Title: Diametrically opposed
Author: Ladybug
Subject: Max and Liz
Rating: Not sure yet

Disclaimer: I own nothing in regard to Roswell.

Summary: What can happen just because a boy loved a girl?

Diametrically Opposed

Part one:

The night was cool in contrast to the scorching heat of the day. The young trio walk unclothed, hand in hand through the desert night. The sounds were so strange to their ears. Bright stars sparkled above their heads causing a sparkle to appear in their dark eyes. Coyotes howled in the distance, and they knew not what any of these things were. Yet, they walked unafraid, innocent and unknowing of what lie ahead of them. Bright lights suddenly appeared and the third child pulled his hand loose and fled to the desert to hide from the monster yielding yellow eyes with beams of light which shined toward him. Unable to speak, he cowered behind the rocks and sat silently as he watched two strange creatures emerge from the belly of the yellow-eyed monster and place coverings over the other two children. He saw the other male child motion toward him with his hand, yet he sat unmoving. He watched the larger of the two strange creatures pick the male child up and cradle him against his chest to warm him and then he placed him in the belly of the monster with the yellow eyes. He watched the smaller creature pick up the female child and his heart wanted to run to her… to help her, but his fear held him captive. The child heard sounds coming from the larger creature as he walked the perimeter looking for something. He made himself smaller behind the rock and listened as the large creature called out,” Is anyone else out there?” Just sounds, they meant nothing to the small child who still cowered unseen behind the rock. He remained there until the creature returned to the belly of his monster, and the monster turned its eyes into another directions and then disappeared from his sight. He huddled into a tight ball and shivered from the dampness and cool air of the desert. He was alone on this planet. His mind was void of any knowledge of who he was, who they were or why they were here. His heart knew that he belonged with the other two. He instinctively knew they were all the same and somehow he knew they were different too. He huddled closer to the rock and placed his small hand against it. His hand glowed and the rock radiated heat toward him. Yes, he knew they were different.

Two months past quickly as the young male and female became accustom to their new home and names. They were both silent for the most part of that two months while they learned to speak the language of the two kind creatures that rescued them from the cold desert. These creatures they had learned were called momma and daddy and they found that they had feeling for these wonderful kind beings. Yet, instinctively they knew that they had to hide the fact from them that they both were different. The two young children learned so fast that their new parents were amazed with their progress. The local law enforcement’s search for any parents or anyone who might have abandoned these children in the desert proved a fruitless one, and the one called daddy filed papers for legal adoption of the two. A third child was found half starved alone in the desert. He was placed in the foster care system. Several months would pass before the young trio where once again reunited.

“Liz, Max Evans is staring at you again,” Maria said as she sat down a pot of coffee. Liz turned quickly to look at the booth in which Max sat with his friend Michael. The scene changed quickly as Liz’s attentions was diverted to an argument between two men at one of the booths. Was that a gun? Liz felt the searing heat of a bullet tear through her abdomen. The impact forced her small frame to the floor. Her world was fading quickly. Then she heard his voice. Felt the heat from his hands.

“You have to look at me Liz.” He said as he kneeled over her. His eyes were filled with concern. His actions were automatic. She found his eyes and then the flashes flickered through her mind. Images of things she didn’t understand. Feelings she had never experienced and then it was over. She heard him say you’re all right now. And watched him break the bottle of ketchup and spread it across her abdomen. She stood shakily and watched him leave. She knew this guy. She had been going to school with him since they were both in the third grade. This was Max Evans her lab partner. He was just another kid who was in her classes at school. How had he done what he just did? How had he healed her from a wound that should have been fatal? She knew that she had to remains silent and keep his secret. Somehow, she knew that he was different, but she didn’t care.

Maria looked into the mirror in Liz’s room and brushed her hair as she spoke,” Liz you must listen at me. Max Evans has done nothing but break you heart for the last two years. He moves forward and makes you fall in love with him, knocks you off your feet with his affections then he steps back from you and leaves you heartbroken.” Liz began to speak then was shut up when Maria continued to speak. “Like I said Liz, You need to find a normal boy. You need a boy that is not a reincarnated alien king. And did I forget to mention Tess. You know Tess, the alien wife. Oh and then there is this alien Kivar that wants to wipe them all out. This is our senior year Liz and it is time for you and me to move on. We must climb out of this alien abyss we are in.” Maria placed the brush down and turned to look at Liz. She could see the sadness in Liz’s face. Liz was looking out the window with a far away look in her eyes. Maria asked Liz if she had heard anything she had said. Liz turned toward Maria and with sad eyes; she told Maria that she heard.

The Saturday morning rush had finally dwindled and Liz took a moment to step outside the front doors of the Crashdown and take a look at the sky. It must have rained while she was so busy waiting tables, because she saw a small bird splashing in a puddle on the sidewalk. The air always smelled so wonderful after the rain. She lost herself watching the bird, and then she felt the shiver run down her spine; the shiver that she always felt when he was near. His voice was soft and low as he said good morning to her. She stood silent and motionless with her gaze fixed on the bathing bird. His hands were warm almost hot to her skin. Again she felt herself shiver, it increased in intensity from his touch. She looked down at his hands on her forearms and reluctantly said good morning to him. When he placed his hand under her chin and raised her face upward so he could see her eyes, she felt the air leave around her and for that moment, she never wanted to be any place else.


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