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Title: Mythical and Mystical aka Myths and Mystics
Category: All the more fun if I don’t tell you.
Disclaimer: I DON’T OWN IT! Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury, Scholastic, and etc. Roswell belongs or belonged to Jason Katims, UPN, and other people. If you think I own it, I don’t. Kapesh?
Summary: Roswell and Harry Potter combined. A twist on everything. Back when Max was foolin around with Tess.

Authors Note: Harry POtter and friends coming after Maria and everyone else arrive.

Author’s Note: This is actually a third version of this story, a fan actually emailed me the other day asking if I had wrote anymore to the story, somehow it had managed to be found in the stories here. When I saw the story which I had wrote almost a year ago now I was attacked by an urge to rewrite and continue the story. Since my other version seemed a little to mixed up and confusing, I’m rewriting everything and explaining a bit more as I go.

1 year ago today…

“You guys I’m leaving. My Aunt Sorensen wants me to move out to Salem to live with her…and with everything that’s been going on, I think it would be a good idea. I can’t stay here and be around here watching Max be a puppet boy to Tess. My parent’s agreed already, and I’m leaving at the end of the week.”

“But Liz, what about us? I mean, you have Iz, and Alex, and me, and the rest of the gang.” Maria said, protesting in the only way she could.

“Ria, you and Iz are the best friends I have, and I’m going to miss you, but you can come visit me during vacations, I just think it would be for the best to get away from everything here. I can finish my last year of High School there.”

“As much as I’m going to miss having you around, I think I agree.”

“Isabel, you’re supposed to be on my side!”

“Yeah but Ria think about it, Liz’s been miserable these last few weeks. I’m getting out of here soon too, screw the four square, I mean Max is just a puppet for Tess now anyways. I already graduated, and my parents agreed that I should wait a year before going to college.”

“I know, just I’m going to miss you both.”


‘Ria, why don’t you come out here and visit? You have vacation coming up in a few days don’t you? Iz is coming too, and plus…I have something to tell you, well rather, a few somethings.’

Flash * 10 months ago *


Liz had woken up the morning to a completely new look. Her once brown haired tresses and doe eyes to find them changed drastically. Her hair had grown a few inches longer…and had turned silver with gold streaks, her eyes her now a vibrant violet.

Her Aunt had run into the room, but oddly seeing what happened she just smirked.

“I was wondering when you’d re-awaken.”


“Liz hunny, sit down. This is going to be a long story.”

“First off, you should know that I’m not really your Aunt. My real name is Sorensen Myrddin, and I am I’m also not your everyday Head Mistress. For the last 20 years I have run and taught at the Salem Academy of Witches and Wizards.” She paused to momentarily allow everything she said to sink in.

“You my dear are also a witch. And at that the best one there is. You were the leader of a group of four known as the Mystics in your last life, you were the magical guardians of the Mythics, also known to you as the four square of Antar. You also had 2 brothers, Sol and Rath. Ahh, I see by the look on your face that you already know who Rath is. Suprising to you I bet, but yes he is your brother. I believe your friend Alex was Sol, your other brother.”

“But…how? Who? When?” Liz said, stumbling over her words a bit as she was still slightly in shock.

“I know the comes as a shock to you..but there’s still more to tell.”


“Ok then. Well first you should know that Maria, one of your best friends now was also then. She went by Merrique then. Your friend Kyle was the fourth member of your group and known as Kieran. Do you understand everything so far?”

“Yeah, I’m still a quite a bit shocked, but could you explain why my hair and eyes suddenly changed color?”

“Well that’s how you looked in your past life. You turned 18 today right? Well I’m guessing that’s when your memories were set to be released. With your memories came your old look. And since today’s when you remembered, the likelyness that the others also will begin to remember, or begin to change. Since you’re the leader and most powerful, your change came more sudden.”

“So why isn’t Michael a Mystic? I mean if he’s related to me, how is he an alien?”

“That’s harder to explain. But see Michael was the first born of your family and since your family was a member of royalty, it just worked out that way. First born became member of the court, second born protector of the leader and third born protector of the princess. Do you understand?”

“Kind of.”

“Liz, do you remember anything odd happening to you when you were younger?”

“Yeah one time when my mom gave me bangs, and I look horrible in bangs, they grew back overnight. And one time when Alex broke his mom’s vase after she made him swear not to touch it he found it put back together perfectly again. One time when Kyle forgot my present at his house for my birthday we suddenly found it on the table. Maria stained my favorite shirt once and then found it the next day as good as new…I guess we all had odd things happen to us.”

“That was because of your magic. And unfortunately for you, you need to now learn 7 years of magic in two years.”

“Well normal witches and wizards get notified by owl when they are 11 or so and attend one of the many schools of magic in the world, since you weren’t reawakened until now, you need to learn everything much faster then them. I hope you don’t mind summer school. I should warn you, you will be attending school as a normal 6th year and you will be behind, but the people are very nice.”

“Alright, I can deal with that. But what about Maria, Kyle and Alex? What about them?”

“In about 10 months or so they will join you...that’s how long it will take the reawakening to reach each of them. Since you’ll have already passed the equivalent of 5 years of magical training by then, you’ll help to teach them.”

“So will they’re physical appearance change too?”

“No. I have been granted permission to stall that until they get here with the others.”

“Others? What others?”

“Isabel and Michael. Since Isabel was your other best friend and is Alex’s girlfriend and Michael was your brother and is Maria’s Boyfriend, I trust they’ll be coming along as well. Max and Ava will stay behind for now as I believe a certain event has not happened yet.”

“Wait…did you say AVA?”

“Yes. I heard about Tess impersonating to be Ava. I can’t say much about the future, but Ava will return to Roswell and take her rightful place. Ava was never engaged to Max, that is all Khivar and Tess’ doing.”


Sorensen laughed. “After all that all you say is ‘Wow’. How about while you process everything
We go shopping for your school supplies? Magical school’s quite different from Muggle school, I think you’ll enjoy it.”

“Muggle school?”

“A muggle is a non-magical person. There’s a bit of vocabulary that magical people use which will seem odd to you at first. I’m just glad I can apparate to work again.”


Sorensen just laughed again and said; “Come on, let’s go shopping.”

Present Time

“Alright. How long?” Maria typed back.

“Oh…for awhile. Ask Alex, and Kyle to come too…and I suppose Michael.”

“Wow. Ok, I’ll tell everyone to start packing. Maxy-boy might not be to happy, but then again, he is just a puppet for Tess anyways.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it…Max has a few things of his own to worry about…”

“Liz do you know something?”

“I have a clue.”

“Omg! Liz! Ava’s here! Wait…you knew didn’t you? Something’s going to happen between those three isn’t there?”

“Maybe. Ria just pack and get everyone out here soon ok?”

“Yah sure…I think I’m glad to get out of here anyways.”

To be continued…

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I've I told you it would take all the fun out of it now wouldn't it? lol.

I was hoping some people would recognise this, so which version do you like better, honestly?