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Title:Sable Haven
Rating: NC-17(pure smut)
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"Good girl, come a little closer."

"Where are you?"

"It doesn’t matter, you’ll know soon enough."

Her steps echoed in the dark hallway, her skin prickled with cold. She was alone on all sides. Or was she? She felt his presence like an omen all around her. She could swear that he was going to appear at any moment, his deep voice resonating under her skin. Involuntarily, she shivered. She came to the end of the hall and stopped. She could see no other way. Sighing, she turned and began to walk back.

"No. Turn around." His voice sounded colder than before and uneasiness rippled in her stomach.

"It’s a dead end." His chuckle vibrated down the hall. She searched frantically for it’s location but it was in vain.

"Don’t bother looking for me. You won’t have to if you turn around and walk back to the end of the hall."

"But it’s a…" His voice was no longer a booming echo, but a whisper that made her feel he had taken hold of her from behind.

"I want to show you something."

"What is it? Who are you? Why did you send for me?" She wanted an answer to these questions. She had been seduced in the middle of the night to this supposedly abandoned castle by this stranger’s compelling voice and felt that she couldn’t have stopped herself if she had even tried. She thought he would have exposed himself by now. But to still be cloaked in mystery and taunt her with these games, it caused the uneasiness to grow into full worry, butterflies flitted around inside her, his voice crawled through her, tempting, teasing. But why? Why was she chosen?

"You’ll find the answers soon. Very soon. Just follow my instructions."

"Ok." Her voice sounded so small in the vast building. It seemed to breathe with life itself. She turned and gasped when she saw the hallway now had a door at the end of it.

And it was open.

She walked to the door and with trembling fingers pressed her hand to it. Giving it a timid push it swung open and she was faced with a massive bedroom. The windows were open and the curtains lilted like puppets across the darkness. A black satin bed was the center of the room and her eyes fell upon it. A blush tinged her cheeks.

"Why do you feel modest?"

Her breath caught in her throat. The voice sounded even nearer now. Strange sensations came over her. She could swear the shadows were moving. Though a chill permeated the room, her body became flush with heat. She brushed it off as a side affect of her blush. She heard the voice chuckle. Again the heat swirled in her body. Her palms began to sweat.

"I do not feel modest."

"You lie. You see that it is a bedchamber I have led you too and it makes you nervous. Your pulse races. I can sense your blood beginning to boil. It is enticing."

"What is enticing my nervousness or my racing pulse?"

More tremors flew through her and her knees grew weak.
It was not an unpleasant sensation. It was more of a pleasurable one in fact. Her breathing shallowed as if she were caught in the early throes of passion. Her hands clenched and unclenched in anticipation of an act that she did not even know she was becoming a part of. She knew one thing though and that it was he who was doing this to her.

"Neither. Your boiling blood is what has me intrigued. I can feel it. Your heartbeat. I can feel it underneath my very flesh."

A thrill ran up and down her from head to toe. She cried out.

"Stop. Whatever you are doing to me…stop."

"But how can I do anything to you, when I’m not even touching you." She turned again and swore she saw the shadows move once more. Her nipples began to tingle and her womb tightened in arousal. It was as if she had no control of her body’s response. It frightened her.

"How are you doing this. Stop controlling me."

"My dear you sound quite mad. How could I control you."

"Don’t toy with me." His laugh was low and it rumbled in her core. Liquid pooled in her center and she moaned softly.

"I would never toy with you Liz."

"Uh…How…How do you know my name!" Her mind was becoming clouded as sensual images were thrust into her head and more ripples trickled through her. Her knees buckled so much that she slumped on the floor and began to writhe in ecstasy trying to ease the fiery ache that burned between her thighs. She was dimly aware of the shadows and sensed that they had almost made a move to her, but hesitated.

"Mmm…How is it…that I can’t see you?" She gasped out her question and rubbed her self more fiercely upon the hard wood. She knew that her behavior was extremely wanton but she could not restrict her actions. Her entire body had become this stranger’s plaything and she could not stop it.

"So many questions from one so beautiful. Isn’t it believed that beautiful women should be seen and not heard?"

Bracing herself with her hands Liz moved in a slow thrusting motion trying to calm down. Her breathing became ragged and her eyes fluttered closed. Her mouth hung open as she felt a climax building.

"I…was…n-never one- to follow…the rules…Ah!" She thrust faster trying to stop the burning that was setting her entire body ablaze.

"I know Liz. Most girls would have ignored my call to them, or they would have fainted with fright by now. But you my precious, you have done no such pathetic thing. You have come to me and shown me your willingness, your eagerness for the pleasures that I can give, the world I want to show you. I want you Liz. I want to make you mine forever. Starting tonight."

Liz could barely register his words and thrust faster, trying to reach the breaking point. She could feel the strangers control on her and knew he prevented her from cumming completely. She groaned in frustration. He laughed.

"Please…don’t tease me anymore…don’t…just let me…just let me."

"Let you what Liz." Though she was sprawled on the floor rubbing her crotch up and down erotically wearing only a silk night rail, Liz still felt modest about saying what the stranger obviously wanted to hear her utter. The ache suddenly sliced through her and a wave of pleasure stole her senses. She screamed. The liquid between her thighs had become so plentiful that it dripped down her legs onto the floor.

"I…can’t…I…can’t…say it!" Another wave sliced through her and for a ridiculous moment she thought she might die from it. She knew the stranger was smiling at her predicament, and she knew that he was watching in those shadows. She leaned her head back and her chocolate hair fell in a shimmering mirror. It danced along the black ground.

"Say it."

"Let me CUM! Let me cum please! Please please!" She sobbed in pleasure and continued to beg. Still he held back. Tears trickled down her cheeks.

"Please please! Oh god please sir! I…need to…I’ve got to…"

"Say my name."

"I…don’t…know…your name!"


"M-ax! Max! Max! Max!" He gave her release. She screamed for a good minute as the most intense feeling of her young life was given to her. Stars exploded behind her eyes, The ocean crashed in her ears and her skin felt like it been electrocuted. Her panting mingled with sobs of relief as she began to regain consciousness. When the shaking feeling in her knees subsided she slowly rose and tested her bearings. She could feel the dampness between her legs sopping her nightgown. Her heart still raced in her ribcage.

"Please, show me your face. I cannot stand this mystery any longer."

"Very well."

Without a sound, he moved from his cloak of obsidian to the bed. His beauty stole her breath. Eyes of fiery amber observed her dangerously, and his dark hair fell haphazardly upon his forehead. His lips were full and she craved to touch them with her own. He was clad in all black and it only added to his unnatural beauty. His eyes were hooded with an unreadable expression and he smiled. Liz thought she could see a faint glint of pointed teeth but dismissed it, perhaps out of fear.

"So what do you think?"

"I think you should let me go home."

"Hmm. Liz I thought you wanted no more games. I thought you were ready for the real thing."

"I want to go home!" His head snapped up sharply. Liz almost lost her nerve. His eyes were the most intimidating things she had ever seen. She felt the tremors of pleasure start again.

"No you don’t. Not truly. You know you belong here, with me."

"Please do not do what you did to me again. I beg you." Inscrutably he narrowed his eyes and looked deep in thought.

"Very well." As soon as it had come, it stopped. Liz sighed in relief.

"Thank you."

"I do not want to force you Liz. I would never force you."

"Then…let me go home, I’ll return tomorrow." Max let a small mirthless chuckle.

"I cannot do that I’m afraid." Liz balled her hands to fists and gave him her most derisive look.

"Then you might as well be forcing me." Liz blinked quickly. When her eyes opened Max was gone.

"Please Liz don’t be difficult." Liz screamed and turned around to find that Max looking down at her.

"How did you do that? How did you…?" Max touched her shoulder softly and Liz began to shudder violently. She collapsed in his arms and buried her face in his chest.

"You don’t want to go, do you?"
Liz tried to fight it, but found she could not. He was too powerful, too sensual and in truth she did not want to leave. Home was boring place of traditions and expectations, none which she could live up to. But this stranger, Max, made her feel things she did not know she could feel. She trusted him.


"Good girl." Max placed his hands on either side of her face and brought her lips to his for a long awaited kiss. Immediately another orgasm rushed through her and she screamed into the cavern of his mouth. He took the opportunity to move his tongue between her teeth and taste her dew. Her body shook so much that he wrapped his arms around her to support her weight. She tore herself away and stumbled backwards to the bed.

"You must stop that! I cannot take it! It is too much." Max smiled again and his eyes shimmered with desire. He shrugged his shoulders apologetically.

"I cannot help your reaction to me."

"I think you can." Max moved to the bed. Liz moved away as he came closer.

"Liz, you must understand, there are certain things about me that are not…normal. I can control you yes, but please believe me when I say that I was not just now. I only wanted to kiss you, to taste you. Your body is reacting this way because you are trying to hide what you really want. Your mind is fighting but your reactions betray your true wants. If you let yourself go, then you will have more control over what I do to you."

"What do you mean, let go?" Max crawled onto the bed on all fours as if a predator, and stalked his way to Liz. Like helpless pray she fell back on the soft cloud of pillows. She watched him as he loomed his hard body, clad in silken night over hers. She felt her body threatening to cum again. She gripped the sheets and her toes curled.

"Tell me what you really want."

"NO! No- ah…uhhh…ohh.." Max lay on top of her and she rubbed herself against him like a cat at a scratch post, trying to ease the ache. He licked the side of her face and she cried out wildly. He moved to the throbbing base of her neck and moved his lips over her delicate skin. For a moment, she felt what seemed like fangs tracing the vein in her neck. Max laughed and it thundered deep in his chest.

"Do not torture yourself any longer my dear. What…"
Max traced her lips with his tongue snaking it into her mouth.


Liz rubbed frantically against him trying to gain release. She felt his hands roaming her thighs.


Max pushed up her gown and moved one of his hands to her flaming core. His hands lingered just above it taunting her. Liz tried to arch herself up to his hand but he pulled it away.


Liz could not take anymore, though all manners of propriety fought against this she had to give him what he wanted. He was merciless, and enjoyed her torment.

"I want you to take me! Please! I want you to take me! I want you to-to-"

Max pressed his lips to her ear.

"Say it."

"I want you to FUCK ME! Oh-oh- I want you to fuck me! Oh god Max!" Max pressed his hand to her center moving in circles over the hard nub. Liz jerked and spasmed uncontrollably. Her moans were so loud that the castle echoed with her cries of pleasure.

The darklings that lived in Max’s sable haven smiled.

Their master had found his mate.

It was certainly a sight to see. The dark lord adorned in ebony claiming the tiny woman in virginal white. It seemed the scene of a dramatic disturbing painting.
Max let Liz calm down after her release. He lay next to her, head propped with his arm, and watched her regain composure. He had lifted her nightgown high enough to expose her small mound and tight tummy. He traced his finger absently around her navel.

"What do you want now?" he looked at her questioningly. Liz looked at him and anger flushed her features. She tore herself away and sat at the edge of the bed. Max frowned and Liz noticed that the room became a bit darker, if it was possible.

"You have made me feel like a whore. You have made me utter those wanton words once, do not ask it of me again!" Liz began to stand, but Max grabbed her quickly and pulled her to his hard chest. He inhaled the jasmine scent of her hair.

"Oh I shall, my dear. I will make you my raven vixen, a creature of dark sexual prowess. You will know pleasure like no other, and you will be mine. And I will be yours."

"Your whore! That’s all I’ll be."

"Never my whore, my love, for you are the only woman I will ever want again."

"You want to take my innocence-"

"In every sense, take it and make it mine."

"-make me your slave-"

"A slave to passion. A slave to our passion."

"-and make me unnatural." Max tugged at Liz’s chin and made her face him. His eyes asked the question ‘How did you know?’ Liz laughed tightly.

"I may be innocent, but I am not slow. You are not of this world. You are one of the dark ones…a vampyre."
Max was pleasantly surprised at her quick wit. But he should have known. He should have known that his Liz would be everything he had been lacking for an eternity.

"I would never force you into that Liz. It would be your choice." Max moved even closer to Liz pressing his throbbing erection into the small of her back.

"Your choice."

Liz moaned in appreciation.

"You don’t have to force me." It slipped out before she could stop herself. She realized what she said and brought a hand to her mouth, flushing in embarrassment, Max however, just smiled wider.

"Don’t feel ashamed Liz. You know what you really want. Take it."

Liz got on her knees and faced Max. Tentatively she pressed her lips to his. She felt his fangs lengthening as she warmed his body with her own. Max ran his hand through her hair and pulled on it exposing her neck to his ready mouth. He bent down to taste her lifeblood.

"Stop!" Max ceased immediately, though it pained him to.

"I don’t want to have to drink the blood of a human, to survive." Max laughed. He laughed and his pointed canines retracted back into his mouth.

"That old superstition? Nonsense. Liz I thought you were smarter than that."

"What do you mean?"

"Liz vampyres are half human. We are not the pure blooded monsters that roam the woods looking for victims. We drink blood only for sexual pleasure. It is amazing Liz, to be tasted by your lover."

"What do you eat then?"

"Well if you must know I only had a glass of wine tonight, for I was in anticipation of your arrival."

"It is not a joke."

"Liz we eat, like normal humans eat. It is only our sexual desires that differ from the common masses." Liz looked into his liquid eyes. Her chocolate ones were wide-eyed with anxiety.


"I would not lie to you."

"…Alright." With a groan Max delved back to her mouth and savored her tongue. Liz traced her fingertips on his chest and with a blush placed her hands upon his buttocks. She squeezed timidly. Max jumped at the contact.

"It is you who tease now."

"I am ready to take what I want."

"And what is it that you want?" Liz placed her hands on her nightrail and lifted it off. She threw it to the ground and watched it pool into a puddle of silk. Her body was now completely exposed to Max and his eyes almost popped out at the sight of his beauty wrapped in nothing but her dark curtain of hair.

"You must take off your clothes too." Max was only too willing to comply. He ripped of his shirt and flung it down. He pulled his pants off and threw it somewhere behind him. Liz’s eyes bulged when she saw his length for the first time. She tried to avert her gaze but Max compelled her to look. It jutted proudly from the small nest of dark curls. Unable to curb her curiosity Liz placed a hand on his marble shaft. Max released a deep groan.

"Oh Liz yes!" Liz felt it was her opportunity to dish back some of the torment that he had given to her. She jerked her hand slightly and felt his entire body jerk with her movement.

"Tell me what you want Max."

"Uh I want you to place your lips upon my cock!" Liz put her other hand on his painfully enlarged member and jerked a little faster. His gasps were raspy and shallow.

"What else?"

"I want you to swallow my cum!" Liz held out for a few minutes hesitating as she moved her hands up and down. She was not sure if she wanted to do what he asked. Max grew impatient. With a growl he grabbed the sides of her face and moved her down to where he grew larger. Not waiting for a signal of approval from her, he pushed her mouth over his cock and slammed into her unsuspecting orifice.

Liz gagged as he shoved further. Her eyes were saucers of disbelief. She put her hands on either side of his thighs and tried to take charge. She got used to his length reaching into her throat and ran her tongue on the underside of him. Max grunted with satisfaction as he felt her start to suckle on him. Sometimes one could not afford to be patient. He lay down on the soft pillows, getting into a more comfortable position to enjoy her services. Grabbing a handful of hair, he moved her head in a steady rhythm while Liz sucked harder taking more of him.

"Look at me. Look at me Liz." Liz turned her eyes to face him and she saw that his eyes had become dark gold. His fangs were bared again and they stretched over his bottom lips slightly. He was a true creature of the dark, sexually charged and always hungry. When Max lay his head back on the pillow and let his eyes roll back into his head, Liz closed hers and felt the hard velvet of him running on her tongue. A long groan escaped Max and Liz squeezed harder with her mouth.


It felt like heaven the scalding heat of him invading her wet lips, his cries of approval. Liz was intoxicated. His scent was something she could not describe a sweet musky smell, not life, but not death. She swirled her tongue at his crimson tip and licked at the salty substance gathering in the small slit. He growled in response bucking his hips. Liz rewarded him with another deep throat suck. Max’s mouth hung open and his eyes were tightly shut. Liz worked her inexperienced mouth upon him continuously, never stopping in her rhythm or pace.

"Oh yes! Yes just like that Liz. Good girl."

Max had no longer let the words escape out of his mouth when a rush of sudden pleasure over took him. He cummed hard and long and Liz tried as best she could to swallow every drop. Max shouted her name and then fell back upon the bed. She looked up at him and saw that he had become blissfully serene. She slid up his chest and lay her head upon his breast.

"That was…good?"

"Yes. It was very good my raven vixen, you learn fast."

Max stroked her hair idly, and Liz traced his tight muscles with her fingertips.

"Is there more to learn?" Max turned Liz onto her back and lay on top of her holding her down with his strong hands. She did not struggle. He kissed her pink cheeks.

"Yes. Much more to learn."

Max sat up and reached to the night table that was cloaked in the shadows. He retrieved a length of ruby red silk rope. Scrutinizing Liz’s questioning expression he wrapped it around her wrists and made sure that it was tight.

"Do you trust me?"


"Hmm." Max kissed the top of Liz’s forehead and then licked it slowly. He moved his tongue downward tracing her nose, her lips, her chin. He slicked down her chest and encircled both nipples on her tiny breasts. Liz sighed. He glided down further, moved down her tummy, and reached the nest of dark chocolate curls. Liz tried to sit up quickly in shock but failed due to her restraints.

"What are you doing?!" Max chuckled. So innocent.

"Repaying the favor." Liz blushed from the roots of her hair to the tips of her breasts.

"You must not! It is lascivious!"

"Is it indeed." Max flicked like a serpent over her unwilling clit. Liz struggled but found she could not escape.

"Please stop!" Max huffed restlessly and closed his mouth.

"Why is it wrong for me to do you it to you, but not wrong for you to do it to me."

"Because! You are-the man. You are entitled to such pleasures from a dutiful lover. But I am…a woman. I should not encourage such behavior."

"Liz I think you encouraged this behavior when you let me fuck your mouth the way I long to fuck you! You must not become modest now. Besides I do not follow the rules, and neither do you."



"Mmm." Max licked at her clit again and heard a small whimper from her. He went down further and found that she was dripping wet. Unable to resist, he lapped her juices. Liz cried out and pulled taut at the ropes. Her back arched off the bed.

"Oh my!" Max inserted his long tongue into her opening
and wrapped his arms around her thighs to bring her closer. Liz writhed and thrashed moaning and screaming nonsense. More of her juices came flowing forth like a fountain of sugar. Max drank, never sated.

"Max! Uhhhhh…Ooooh. Max!" Max bit at the sensitive nub. Her breasts tingled and her core felt afire. Liz tried to contain herself but felt impotent against his actions. Max let his fangs bare and ran them across the thin skin on her inner lips. Feeling daring he nipped quickly, drawing no blood. This was the last straw for Liz. Her orgasm came fast and hard and her back arched off the bed so that her nipples thrust into the air. Her cries and moans made Max act quickly. He moved to her breasts and took them in his mouth. Liz protested weakly.

“No no more. I can’t take any more.” Max only sucked harder. She would take it, and she would like it. He thought of releasing her from her restraints but the idea that she would be powerless to his thrusts for her first time aroused him too much. This would be her initiation, her virgin’s blood would flow into him and then she would be his.

“It’s time for me to teach you everything.” Max traced his tongue up to her neck and brushed her lips with his, getting into position for the initial thrust. Liz did not understand. She had a vague notion of what man and woman were supposed to do and she knew that it was going to happen but she just couldn’t see how he was going to fit inside her. It would be very painful, she thought. She grew afraid. Perhaps if she had a bit more control.

“Let me out of the ropes please.”


“No! B-but why not?”

“The feeling that you will have no choice except to submit to the pleasure I am going to give you, makes me more aroused than you could possibly know. Now shh.”
Max opened her legs and grasped his painfully engorged cock near her entrance. Liz’s breaths came shallowly. She pulled at the cords but they did not budge. She felt his large cock opening the pink lips between her thighs and fear curled in her chest.

Max pushed slowly into her. The warmth of her pussy made him shudder in anticipation. As he penetrated her, he could hear her tiny gasps grow to large ones. He was hurting her. It pricked at his conscience so he moved a little slower summoning all his patience.

“Max! How will you fit?”

Max’s eyes widened in surprise, he looked down to see Liz pleading with him, her chocolate eyes large as saucers. His cock grew bigger. He wanted her purity and he wanted it now.

“I’ll fit, don’t you worry. Look at me Liz and I’ll make your suffering disappear.”

Liz looked into his amber pools and felt the familiar sensations of arousal start involuntarily. He was using his influence on her again. His eyes were so beautiful she felt herself slipping. Then she fell, into his world of darkness and sex, sensuality and bloodlust. Her cry made him thrust home. At first, a blinding pain ripped through her and her eyes bulged in shock. Then she felt the pleasure start. It started softly like a soft breeze through trees. It felt heavenly. Max sensed her comfort and began to move inside her. The sensation of Liz’s tight core wrapped around him made his blood simmer. He buried his face in her hair and grunted savagely with each thrust. He could feel her helplessness in his bones and it drove him demented.
Liz whimpered softly as he assaulted her body. As he thrust his extremely large cock into her she felt him nipping at her neck begging for permission to bite. He wanted to taste her. Her center throbbed in pleasure pain, hymen blood trickling with her cum onto the bed sheets. Her wrists had begun to hurt from the ropes but she knew that would not let her go. This was enticing to him, the feeling that she was forced to submit. She felt him speed up and it caused her moan his name loudly.

“Do you feel your cum between your thighs Liz? Can you feel it dripping down like sanguine fluid?”

His words made her fevered with desire and she had no strength to resist.


“I want your blood to trickle between my lips like that. I want to taste you, taste your very life on my tongue, will you let me?”

“Max I-“ Before she could refuse Max found someway to drive into her deeper and she moaned as she felt him touch her cervix. He flicked his tongue on her neck making her pulse race. She was beginning to like being convinced by sex.

“Yes. I-I want you to taste me.” With a feral cry he sunk his fangs into her neck. Liz’s scream of pain pierced the thick black. She did not know it would hurt this much. Yet, it felt good in an agonizing way. She felt lightheaded as she let him lap her plasma. His thrusts matched the movement of his lingua and Liz felt completely plundered. Was this what she had left her normal world for? Her eyes drooped deliriously. Max’s hands grasped her hips and forced her to take even more of him in. Her insides spasmed and she moaned faintly. Her hands clenched until her knuckles went white. Max sped up his stabs into her. Liz could do nothing but feel as her blood ran out of her neck, her cum ran down her thighs, and Max rammed into her body stretching her to the limit. Max still greedily drank as he thrust and Liz dimly wondered if he was going to kill her.

Surely, he wouldn’t…right?

Max decided he needed to give her more pleasure for letting him take such a gift from her. She tasted so sweet and spicy his head swam. He slowed his movements as much as he could without going completely crazy. He felt the effect immediately. Liz screamed as he slowed down to a snail’s pace. The sensation of his slow, deep motions let her react to every tease, every nip, and every lick. Her head thrashed side to side and her body was raised to a fevered pitch.

“Do you want me to stop now Liz.” Max gasped between a slow, halting thrust.

“Yes. P-please, I feel s-strange.” Max licked the last drops of blood and then made his way to her lips where he kissed her softly. His hands ran through her hair.

“Am I going to die? Become a…vampyre?” Max’s lips lifted into a reassuring smile.

“No you won’t die, I didn’t take enough. And you won’t become a vampyre, unless you drink from me.”

“What if I-what if I want to drink from you?” Max closed his eyes and felt his body and heart dance in happiness. She was the one. She wanted it, she wanted to be like him. Finally, he would no longer be alone, an endless existence in the shadows. She could show him the light.

Liz wanted this life, she couldn’t believe it but she wanted it. He had awakened her to a new existence. She wanted to spend every waking moment with this man and learn the many ways of pleasure, of love. He was her future.

“Alright.” Max trembled as he spoke. He was so excited he could hardly contain it. He had stopped thrusting in her and they lay together bodies throbbing. Max reached for the night table again and retrieved a small dagger. He pressed it to his neck and opened a small cut in his artery. The blood trickled out and he moved his head down to Liz’s lips.

Liz put her tongue out and caressed his neck so the blood ran down like a tiny waterfall into her waiting mouth. The taste was strange, metallic but she liked it. She listened to Max as he panted in pleasure. She suckled on his neck now and could feel the changes begin. Her body tensed, her mind grew…intent. That was all she could think of. She wanted his blood, she was going to get it. She sucked harder. Max cried out and bucked his hips into her. The ripples of his thrusts began again. His hands were still in her hair, now pulling tightly. She didn’t notice. His blood was all that mattered. She felt her canines lengthening, sharpening. She decided to test them out. One nip sent Max over the edge. He tore his neck away and pulled her hair so tight it almost felt like it was going to come out. His shoves became primal and demonic. Liz still felt the intentness. His neck was arched back and his mouth gaped open grunting like a barbarous dark creature. His blood began to drip and Liz greedily caught it in her mouth. Max looked down and saw his once pure seraph catching his blood in her mouth like a desperate animal. He pulled her hair tighter and savaged her further, grabbing her breasts and crushing them underneath his cruel grasp.

“MAX FUCK!” Liz screamed and the blood dripped on her lips. She licked it and kept her mouth open catching it all. Max felt himself becoming lightheaded and he knew he could not lose much more. He placed his hand over the small cut and held it shut until it stopped. Liz moaned from the loss.

“You’ll get more later.” Liz looked up at Max and her eyes were black with discovery and carnality.

“Finish fucking me, please.” Max growled and pulled her hair. She smiled and let out a deep groan.

“Make me cum, I need to cum, if I don’t cum I’ll go mad.”
This spurred Max on even harder. He felt they would combust at any moment from the friction between them. Liz wrapped her legs around his middle and urged him on.

“Oooh yeah Max harder, harder, don’t stop, fucking cum in me, rip me in two, oh god Ohhhhh…” Max bent down and ravaged her lips in a binding kiss. They both could feel it approaching, and they knew it would be earth shattering.

It was coming (no pun intended), it was close, it was coming up to the surface.

Then it came.

Max and Liz felt it spiral from their centers and then radiate out to their fingertips and the roots of their hair. Both screamed and howled in animalistic satisfaction.

Far off in Liz’s village a woman was awakened by what seemed to be the sound of two animals howling to the moon, wolves or dogs. This was a normal occurrence.

Still she shivered, it didn’t sound natural, it was almost…human, but nothing human could make those noises…right?

She lay awake for a long time before falling into fitful sleep.

Max and Liz finished their cries of orgasm and were tangled in each other’s limbs.

Liz felt it coursing in her veins now. The unnaturalness, the sensations of her body changing.

She had died and now…

She was reborn.

Max untied her from the silk and spooned her against his hard length.

“You are mine?”

“…Yes. Forever.”

“I’ll take care of you Liz, I promise.”

“I know.”

A few moments passed Max began to nod to sleep. Liz was still wide-awake attune to the newness of her self. This had been a catharsis of massive proportions. Though she stilled seemed human, she was not. She was a half-ling and could feel the sexual hunger through her vessel. She turned and saw that Max was sleeping. This was the most non-threatening he would ever look.

“Max?” His eyes opened immediately.


“I-I want more.”

“Right now?”

“Yes.” Max thanked whoever it was that was overlooking him for his good fortune. He felt himself grow in response
to her words.


Then the two children of duskiness began their eternal dance, mating and feeding from each other never stopping, never caring, and never satisfied.

The end.

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posted on 12-Oct-2002 2:23:02 PM by Morrigan Undomiel
Aww this looked so forlorn I thought I would bump it.

I guess I just suck.