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Title: Long Distance
Author: Annie
E-mail: anniepoo98⊕
Summary: AU CC… This is the sequel to "These Dreams." If you haven’t read that story, this one might confuse you. Basically, Max and Liz met when they were eight years only on a Ferris Wheel and have been connected through dreams ever since…. You really just have to read "These Dreams" to get the rest. Anyway, now the newly assembled gang must fight a brand new battle… back on Antar. Starts about five days after "These Dreams" ended.

Part One:

"How much stuff can one person have," Michael groaned as he grabbed another box from the U-haul. "I mean, what could you have possibly put in all these boxes?"
"When that person happens to be Maria Deluca," Alex muttered. "It’s just safer not to ask."
"Both of you need to stop whining," Maria told him, grabbing a lamp. "It’s not that much. Besides, your only so tired because we moved Alex in first."
David leaned over towards Alex. "Now I know why you insisted we do that."
Maria placed the lamp on the sidewalk. "And what is that suppose to mean?"
Michael started to carry his armload towards the house. "That it would be next week before he would get moved in."
Rowena came out of the house, taking pity on Michael. "Let me help," she said, grabbing the lightest box. "There you go," she taunted.
Michael glared at her over the boxes. "Some help," he retorted.
"That is what you get for mocking my new roommate," she stated matter-of-factly and walked back into the house.
"Ha," Maria added before following Rowena.
Michael rolled his eyes. "It starts."
David shook his head "They’re going to gang up on us."
Alex hoisted another box into his arms. "We’re doomed."
With that, the guys decided to face the music and walk into the house. Boxes and piles of tape with newspaper attached were strewn all over. Isabel was in the kitchen, making lemonade, stepping over the piles in the process.
"Sissies," she teased when she walked by them on her way to living room. "I can hear all of your complaining in here."
"You could help," Michael told her.
Isabel set a pitcher on the coffee table. "I did," she protested. "I made refreshments. Dehydration is no one’s friend."
Immediately, Michael dropped his load of boxes, David and Alex following suit a second later. They rushed towards the table, practically knocking each other over to get the glasses.
"Hey," Maria exclaimed as she and Rowena came out of the basement. "You could break something."
Michael finished his first glass almost in one gulp. "Doesn’t matter," he remarked. "I’m sure you have something else to replace it in another box," he scoffed, reaching to pour another glass.
Maria was quicker than him though. She managed to swipe the pitcher just before he got ahold of it. Michael gave her a look of annoyance.
"Give it back," he demanded.
"Apologize," Maria ordered.
"Never," Michael declared.
Maria smiled wickedly, then took a long drink from the pitcher. "Too bad because it is soooooo refreshing."
Everyone else watched the banter back and forth with amusement. "Five bucks says Maria wins," Rowena told David as she settled next to him on the couch.
David gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "You’re on."
"My vote’s on Michael," Isabel chimed in. "He’ll never let her get the best of him." She turned to Alex, looking for which side he was on.
Alex took one last look at the bickering Michael and Maria. "I’m going to have to go with Maria on this one. Once she gets an idea in her head, she’ll never let it go."
Maria glanced at him. "I heard that."
"Don’t change the subject," Michael grumbled.
Rolling her eyes, Maria crossed her arms. "And that would be?"
"You are the most stubborn little princess on this planet," Michael shouted, his frustration getting the better of him.
"I’m stubborn," Maria protested. "Look who’s talking."
Michael turned to Isabel. "Can I just blast her?"
Isabel shook her head. Michael’s frown grew even more profound, so he turned to Rowena. "Make her disappear?"
"Nope," Rowena mouthed.
Michael threw up his hands. "Then what can I do?"
Maria walked over to him, thrusting the pitcher of lemonade into his hands. She doing her best to keep from laughing the whole time. "What everyone else does. Adore me like the princess I am."
Isabel decided that now would be a good time for a subject change. "Speaking of royalty, where are our darling King and Queen."
"They shouldn’t be too far behind," Alex told her. "Max said he had a couple of stops to make… something about surprising Liz."
"They should be here tomorrow morning," Maria added.
"Damn," Rowena sighed. "Can you believe that it has been over a month?"
"I know I can’t," David remarked.
"Hey, has anyone heard from Tess," Alex wondered.
Shaking her head, Isabel looked over at him. "Nope. Good thing too. She’s not my favorite person right now."
"Me either," Maria agreed.
Rowena took a sip of her drink. "Still, as much as I hate to admit it, she is one of us."
Michael opened his mouth to say something, but a loud car horn was heard from outside. Quickly, Isabel got up and went over to the window. "Wow," she gasped. "It’s Max and Liz."
"Man," David muttered. "They’re early."
"Oh god," Michael groaned, dropping to the living room floor. "That means more stuff to unload."


Tess laid on the bed in her hotel room, staring blankly at her television. "Motion pictures are the strangest things," she thought to herself. "Do they really think that is how aliens would choose to invade Earth? And is that really what they think we look like," she laughed.
On the screen, Will Smith continued to yell at the alien spaceship in the desert. Everything in this particular movie seemed to make Tess laugh. "Humans wouldn’t know how to react if they ever met a real alien," she yelled at the screen. "They all think that we want to take over this dumb planet. Well, I have news for you. All I want to do is go home."
Suddenly, even though she was laughing, Tess felt herself want to cry. She wanted to cry over losing John, her home, everything she had ever believed. Hell, she didn’t know if she really wanted to go back to Antar. All she really wanted was to have John with her.
Tess closed her eyes, remembering the day they buried him. It had been so brutal…

Eight of them stood around the fresh overturned ground behind the rock formation., staring down at a person they never really knew. Only Tess knew him, more than any of them would ever know. And even she had figured that out too late.
"Should we say something," Liz whispered, fidgeting with the hem of her shirt.
"Like what," Michael asked.
Liz shrugged her shoulders. "I don’t know. Something."
More silence befell the group. Finally, Max broke it. "Maybe we should ask Tess," he said, without looking up.
Deep down, Tess should have known they would have felt her presence, but that still wouldn’t have kept her from coming. After all, she had been the one to grow up with him, to love him, and to be loved by him.
A few of them turned towards her, almost as if she were there to fight. What was she going to fight for? To go home. What would that get her at this point? Nicholas made it more than clear that she had been nothing back there. Besides, it would be worthless without John.
The desert wind stirred around her a little as she stood up from her hiding spot amongst the bigger rocks. Her blond curls tangled with it, but she didn’t care. Slowly, she walked towards them, never looking into their faces. Just down at the ground. In her hand was a rock she had found inside the cave. Moving past them, she knelt down next to the disturbed ground.
"I’m so sorry," she whispered to the earth, placing the rock at the very top. Then, she got up, and not speaking a word, walk away.
On the rock was inscribed John… Antarian for John.

"Regret sucks," Tess mumbled, sinking further into the bed. Just then, Jeff Goldblum’s character stumbled across the screen, apparently very upset. He grabbed a bottle of honey-colored liquid from the refrigerator, taking a swig.
Suddenly, an thought popped into her head. She got up from the bed, turned off the TV, and grabbed her keys. "Best idea I’ve had all month," she chuckled to herself, heading out the door.


The wind hollowed slightly against the entrance to the cave. Xade stood at there watching the bright lights of Anastor over the trees. Out there were scattered many allies, hidden in the den of their enemies. They had come a long way, inching and inching closer to the capatol, but the fight had a long way to go. Espically before they could call the others back.
However, all that was pushed aside in his mind when he saw someone hurry up the hill, running like their life depended on it.
"What have you found out," Xade demanded, moving aside to let her by.
A tiny girl, no more then seventeen years old, gasped and struggled for breath. "It’s time," she managed to say, collapsing in the closest seat. "The Alignment, it has begun."
Xade’s deep blue eyes widen. "Are you sure?"
The girl sucked in another breath. "The Oracle has seen it. She has informed Kivar. He is preparing."
Xade marched towards the entrance of the cave. "Then we don’t have much time. No other choice. They have to return."

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Hey everyone,

I finally have a new part! Sorry that it has taken so long. Bad me! But I do have a new one. Let me know what you think of it*happy*


Part Two:

"Stop that," Rowena exclaimed, dropping her book for the fifth time. David had spent the past half hour bugging her as she tried to get some reading done. Things were just to hectic at the house, so she snuck over to his apartment. However, it didn’t seem like it was going to work out much better there.
"I have no idea what you’re talking about," David said as reached over and did it again.
Rowena jumped. "You poke me one more time and I’m gonna…"
A giant smirk appeared on David’s face. "You’re gonna what?"
She reached behind her back, grabbing the biggest cushion sitting on David’s couch. "This," she shouted as she whipped the pillow around, hitting him square on the shoulder.
It caught him off guard, but before Rowena could get away, David came to his senses. He lunged across the couch, pinning her beneath him. "Now that was mean."
"Mean," Rowena gasped, trying to wiggle out from underneath him. "I was just sitting on the couch, minding my own business, when you started to bug me. It was just self-defense."
David only nodded his head to her response, moving his other hand up her side to a very ticklish spot. "So what are you going to do now," he asked, ticking her.
Rowena attempted to twist and turn her way out, but after a moment her sides were aching from laughing so hard. "Please… stop… can’t… breath," she manage to say in-between laughs.
Taking pity on her, mostly because her face was so red, David relinquished his hold on her. That was when Rowena pounced. "Sucker," she announced, tackling him to the floor. "You fell for it."
"I was being nice," he defended himself.
"Sure," Rowena mocked as she looked down on him.
David shook his head. "I guess there is only one way to win this argument."
"And what would that be," Rowena questioned suspiciously.
Bringing his hands up to cup her face, David brought it lower so he could playful attacked her lips. Nibbling on the lower lip for an instant, he drew it into his mouth.
Rowena sighed, opening up to his ministrations. She loved being able to be here with him, to be like this with him. It had been such a long time coming.
Then suddenly, she remembered something. She withdrew her lips, inwardly laughing at his groan. "Just out of curiosity, where is Alex?"
David blinked a couple of times. "Um… I think he and Isabel went out. She had something that she wanted to show him."
"So," Rowena grinned, moving around till she was on her knees. "We have the apartment to ourselves?"
"For awhile," David told her. "Why?"
"Come on," she said, taking his other hand in hers, urging him up off the floor.
David’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor. "Are you sure," he asked as she gently pulled them towards his room. "I know that this is not a very guy thing to say, but we have only been dating for…"
Pressing her fingers to his lips, Rowena silenced him. "I’m sure. I’ve never been more sure in my life."


"I still say that was the most amazing thing I have ever seen," Alex confessed as he pulled up in front of the house.
Isabel laughed at his excitement. It was so much like her own the first time she had discovered it.
"So that was Antar?"
Isabel nodded her head. "Yeah," she sighed, watching his face the whole time. Alex never ceased to amaze her. It had only been about six weeks since the first time they met, and she was certain that there wasn’t a more understanding man in this whole star system.
That was why she had decided to take him stargazing tonight. She wanted to share something about herself with him, hoping that he would accept it. And in true Alex Whitman fashion, he didn’t disappoint.
"Do you think you’ll go back some day," he asked, turning his head slightly to watch a car pass them by. It was something he had been afraid to ask any of them this past month. He, Liz and Maria had sort of been dragged into the alien abyss, as they liked to call it. Now, he didn’t want out.
Liz had her spot. She was part alien too. If they left, she would definitely go with them. That was the difference for him and Maria. They were human. They might not have strong enough ties to the group that would allow them to go the distance.
Alex knew that Maria was handling it by not getting to close to any of aliens, but he knew how devastated she would be if Liz had to go. Hell, he would be the same way, except it wouldn’t be just for Liz. He would also miss Isabel like crazy.
And right now, he was wondering if she would miss him too.
Isabel looked down for a moment, thinking about what to say. "Sometimes," she finally admitted.
Alex’s face fell. "Oh," he mouthed, not doing a very good job of hiding his disappointment.
Seeing his expression, Isabel rushed to explain. "It’s not what your thinking. When I was six, well right after the Evans’ adopted Max and I, my mom gave me a book of fairytales. There were a whole bunch of different stories about princesses getting saved by princes one way or another. But do you know what every story had in common?"
"No," Alex said, searching Isabel’s eyes, trying to sense what she was about to tell him.
Isabel took a deep breath. "The evil witch or sorceress was the only person with real power. They could change objects or read people’s minds and dreams. See, I knew the second I came out of the pod that I was different. And when I was little, I thought that having powers meant I was a bad person."
Alex reached over and took her hand in his own. "Isabel," he whispered soothingly, trying to think of something better to say.
Raising her other hand, Isabel wiped a tiny that had fallen from her eye. "I know it’s silly, but it scared me. So I thought it was better push people away. I couldn’t hurt anyone that way. I was the Ice Princess in high school. Kinda ironic, huh?"
Keeping her hand in one of his, Alex reached out and softly caressed her cheek with the other. "It’s not silly Isabel. You were just a kid, and you were trying to figure out what all of this meant. I know I couldn’t have done it."
"Still," Isabel continued, needing for him to understand. "When I found out that I was a real princess, the little girl in me was really happy. The princess in fairytales was always good, and back home, I could be the same. Having powers is normal, not something I have to hide."
"Well, that decides it," Alex announced.
Isabel drew back a bit, confused. "Decides what?"
Alex smiled widely at her. "If you guys ever have to go back, I’m coming too."
"What," Isabel gasped.
Alex kept going. "I know that I am kind of inviting myself along, but I think that I will be accompanying you on that little trip when the time comes."
Isabel was without words, so she flung herself at him, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. "You mean it?"
"Of course," Alex teased. "Besides, I bet I could get some killer pictures up there."
"Not if you insist on using an Olympus," Isabel joked back.
"Are you mocking my camera equipment," Alex feigned surprise.
"I’m only stating fact," Isabel laughed. "Nikon rules."
Alex threw up his hand. "You wish."
Leaning in, Isabel placed a light kiss on his cheek. "Thank you for tonight Alex."
A smirk curl on his lips as he watched her get out of the car. "Night Isabel."
Isabel stood on the sidewalk, watching as Alex started the car and drove off to his and David’s apartment. Sighing, she took a long look up at the night sky. "Home would be even better if Alex was there," she thought to herself.
Taking out her keys, Isabel turned and made her a way up walk towards the door. The closer she got to the house, the more aware of a presence she was. "Probably Liz or Rowena," she decided, getting ready to scold herself for being so paranoid. That is until she heard a voice. A voice that was most definitely male.
"Ouch," Max hissed in pain. "I’m gonna kill whoever decided to move the garden gnome there," he told himself, continuing to make his way over to the trellis by the balcony.
Wedging a foot between the thick pieces wood, Max began to climb up to the ledge above.
Isabel heard a twig snap under the weight of Max’s foot. "Shit," she thought. "Someone’s trying to break into the house. Well, we’ll just see about that."
Jumping out from the corner of the house, Isabel rushed the trellis with her hand raised. "Leave now," she ordered loudly.
"What the," Max yelled, losing his balance and falling to the ground.
Isabel moved quickly but cautiously towards him. "Max," she exclaimed in a whispered hush. "Is that you?"
Groaning as he sat up, Max gave her the most annoyed look he could muster. "Yes," he grumbled. "Thanks for trying to kill me Isabel."
"Hey," Isabel said defensively. "Normal people use the front door. It’s not like you don’t have a key."
Max got up off the ground, brushing the dirt off his jeans. Just then, Maria came running out the sliding doors of the porch. "Evil alien," she shouted, carrying a bat out in front of her.
A second later, Liz’s head appeared over the balcony. "What’s going on," she muttered sleepily.
"Wacko over here," Isabel started, pointing to Max, "was climbing the trellis. Which I still don’t understand. Why would you be trying to sneak up to Liz’s…" The situation dawn on her, grossing her out beyond belief.
"Oh my God," she exclaimed.
"What," Maria asked turning to her.
"My brother was making… a… booty call on our roommate."
The tips of Max’s ears redden in embarrassment and Liz’s eyes grew wide with horror. "Thanks Isabel," Max retorted after a moment. "I don’t think that they heard you in California."
"I’m sorry," Isabel replied. "It’s just.. bad image. I gotta go." With that, she took off, heading straight into the house, shaking her head the whole way.
Maria, on the other hand, was doubled over with laughter. "This is too funny," she gasped. "Mocking rights for the rest of your lives."
"Maria," Liz cautioned. "Remember, I know where you live. Say a word to anyone and …"
"What," Maria challenged. "You’ll what?"
Liz rubbed some more sleep from her eyes. "I’ll make your hair purple."
"Fine," Maria grumbled. "I’ll keep my mouth shut. Now, nothing to rowdy you two. Some of us are trying to sleep in this house."
Liz opened her mouth with a comeback, but the shuffle of feet indicated to her that Maria was already gone. So, she lean over the railing, looking down on Max’s beautiful face.
Max held her eyes with his own, managing a weak smile. "I swear that this was suppose to be romantic."
"I know," Liz chuckled. "It still could be," she suggested, her voice becoming low.
"In that case, I’ll be right up," Max told her. Hurrying over to the trellis, Max was greeting by Liz’s unmistakable laughing. "What’s so funny," he asked, looking up at her.
"Try using the door this time," she told him.

Things will start to get hetic in a few parts... so stick around!
PS... Thank you thank you thank you to Liz Park for betaing! *happy*
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Sorry that it has taken me so long. What can I say, it's hard with three jobs. Lets just hope that I get the perfect job I just interviewed for!

Thank you for all the feedback. It makes me happy! I have a new part with me, so hopefully that makes you happy! Let me know what you think.


Part Three:

"Mooore," Tess slurred, motion for the waitress to come over.

The woman made her way across the barroom towards the booth Tess what sitting in. "Are you sure honey? That’ll be your fifth."

Slumping forward, Tess focused on giving the woman a very serious look. "Yesh, I want nother."

Rolling her eyes, the waitress decided not to even argue with her. "Okay, I’ll be back with your shot."

Tess smiled triumphantly, sliding down a bit in the booth. "Vodka’s my friend," she giggled to herself, catching the attentions of several people. After staring for a few moments, most of them turned back to their drinks and conversations. All except for one.

"Hey Kyle," Pete called over the pool table. "That little blond in the booth is a done deal."

Kyle glanced at Tess, watching her lift the shot glass to her lips, swallowing the drink in one gulp.

"So are you going to give it a shot," Jerry asked, taking his turn.

Pete took a swig of his beer. "Yeah, why not."

Kyle put down his pool stick and grabbed a beer. "Nah. I think you should leave that one alone."

Laughing, Pete walked around the table and flung an arm around Kyle’s shoulders. "And why is that, Deputy Dog?"

Shrugging off the arm, Kyle took a step away from Pete. "She’s in a bar, drinking… alone. I have a feeling it’s not for fun. Why would she want a jackass like you bugging her?"

Pete stopped laughing. "Who says I’d bug her," Pete challenged, raising one of his eyebrows. "I bet it’s exactly what she wants."

Kyle rolled his eyes, tossing his pool stick on the table. "Do what you want," Kyle gave in. "Just don’t cross the line."

"Or what," Pete retorted.

Kyle hunched over the table, glaring at Pete. "Or I’ll haul your ass in that jail for a D and D."

Jerry couldn’t hold his comments any longer. "Throw a fellow deputy into a cell. Yeah, I bet daddy will love that. Especially after the library break in few weeks ago. Tell me again how that itty bitty little girl overpower the Mighty Deputy Dog and got away. I need a good laugh."

"You don’t need me for that," Kyle told them, unconsciously cracking his knuckles at the same time. "You can watch as he gets turn down. I bet that will be hysterical," Kyle told them, making his way towards the bar and taking a seat on one of the empty stools.

Tess watched curiously at the three guys gathered around the pool table. It stuck her funny that anyone would find whacking a bunch of tiny balls into holes with long sticks entertaining. However, it was becoming less amusing by the second.

She noticed that one of the guys, hell the only one with any appeal, stormed away from the table. Then, one of the other ones started making his way towards her. Tess slumped further into the chair, resting her heavy head on one hand. "Whats you want," she asked the instant he reached her.

"I just came over to say hi," Pete cooed, leaning over her.

Tess looked up at him. With a little wave of her hand, she muttered hello, returning her attention to the bowl of pretzels in front of her.

Her lack of interest shocked Pete. "Maybe I have to do something to get her attention," he thought to himself. Reaching down, he began to lightly caress her shoulder. Tess shied away, sliding further into the booth. Pete took the opportunity to sit down next her. "Assk you did I to ssit," Tess questioned coldly.

"Huh," Pete muttered.

Shaking her head emphatically, Tess started to nudge him towards the edge of the seat. "No," she stated, pushing on his shoulder.

Pete, however, made no effort to move. Tess quickly started to shove, using her entire body weight to push against his shoulder. Still, he sat there. "Are you in such a hurry to get out of here," Pete teased.

Without a thought, Tess made another effort to push the guy, using her powers in the process. Pete went flying out of the booth, landing on his butt next to the pool table.

Jerry leaned against the table, barely able to stand because he was laughing so hard.

Kyle rushed over to where Tess was sitting, looking a little distressed. He knelt down next to the booth. "Are you okay?"

Tears began to roll from Tess’s eyes. "I… I didn’t mean to," she stuttered. "I jusht wanna be left alone."

Kyle gently ran a finger under Tess’s chin, nudging her eyes upward. "It’s okay," he comforted her, finally getting a glance at her bright blue eyes, which were then shining with tears. "He didn’t hurt you, did he?"

Tess shook her head loosely. "I don’t feeel sogood," she told him. Before Kyle could react, Tess slumped forward, her forehead resting on his shoulder. She had passed out.

Holding still for a second, stunned, Kyle started shaking his head. "Well," he told her, not expecting a response. "This is definitely a new one for me.


Salome paced back and forth in the cave. She nervously tugged at her shining black hair, ponder all of the other possible options. Yet deep down, she knew that none of them were going to work. "Are you sure about this," she asked, turning to look at Xade.

He nodded his head slowly. "There’s no other choice. If we don’t, Kiviar will hunt us down when the Alignment comes, and the others will be sitting targets."

Making her way towards the back of the cave, to a tunnel leading deep into the hillside. "Then I’ll open the connection."

Xade heard the pain in her voice, saw the fear etched in her face. He dropped all pretenses, following her into the tunnel. "Do you want me to come with you?"

Salome shook her head. "No," she said plainly. "I need to focus on this. There is no telling how long I will have to hold the connection. Rowena might not be anywhere near their half. You’ll just be a distraction," she explained, pressing her palm against a piece of the rock.

Opening his mouth to say something, Xade closed it when her heard her words. He drew back, watching her enter the chamber, her skin beginning to glow with the purple light of the rock protruding from the ground.