunger was the more powerful entity at the moment and so they decided to eat before bed.

“Max, I’m really glad that we decided to take this little trip,” Liz smiled.

“Yeah me too. We really needed to get away from everything and spend some quality alone time together,” he agreed.

They walked through the doors of the diner and took a seat in a booth. There were menus on the tables so they looked through them deciding what they wanted. Max was pleasantly surprised to see Tabasco already on the table and put his menu down after he picked what he wanted.

The waitress came and took their order and the two sat in silence while waiting. It was almost as if they were too tired for conversation, but they held hands, needed to have some kind of contact. Their waitress watched them from behind the counter and noticed the absentminded way that Max’s thumb stroked the back of Liz’s hand, and the small smile Liz wore as she gazed into Max’s eyes. She could tell that these two kids were very much in love.

Their order was up about ten minutes later and they ate greedily. It felt like ages since they’d last had anything to eat, when in reality they had their snacks in the car. After they finished their meal they paid the check and headed back to the hotel. Liz knew that sleep was the only thing that was going to happen tonight but just in case she was happy that she was prepared. A part of her figured that Max would always be prepared when it came to her but she didn’t want to take any chances.

The moment they walked through the door Max fell onto the bed. “I’m so tired I don’t think I can manage getting undressed,” he said tiredly.

Liz rolled her eyes at him grabbing her clothes. She walked into the bathroom and got ready for bed. She brushed her hair and teeth before heading back into the room. The sight that greeted her made her heart sigh with love. Max was lying under the covers fast asleep. He had taken off his pants, shoes, socks, and shirt, leaving him in his boxers. Liz wasn’t sure she’d be able to sleep in the same bed as Max with him wearing just a pair of boxers.

She carefully climbed into bed not wanting to disturb Max’s slumber. Settling down she pulled the covers up over her waist and glanced at Max. Almost as if he knew she was looking at him he rolled over placing an arm across her waist pulling her to him. Liz smiled and snuggled into Max’s embrace falling asleep instantly. Max placed a kiss upon her forehead and snuggled deeper into the land of dreams.

Max awoke slowly opening his eyes. He took in his surroundings momentarily forgetting where he was. He could feel a soft, warm, body pressed up against him and glanced to his left wondering who was in his bed. He saw Liz’s dark hair spilling over the pillow and the past day’s events ran through his mind. He wasn’t at home in his own bed; he was in a hotel room, alone, with Liz Parker. Those thoughts caused his member to spring to attention. He chastised himself for losing control like that but he couldn’t deny the thought of being alone with Liz in a hotel, miles away from home was exciting.

He leaned down softly kissing her lips unable to control himself. Liz sighed as his lips touched hers and pulled him closer to her. His heart began to pound in his chest. He couldn’t believe that even in sleep he could affect her so much.

“Mmm…Max,” she sighed snuggling deeper into his arms.

Max didn’t know what to do. Her sighing his name in her sleep did wondrous things to him but he had to control himself. He couldn’t just ravage her, not while she was asleep.

“Get a grip on yourself Evans,” he told himself. “You can’t take advantage of Liz like this. Take some deep breathes and think of something else. Anything else…anything that isn’t sexual. Mud! Think about Mud!”

Max tried to think about mud, but every time he did, it was Liz naked and covered with mud because they had made love outside on the shores of a lake. He groaned and eased himself from the bed. He needed to get away from her before he did something disturbing and stupid.

Liz whimpered at the loss of Max’s warmth and he almost climbed back into bed but he knew that if he did he would be a goner. He made his way to the bathroom careful to not trip over any shoes on his way. He opened and closed the door quietly making sure not to disturb Liz.

He placed his hands on the sink counter taking deep breaths trying to calm himself down. Liz was sleeping in his arms, sighing his name in her sleep. These things did amazing things to him. He couldn’t calm his racing heart and his erection hurt it was so stiff. He had to relieve himself but he was embarrassed to do so with Liz in the other room. Granted it wouldn’t be the first time he’d have to relieve himself because of Liz, but she’d never been so close when he did it before.

Maybe I should just take a cold shower, he thought to himself. He reached into the shower and turned the water on. He started it out warm not really wanting to freeze himself the moment he walked into the stream of water. He always hated taking cold showers; they usually helped a little bit but not much. Yet, at the moment it seemed his only option.

He placed a towel on top of the toilet next to the shower and removed his remaining clothing and walked into the shower. The warm stream of water washed over his senses easing his sore muscles. That long car ride really did a number on his muscles. He reached for the nozzles ready to make the water colder. He really needed to get rid of this erection before he walked back out into the room. What would Liz think of him?

The cold water made him jump and goose pimples to spring up all over his body. He shivered but forced himself to remain under the stream of water. This had to work, it just had to, he kept telling himself. He placed his head on the tiles in front of him defeated. The cold water wasn’t doing anything to rid him of his problem so he adjusted the water again and tried to relax under the warmer water.

His member was still throbbing because every time Max closed his eyes he would picture Liz’s face as she sighed his name in her sleep. She looked so blissfully happy and sensual it did him in.

He reached between his legs needing to be relieved. His embarrassment was momentarily gone all that mattered was getting rid of the pressure between his legs, and if he didn’t do it now he would probably attack Liz the moment she woke up.

He stroked his member swiftly wanting the pain to stop. He kept a picture of Liz in his mind, and in his vision he was making love to her. This spurred him on faster and he placed his free hand against the wall to support himself. The water continued to cascade over his body adding a different type of sensation to pass through him. In his imagination he pictured the water running down his body as Liz’s fingers caressing him. That was the last bit of help that he needed. He grunted as his seed spewed forth from his body. The water washed it down the drain and he collapsed against the wall feeling completely sated.

He quickly washed himself and jumped out of the shower. Drying off he wrapped the towel around his waist. He didn’t want to put his dirty boxers back on and he had forgotten to grab clothes in his haste to get under control.

He opened the bathroom door shivering as the cool air from the room hit his body. Liz watched him emerge from the bathroom dripping wet from the shower and licked her lips. She had never seen Max look so sexy before. His hair was damp and messy from the towel and the fact that he only had a towel around his waist did not help cool her climbing blood pressure.

“Morning Max,” she said quietly grinning as he jumped.

“Jeez, Liz. I didn’t realize you were awake, you scared the crap out of me,” he replied looking up.

The strap of her baby tank slipped from her shoulder in her sleep revealing a lot of her silky skin to his view. Max cleared his throat looking away. So much for the shower, he thought. He shifted his legs trying to hide his new erection from Liz. This was very embarrassing for him. It wasn’t like she’s never felt his erection pressing against her before because whenever he got close to her he would spout one, but with only a towel covering him he felt naked.

“How long have you been up?” she asked trying to calm him. She could tell that he was upset and stressed about something.

“For about a half hour or so. You looked so peaceful sleeping that I didn’t want to disturb you,” he told her.

“Thank you, that was so thoughtful of you,” she said shifting her position on the bed exposing the top of her creamy breasts to Max’s view.

He couldn’t stifle his groan fast enough and Liz heard him. She smiled secretly to herself glad that she could effect him so especially since he was still standing in front of her in nothing but a towel. She climbed out of bed and walked towards him. Liz kissed Max’s shoulder as she passed him on her way to the bathroom.

Liz did her business, brushed her teeth, washed her face, and headed back out to Max. He was sitting on the bed in a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. Liz was a little disappointed that he lost the towel but at least he didn’t have his jeans on just yet. She wondered what they were going to do today.

He held his arms out to her and she gladly rushed into them. They hadn’t embraced or kissed yet that morning and both were craving it. Liz sighed as Max’s lips claimed hers in a soul-searing kiss. She loved those types of kisses the kind that she could feel deep within her soul. Max gave her those kisses all the time, and she couldn’t imagine getting another kiss that wasn’t like that. He had spoiled her for the rest of her life.

Max pulled Liz closer to him causing her to sit on his lap. They were both vaguely aware of their lack of clothing but the awareness was quite hazy and at the moment neither cared too much about their state of undress. All that mattered to either of them was kissing.

Liz felt like she couldn’t get enough of Max and she wanted more. Her hands slipped under his t-shirt caressing his chest. She needed to feel his skin against her. His shirt managed to manifest its way towards his head as if on it’s own free will. They parted their lips long enough for Liz to pull the shirt off his body. It landed somewhere on the floor, but neither really cared at the moment. As soon as the shirt was gone their lips fused back together.

Max managed to roll them over so that Liz was lying on the bed and he was leaning over her. He made sure to keep his body weight on his arms so as not to crush his precious girlfriend.

Their makeout session started to get hot and heavy as more and more clothing began to magically disappear. Liz’s top was the next thing to vanish. Discarded on the floor landing close to Max’s t-shirt. Now they were both only in a pair of shorts.

Max continued to kiss and caress Liz making his way down her body. She felt like every place Max’s lips touched was on fire. It wasn’t a bad burning sensation it was more of a ‘you’re driving me crazy with desire’ kind of burning.

“Max,” she breathed urging him on.

He paid special attention to her breasts causing her to squirm underneath him. With each movement she made to get herself closer to Max’s assaulting mouth her core rubbed against Max’s erection making him more stiff then he ever thought he could possibly ever get. He groaned placing his hands on Liz’s hips to still her movements.

“Liz,” he said raggedly trying to catch his breath.

“Max, in the drawer,” she told him pointing to the table beside the bed.

He gave her a quizzical look wondering what she was talking about.

“Max, look inside the drawer.”

He leaned over her body reaching for the drawer, his groin pressing firmly into hers. He opened the drawer taking in its contents. His head snapped towards Liz’s wondering when she managed to get these without his knowledge. He hadn’t planned on crossing this barrier with Liz on this trip. Not that he didn’t want to but he didn’t want her to feel like he was expecting it, especially after everything that had happened to them. He was content with just being with her knowing that one day they would be intimate.

“Liz? When? What?” was all he could get to come past his lips. Liz giggled at his lack of diction and kissed his cheek.

“I’m ready for this Max. I want to. When we stopped at the gas station before I bought some. I ah, I didn’t know what size though so I got two different sizes. I figured you’d know which one to use so you and just pick one.”

Max picked up the boxes with a shaking hand. He looked at both of them and opened the box of large condoms. He pulled out one of the little foil packets and placed it on the table before putting the box back in the drawer. He didn’t know why he was so nervous and unsure about this. Liz was more then ready, and he knew that he wanted to do this but something was making him think twice.

Liz, as if sensing his emotions, placed her hands on his cheeks forcing him to look at her. “Max, I am positive that I want to do this. I would have done this the night of Gomez I was ready even then. I know that we’re still in high school and that we’re still young, but just as you’ve always known that I was the one for you, I’ve known that you were the one for me. I used to watch you when we were younger longing to talk to you. But you were so shy and the few times I tried to approach you, you would just walk away. So I let it go, but now that we are together I am not going to let you get away from me.”

Max kissed the tip of her nose before pulling her close to him. That was all he needed to hear. He knew that she felt that way but he needed to be reassured. He still found it amazing that she was with him despite the fact that he was an alien, and not just any alien, and alien king. He loved her more and more with each passing moment, but the fact that she could put up with him and his crap made her more special then anyone on any of his two planets, Earth or Antar.

Liz, wanting to get back to business, began kissing his neck and working her way down his chest scooting her position so she could reach. Her soft skin brushed against the front of Max’s boxers spurring him into action. He rolled them over so that Liz was sitting on top of him. Then he sat up cradling her body against his kissing every inch of skin he could reach.

Liz moaned as Max’s lower extremities came into intimate contact with hers. Her body temperature was climbing and there was a hum working it’s way through her veins. She wove her hands through Max’s hair holding him to her body not wanting to lose any contact with him. Somehow she managed to flip them over again so that Max was over her. She loved being able to look up into his eyes, which were so full of desire at the moment.

Her hands grabbed the material of his boxers pulling them away from his waist. She wanted to feel all of Max’s body on her and the offensive material was in the way. Max helped her rid him of his last article of clothing and then took his time taking her shorts and panties off. Once she was fully exposed to his gaze he smiled. She was a vision of loveliness. One that he would never get sick of seeing.

She reached to the table and grabbed the condom handing it to Max. She wanted to feel him inside of her and she was not going to wait another second more. Max carefully opened the package and rolled the condom on the length of his erection.

He placed himself at Liz’s entrance looking into her eyes one last time to make sure that she was positive this was what she wanted. He could see all the love and trust in her eyes. It humbled him that she could trust herself so completely to him, yet he felt the exact same way. He trusted her more then anyone else with his life.

Very slowly he inched his way into her body filling her until he reached her barrier. He didn’t want to push past it because he didn’t want to hurt her.

“Max, please, I need to feel all of you,” she pleaded with him.

“I can’t Liz. I don’t want to hurt you,” he whispered this throat tight with tears.

“Max. This is something all women have to go through, and I’ve heard it only hurts for a moment,” she assured him bringing her legs up wrapping them around his butt pushing his lower body into hers while raising her hips to accept him.

She winced as he broke through her barrier but that was the only look of discomfort to pass her features. Max lay perfectly still holding himself away from her body. He wasn’t sure what to do. He had promised to never hurt the woman he loved again, and what did he do? He just hurt her.

Liz moved her hips signaling to Max that she was all right and ready. He kissed her cheeks, her nose, her forehead, and her lips before he moved his hips at all. Liz pulled his face back to hers and attacked his lips. A connection between them opened immediately. They could sense the other’s feelings and Max could feel how much Liz loved him and how happy she was to finally fell complete. He felt the same way. Being with Liz like this completed his soul.

Their pace was slow and steady, both prolonging the sensations. They didn’t want this moment to be over quickly so they tired to hold off for as long as possible. Flashes of their lives on Earth passed before their eyes, and they both watched as they had grown up longing for the other to notice them. Max couldn’t believe that Liz had wanted him to notice her ever since the third grade, just as he had wanted her to notice him since then.

His pace began to speed up and Liz met him thrust for thrust. Her moans began to get louder and higher. Their bodies were covered with sweat and slid over one another easily stimulating their senses. Liz’s inner walls clamped down upon Max’s throbbing erection as her orgasm spread through her body. Her clung to him as she rode out the waves of pleasure. With a small grunt and a couple of final thrusts Max joined her in orgasmic bliss.


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