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Title: What if She's an Angel
Author: Zia
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Rating: R, mainly for violence probably.
Author's Note: This was inspired by a song I heard, so I'm creating this fic. I know I've already written bunches where Maria gets the crap beat out of her, but I can't help it. It's a good plot. lol, anyway, if it bugs you, don't read this. I promise you I am trying to work on 'I'm With You'. a lot of personal crap has been going on lately, so I've had a hard time getting the chance to write


What if she’s an angel sent here from heaven?
And she’s making certain that you’re doing your best,
To take the time to help one another:
Brother, are you gonna pass that test?
You can go on with your day-to-day,
Tryin' to forget what you saw in her face.
Knowing deep down you could have been her savin’ grace.
What if she’s an angel?
-Tommy Shane Steiner

Michael Guerin stood in his apartment. He'd only moved in a few weeks earlier. They were fighting again. He heard them screaming at each other, and then he heard the sound of small footsteps running quickly down to stairs as the arguing continued. He walked over to the door and opened it and saw the little girl sitting on the steps. She usually went next door to where the old woman lived. She was really sweet and baked the best chocolate chip cookies according to the little girl. "Hey." He said to her walking over and sitting beside her.

"Hi Mr. Guerin." She said to him. She was only about 5 years old. Golden blonde curls cascaded down over her shoulders, and framed her face, making her bright emerald green eyes stand out.

"Hey Sera." Michael said sitting down beside her.

"Will you finish drawing my picture?" She asked smiling at him and he nodded. The last few days she'd come down and sat on the step and he drew her. She loved it, and he didn't much mind. He was happy to be able to distract her from her fighting parents.

"Let my go grab my pad." He got up and went inside and grabbed his charcoals and his pad of paper before walking back out and sitting farther down on the stairs so he could look up at her. He was surprised at how well she could sit still and let him sketch her. She was going to be a beautiful woman when she grew up, and he felt sorry for all of the men that would be falling all over themselves to be with her.

An hour had passed and he was just finishing the picture. She looked beautiful in black and white, but without the color it was missing something, but also he wasn't sure if he would ever be able to create a color that matched the green in her eyes, or the gold in her hair.

"Sera. Time to come home." Michael looked up hearing a soft voice coming from mid stairway, and saw the woman he pictured Sera to look like. She was beautiful. Her hair was straight, but still held hints of that golden color, and her eyes were the same piercing green.

Quickly Michael stood up, nearly tripping in the process and he mentally shook himself. "Hi, I'm Michael Guerin." He said to her and she looked at him.

"Maria DeLuca." The blonde beauty said nodding slightly towards him. That's when he saw it. The bruise on her cheek. It was red, and quickly turning into a dark violent bruise. "Sera let's go sweetie." Maria said holding her hand out towards her daughter.

"Oh here, I drew something for Sera." Michael carefully tore the paper from its binding and handed it to Sera.

The little girl looked at it, examining it before throwing her arms around Michael's waist and hugging him tightly. "Thank you Mr. Guerin." She smiled at him before running up the stairs and taking her mom's hand.

Michael lay in bed that night, tossing and turning. He didn't realize exactly what had been going on. He thought they just fought. He never thought that he would be hitting her. Who could hit someone so beautiful?! He quickly leapt from bed and walked over to his blank canvas and started painting. Hours later, exhausted Michael collapsed onto the couch and fell into a dreamless sleep.

The next day, Michael climbed the stairs towards his apartment, lugging two heavy grocery bags with him. Then he saw them coming down the stairs. Maria and Sera. Maria wore a long sleeved shirt, and jeans, despite the warm weather, and sunglasses. But also her makeup was thick. He could tell, and could also see the bruise beneath it. "Hello Maria, Sera." They both smiled a little at him. "How would you two like to come over for dinner tonight?"

"No that's quite alright." Maria said slipping past him and continuing down the stairs.

"Please? I'm making itallian, I always make too much, I'd really appreciate it."

"Momma please?" Sera begged with her bright green eyes staring up at Maria. Her mom instantly caved in.

"Alright, I suppose it would be ok. What time should we come over?"

"About seven?" Maria nodded and smiled.

"Thank you." She told him before she and Sera continued down the stairs.