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Title: When It Comes Down To IT
Author: Amanda
Rating: PG-13
Caregory: M/L
Disclaimer: WB
Summary: After the Destiny Liz does go and live with her aunt. Takes place three years after.

Part 1

Three years ago Max,Michael,Isabel and...her found out the truth. I left that day. I had to my heart was on the line. The love of my life was going to be with some one else. Some one I care about and love more than any thing else was going to be with...her. The day I left I packed every thing. Even the things Max gave to me. Like love ,hope and my ,life. I didn't see him that day ,because I left the night before. Maria told me that Max went crazy when he found out that I was not there. I didn't know what to think when she told me that.
I was num. I didn't feel any thing. I tried not to. I knew that it was a matter of time before...she tried to get her hands on him. She did and failed so what I'm told by Maria. I know Maria she will say any thing to make me better.
I spent most of my year with my cousins. I was going to go back to Roswell. I had found out that Alex was killed. I didn't go back. It was going to be so hard for me if I did. I cried and cried and cried. Alex was my best friend. I all ways thought that he would be there. Like we would have our kids grow up together.
Those dreams were blown away with every thing else.
She killed him. She did tuck him away from me just like she did with Max. Maria came to stay with me. We talked about what happend. I have Maria and nothing is going to take her away from me. Nothing. Today I'm back to Roswell. Maria was in a car crash. I'm going back for her. I don't know how I'm going to be when I see...her with Max.

Feed back please.

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No feed back.*sad* I'll post the next part tonight.
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I hate Tess and I'm a 100% Dreamer ,so yes.
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Next part will be longer. I want to bring Alex back ,but I don't know how I should do it. In one way or another he will be back. Part 2 will be out tonight even if it kills me. Thank you for the sweet feed back. *big*
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Part 2 (See I was going to do it even if it killed me.)
A/N:This fic will all be in LIZ V.O.

So here I am at the Crash Down where it all went down. As in me all most killed till Max had to save me. What if he is in there with...her. I can't say..her name. She stole every thing from me. In my eyes she is a IT. Yes a IT. First Max then Alex. My Mom comes out of the Crash Down. I haven't move from my spot. I don't want to see them together. Did I tell you that Michael called me today? He said that Max yelled at Tess today ,because she called me a slut. Michael wouldn't lie to make me feel better. My Mom has tears in her eyes. She looks happy.
"My baby girl is now a women." Mrs.Parker said to Liz. She is right you know. The last time she saw me face to face is when I was 17 and now I'm 19. We talk on the phone ALOT and write. Now I have tears in my eyes. I miss her so much. I know you are thinking why didn't my Mom come and see me like Maria. Well my Mom and my aunt hate each other. They were those girl that you saw in the park that were like best friends. I don't know what happend to that. Maybe I'll ask her later.
I see him. The love that never dies. The one that I care about more than any thing. Is he smailing? No that can't be he is with Tess. Then why would Michael say that Max hates Tess? I want to go up to him and kiss him ,but I can't. I can't move. All I see is his eyes and the love. Kyle is trying to talk to me. Did Max just look happier? He knows doesn't he? He knows that I still love him. How does he do this to me? Every time I put something up he takes it down.
What am I going to do? I know run ,because I see her with him. The tears in my eyes are not there. They are my face. I'm still looking at Max. It takes every thing in me to look away. I look at Kyle then look at Max one more time. His face is sad. What did I do? What did I do to..her ? Why didn't they kill her? She killed ALEX. You know what. They better get use to me. The new Liz Parker. Who will not put up with...her. She killed Alex and now she will pay. All the pain that Maria,Isabel,Alex's family and I had to put up with.
No more pain. Maria will get better. I know she will. Michael loves her. He even told me that if I need help with bringing..her down that he will help. I know Isabel will help me. She loves Alex.

I know its not long ,but my brother wants the computer. Feed back please.
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