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Chapter 1

[San Francisco, California]

The storm in San Francisco tonight was pouring cold, heavy and bloodcurdling tonight. Phoebe and Piper are in the living reading, when the front door unexpectedly hammer close.

“Urghh, I hate storms,” Prue said in disgust as she walked in the manor brushing her wet dark thick black hair.

“My, you all wet? Caught in the storm I see” Piper said as she followed her sister in to the kitchen leaving Phoebe in the living room reading.

“Yep caught in the storm and this are my new boots” Prue pointed at her brand new leather boots.

Piper looked at Prue cynically for her expressions of affection for the boots.

The window nearby banged at full volume and that caused Phoebe, who was concentrating on studying for her medical exams screamed.

Piper and Prue rushed out to the living room to check out Phoebe’s condition due to her frantic screaming.

“You all right?” asked Piper worriedly as she brushed Phoebe's blonde-slightly brown hair.

“My sixth sense or should be more known as intuition is kicking on now” Prue said as she looked at her frighten sister.

“Come now Pheebs, nothing is happening. See no demons, evil warlocks, dark lighter and especially no things that are consider as supernatural happening except that harsh wind blowing at the window to bang” said Piper as she walked over to the couch and hugged Phoebe.

A bright blue light shimmered in their living room.

It’s Leo, their loving white lighter and Piper’s fiancé.

“Hey Leo” all the girls chimed at.

“Hey” Leo greeted in turmoil as a reply.

“So are you here on a social visit or you’re here because the elders has something new to tell us?” asked Prue as she sits down on the armchair.

“Actually, I here on the orders of the Elders. They asks me to convey a message to the Charmed Ones that there’ll be two new witches on the block" Leo scratching his head as he said.

“So?” asks Pheebs.

“One of them turns out to be your distant cousin” Leo says.

“Distant cousin? We have a cousin” Phoebe asks energetically.


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Chapter 2

[Still in San Francisco]

“Well, Pheebs. We do I think” Piper said uncertainly.

“We do. She lived with her parents in a town called Roswell, New Mexico” Prue confirmed strongly.

“Ohh. How old is she? How come I didn’t know any of this? Why wasn’t I told about her existence?” Phoebe shot a hundred and one questions at her sisters.

“Mum, said that Grams had a sister called Claudia Parker. Actually she was Claudia Halliwell but then she married to Jim Parker or something like that. She followed her husband last name and stop contacting us until the day when I was 4 while Piper was only 3. Claudia came walking in and telling that the line of witches in her family had ceased to exist. But then after you were born and stuffs that happened it was 7 years later she came back and said that a witch was brought into the world” Prue says as she recaptures her old memories.


Prue and Piper are sitting mutely at the flight of stairs.

“I’m telling you Patty, a new witch has been born. She’s a little different from things we witches had to go through. She will unite two worlds into one” Claudia admits.

“I know. Resembling her cousins the Charmed ones. But her duty to the world is much more heavier then her cousins” Patty sighs as she sips her tea.

“How are things going on for you?” asked Claudia.

“I’m handling it well. Prue has been a great help in taking care of her sister thou I think she hates her father day in, day out. I cannot stop the girl from hating her own father because he had abandoned their mother and leave her to die” Patty chided.

Flashback Ended

“What’s her name?” asked Phoebe.

“Her name is Elizabeth Parker. She’s the daughter of Jeffery and Nancy Parker. They know about your existence but they don’t exactly know where you lived all your lives” Leo informed.

“So what you want us to do about this new found information?” asked Piper.

“You need to go out and tell her the truth of her being a witch and also looking out for another witch or two. The second witch is somehow related to Cole’s ancestors. And if there’s no one to guide them they will be dangerously steer to the road of evil” Leo said.

“Cool a trip to a town a town famous for aliens” Phoebe cheered happily.

Piper, Leo and Prue looked at Phoebe with a gaze saying that it’s not a trip to have fun. Phoebe slowly become less restless but deep down in her heart she was thrilled to escape San Francisco to clear things of her mind especially things that are regarding to Belthazor or Cole Turner and the guilt of lying to her sisters.

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Chapter 3

In Roswell, New Mexico [3 days later].

“So this is the infamous Roswell?” Phoebe asked as Prue drive into the town.

“Yep, and there’s the Crashdown” Piper pointed.

Prue parked her car in close proximity to the café and follow her sisters in to the café.

As the three of them sauntered in Michael, Liz, Maria, Tess and Max looked intently at them.

“They are seated at your tables” Maria nudged at Liz.

Liz looked at Maria and nodded her head.

Liz approached their table and took her notepad and pen out.

“Hello. Welcome to the Crashdown. What can I get for you?” asked Liz with her cheery smile.

“Well first you could get us some tea and second you could like get a hold of our cousin Elizabeth Parker” Prue said harshly.

“And who might you all be?” asked Liz.

“Who wants to know” Prue challenged back.

“Liz Parker” Liz said.

“You’re Liz?” asked Piper with shock.

“In a flash” Liz smiled.

“Sorry for being rude. I tends to have rudeness kicking in at times” Prue apologized.

“Apology accepted” Liz smiled.

“Do you have by any chance related to Penny Halliwell which was my grams sister?” asked Liz.

“We do. We are their granddaughters. I’m Phoebe Halliwell the youngest and the free spirited one in the family” Phoebe smiled warmly at Liz.

Liz accepted her hand and shook hand with her.

Slowly a flash penetrate in to her mind.

A guy with a terrible face grabbing Phoebe’s neck.

“Are you okay?” asked Prue.

“Yeah I’m fine,” said Liz as she just look at Phoebe dazedly.

“Let me show you up. Oh my parents they are out at Hondo for a conference meeting” Liz informed as she turned around heading for the backroom. Prue, Piper and Phoebe too followed her.

“What’s going on?” asked Michael at he looked at Maria.

“How should I know” Maria slapped her cloth at the counter and signaled to Courtney to take care of things here.

“What’s going on?” asked Maria as she walks in.

“Maria you might as well come along,” Liz said as he mounts the stairs.

note: Could someone actually give me advices on how to write speels liekt hose spells in Charmed cause I'm little stuck her. Wrote a few and read out and it's weird very weird. Please....Help. S.O.S



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Chapter 4

“What? You three are her cousins?” asked Maria as she pointed at Prue, Piper and Phoebe.

“Yes, clearly we are. I’m Piper Halliwell, this is my eldest sister Prue and my youngest sister Phoebe” said Piper as she jinggled her finger to Pru and to Phoebe.

“So why are you here?” asked Liz as she took a seat with Maria.

Prue, Piper and Phoebe exchanged glances and then only looked at Maria then at Liz.

“You can say anything. She will be hearing it very soon from me after all” Liz confided to the three sisters.

“Okay Liz, look I can’t say anything but you have to keep an openmind on this” said Phoebe.

A blue light appeared in the central of the room. A tall guy that seems to be his twenties appeared. Prue, Piper and Phoebe looked at Liz and Maria just to see that they are relaxed with perverted stuff happening in the room.

“You are not freaked out,” Prue noted lightly while Maria looked rather annoyed at how he had suddenly appeared

“Look we seen more supernatural stuffs than you, sister” Maria said.

“Okay, Liz you are from a very long line of witches. Your Grams and mine are related and they are witches too. Only females with the Halliwell’s blood flowing in them can be witches. I’m sorry to break this bad news to you” Piper said.

“I found the other witch that needs guidance,” said Leo.

“Where’s she? Who’s she?” asked Phoebe.

“She’s standing next to Liz,” said Leo.

Maria gawked at Leo.

“I’m sorry you got me mistaken by someone. I don’t have any supernatural powers,” Maria said.

“You don’t but you will be by the end of the week” Leo informed.

“But I can’t be?” Maria stammered.

“Have anything supernatural happen?” asked Piper.

“Well if you count dating an alien supernatural. Yeah,” Maria said.

Leo and the girls looked at Liz and Maria with their jaws drop.

“Okay besides that” Leo was the first to be calmed and poised.

“Sometimes I’m able to calm someone down” said Maria helpfully.

“That’s it. Maria, Your powers are empathy, orbing, deflection, cloning and elemental powers,” Leo explained.

“What about Liz?” asked Phoebe, Piper, Prue and Maria in unison.

“All I know that she has all your powers. She’ll be developing new powers soon” Leo says.

Liz and Maria looked at each other before facing them.

“Who are you?” asked Maria.

“To witches, warlocks and etc they are known as the Charmed Ones but they are your cousin Liz” Leo said.

“And you?” asked Maria as she stared at Leo standing next to Piper.

“He’s our white lighter and he’s also Piper’s fiancé” said Prue.

“And honey, just take note that no matter how cute or handsome whitelighters are. They are not encourage to have a serious relationship with witches except for this one” Phoebe pointed out at the lovely dopey couple.

"In another word there are rules to who we are supossed and not to supposed fall in love" Maria chuckled

“They know that they love each other deep enough to break rules” Prue said with a smile.

“So when exactly my powers will kick off?” asked Liz with excitement.

“That’s the problem. We don’t know anything anymore after your prior incident being shot and then later healed by an alien” said Leo grimly.

“How did you know that?” asked Liz with pure distress.

“The Elders” the 3 sisters muttered at once.

“Get used to it, honey. The Elders always manage to dig things eventually” Piper said.

"I think you should sleep on it Maria. We'll talk about it tomorrow. After all we do need vacation. And this alien theme town where there'll be no demons are just the place we have been searching for" Prue grunts

"Its rather late Liz so I'll take up the offer of sleeping on it tonight. I think I better head home,” Maria said.

“Let me walk you out Ria” Liz said. Maria nodded her head slightly walking out of the apartment out to the main entrance of the Crashdown.