Title: Fade
Author: KA, Kat
Email: chesire_kat⊕hotmail.com
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Roswell still belongs to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, UPN, WB, Fox et al.
Summary: Ten years after leaving Roswell Michael muses on his past, his present, and his future.
Category: Michael; Future fic; Post- Interruptus, I guess.
Author’s Note: Well, for now this is just a little one parter but hey if the inspiration strikes it may become more.
Distribution: Ask first, please.

I can’t believe I used to envy Max Evans. What a joke to envy Max Evans. What does he have that I would actually want? A twelve-year-old son, that’s too much responsibility for me. Home loan, he’s got to keep the kid sheltered. Student loans, money doesn’t grow on trees. And on top of all that he didn’t get the girl.

I couldn’t believe Liz went back to Max after everything that had happened. But I guess all the talk about Max’s son was just talk to Liz until the little guy showed up in Roswell. You know, one of those out of sight out of mind things. Well, when Tess showed up with the six-month-old infant Mr. Evans stopped his little investigating thinking that Max really told the truth. He apologized to Max, Liz, and Isabel. Shortly after that Max and the little guy moved out of my place and back home.

Tess’s fate was death as it would have been whether she was on Antar or Earth. She had made friendly (I didn’t even want to know how) with her night guard and he helped her escape the planet. Khivar knew she was gone, so we knew he would be hunting the heir. It was a blood bath, every alien for himself. But in the end good prevailed. Khivar was dead. And the crown of Antar was bestowed to its rightful heir. Only the people of Antar were all deceased, except Khivar’s minions who were quickly running out of resources. Surely they are dead by now.

That was ten years ago. I took to the road three days after the fighting ended and I haven’t been back to Roswell since. Maria moved to New York when she thought she had a record deal. Turned out her love wasn’t only for music. She’s a star on Broadway and wouldn’t have things any other way. Jesse and Isabel moved to Chicago where Jesse accepted partnership at a firm and Isabel designs children’s clothes while raising their daughter Morgan. Max and Zan are living in Roswell, Max is working for his dad and trying to pass the BAR. Kyle coaches and teaches at a high school in Massachusetts. Liz took a chance and bought a ticket to France after graduation from Stanford. She claimed a minor in French wasn’t going to go unused. She took a second chance when she got there; she bought a small but successful bed and breakfast and now runs it with the help of Ava. I’ve never understood the friendship between the two of them and I’m not going to even try to but I’m glad they have each other.

I’ve been to every state and I’ve seen every sight this country, Canada, and Mexico have to offer. I’ve been living in Seattle for almost six months now. I’m getting kind of antsy; I’ve never stayed anywhere this long. But the problem lies in where to go next, maybe I should finally see the rest of this world. Maybe I should finally take a chance too. There’s got to be something out there for me.