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Title: A Candle's Flame
Author: A Rose Is True Blue A.K.A. Erin (AngelBrunette10⊕
Category: AU, Conventional Couples
Disclaimer: If I owned Roswell there would be episodes airing right now, and we wouldn't even know who Jason Katims was.
Dedications: This is for Jen(talena), Pheebes(CrashdownGurlie), and Amber(Lillie). You three inspire me so much. Thanks guys! *big*
Summary: She was forgotten by her family, alone in the world, until the day she became a part of a new one. Now years later two girls realize they never knew how lost they were until their lives were thrown off balance.

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Chapter 1

Jello. She was wrapped in it. It confined her to what felt like a womb. She tried to open her eyes but the jello like substance wouldn't relent. An image shot through her body. She had to find her. She had to find her and soon.

That thought, put a confidence in the girl, as she fought back against her captor. She had to break free. She had to get away. Cool air hit the girl's fingers and she longed for more. It sent a chill throughout her body, comforting her, numbing her thoughts. And she craved for more of it.

Safety was near.

She had to leave.

She had to get out of there.

She had to run.

She had to find her.

She pushed her way through the rest of the bubble, gasping for breath when she fell to the floor. Her body started to shake at the sensation of being out of there. She pushed herself up, and stood shakily on legs that hadn't been used before to hold the girl up. She gritted her teeth, and let her feet lead her legs.


She jerked to the left. Someone was out there. She knew it. And she had to find whoever it was. She started out slowly, walking through the desert as carefully as she could at night. She tripped once on a small rock, and when she landed her hands scraped against sharp rocks. She bit her lip til it bled as she stood back up, and started out on a run.

She could feel someone. They were in trouble.


She was coming. She could feel her approaching her, and quickly. She had to quicken up her pace, she had to meet her.

Suddenly, she stopped. They both, stopped. For a moment, neither one moved, only looking at the other with a sort of recognition in their eyes.

She broke the silence with a sob, as she ran towards her and caught her in a hug, "Lizzie."


She cradled her, her entire heart going out to the girl who held her tightly. She heard sounds behind her and looked at her mom and dad, a smile on her face. "This, is Tess."


She woke up from the dream, and drew her knees up to her chest. Taking a shaky breath, she crawled to the edge of the bed and sucked in her breath when her feet hit the cold hardwood floor. Pulling her bedroom door open quietly, she took off down the hall towards comfort and safety. As she opened the door she caught sight of her sister. "Hey."


"I know. Me too." She held her blankets up for Tess to join her on her bed. Tess fought back tears as she crawled next to Liz, relishing in the warmth of the blankets. The tears soon left her eyes and she clung to Liz tightly as she had that night. "I thought you had forgotten. You told me you had forgotten."

"I lied." Tess replied, turning onto her side so she faced her sister. Warm brown eyes met her blue ones. They were so comforting to her, because they knew her inside and out. What she was feeling, was she wasn't saying. Those eyes could read her like a book. And she didn't mind it.

"We have to leave tomorrow." Liz whispered, pushing hair behind her ear nervously. "I wish we didn't."

"Me too." Tess closed her eyes, and then opened them again. Tess was scared and that frightened Liz because Tess was the stronger of the two, always trying to protect Liz, no matter what. And this time Liz knew Tess couldn't protect her, but what scared her the most was that she couldn't protect Tess. "G'night."

"G'night Liz." Tess mumbled, burrowing down into the blankets further. She didn't plan on going to sleep. If she did she would be up in a few hours from another nightmare and Liz needed all the rest she could get. As her sister shot her a concerned look, Tess closed her eyes, never meaning to fall asleep.


"Please. We'll give you anything. Just give us our daughters." Jeff pleaded, his lip cracked and bleeding, holding a tearful Nancy in his hands.

"Give me some money!" A guy in a bladclava yelled, holding Tess by her neck. He pressed the gun further into her temple, causing her to shut her eyes tightly in pain. She bit back sobs, wanting to be strong for Liz. She had to be strong for Liz.

"We only have what we gave you." Nancy cried, pointing to the wallets they had thrown at the man earlier. He gave them a quick glance. "Well it ain't enough is it lady?"

"Please, take the wallets." Liz begged. "I have a painting in my room that will be worth a lot, I swear it. Let my sister go, please."

"You, shaddap!" The guy spat, looking from Liz to Tess. "How bout I just take the two of them with me? You two move and I'll kill them both!"

"No! Not my babies." Nancy wailed, jumping for Liz and Tess. Shocked at Nancy's outburst, the man pulled the trigger, the bullet hitting Nancy straight in the chest. She flew back, into Jeff's arms, blood flowing from her wound.

"Mom!" Tess shouted, staring at her mother's body in disbelief. Rage clouded her mind, and she elbowed the captor in the chest. She had to get to Liz.

"Stop, or I'll shoot!" He yelled in frustration, holding his gun firm in his hand. Jeff jumped on him from behind, knocking him to the ground. Tess and Liz watched as they continued to scuffle, neither knowing what was to happen. Anything after that moment was a blur. They heard a shot and saw their father lying with his eyes open, unmoving. The man jumped up, and looked at the two before running out of the house, leaving them alone.

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Dedicated to talena, ISLANDGIRL6, Rapunzel, Nikkisue, roswellluver, MoonLily, tobasco sauce, Shama, and LuckyStar

Chapter 2

The sun set in the west, reminding Tess of the direction they were going. She stared gloomily out the window, wanting Liz to turn the U-Haul around and head back to Rhode Island. But they had nothing there anymore. Friends who didn't understand them, neighbors who offered them pity, but other than that their home was no longer what it used to be. And now they were being forced out of the only one they had ever known.

Since neither of them was 18 they had to live with a relative. The only relative the Parkers had left was in Roswell, New Mexico and the girls hadn't seen her in years. Only occasionally talking to her over the phone, giggling as she told them of her adventures in different countries. And this always interested Liz and Tess, but Tess couldn't get excited about it now.

"It's been a month. You knew we were going to have to leave home." Liz said gently, glancing towards her sister, her best friend.

"It seems like yesterday." Tess replied, looking at Liz. "I try not to think about it. I really do, Liz. But it's so hard." Tess shook her head as tears welled up in her eyes. "And to think we have to move to the middle of nowhere breaks my heart even more. We had so many memories in Newport."

Liz sat in the driver's seat, her eyes concentrating on the road. She didn't know what to tell her sister, because she felt the same way. "We'll be with Grandma Claudia...and we'll make new memories with her. It doesn't mean we have to forget Mom and Dad, I never will do that, but if we mope about it we won't do ourselves any good."

"They're our family Liz. I don't know what to do without them." Tess said. Seeing the frustration on her sister's face she forced a smile. "But you're right. New memories, new friends, new life."

"And you still have me." Liz added, tossing her sister a smile. "And I still have you. We'll work through this."

"I know. I know." Tess agreed. "Liz, do you think anyone will be able to tell?"

"Tell what?" Liz asked, looking over at Tess. "Tell that Mom and Dad are gone?"

"No," Tess held two fingers behind her head like antennas, "I come in peace..."

"Oh!" Liz realized, laughing at Tess's act. Ever since the night she had found Tess she knew she was different. Her parents had taken Tess into the family, telling her never to use her gifts in front of people, but to practice them as much as she could in secret. As Tess grew older, her powers grew stronger. As did her curiousity. When Jeff and Nancy told her that she was an alien, she and Liz had made it a joke, and wondered why Tess didn't resemble E.T.

"I don't think so Tess, I mean no one knew at home." Liz let out a breath of air she'd been holding when the look of worry on Tess's face changed to one of relief. "Good. I don't want to be 'alien'ated from the rest of the people at school." Liz laughed at her sister's joke. "If anything they might think you're a little 'spacey', but nothing to worry about."

For the rest of the ride the two joked relentlessly. Tess joked on Liz being human while Liz joked about Tess's alien status. Finally they pulled into a small motel somewhere outside of Connecticut. "I'll get the room." Tess offered, trying to give her sister a break, even though she felt like falling asleep in her seat.

"Don't worry about it. I wouldn't want them to bother you over having a green card or not." Liz replied, hopping out of the big truck. She saluted her sister and went inside of the small office.


A woman with bright red hair and blue eyes, looked at Liz with bored eyes. "Can I help you, honey?"

"Yes," Liz replied slowly. The woman's eyes gave her a bad feeling but she shrugged it off as a feeling of drowsiness, "One room please. My sister and I just need it for a night."

"You break it you buy it." The woman said, handing Liz a form for her to sign, and a key. Liz handed some money over, and grabbed the key wanting to run back to Tess. Something about this place really creeped her out.


Tess saw Liz exit the building, and she opened her door, jumping down from her seat. Her feet hit the cement at the same time, and her legs felt like she had just got off of a ferris wheel. "So...?" She asked, when Liz finally met her, out of breath.

"Sorry. That lady really creeped me out." Liz shivered, and handed the key over to Tess.

"Bad breath? Stained teeth?" Tess questioned, looking for their room. She spotted it and started to drag Liz towards it.

"No, it was her blue eyes. They seemed...I don't know. I think I'm just tired." Liz mumbled, opening the door.

"You are. Because there is nothing wrong, with blue eyes." Tess retorted, shutting and locking the door behind them.


It had been a week since the two had left Rhode Island heading for the west part of the country. As they entered New Mexico, Tess felt a buzz go through her. "Hey, Liz?"

"Yea?" Liz answered tiredly. Luckily Tess had driven yesterday, or else Liz probably would have fallen asleep at the wheel. She glanced at her sister to see her tensed and nervous. "Everything ok?"

"Do you remember where you and I first found each other? Out in the desert?" Tess now grew excited. Liz nodded uncertainly. "I think so. I mean I remember the general area...not the exact spot." Liz felt Tess's excitement. "I remember. Lizzie, I remember every spot I stepped. If I follow my own trail from my memory, maybe I can find my pod. And maybe the others will be there, waiting for me or something. You think?"

Liz bit her lip, not wanting to hurt her sisters feelings. Why did she ache so bad to find the others who were in pods with her? Wasn't she a good sister? For a moment, Liz had thousand of thoughts running through her head. "Maybe Tess, but didn't you tell me that they left you? Do you really want to find them after they just left you alone?"

Tears welled up in the corners of Tess's eyes. She nodded, "That's why I want to find them. I need to know why I was abandoned. And you know, maybe they left and were searching for help or something, and were planning on coming back but they couldn't find me because I had broken out of my pod?" Even as she said it, Tess didn't believe it. It was true, the others had left her alone, all by herself.

"Listen, we're here really early, once we get to where we found each other, we'll start looking from there. Sound good?" Liz offered. Tess nodded, her smile fading from her face. "I wonder what they look like, who they are. Do you think they ever think of me?"

"I don't doubt it. They might even be at the same school as us. It'd be easy to find them. Just look in all the students files under Species, and if it says 'E.T.' you are good to go," Liz joked. Tess rolled her eyes at her sister and laughed. "Human."

"You're damn right." Liz replied. She glanced at the radio. "If I turn it on, you promise not to sing?"

"Excuse me, I think I can hold my own!" Tess snapped, flipping the radio on before Liz could. "Whoa does this town only listen to talk shows?"

"You have to find the right station." Liz said, pushing Tess's hand out of the way as she tried to find a station playing any music at all. She leaned back in shock, "They do. They only have talk shows."

"Then pop in a CD!" Tess shrugged, "Does the alien really have to do all the thinking for the little human?" Liz sighed, "Yes, that's exactly why I'm in Calculus and you're still working on Geometry."

"Well, Miss Math Prodigy, excuse me for not being a genius Math or Science whiz. Geometry is very difficult." Tess pouted. Liz rolled her eyes and looked at her sister in mock disgust. "The only reason you've been in the class for two years in Rhode Island is because Mr. Wybal was the youngest and cutest teacher on campus. I hope you get an old frigid lady who gives you alot of homework this year. That'll teach you!"

"Lecture." Tess sang, grabbing her CD case. She flipped through it and stopped, shooting her sister a smile. She popped it into the CD slot in the car, and turned the volume up all the way. Liz laughed when she heard the music. "You have got to get into rehab about that country music."

"You know you like it!" Tess shouted, her voice barely going over the music. She started dancing in her seat, as they drove on. An hour later, Tess took the CD out, and examined the scenery. Nothing had changed and they were still driving. "This place, reminds me of a thousand old western movies."

"Put in Sheryl Crow," Liz commanded, drawing her eyes from the road for a second. Tess nodded, and pulled it out. Before she put it in the CD player she looked back at Liz, a smirk on her face. "And you told me to give up on country? Many you should give up on the oldies."

"Stuff it Tess, Sheryl Crow is not the oldies!" Liz shot back. "Oh, just put her in!" Tess did as told and leaned back in her seat, closing her eyes. "Wake me if you see a tree or something remotely green."

Liz nodded, and tightened her grip on the wheel. She wanted to fall asleep just like Tess was doing. The music playing sent a shiver throughout her. Music was always able to do that, and Liz loved listening to it, especially when she was painting. Images and suggestions always seemed to run through Liz's head.

Sighing, Liz rolled her neck, and started to move her head to the beat. When she listened to her music, she forgot about the past two weeks. She forgot about the people around her, and listened only to her feelings, to her dreams, to her goals. She listened to herself. For so long she had tried to get others to listen, but no one knew how it felt when she picked up the paintbrush, and it met the soft paper.

Liz was an artist. She had the mind of one, the body of one, the art of one. To say that she was creative was an understatement. But she was shy, with her paintings. No one but her teacher, Tess, and her parents had seen Liz's work. Even though they all tried to get Liz to apply to contests and such. But why should Liz? She loved painting, but she didn't need to win contests to prove she was good. And, even if she wasn't, Liz would still keep painting.

Looking over at her sister once more, Liz felt a huge amount of pity gather in her, along with a small amount of anger. How could anyone just abandon Tess, when she was the same species as them? Even if she wasn't, why leave her? Liz wanted to shout at the others who had left Tess. For years Tess had been depressed, thinking something was wrong with her. She even went to far as to dye her blonde hair an auburn, and wear brown contacts. After weeks of pleading, Tess took the contacts out, and washed out the dye. Didn't the others realize the hurt and pain Tess was going through?

Tess searched the desert, frowning. "Ok, so where do we go from here?" She looked at Liz who had the same expression on her face. "I don't know. I think we met by that big rock. It's hard to remember. I was six." Liz replied, pointing. Tess looked over towards it. "It does look a little familiar."

"You said that about the last seven places we stopped." Liz stated. "Maybe we should just go if we aren't finding anything." Tess nodded, and followed Liz back into the U-Haul. She sighed in disappointment as they pulled back onto the road. After fifteen minutes Liz screeched to a stop. She looked out Tess's window. "Tess, look!"

Tess turned to where Liz was pointing, and shrieked, excited. "Liz, this is it! This is where we found each other." Liz had pointed to where she and her parents had sat watching the stars from a ledge. The two got out of the car, and appraoched it. "All right Tess, you have to lead us from here. All I remember doing is running towards where I thought you were, off to the left."

"I know where we are." Tess said, her nervousness and excitement bottled up. She started to jet walk, away from Liz and the ledge. Confused, Liz followed, practically running to keep up with her sister. "Tess, slow down! I can't keep up with you." Tess reluctantly stopped, her eyes darting every which way around the abandoned desert. As soon as Liz caught up with her, Tess was off again, barely taking notice of any rocks that caused her to stumble. She headed up standing in front of a rock wall. Liz was huffing as she caught up with her, her hands on her knees. "Real subtle way of ditching someone."

Tess didn't reply as she put her hand a little aways from the rock. A silver handprint appeared and Tess looked as shocked as Liz. She glanced at her sister, terrified. "Liz?"

Liz's mouth was hanging open as soon as she saw the silver handprint. How did Tess know how to do that? "Tess, how did you know how to do that?"

"I don't know." Tess replied, pulling her hair out of it's ponytail. She began to put it back up, and sighed. "What do I do now? Do I just touch it or something?"

"I'm this an alternate universe where I'm the alien?" Liz spat sarcastically. "Tess, just...try to push it open or something."

"Push it open?" Tess questioned, raising an eyebrow. Feelings were running amuck inside of her, but her alien genes all seemed to be laughing at her. She shut them up, and turned back towards the handprint.

"For God's sake Tess!" Liz said, grabbing Tess's hand, placing it onto of the silver handprint. The rock seemed to slide away, and Liz backed off. "Um...I think I'll be waiting in the car for you." Tess's eyes widened and she grabbed Liz's wrist before she could run away. "Liz, you opened it."

"No, I put YOUR hand on the damn handprint." Liz corrected, snatching her wrist away. "If it was up to me the damn wall thing would have opened with two command words."

"What? 'Fucking move'?" Tess asked, leading Liz into the room that the wall had hid. "No, 'Open Sesame'-" Liz stared in awe at the sight before her. The room glowed a greenish blue light, seeming to come from four pods. Tess approached one, and put her hand on it. It glowed a bright blue at Tess's touch, and she jumped back, rubbing her fingers together. "It's like I remember. Kind of jello-y. Feel." Liz touched the substance in Tess's hand and looked back at the pod. "So what does this mean?"

"I found my birthplace." Tess replied, with a solemn shrug. "Come on, Grandma Claudia will start to get worried about us."

"Tess, don't you want to look around more?" Liz asked, astonished at her sister. For years Tess had wanted to return to find out more about her pod and after five minutes, she was ready to leave? "I mean, we have only been here for a short time. I could leave you alone for a few minutes-"

"No!" Tess shouted, "Don't leave me alone. I don't want anyone else to leave me alone."

After hearing that Liz wrapped an arm around her sister, trying to offer some comfort. She understood now. She understood why her sister wanted to leave. It was because this place was only a reminder of the others leaving Tess to fend for herself. She was abandoned by those like her. "Let's go. Grandma Claudia will have chocolate chip cookies waiting for us."

Tess nodded, and glanced around the chamber, before walking out quickly. Liz sighed and followed, a tear falling down her cheek for her sister.


Claudia Parker gripped her husband's hand in her own. "They'll be here by nightfall. You'll be back then, won't you?"

He nodded, and caressed his wife's cheek. "Everything will be fine." Even as he said the words, he doubted himself. His son and daughter and law were murdered in front of their own children. How could things be allright? Claudia nodded, and offered a small smile. The doorbell rang, and Claudia looked nervous. "What should we tell them?"

"Nothing," Noticing the look in her eyes he added, "Yet." That seemed to satisfy his wife for the time being. Before she could speak they heard a shout throughout the house, "Nasedo, we're here for training!"

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Chapter 3

As soon as she had stepped into the Pod Chamber she knew...she knew this was where she belonged, that this was where she would find answers to who she was. And that scared her more than anything. Liz, Nancy, and Jeff were her home, and they always had been.They had loved her, more than her own species did. When she was lost, Liz found her, and Nancy and Jeff took her in, and immediately Tess knew, that she was safe with them.

But the Pod Chamber changed all of that. How could she feel at home with Liz, Nancy, and Jeff yet still feel at home in the Pod Chamber? Tess had never believed in having two homes. What was the point? You already had one when some people out there didn't. She looked back at her sister, and sighed, "We're lucky, you know."

Liz's head snapped up and she raised an eyebrow. Tess hadn't talked for a good hour, and the first words to pass her lips were 'we're lucky'. "We're lucky?"

"Yea." Tess replied. That was it, no explanation as to why so Liz dug further. "And why are we lucky?"

"For alot of reason's and they're all right in front of our faces." Tess stated. She looked at Liz again, this time their eyes meeting.

"So Mom and Dad being murdered in front of us is lucky?!? I really don't see how Tess!" Liz snapped.

"No," Tess replied gently, "That was something I wish had never happened...something that I still pretend never happened." She looked down at her hands. "Can you see Liz?"

"See what?"

"Can you see the world? Can you see the street? Can you see the Stop sign? Can you see the sky?" Tess replied, pointing to everything as she spoke. "Can you see?"

"Yea...I can see."

"And can you hear?" Wondering where her sister was going, Liz decided to play along and answer Tess's questions.

"I can hear."

"Can you walk?"


"Can you talk?"


"Can you think?"

Liz looked over at her sister again, "Yea."

"Can you breathe, Liz?" Tess's voice cracked a little this time, and she turned to look at Liz, who nodded.

"Then you're a step ahead of the less fortunate in the world. You can see, hear, talk, walk, breathe, think...I'd say we're pretty lucky."


"Training. Is. Killer." Her wavy blonde hair was coming out of the bun she had put it in, to keep from coming in front of her face, and her green eyes sparkled as she laid down onto the couch, crossing one leg over the other. Maria DeLuca was never one to enjoy P.E. or any other physical activity. Yet here she was, obviously trying to get herself killed, by working out every other day for 4 hours.

"Tell me about it, sis." Kyle Valenti groaned. His dad and Maria's mom had gotten married when Kyle and Maria were 8, but Maria had refused to give up her last name. It didn't help that Kyle and Maria were arch rivals throughout third grade and fourth grade either. But over the years Kyle and Maria had grown much closer, forming a bond. Kyle's mother had left him at the tender age of 3, and Maria's dad at abandoned her when she was 2, the two found a place to hide and think in each other, putting up a facade in front of their friends.

"What are you complaining about Valenti? You're on the Football, Basketball, and Wrestling team. Shouldn't this be as easy as eating for you?" Alex laughed. He had been best friends with Maria ever since their mothers had placed them in the same playgroup at preschool. Alex Whitman and Maria DeLuca were attached at the hip. You never saw one without the other...well very rarely.

"Wimps." The three turned at the sound of the voice and Maria rolled her eyes. "Michael Guerin you never fail to not amaze me."

Michael smirked and leaned back into his chair. Maria had ignited some sort of fire inside of him from the first time he met her, and the two defined the word foreplay. They had an On-Again Off-Again relationship, neither wanting to get too close to each other, not knowing what would happen if they did. "You know you want me Pixie."

"Ew. Save the vocal sex for later in the week, please." Isabel snapped, laying her head in Alex's lap as he played with her golden hair, twirling it around his fingers. She closed her eyes and relaxed even more. How had she gotten so lucky? Alex Whitman was the best guy a girl could have, and here she was; Isabel Evans, and she had him.

"If all of you would shut up, it'd be greatly appreciated. I have a huge headache." Max snapped, jealous mostly getting a hold of him. He watched his sister lay in Alex's lap with a content smile on her face. And he noticed Maria and Michael's looks when they thought no one was looking. He wanted that so bad, sometimes he even talked to Kyle about how it felt to be the 5th wheel. Both guys could get girlfriends, not that he was being conceited. It was a known fact that Max and Kyle were good looking, and very single. But Max wasn't interested in them. He knew that when he saw her, he'd know.

"You all look wiped out." A cheerful voice called from the doorway. They turned to look at Claudia Parker as she stood with a plateful of cookies, and a tray full of drinks in her hands. She set them down on the table and laughed as they launched at the treat.

"Thanks so much, Mrs. P!" Maria shrieked, enjoying the feeling of the lemonade flowing down her throat. Once she picked up a cookie, and took a bite she immediately felt like spitting it back out. "Ew...Tabasco Chocolate Chip Cookies."

"The ones without are at the bottom." Alex replied, reaching for one himself.

"Tastes fine to me!" Michael stated, popping a whole cookie into his mouth. Maria glared at him. "Well Cookie Monster, for those of us who don't like the taste of tobasco in everything we eat and drink, they taste gross." She looked at Claudia quickly. "No offense. The plain ones taste great. What's the reason for the cookies anyways?"

"Don't ask, as long as we get cookies!" Kyle said cheerfully. "Pig." Maria muttered under her breath as she watched her brother grab three cookies for himself. He raised an eyebrow at her, and then popped a full cookie into his mouth out of spite.

Alex decided to stop a future argument from happening, "Izzy...didn't you say you had something to tell us after training?"

Isabel looked at Alex confused for a second before nodding. "Oh ya! You all know that I'm on the Sunshine Committee right?" Everyone groaned. The Sunshine Committee was the Welcome Wagon of West Roswell High, and the only people who were in it, were the leaders of each of the cliques on campus, and they were by far the most bossiest people, save Isabel. A new student would be scared right at the start of the meeting of the Sunshine Committee members, and very rarely would they be feeling 'welcome'.

"Anyways, we were told that two new students were coming to West Roswell in a couple of days...I think nothing suspicious of it other than the fact...why would anyone in their rightful mind be coming to Roswell? But, I knew Michael would make a big deal of it if he found out when they arrived so I thought I should tell you all we have time to gag Michael." Isabel continued, smiling brightly. No one spoke, each watching the other, and Nasedo and Claudia watching the group. Kyle, was the first to speak. "Girls?"

"God, you're such a perve! Honestly..." Maria snapped. She threw a pillow at Kyle, missing completely. Then she turned and faced Isabel. "So..girls or guys?"


"Ok, you stay here and open the back, I'll go get Grandma and Grandpa." Tess stated. Liz rolled her eyes, "Why can't I get Grandma and Grandpa?"

"Don't whine." Tess replied, and jumped out of the van. She gave Liz a little wave, and started up the walkway. Butterflies were going crazy in her stomach. What was she thinking? The butterflies were practically attacking her stomach. As soon as they had pulled up into the driveway the butterflies had starten to awaken and attack her stomach. Would her grandparents blame her and Liz for not doing anything when their parents had been shot?

Tess quickly wiped the thoughts out of her mind, and started a new battle in her head. Should she knock or just walk in? Every summer before, Tess and Liz would race through the door, knocking not even an option. Her grandparents became used to it, and Tess didn't want them to think things were much different. She and Liz didn't want pity, especially not from their grandparents who were going through the same thing. She took a deep breath and opened the door, closing it softly behind her.


"Both of them are girls. And get this...they're from Rhode Island!" Isabel replied. Maria shrieked and moved closer to Isabel. The two girls were best friends..the only girls in the group, taking comfort in each other. "My reaction as well!"

"Does anyone else find this disturbing?" Alex asked. Michael, Max, and Kyle each looked Alex's way and nodded. Maria glared at them all, "What? You know you'd be the same way if it were guys!"

"If we acted like THAT, about guys then there's a problem." Michael snapped. Maria rolled her eyes and turned back towards Isabel. "So how old are they, are they going to be in our grade? Are they punks? Why are they moving to Roswell? What are their names?"

Claudia smiled at Maria. How would she and the others react when they knew that the two girls they talked about were their granddaughters? She caught her husband's eye and he had an amused look on his face.

"They'll be Seniors, like us. There's NO way I'm letting Pam Troy anywhere near them though, I already called them." Isabel stated.

"You called them? You can call someone?" Alex asked sarcastically. He earned a slap from Isabel and Maria, as they continued in their conversation. He rolled his eyes and fell back dramatically.

" I was saying; their names are-" Isabel stopped and seemed deep in thought. "I can't remember!"

"You called them and you don't even remember their names?!? Bravo Isabel..."

"Shut up Michael! I'll remember in a second...Pam and I were so busy fighting over them that it slipped."

"Think I should say something?" Claudia whispered to her husband. He smiled, "I don't know...maybe we should let them go at it a little while longer."

"You're horrible!" Claudia laughed. She turned back to the group, and raised an eyebrow as Isabel guessed away at names. She opened her mouth to speak when a loud shout cut her off, "Grandma! Grandpa!"


Tess grinned widely as she saw her grandparents in front of the family room. Memories seemed to hit Tess everywhere she looked, and guilt rained on her conscience. She should have used her powers to confuse the burglar...she should have done SOMETHING..but she didn't and her parents were dead because of it. And for the second time in her life, Tess had felt alone. Now, seeing her grandparents made her feel like she and Liz weren't alone in the world.

Another smile crossed Tess' face, and she hurried towards them. "Grandma! Grandpa!" She shouted, joy writen across her face. They quickly turned and Tess jumped into the open arms of Nasedo. She smiled and inhaled the smell of his shirt, having forgotten it. He let her go, and she quickly rushed into Claudia's arms, liking the feeling of being hugged again. She stepped back and grinned, tears coming to her eyes. "I didn't realize how much I missed you guys!"

"You look great!" Claudia replied, looking Tess up and down. Tess smiled politely, "Thanks, but my hair hasn't had a decent wash in two days, I haven't gotten enough sleep, and the food on the road was really bad!"

"How are you holding up Kiddo?" Nasedo asked, wrapping his arm around Tess's shoulders. She shrugged. Tears filled her eyes as she stared at the floor, no longer feeling at ease. When she glanced up again, she caught the glance of warm brown eyes. She tilted her head slightly, lost in the eyes.

Nasedo and Claudia noticed, and looked over at the group. Nasedo let his arm fall from around Tess's shoulders, the action averting Tess's attention. "Tess, these are some of our...students. They study Geography at West Roswell High, and have asked us to get a deeper look in the world of Archaeology."

Tess nodded at Claudia's words. "I never knew you taught a class."

"It was a recent thing." Nasedo replied. "This is Kyle Valenti, his sister Maria, Isabel Evans, and her brother Max, Alex Whitman, and Michael Guerin."

Tess watched everyone of them as they were introduced, her ears immediately ringing at the sound of Kyle's name. It fit him perfectly, and she blushed once she realized she was staring. Her eyes raised to meet Maria's who gave her a warm but curious smile. Tess hated smiles like that. The 'who-are-you-and-what-are-you-doing-here-and-why' type smiles.

When her eyes met Isabel's they widened at the familiarity. Those eyes, where had she seen those eyes? She quickly looked to Max and felt like she had just had an electrical shock. His amber eyes glowed, as they watched her. He was talking to her, but the words fell silent on Tess's ears. The butterflies in her stomach had disappeared some time ago, only to return, more energetic than ever. Tess could have sworn her legs were going to give out on her. She looked back at Isabel, and saw the girl's eyes narrowed. Tess shivered, wishing Liz were with her at that moment, than outside at the car.

Alex was the only one other than Kyle, that Tess didn't mind looking at. His eyes were warm and welcoming, his smile friendly. The blue eyes sparkled with mischief, and Tess couldn't help but smile slightly. She hid her hands more into her sweater and looked towards the last one introduced; Michael. Once their eyes met, Tess was frozen. The instenseness of his eyes drove her back to when she had broken out of her pod.

It was a battle raging within her mind and body. She told her mind what to do but her body resisted. Finally, her eyes opened, her vision blurred at seeing for the first time. Three pairs of eyes stared back at her. She placed a single hand onto the wall of her pod, speaking with her mind; wait for me.

There was doubt among them, that hit Tess hard. She rejected her hand as she watched one of the boys pull at the girl's hand. Their eyes connected, Tess pleaded towards the amber eyes to wait for her to break out as well, to join them. When he looked away, her eyes seeked out the girl whose hand he was holding.

Her eyes smiled at Tess, and Tess felt comfort once more. Of course they couldn't leave her, they wouldn't leave her. She was one of them, they were family. She placed her hand against the pod again, and the girl placed her hand on the outer side. Then, she was moving across the room, her hand never leaving her brother's, who still stared intently at Tess. She turned back towards Tess and offered another smile; this one of pity.

Confused, Tess looked towards her brother; her last resort and family left. She shook her head, curls flying through the pod as if in slow motion. He looked down, and then approached the pod. His hand touched where hers had once been, and then he glanced back at the other two. He looked once more into her eyes before leaving. After that, Tess closed her eyes once again, the image of those brown eyes burned into her mind.

"Tess?" Claudia asked, touching her shoulder gently. Tess jumped, and flinched, looking back at her grandma. "What?"

"You seemed somewhere else for a while there." Kyle replied. Looking back into his eyes Tess felt herself 'spacing' again. She shook herself out of it. "I'm sorry, the drive was really long, and tiring."

Nasedo smiled at her, and then a frown crossed his face, "Tess, where's your sister? Is she ok?" The worry evident in his voice stabbed at Tess's heart. "Liz is opening the back of the truck up. We didn't expect for you to have I didn't know it would've taken so long." Tess replied quickly, drawing her eyes away from Kyle. She added softly, "I'm sorry Grandpa."

"He just worries, Tess." Claudia replied. She touched her arm lightly. "I made some cookies for you two, and we'll get you all settled in tonight. I'm sure the boys wouldn't mind bringing your boxes in, Isabel and Maria can show you around, and you can pick whichever room you think you and Liz would like. Although, the attic is all cleared out...I know you love it up there."

Michael, Max, Alex, and Kyle all stood up, ready to go. Tess watched them warily. What if they broke something of her parents? What if they misplaced something? She bit her lip, and started to twirl a curl of hair nervously around her finger. "I don't want to be any trouble-"

"Don't worry. Alex is the only clumsy one around here, although if Max isn't careful, he might trip over his ears." Kyle joked, seeing her nervous gestures. Max jokingly punched Kyle on the arm, and laughed.

Tess looked between the four guys, and then back at Isabel and Maria. Something about this group screamed at her to turn away and drive back to Rhode Island, while another part urged her to hug them all. She quickly turned, needing to get to her sister. "We're parked outside."


Liz sighed and laid her head back against the couch. She had gotten the back of the truck open, and placed the most breakable boxes onto the ground, ready to go in first. That had been ten minutes ago, and Tess was still inside. She debated with herself about going in, and yelling at her several times over the past few minutes. Grandma Claudia was probably entertaining her with her latest discovery story to try to keep Tess eased.

Grandma Claudia had called two weeks before the girls were to start out on their week long drive to Roswell to talk to Liz about Tess, and see how she was doing. Tess had had a history of depressive episodes ever since she had broken out of the pod, and realized she was alone. After the murders, Liz had been extremely worried that Tess would break down at any minute.

"Liz, sweetie?"

"Hi Grandma Claudia. How is Grandpa doing?"

"How are you and Tess doing is the right question." Claudia replied.

"As good as can be expected...I keep thinking that she's going to explode at any given moment, and I just...I want to be here for her, and let her know I won't ever leave her. You know?"

"Don't you worry Liz. Everything's going to be wierd for awhile, but as time goes by, the time will heal the pain." Liz doubted it strongly but wasn't in the mood to debate with her.

"If it's too much, I don't want to bother you and Grandpa with me and Tess-"

"Elizabeth. Don't even finish that sentence. Nasedo and I love having you around...the house has always been empty without you." Silence. "I've been thinking about clearing out the attice for Tess. There's the room with the stairs leading down to it...she can sleep there, dance in the attic. It's completely private."

"Thank you Grandma. Tess will love it. She'll love it."

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

"Guys, I feel like I know Tess." Isabel mumbled. Ever since Tess had walked into the room her stomach had started doing flips. She turned to Michael, "You felt it, didn't you?"

Michael shrugged. "I don't know what I felt." Seeing the look of disappointment on Isabel's face he sighed and scratched his eyebrow. "She's Claudia and Nasedo's granddaughter...wouldn't they have said something to us about Tess if she was one of us?"

"I'm with Michael." Maria replied, wrapping an arm around Isabel. "They would have said something. You're stomach was just doing flips, because...we've had a long day of training and you're tired."

"Training for what?" A voice asked from the doorway. Maria jumped, and turned to see Tess. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle anyone."

"Training for Cheerleading." Isabel said quickly. "We've got this big Pep Assembly coming up soon and Maria and I have to be up to speed." Isabel silently said a prayer, hoping Tess would buy the excuse. How could she and Maria have been so clueless as to Tess being there?

Tess's eyes widened. Cheerleading? They had a Cheerleading team? The town hardly seemed big enough to have two highschools, much less cheerleading. Maria quickly stepped in, "Cheerleading is one of the only sports to do around here if you're a girl. Gymnastics was shut down along with soccer, and basketball. All we've got is Volleyball, and Cheerleading."

Tess nodded. "Are you ready?" The others nodded, and she walked out the door, leading them to the U-Haul. "Liz?" Tess called, seeing the boxes out on the concrete. When Liz didn't answer, Tess grew worried. What if something had happened to Liz? What if someone had taken her?

"Liz?!?" Tess yelled, looking under the truck. She was about to run into the house and call 911, when Kyle gently touched her arm, causing her to jump. He didn't say anything, but simply pointed towards the back of the truck. Liz was lying down on the couch, eyes closed, chest gently rising up, and then falling back down. Tess closed her eyes and sighed in relief. She climbed up into the back, and approached the couch. Turning back, she looked back at the group. "Can one of you guys carry her inside? I don't want to wake her."


Max walked outside of the house, following the petite blonde. Something about her did seem familiar, but he shrugged it off as Maria had said, too much training. When they approached the truck, he was immediately drawn to the figure lying down on a red couch in the back of the truck.

Dark brown hair spread out against a pillow, one soft cheek resting lightly against her hand, the other one on her hip. Long lashes were all of her eyes he could see, and he wanted to see more. He licked his lips as he watched her own open slightly for an intake of breath, and then close.

And he knew. He was blessed with this creature before him.


"Can one of you guys carry her inside? I don't want to wake her." Tess asked softly. Max quickly looked up. "I can do it." He offered, trying not to sound desperate. Tess seemed to miss it, and leaned Liz up into a sitting position. She moaned lightly and Max had to bite back a smile. He approached the couch and put his hand underneath her back, and his other below her knees. He pulled her up and she curled into his arms, her face instantly hiding in his neck.

If Max had been killed in that instant, he would have died happily.


Liz awoke several hours later, her eyes immediately squinting as the light hit her eyes. She turned to her right to see Tess lying a foot away from her on the bed. Their eyes met, and Liz smiled slightly. She yawned and stretched. "Wow...I felt like I slept for forever. What time is it?"

"Twelve in the afternoon. You slept for a LONG time." Tess replied, quickly sitting up. "I have to tell you all about last night!"

"Last night?" Liz questioned, pulling herself up to face her sister. Tess nodded enthusiastically. " I walk through the door and I look for Grandma and Grandpa right? I see them...we hug, and then I look past them and there are six other people in the room, they're all Seniors like us, we go to the same school-" Liz grinned at the look on her sister's face. "Just tell me the guy's name will you?"

"Liz!" Tess said, mocking being offended. "What makes you think this has anything to do with a guy?"

Liz rolled her eyes. "Was that rhetorical?"

"Ok, fine. Kyle. Kyle Valenti!" Tess said, laughing.

"Sounds familiar..." Liz replied. Tess nodded, "Ya, he should sound familiar, he's the one right next to the word dang, in the dictionary!"

Liz laughed and grabbed a pillow, tossing it at her sister. "You scandalous little skank." She hurried off the bed, racing out of the room.

"Why you!" Tess shouted, jumping off the bed to follow her sister. As they raced throughout the house, Claudia watched with a small smile. Things would be all right afterall.


"Let me get this right...we're having a meeting about Nasedo and Claudia's granddaughters? Don't you think that's just a little odd?" Alex asked.

"I'm with Alex." Isabel added, heading over to the treadmill. It had been two days since Tess and Liz had moved into Roswell, and on Monday they would be starting at West Roswell, with Maria, Alex, and Isabel as their guides. She quickly started out on a low jog, wishing for headphones.

"Wait, weren't you the one who was first suspicious about Tess?" Kyle replied, raising an eyebrow.

"I never was suspicious of her...I said that I felt she was familiar, that's all! If thinking someone is familiar automatically pegs someone as an alien...then about half of Roswell is." Isabel snapped.

Max let his head fall back onto the chair. Ever since he had seen Liz, touched Liz...he couldn't get her out of his mind. She was there when he closed his eyes, when he took a shower, when he was trying to sleep, even when he was cooking he couldn't help but think of her.

"Maxwell!" Michael shouted. Max quickly snapped his head up to see everyone watching him. "What?"

"Having a little bit of REM?" Maria joked, elbowing him in the stomach. Max quickly shot her a glare. "I'm just tired is all."

"Someone's got a crush." Alex said, laughing as the blush rose to Max's cheeks. "I do not!"

"Aw...Max and Tess sitting in a tree-" Maria was quickly cut off as Kyle interrupted. "Tess? What now?"

Alex burst into laughter. "This ought to be great. Kyle and Max fighting over Tess!" Isabel and Michael couldn't help it as the smiles over took their faces.

"You guys should just flip a coin and make it easier on yourselves." Isabel added. She winked at her boyfriend, and shot Maria a smile.

"I do not like Tess!" Max and Kyle said at the same time before glaring at each other. Max turned back to the others. "I don't like Tess! I like-" He quickly shut himself up.

"You like who? Liz?" Michael asked. "Aw! So we had the wrong sister all along!"

"Can we please stop talking about them?" Max pleaded, grabbing a couch pillow and pulling it to his face.

"It's ok bro...Having sex fantasies about Liz is completely normal-" Max threw the pillow in Isabel's direction causing her to stumble and fall off of the treadmill onto the carpet, butt first. She glared at her brother.

"What is it with you guys? First you think I like Tess, and now I'm having sex fantasies about Liz?!? Next thing you know, we'll be eloping in Vegas!" Max shouted, running towards his room. The others turned to look at Kyle, who immediately jumped up. "Don't even think about starting on me! I've got to get home." He ran out of the room quickly, bumping into a lamp on his way out.


"Liz? Tess?" Claudia yelled, popping her head into the attic. She saw the two covering up the wood floor with plastic as not to get any paint on it. "Painting?"

"Hey Grandma! Yea, we're going to work on the attic today and then Tess's room beneath it tomorrow. We'll work on my room on Saturday and then set all the furniture up Sunday so by Monday everything will be all set." Liz replied, offering her a smile. Claudia whistled. "That's a lot of work isn't it?"

"Not really. Beside eight people can handle it." Tess stated, unwrapping different paint brushes.

"Eight huh? Who else is coming?" Claudia asked, smiling.

"Just Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria, Alex, and Kyle." Liz said, giggling when she got to Kyle's name. Tess shot her a look. "Sorry Grandma, I totally forgot to tell you."

"It's all right. They're welcome to our house at any time, including any other friends you guys make!" She quickly looked between Liz and Tess, "So...what's with Kyle?"

"It just so happens Tess is in llloovvveeee...with him!" Liz sang, laughing even more when a paintbrush hit her arm.

"Nasedo and I have to go out. We can trust you to keep things rated PG can't we?" Claudia joked, a smiled flying across her face at the crimson color in Tess's cheeks. "Goodbye girls!"

As soon as she disappeared, Tess glared at her sister. "Gee thanks Liz! I'm so glad I can confide in you!"

"Aw Tessie...don't get mad. As soon as Kyle comes you can declare your undying love for him, and he'll do the same and you'll both live happily ever after."

"That's it. I'm going to get my fellow aliens to abduct you and probe you!" Tess shouted, lauching herself at her sister. The two wrestled for awhile before quickly tiring and opening up the paint.

"Just one of my curious questions...You picked Midnight Black for the attic, yet you picked Sunshine Yellow for your own room." Liz said, turning her nose at the light yellow paint sitting a few feet away from the black paint buckets.

"Well...I'm using the attic for my dancing...and when I dance I get lost in the music, black seemed like a color that didn't have any emotion tied to it...something that you can get lost in, yet yellow seems like a cheery type of color. When I wake up in the morning I'd like to have some sort of cheery feeling." Tess replied, dumping some of the black into a pan. She picked up a roller. "What about you? You picked Ocean Teal. The Ocean isn't Teal! And...why would anyone want Teal as the color of their room?"

"Which Oceans have you visited? Of course they're Teal! You know how I am with the Ocean."

"Yup, we've got to do something about that." Tess mumbled, glancing at Liz out of the corner of her eye. The doorbell chose that moment to ring, and Tess quickly checked to see if her hair was ok. She knew she shouldn't have thrown it into a messy bun! Kyle was definitely NOT going to be impressed with her hair. She sighed. "Liz...will you get it? I'm going to start painting."

"Fine, fine. Just because I love you." She said, smiling and hurrying down the attic steps. Tess quickly started on the wall trying to concentrate on painting.


Michael rang the doorbell for the second time, standing impatiently. "I think they aren't home."

"Patience is a virture, Spaceboy." Maria snapped, stepping up to the door, pushing him out of the way. He quickly pulled her back, stepping back into his spot. "I knew I was missing something!"

"Believe me you're missing more than one thing." Maria hissed. The door quickly opened, and she drew on a smile, pulling Michael out of the way as she gave Liz a hug. "Hey! Sorry if we're late."

"You aren't. We haven't even started yet." Liz replied, immediately glad that she and Tess had invited the others over. Isabel jumped to give her a hug, and she let them all through the door. Alex wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her out of Max's gaze. "So...Parker, how big is the attic?"

"Pretty big." Liz replied, a smile on her face as she lead the way throughout the house. Alex stopped. "You know what? I just remembered...I scheduled myself for extra sleeping today. Don't know how I could have forgotten!" He said, forging a yawn. "Look at that, I better go."

"You aren't going anywhere babe." Isabel grinned, grabbing his hand and kissing his lips softly. "Don't you want to stay with me?"

"You're screwed Alex. You say no to that and there's no more sex." Kyle stated. Isabel slapped his arm, and Max closed his eyes tightly. "That's my SISTER man!" He said. As soon as he opened his eyes, he was gazing into deep brown ones. They twinkled at him, and Liz smiled. "I know what you mean Max, I hear stuff like that about Tess all the time, and vice versa. We hate it too."

Maria glanced between the two. They were standing in front of the attic stairs, caught up watching Max and Liz. "Um..yoohoo?"

"'Yoohoo'? What time era did you fall out of?" Michael asked with a smirk. Maria shot him a glare, and then turned back to the two. Liz quickly jumped when Alex touched her shoulder. "Huh?"

"Attic." He said, pointing. She quickly smacked her forehead. "'s been kind of tiring." She offered a small smile before hurrying up the steps, the others not far behind. They all stopped as soon as they saw Tess. She was dancing around the room, paint roller in hand as she sang along to Diana Ross on the stereo, and painted the walls around her. "I need love, love to ease my mind. I need to find, find someone to call mine. But mama said..."

"She always dance like this?" Kyle asked, never taking his eyes off of the blonde beauty in front of his eyes. Liz nodded, "Ever since we were kids."

Tess pulled the paint roller up as if it were a microphone, with her eyes closed, she continued to dance and sing. "You can't hurry love, no, you just have to wait. She said love don't come easy. It's a game of give and take..."

"She's really good." Maria stated. Tess quickly spun across the room, her hair flying out of it's bun. She rolled her hips and pressed the roller to the wall, a streak of black appearing on the white wall. "You can't hurry love, no, you just have to wait. You got to trust, give it time, no matter how long it takes..."

Kyle smiled as Tess continued to twist and turn on her way to another wall. God how he loved her. Wait...did he just say loved? No, no Kyle Valenti didn't love her. He barely even knew her! They had barely spoken to each other, and he doubted she even knew he existed. No, Kyle didn't love Tess...he didn't love her. Right?

Liz watched the emotions on Kyle's face and hid a laugh as he started to blush. Oh he was so cute. Tess had caught the eye of a guy within the three days she'd been in Roswell. Liz let her eyes drift back to her sister. It had been the first time Tess had danced since that night...

"But how many heartaches must I stand before I find a love to let me live again? Right now the only thing that keeps me hangin' on when I feel my strength, yeah it's almost gone. I remember mama said..." As soon as Liz had left, Tess had turned the stereo on and couldn't help but dance to the song. Her mom had always loved to listen to the Oldies, and Tess had grown attached to the songs as well.

"Too bad she isn't dancing to Metallica." Michael commented, quickly rubbing his ribs after feeling Maria elbow him. "Shut up and enjoy Spaceboy."

"Whatever, Hamlet!" Michael hissed, trying not to alert Tess that they were there. Sure the music wasn't the best, but Tess herself was pretty good, and she seemed to lose herself in the music. Truth be told, he didn't mind watching her so much.

Isabel waved her hand at them to be quiet before turning back towards Tess.

Tess dipped the roller back into the paint, and turned her back to the others once again, concentrating on the wall. Once it dried out, she reached for a regular paint brush. "You can't hurry love, no, you just have to wait. She said love don't come easy, it's a game of give and take..."

She used the brush to write her name, and then looked back to admire the swirls. She dipped the brush back into the paint, and brought it back up, and covered up her name. "How long must I wait? How much more can I take before loneliness will cause my heart, heart to break?"

"I feel bad to watch her and not know we're here." Kyle said, turning to Liz. She shrugged. He quickly climbed up the rest of the steps, and grabbed the roller Tess had put down before. He rolled it in the black paint and joined her at the wall. She looked at him surprised, and then smiled. He quickly leaned over and whispered. "You have an audience."

"Do I?" She laughed, whispering as well.

"Yea, I don't think you should stop." He said, looking into her eyes, before turning back towards the wall, coating it with the black. Tess looked back at him before twirling with her arms out to the nearest wall. She winked at Kyle when he turned to look at her, causing both of them to blush. "No I can't bear to live my life alone, I grow impatient for a love to call my own. But when I feel that I, I can't go on, these precious words keeps me hangin' on. I remember mama said..."

"That was real subtle of Kyle." Alex joked. "She knows we're watching now...might as well get to work." The others nodded, yet none of them moved. They continued to watch as Tess danced, and soon noticed Kyle painting with a rhythm. Tess came back to Kyle's wall. "I got bored over there by myself." Kyle smiled before going back to painting. Tess noticed the sway of his hands. "Well...well, looks like I'm not the only one who can dance." Kyle blushed. "Are you kidding? This white boy ain't got no rhythm."

"I think he does." Tess whispered. She pulled away, and then grabbed his hand. She walked away a bit before twirling into his chest. "You can't hurry love, no, you just have to wait. She said love don't come easy, it's a game of give and take..."

"The world's ended, my brother is actually, dancing!" Maria said, mouth open. Liz laughed. Alex held his hand out to Isabel, "Want to?" He asked, winking. Isabel giggled. "Why not?" She grabbed his hand, and let him pull her into the attic. Kyle shot Alex a look, before twirling off with Tess. Maria looked wistfully at Michael. He shook his head. "Don't even think about it."

Maria glared. "Fine!" She turned to Liz. "Liz?" Liz held her hands up. "I don't do the dancing thing." Maria sighed, and looked at Max. "Please Max!" She put her bottom lip out and Max sighed, "Allright." Maria squealed, and the two headed towards Kyle, Tess, Alex, and Isabel.

"We started a trend!" Kyle said, as he watched his friends dance as well. "Except your sister doesn't seem to want to join in. "Nope...she's the one without rhythm!" Kyle laughed, and dipped Tess. "You can't hurry love, no, you just have to wait. She said trust, give it time, no matter how long it takes..."

Liz turned to look at Michael. "So."

"So..." He said. He wasn't really talkative, giving Liz nothing to work with. "So, you do realize that at some point they'll try to get us to dance?"

"Thirsty?" Michael asked, shooting a desperate look to Liz. She smiled, "How'd you guess?" She and Michael quickly headed down the attic stairs, still hearing the music blaring as they headed for the kitchen.


"So, Max, what's with you and Liz?" Maria asked as the two started to Swing dance. He gave her a look, "What?"

"I saw you two earlier doing the stare thing." Maria said as if it were completely obvious. Max sighed, "Nothing, Maria."

"That wasn't nothing."

"Actually, it was. To you." Max smiled. Maria hit his arm. "Max! You know how I am! I have to know everything!"

"I was wondering what was going on with your brother and Tess." Max said quickly changing the subject. The two looked towards Tess and Kyle who were laughing as they twirled around, completely in tune to the music. "No, love, love, don't come easy, but I keep on waiting, anticipating for that soft voice to talk to me at night. For some tender arms, to hold me tight..."


Liz opened the refridgerator, and tossed a can of Cherry Coke towards Michael. "You guys must be over alot to have Grandma and Grandpa stocked up on it." He shrugged. "I guess."

"You and Maria are a really cute couple, you know." Liz stated, hopping up onto the counter. He stopped pouring the Tobasco sauce into his drink and looked up at her. "We aren't together."

"You're kidding right?" Liz asked. Michael shook his head. Liz quickly blushed, " just seemed as if-"

"No sweat." Michael replied, hopping next to her. The two sat in silence for awhile before Michael spoke, "So what's your hidden talent?"

"Excuse me?"

"Well...your sister can dance, Max is a brain, Maria can sing-"

"Maria can sing?" Liz asked, "Is she good?"

"She's no Metallica." Michael joked. He nodded, "Ya, she's great." Liz looked out of the window. "I paint."

"Really?" Michael asked, shocked. Liz turned, and nodded. "Ya, I...I just love it. It's like capturing an emotion, a way I'm feeling. A single moment in history captured."

"Ditto." Liz turned to look at Michael, "You paint?" He nodded. "Ya, everything that you said, ditto..."

"I keep waiting, I keep on waiting. But it ain't easy, it ain't easy. But mama said..."


"We have got to hook everyone else up." Isabel mumbled, lightly dancing in Alex's arms. They weren't even dancing to the same tune, but neither cared.


"Tess and Kyle seem so perfect for each other, you saw the way that Max and Liz were earlier, and if it kills me I will do something about Michael and Maria."

"How bout I supervise?" Alex asked uncertainly. Whenever Isabel or Maria decided they were going to play Matchmaker, something went incredibly wrong.

"Oh no sweetie! You're going to be playing a big part in my plans..."

"You can't hurry love, no, you just have to wait. She said to trust, give it time, no matter how long it takes..."


"I'll have to show you my paintings some time." Michael said as the two walked back up the attic stairs. Liz nodded, "Ya, we'll definitely have to do that."

They looked at the sight before them. No longer were Tess and Kyle twirling around the room. Max and Maria were no longer swing dancing in the middle of the room. No longer were Isabel and Alex lost in their own world in the corner. Liz raised an eyebrow and turned to Michael who looked just as confused. They turned around to head back down the stairs, and were surprised to see the six with the bucket of black paint in hand.

"We're screwed." Michael muttered. Liz nodded. "Run on the count of three."

"Three!" Michael shouted, and yanked for Liz to follow him down the stairs, but they weren't quick enough. Within seconds they were coated in black paint. The others laughed as the image, and Tess grabbed a nearby camera, taking a picture of the moment.

"You can't hurry love, no, you just have to wait. She said love don't come easy, it's a game of give and take..."

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Chapter 5

Within 20 minutes Tess and Liz had each gone through 5 outfits, all currently on the floor. Tess rushed around the closet while Liz lay on the bed. "It's hopeless. We will never find something to wear that's First Day material."

"Don't say that...that's like cursing the whole day." Tess snapped, rushing out of the closet. "I wish that we wouldn't have spent the weekend getting our room set up. We should have the outfits picked out last night."

"Tess...would you listen to us? We sound those stereotypical high schoolers." Liz laughed. Tess turned to glare at her. "Liz, everyone remembers their first day! This is our first impression on West Roswell, and you're laughing?!?! Look, we've got an hour before Maria and Kyle come to pick us up, and I still have to do your makeup, and you still have to do my we've got to find outfits. Will you please help me?"

Liz rolled her eyes. "If you weren't such a blonde, you'd remember that Grandma Claudia took some of our clothes to the dry cleaner. I knew you'd be like this so I already picked you something out. It's up in the attic."

"Did I ever tell you how much I love you?" Tess asked, as she raced up the steps. She was gone for two minutes before appearing back down. She twirled. "So...what do you think?"

Tess was wearing a blue stretch nylon-and-spandex tank with crystal pillettes that brought her eyes out tremendously, black silk chiffon trousers, accompanied by black, suede thong sandals.

"Thank you Liz, I love you Liz." Liz said sarcastically. She sat up on the bed. "I'm going to go get dressed as well." Tess quickly stood in front of her. "Liz...I saw what you picked school...on our very. First. Day. You can't wear it. Liz, you should make a statement."

"Tess...I am making a statement. And it's 'I could care less what the rest of you brainless idiots who actually care what I wear think'." Tess frowned, "Liz, you aren't funny."

"Dang, I was going for a laugh on that last one." Seeing that Tess still wasn't moving Liz sighed, "Fine, work your magic, make me beautiful!" Tess squealed and hurried back up the stairs to find something for Liz to wear.

Normally, Tess wasn't like this. It was just on days that mattered that Tess had to look perfect...had to look beautiful...had to look normal. It was a way for her to fit in with the crowd, and feel like she was human, and not hiding any sort of secret.

"Tess?!?" Liz shouted. "You've been up there for 10 minutes!"

"It's taking me awhile to pick something of mine out for you." Tess called back.

"Hey, here's an idea...let's have me wear my own clothes!" Liz shouted back, hearing footsteps above her. She rolled her eyes. If Tess wasn't down there in 5 minutes Liz was going naked. As if Tess had read her mind, she was down the stairs, clothes in hand. A miniskirt fell from her hands to the floor and Liz immediately revolted. "No way! I am not wearing that..thing!"

"Of course you aren't. I was putting it in my closet...geez. What I found for you is...your low-rise boot-cut jeans...those ones you bought and never wore, and the white peasant top from MaxStudio I bought. You know...I figured MaxStudio, Max Evans..."

"Tess, shut up now!" Liz hissed, grabbing the clothes. She was about to leave the room before Tess handed her black sandals. "Are these the ones I got from Seychelles? The ones you haven't given back for a year and a half?"

"Happy Birthday." Tess said cheerfully. "Thanks Tess...wonder what you'll get me in a couple months...when it's really my birthday...the rest of my wardrobe?" Liz left Tess's room, hurrying up the attic to change. "Hurry back, I need to do your makeup. And you need to do my hair!"

"Yes Master!" Liz called back down.


"Ok, spill."


"Don't 'huh' me Kyle Valenti. What's up with you and Tess Parker?" Maria teased, as the car turned onto the street the Parker's lived on.


"Nothing's 'up' with me and Kyle. And I could ask you the same thing!" Tess snapped, leaning back from her sister, holding mascara bottle threateningly. Liz cocked an eyebrow.


"Now's who's the one who wants to say 'huh'?" Kyle teased, laughing as the blush rose on Maria's cheeks.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."


" I guess denial's in this season?" Tess asked, grabbing her back pack, and throwing Liz's to her. Liz caught it and shot her sister a glare.

"I think someone needs to see a psychiatrist..obviously you're seeing things that aren't there."


"Ladies first." Kyle smirked. Before he could react, Maria reached over and pinched his ear hard. He grimaced and slapped her hand away.

"First of all, OUCH! Second, I'm driving! You never hurt the driver! Where is your brain other than not in your head?!?" Kyle shouted. He saw Maria's satisfied smile, and started to sulk.


"Your face will freeze like that you know." Liz replied. She bit into an apple, and hopped onto the counter. Tess sighed, and leaned against the refrigerator. "Do you really think Kyle's into me?"

"No Tess, you're right. He's so not into you. He just spent an entire Saturday painting your room, and dancing with you. What kind of guy does that?"


"Friends do that. You did that, and you aren't trying to get with Max." Kyle reminded Maria. Maria rolled her eyes. "Look, she likes you. I can tell."

"Sorry if I don't trust your judgement sis! I mean, you can't even tell that Michael likes you. Obviously your 'womanly' intuition is a little out of whack." Kyle blocked a blow from Maria.

"If I were you I'd start taking my advice, you're going to need to know how to treat Tess if you want to keep her attention."

"How come I just can't be myself?" Kyle asked. Maria shot him a look and he sighed. He turned into the Parker's driveway and turned to Maria. "Tell me then, oh wise one...why are all women so...confusing?!? I men have so many problems caused by you."

Maria's eyes flared. "You men have so many problems caused by us women?" She asked sarcastically. Kyle nodded. "Yup."

"Well...please, entertain me. I can think of at least five problems caused by you men, but I'm sure you have MANY more. So, please..."

Kyle shrugged. "How about sports? I mean, we get in a little fight with our women and we can't concentrate on the ball going through the hoop!"

Maria rolled her eyes. "Try this on for size Buddha Boy; Mental anxiety, Mental breakdowns, Menstrual cramps, Menopause...did you ever notice how all our problems begin with MEN?!?" Maria pushed the door to the Jetta open and jumped out, slamming the door. Kyle sighed and put his head on the steering wheel. He uttered one word before climbing out of the car, "Women."


The doorbell rang, sending Tess and Liz running throughout the house. "Does my hair look ok?" Tess asked, as Liz reached for the doorknob. "Ask me that one more time and see what happens!"

"Does my hair look ok?" Tess asked teasingly, dodging through the open door to the car. Liz shook her head at her sister and greeted Maria, who was still watching where Tess had ran. "So, does she like my brother as much as he likes her?"

"Yep. She even referred to him as 'dang'." Liz replied, rolling her eyes. Maria laughed and slung her arm through Liz's, leading her to the car.


Tess stopped as she saw Kyle leaning against the passenger door. He grinned when he saw her and couldn't help but let his eyes wander up and down her body. She blushed and looked to the ground. When she looked up, she met his intense gaze. "You look beautiful." He mumbled, before rushing to open the front door for her. She grinned and hopped in. When he sat in the driver's seat she replied, "Thanks."

Kyle quickly pushed a stray strand of Tess's hair behind her ear. How could Isabel, Michael, Max, Alex, and Maria even think Tess and Liz could be enemies of theirs? It didn't seem as if Tess would or could hurt a fly...

Tess closed her eyes when Kyle's hand lingered on her cheek. She opened the halfway, and watched him through her eyelashes. Before the two could kiss, Liz and Maria quickly entered the car laughing. "Did we interrupt anything?"

Kyle jumped and quickly started the car. "What?"

"Guess so." Maria whispered to Liz, sending her through a fit of giggles.


"This is West Roswell High?" Tess asked, mouth open. Kyle grinned. "What did you expect, a small high school with a total of one classroom? Sorry to disappoint you Parker, but this is West Roswell High." Tess punched Kyle's shoulder. "You punk."

Liz raised an eyebrow and turned to Maria. "Feel like throwing up?" Maria nodded. "If we don't find the others fast, I'll be stuck in the girl's bathroom all of first period."

Liz nodded, "Ditto, and it's my first day!" Maria groaned as Tess shivered. Kyle noticed and took his Letterman jacket off. "Here, wear this." Tess grinned, and slipped the jacket over her shoulders. "Thanks."

"Max!" Liz said, grabbing Maria's arm and running up to the black jeep. Maria sighed, "You guys just saved us, thank you!"

"What did we do?" Alex asked, climbing out of the jeep, offering Isabel his hand. She took it and kissed Alex on the cheek.

"We just barely got away from 'I love you' and 'I love you more'" Liz groaned, waving her hand towards Tess and Kyle. Isabel grinned, already one pair was hooking up. One down, two to go. She squeezed Alex's hand, and turned to look at her brother. He was still staring at Liz, as he had when he had first heard her call his name.

" Liz, turns out you have first period with Max. He can show you where that is, since Alex and I have to get to P.E. We'll catch up with you after and I'll show you to second." Isabel waved and pulled Alex away from the jeep leaving the others staring after her increduously.

"What's up with Isabel?" Liz asked. Michael shrugged. "Come on Blondie, I'll walk you to class."

"Seeing as how I can't walk there myself?" Maria mumbled, allowing Michael to pull her along. Liz waved her goodbye, and turned back to Max. "So Mr.'s just you and me, what do you want to do?"

Throw you into the jeep and take you to a motel room-Max mentally slapped himself. "Uh...well I'm assuming you have AP Biology, right?" Liz nodded, and handed him her schedule.

"Okay, you have AP Bio with me, second period English with Isabel and Maria, Technology with Alex and Maria, Lunch with the rest of us, Statistics with Isabel and Me, P.E. with Kyle, and Art with Michael." Max said, handing Liz her schedule. She grinned. "Yay. I have a class with each of you." Two with you! Liz blushed at her thought, and bit her lip. "Well then, lead the way."

Max grinned. "It would be my pleasure." He held his hand out to Liz, which she took without hesitation. He sighed in relief and held the doors open for Liz.


Tess quickly stopped and looked around. "Hey, where did everyone go?" Kyle stopped as well and turned to look at the black jeep. He shrugged, "They must have gone to class," He checked his watch and hissed, "Speaking of, we better get going to English too." Tess smiled and ran to keep up with Kyle.


Liz shifted on her feet and looked around the room. Her gaze went back to the young teacher in front of her. Mrs. Hardy was a cheery teacher, who immediately liked Liz. She grinned and grabbed Liz's hand in a hand shake. "Welcome to West Roswell! How are you enjoying it?"

"It's nice so far, Max has been helping me really well." Liz looked towards Max and winked. He blushed and turned back to Mrs. Hardy. "I have to tell you Liz, you coming into this class has evened it out, we'll have an equal amount of students. Which means, if you and Max are up to it, you two can be lab partners." The bell rang, not giving Liz and Max a chance to reply. Students filed into the classroom, and Liz turned to Max, "So where do we sit?"


"Psst!" Liz groaned. For the past ten minutes, Paulie Newman had been poking her in the back, and whispering to her. Max shot him a glare, but to no avail for Paulie kept poking Liz in the back. Liz sighed and turned around, "Yes?"

Paulie grinned, and handed Liz a small note. Liz rolled her eyes and turned back around, opening the note. Max looked over at it, growing pale at what he saw.

Hey cutie,
Tonight. My place. We could have us some fun... ;)

Liz wrinkled her nose and turned to Max. She saw the fury and anger in his eyes and quickly muttered, "He's a pig." She picked up her pen and wrote down on the note, slipping it to Max who quickly laughed at the message.

G_ f_ck y_ _ rs_ lf. Would you like to buy a vowel? *happy*

Max passed it to Paulie...laughing as he and Liz watched the emotions fly across his face. Before Paulie could reply, the bell rang, and Liz and Max ran out of the classroom, laughing hysterically.

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Hey all. Sorry it took me so long to get this part out. I have no excuses except that my computer crashed. *Damn thing* BUT, I was able to get this part. Now, warning, in this chapter there is talk about murder, and GRAPHIC SCENES. So, I have warned you in bold read at your own risk! *wink*

I got all of the information of Edmund Kemper at

Enjoy your reading

Chapter 6

"I hate Science." Tess mumbled to Kyle. It was the third period of the day, the only one left before they had lunch. So far, classes had gone well, each with Kyle except for second.

"It's okay. Mr. Brett isn't so bad. He used to be a Forensic Scientist until he up and quit one day, so usually we discuss his old cases. We never have homework." Kyle grinned, and looked down missing the look on Tess's face. An ex-Forensic Scientist? So basically they talk about dead people the entire period? Great. She was going to LOVE this class.

"Morning class." Mr. Brett greeted, cheerfully. He eyed Tess, and pulled out his attendance folder. "Well, I see we've got a new student. I would ask you to stand up and tell us a little something about yourself but you've probably had to do that at least twice already so I'll leave you alone. The only thing you've got to know is, listen in my class and you pass. If you don't, well...that's your deal, and I'll see you next year. Now-"

"Told you he was great." Kyle said enthusiastically, shooting her a smile. Tess offered him something like it, and then turned back to Mr. Brett. "Edmund Kemper. Who was he?"

Tess felt like she was going to be sick right then and there. Someone next to Kyle raised her hand, but Tess couldn't take her eyes off of Mr. Brett. "Didn't he kill people?"

Mr. Brett nodded, "Edmund Kemper was a serial killer. It all started when he was a kid. After his parents got divorced, things went downward. Kemper's sisters and mother, saw him as strange and he was sent to his father's place in Los Angeles who had the same feeling as his mother. So, he was sent to his grandparent's place in California. He detested both of his grandparents, and took it as an insult that they didn't trust him. August 24, 1964, he shot his grandmother in the back of the head, and dragged her body to the bedroom."

Tess was brought back to that night..

"How bout I just take the two of them with me? You two move and I'll kill them both!"

"No! Not my babies." Nancy wailed, jumping for Liz and Tess. Shocked at Nancy's outburst, the man pulled the trigger, the bullet hitting Nancy straight in the chest. She flew back, into Jeff's arms, blood flowing from her wound.

"Mom!" Tess shouted, staring at her mother's body in disbelief.

End Flash

Before Tess could speak, Mr. Brett was talking again, "Now, Kemper's grandfather came home from the grocery store, and as he began to unload the groceries, Kemper shot him as well. But, he was still in high school, and young so he called his mom and she told him to call the police where he was incarcerated and then put into a facility on December 6th. This definitely was not a good thing, because within the facility Kemper talked to some of the serial killers, and rapists and he started to gain knowledge."

Jeff jumped on him from behind, knocking him to the ground. Tess and Liz watched as they continued to scuffle, neither knowing what was to happen. Anything after that moment was a blur. They heard a shot and saw their father lying with his eyes open, unmoving.
End Flash

"Kemper was smarter than some of the others, and he soon realized that the reason that they had been caught, was because they hadn't been smart; basically they left evidence, and attacked women who could be traced back to them. In front of the doctors, Kemper became took on this role of a clean cut, religious person. It was his role, that got him released in 1969."

"They released him? After killing his grandparents?" Kyle asked, a scowl on his face. Mr. Brett smiled at Kyle, "Remember Kyle, this is the sixties. Now, let me finish."

"Kemper started at a community college, under the watch of the facility, and against the wishes of the doctors, he was sent back to his mother by the Youth Authority. They argued constantly and Kemper would head off to a bar, and watch the Law Enforcement officers. He looked up to them, and soon became a friend of theirs. Kemper moved out of his home for a job in Division of Highways. During his time as a laborer for them, Kemper crashed his motorcycle twice, and bought a car that resembled a police vehicle."

Tess gulped. Did they have to be talking about someone who murdered their own grandparents on her first day? She thought she had gotten away from it all when had left Rhode Island. She hoped Liz wouldn't have to deal with this.

"Kemper remembered what the serial killers and rapists from the facility had told him, and he began to pick up hitchhikers. Not the kind you are all thinking about, but pretty female hitchhikers. He watched them, made him trust him, and dropped them off, safely and unharmed. He never hurt any of them until May 7, 1972. Mary Ann Pesce and Anita Luchese were picked up by Kemper on their way to Stanford University. Now, Kemper placed Anita in the trunk, while he killed Mary Ann. He had placed a bag over her head, and handcuffed her. But, Mary Ann bit a hole in the bag, angered Kemper, which resulted in him stabbing her to death. After he killed her, he moved onto Anita, and stabbed her to death but with a larger knife-"

There was no way that Tess could listen to anymore of this. She just couldn't. Standing up, Tess grabbed her bag and started to walk out of the classroom. She paused when she reached Mr. Brett and quickly mumbled an apology before bolting out of the door.

It was twenty minutes before lunch was to even start, and Tess had no where to go. Tears welled in her eyes, and she pushed them back, running into the Girl's Bathroom.


Kyle sighed, approaching the lunch table with his shoulders slumped. He had tried to go after Tess but Mr. Brett had insisted that if she wasn't back by the bell, he'd find her at lunch. Both of them had looked for her, but ended up with nothing after fifteen minutes.

"There you are!" Maria said, greeting him with a bright smile. Liz looked up, and then looked past him, "Hey, where's Tess?"

Kyle sat down with a thump next to her, "I don't know. She ran out of Science twenty minutes before the bell rang." Liz sat up quickly, "What?"

"Why'd she leave?" Michael asked, pulling a few fries off of Maria's plate and popping them into his mouth.

"I have no idea. One minute we were talking about Edmund Kemper and the next-" Kyle was cut off by Alex. "Kemper? He was the guy who picked up those hitchhikers and murdered them right?"

Liz jumped up, "Oh God. Where did she go?" The others looked at her curiously. Liz turned to Kyle, "What direction did she go in?" A girl who had been at a table near theirs, stood up and walked over. "If you guys are talking about the new girl, she was in the bathroom crying her eyes out. I don't know what's wrong with her-"

Liz quickly thanked her before running off in the direction of the building, the others not far behind her. Liz stopped in the middle of the hallway and turned towards Maria and Isabel, "Where's the girl's bathroom?"

"The 400 wing." Isabel answered, grabbing Liz's arm, and dragging her down the hallway. Maria sighed, and rushed after them, glancing behind her once to see if the other four were following.

"I never knew our highschool...was so...big." Alex gasped, as they stopped in front of the bathroom. Max grinned, and then followed his sister into the bathroom.

"Dude, that's the GIRL'S bathroom." Kyle shouted after him. Michael shrugged, and proceeded after him. When Kyle followed Michael stuck his arm out, blocking the exit. "Look, I'm going in there for one reason and one reason only; to get Maxwell. Then, I am right back out."

"You've never seen the girl's bathroom either, huh?" Alex piped up. Kyle and Michael turned to him with raised eyebrows.

The door was thrown open, and Max was soon on top of Alex on that floor. Kyle smirked, "THAT, Alex, is why you've never seen the girl's bathroom." Alex growled and pushed Max off of him. "Dude, so not cool. What happened?"

"Isabel, literally kicked me out." Max groaned, rubbing his arm. Kyle sighed, "Was Tess okay?"


"Tess?" Liz asked, looking under all of the stalls. She saw her sister's sandals in one, and she quickly moved to open the stall door, but found it locked. "Tess, are you okay?"

Maria and Isabel entered, looking at Liz questioningly. She ignored them, and knocked softly on the door. "Tess?"

There was a sniffle and then the door was unlocked, and pushed open. Tess' eyes were puffy, and the whites or her eyes were red. She quickly averted her gaze, and wrapped her arms around Liz. Liz had no idea what was going on, but upon instinct, wrapped her arms around her sister as well. "'ll all be okay. Shh..."


Isabel raised an eyebrow, and looked to Maria in question. Maria shrugged, and was about to signal for Isabel and her to leave the bathroom, and the sister's to privacy. But, it seemed Isabel's attention was elsewhere. Maria glanced behind her and glared at Max, who was looking at Liz and Tess curiously. He turned to Isabel and was about to speak, but Isabel grabbed him by the ear and threw him out of the bathroom. "Perve." She muttered.


The two sisters looked up at the sound of Max being thrown out of the room. Tess caught the sight of Isabel and Maria, and immediately started to wipe her eyes. Great, now they probably thought she was a freak...well they weren't far from the truth. She pleaded with Liz to make up some excuse, and Liz nodded, inwardly groaning.

"Tess has been sick all week, she caught it sometime while we were in Texas. She left the class because she thought she was going to throw up..." Isabel and Maria nodded, and looked to Tess sympathetically.

"We'll tell the others, and wait for you guys outside. Or, Maria and I can take you to the nurse if you want to go home." Isabel offered. Tess looked over to Liz who wrapped her arm around her shoulder.

"That'd be great, thanks." Liz replied, speaking for Tess. Tess looked up to Isabel and nodded, tears still in her eyes.

"Ok, well then, we'll...wait outside. For you." Maria pushed Isabel out of the bathroom and followed. As soon as they were with the others Maria said, "We need to talk."


"She didn't believe that one for a second." Tess replied, rolling her eyes. She waved her hand over her face, all traces that she had been crying, gone. "Great, I'm going to be known as 'The crying girl', for the rest of the year."

"What happened?" Liz asked, ignoring Tess's rant. Tess sighed, and ran her hands under the warm water. "Nothing. I had a spaz attack. I'm fine now, okay?"

"Tess, I know they were talking about a serial killer." Liz said softly. Tess didn't reply. Instead, she grabbed some paper towels and began to dry her hands. Liz sighed, "I miss them too, and what happened to them was..."

"Them? Is that what we're calling our parents now, them?" Tess snapped. She saw the pain in Liz's eyes and flinched. A silent sob went through her body and she turned her head away. "It's just...I don't need to hear about how more people died. I don't want to be reminded that our parents were murdered. I...I just want to see Mom and Dad once more." Tess broke off into tears, and her sobs echoed in the tiny bathroom. Tears filled Liz's eyes and she tried to fight them back. She inhaled deeply and softly replied, "Me too, me too."


"Talk? Why?" Alex asked, tilting his head to the side slightly. Maria lowered her voice and turned to look back at the girl's bathroom as if Liz and Tess were going to walk out right then. "I saw a handprint on the bathroom door. It was a silver handprint, and...I think Tess did it."

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Chapter 7
*Sometimes someone says something really small and it just fits into this empty place in your heart.* -Unknown

"Talk? Why?" Alex asked, tilting his head to the side slightly. Maria lowered her voice and turned to look back at the girl's bathroom as if Liz and Tess were going to walk out right then. "I saw a handprint on the bathroom door. It was a silver handprint, and, I think Tess did it."

"What are you talking about?" Kyle asked. Maria looked back towards the girl's bathroom and watched as Liz and Tess walked out. "I'll explain at the meeting."

Kyle wanted to ask more of Maria, but knew she would answer nothing until later that day. He plastered a smile on his face as Tess approached and asked if she was all right, immediately disregarding the idea of her being an alien.


Hello sweeties. I'm sorry we aren't there right now to meet you after your first day of school but we were called away about a recent dig we are working on. We should be home early tomorrow morning or later tomorrow afternoon. Cookies are on the countertop, and milk is in the refrigerator. I'll call you later tonight to check on you two!

Grandma Claudia

Liz shook her head at the note and showed it to Tess who was already eating away at the cookies. She smiled and swallowed the rest of her cookie. "Hey, do you think Grandma Claudia has this sort of intuition thing where she always knows when I need her cookies?"

"Maybe…or she's just an awesome Grandma who wants to get us fat." Liz joked, picking up a cookie of her own. "So what was with you and Kyle today? I saw that whole 'I could live in your eyes' look you two shared."

Tess blushed. "We did not have that look."

"Oh, yes you did. And Maria is a witness to it."

"Speaking of Maria…did she and the others seem weird after we came out of the bathroom today or was that just me?"

Liz shrugged, "Yea, I think that they were just weirded out because of that whole…thing." Tess groaned, "I'm officially a freak. I mean, the whole alien thing…was bad enough but now I've run off the only friends we'll probably ever have in this pathetic town."

"Tess, don't say that." Liz replied. Tess fingered the cookie she held in her hands. "Liz, there's something that I've never told you."


"I…I…well I had a flash when I looked at Michael." Liz's brow furrowed, "A flash? What kind of flash?"

"I saw them. I saw my 'family', before I had broken out of the pod. I had forgotten about it, but I remember that I asked them to wait for me. They looked at me, and I knew that they were going to leave me, abandon me. And they did." Tess paused for a moment before looking straight at Liz, "Do you think I was the reason that Mom and Dad were killed?"

"What? Why would you even think that?" Liz demanded.

"I just…I feel like I'm some kind of disease that everyone wants to get away from. I have this aura where people just have this need to leave me." Liz walked over to where her sister sat. "Hey," She lifted Tess's chin so Tess was staring at her, "Believe me Tess, you are NOT a disease, and Mom and Dad didn't die to get away from you. They died to protect you. And I promise you, that I will NEVER, leave you. You hear me?" Tess nodded, tears falling down her cheeks.

"I love you Lizzie."

"I love you too." Liz replied, her thoughts jumbled. "You know what? How bout we rent us some movies huh?"

Tess smiled, "Sounds good."


The teens sat in silence. "Look Maria, you called this meeting so if you don't talk, I'm leaving." Michael stated. Maria rolled her eyes. "I already told you. There was a silver handprint on the bathroom door that Tess was in."

"So, you think Tess is an alien?" Alex asked slowly. Maria nodded and bit her lip.

"That's impossible." Michael replied. Maria sighed, "Why? Why is it so impossible to think she's an alien?"

"You can't just go around pointing fingers at everyone new in town." Kyle said. Maria frowned, "Okay, wait a second. Isabel saw the handprint too…why is everyone not believing me here?"

"Tess is Nasedo's granddaughter. Do you really think he would have an alien in his house and not tell us, or at least let us know that there was another one of us out there? He already said the fourth alien was dead…if Tess is an alien, which she isn't, then she'd be our enemy, and Nasedo would have said something." Max stated. Kyle nodded, "There you go, she isn't an alien."

The others started to get up and leave before Isabel's voice stopped them, "I felt something when I first met her. Our eyes met, and there was something familiar there."

Maria sighed, and looked to the others, "Do you believe me now?"

"What do you mean you felt something?" Max asked, ignoring Maria.

"I don't know…I just knew her, or I thought I did!" Isabel snapped, rubbing her forehead. She looked to Michael who sighed, "I felt it too."

"So then, what are you guys saying? We follow them around? Look through their stuff?" Kyle demanded. He laughed slowly, "Guys, my dad's the Sheriff. The share-riff." He stated, pronouncing each sound slowly. "That would be illegal."

"Technically, no, it wouldn't since Nasedo and Claudia said we were welcome in their house at any time." Maria replied, a small smile forming on her face.

"I don't like this." Alex replied. "They're our friends and this doesn't seem right."

Max nodded, "I'm with Alex on this one."

"Look, I'm not comfortable with going through their things without their permission either, but if Tess is an alien, wouldn't we be helping her out by just saying that she's one of you?" Maria asked, looking from Isabel, to Michael, and finally to Max. "She just might be wondering what the rest of you are up to as well, don't you think?"

There was silence once again, something becoming quite familiar with the group. "Okay, so when are we supposed to go in and look around?"

A frown rose on Maria's face, "Well…there's no way I'm letting any of you guys go through their underwear drawers so-"

"Who said anything about going through their underwear?" Alex asked, an eyebrow rose to glace between Maria and Isabel, both biting their bottom lip.

"Well, everyone knows that an underwear drawer is where girls hide things they want to…hide." Isabel replied. Maria nodded, "Yea, so…Isabel and I will definitely have to be there." Isabel sighed and rubbed her face with both of her hands, "Okay, so what if Kyle and Max take them out to see a movie or something. Maybe show them Roswell."

"You mean like a date?" Kyle asked. "I'm not going to play with Tess's feelings like that."

"You wouldn't be playing with her feelings. You like her, don't you?" Michael snapped. Kyle nodded slowly, "Yea, but still-"

"And Maxwell, you like Liz right?" Michael didn't even wait for Max's affirmation before turning back to look at the girls, "Okay, we'll do it this weekend. Nasedo and Claudia will probably still be looking around Eagle Rock Military Base for more clues on the other aliens throughout the weekend. It's perfect timing."

"This weekend? Don't you think that that's just a little…soon?" Alex demanded.

"I think we should definitely wait." Isabel stated. "I mean, it's one thing to be sneaking through their house, but it's another to do it after what happened today, you know…with Tess freaking out like she did."

"If we don't do it now, we may not get another opportunity." Michael replied. Kyle shook his head, "Dude, we'll get plenty more opportunity's."

"Fine, I wasn't even the one who wanted to go in there in the first place." Michael snapped throwing a glare in Maria's direction. She met his stare and watched his back as he turned and left the house, the slam of the door echoing through the house. She sighed and turned to notice the other's watching her. "What?"

"Someone should go after him." Max declared.

"What? You think it should be me? I'm not going after Furious Boy without any witnesses."

"Maria…" Isabel pleaded.

Maria groaned. She knew she was fighting a losing battle. "Ugh! Fine, I'll go after him! If I don't come back know this; I will haunt ALL of you when you want to sleep."


Michael stomped out of the house, stuffing his hands into his pockets. He heard a shout behind him but he didn't stop. For some reason he always ended up as the bad guy, and he was tired of it. He hadn't even suggested the idea and yet he was the one who ended up on the other side of the river with everyone else opposite from him.

"Michael!" Maria shouted as she ran from the house. She groaned when he didn't stop, and quickly started to run to try to catch up with him. She was a couple of feet away when he stopped and turned around, "Are you planning on following me the entire way home? I could report that, since it's a law that you can't stalk people."

Maria let out a throaty laugh, "Believe me Spaceboy, if there was one person who I was going to stalk, it wouldn't be you."

"And why not?" Michael asked, crossing his arms. "Am I not good enough to be stalked? Am I not stalk-able?"

"Not if you were the last alien on Earth." Maria said smugly. Michael rolled his eyes and turned as if he was going to continue back to his house.

"Wait." Maria called. She mumbled under her breath and began to walk closer to him, "Michael, let me just say one thing before you continue on your power stride, okay?"

Michael turned to look at the setting sun, and said quickly, "One thing, DeLuca."

"Lose the attitude, and lose it fast. Not only is it annoying for the rest of us, but you're stressing yourself out." Maria replied. She saw a smirk rise on his face, "I know that you are a very un-social person because of the whole alien status thing, and I understand that okay? But, we are not your enemy and storming out when we are trying to have a conversation is not the solution to a problem. We are a group and I thought we were a group of friends. Now look, if you have some sort of problem-"

"Some sort of problem?" Michael spat out, "Yea I have a problem…I don't even know who I am! Am I Michael Guerin the alien? Or am I Rath, Second in Command to a King? I feel like I'm split in half and I can't even tell where the border line is anymore."

"Like a schizophrenic?" Maria asked. Michael sighed, "You know what? Forget it. I don't know why I even tried." Maria rolled her eyes as he turned sharply away from her and she grabbed his arm, "Didn't I just say that storming out while we are having a conversation is not the solution to a problem?" Michael shot her a sarcastic look and she threw her hands in the air. "Fine, walk away. I came out here to try to talk to you but seeing as you don't know how to actually finish a conversation I'll deem that impossible."

"Try looking at things from my perspective." Michael replied. Maria chuckled, "Oh, believe me I have, my only problem is that I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass. You just, you have this hate for the rest of us, and we understand what you are going through…Michael we area all scared."

"I never said I was scared." Michael stated.

"That's right, I forgot; Michael Guerin the Stonewall. Michael Guerin, who has no feelings." Maria said mockingly.

"I have feelings all right?" Michael snapped. "I'm not emotionally retarded like all of you think I am." Maria raised an eyebrow and walked closer to Michael, her lips less than inch from his. "Okay. So then what feelings do you have Spaceboy?"

Michael looked down at her lips having the urge to kiss them. It would be so easy, he just simply had to lean down; so he did.


Maria was startled when Michael's lips crashed down on her own. Instinctively she wrapped her arms around his neck, and leaned more into the kiss. A small moan escaped her mouth and his arms wrapped around her waist, making their way up her back and massaging her neck. She smiled and felt his tongue invade her mouth, wanting to taste more of her. "Michael," She mumbled. He opened his eyes to meet hers and a grin spread over her face, "So Spaceboy…what does this mean?"

"That you lied when you said that you'd never stalk me if I was the last alien on Earth?" Michael teased. Maria hit his arm lightly, "Punk. You know what I mean."

"What do you want this to mean?" Michael asked. Maria closed her eyes and kissed his lips softly, "Do you have any idea how long I've wanted to do that?"

"What? Kiss me?"

"No, just kiss an alien in general." Maria joked. Michael pulled Maria closer to him, "All right then, what else did you want to do with an alien."

"Go shopping." Maria smiled, "With their credit card."

"That's why we've got Isabel."


"Do you think he's killed her yet?" Max asked, rubbing his hands on his knees. Alex and Kyle shared a look before Alex spoke, "If we know Maria, and we do…she's probably killed him."

"I'd say the first thing she'll do is rip his jaw off." Isabel commented, sitting next to the window with a book in her lap.

"That's a little grotesque." Kyle stated. Isabel looked up to meet his gaze, "With her tongue."

"Wait, now how could anyone do something like that with their tongue?" Alex asked, coming over towards his girlfriend. He looked past her out the window and froze, "Oh, I see now." what did you think??? *big*

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