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Title:Not as it seems
Disclaimer: juz,sue me
Summary:After destiny, liz came back different

"what are you doing here?""Please. I need to talk to you.""What ever it is, I don't want to hear it" He moved to the kitchen,fuming when he heard her."'s important.""If you feel you must." "My whole life evolves around Max.Nasedo brought me up saying his mine. because of that,I feel Liz is a threat.when she finally left, I felt guilty though I should be happy. I mean she practically give max to me on a silver plate.I went to max yesterday and apologize.I told heim everything.including being in love with you." He stared at her,shocked."yes kyle, I love u"
"get out tess,.""but....""GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! you hurt liz who by now is like a sister to me.I'm never going to forgive u." crying,she left.

Part 1Aa(I)
Ever since that day,a week ago,tess had been avoiding kyle's eyes.she felt guilty for hurting liz. she vow that she is going to apologize to liz when she came back.

Part 1a(ii)
"maria,when is Liz coming back?"Tess ask.Maria gave her a murderous glare and stormed to the back with Kyle and Alex in tow."That bitch! She drove Liz away and now that she realize she doesn't love Max, she's after Kyle.""you're right Ria.if I have powers,I could kill her for having the cheelk to express her love for me."kyle says,disgusted. Alex sigh. "you guys,though I wholeheartedly agree with you on tess,we still have to calm down for liz's sake.just ignore miss gerbil and let's get back there,you know how Max-I'm the king you have to listen is-" the two relent and they go out.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ how is it?*angel*
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Part 2
Soon,the only customers left were the pod squad and alex and kyle.The parkers were at the counter counting the money.Maria put away the broom that she's been using and went to the pod squad's table.
Michael:well,we're here now Maxwell.Except for a certain brunette we all know and love not including Tess of course(Maria smack him in the head)OW! What's that for pixie?OW! Ok Ok stop it maria.
Maria:whateva spaceboy.Max,I think what Spaceboy is trying to say is what is so important that we arre having a meeting after such a long time? I thought we all agree to act normal?(turning back to michael)Is that what you wanna say ?
Max:(Smiling at their little banter)I know it's just that I want us to be prepared for our enemy.we don't know when they will come.
At that.they all nodded their head in agreement.the gang continue their discussion quietly.A few minutes later,the door chime,indicating someone had came in.Everyone looked at the person who head was lowered down.They study her for a while.She had shoulder length wavy brown hair with blue,red and purple streaks on it.she is wearing a leather jacket,white tight fitting baby tee,leather pants and boots.
Jeff Parker:yes miss,can we help you?
Person;It's me dad
Liz lifted her head and they all gasp at the new liz.She has 14 piercings altogether;a ring on her right eyebrow,seven piercing on her left ear,four on the right,one on her left nose and a ring with a Z hanging on her navel.When she remove her jacket,they can see that she has a tattoo on the left arm,wrist and belly.
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Part 3

after a moment of staring,liz gets bored and says"stop staring at me will you?god u make me feel like a bug or something."
"oh liz I miss you so much...all of us do"nancy and jeff claim.
liz smile."well,I'm tired and I'm turning in...goodnight"she kiss nancy and jeff on the cheek and walk away.she stop when she heard a cough.liz turn around and say to the gang,"as much as I want to hug all of you,I'm tired.see you in school tomorrow."and continue upstairs.everyone look at her,not noticing her evil smile.
before I continue with the next part,I just want to say that liz hair is like faith's hair in buffy.*bounce*