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Ok...I know its going to be hard to believe but this is just a plain we hope you enjoy.

Title: All These Years
Author: LrdDane & justme
Rating: R-NC-17
Disclaimer: Roswell characters do not belong to me, all others will.
Category: Some of the gang, none are aliens.

Max Evans sit staring at the blank computer screen, the server had been down all morning with no sign of it coming back up no time soon.
His thoughts drift to his lovely wife Liz, she had been distant lately, and Max worried that it might be caused by his late hours in the office.
John poked his head into Maxs office and asks, “why haven’t you gone home yet?” Max looked up his scribbling and smiled “Cause I was waiting to see if the server was going to come back up”.
John shock his head and laughed “You work to damn hard now get home, it will be this weekend before the server is back up.”
Max didn’t waste any time shutting his computer down and telling John “You don’t have to tell me twice to leave”
Grabbing his coat and keys he headed out of the office towards his car, John called out “You should surprise that wife of yours with some flowers” Max yelled back over shoulder “I might just do that” a big grin on his face as the door closed behind him.

Liz Evans sit at her kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee staring at the newspaper, she heard the back door and she smiled.
She didn’t need to turn around to know whom it was he put his arms around her neck and kissed her cheek lightly.
“Good morning baby” he whispers in her ear, Liz giggles “how’s the wife this morning” she says as he’s pouring himself a cup of coffee “bitching and moaning as always” he replies as his slips the hot Java.
Liz eyed him and licked her lips “I would like to do some moaning of my own” she teases, “well I wish I could help you out” he tells her and watches her pout.
He walks over to the table sitting his cup down and goes to her, he says, “now we both know you’re more a screamer than a moaner” Liz smiles and replies “Especially with you”.
He takes her by her hands and pulls Liz to her feet, pulling her in close and kiss her very deeply on her soft lips.
Then rubs his hands down her back, bring them to rest on her firm ass, lifting her slightly in the air turns and sits Liz on the table.
Liz wraps her legs around his waist tightly, keeping him close not being able to get enough of him.
Without breaking the kiss, Liz starts slowly unbuttoning his shirt as she does he moves his hands up her thighs.
Liz parts his shirt and runs her fingers lightly down his chest, before pushing it off his shoulders; he tosses it onto the nearest chair.
She pulls away from his kiss in order to kiss along his cheek and down his neck, loving the taste of his skin she continued along his shoulder.
He slowly slid his hand under her nightgown, she shivered at his touch on her bare skin, making her just more, “Take me now” she whispered.

Max pulled his car into the nearest parking space, thinking how great this was going to be, It had been awhile since they had, had any quality time with each other.
He ran in to the grocery store on a mission, picking out everything he needed to make today special, including all the items necessary to make her favorite dish, candles to sit on the table and even some bubble bath for later.
After picking out her favorite wine Max paid for everything and headed for his next stop.

Liz lay back on the table as his hand probed her moistness, she whimpers softly as her eyes slide shut.
She raises her arms over her head and knocks his cup off; its shatters and spills Luke warm coffee onto floor.
“Shit” he says at the sound of the breaking mug it scaring him slightly, Liz giggles and replies “What did you think Max was home?”
His eyes narrow as he looks at her “That crap isn’t funny” he says the moment now broken.

Max walks into the local florist shop, and starts to look around.
He is approached by a young sales girl who smiles shyly at Max, and then ask does he need help with anything.
Max replies “ I need something special for my wife” the girl take his hand and says “let me show you what I got” leading him towards the back of the shop.
As the sales girl shows Max a few floral arrangement, she leans into him pointing out a certain flower and max can’t help but notice her cleavage.
“See anything you like” she ask catching him looking at her breast, Max quickly looks away and points “Yeah I really like that arrangement, I’ll takes those” she smiles “Well you have good taste, got to love a man who knows what he likes”.
She moves in front of Max rubbing her tight ass against the front of his pants, Max steps back and then follows her to the register.
“Well if these don’t get you out of the trouble your in” she says writing her name and number on a card “Give me a call” handing the card to Max.
Max leaves the shop not believing he was just hit on by a girl who couldn’t be more than twenty, he cranks the car and heads for home still shaking his head.

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“ Look Baby” Liz starts “Max wont be home till after five, so you have no need to worry” Kissing him softly.
“Well lets get out of the kitchen anyways” he tells, she frowns “Awe baby just on time on the table?” she whispers softly, knowing he couldn’t resist.
Liz laid back making sure nothing else was there, his hand again slid to he wetness and he fingered her lightly, Liz squirmed as his finger caressed her Gspot.
She pushed her walls against his finger as he moved it around softly, her hands moved freely over her body, as he fondled her breast with his free hand.
He pinched her nipple hard and Liz let out a small yelp, he smiled as she looked up at him “Damn baby!” she says, “Do it again?” she moans.

Max drove home smiling, the song on the radio was the one played at his and Liz’s wedding and he sang along.
Max and Liz had been married for 5 years now and it was the best thing that had happen to either of them, they had a great kid who was off at camp and was smart as a whip.
Max smiled at remembering them dancing to “From This Moment” he loved Liz so much and couldn’t wait to get home and surprise her, he glanced down at his watch 12 noon plenty of time, he was only about 45 minuets away and he couldn’t wait to get there.

Liz shivered as her orgasm flowed over his finger, she gripped his arms tight as the wave hit her, and she bit her bottom lip.
He pulled her off the table and carried her down the hall way to the bedroom, their passion over taking them both.
The room was dark the blinds were closed and the dark curtains closed,” perfect” he whispered as he kissed Liz deeply.
Liz parted her lips and slid her tongue into his mouth it dancing with his, her hand moving down and lightly touching his front “I want this” she tells him softly, he smiled at her words and stood up, Liz started unbuttoning his jeans looking up at him the whole time.

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He looked down at her, smiled, and asked, œ"What if I wont let you have it?" Liz looked up at him as a smile slowly crossed her face. She continued to undo his pants and pull them over his hips letting them pool around his ankles."I suppose I have a few options then", she stated coyly. "I could just take it." Liz challenged as she swiftly moved to take his now exposed cock in her hands.

Even though he loved Liz touching him, he liked this game even more. He easily caught her hands in his, preventing her from grabbing him. Liz pouted, but was thrilled with the game. Leaving her hands in his, Liz stood up directly in front of him. She leaned in close pressing her body against his. She kissed her way up his neck to his ear where she whispered seductively"well then I would convince you to give it to me willingly." He chuckled and challenged her,"How would you do that?" She smiled knowing her would say that, "I'd tell you how much I wanted your cock. How I want to make you hard with my hands, then make you even harder with my mouth. Then if you still needed convincing I would beg you to fuck me as hard and deep as you could." She finished her requests with a long slow lick of his ear lobe.

He groaned hearing her works in his ear and responded "there isn't a man alive that could resist this." Liz loved winning their game, but would gloat about it later, right now she only had one thing on her mind.

He released her hands and brought his hands up to her face, he roughly ran his thumb across her lips before he kissed her. It wasn't a gentle tender kiss like she was used to. It wasn't filled with promises of love. His kiss was passionate and hungry, and the only promise involved was of sexual satisfaction.
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Glad everyone is liking this and justme are working a new part and will post it hang in there and maybe will find out who the guy is.

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Liz gripped his front as he kissed her; she took his shaft in her hand and slowly started to stroke it.
He broke the kiss and stepped back as Liz slid off the bed and on to her knees, she gently licked the head of his shaft and smiled.
Michael looked down at her and ran his fingers roughly through her dark locks, wrapping his hand in it as she slowly took him into her warm mouth.
Liz moved her tongue around his shaft as it went in to her mouth letting her teeth slide down his cock lightly.

Max sit in the traffic not believing the damn timing, he could see the wreck and hear the ambulance coming and he glanced at his watch “I should already be home” he said to himself sighing.
He had it all planned out in his head; he would give her the flowers and then fix her, her favorite dish and then polish it off with the wine and an evening in each other’s arms.
Max smiled and nodded “Perfect; I need to do this more often” he says to himself,
“Maybe we can get ourselves back like we use to be” traffic slowly started moving making Max really happy “I’m coming home baby” Max says smiling.

Liz sucked Michael gently at first and then steadily got faster, she gripped his hips as she moved her head.
He closed his eyes as she sucked oh his had shaft “That’s it baby come on” he said softly, Liz hummed against his hardness making it vibrate gently.
She reached down and started massaging his sack taking them and rubbed them lightly as she sucked and licked at his shaft.
“Screw this” Michael says and pulls Liz up and throws her onto the bed “God I love it when you get rough baby” she said smiling, “yeah?” he said as he climbed on the bed and looked down at her. “Its fixing to get a lot rougher” he tells her as he slides his cock against her moistness “Show me” Liz says raking her nails down his back.


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Max slowly moved passed the wreck all the while thinking of the most recent fight he and Liz had got in.
It was really dumb he thought to himself, it was such a little thing that they had fought over, but she had yelled at him about it being over and that was it.
It was the though of him being without her that hurt him the most, she was all he could hope for in a wife and mother.
It had started out as a good day they had taken the kinds to eat and were on there way back, when she had said something about needing new work shoes, so he told her “Well will stop at the Shoe Show and get you a pair” She had looked at him and said “I was just saying it I can live without them Max” He had looked at her and then said “Well its near the house and I know you need them so its no big deal baby.” She shock her head “You know what your problem is you have to spend money and no I don’t want to go to the shoe store and if I did I’m a grown woman I can buy them myself.” Max remembered looking at with a stunned look and she started again “and you know what else, I need a damn hair cut I don’t care if you like it long or not.” She spoke harshly at him “Liz where did that come from?” he had asked “I just said it was no big deal about buying you some shoes” Liz looked at him “you know what that’s another of your problem, you never listen to anyone God! I can’t believe you.”
The horn woke Max from his thoughts and headed west knowing now he was only 40 minuets from home and the woman he loved.

Michael leaned down and kissed Liz firmly on the lips his hands roaming her naked curves; Liz pressed herself against him and deepened his kiss.
He slid his shaft into her wetness and Liz moaned as it entered her, she gripped Michael’s shoulders as he pushed hard into her moistness, “Yes oh God yes” Liz said softly.
Michael moved his hips and she rose to meet his thrust pushing her wetness deeper onto his shaft, he lifted her legs as he pushed in and out of her.
Liz tightened her walls around his hard cock and moaned as waves of passion swept over her again and again.

Max turned on to Bells Ave and smiled knowing 30 more minuets and he would be in his baby’s arms.

Liz moaned louder as her orgasm covered his shaft and jerked as Michael’s hot seed filled her as well.
Michael laid down beside Liz and held her, “That was nice Michael” she whispers softly to him, he glanced at the clock 12:55 “we have along time before Max gets home baby so just relax ok” Liz says calmly.
Michael closed his eyes and sighed softly, “I wish we could stay like this forever Liz” he tells her “Nah” she said “Its fun doing it this way”. She kissed him and smiled as they both nodded off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Max smiled and turned on the road to his house and a broad smile “She’s going to love this” he says to himself.

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Max decided to make it an even bigger surprise and parks in his friend Michael’s drive way, knowing that he and his wife Maria was at work, he glanced down at his watch 1:40.
He grabbed all his stuff and headed down the street towards his home, “She is going to be so surprised” Max says as he walks up to the door and quietly unlocks the door and goes in.
Max looked around making sure Liz wasn’t around and went to the kitchen setting the bags on the table, looking down he noticed the broken mug and went to the pantry bringing back the broom and dust pan and swept up the mess.
He carefully took the stuff out of the bags and put it away for later, Max thought about calling for Liz but figured he wouldn’t so he decided to change his clothes right quick.
Max moved down the hall but stopped “what if she’s still sleeping so he went back and picked up the bottle of wine and headed to their bed room and opened the door slowly and turned the light on, his heart dropped when he saw the pair in the bed and he turned the light back off and leaned against the door frame dropping the wine bottle it exploded when it hit the floor.

Liz sit up in the startled and looked at Max “Oh my God” she said softly and poked Michael, “What?” he said sleepily and turned and saw the figure standing in the doorway, “Max” Michael says looking at him.
Max stood looking from one to the other shaking his head tears flowing from his eyes, Michael climbed out of the bed the sheet wrapped around him “Max let me explain” he started Max held up his hand and closed his eyes “don’t Michael, don’t say anything” Max tells him calmly.

Liz looked at Max then to Michael, Michael picked up his belongings and moved past Max pausing “I’m sorr…” Michael started but was cut off “Get out Michael” Max tells him, Michael took another look at Liz and left, putting his clothing on as he did.
The two of them didn’t speak for a few minuets just looked at each other; Liz didn’t even try to make an excuse for herself while she was sitting there, “all these years Liz?” Max started “what have I done to deserve this, I been to work and came home kept a roof over our heads and this is what I get?” he looked at her and waited “Yeah well you’re not the man you use to be” she says angrily.
Max flips the light on and starts “So Michael is your answer?” looking at her tears in his eyes, “He’ll do.” She says.

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Max looked at Liz “you know” he said softly “I know I’ve made some mistakes but you don’t have to rub it in that I’ve been wrong” he finished and looked down at the broken wine bottle.
“Well what me Max?” she tells him “I’ve right here, cooking your supper and taking care of our kids, while you stayed at work till all hours of the night, what was I suppose to do?” Liz shock her head.
Max said nothing for a moment then looked around the room “I’m glad the kids aren’t here, Liz?” she looked him “I love you and if I didn’t I wouldn’t work as hard as I do to make sure you and the kids have all you need.” Liz looked at him and then spoke “Sometimes love isn’t enough Max, I need you here sometimes and all I ever got was I need to get this done or get that done.” Max rubbed his eyes “and what does Michael mean to you Liz? Or is it just to get back at me for all those times I haven’t been here cause in trying to make us a good living.” He asked his eyes red from his tears.
Liz’s eyes began to water and he started again “There’s nothing I cant forgive you for Liz nothing” Max moved and sit down on the end of the bed and continued “nothing you couldn’t ask that I wouldn’t give if its in my power, I love you Liz have from the moment I saw you.” His tears flowed freely from his eyes.
Liz reached out and touched his hand lightly “Max, I’m sorry” she said softly, Max squeezed her hand lightly, and then looked at her.

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I hope to have more wrote soon.*happy*
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Max let Liz’s hand go and stood up and walked to the closet and opened it, pulled out a suit case and laid it on the bed.
“Max? What are you doing” Liz asked “what does it look like I’m doing?” he replied, as he opened the suitcase and started putting his clothing in it.
“Max? I said I was sorry and you said there wasn’t anything you couldn’t forgive me for” she said pleading with him, Max stopped and looked at Liz “well your right there isn’t anything I couldn’t forgive you for, but this is different don’t you think Liz?” he tells her as he starts packing again.
Liz climbed out of the bed and took his hands “Please Max don’t do this to me” she said tears streaming down her face, Max jerked away from her “To you! What the hell have I ever done to you other than try to be a good husband and father and how do I get repaid? By you sleep with my best friend!” he yells at her.
In all their years together that was the first time Max had yelled at her, she thought to herself “Max please I’m sorry It will never happen again I swear” she says sitting down on the bed watching him pack his things.
“Your right it wont” Max stopped long enough to look at her “Can’t happen If I’m not here can it?” pulling more of his clothe out.
Liz starts crying harder as she watched him pack his things “Can’t you forgive please?” she begged him “Why should I Liz give me one good damn reason” Max asks her.

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Max Waited for an answer, but all Liz could do was look down at the floor, “That’s what I thought” he said finally.
She slowly looked up at him “I see what I’m losing now” she said softly, Liz reached to touch his arm and Max moved it, “Don’t Liz. Please” he tells her.
Liz left the bed room and went to the kitchen and rummaged through a drawer and found her cigarettes she had stopped smoking for the most part and only did it when she was upset, she lit it and took a long drag off it and blew it out quickly and sit down at the table.
Liz then noticed all the stuff and then the flowers caught her eye, they were beautiful, “there for you Liz” Max said from behind her “it was going to be a surprise looks like I was the one that got the surprise” he said softly as he set his bag down and looked around.
“Lots of memories here” Max said looking at Liz, she blew the smoke out and softly said “yeah” and rubbed her forehead.
Liz spoke softly “What do I tell the kids why there dads not here?” he sighed “How about the truth Liz? Would that be so hard,” Max tells her, he picked the bag up and headed for the door.
Liz watched him tears pouring from her eyes “Max, please don’t leave me” she begged running to him and holding him, Max dropped the bag and held her tight “Please” she said again.
Max held her close as tears flowed from both their eyes “I love you Max, and I’ll do anything just don’t leave me” she sobbed into his chest.

Michael walked into his house to meet Maria waiting for him, “ where have you been?” she asked him, he walked past her and went to the fridge and grabbed a beer “well” she ask again.
He went and sits down in the living room, “Michael? You’ve been gone since this morning, we were supposed to go shopping today for a birthday gift for Tess’s new baby.
“I went for a run ok” Michael finally says “that was some run baby,” Maria says giggling.
Maria headed for the living room when the phone rang “hello” she says into the receiver “oh hi Liz” Michael looked up.

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Maria turned and looked at Michael “ok” Maria said, there was a knock at the door “I’ll get it” Michael said going to the door.
Max hit Michael square in the jaw knocking him on to the floor, “get up!” Max yelled, “hurry!” Maria said into the receiver slamming it down.
“Max! I’m sorry man please,” Michael said backing up along the floor “not as sorry as your going to be” Max reached down for him just as Maria jumped in between them “What the hell is going on?” she said looking from Max to Michael.
“Tell Michael! Tell her everything” Max yelled at him, “Tell me what? Damnit.” Maria ask looking at Max, Liz ran into the house “Shit” she said seeing Michael on the floor his mouth bleeding from where Max had hit him.
Max turned and looked at Liz then back at Michael “be a man Michael tell her what happen” Max turned and headed for the door Liz following close behind “Max stop” Liz said pleadingly “why should I” he said and went out the door Liz reached down and grabbed his hand “Max!” he spun and looked at her “Damn Liz stop it, its over!” he yelled at her Liz stood there looking at him tears streaming down her face, Max got in his car and backed out of the drive and drove off Liz went to her knees sobbing uncontrollably watching him drive off.

Maria looked at Michael “Michael what just happen?” she asked handing him a washcloth, he looked up at her and looked away “Michael? Please” she asked again.
Liz walked back in “tell her Michael, tell her everything tell her about us.” Liz said softly.
Maria turned and looked at Liz then spoke “About ya’ll?” then turned to Michael.

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The Driver of the pick up truck looked up from the radio just as Max pulled out from the intersection.
Max’s tears fell like rain drops as he pulled out into the intersection just as the truck impacted into the side of his Honda his head hit the drivers side window cracking it and knocking Max unconscious his car turned over on to its side dropping him into the passenger seat blood running from the side of his head.
The driver did have time to slam his breaks on running the stop sign he tensed as the Honda pulled out.

Liz looked at Michael “Tell her” tears still pouring from her eyes Maria “What is she talking about Michael and why the hell did Max hit you?” Michael looked at Liz then at Maria and shock his head “Max…Max caught us” Michael stopped hearing the sounded like a wreck “Max” Michael jumped up and ran for the door and out on the lawn seeing Max’s car over turned “Oh no” he said softly “Maria call 911 there’s been an wreck!” he yelled into the house Michael ran down the street towards Max’s car.
Liz ran out behind him “NOOOO” she screamed and ran after Michael “Max” she said over and over sobbing one again.
Maria dialed 911 and reported the accident telling the dispatcher where it was and that two cars was involved, she hung up and ran out headed to see what she could do hoping that no one was hurt badly.
Michael reached the truck and checked the driver; the young man was bleeding from his mouth and nose having hit the steering wheel, Michael checked him and found he was still breathing, Michael left the driver and went to Max’s car and could see Max was hurt bad bleeding from the side of his head badly.
Liz reached the car yelling asking if he was ok “I don’t know Liz!” Michael yelled back “Max please baby wake up please” Liz begged Max didn’t move “Michael help him” Liz asked pleadingly, “We have to wait Liz for the police and rescue ok” Michael said calmly going to her and hugging her just as Maria ran up “Is there anyone hurt?” she asked going to the driver of the truck, reaching in and checking him for other injuries “Hang in there kid” she said softly, going to the over turned car.
Maria looked up and saw Michael holding Liz and she realized what Liz and Max had meant he they had said tell her about us, “Oh my God” Maria said softly, tears filling her eyes, the sirens filled the air around them as people had started to gather and the police and rescue pulled up.
Michael and Liz stepped back as the rescue and paramedics went to work she could over hear them saying that it didn’t look good and she hit the ground.

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As the jaws of life whir, the rescue team working diligently to pull Max out of the crumpled over turned car. Michael holds Liz while she sobs his eyes roaming over the wreckage, Maria standing of to the other side looking on at the whole scene with a look of horror and disbelief.
The trio watch as the paramedics removes Max from the car carefully, laying him onto the backboard and wrapping his head to immobilize it. Liz moved away from Michael to run to Max but he held her back, "You can't do anything for him. I'm going to go get the car, ok?" he says looking over at Maria.
Maria goes to Liz and holds her trying to calm her, her own tears filling her eyes "He’s going to be ok sweetie. Their doing everything they can" she says softly watching Michael run back up the street.
Liz and Maria look up as an officer approaches with a clipboard looking very serious as his eyes move sympathically over the two women.
Michael pulls up in the car and steps out moving to stand by Maria as she inches away from him still feeling the hurt from the events of the evening. They look on as the officer talks with Liz in quiet tones finally nodding and closing his clipboard while Liz moves back in front of Michael and Maria looking up with tears in her eyes she says, "We need to follow him to the hospital, Liz quickly lets her eyes drop to the ground as the feelings of guilt grip her.
Michael walks around and holds the door open for Liz as she moves slowly towards him, sliding into the seat she places her hands in her lap sobbing softly while the others file into the car quietly moving in behind the police car. The red and blue lights casting eerie shadows over the landscape as they steadily make their way to the hospital.
The ambulance pulls into the entrance of the E.R. as the paramedics quickly jump out to wheel him past the doors and onto emergency surgery.
The police car pulls up to the hospital following a few seconds behind the ambulance escorting Michael, Liz, and Maria into the quiet waiting room.
Michael paces the floor furiously as the two women sit together on the couch consoling one another.
Maria seemingly forgiving to Liz in her time of need, but still distant from Michael. His glances moving over to her every once in awhile, trying to catch her eye.
Maria holds the emotional Liz against her shoulder her eyes purposefully averted from Michaels darting glances her direction.
Michael stops dead in his tracks as a grave looking man in green scrubs walks into the room.
The doctor stops in the middle of the room and looks at the three of them, "Which one of you is Mrs. Evans?" Liz looks up her face streaked with tears as she chokes out, "I am."
The doctor takes the seat in front of Liz and looks into her eyes, "Ma'am my name is Dr. Harbin Smith, chief surgeon in charged of your husband's care tonight." Liz nodded slowly, " How is he doctor?"
"We have stabilized the internal bleeding he had on his brain, but he is in a coma, Ma'am."

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Liz drops her head as the doctor relays the bad news feeling the tears course down her cheeks, the reality of Max's condition sinking in. Dr. Smith stands looking down at Liz, "You can come see him now if you would like Ma'am. More than likely he will be unresponsive, but it has been proven that the sounds of loved ones voices can help the condition.” Liz nods quietly and stands to follow the doctor down the brightly lit halls toward the I.C.U. As the solemn pair leave the room Maria turns to Michael her eyes blazing with anger. "You know Michael," She spews out almost venomously,” If you would have kept that dick in your pants NONE of this would be happening! Max wouldn't be lying in that bed fighting for his damn life if it wasn't for your lying, cheating ass!" Michael looks at Maria stunned as her voice reaches a shrill tone with the last words. "How in the hell could I have known that Max would be plowed by a truck? Jesus Maria you act like I intentionally plotted his death.” Michael says his eyes moving down to the floor. "Well you sure as hell caused the death of this marriage and more than likely Max's as well.”
Michael looks at Maria tears welling up in his eyes "Maria...please don’t say that" feeling the lump in his throat "I love you.” Maria laughs, "Love me? You sure have a hell of a way showing it" Michael looks into her eyes reaching up to caress her cheek softly. Maria’s eyes blaze with hatred as her hand flies up to connect squarely with his jaw making his hand fall to his side looking stunned as the pain radiates through his face. Both of them are startled as a young nurse peeks in the waiting room looking at them. “You two are going to have to either calm down or take it outside. There are sick people here that don’t need to hear you screaming.” Michael nods and walks past her out the door as Maria sinks into a chair sobbing quietly into her hands. In the hallway of the I.C.U Liz stands looking into Max’s room through the large glass window. Her eyes roam over his seemingly lifeless body bandaged; his left arm in a cast up to his shoulder hanging suspended over his head his left leg resting in traction the cast to the hip. She hesitantly makes her way to the door watching his chest rise and fall with the life support moving the air through his lungs. Choking back a sob she moves quickly to Max’s bedside taking the seat Dr. Smith offers her looking at him as he exits the room quietly. Liz reaches out cautiously for his unharmed hand her fingers curling around it as she leans forward burying her face against their entwined hands crying softly. Liz looks up at Max’s peaceful face reaching up to brush a lock of hair from his bruised forehead whispering softly, ”Oh Max, you can’t leave me right now. I know I messed up. God knows why I was so stupid. All I know right now is I can’t imagine not growing old with you by my side. There is too much life for us left to live together. You have to fight to come back to the children and me.” A gasp escapes Liz as Max’s fingers squeeze her hand gently her eyes moving from his face down to their hands as the room fills with a high pitched squeal and nurses rush in. “Code Blue!!!!” One of the nurses screams out the door. Dr. Smith rushes in and a nurse pulls Liz’s hand from Max’s ushering her out the door as it slams behind them muffling the sounds.

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Liz hears Dr. Smith yell, “Clear!” and the sickening thud as the nurse pulls her down the hall toward the waiting room. Finally she follows unwillingly but resolved there is nothing more for her to do for Max tears filling her red eyes once again. As the women move out of hearing a collective gasp comes from the staff in the room Dr. Smith’s voice a whisper as he says, “Oh my God.” Michael pushes away from the wall he was leaning against in the hallway as the young nurse that had scolded him and Maria earlier ushers the sobbing Liz into the waiting room. Maria looks up from her hands watching the emotional Liz walk in running over to wrap her arms around her leading her to the couch. “What happened honey?” Maria says quietly her voice thick with emotion. Liz looks up at Maria and smiles softly,” He squeezed my hand….”Liz says then trails off looking away. “Well sweetie that’s a good thing right?” Maria asks looking confused at Liz. “But then he….”Liz begins crying again. “He what!” Maria says. “Something happened and the monitors went crazy beeping, then they rushed me out of the room.” “Oh God, hon I’m so sorry.” Maria holds Liz against her while she cries shooting an evil glance at Michael standing in the doorway. Michael clears his throat catching the women’s attention as Dr. Smith walks past him into the room. “Mrs. Evans I can’t say that I can explain this..” He starts. Liz begins wailing against Maria’s shoulder feeling the doctor’s hand on her shoulder. “Ma’am your husband is fine baring the broken bones.” Liz looks up shocked. “WHAT! But when I left…..What do you mean he’s fine??” Liz asks frantically. “That’s what I’m saying. I can’t explain it Ma’am but when we used the defibrillator and shocked his heart immediately after his eyes opened and he began fighting against us.”
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Ok sorry its taken so long just wasnt sure how I was going to end this story, but real life has a way of stepping in so here it is the last part, and its been fun writting this story with my friend Justme and Rowan *happy* so here it is.


A month had past since Max’s accident and he had started physical therapy, Liz was always they’re watching making sure he was ok.
Maria had filed for a divorce from Michael a couple of weeks after the incident and was living in a 2 bed room apartment uptown it had been rough on her since he was all she had known for the last 10 years and now it was ending, Maria couldn’t help but think about poor Max and what he was going through.
She and him had been talking after Liz had left and she he still loved Liz, and he like her and been the only love he had known since leaving Roswell.
Liz sit holding Max’s hand as he laid there looking up and the ceiling and looking at her, “Max please talk to me” Liz said softly to him “Hows the kids?” he asked “Their good there ready for you to come home baby” she replied with tears in her eyes.
Max looked at Liz and squeezed her hand “how are you?” he said with a smile “I’m ok Max” Liz tells him as she’s brushes the hair from his forehead.
Max looked in her eyes, Liz could still see the hurt there and it tore at her eating her up on the inside and deep down she knew no matter what, she had lost him.
Max looked away for a moment and then looked back at Liz, “You know when its quiet here, you have a lot of time to think” Liz gently rubbed the top of his hand as he continued “I didn’t realize how many demons and ghost a man can have, I think I’ve faced them all and I regret the past few weeks and I feel like I was burden with blame, and I’ve found strength in this time of weakness.” Max looked at Liz as tears streamed down his face.
“What are you saying Max?” Liz asked softly “I never dreamed home, would end it up where I don’t even feel at home, so I’m saying that I’ve made up mind my mind I need to move on from here move forward.” Max tells her wiping the tears from his eyes “Max please don’t say that I love you” Liz cried against his hand.
“I can only hope that I can find forgiveness somewhere down the road Liz, and we can still be friends.” Max finished “So this is it, 5 years over just like that” Liz replied “No Liz it wasn’t just like that, you ended it when you had sex with Michael or had you forgot that?” Max said bitterly.
Liz stood up and went to the window and looked out tears streaming down her cheek, “Liz I’m finally at peace with myself over this, I was trapped in that moment of me seeing you and him together over and over, and then that moment of darkness then here.” Max spoke more evenly to her as he knew what his next words would be “Liz I want a divorce” Max spoke the words softly but loud enough for Liz to hear them, he could she, Liz had started to weep harder.
“Maybe it would be best if you go now Liz and us not end this marriage on a bad note.” Max tells her, Liz nodded and picked her coat up and headed for the door, she turned and looked at him trying to find the words to say to make things better but none would come, she left the room pulling her coat tightly around her and hugging herself crying all the way out.
Max Laid there lost in his thought of his 2 kids who had been so much a part of his life and now, he had to start over and he regretted every second of what he had just done, but knew it was for the best, Max still knew he loved Liz and even through all she had done, she was there making sure he had every thing he needed and he could see the change, just the change had came too late and he had to move on past this, his life with Liz was over and he cried himself to sleep.

Max awoke the next morning to gentle caresses on his cheeks, he slowly opened his eyes and Maria was setting in the chair smiling “Hi” she said quietly “I didn’t mean to wake you, but I wanted to come by and see you before I went to work” Maria said smiling, Max looked at Maria “Its good to see you Maria” Max replied “How you doing Max?” She asked “I’m ok I get out In a week the doctor told me last night if I kept up the good work I could go home” Max stopped “home I don’t have one, I asked Liz for a divorce last night, so I’m pretty much on my own.” He said softly “Max I have an extra bedroom at my please your more than welcome to stay with me if you like sweetie” Maria said smiling “Maria I could ask you to do that” Max tells her “nonsense you didn’t ask, I told you, you could” Maria replied “That’s very kind of you Maria” Max says a soft smile crossing his face “Ok it’s a deal then” she says standing and kissing his forehead “I have to get to work but I’ll check on you later alright” Maria tells him as she heads for the door “See you Later Max” She said in a whisper but what she was really saying was “ I love you” Max smiled “be careful” he whispered back and drifted back to sleep.
A week later Max settled himself in with Maria and found he was falling for her and she him and saw this could be good, even after all these years.

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This one was fun, check out Redemption my new fic

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