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WISHING FOR ETERNITY-Not really sure what the rating for this story is going to be...we will just have to see.
Summary:M/L - Max Evans and Liz Parker have been sharing romantic feelings for each other since third grade, but Max has secrets and is involved with another. After one tramatic experience both Max and Liz are wishing for eternity aftter fate throws them together.
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Wishing for Eternity
Chapter one : Tears in the rain

The rain was falling hard outside of Liz Parkers balcony. The weather seemed to be beckoning her, almost mocking her. Tears were streaming down her face now. She was trying to be strong , but it was just to hard. The more she thought about it, the more depressed she became. She didn't know why she was crying, Maria told her that it was nothing to cry over, Kyle just broke up with you today it's no big deal she said. They weren't serious but it just seemed like a never ending cycle. She would date guys not really putting her all into it , hoping not to get attatched to anyone. Kyle wasn't any different from any of the other guys but they had a little bit more history than everyone else.
She told him they were friends and shouldn't get involved but he wouldn't take no for an answer. So it ended badly just like I knew it would. He said that he wanted to date girls that would give a little more an I just wasn't one of those girls. I yelled at him and told him to leave me alone and now that freindship is non-exsiting. He is dating Vickie Delany now and she is spreading the most hateful rumors about me. Saying I couldn't keep Kyle satisfied and that she was more woman than me. I only hope those rumors aren't going to get back to Max Evans. He is the reason I don't get attatched. I know this sounds pitiful ecspecially since he is involved with Tess Harding, but I can't help but feel like we have this connection.
"Maria come on and play the game right" Liz shouted while waiting to get in to her first day of class. Her daddy told her that she was a big girl now, because she was in the third grade.
"Liz I don't wanna play anymore, it's too early and I am tired." Maria whinned. Liz sat on the swing upset because her best friend wouldn't play anymore cause she was too tired. A lound squeaking noise caught Liz's attention. It was the sound of the big yellow school buses brakes. The door opened and the children were piling out of the bus. Liz couldn't understand why she was so entranced by the children coming off the bus. She felt if she quit looking she might miss something important and then she saw him. He had the biggest amber colored eyes she had ever seen. He looked like he had been crying. She was worried about him and she didn't even know him and then it happend. He looked right at her , staring ,beckoning her to come over and talk to him. Her breath was caught in her throat, she knew he was the one. The one she would spend the rest of her life with , he was what her Grandma Claudia called a soulmate. Just as Liz was about to get up to go and talked to him a little girl with blonde hair put her hand on his shoulder and was trying to direct him to the school doors. He began walking but never took his eyes off of her until he reached the door. Liz knew she wanted to be friends with him but the question was how.
(End of flashback)
Liz had seen Max everyday since then, but they never spoke a word to each other they just shared glances. Liz loved when she would catch Max starring at her. She thought her sophmore year of highschool would be the year that her and Max would talk and get to know each other, but to her dismay Max came back to school with a girlfriend. She couldn't believe shy Max Evans had a girlfriend . She was so dissapointed, they were actually going to be lab partners in ap biology. They would have to talk to be partners but it was too late, Max had probably already found the love of his life while Liz was wasting her time on low life losers.
It was pouring even harder now and Liz decided she wanted to sit in the rain on her balcony. She wanted the rain to mix with her tears. Her clothes were soaking wet and she didn't even care. She walked down the fire ecscape from her balcony to the alley below and walked around the to the front of her father's resturaunt and just starred in the window. She could barley see anything because her eyes were so swollen from crying .
"Liz What the hell are you doing?" Maria screamed from the front door .
"Get in here right now!"
Liz didn't even protest she just followed Maria's command.
Maria hugged her friend one she entered the door. "What's wrong with you ? You are going to get sick!" Liz just shrugged her shoulders. She didn't even have an answer.
Max was sitting two booths from the door and saw Liz. He could see that she was upset. Kyle Valenti is a jerk, he couldn't believe that Kyle would hurt her like that. He wished he could show Liz what a good guy could be like, but he couldn't because he was different. He was an alien king destined to marry another. But they couldn't take his dreams away from him. He loved Liz from the moment he stepped of that bus in the third grade. Every year that passed Max tried to think of away to approach her but his sister Isabelle had always intervined. " It's not fair to her Max because one day we will go home and you w-will just disapear, think about that before you make her fall in love with you." Isabelle said fiercly. Max had thought about that but Liz grew more beautiful every year and it was getting harder to stay away. He wondered if she wondered why he always ate at their resturaunt. Now it was too late to be with Liz , a new girl had arrived in the summer. Tess Harding, God he hated her. She took away the only thing he ever wanted , Liz Parker. She came and revealed thier destiny. Max was a king , Isabelle was aprincess and Michael was his second in command. Their planet was being enslaved by a man named Khivar and Max need to learn how to fight for his people and his planet. But there were strings attatched , Tess was his bride, and without her they couldn't save his planet. Max knew it was too dangerous to involve Liz in all the drama that he called his life but he couldn't help but wish for eternity with Liz Parker.
Liz Parker Looked up and found those deep amber eyes burning a hole in her soul. She starred back and for the first time all night felt comforted. She knew just by looking in Max's eyes that he didn't believe anything Vickie Dekany said. She felt a wave of courage come over her. Tonight she would talk to Max Evans . She made her way over to the booth he was sitting at . She stopped in front of him and said " Can I talk to you for a minute?"

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"Yeah sure sit down" replied a shocked Max. Max couldn't believe Liz Parker wanted to talk to him. He was shaking his leg nervously under the table, waiting for all of this to be a dream.
"So Max we are going to be lab partners this year and I thought that we should talk to make sure we were going to be okay as partners. Truth is Max we haven't spoken a word to each other since you arrived in Roswell. Maybe I am too dorky or not popular enough for you, but I definetly don't want my grade to suffer because of it." Liz knew she sounded like a total bitch. She didn't want to be that way towards him but it was the only thing she could think of and right now she just needed to hear his voice.
"Liz I swear I don't think you are a dork or anything like that. I am just shy around people I like." Oh my god did that come out of my mouth. I am such an idiot, way to go Max. Liz blushed at his comment. So all those stares and glances Max had been giving her were a sign that he liked her. Liz's heart was beating incredibly fast. She was so excited that Max had just basically said he liked her. Finally she gather enough words to form a sentence, "So you think we will work out as partners?"
Hell yeah we would be the best partners, partners in love , partners in bed, Partners for life, Max's brain was screaming.
"Max you think we will be okay right?" Liz asked again a little concerened. "Y-Yes we will be good. I mean we are both smart and nice people . Why wouldn't we be fine?"
Liz knew the conversation wasn't going anywhere but atleast she got to breathe him in and hear his masculine voice.
"Well I better be going, I have alot of studying to do" just as Liz rose to get up she felt the most excruciating pain in her leg"O-Ouch"she yelped.
Max rushed right over to Liz to see what was wrong.
"Liz are you okay?"
Liz just sat back down in the booth and rubbed her leg. This is so embarassing she thought to herself.Why do I have to get some freak pain in my leg when I am talking to the guy of my dreams."Max it's okay I just have a cramp in my leg, it will go away in a sec."
"Let me see, Where does it hurt?" Liz pointed down to her lower leg and then Max did the most unexpected thing. He bent down and started rubbing her leg. His hands felt so good, she started getting tingles up her spine. She wanted to moan so badly, it took all she had not too.
"So Max you really think mousey Liz Parker can keep you satisfied ? Just look at Kyle she wasn't woman enough to keep him." Max looked up startled at the blonde girl talking to him. Vickie Delany was not going to belittle Liz in front of him. " Well actually she's kept me interested ever since third grade , and that 's obviously longer than you've ever kept my attention." Max replied angry. Liz couldn't believe her ears, Max Evans was sticking up for her, and did he just say she kept him interested since third grade.
Vickie delany was fumming pissed. Nobody talked to her that way, especially not over some little flat chested dork like Liz Parker. "Max does Tess know you are here with your hands all over Liz Parker?" Vickie asked with a devilish smile."Maybe I should tell her so she can keep better tabs on you."
"Well actually I really don't care what Tess say's so you go ahead and tell her see if I care."
Max scooped down and picked Liz prker up and carried her to the backroom of her father's resturaunt. "Where's your room?" Max asked.
"Max I can walk. I don't want to cause you anymore trouble than I already have. Just put me down and I will go upstairs and you run and talk to Tess before Vickie does."
"I really don't care what Vickie does. You just tell me where your room is."
"Up the stairs , make a left and it's the first door on the left."She sighed. She felt like a princess with Max carrying her up the stairs and he smelled so good. Max walked up the stairs and opened the door to her room and set her on her bed. "Liz is your leg okay? I mean does it fell any better?"
"Yeah it feels fine. Thank you so much for helping me and I hope Tess isn't to hard on you.''
"Well you let me worry about Tess and you take care of that leg."
"Well I have to go but I was wondering if you maybe wanted to get together to study or something, ya know for biology."
Liz was dissapointed she had thoughtMax was going to ask her out. She was going to scream yes, if he asked her out but he only asked her to study. "Sure If your girlfriend doesn't mind." Max smiled and said " She won't, I'll see you around Liz." And with that he was gone.
It had been a start , it was farther then she had got in seven years. Not only did they speak but Max had touched her . She could still feel his hands on her body and her shirt smelled like him. She would just have to take what she had gotten. But she knew that it wouldn't be the last time they would talk or be together. She felt it. This was a start of something more. She just hoped she didn't have any problems with Tess Harding in school tommorrow.
Liz took a hot shower and crawled in to bed . She knew she was going to have the sweetest dreams tonight , and tommorrow would be a new day with plenty of Max Evans.

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Liz woke up feeling refreshed. She wasn't upset anymore, honestly she couldn't care less what rumors Vickie and Kyle started. She was to caught up in Max to care what anyone said. No one could take that away from her. Last night had been the best night of her life and she was only sixteen. Liz decided to dress a little differently , she wanted to catch Max's attention. She knew Tess was his girlfriend but she figured she knew him first and they shared a connection or bond if thats what you wanted to call it. Liz went to her closet and selected her low rise hip huggers and a red halter-like shirt that tied in the back. She wore her long chocolate colored hair in loose tumbling curls. Liz never really liked a lot of make up , so she chose to only enhance her features. She took one last look in the mirror hoping to see something other than a mousey looking girl. She saw a young woman today, a woman on a mission . If this didn't grab his attention she didn't know what would.
"Lizzie, Maria is her to pick you up!" Jeff Parker screamed up the stairs to his daughter.
"Coming dad!" she yelled back. Liz grabbed her backpack and ran down the stairs. She ran out the door and was greeted by a sunny beautiful day. Liz knew this day was going to be great , she just could feel it! The weather seemed to be duplicating her feelings latley.
She ran to Maria's car and flung open the door and got in.
"Whoa chica! Looking good. It's about time you picked up some of my fashion taste. Kyle is so going to be drooling!" Maria laughed.
"Well I just felt it was time for a change. No more mousey Liz Parker." She sighed.
"This doesn't have any thing to do with a certain Mr. Evans does it?" Maria said loudly.
"Maria he is attatched to someone! And besides Max Evans would never be interested in me."
"Sure and prince charming carries every one up the stairs huh?"
"Just drive Maria !" Liz laughed.
When Maria pulled in the school parking lot Liz almost felt naked . She suddenly wanted to go home. She felt embarrassed by how she looked.
"No second thoughts Liz, you look great. You'll see!"
As they exited the car they heard a loud whistle.
"Okay Maria what have you done to my friend?" Alex exclaimed. Alex was Liz and Maria's best friend. They had been friends ever since Maria had fallen and skinned her knee in kintergarden. Alex became so upset he cried with Maria, they had all been inseperable since that day.
Maria swated at Alex's arm . "She looks great, but it is definetly not the Liz that I know." Alex said fast. "But God do you look good Liz."
Liz smiled at Alex's reaction hopefully she got that same reaction from Max.
They began walking to the door when Liz was stopped by Brad Nickels, one of Kyles football buddies. " Liz babe you look hot. How about we go out after school?"
"Um how about not!" Maria answered for Liz knowing her best friend wouldn't know what to say.
"What ever , see you around Liz." Brad said as he walked away. After ten or more whistles and Liz being stopped every five seconds they finally made it to their lockers.
"Oh my God Liz every guy in the school is noticing you!"Maria exclaimed.
"I know I wasn't totally going for that kind of attention. I just wanted to feel better about myself."
"Um Liz Max Evans ten o'clock. Oh and chica he can't take his eyes off of you."
"Really Maria. Are you lying?"
Sure enough Liz turned around and found her self face to face with those intoxicating amber eyes.
"Hey Liz, how's your leg today?"
Liz was speechless , she couldn't find any words. Finally she was able to get the only cohesieve word she could think of out "Fine.It's fine."
"Liz you look great today. Um I hear we are going to have a bio test Friday. Did you maybe wanna get together and study?"
"Sure how about seven? Is that okay for you?"
"That's fine , see you on Thursday." He said as he walked away.
Max saw Liz and knew he had to talk to her. He knew he would be using Biology as a way to spend time with her. She looked extremely beautiful today and he saw the way Brad Nickels was oogling her outside. He felt a hatred for that boy in an instance. He wanted to wrap his hands around Liz and tell Brad to get lost. But he couldn't . Isabelle and Michael were already breathing down his neck about Liz. They kept telling him it wasn't healthy to obsess over her. That it couldn't be. Think about Tess that was all Isabelle said anymore. But he was thinking about Tess. It wasn't fair that he was with her when he loved someone else. All Max knew was he had to find a way to be with Liz.

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Warning violent parts)
Liz was basking in all her glory. She felt great , Max had talked to her already and it couldn't get much better than that. Liz said goodbye to Maria and headed to her class. Just as she was about to walk passed the eraser room, someone grabbed her arm and placed their hand over her mouth so she couldn't scream. Liz had no idea what was going on, but soon met up with a lusting Brad Nickels. He removed his hand from her mouth and spoke softly "Hey Lizzie, are you ready for that date you promised me?"
"What are you talking about? I never said I would go out with you."Liz said confused and frightend.
Brad shoved Liz against the wall hard and started rubbing his hands all over her breast. "You know Kyle told me you were a prude. But I don't mind a challenge."
Liz was shaking , she was shivering with fear. How was she going to get out of this.
Brad moved in closer to Liz , she couldn't tell where her body ended and his started. He pressed a sloppy kiss against her lips. Liz started hitting him on the back , she couldn't breath and she felt so violated. She just wanted him to get away from her. "Liz stop it , you know you want this. Just think of the popularity you'll get from this. I mean that's what you wanted , I mean look at the way your dressed. Liz felt tears rolling off her face. She couldn''t believe he was saying the way she dressed warranted this kind of behavior from guys, but then Liz realized Brad wasn't a guy he was a monster. Liz opened her mouth to scream , but Brad was faster and saw what she was going to do. He punched her right in her mouth. " Don't make this difficult Liz, or you will regret it. He started ripping at her shirt, but a noise stopped him.
Just them Max walked in with a stunned Tess following him.
"Oh my God let go of her Brad!"Max screamed!
"Whatever Evans , we were just having some fun. I can see you were about to do the same."
Lz pushed away from Brad and ran out of the room. She didn't stop running until she reached her house and she climbed up to her balcony. She was upset, she didn't know what she was more upset about Max being with Tess or Brad. All she knew was that she would never forget this day. It would play over and over again in her mind. She needed to get away from here. She needed to go where no one knew her and if that meant leaving her dreams behind then so be it.
Max was pissed. His anger was boiling . "Tess leave now!"
"B-but Max."
"I said leave."he replied codly.
"Evans what's up? what are you going to do hit me over some Loser like Liz?"Brad said with a smile on his face."
"I love that loser you are refering too. I should kill you , you know that?"
Max lost it he charged Brad and hit him over and over again. He needed to stop, he was going to kill him if he didn't stop!
"Brad was laying on the floor coughing up blood. "If you ever come near her again , I will hurt you worst than this you got it?"
Brad coughed again "I-I got it!
Max walked out of the small confined area and ran to his jeep and drove right to Lizs.
He climed uop the stairs to her balcony and found her crying on her lawn chair.
"L-Liz are you ok?"
Liz couldn't find any words, she just nodded her head. Max could see the dried blood on her lips. She was hurt and he could help her. He didn't even care about the consequences anymore. Max walked over to Liz and kneeled beside her. She looked into his eyes and all he could see was saddness. He didn't like seeing her this way, it was killing him. Max placed his hand on Liz's cheek and ran his hand down and wiped her tears away.
"Liz ." he whispered. "I can help you if you let me, let me take away your pain." Liz wwas confused what was he talking about. Liz looked in his eyes and tilted her head up to meet his. Max couldn't wait anymore. He needed to kiss her. She was like an addictive drug he couldn't get enough of. He had waited seven long years to touch Liz Parker and now he was finally going to get a release from the consuming passion she inflicted in him.
He brought his lips down with a swooping passion. The kiss was gentle at first , but became more demanding.
All Liz could feel was a throbbing pain because of her split lip. It wasn't supposed to be this way. She was supposed to enjoy Max's lips on hers but she couldn't because of her split lips. She hated Brad.
He took this moment away from her , but in a way he gave her this moment too. Liz couldn't take Max's lips on hers anymore. The pain was just too much. "Ouchhh" Liz moaned.
Max looked at Liz , he wanted to help but could he trust her?

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