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Title: The Journey
Author: masweetthing
Catrgory: R(NC-17) mostly due to strong language.
Disclaimer: Own nothing.....just borrowing.
Feedback: OH YEAH!!*Plus I'm not sure if I should continue with this story. Let me know!!*

Summary: Zan has always been a loner. Never knowing love, trust, friendship, or anything that makes up his human side. Marguerite has secrets of her own. Will they be able to help each other on their journey of discovery? Will what they find together be able to stand the lies and deciet of Zan's 'family' and Marguerite's past? Will they both be able to face up to thier destinies together?

A/N: I know that most people like seeing Zan with either Liz or a Liz dupe, but this girl will be neither. She will be one that can hold her own. Believe me she'll have to. Think of her as a tenderhearted bitch.

~ Chapter One~~

Zan was fed up. Well disgusted seemed more like the way he was feeling. Looking around the club, he knew that he was disgusted with his life in general. The crappy aparment that they called home, the shithole that he worked in, and finally his so called 'loving family'.

Being an alien was hard enough. But being a king's dupe was even harder. You weren't really leader, but you weren't really a follower either. Born to take the place of someone you never met, but was identical to you in everyway. Except, according to their protector just before he left, in attitude. Like he gave a shit.

Sitting in the booth at the front of the club they had all decided to come to, he rolled his eyes at his so called family. 'Family' was the wrong word, the word jackals sounded better. Not loving or caring, but willing to take each other out just to reach the top. Yep, that was his life, he held no illusions to it. They all hated each other. The only time Rath and Lonnie got along was when they were sucking face. "Alien Sex, except no subsitutes" that was their motto. Whatever.

"Yo Zan," Lonnie had come up long enough for air to speak, amazin'. Did she know that they were in a club, not in a hotel?

"Yah, what?" Zan looked at her up and down wondering what the hell she was up to now.

"Looks like yous thinkin' to hard. Maybe yous should take Ava to the bathroom and screw her brains out." She evil glittered in her eyes, as she turned to Ava. "Oh yah, yous already been there done that, right? Didn't even get a fuckin' T-shirt out of the deal. Must not have been that good though, ain't done it since. What's the matter Ava need some practice?"

"Yo forget you, you bitch! I gets plenty of practice! Just cuz I's don't hump anything with a piece between it's legs like you, don't mean that I don't gets mine!" Looking at Rath she added,"Maybe yous should ask Rath how good I am. Obviously you ain't doin' a good enough job for him lately. Need some pointers?" Ava replied snidely.

Shoving Rath away from her, Lonnie stood up. "What?! You wouldn't remember how to use that thing if I gave you instructions! You ain't been laid in so long, a guy would need a shovel to get through all dust in that shit!"

Ava stood up, matching Lonnie glare for glare. "What bitch, ya wanna go? Bring it!!"

"Whoa looky, looky, blonde bitch thinks she gots what it takes. I'm fuckin' shakin' in my boots! You sure you wanna go?" Gazing at Ava, smiling evilly, she wanted to do this.

"ENOUGH!!" Zan finally stood. Jackals, a pack of wild ass jackals. They couldn't stop for one frickin' second. Lifting his hand, knowing that everyone in the club was either to wasted to care, or busy dancin' to live band, sent them both flyin' on thier fat asses. "I say shut the hell up! Nobody gives a shit anyway! If you two start again, yous won't wanna see the results. Remember all ways, I'm da man!! Now I'm gonna walk around the club, when I come back, I wants yous all nicey, nicey got it?" Grabbing his beer, he walked off kicking Rath in the process to get him to stop laughing.


Zan walked by the stage to take a good look at the band. He had heard that the band was good, and that's why they had all decided on this fun family outing. They were just starting a new set, he stood back a little so he could see the lead singer. Walking out onto the stage he saw the most beautiful girl ever. She had the face of an angel, but dressed like she was used to being tough. Two bright red streaks ran down the sides of her face, contrasting her jet black hair. Her skin was ivory, making her dark eyes appear almost black. She wore a black corset, and tight black leather pants. Turning to talk to her band, he saw that the lacing up the back she wore nothing underneath. His imagination began to run wild.

"Shut up!! Look we're gonna play somethin' slower, cuz I wanna. So yous all gonna listen and dance anyway got that?" Zan though her voice was dark and sultry. It sent shivers up his spine. She looked directly down into his eyes, he suddenly felt a connection with her for some reason. "Got it?" Zan slowly nodded his head, he vaguely heard the cheers and hollering around him. She nodded to the band and began to sing, looking into his eyes the whole time. He continued to stare at her through the whole set. When she was done he knew that he would be back to see her. Walking back towards his table, he wanted to see if Ava and Lonnie had listened to him. He would try and catch the girl when the club closed.


He was here. He was here. She kept repeating the words in her head to make them real. She had been dreaming about him for the past year, but he had no idea who she was. Leaning against the wall, she took a swig of her Corona. She would remedy that tonight....

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Thanks for all the feedback, hope I don't disappoint. *wink*

Chapter 2

Marguerite sat at the of the bar, watching the guy from earlier through hooded lashes. True she had been dreaming about him for about a year, but in reality they had never met. She had no clue what his name was, but still felt as if she knew him. They had just finished their last set, and she was still trying to figure out how to go introduce herself.

"Hey girl, what ya doin'?" Gina a back up singer in the band, and Marguerite's best friend sat down on the stool next to her. Following her gaze, she saw the person her friend was currently staring at. "Oh now I see. Hunk watching? He's definitely stuff wild, erotic fantasies are made of."

Just then her gaze fell on a guy that was heading their way. Great, just what she needed, another loser trying to get into her pants. When he finally reached them, Gina turned to size him up, rolling her eyes, she nodded her head at Marguertie ( who friends reffered to as Rita). That's all the sign Rita needed.

Spraying his drunken breath all over Rita, he slurred out, "Hey beautif..."

Glaring at him, she held up her hand in the front of his face, "Stop...." He looked at her confused. "Now Goodbye." Turning around on her barstool, waiting for him to leave. Finally he muttered the word 'bitch' and staggered off.

"You know you could give bitch lessons. We could seriously be millionaires." Gina was laughing her ass off. It wasn't that Rita was always like this, she just never took anybodies b.s. She admired the fact she wasn't afraid to say what she thought, or felt. When you got to know the real her, she was the sweetest, kindest person you would ever know. She was the kinda chick that would give you her last dollar, or the shirt off her own back. The only problem was only a select few were able to get past her 'bitch' exterior.

"Yeah well some of us were just born with it. Others need to be taught. Like you." Gina playfully slapped her in the arm. Rita just turned her gaze back to the guy in the booth. Shit, he was gone. Where the hell did he go? Suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder. Hell, couldn't that drunken idiot get the hint. "Yo I thought I told you to take a...." Turning she looked into amber eyes that held some amusement.

"Slow down, babe. I just thought that yous might want to dance. You game?"

Her tounge. Her tounge, she knew she left somewhere around here. Maybe it was on the floor. The guy was definitely hot. The from top of his spiky brown hair, to the tatoos on his muscular arms, down to his combat boots. Damn her dreams hadn't been this detailed. He was so hot. Was it warm in here or what?

Shit, all she had to do was answer. But the way he was looking at her, it was like he knew all her secrets. But NO ONE knew all her secrets. Now he was looking at her like he knew what she looked like with all her clothes off. That made her find her voice, "You know tits are nice, but they don't tend to answer. You might want to ask my face next time, then I might answer. Wanna try again?"

Spunk, this girl had it. He liked that. Maybe there was something to this afterall. More than a one night stand. Maybe he should take the time to find out. Containing some of his laughter, he gave her his famous, heart melting half smile. "I'm Zan." Looking into her eyes, he tried again,"Wanna dance?"

"Sure." She got up from the bar stool. "Hey Gina I'll be back. Save my spot." With that she followed Zan out on to the dance floor.

The thumping beat of a techno song came on. Rita loved the sounds of techno. They made her feel free and alive at the same time. Grinding her hips to the beat she leaned in closer to Zan, "I'm Marguerite. My friends call me Rita."

"Then what do I call you?"

"Well I guess if you're a good boy, you can call me Rita." She smiled at him and contiued dancing......

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Hey guys thanks for all the f/b. It means alot!*happy* Please don't judge my the New York accent *ducks her head* I'm really trying, but if I can't quite seem to make it work, please don't throw rotten tomatoes at me!! lol...*tongue*

Anyway here's the next part, please tell me what you think!

Chapter 3

Slowly she ground her hips to beat of the music, every movement brought her closer to Zan. She didn't want him to get the wrong idea, but he was like a drug. Pulling you, tempting you, daring you, and all the while you knew that if you gave in, there was no going back. She closed her eyes letting the music sweep her away.

Zan watched Rita totally abandon herself to the music. It was so damn innocent and sexy at the same time. He had liked that way her eyes had twinkled, when she told him if he was a good boy, he could call her Rita. She was a tease, but so far not in a bad way. Well two can play at that game. Leaning down closely, so that his warm breath brushed her ear, "Well ya know, Rita ," He watched as she shivers ran down her spine, "I'm not really that known for bein' good. I can promise to be a very bad, bad boy Can I still call you Rita?" Returning to his own space, he gave her a smirk, waiting for her reaction.

How'd he do that? In a matter of minutes, he had turned the tables on her. She felt a blush creeping up her neck. What the hell? She never blushed!! Ok time to take control back, "Well, I suppose that could be interesting. But it means that you'll have to call me Marguerite." She gave him her most sultry smile.

Zan raised an eyebrow at her. He couldn't help it, he started laughing. Right there on the dance floor, he just started laughing. The sound was foriegn to his ears, he never laughed. Not that he had much to laugh about. He stopped looking at Rita....Correction, Marguerite. Thinking that was definitely something about this girl, that made him want to get to know her better. He was about to make another smart ass comeback, when a man came and grabbed her by the arm.

Rita was waiting for next comment in their little verbal duel, when suddenly she felt someone grab her roughly around the upper arm. "What the fuc..." He hauled her off the dance floor, slamming her leather jacket and purse on her chest. It happened so fast, she didn't have time to fight back. Looking back, she saw that Zan had lost sight of her, being surrounded by a bunch of dumb hookers that were glad he was finely free. Shit, before she knew it, she was thrown into the alley. Bouncing off the wall on the opposite side, she barely caught herself before hitting the filthy ground. Looking up, her fear turned into anger, "YOU! What the hell do you want?"

"To talk." The man stared at her with intense blue eyes. "Don't you want to talk to me?"

She gave a little laugh. "Not with you. WE have nothing left to discuss." She threw on her leather, determined to go back into the club and find Zan. "I'm out."

He snatched her wrist, shoving her back against the wall. "Don't think that I've forgotten that you like it rough. Do you need me to make it rough?" He leaned menacingly forward, breathing in her face. "Don't forget who you are, who I am. Did you just think that you could leave us? Did you think that you could just walk away, and we wouldn't come to take you back? Did you forget who I am?"

Then it started. She could feel the electricity flowing through her veins, like lava from a volcano. Threading under her skin. She was getting to angry. Control, she had to find some control. But the electricity, the emotion, it was to much. Her hair started to fly around her head, the ends looking like living beings. The electricity had them had increased. She closed her eyes, she felt him shove himself roughly against her. That's when she lost it.

Opening her eyes, she looked at where he was still touching her. Suddenly he let go, rubbing his hand where the shock of electricity had zapped him. Looking into her eyes, he blanched. Her eyes were the color of more like polished onyx, gleaming in the moonlight. Then he heard the thunder, and watched as the clouds quickly moved in. He had pushed her to far... Finally she spoke, so quiet and deadly he shivered.

"Maybe you forget who I am. You know that I will never come back. You will not achieve what you want. Now leave me." Looking at him the wind had suddenly pick up.

Mustering his last ounce of courage, he said in his deadliest tone, "This is far from over, I'll be seeing you soon, my love." With that he turned and left the alley.

Control. She had to find some control. Grabbing her bag, she ran down the alley. The park, she would go to the park before it was to late. She saw the flash of lightening in the distance, and heard the roll of thunder. She felt the rain start coming down in sheets, she ran faster. She had to get her anger under control. She didn't hear the person yelling her name from the doorway.

Zan watched as Rita's retreating back, as she ran in the rain. So he made the only decision he could, he followed. It had taken him a long enough trying to reamain calm with all the stupid hookers haning on him. Zan put his hands in his pockets, trying to keep up with her. She didn't look anywhere but at the ground, but seemed to know where she was going by heart. He remained a safe distance from behind, he wouldn't lose her now. Damn, it was really raining hard. He kept following, she wasn't going to escape that easy. Afterall....she had made him laugh....


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I wasn't sure if I should continue this fic. But figured I'll "why not?". Thanks for all your support, it really means alot to me!!! Without further ado, here's the next part........*big*

~Chapter 4~

Rita kept up the pace, finally entering the park, she allowed herself to slow to a brisk walk. Stopping to make sure no one was following her, she took herself to her secret spot. The anger was still flowing hotly in her. Once it took control of her, it didn't readily give up it's deadly grasp. She knew that she had a wild look in her eyes, so casting them downward, she hurried on.


Zan watched from afar as Rita stopped, looking around. He didn't know why he did it, but he ducked behind a tree so he wouldn't be detected. When he noticed that she had not seen him, he started following once again. In the back of his mind, he was not only curious about her destination, but very concerned with her safety. Shivering in the cold down pour, he walked a little faster.


Finally reaching her secret place, dropped her bag. Falling on her knees, rummaging in it's contents, she pulled out her walkman. Righting herself, she slammed on the earphones, pushing play. The calm sounds of Enya flowed through her ears. Turning up the sound, she tried to block out the other sounds of sirens, people screaming, honking, and the thunder that seemed to boom menacingly in the distance. She needed once again to find her center.

Deep breath in, slowly out, again. She slowly took up the first postion. Concentrating hard on the calmness, and peace that she knew was hidden inside the anger somewhere. Position, transtion, position, find your center. The soothing sounds penetrated her very soul. The anger was still there, she could feel it's irresistable pull, but in the chaos was serenity. She tried to flow through the movements, focusing on anything, but what had happened earlier.

A sudden image formed in her mind. Zan. His adorable face, and rough exterior. She had a feeling that they shared more than one attitude trait in common, how much else, she wasn't quite sure. But just the thought of him seemed to bring the peace of mind that she needed. She definately wanted to get to know him alot better. Although she didn't want him to get the wrong impression. Nice and slow seemed to be the best bet. There was something about him she couldn't pinpoint, but she knew that it was there. She knew that she had seen flashes of interest in those incredible eyes of his. Now only if she could keep them from turning to disgust.


Rita was so intent on her thoughts and movements, she didn't notice that the calmer she became, the more the rain lightened, until it was just a drizzle. Zan watching in the shadows, did notice though. Even though it did seem kind of odd, he just blew off as some sort of freak storm. He was to interested in the beautiful sight before him to care.

He watched in fascination as she moved through some sort of martial art. She made it flawless and graceful, even to his jaded eyes. There was obiviously more to this woman than met the eye. He was really interested in finding out what went on in that little head of hers. But for now he was just content on watching her, finding it soothing to his soul. He was so happy just watching, that he thought that it could definately become his new favorite passtime. He sighed in bliss.


Rita finally was able to stop. The anger pushed far to the back of her mind, in control once again. She sighed, almost completely drained. Regaining control always left her a little on the weak side, it was when it became harder and harder to do so, that she was worried about.

Then she felt it. Just a feeling that someone was watching her. She had yet to open her eyes, but in her mind she could feel the presence right behind the trees. She smiled, she knew without a doubt that it was Zan. She'd know his vibes anywhere, they were unique. A frown soon replaced her smile as she opened her eyes. Should she get close to him? Her anticipation before slowly turned into self doubt. What would he think about her? She didn't trust that easy, something screaming inside told her to give him a chance. Call it instinct, or intuition, but for some reason she could indeed trust him. Should she just take a leap of faith? She put her things back in her bag. Maybe she was moving to fast in her mind. Getting to know him wouldn't hurt, then she could make some decisions. Yeah, that sounded like a good plan. Turning to the trees, as she got ready to leave, she said, "Are you gonna stay back there like a bad stalker, Zan? Or are you gonna walk a girl home?"

Zan stood surprised. How had she know that he was back there? He knew that he had been completely hidden from view, years of doing so had made him a master at it. So how had she known? He really did need to get to know her better, for more reasons than one. Sighing in resignation, he stepped out of his hiding place. What if now she thought he was a total physco for following her? Would she turn, screaming at him? What the hell he thought, better get it over with now. He walked towards her, suprised once again at the laughter in her eyes. He had never seen anything so beautiful. He said the only thing that he could. "Your the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." Where the hell had that come from? He never said anything like that, well unless of course he needed a companion for the night. He started to walk her home.

"Yeah, well that still won't get you in for free tommorrow night." Fallin into step beside him. The closeness of their bodies giving a little warmth to the chill that had set in after the rain storm. "I bet you say that to all the girls that disappear on you," Rita said with laughter in her voice, and teasing eyes. "But if you walk with me, I think I can talk to the lead singer, she might be able to do something for you. She a really cool chick."

"Really? Hmmmm....maybe you could hook me up? Is she pretty?" Zan already like the comfortable bantering they had seemed to fall back into.

"Well, one guy recently told her she was beautiful. It has to be true. I think that she even has some groupies," Rita liked the laughter that was lurking in Zan's eyes. Her insides did little flip flops at the thought of him happy.

Zan gave her a half smile, "Maybe I could become president of her fan club! Ya think?" He like making her laugh, her voice was lyrical to him. She was effecting him more than he realized. That made him sober. Maybe he shouldn't do this. Afterall, he wasn't exactly normal. Scared at the feeling she was invoking inside of him, he suddenly stopped. He would end this now, before it became something he couldn't handle. The thought killed him inside, but these feelings of comfort, gentleness were to new to him. Turning to Rita, he simply said, "Yo yous a big girl, I'm sure yous can make it the rest of the way alone. I gotta jet, I'm out." With that he turned a walked in the opposite direction. Each step making him feel like he had left a piece of himself behind.

Rita just stared in shock. What had happened? What had she said? She had only been kidding, didn't he realize that? He had acted like he did. "ZZZAAANNN!!!" She wanted to turn and run to him, something inside her made her stop. She accepted the fact that she had been wrong, so wrong. Hadn't she? She made one more attempt, "ZZAANN!!" He seemed to start walking faster, "Don't leave me...." She ended in a whisper. Turning she started on the journey home. It wasn't in her nature to be somewhere she wasn't wanted. Or to go begging after a guy, no matter who he was. She was stronger than that. She had to be.

How could she have been wrong? And if she was then why did she fell like a piece of herself was walking away from her, with every step he took?......

~TBC~(Let me know what you think!)

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