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Title: Invincible

Author: Sugarplum17

Disclaimer: I got the idea for this fic from the movie Girlfight starring Michelle Rodriguez. The TV show Roswell, and its characters do not belong to me. They belong to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims. Probably a studio too, I'm not sure. I'll put them back when I'm done playing, I promise. Title comes from a . . . Pat Benatar song. *shy*

Summary: One day while Liz is out running an errand for her father, she finds herself in a renowned boxing gym and instantly feels a connection with what's going on all around her, and with a boxer who happens to catch her eye.

Author's Note(s): Alright. I know, I have a MILLION other fics I should be working on. But you see, I'm going through this block, and right now I have to write whatever comes out, and this did. I have to get it out of my system, and offering it as a challenge wasn't gonna work for me. I put it up, and I was still itching to do this . . . so here it is.


Part One

All around her the sounds of shouting could be heard. She could only make out a few of them. They were encouraging her, because that's how it always went. If she was losing, they would be encouraging Pam, the girl she was beating up. But the mob always loved the victor, it was the way of the world. The way of her school.

"Stupid bitch!" She screamed out, over the encouraging shouts from her fellow students. She slammed her fist hard into Pam's ribs one more time before she was pulled off of the girl with the dirty blonde hair, her legs kicking out infront of her. "Let me go! Let go of me, I'll kill that fuckin' bitch!"

And before she knew it, she was being drug down the hallway, toward Principle Topolsky's office. Her favorite place to be. She rolled her eyes and looked away from the hand that gripped her arm tightly. Her science teacher. She hated that prick.


"She was lookin at me wrong." Liz told Kathleen Topolsky snottily. Her arms crossed over her small breasts as she slid further down into the chair. She ached to put her feet up on Kathleen's desk, to show her disrespect, and without a second thought, that's what she did.

Kathleen inhaled a deep, calming breath and pushed herself out of her seat. She wasn't going to let this girl get to her. Not today. Walking around to the side of the desk, she pushed Liz's dirty black combat boots off the corner of her desk and leaned against it. "So is that what you're going to do every time someone looks at you wrong, Ms. Parker? Beat them up? You think that'll get you anywhere in life?"

"No." She answered curtly. "But that's what she gets for being a skanky bitch."

"Ms. Parker, this is your fourth fight this month. You better clean up your act little girl. Or I'll be forced to expel you." Ms. Topolsky told her, in hopes of scaring her straight.

"Who cares?" Liz shot back, rolling her eyes and looking away from the pretty blonde infront of her. "Who cares if I get expelled?"

"I think you better ask yourself that Ms. Parker." Kathleen shot back, pushing herself up off of her desk and walking behind it once again. "Detention. Same time, same place."

"I think I'll be able to find it." Liz shot back sarcastically, narrowing her eyes at the woman. "How long?"

"The rest of this week as well as all of the next." Kathleen answered, folding her hands on the desk. "Although, you can always add more time on, if you'd like."

"Oh yeah?" Liz asked snottily. "And how would I go about doing that, Kathleen?"

"Keep talking to me the way that you're talking and you'll see." Kathleen answered, staring right into the girl's big brown doe eyes. Such deceiving eyes. Kathleen thought to herself. They almost made you believe that this slip of a girl, with her khaki carpenter pants and her evergreen shirt that was made out of long underwear material, her long brown hair fastened at the nape of her neck, those eyes almost made a person believe that she was harmless. Sweet even. But she was nothing but salt.

They faced off for a few moments before Liz finally looked away, rolling her eyes. "Can I go now?"

With a nod of the woman's head, Liz Parker was out of her seat and out of the door before she even had time to blink.

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Thank you for the feedback. *happy* Even if this fic doesn't get much of a response the way that some of my other fics have, I'm going to continue working on it. And yes Lana Lane, I'm still itching to write more. I'm working on the other part as we speak. I should have it done by thursday at the latest.
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Laura: I know what you mean about Michelle Rodriguez in GIRLFIGHT. She was awesome! At first I was like, god what a bitch! And then I was like, "Ugh she's so manly!" But by the end of the movie, I was definitely a fan. *happy* I'm glad that I caught it on HBO the other night.

Katie: Hey! I'm so glad that you got to check this one out! I thought about bmailing you and letting you know about it, but then I left the house and it completely slipped my mind! And believe me hon, it's beyond even me how I keep up with myself! I have SO much going on, I'm amazed that I haven't had a nervous break down yet. I have to keep up with school, my social life, and my numerous amount of fics! Which I'm obviously not doing very well with the latter of the three... *sad*

But yeah, I'm pretty amazed with how fast this is coming out too! Because I thought I wouldn't have time to work on it last night, or at all today and I actually did! I have the new part done right now. I'm in awe of myself. *tongue* So without further delay...


Part Two

"You shouldn't have done that Liz." Maria said as they walked home together, side by side. "You're just gettin yourself into more trouble."

"I don't care. Pam Troy deserved it." Liz told her seriously, as she looked into the windows of the shops that they passed.

"You know Pam doesn't mean half the stuff she says." Alex told her, from her other side. He hated hearing about Liz getting into fights. He was never there for them, because he was always busy doing something, trying to make something of himself by studying up in the library or dicking around in the computer lab in between classes.

"I don't care Alex. I hate that stupid bitch." Liz told him seriously. "I know you guys are sort of friends with her or whatever, but I don't care. She's always looking into that stupid fucking mirror she carries around with her. ‘Excuse me while I fix my lip stick before I suck your dick.' That's all she's good for anyway."

Despite themselves, Maria and Alex laughed. They didn't judge Pam for it, but damn, when something was true it was true.

"You tellin your parents when you get home?" Alex asked as he hooked his hands underneath the straps of his backpack.

"No." Liz answered without hesitation. "All it's gonna do is piss my dad off."

"Yeah," Maria nodded her head in agreement before turning her head toward Liz. "But you know Ms. Topolsky is gonna call."

"Yeah, I know." Liz answered quietly. Her eyes drifting down to look at her feet as she walked along the dirty pavement. "I'll deal with that when I have to."


Hauling her tired ass up the stairs to the apartment she shared with both her mom and dad, Liz sighed. She had already decided that she wasn't going to tell them about the fight she was in today. It would just upset her father, and in her house, you never wanted to upset Jeff Parker. The end result was never pretty. Her mother had found that out the hard way. Many, many times.

Fishing in her pocket for her keys, she pulled them out and flipped through them. She lived in a tiny apartment on 4th street with her parents but she sure had a lot of keys. There was one for the door downstairs, which stayed locked twenty four hours a day. One for the door just inside that, which was locked at 10 P.M.. One for the laundry room. One for their mail box. One for the side entrance, and finally, the key that opened the door to her own personal hell.

She paused with the key hovering just infront of the lock, pressing her ear to the door. If they were fighting again, she didn't want to be there. She didn't want to bear witness to how truly weak her mom was, and how truly mean her dad could be.

Luckily, today it was silent. The only thing she could hear was the sound of Oprah's voice booming out of the speakers of their TV, grating on her nerves already. Closing her eyes and sighing, she slid her key into the lock and turned it.

"Where's dad?" Liz asked quietly as she shut the door behind her. Her mother was sitting on the couch, her hair covering her left eye.

"He went out." Nancy answered quietly. "There's a poker game going on, I think."

"Figures." Liz retorted, slipping off her back pack and tossing it in a corner of the room.

"He left somethin for you." Her mother said demurely as she slowly got off the couch and disappeared into the other room.

It looked to Liz as if she were in pain. The thought made her look toward the window and catch her bottom lip between her teeth. She had learned long ago, not to say anything about the bruises. Not to comment on how her mother moved around as if her muscles were always sore. Sore from trying to push him away from her. All her mother did was brush it off, as if it were nothing.

Suddenly her mom was beside her, startling her with a light touch on the arm. "Here."

Taking the money from her mother's hand, Liz looked at in confusion. Her father had never left money for her. She glanced curiously at her mom. "What's this for?"

"He said that you're to go give it to someone. A man by the name of Jim Valenti." Nancy told her. "I don't know what for, and I'm not sure that I want to know what for. But he left the directions to Jim's place on the TV."

Nancy watched her daughter pocket the money and head toward her room. She inhaled a breath and ignored the pain that it caused her. "You should take that now. Before he gets home. He'll be upset if he gets back and it hasn't been done."

Without missing a step, Liz turned and headed in the direction she had come from. Walking to the television and grabbing the directions off of it, putting the slip of paper into her pocket to rest with the money. "Fine. I'm out."


Clutching the paper loosely in her hand, she stepped off of the bus and onto the sidewalk. The building before her looked like an abandoned warehouse, and for a moment she was confused. Why would her dad send her here? To a place where she could potentially be robbed and raped in some dank building by a junkie. Shrugging, she mentally told herself that she could take care of herself and entered the building.

She'd been wrong. It wasn't abandoned. Looking around her, she could see that it was very much . . . in use. Walking up to an older man dozing behind his desk, she cleared her throat, startling him awake. "I'm lookin for Valenti."

"Up the stairs and in the back." The old man said through a yawn, scratching his nearly bald white head of hair.

She pushed aside the heavy clear plastic that covered the entrance to the staircase and looked around the stairwell. All guys from what she could see. With weird lookin helmets and some with boxing gloves. One guy, on the landing of the second floor caught her attention.

He was leaning against the wall talking to his friend, a red sucker in his hand, which was wrapped in tape, and hovering at his perfect lips. His dark brown hair was tousled and damn with sweat. Her eyes were drawn to his biceps as he had one arm across his chest and tucked underneath the other. If she were the obvious type, she would have whistled.

Instead, she entered the entrance fully and walked up the stairs, coming to a stop before the two guys. His friend, the one he was talking to, had some unruly lookin hair sticking up in every which way on the top of his head. Darkened with sweat, but naturally a dirty blonde, she could tell. And a scowl on his otherwise, somewhat handsome face, when he noticed her standing infront of them.

"I-" She stuttered unexpectedly as her gorgeous boxer turned his piercing hazel eyes on her. Clearing her throat, she tried again. "I'm lookin for Valenti."

The one with the scowl on her face tipped his head to the side in a quick, over there gesture, the scowl still very much on his face. "Through that door, in the back."

She noticed her gorgeous boxer stand up a little straighter, look past her and smile slightly, and her curiosity got the better of her. She turned her head to see who he was looking at, and saw a pretty blonde haired girl coming up the stairs. Her ample cleavage popping out of the v in her shirt, and her curls bouncing as she took the steps.

"Thanks." She told the scowly-faced guy before turning toward the doorway. Figured that such a beautiful guy was already taken by such a beautiful girl. She should have known.

Walking through the doorway, her step faltered. There were guys all over the place. Jumping rope, sparring, doing sit ups, running through tires, practicing on the punching bags, pummeling that little ball that hung from the ceiling. She didn't know what it was called. Looking farther into the room, into the back where everyone she'd asked had said Valenti would be, she spotted a ring.

Two guys were in there practicing. One of them was hopping around, lookin to Liz like he thought he was Mike Tyson. Like he could float like a butterfly. She rolled her eyes and scanned the faces of the men outside the ring. There were at least six of them, and she had to decide which one was Jim Valenti.

Setting her sights on one of them, she walked toward him and repeated the only thing she'd said since she entered the building. "I'm lookin for Valenti."

The man gave her no indication that he had even heard her question, so she repeated it once again and stood impatiently to his side, wondering if he was deaf. Stepping a little closer to the man, she raised her voice a notch. "I'm looking for Valenti."

"Jab!" The man called out, startling her. "Jab him Ricky! Don't let him put you in a corner!"

Turning away from him, she looked around the gym and spotted the gorgeous boxer standing near the door, talking to the pretty blonde again. Except while the girl was talking, his eyes were making contact with someone else. And she almost couldn't believe it was her!

"Watch your footwork!" The man called out again, ripping her attention away from her gorgeous boxer and focusing it on himself once again. His arms crossed over his chest and his eyes watching the sparring in the ring critically.

Seconds later, the match was over and he finally turned to her. "You got him, what do you want?"

"You're Valenti?" She asked suspiciously. She was wondering why this jerk couldn't just tell her straight off, instead of making her wait around.

"Last time I checked." He told her gruffly. "Who are you?"

"I'm Liz." She answered, reaching into her pocket. "My dad wanted me to give this to you."

Pulling out the money, she pressed it into his palm. "You're dad, huh?" He asked her, looking down at the money in his hand. "And who's he?"

"Jeff Parker." She told him, hesitating only a brief second.

"Well, you tell your old man I said thanks." Valenti told her as he pocketed the money and turned away from her.

"Right." She turned away from him and started toward the door. "Sure will."

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Thanks for the feedback and bumps everyone. Lana and Jberhbabe, your feedback has been entertaining, lol. Thanks for leavin it! *big*

Anyhoo, it's gonna be a busy weekend. I was busy, busy, busy last night and tonight there's a huge party up at Eastern, so I won't be able to work on this or on BREAKAWAY until at least Monday. I'm gonna need all of sunday to recover. *wink*

I have a little bit of the next part done, but not nearly enough. So I'm gonna say expect the new part anywhere from Monday night to sometime Wednesday. *happy*

Sound good to everyone?

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I'm back, I'm back! I said sometime Wednesday and here I am. *big* I'm already late, so I have to make this real quick. This note isn't gonna cover half of the stuff I wanted to say to people, but thanks for the feedback everyone!

Katie: Nope, it never is boring when you're part of a dysfunctional family. The only reason I show up at family events is to sit back and watch the fights. *wink*

Jbehrbabe and Lana Lane: I hope I don't disappoint you guys! You both seem to have high expectations for this, and I just hope that I can match up to them! *happy*

On to the fic . . .


Part Three

When she returned home that evening all was quiet. Her mother was in the kitchen making dinner and her father sat in his favorite reclining chair in the corner of their living room, sipping a beer and watching the evening news.

"You do what I asked you to?" He asked her as she sat down on their lumpy couch, not bothering to spare her a glance.

"It's not exactly like you asked me, but yeah." She answered somewhat snottily. She always had to watch herself with her dad. Sometimes he was in the mood for her attitude and sometimes he wasn't. Everything that she said to him, she said with caution, even if it was in the heat of the moment. Because she never knew when he wasn't gonna be in the mood for it.

"Oooh," He said after taking another sip of his beer and resting the butt of the can on the arm rest. "Someone has their panties in a bunch today."

She shrugged her shoulders as she listened to the anchor woman's report on a twelve-year-old boy found in an alley not far from her home. Shot five times. Her dad was obviously in the mood for her attitude tonight.

"You get cleaned out at the game?" She asked him as she continued to listen to the facts of the case.

"Nah." He answered, his eyes focused on the television. Crushing his head further back into the cushion of his recliner, he craned his neck to look into the kitchen. "Dinner almost ready?" He called, his sudden question making his wife jump.

"Y-yeah. Almost." She called back over her shoulder. "Should be about ten more minutes."

"You need some help?" Liz called from her spot on the couch.

When she received confirmation from her mother, she pushed herself off of the couch. Ignoring the urge to deck her dad when he muttered something about Nancy not being able to take a shit without help.

"Your principle called today." Nancy said in almost a whisper, looking over her shoulder to see her husband immersed in the glow of the television. "While he was out."

Liz cast a quick glance her dad's way before turning back to the piece of chicken she was frying on the stove. "You gonna tell him?"

"Of course not." Nancy whispered. "But this has to stop Liz. Your luck is gonna run out sooner or later, I can't keep intercepting the calls. He's bound to get one and all hell will break loose when he does."

"Yeah," Liz told her as she removed the piece of chicken from the hot oil and set it on a plate with the others. "I know."


For the next three days, things stayed quiet. Some would have called it normal, but in the Parker home, it was definitely abnormal. Liz was on pins and needles waiting for something to happen. She was waiting for her mother to screw something up, in some minuscule way, and her father to blow his lid. She didn't have to wait long.

On the fourth day of their quietness, the shit finally hit the fan. Jeff had been searching for something, Liz didn't know what. She'd been inside her room studying when she heard his first angry shout, and half way out her window when she heard the first sound of a body being pushed into something.

She wasn't even half way down the fire escape when she figured it all out. Her mother had a passion for painting, and a talent for it too. Her father thought it was a waste of time. When her feet hit the pavement, she took off running, realizing that her dad had found Nancy's cheap paint set. The kind that you bought in a drug store for a little kid.

Finally her place slowed to a stop. Resting her palms on her knees, she bent over and stared down at the pavement, panting hard. She had run for what seemed like an hour, maybe two. Her throat and lungs were burning and the saliva coated her mouth as if she were a rabid dog. Spitting out as much of it as she could, she raised one hand to her lips and wiped them with the back of her hand.

Looking up, she noticed that she had run all the way to the gym where she had handed Valenti his money days ago. She looked around at the surrounding buildings, amazed that she had run so far without even realizing where she was headed. She had just taken off, left everything, all her problems and thoughts behind her and ran with everything she had in her. Putting her hands on her hips and breathing hard, she stared up at the gym.


"Jab!" Valenti yelled out at his pupil. Once again he was completely focused on the match, whether it was sparring or a real one. Nothing outside the ring could phase him. It didn't matter if you were standing right next to him, in his line of sight. He wouldn't notice you, but Liz had a theory.

She walked right past her handsome boxer, who was practicing his punches on the air, without noticing how his eyes followed her across the room. She walked past a line of guys jumping rope to where Valenti was standing in the back, watching his pupil spar.

Getting right into his line of sight, standing directly infront of him, Liz reached out and pushed him backward. In some sort of effort to get his attention. "Train me." She said demandingly when his eyes met hers.

"What?" He asked, somewhat confused and trying to regain his balance. He looked at the petite girl infront of him, and even though she had taken him completely by surprise, was surprised at her power.

"Train me." She repeated, just as demanding as the first time. "I want to train with you."

He looked at her and nodded his head. "Sure training is a good work out."

"No." She said defiantly. Her attitude would get her no where, she knew that, but she couldn't make herself stop. "I wanna fight."

"No." He told her as he stepped around her and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Why not?" She demanded to know, stepping around him to once again block his sight of the ring. "Because I'm a girl?"

"Look. This is a very dangerous sport. Girls aren't suited for it." He told her, trying to move her aside so he could see his trainee inside the ring.

"Yeah, well I didn't make the cheerleading team." She shot back sarcastically, not letting herself be pushed aside. "Train me Valenti. I wanna box."

Looking at the girl infront of him, he took in her defiant posture, and the look of determination on her face. Girls couldn't box, and they certainly couldn't box with boys. They just weren't made for it, not like boys were. Everybody knew it. Everybody except this girl. He sighed. "I charge $20 a week. No more no less."

"I don't have that kind of money." She said quietly, her gaze wavering for a split second, and her attitude slipping. "But I'll get it." And with that, she turned around on her heel and walked off toward the exit. This time letting her eyes skim over her handsome boxer quickly.

Jim Valenti watched her walk out of the room from where she had left him standing, his arms crossed over his chest and a hint of a smile on his face. A small, chauvinistic part of him was sure that she wouldn't even last two weeks. Another part of him, a bigger part of him, thought that maybe this girl had what it would take to make it. What exactly ‘it' was, he didn't know, but something inside of him said that she had it.


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Once again, it's going to be a busy weekend. There's an 80's party up at Eastern tomorrow, but today I took the night off to work on some homework. So if I finish up with that tonight, I'll work on it a little bit, but it probably won't be ready for posting until Tuesday or Wednesday. *happy*

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Hey guys! I just wanted to let you guys know that I haven't stopped working on this. I've been kind of busy with some personal problems lately, but it seems as that's started to clear hopefully I'll get back to working on this again really soon!

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Thanks everyone for the bumps! I was gonna try and write more of this and of BREAKAWAY today but I can't even describe to you what it's like inside my head right now. I think I'm getting the flu. *sad*

I'm gonna try again tomorrow, but obviously that's not a promise.

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Thanks Elena and Hawk. *happy* I feel better now, and I already put a part of BREAKAWAY up, so I'm gonna devote some time to working on this one now. *wink*

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Okay, so it's finally here . . . part four! Thank you EVERYONE for being so patient with me! I'm really late with some of these comments on the feedback, but I really wanted to make them. Oh and everyone, let's all give praise and thanks to the wonderful, magnificent Schurry for making me this BEAUTIFUL banner! Boxer Max really is one sexy piece of work isn't he?!

Jbehrbabe: You didn't like the movie?! I loved it. *big* Also, thank you for the compliment, I really enjoy your writing style too. By the way, speaking of which, where can I find Wet Down? I looked for it on the board but I couldn't find it.

Wild_child_uk: Now you have a visual of Boxer Max gettin ready to get into the ring! Hehe!

Lana Lane: Thank you for what you said too! About my style and insight and this fic already more than matching your expectations. I was really worried about disappointing you and Jbehrbabe, but now that I know that I won't, it's all good! *big* Thanks sweetie!

Katie bear: Thank you so much for letting me bitch to you about my situation! I'm here if you need to do the same. *wink* And thank you so much for this: "I don't know what you have that always makes everything you write fantastic and I don't necessarily care as long as you hold on to it! I don't know if I could last without something from you." It means a lot coming from you hon! *happy*

Okay, now that all of that's been taken care of . . . onto the fic!


Part Four

Three days later, Jim Valenti found himself standing infront of a determined Liz Parker. He had never even really believed that she would get the money, but here she was, waving it in his face. Part of him wondered how she got it. Had she sold herself for it? Had she stolen something? He hoped not.

"You don't sweat for me you're outta my life." He told her, crossing his hands over his chest and giving her a hard look. He didn't think it'd scare her much, and he was right. Her facial expression was made up of defiance and determination. She wouldn't sweat for him, she'd sweat for herself, and they both knew it.

"Go see Jimmy about a locker." He said as he walked away from her, toward another one of his trainees.


She stood in the little janitorial closet, holding the strap of her backpack tightly in one hand and looking around the small room. This would be her locker; her dressing room. She couldn't exactly change with the guys in the real locker room. She knew that. The gym giving her the closet, it would be the only way she would allow herself to be treated differently. They weren't going to be soft on her because she was the only woman amongst a gym full of men.

She changed into her sweat pants, making sure to stick the money that she had stolen out of her father's wallet while he was passed out, securely into her sock. She quickly put on her sports bra and a loose-fitting shirt over it before putting her shoes back on and stepping out of the room.

Before she was even fully out the door, she collided with something hard to her right. "Jesus, man! Why don't you wat-"

Golden skin. Perfectly toned muscles. Full lips. The most beautiful hazel eyes she'd ever seen.

She shook herself out of it. "Watch where you're going."

"It's not like I was expecting someone to come out of this closet." He commented, dropping his hands from her shoulders, which he had grabbed in an effort to steady them both. "Nobody uses it anyway. I wasn't aware that I had to be on guard."

"Yeah, well I use it." She told him informatively. "So now you know."

With that said, she pushed past him, her whole right side brushing up against his.


"Look at that." Michael said from the metal folding chair he was sitting on. "Just look at it."

Max, who had one foot resting on the chair next to Michael and his elbow resting on that same knee, turned his head and looked in the direction that Michael had gestured toward. "Yeah?"

"Who does Valenti think he is?" Michael asked incredulously. He pointed at the girl again. "Bringing that girl in here. Training her to be a fighter." He scoffed.

Max's eyes roamed over the girl. From the top of her head down to the hunch of her shoulders as she mimicked the stance that Valenti was currently showing her. He let his eyes drift lower, down the slight curve of her back and lingered on her butt for just a few seconds before he brought them back up to watch her throw her jabs. "I don't know."

Michael's head turned from the sight of a mockery toward his best friend. "What?"

"Look at her Mike." Max said to his friend. "She's got a good stance. Looks strong enough. I think the girl might be able to take care of herself in the ring."

"What?" Michael asked incredulously.

"I ain't sayin she can win a fight against a guy." Max said, finally looking away from the girl. "I'm just sayin, she can take care of herself. That's all."


"You can't get any balance that way." Valenti said to her, as he moved behind her and kicked the outsides of both her feet lightly. "Move these together."

She looked down at her feet and then did as told. "Like this?" She asked, looking back up at her trainer's reflection in the mirror.

"Yeah." He answered. "Like that. See, that way you can hit ‘em up from different angles."

He showed her quickly what he was talking about and then watched with a critical eye as she did the same. "Good."

He made her practice until she her sweat soaked through the cotton of her T-shirt. It was only then that he allowed her to sit down on a bench and rest.

"Hey Valenti?" She asked him, her eyes watching the two guys sparring in the ring.

"Yeah?" He asked her, his eyes watching the same thing.

"Why did my dad have me give you that money?" She asked curiously. "What was it for?"

"A session."

"Oh." She said, something new catching her eye. It was that blonde girl. The one she had seen that very first day that she was there. The girl that had lit up her handsome boxer's face. The girl with the mass amount of cleavage popping out of the V in her shirt.

Liz looked down at her chest and then back up at the blonde. Barbie's boobs weren't nothin special. Nothin Pam Anderson like, but they were definitely bigger than the ones she was sporting. She sighed as Barbie walked over to the ring, and watched as her hottie with a body approached her and leaned through the ropes to give her a kiss. She was really gonna have to find out his name.


Once again, we can all go HERE and leave Schurry some praise for how purdy this looks!

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AN: Kind of a short part, sorry you guys had to wait so long for it! The song is Invincible by Pat Benetar. Thank you to Hawk, Emotions23, and Lana Lane for the constant bumps!

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Part Five

“What’s the deal with that guy?” She asked, nodding her head in the direction of the spiky haired boxer whom she had encountered on her first visit.

Valenti looked in his general direction, before shrugging. “That’s Michael.”

“Oh ok, so that explains why he’s been scowling’ at me like a goon ever since I got here.” She said sarcastically. “Because he’s Michael.”

Valenti had to suppress his smile. “He’s kind of a chauvinist.” He told her, his tone nonchalant. “Most guys ‘round here are.”

“So he doesn’t think I belong here then?” Liz asked as she stared into his scowling face from across the gym, allowing her defiance and determination to shine through her eyes. She crossed her arms as she leaned her back against the cool wall. If he wanted to play, she would play.

“Nope, I reckon he doesn’t.” Jim told her, watching the interaction between the two with interest. “Michael’s something of a loose cannon around here.” He commented. “So mind your step around him.”

“You know what I think?” She asked him brazenly. “I think he better mind his step around me.”

God, she’s got guts! Jim thought to himself as he turned his head away from her, unable to hide his smile this time. He hadn’t known her that long, but he was starting to find himself wishing that he and his wife had had a daughter with an attitude that mirrored this young girl’s. He was kind of glad she had been so pushy with him, demanding that he train her to fight. He was hopefully keeping her out of trouble.

“Um . . . who’s that?” Her sudden meek tone of voice caught his attention, and he looked to where she was pointing.

“That’s Max.” He stated. He eyed her curiously as she watched the bronzed boxer. It was no surprise that a girl found the boy attractive, but it surprised him that she did. Somehow, he had thought that she was . . . devoid of such emotions. Or something like that.

Max. She thought to herself, letting the name roll around in her head. He looked like a Jason. Max . . . so that’s your name.

“He’s good.” She commented. He watched her eyes drop to the floor, and a blush creep up her cheeks.

“Yep.” His gaze traveled from the petite fighter next to him, to the guy who was dancing around in the ring. “He was my best pupil.”

“You train him?” She asked, her head snapping up and over to look at him. She mentally cringed at how eager and interested she had sounded.

“Used to.” Jim told her.


She stared at herself in the mirror above her dresser as she practiced her uppercut and threw a left hook. She was good, Valenti had begrudgingly told her so, but she had her flaws, her weaknesses. Her footwork was sloppy for one thing, and she could stand a little more endurance for another. She had to work on them, or they’d be her downfall in the ring, and she wasn’t willing to work on them sometimes. It didn’t matter if she was at the gym or not, she would work on them. She also planned on making visits to the track at school every once in a while, to up her endurance and stamina. Although . . . when she thought about Max, she thought of other ways to increase her stamina . . . Say what?! She shook her head and smiled at her reflection as she continued to bob and weave infront of the mirror. Bad Liz, that’s bad.

Outside her room, she heard her father raising his voice and her mother’s demure plea. As she stopped her ministrations and listened to them fight for a brief moment, she wondered why her mom even bothered to say anything anymore. She always said, “Please . . . ” but it never helped, it never got him to back off. It never stopped him from hitting her. She scowled as she snatched up her walkman from where it sat across the room on her desk.

She angrily shoved ear pieces into her ears, turned the volume up as far as it would go and pressed play, hoping to drown out the sounds. Her movements became more and more agitated when she started practicing infront of the mirror again. Even more so as the beat of the drums started the song.

This bloody road remains a mystery
This sudden darkness fills the air
What we waiting’ for?
Won’t anybody help us?
What we waiting’ for?
We can’t afford to be innocent
Stand up and face the enemy
It’s a do or die situation
We will be invincible

One day . . . She thought, her nostrils flaring. Her breathing was getting heavier, harsher. One day dad . . .

This shattered dream you cannot justify
We’re gonna scream until we’re satisfied
What we runnin' for?
We’ve got the right to be angry
What we runnin’ for?
When there’s no where we can run to anymore?

She watched her reflection dodge an imaginary fist, knowing that her mother was out there getting caught by a real one. She hated him. She hated him so much, but she loved him too. But one day . . . she was gonna show him what it was like. One day she was gonna show him how Nancy Parker felt. One day, Jeff Parker was gonna know the fear that Nancy knew, and he was going to become intimate with it.

We can’t afford to be innocent
Stand up and face the enemy
It’s a do or die situation
We will be invincible

She had to train harder. Because one day was coming soon. She just didn’t know when or how. Maybe it would sneak up on them all? If her mother wasn’t going to stand up for herself, someone else would have to do it. And if Liz was the only person willing to stand? So be it.

Won’t anybody help us?
What we runnin’ for?
When there’s no where, no where we can run to anymore

We can’t afford to be innocent
Stand up and face the enemy
It’s a do or die situation
We will be invincible
And with the power of conviction
There is no sacrifice
It’s a do or die situation
We will be invincible

One day . . . one day soon . . .

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Part Six

Drops of sweat rolled down her back, soaking through the cotton of her sports bra. She was seemingly in a trance as she pumped her legs. Her eyes were focused straight ahead and her legs were beginning to burn, but she ignored it and sped up a little more. Her feet were pounding against the pavement of the track she ran on. When she had first started out running, she hadn’t been able to run one lap around the track, but now that she had more endurance she could run two laps around the track no sweat.

Not exactly no sweat. She thought to herself as her pace began to slow. When she was down to a slow jog and over the finish line, she veered off into the grass and threw herself down on its lushness. Breathing heavily, she looked up into the bright blue sky for a few moments before she closed her eyes. Her hand was reaching out to find the towel she knew was near by, but came into contact with a shoe instead.

What the fuck? She thought as her eyes snapped open and she rolled her head to the side. She was gasping before she even had the chance to stop herself from doing so, because there before her stood Max her bronzed boxer, in all his beautiful glory. He wore blue track pants that rode low on his narrow hips, and a white T-shirt that did nothing to hide his muscles from her brown doe-like eyes.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He apologized as he thrust his hand out in her direction.

Before she even had time to register what was happening and what he was offering, her hand shot out only to come into contact with cloth. Diverting her eyes to his hand, she noticed for the first time that he held her towel in it. “Thanks.” She breathed out harshly, taking the white terry cloth towel from his hand.

He watched her closely as she pushed herself up into a sitting position and dabbed the towel over her sweat slicked skin. Her chocolate colored hair was a shade or two darker due to its dampness, and had been fastened back in a loose pony tail. Allowing his eyes to skim lower, he noted her attire. She wore a white sports bra leaving her flat stomach exposed to him. The sports bra left nothing to the imagination. He could clearly see her nipples poking through the fabric. She’s small . . . He thought to himself, comparing her chest with Tess’s. It was like comparing peaches and watermelons.

His honey-colored eyes didn’t have a chance to continue their pursuit of her body, as her soft feminine voice floated up to his ears. “You run here too?”

For a moment he was confused, the question catching him off guard. “Hmm?” He asked shaking his head.

“You run here too?” She asked again, slightly annoyed with having to repeat herself.

He shook his head. “No, not really.”

She looked up at him questioningly, momentarily thinking that he was there for her or something, before dismissing the foolish romantic notion. He wouldn’t have come there for her, not when he had Barbie’s clone sitting at home with her curly blonde hair and her humongous boobs. The thought made Liz begin to feel inadequate.

“I usually run on a track that’s closer to my house.” He had no idea why he was telling her. “But, the track team was out there today.”

After a short amount of silence, he dropped to sit on the ground beside her. As he watched her out of the corner of his eye, he pretended to make sure that the laces in his shoes were tied tight. He had no idea why he wanted the moment to last. He had Tess for crying out loud. Tess was a knock out and there wasn’t anything overtly special about this girl beside him, at least, that’s what he kept telling himself anyway.

“You’re Liz right?”

Keep your cool Liz. She mentally told herself. She was surprised that he knew her name, she had thought that he hadn’t really noticed her, but she had obviously thought wrong. “Um, yeah.”

He watched as she reached into her gym bag and pulled out a bottle of water. She seemed so uninterested in him . . . most girls were falling all over themselves when he spoke to them. But then again, he had already figured out that she wasn’t like most girls.

“I’m Max.” He watched the delicate curve of her neck as she tipped her head back to take a drink of the water. He couldn’t name one thing that he had ever seen in his entire life that was sexier than that. He fought the overpowering urge to attach his lips to the tender flesh.

“Yeah, I know.” She told him as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “I’ve seen you around the gym.”

He nodded his head, unsure of what to say to her next and latching onto the first subject that popped into his mind. “So how’s Jim workin’ out?”

“He’s great.” She said warmly. “I’m really learning a lot from him . . . he’s a good trainer.”

Max nodded his head in agreement as he situated himself so that he could stare into her face. She wore no makeup, it was kind of plain lookin’, but it was nice. “Yeah, he knows his stuff.”

“Why’d you stop training with him?” She asked before she could stop herself. After a short silence she added, “You don’t have to tell me, if you don’t want to. I mean, if you don’t feel comfortable talking about it with me . . . ”

“I wanted to go pro.” He told her. “Jim wasn’t gonna make it happen for me . . . he’s a good guy, a great trainer, but he’s a lot of talk sometimes and hardly any action.”

He watched her stand up, fearful that he had said something to offend her. He was about to tell her he was sorry when she spoke, her tone very non-confrontational.

“So you think he’s all talk in regards to me?” She asked curiously as she began stretching out her legs. She’d read somewhere that it was best to stretch before and after your run.

He seemed to consider her question for a few seconds before answering. “Nah, he seems pretty serious about you. I heard him telling Hector that you were good.” He replied as he let his eyes skim over her body once more, this time his gaze resting on her backside. She had more junk in the trunk than Tess did, which was never a bad thing. He was an ass-man after all, and from what he could see, she had a perfect ass.

Coming to a halt on the sidewalk, Maria reached out and grabbed the fabric of her friend’s shirt, pulling him back to stand beside her. “Oooooh, Alex! Look,” she said pointing to their right, “don’t that look like Liz?”

Squinting, Alex followed Maria’s gaze. “I don’t know, all I see is ass.”

“You’re gonna tell me you’ve never checked out Liz’s ass?” Maria asked, sighing in exasperation.

“Are you gonna tell me you have?” Alex asked, sounding slightly excited by the thought.

“Alex, my dear. When a girl checks out another girl’s . . . assets . . . she’s just comparing bodies, seeing if she measures up. It’s purely a non-sexual thing sweetie, get your mind out of the gutter.” Maria scolded, softly pushing his head with her hand. “I think that’s Liz’s bubble butt. I’m gonna call her over here.”

“Looks like she might be busy.” Alex commented, pointing a long and slender finger toward the guy sitting beside her. They appeared to be talking, although Alex couldn’t be sure since he couldn’t see Liz’s face - if that was in fact her.

“Liz!” Maria called out, ignoring Alex completely. She had not missed the guy sitting beside Liz. She wasn’t gonna lie. Maria Deluca was one-hundred-percent woman! He was the first thing she had noticed.

At the sound of her name, they both looked toward the direction it had come from. Muttering an obscenity, Liz stood up straight. She was reluctant to let the moment she had been sharing with Max - however small and ordinary it might have been - end, but she didn’t want Maria to come traipsing over to them and finding out Liz’s secret. She hadn’t even told her two best friends that she was training, and if they met Max, they would know for sure.

“Um, well . . . I guess I’ll see you at the gym.” She told him as she quickly shoved her things into her bag.

“Yeah . . . bye!” He called out as she began jogging away from him. He watched as she tossed her bag over the fence that separated the school grounds from the sidewalk, and turned away only after she had safely scaled the fence landing on the other side.

“Hey Maria, hey Alex.” She greeted slightly winded.

“Chica, who was that hunk of man meat sitting out there on the track with you?” Maria asked, looping her arm through Liz’s and casting a glance back in Max’s direction. “He’s hot.”

“Um, that’s Max.” Liz told her, casting a glance backward as well.

“Single? Straight?” Maria inquired, letting herself be pulled along as Liz started walking.

“Uh, you know Maria, I don’t really know.” Liz smiled at her friend, looping her arm through Alex’s as they all walked side by side on the sidewalk. “But if he is, I got dibs.”

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