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Authour: Lady_without_a_clue
Summary: Liz is an X5 on a mission in Roswell, to watch the aliens like a hawk and take in their every move. But what happens when manticore is burnt down.
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Isn't it funny how you never really screamed at my face,
but your anger so unspoken and unchannelled permeates my essence to the point where I
Don't want to see you hear you, be anywhere near you,
you probably think I'm threatened by you but your illusionary power doesn't threaten me
Actually I think it's kind of funny that you create an illusion that is a mirror,
I don't appreciate you and I know that that surprises you
I suppose you see that those who follow their heart always win,
those with integrity have won the match before it's begun

So rather than being kicked around, I'm going to kick you to the curb
So rather than being pushed around, I'm going to push you away first
So rather than trying to protect you, I'm going to cover my basses first
So rather than trying to open my heart, I'm going to lock it with a key
So that only the special ones, so that only the special ones, can ever get through to me

Some can see beyond the barrier of threshold whereas others can't see beyond their sculptured mould,
you could offer me nothing, you could offer me nothing that I need
Do you think I'm asking too much?
A kind of respect and trust that shouldn't even be questioned,
how can I open my heart with dishonesty sitting next to me?
I've honoured your honour to the point of embarrassment,
but innocence in the hands of the guilt-free is kicked to, is kicked to the curb
I was ashamed of my innocence,
I was ashamed of my innocence but now with clarity I see that your bullshit is just not worthy of me

I don't want to be angry....
This is not worthy of me and now with clarity I see that I can walk away, I can walk away

"Max you do have a destiny, you just heard I can't stand in the way of it".
"But you mean everything to me".
I pushed into the crashdown and looked at Mom and dad and there packed bags waiting at the back door of the crashdown cafe. I looked from them to the bags and back again.
"What's gong on? Why are your bags packed?" I asked clearly. Dad looked nervously towards Nancy causing me to suspect foul play on their behalf which will not end happily.
"We are of to a convention in Santa Fe" dad answers in a stutter the sweat rolling down his neck.
"What convention?" I asked.
"Nothing really..." Mom replies reaching for the top draw. I reach into my pocket and pull out a semi automatic with a silencer shooting them dead. Mom should know I know she keeps her guns in the top draw. I walked over and pulled open there bags finding clothes and other human necessities, to the casual observe it looked like they were going on a long holiday or something. I go upstairs and pull out my lap top computer hooked up to the satellite on the roof allowing me communication with Mantciore at any time of the day or night. I punched in the access codes but nothing seemed to be working. Fustrated I pushed the laptop to the side and ran down stairs to the phone when something caught my eye. I went over and picked up the daily news paper and found out that VA hospital in Seattle was burnt down. Manticore was burnt down.
I swallowed hard and sat down taking in the news.
"Eyes front X5 454".
"Yes sir"
"I'm sorry that we can't answer the phone right now but please leave a message after the beep" My eyes flicked to the answering machine.
"Liz please called me we need to talk about what happened... I need to tell you that Tess.. your my destiny okay she just...." He paused and sighed deeply "just call as soon as you get this" Beep.
"Hi I'm Max Evan's".
"Liz Parker".
Suddenly my cell phone rang. I ran up to my room and snatched my phone from a leather jacket and answered it.
"Your position as been compromised 454" A deep husky voice replied "Regroup ...Echo Golf 427952...Friday. 736990 " the phone went dead and I froze unsure of what to do.
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Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.....
Max barely contained his tears as his soul mate Elizabeth Anne Parker was lowered into the ground beside her parents bodies. The Sheriff had determined that it was a gas leak in the kitchen and a spark from an unknown object that triggered the fire killing them instantly. All the while Tess held a smug smile to her face, hidden underneath her black wide rimmed hat.
I once was last but now I'm found, was blind but now I see....
Maria buried her face into Michael's chest as he hung on to her for dear life. As much as he didn't want to admit it Liz had been like a sister to him. A small annoying sister he had a feeling he had to boss around and protect. He kissed the crown on Maria's head and vowed he would not hurt her or anyone he loved again.
'Twas grace that taught my heart to feel And grace my fears relieved.
Alex did not cry. He simply looked down at his friend with admiration and loyalty. Liz was one of the strongest people he had known, she was what held the group together, the peace maker. He wrapped his arms around Isabelle and realized that Isabelle would probably never really love him or treat him different from what he wanted to be treated. But he loved her and that's all that mattered to him at the moment.
How precious did that grace appear The hour I first believed.
Max, Michael, Maria, Kyle, Isabelle and Alex stood side by side as they looked down at their friends grave while everyone retreated to cover as the rain started to pelt down. Michael arms wrapped around Maria and Isabelle while Kyle stood slightly to the side of Isabelle and Alex stood on the other side of Maria.
Tess stepped in beside Max and slide her cold hand into his, he looked down at her blankly.
"I'll always be here for you" Max just stared at her.
When we've been there ten thousand years Bright shining as the sun
"She's gone" Agent Gary said in the phone.
"What do you mean she's gone?" Agent White almost screamed.
"I took a sample of a part of the body that wasn't entirely burnt to a crisp" The agent answered "DNA type matched that of Decesed X5 453" White became silent for a second.
"She maybe regrouping" he replied "report back here immediately" the phone went dead and the agent moved off.
We've no less days to sing God's praise Then when we first begun.

I kicked open the door to the bar and looked around at the bums and the drunks looking to get warm or just plain drunk. I walked in and sat by the bar ordering a beer and whatever food they had. If there is one good thing about being transgenic it's the high tolerance for alcohol, you can run rings around humans in drinking games. The bartender returned and literally spat at me when I asked when my food would be ready, before giving my drink. I sculled it.
"Hey there gorgeous" I slammed the glass down and looked towards a drunk who looked almost twice my age "this seat empty".
"Yes and this one will be if you sit down" I snapped turning away from him.
"Fiesty" he said sitting down next to me "I like that in a women".
"Who says I'm woman" he looked at me wildly before walking of talking to himself. Thank god for that.
"Hi there peaches".
"What is this asshole day" I say looking to the rather cute guy sitting next to me.
"If I knew it was you I wouldn't have bothered" he said looking at me in disgust "what are you doing here anyway I thought you'd still be in Seattle with lover boy".
"Do I know you?" I ask giving him my least attention which is quite a lot for an X5.
"Oh so that's the way it's gonna be now huh" he says scratching his head "I help you break out and this is thanks I get".
"Break out..." I paused spying the bar-code on the back of his neck "You made a mistake" I say blocking off all my emotions.
"Excuse me?" He asks quizzically.
"I'm X5 454" he looks stunned.
"Your her clone" he said looking me up and down "damn that got you cloned down to the last hair" I slap him on the arm.
"Hey dick eyes up front" I snap at him.
"Gee you even talk alike" he cringes. I turn towards the bar just as he slaps something that looks like puke and shit mixed together.
"What the hell is that?" I ask poking at it.
"Stew" he answers angrily.
"I'll pass..." I say pushing forward only to smart Alec here grab the plate and begin to chow down like it's Macdonalds or something "how can you eat that?".
"I've had worse" he replied his mouth stuffed of the stuff "I'm Alec by the way".
"Great" I reply sarcastically.
"So where's a fine X5 like yourself doing a shit hole like this?" I look at him and cock an eye brow.
"I could ask the same thing" I answer "minus the fine and minus me giving a damn".
"Whoa sorry for asking. Me I just got myself out of the hell hole that is Seattle and If your heading that way I recommend you don't" he says, licking the plate clean with his tongue.
"Why?" I asked wondering if this rogue X5 knows anything.
"The humans" he says "There hunting our kind".
"No I mean what happened to Manticore?" I inquired "how did the fire sta..." Before I could finish a door leading towards the back room of the bar opened and the cocky son of the bitch from before feel out followed by three bonehead.
"There he is" he screamed pointing at me angrily "there's that crossing dressing mother fucker" I groaned inwardly.
"holds this will ya" I said passing my beer to Alec before getting up off my seat "I'm gonna give you two choices" I called on of the three boneheads handling a long metal bar "1 I let you go and no one gets hurt" a small muffled laugh escaped from the second bonehead handling a bat "2 we do this the hard way" before I knew it a pair of brass knuckles came flying before me. Due to my feline reflex's a dodged it and twisted it behind his back.
"Okay we do this the hard way".
Alec turned and looked at the bartender who watched as little girl took care of three men twice her size's in a matter of seconds.
"Yo.." Alec said clicking his fingers in front of the bartenders face "get me some more of this stew" he nodded and walked off towards the back. Alec turned and watched Liz kick the shit off them, unlike any X5 he had seen before. Liz stood up and blew the hair of her face "good job".
"I try" Liz said grabbing her keys, and her beer before running out.
"Hey" Alec called running out the front to see Liz jump on a motorcycle and take off "where are you going?".
"Seattle" she called disappearing down the street.
"Good luck" he said to no one as he grabbed the wallet he took from her 'Liz Parker' he thought walking off own the street with a smug smile on his face.

This is X5 454,
It's kinda stupid that I'm still writing in this stupid thing even though I used it to keep a detailed record of the aliens or my encounters with the aliens. You see my shooting in the crashdown was all planned, the clone before me had died of a seizure early in the week and it makes me wonder was Max in love with me or the other clone he had actually grown up with. Max thinks he's free, but really Roswell is one big experiment. The government have been monitoring them since birth. even the Evan's are in on it. That was how the whole thing got started. Those meals that Diane Evan's cooked up are actually pumped full of toxins deadly to humans but somehow not to them. Not that I can speak.
I was made to observe there every move, when they slept I was wide awake and watching them. I even but in detailed accounts of Max's snoring and breathing. How his mouth would make that cute little sound when he was dreaming about something I'm sure that would have been cute. The way his hair was always soft, the way his eyes just seemed to bore into mine and portray life and emotion. The last thing I remember is the sadness in his eyes when I left him on the pathetic rock with his destiny.
"Goodbye Max".
"Liz... No.. Liz wait".
"You gotta let her go".
I guess neither him or I could have predicted what was to happen next.

Sometimes it seems like it happened to someone else--like maybe it was a story I heard. Even though I know what happened, sometimes I can't help feeling that she's not really gone-that she's still out there. And I just hope she's okay.
"Hey girlfriend" Maria smiled knowingly at Max whop sat by himself in the back room of the crashdown "getting tired of blonde ambition over there chasing after you like a dog in heat" Maria giggled looking at Tess in the other room who was wearing a tight revealing outfit.
"Yeah" Max laughed "I was just thinking" Maria sat down and put her arm around Max.
"About Liz?" She asked. Max nodded.
"yeah. I just feel like..." He said looking at her picture "like she isn't dead... That she's out there somewhere" Maria looked down at Max with sympathy "and the thing hate most is when you wake up in the morning as though everything is fine and then I remember... She gone. And she's never coming back".
"Max" Maria cooed bring him in for a tight hold "It's going to be okay. You'll see".
"what do you think your doing?".
"You told me to get a locker. This ones free".
"No it's not. Go try on of those ones"
"Everything going to be okay" Maria repeated to reassure herself.

I'm not entirely sure what is happening. Others like myself are free now, to live there own lives, but I know it can't be that simple. If it was why the hell did they keep us locked up in Manticore like animals under strict training in a circus and if so where the hell was green peace or animal protesters when you needed them. I walked around Seatte lost in thought, protesters passed me by in the streets saying how their daughters won't be safe at night with transgenics running around, how crime has risen since they got out. How much of the crime was provoked since we are different. I have a theory and that theory is that humans are afraid of things different to them, afraid of what they don't understand. So goes the burning of witches and etc. Their goes the scientist in me again.
I stopped and look up to were my feet had bought me to find even more protesters and a reporter. I listened in.
"Tell us about your captors. What are these creatures like? Is it true you delivered a transgenic baby?" The reporter asked a guy who looked like he was going to burst into tears.
"Yes I did indeed. And a beautiful, bouncing baby girl she is" he said proudly.
"So you're saying they're not all monsters, then?" The reporter asked.
"Monsters? No. No more than you and me" he smiles and looks behind him "Hey! Let's go, there, Sparky. Not a country club. Bip bip bip! Move!".
"As dawn breaks on this, the third day of the siege at Terminal City, the situation is tense but unchanged. While several hundred transgenics remain barricaded inside the restricted area, police and National Guard stand an uneasy watch at the perimeter--each side seemingly waiting to see what the other will do next".
Listening to the report I realise there are some decent people left in the human race, to bad there I more of the protesters than the good people right. I stepped forward and began to look for a way into the place called terminal city.
"X5 453, X5 454 do you understand".
"Sir yes sir"
I smiled when I came across a bolted down man hole I hoped took me right underneath Terminal City. When no one was looking a dug my hands into it and pulled it jumping in and sealing it back up. Terminal city her I come.
"Grrrrr..." I turned to find myself face to face with wolf boy.
"Easy big fellow" I say edging back towards where I came. Joshua looked closer and sniffed at her.
"Little fellow" he growled picking her up and running down the tunnel towards terminal city. With a push she flew up the man hole and landed face first in the dirty followed by Joshua, Liz looked up and around at the transgenics and flipped herself to her feet in a self protection stance. Silence emitting from all around her.
"Ahhh" Liz flipped out of the way as an X7 flew at her from above followed by an X6 who looked almost 3 years younger than her. She dodged there moves while the others watched on in silence, Liz moving in a liquid motion. She threw her fists into the X7's face and the X6's chest causing them to go flying. Liz smirked.
"Anybody else want some?" Everyone stepped forward and Liz lost her smirk.
"Stop" everyone turned and looked towards Max. Liz straightened up and glared at her "who are you?".
"Liz" I answer "and let me guess your the queen bee here huh?".
"Everyone works for themselves here" she says eyeing me "your my clone aren't you".
"Oh no we just look odd alike" I replied sarcastically.
"Sorry I've just never seen an X5 move like that?" She says astounded.
"I've never seen an X5 with tattoos" I say pointing to the marks on her chest, neck and wrists "funky. What are they tribal? Temporary?".
"I wish" she says looking at them with disapproval "you didn't answer my question".
"I'm part X5, X6, X7 and XX" I answered.
"XX?" Max said her eyes brightening "never even heard of it".
"Lets just say I was an experiment" I say looking around "but I guess you've all been there before" I say looking towards a familiar symbol painted on a furthest wall away from me "let me guess Alec's been here".
"Yeah" Max smiled "how do you know him?".
"More like how can I get rid of him?" Max sniggered "I meet him in a bar in LA" I answered walking into a garage like place were the people weren't really looking like people. Ahh the early days of Manticore. I turned and spied a man surrounded by computers "who's that?".
"That's Logan Come on" I walked after and felt all eyes were on us. Must be the resemblance "Logan" he turned and stared at me in shock.
"I want ya to meet my clone Liz" I stuck my hand out.
"Pleased to meet you" he smiled.
"Pleasures all mine" I smile back "so what you got going here?".
"I suppose it's okay to tell you" Logan said looking at Liz intently "every heard of eyes only".
"Nope" they looked at me oddly " I was pretty much raised in new Mexico so your gonna have to explain".
"New Mexico?" Max asked.
"Me and another X5 clone were sent there to investigate aliens" they didn't look at me oddly wow.
"Where is she now?" Max asked curiously.
"She's dead" I answer in a cool controlled voice and so comes the awkwardness "do you mind if I..." I said pointing to the computer.
"No of course" I typed furiously at the key board accessing files people or even the most extraordinary hackers would find it impossible to get to. I hacked why may into a satellite that over looked Roswell and wondered if a should.
"What are you doing?" Logan asked curiously.
"Hacking into the satellites" I answer without even breaking a sweat.
"It usually takes me hours" Logan gasped.
"I had intense training" I answered as a picture came up on big screen of something I never wanted to see. My Max sucking face with the Tess bitch gerbil Harding. My mouth flew open and I knew if I didn't get out of their I was going to cry. But it was almost like I was frozen. Max watched as the blood drained from Liz's face.
"Who that ugly ho?" OC asked walking up to the screen.
"You okay Liz?" Max asked with concern.
"Yeah I... I just gotta get outta here" I said cutting the connection to the satellite and getting out of my chair.
"Liz you know you can talk to me" Max begins to ramble like Maria. I sucked in a breath and flew down the stairs Max still rambling after me. Why? It's not like her too "Liz you know...".
"I'm fine" I screamed smashing the screen simultaneously before running off. I known for a while now that I've been changing, not just physical but almost mentally. I can see things differently. I guess Max changed me. I ran out and jumped on my Ninja.
"Telekinesis.... Interesting"

I wonder why I even bothered coming here. Manticore is well and truly over and my kind are revolting against Humans to survive. Why can't they just use there training to run and hide amongst the humans, it's not like they couldn't. But oh no my clones gotta get all high and mighty about it and say 'were freaks. I'm proud to be a freak. Who's with me'. Like the lambs they are they put their hands up because it's similar to an order. Join up or die.
I looked over at Markus and smiled, he had been my weapons and hand to hand combat trainer every since I was a little girl. He was always there for me through thick and thin until last year when he got called out on another assignment. He was getting pretty old now.
"How's life bein' treatin' ya?" I asked sitting own on a recliner.
"Good" he coughs.
"You should get that checked out" I say with concern.
"I've got a chest infection and my heart is almost had enough" He answers "it's my time understand" I nodded in sadness "Your here to regroup aren't you?".
"I don't know anymore" I answered truthfully "what they're doing goes against years of training, I just don't understand. But there almost like the only family I have".
"And what about your life in Roswell?" He asks taking a sip of his coffee.
"What life?" I asked "they don't even know me. When they look at me they see little Lizzy Parker who wears her heart on her sleeve and could never hurt a fly. They don't see Little X5 454 killing machine created by a government organisation. Investigating into their alien lives" he looked me over.
"Do you want to know what I see" he said leaning in and grabbing a hold of my hand "I see Liz Parker strong, confident, courageous" I smiled.
"Sorry if I don't cry tears 454" Liz's head whipped up and glared at there new visitors.
"You must be White" I growled getting up off my seat "fuck off before I beat the shit out of you".
"I don't think so" In one swoop Markus wrapped an arm around my chest and buried the substance of a needle into my neck. I elbowed him in the chest sending him flying out the window before jumping into fighting stance ready for Whites advances. But my foot wobbled and I fell face first to the ground. The world turning black.

White had captured me and performed random tests before realizing emotions were the keys to my 'telekinesis'. As for my clone, she was captured by a Japanese corporation and dissected into pieces for all I know. Logan her lover boy died of some kind of disease that inflicts the nervous system. God damn the future sucked big time.
If there is one good thing about being looked away in here and tested on, it's that now I have completely control of my powers and they don't even know it.
The door slide open as it usually does but instead of Mr White walking in with the all mighty look on his face and his black matching shoes Alec walked in. Looking smug.
"What are you doing here?" I snapped.
"Can't a friend just drop in every once and a while?" He smiled down at me.
"For real?" I asked.
"I got recaptured in Santa Fe" he answered.
"Then why are you gloating" I asked "enjoy when the guards frisked you or something".
"I see you haven't last your attitude" he says sitting down.
"I see you haven't lost that stick up your ass" I answered getting up and walking to the furthest side of the room "Is there a specific reason your here".
"I guess like clone like clone" he almost giggled under his breath. His eyes whipped up and glared at me with intent "I'm your breeding partner".
"My what now?" I asked "uh uh no way".
"Hey I'm not thrilled about this either" Alec said running his eyes down Liz's small petite body 'or maybe I am' he thought to himself "can we just get this over and done with" he said removing his shirt.
"Let me think about this... No" Liz said running her eyes up and down Alec's fine looking chest. To say the boy was cute was a understatement, jeez Manticore sure did know how to make them. Liz shock her head and slammed her fists on the door "Guards get this idiot outta my cell now" I screamed.
"hey..." Alec said putting his hand on Liz's arms and yanking her towards him. Liz flew around causing her hands to land on Alec's bare chest, scrunching her body up to his as his arms wrapped around her waist "I-I'm sorry..." Before he could finish Liz pushed him up against the wall and kissed him hard on the lips while her hands explored his body. His hand doing the same, in a instance Liz's shirt was ripped off along with her and Alec's pants as they jumped on the bed.
"Oh.. Alec.. Oh god.... Oh Max...".
I sat in bed with my thoughts as Alex put his clothes or what was left of them back on. His face unsure and blank about what had just happened, my eyes flicked to him.
"I.... What we just did...".
"I was in heat" I cut him off "that's all. I didn't mean anything else to me".
"Me neither" he answered with a tough look on his face "oh by the way who's Max?".
"How do you know about Max?" I asked sitting up.
"You practically screamed his name while we were..." He stepped out of the cell "you know" he left and I turned and cried on my pillow. For everything. For who I was. For leaving Roswell. For watching Max kiss Tess. Because no matter how much I wanted to hate him I couldn't. And it was killing me.
I felt something cool under my pillow and lifted it out without anyone seeing, unbeknownst to them I know where the camera's are. It's like sick version of Big brother were they watch you pee and take samples!!! Argh!!!! I looked at the note which was written in a code that only me and other X5's could understand.
'Break out... 0400. 2774899'

I woke up at 0300 to find White sitting on bed and watching me like he did sometimes at night and frankly it scared me. I turned my head towards him and we looked eyes staring at each other for a few moments before he turned away and looked down at what I suspect to be my file.
"I heard you and X5 494 succeed in copulation" he smirked "twice".
"Sir yes sir" I answered.
"Interesting" he answered "how did you feel?".
"X5's aren't ordered to feel sir?" I answered as coldly as possible.
"I know you 454" he said leaning into me "you had a life in Roswell didn't you?".
"Mission Roswell sir was terminated" I answered.
"Right" he said putting my file away "clean yourself up you've got a doctors appointment at 0400".
0400. This better be part of Alec's plan.

"I know pronounce you husband and ....".
"Stop" Isabelle screamed as she staggered through the church in tears Max sprinting away from a very annoyed Tess to help his sister. Maria was three rows back got up also and ran into Micheal who grabbed her before she tripped up.
"What's wrong?" Max asked his sister.
"Alex" she cried "he's dead".
"No" Maria cried burying her face into Michael's chest while Max looked back to Tess who stood almost like bridal barbie. He got up and took off towards the morgue while Michael did damage control.

I was escorted out of my cell at 0400 by two guys who looked twice my size and kinda familiar. I shrugged it off and turned a series of halls were a found none other than Alex sparring with another X5. I could feel his eyes on me, even though he was fully emerged in his sparring. I was escorted into a room were a female X6 at 2 years younger than me sat patiently. I skimmed over her file laid open for the world to see and saw that her womb was no longer existent. Lucky girl.
"You can leave X6 479" the girl left and the guards escorted her away. Before the doctor turned to me.
"X5 454" he says looking at me like something he about to dissect "We have the results of your urine sample back and I guess there only thing left to say" he smiles "congratulations" he holds out his hand. Wrong move buddy. I took it and twisted it around his back before bashing his face into the wall and knocking him out. My choice of weapons were very poor, I grabbed a scalpel and began to move down the hall.
"Are you crazy" Alec said dragging me into the sparring room with a knocked out X5 "their a camera's everywhere".
"Whatever daddy" I answered "what's your plan?".
"The control room is own the other end of the hall way" he said snatching the scalpel from me "you'll have only 5 seconds to get there once I shut the power off and the back up generator starts up got it".
"Sure thing" Max said looking down the hall while Alex opened a vent.
"Oh by the way" he said looking back "why did you call me daddy?".
"Why do you think" I replied rubbing my stomach "I'm with baby".
"Great just what I need" Alex aid to himself as he entered the vent "a brat".
Liz looked down the hall when the power went out with lightning speed she ran down the hall and almost didn't make it. She knocked the security guys out and stopped the recording on all the camera's in the facility. She pounded on the wall and in a few seconds Alec appeared.
"What next Romeo" I asked.
"There" he said pointing to a monitor "that elevator goes all the way up to above ground. Sure you can hack it".
"Ask me that again and I'll kick your ass" I snapped making my way out.
"I'm just saying your with baby now" Alex shrugged "the baby might slow you down.." Liz spun around and jammed Alec into the wall. Her foot pressed firmly against his neck cutting off his air supply "okay maybe not" Liz released him and came to the elevator.
"Lets do this?" Liz said reaching out for the ladder.
"Wow" Alec said pushing her back "it ain't that easy" Alex got a aerosol can and began spraying, revealing thousands of laser beams that would trigger the alarms.
"Where did you get that" I asked snatching the can off him.
"Had a little something going with the guards" he smirked.
"Like a care" I said looking back to the laser beams "how are we going to get out of this one?".
"I've got an idea" Alec replied with a mischievous grin.
"Oh no".

"Now this is the part were Max puts his hands on Alex's chest and brings him back to life" Isabelle said watching the van "there's bound to be a little shaking but that's normal" Isabelle said hoping in her mind Alex would be bought back to her "Then Alex would get up kinda dizzy and come back to me". The doors opened and Max jumped out closing the doors behind him.
"What happened?" Isabelle asked in tears "where's Alex?".
"I'm sorry Isabelle..." Isabelle turned and ran off while Maria hugged Michael tightly.
"I'll go after her" Kyle volunteered. Tess nodded and put hand on Max's shoulder.
"Are you okay Max?" She asked.
"There was so much blood..." He cried burying his face in Tess's shoulder and crying.
"Kyle get out of here now..".

1 year later

It's still hard to believe that a little over 3 months ago I gave birth to my daughter Lijandra Isabella Wolfe, she is so gorgeous. And I can only thank god that she looks like her mother and not her idiotic father Alec.
"Hey good looking" Alex smiled picking up Lijandra and twirling her around. As much as I loathe Alec and his idiotic ways he makes good father and Lijandra should grow up knowing who her father is. And just so you know I'd kill myself before I get involved in any kind of relationship with Alec.
"I think we need to talk?" Alec said looking at me oddly.
"What do you think were doing now?" I smiled, taking Lijandra from his arms.
"No I meant about the future" oh great a future talk "I mean I don't want Lijandra growing up in Seattle... She shouldn't have too" I looked up at him and smiled.
"I know what your saying but... Where do we go?" I asked.
"How about Roswell" he answered "you know some people down there... Maybe...".
"No Alec" I interrupted "The life I had there is over".
"Do this for Lijandra..." Alec tried to persuade me.
"What about me" I snapped "I destroyed all evidence of Liz Parker every existing, you just want me to go back to town say hey the rumours of my death have deeply exaggerated and I'd thought I take a long vacation" Alec sat down next to me.
"This is about Max isn't it?" I glared at him.
"Don't you bring him to this.." I growled walking into the kitchen.
"I'm sorry" Alex replied sarcastically "sorry for wanting a better future for our daughter" I froze and felt my heart break "I'm going out" he slammed the door behind him. I looked deep into Lijandra's brown doe eyes. She needed more than anything I could give to her.

"I think my two best friends died almost a year Tess, so sorry if I don't jump over the moon for you"

I sat on the bonnet of the car in Alec's lap with a sleeping Lijandra in my arms over looking the town of Roswell. I leaned against him and sighed deeply, I could fall asleep in his arms but what we had wasn't love. But I'm not sure that what me and Max had was love either.
"I didn't know the weather would be this hot" Alec complained.
"I warned you" I smiled "we should head into town before dark".
"You should head into town" he repeated. I looked up at him "I'm going back to Seattle to take care of a few things".
"No" I cried grabbing him by the collar "if you think your going back there you better think again mister, Lijandra isn't growing up with her father".
"Jeez Liz never thought I'd hear you talk like that about me" he joked.
"Stop joking" Liz cried "I need you right now".
"I know" Alex said resting his head against her "But something's happening up there, something's that they needs my help. When it's over I promise I'll come back immediately" Liz looked up at him "trust me".
"I trust you" Liz answered wiping away her tears "I'm just not sure I can handle going there... By myself".
"Liz your one of the strongest people I know.... And I should now I've got the bruise's to prove it" Liz stifled a laugh through her tears "and your not alone... You've got Lijandra".
"I'm going to miss you" I said truthfully "we're gonna miss you" she corrected.
"Not as much as I'll... miss TV" Liz punched him in the arm "ouch" he laughed "I'm gonna miss you too" he said kissing the crown on Liz's head and Lijandra.
"bye" Liz waved goodbye and began to walk to town with Lijandra in her arms.

"Max lets get married".
"I'm not sure Tess I mean Al....../#8⊕/..... Okay"

I walked into Roswell and looked around, the place where the crashdown used to stand stood a building twice as big as the crashdown. It was a club/ cafe most likely run by Maria or Isabelle the Christmas nazi. I looked through the windows and spied the sheriff, Kyle, Maria, Michael, and Isabelle all talking in the back. Where was Alex, Tess or... Max? I'm not gonna go there I thought as I walked towards the front door. It's locked. I closed my eyes and opened the door with my mind before stepping through the threshold. There's no going back now.
"Does anyone ever thinking about what life would be like if Liz was still alive?" Kyle spoke up, his arms wrapped around Isabelle's waist. Charming new development. I wonder how Alex is taking it.
"Maybe Tess wouldn't be hanging off my brother like the violent leech that she is" Isabelle spoke up.
"Oh come on cut the girl some slack" the sheriff spoke up "what?".
"We realize your old sheriff so..." Maria said patting him on the back "we'll forgive you".
"I'm not the sheriff anymore Maria" the sheriff spoke up. Not the sheriff anymore, interesting.
"Well your still the sheriff in my eyes" Maria smiled cheerfully.
"I think things would be a lot better" everyone stopped and looked at Michael "if Liz was still alive I mean... She was like glue to the group" Maria nodded and walked over to Michael wrapping her arms around him. Kyle tightened his grip around Isabelle.
"Whatever happened to Liz Parker?" The sheriff sighed.
"She died that's what happened?" Max spoke up entering the crashdown with Tess glued to his arm.
"Don't you have any respect" Maria growled.
"It's the truth isn't it" Max said sitting down on a stole with the rodent in his lap.
"No I mean Tess" Maria growled "can't you at least put a paper bag over head before you go out in public" Isabelle and Kyle sniggered.
"Whatever Maria" Tess said with a smug look on her face "We'd thought we'd let you know that well... I'm pregnant and Max is the father......".
"What?" Isabelle spat "please tell me that your joking Max".
"We're entirely serious" Max smile at Tess "and now that I have accepted my destiny Isabelle It's time to accept yours" Isabelle glared at her brother.
"What are you talking about?" Michael asked.
"Oh please I've let you indulged these pathetic humans enough now, you both have to stop being a snotty little human rejects and get off your high horses. After tonight we are leaving Roswell for Antar" Maria gasped.
"You're leaving" she snapped "When were you going to tell me?".
"I didn't even know" Michael answered.
"Neither did I?" Isabelle answered "how?".
"The granolith" Tess answered "we worked out how to use it and once activated it can't be stopped... Were leaving early morning tomorrow".
"Say goodbye to them" Max ordered "you can give them a final farewell fuck or whatever, these humans are not coming with us. There pathetic".
"Let me remind you Max you used to be in love with a pathetic human" Michael growled grabbing his collar.
"Until I meet Tess" Max said grabbing her hand "trust me Michael there are no substitutes for alien sex" Maria growled and lunged at Max but Michael grabbed her and held her back. Tess flung a note at them.
"What the hell just happened?" Kyle exploded.
"That wasn't Max was it?" Jim asked.
"I don't know" Isabelle said shaking "I don't know who my brother is anymore" I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to say. But I didn't have to say anything, Lijandra let out a loud scream alerting them all of my presence so I stepped out into the light.
"I guess I've missed a lot huh".

"Liz?" Maria gasped not believing her eyes.
"It's a shape shifter" Michael exclaimed "who are you? And who do you work for?".
"What is this some kind of bad movie where Michael plays good cop bad cop" I said stepping forward "It's me Liz". A rock formation behind me exploded.
"Take another step and I'll blow your brains out" I laughed "who are you?".
"I'm a Elizabeth Anne Parker..." Another object behind me explodes.
"Try again?" Michael orders again.
"I told you who I am?" I growled getting annoyed with this game.
"No your not" Isabelle spoke up "Liz Parker died a year ago in a fire. Her body is six feet under in the Roswell cemetery".
"Fine you need proof how about this" Liz said pacing around "I meet Maria in grade 2 when we found a injured bird. I meet Kyle in grade 5 we started going out in junior high. I got shot in a robbery and Max healed me. Isabelle can walk into peoples dreams which is really quiet annoying and Michael.... Well he's an ass".
"Anybody could know that" Maria answered. Michael grumbled.
"Whatever you say" I spoke up looking over at Lijandra.
"If your Liz Parker than who is that in the cemetery" The sheriff asked.
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you" I replied.
"Try us?" Michael said looking at me curiously "we've got all night".
"Fine" I paused trying to think of where to begin from "The Liz Parker you all loved never really existed" Michael laughed. I excepted him too "I was sent to Roswell to watch over you, take notes of what you did daily".
"Why?" Isabelle asked.
"Because of who you are?" I answered "The government knew about your alien origination, ever since your UFO crashed here in 1947. They ran tests on your incubation pods and your DNA before allowing Manticore to take over base of operations. They placed you in the strategically planned pod chamber they uncovered in the early 1960's and waited for results".
"Manticore?" Kyle asked.
"There a army military intelligence corporation based in Seattle" I answered "they basically work on the manufacturing of highly advanced weapons and soldiers".
"Soldiers? Like mutant people?" Kyle asked.
"Shut up" Maria spat at Kyle.
"Manticore created genetically enhanced soldiers who were obedient and efficient in their kills" I answered in a cold controlled tone "they were created by crossing human DNA with animal DNA such as feline, dog etc. The first successfully group of transgenics produced were the X5's".
"X5's?" Isabelle repeated.
"X is for the cross and the 5 is the series" I answered "I was cloned from an escapee X5 called X5 452 and sent on Mission Roswell to watch you. The body in the cemetery is my clone X5 453, we were identically done to the last hair".
"Or last tooth" the sheriff spoke up "the bodies were so burnt we had to use dental records to identify them".
"Exactly" I smiled at the sheriff.
"Say we believe..." Michael said getting up "what happened? Why did you torch the Crashdown and kill your parents".
"I wasn't the only one working on mission Roswell" I answered sheepishly "my parents were also planted there to help in my training as I grew up. Jeffery Parker acted as my drill sergeant and ranking officer while Nancy was the computer expert. My hand to hand combat officer was Markus Hemmingway who owned the hard ware store down the street and my weapons expert was...." I paused.
"Was who?" Maria asked.
"My weapons expert was Philip Evan's" Isabelle gasped.
"No that's not true" Isabelle said "she's lying".
"Let her finish" Kyle ordered "what happened next?".
"Manticore was burnt down and I was ordered to go to Seattle after destroying all evidence of Liz Parker existence" she answered "I got involved in the Seattle revolution, I was recaptured and forced to breed and came back here".
"That's a nice story" Michael clapped "you should become a writer".
"I didn't ask for this" I growled "I didn't ask to get involved with any of you let only care for you. I never asked to be born to this" I lifted my hair and showed them my bar-code.
"What is that?" Maria gasped while Isabelle went to her own little world. Michael wasn't buying it.
"I'm not buying it...".
"It's the truth" the sheriff spoke up.
"Dad?" Kyle asked "what are you saying?".
"She's telling the truth" he said looking around at them.
"How do you know that?" Isabelle cried.
"Because I was in on it?" He answered truthfully shocking everyone "They came to me the day you were released from the pods and forced me to help them. When Manticore went down I took it as a sign and just forgot about it. I forgot about everything. We all forgot about it. I'm so sorry" Liz looked up at them.
"It's okay" I answered "like I said I missed out on a a lot huh".
"Liz" Maria cried running over to her "I'm so sorry".
"This isn't your fault" I said squeezing her a little bit tighter.
"No I meant about Max and the gerbil thing... I.... I'm sorry" she sighed before looking down at Lijandra "and who is this?".
"Everyone" Liz announced proudly "I all want you to meet my daughter Lijandra Isabella Wolfe" for those few moments nothing mattered but getting to know each other again. Michael had changed a lot more than I thought he would, Isabelle still couldn't believe everything that was happening. Just like a couldn't believe Alex was dead or that he had committed suicide.

"Isabelle I need you get to the hospital immediately..".
"What happened?... Is Max okay?".
"He just collapsed... Please hurry".

As Maria, Michael, Kyle, Jim and Isabelle took off towards the hospital I walked off to Amy's were I knew Lijandra would be safe for the night at least. I put on a jacket and walked out towards the junk yard, jumping over the fence with very little effort. Girl got skill.
I looked around till I found Alex's car which surprised me, I thought it would have been ripped to shreds by now. I jumped in and found the usually Alex Whitman stuff, demo CDs, Whit's T-shirt. I remember when he wanted me to be his leader singer. Funny I know. I froze when I came across a picture of a blonde and a guy with his head cut out. I didn't take me long to realize that guy was Alex. There's more to this than meets the eye.

"What happened to him?".
"He just collapsed..... Doctors tell me he is in a Coma".
"Think it's a sign that Tess is the Bride of Death"
"Shut up you loud mouth bitch".
"Eat me bottle job".
"Shut up... I'm going to try and dream walk him"

Isabelle closed her eyes and focused on her brother as she began to dream walk him.
"Hey Isabelle" Isabelle turned around and looked down at the 8 years old Max sitting on the ground in their lounge room playing with some base ball cards. Like the ones he had gotten for Christmas years ago.
"Hey Max" Isabelle smiled.
"What are you doing here?" He asked curiously.
"Looking for you actually" Isabelle replied her smile brightening as she sat down next to Max.
"Do you like baseball?" He asked. Isabelle shook her head.
"What are you doing here Max?" Isabelle asked with concern.
"I like it here" he answered.
"But you know we need you" Isabelle said touching his cheek lightly "you have to come back to us".
"Why?" Max asked.
"To be with your friends" she answered softly "to be with me your sister".
"It's a big day for me" Max said getting up and piling his base ball cards together when suddenly a dove flew through the window startling and amazing Isabelle at the same time.
"It's got a hurt wing" she realized.
"No problem" Max smiled reaching down and grabbing the dove in both hands and breaking it's neck killing it instantly "all better" he smiled at Isabelle.
"Why did you betray me.... why".
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Isabelle spun around to find her brother in the white room again screaming as they electrified him. Isabelle helpless to stop it "Isabelle.... Please... Help me".
"Max hang on..." Isabelle pleaded "oh god please hang on".
"I'm ready to wake up now".
Isabelle snapped her eyes open and stumbled around still dizzy from dream walking into Max's mind. The group stood huddled close together while Tess stood to the side holding Max's hand continuously.
"What did you see?" Maria asked.
"He was 8 years old and.. I can't explain" Isabelle said "I was in there and it was like all of sudden I was dragged out".
"Maybe you should try in a few hours" Tess spoke up her eyes looking at Isabelle with intent.
"Yeah maybe".

I put down the phone and looked around the bar expectantly when I saw Syl and who I presumed to be her new boyfriend. He was tall, muscular and had the look of a body builder, I'm not that type of girl. I mean I like the few muscles here and there but all over I don't think so. Syl slide over to my seat at the bar and pulled me in for a tight hug. I regard her as my sister and If anyone messed with her I would track them down and kill them.
"Got what your looking for?" Syl smiled "I did a back ground check on that photo you sent me, the building in the back ground was demolished over 40 years ago" my eyes widened.
"He never went to Sweden" I gasped.
"That's not all" Syl smiled mischievously "show her baby".
"I located where the emails came from" he said handing her a form "they came from Las Cruces's university where we found these". I grabbed the book from him and realised that they were the translation writing of the destiny book.
"Isn't he amazing" Syl smiled kissing him gently on the lips.
"I've gotta get back to town" I said grabbing my jacket "did I tell you how much I love you?".
"All the time" Syl smiled hitting me on the shoulder lightly "I except to see my niece some time very soon".
"Oh yeah of course..." I smiled "Since were on the topic of family have any of you seen or heard from Alec" Syl shrugged.
"Not since you and little Li were staying in Seattle" she answered.
"Okay" I smiled tucking my stray hair behind my ears "well I'll see you later and remember my doors always open is you need somewhere to crash" Syl smiled and returned to sucking face with her boyfriend. I was a girl on a mission.

I looked up and around once again before ducking under the streets and into the sewer's. Joshua had found himself a lady friend who was a transgenic with golden retriever in her cocktail. Lets just say she and Joshua hit it off at first sniff, 7 months later she gave birth to a whole lot of pups, or people pups. I guess this is were the saying goes 'they've got faces only a mother could love'.
"Joshua" two heads turned and looked towards me.
"Alec" he barked relieving his bitches growling, well technically she is a bitch "you is here, here's you are".
"Damn straight" I answered "I've got a van waiting up top, so lets get gone".
"Where's lil fella" Joshua said looking behind him.
"Roswell NM" Alec sighed "why?".
"Thought she be with you" he answered "you be with her".
"I'll be with her soon" Alec answered "we better blaze".
"We blaze" he walked over to his bitch and picked up 9 or so puppies, handing me two of them. They weren't exactly the pick of the bunch but you had to admit they were you cute with there big puppy eyes. We put them in the car and were just about to jump in ourselves when two large vans rounded a corner.
"There they are" someone yelled.
"Kill 'em" Another one yelled.
"Come on" I called "we gotta get outta here".
"You go" Jouhua ordered "me stay here".
"No" I called "I'll stay and you go" the bitch sudden let out and roar and attacked viscously at the humans only to be shot in the head after fully surrounded. Joshua let out a growl and attacked angrily while I jumped in the car all the while he was screaming for me to go.
"Go" I put my foot down and speed out of Seattle not really knowing what to do. They weren't exactly human but they weren't animals either. They were like him and all they wanted was a place to belong. At this very moment I wish I were holding Liz and Lijandra in my arms he thought silently.

"What do you mean he just disappeared" Isabelle screamed at a nurse "A little over half and hour ago my brother was in a coma and your telling me he just got up and walked out the door" Kyle reached up and grabbed Isabelle. He had learned to control his new powers now and he used them to calm Isabelle down and... Lets just say a lot of other things. Maria clung to Michael as usually while hospital life continued around them.
"It's Tess?" Michael spoke up "she had to have done something to him".
"Something like what?" Kyle asked.
"Mind warped him.." Michael shrugged "I don't know".
"I agree with Michael" Maria spoke up "I mean lately Tess has been rambling on about how this being their destiny and wanting to get married...".
"I'm gonna try and dream walk Tess" Isabelle spoke up "does anyone have a picture of her".
"Hell no" Maria replied.
"Why don't you just dream walk Max again?" Kyle asked.
"Okay" Isabelle looked down at a picture of Max she kept in her wallet and closed her eyes to concentrate on dream walking him. But it was like something was blocking her, a force field. She concentrated hard enough to break through it.
Isabelle opened her eye and looked around a plane trying to figure out where Max was going. She looked around at the passengers who consisted of an Elvis impersonator and what looked like young lovers. She felt a hand on her chest.
Isabelle flew back in her seat.
"What happened?" Maria asked in concern.
"He was on a plane.." Isabelle gasped taking long deep breath to calm herself down.
"Where is he going?" Michael asked.
"I don't know" Isabelle sighed uselessly "there was a few people boarding, um couples... And Elvis impersonator..".
"Vegas" Maria erupted receiving odd looks from everyone "there's more chapels there than Elvis impersonators trust me".
"Than I guess we go to Vegas" Michael smiled.
"When?" They all turned around and found Liz looking at the curiously.
"Can you not do that?" Kyle screeched like a girl.
"Sorry but you guys have to see this" I gave them the picture I found in Alex's car "I had a friend of mine do a back ground check of a photo I found in Alex's car, the building in the background was demolished over 40 years ago" they gasped "and it gets better the emails Maria got from Alex actually came from a university in Las cruces. Where we found these?" Michael snatched up the book.
"Is this what I think it is?" He asked.
"None other than" I smiled.
"What is it?" Maria asked curiously.
"They are translations to the destiny book" I smiled "I think whoever killed Alex was using him to translate the book".
"Tess?" Maria erupted again "it has to be".
"We don't have any evidence telling us that it was her.." Liz spoke up "where is she anyway?".
"Oh eloping to Vegas with Max" I frowned at Isabelle's words "Liz we really don't know what's going on, he just seemed to change after you died" I nodded and tucked my hair behind my ears.
"So what do we do know?" I asked.
"We get to Vegas to stop the wedding" Kyle smiled.
"Why?" I asked.
"Because.." Kyle said turning and walking away.
"Why?" I asked again.
"Because.." He answered.
"Because I said so...".
"Will you two stop it" Maria snapped "your acting like your in grade 2".
"In other words were acting like you and Michael" Maria and Michael quietened down but I just could not stop listening to the lite voice in my head screamed Viva Las Vegas baby yeah..

"Are we there yet?".
"Jeez I was just asking".

"Your so beautiful" Amy giggled as she swayed Lijandra in her arms, she was like a mini Liz, with her deep doe brown eyes, her short brown mane and her cute little mouth. The door swung open and a average sized man came in "who are you? and what are you doing in my house?" Amy screamed hysterically.
"I'm looking for Liz?" He answered.
"Why?" She stuttered "Are you... Are you from Manticore?".
"How do you know about Manticore" Amy seemed to freeze while Alec looked down at little Lijandra "give her to me" he ordered.
"No please don't take the baby... Take me" Amy screamed throwing herself at him "I'll go with you to Manticore".
"Tempting but no" Alec replied sarcastically pushing her to the side and grabbing Lijandra in one arm "Now where's Liz?".
"Freeze" Alec looked towards the door where Jim stood.
"Jim" Amy screamed running up and standing directly behind him "he's looking for Liz?".
"Put the baby down and tell me what you want with Liz?" Alec rolled his, placing Lijandra back down and stepping towards Jim "take another step and a blow your head off".
"Listen here I just wanna..." In one quick movement Alec had the sheriff gun and turned it on him "talk" sheriff stuck his hand in the air.
"Oh my god I'm gonna die, please don't kill me I have a daughter" Amy began to pleaded while Jim stood staring at Alec.
"Your pretty fast" he sighed.
"Every think that maybe you were just really slow" Alec smiled taking the bullets from the gun and placing them in his pocket before from the gun to the sheriff "I don't think we've been properly introduced I'm Alec a friend of Liz's".
"Your an X5 aren't you" Jim asked.
"Give the man a prize" Alec smiled picking Lijandra up again "hey beautiful did you miss daddy".
"Daddy?' Amy repeated "You Lijandra's father?" Alec looked up and nodded.
"That's right" he smiled "I had a few things to take care of... So tell me. Where is Liz?".
"She should be on her way to Las Vegas as we speak to stop Max from getting married to Tess" 'figures' Alec thought rolling his eyes "how did you and Liz meet?".
"We were breeding partners" he smirked "not entirely bad if you ask me".
"Breeding partner?" Amy repeated.
"Yeah usually they whipped up embryos and placed them in surrogate mothers" he answered "but the lab was destroyed and most of us were forced to breed, unless we were the lucky ones who landed in a cage with an X5 with heat. Trust me it's not pretty" Amy and Jim went quiet "how's my baby girl".

"There's got to be thousands of wedding chapels in Vegas Tess and Max could be at anyone of them" I took in Maria's words and I had to agree that we should have thought a little bit more about this. I sighed and leaned against one of the cool walls in the phone booth thinking of what to do. I looked up and watched a couple X8's walk past, they practically blended into the crowds. They made eye contact with me and nodded. I nodded back and realised Vegas was full of them. Some more familiar than others like fix it and Gem with her beautiful baby girl. They where everywhere.
"Liz" Michael said waving his hand over my face "what planet were you just on?".
"Uranus" I smiled getting up.
"Do you have a plan or anything" Isabelle sighed in frustration.
"I might" I answered "I'll be back in a second" I walked off towards boutique store and walked up to the cash register where I stared directly into the eyes of a transgenic "I need your help".
"Come with me" she nodded. I followed her into the back "go in" I walked in and found weapons and training stimulation's all around me.
"Feel like home" Some smiled behind me. I turned and stared at Krit, an X5 I had meet a while ago.
"What home?" I asked.
"You needed some help?" He said walking throw observantly.
"I'm looking for someone" I answered "he's about to get married and I've got to tell him it's a big mistake".
"Aren't all Vegas weddings a mistake?" Krit asked.
"Not that I'm planning on getting hitched very soon but I think it's romantic" I answered "running away from everything and getting married".
"That's foolish if you ask me" Krit said walking into a room full of monitors.
"That too" I said looking around "Can you help me".
"Sure thing" he smiled turning and accessing a computer "How Alec and Li?".
"Good" I answered "we just moved to Roswell".
"I heard".
"Where?" I asked curiously.
"I have my sources" I replied "So what about you, any wedding bells in your future".
"Yeah right" I giggled "I can't even imagine myself in a wedding dress let alone spending my entire life with one man".
"No offence but I always thought you wanted to end up with Max or whatever his name is?" Krit said rolling his neck "you used to talk about him no stop".
"Used to" I repeated sitting down "a lot can happen in a year you know".
"I know" he said looking at me from the corner of his eye "what about Alec?".
"What about Alec?" I asked.
"I admit that he is short of a few brain cells..." I snorted "but he is a good guy".
"Yeah" I sighed getting a distant look in my eyes "but me and Alec getting married that's just impossible".
"Nothings impossible" Krit answered turning and looking me in the eyes "look at yourself, look at Li" I opened my mouth to reply.
"I found something" he interrupted "your boy is at the Elvis chapel, here are the directions".
"Thank you" I smiled kissing him on the forehead "love you".
"You too" I ran out of the store and to Isabelle, Michael, Kyle and Maria who looked bored. So much for the Vegas atmosphere.
"I found him".

Tess looked at Max thanking god that she no longer had to wind warp anyone to hide her protruding belly. Max wasn't smiling but she though he was having another migraine like usually. She looked to the priest and realized she was getting married to Max Evan's, her destiny, the father of her baby. She won over Liz finally.
"I do" Max choked.
"By the power invested in me I know pronounce you husband and wi..." The doors flew open interrupting the priest.
"Not again.." Tess growled before realising that not only had Isabelle, Michael, Kyle and Maria found them but a very live look Liz was well "Liz?" She gasped.
Max's head snapped to the side and took Liz in, she was a little taller than before and her body was more curvaceous. She was wearing a pair of low slung jeans and a black halter neck top with her hair out. Her skin looked flawless and her eyes looked like they could pierce through steel. Max yanked his arm away from Tess and walked towards her.
"Liz" he gasped. I really didn't know what I was feeling. He looked different, older.
"Max" I answered touching his cheek softly "what happened to you?".
"I thought you were dead" he cried "how are you alive?".
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you" he took my hand and kissed my palm gently.
"I don't care" he smiled "all that matters is your back".
"Your alive" Tess erupted the temperature turning up a few notches "how are you alive? I was at your funeral... I saw your body".
"Well I'm back" I smiled "miss me" Tess threw me back through the door I came from while the others stood frozen in their spots.
"You should have stayed wherever the hell you came from" I got up and walked back into the chapel "Max is mine now okay".
"Yeah right" I growled "like he would ever want you".
"He did" Tess hissed like a deadly serpent "he wanted me but he was to concerned that he would hurt you, you frigid bitch" I slammed my fist into her face.
"Sorry my fist slipped" I growled at her.
"Whatever" Tess cried getting up "All those times he spent with you he ached for me, that night when we kissed out in the rain. That wasn't the first or last time we kissed Liz".
"Shut up" I screamed punching her in the face.
"Fuck you" Tess screamed grabbing me by the head with both her hands and forcing painfully images into my mind.
"Oh my god Tess...".
"You wanna touch it".
"Hell yes".
"Bye Max".
"Is she gone?".
"I'm pregnant Max".
Tess pushed away from me and sat exhausted while I landed on the floor, the others unfreezing from their positions and Max looking around dazed and confused. That lasted for a few seconds before he ran to my side and tried to help me up, I refused and threw him back to Tess's side.
"Liz" I gasped in pain.
"What the hell are doing?" Isabelle yelled at Liz angrily.
"You lied to me" I screamed at Max "All the while you told me I was your destiny, that I was the only one you want, you were screwing this blonde gerbil bitch. Why?".
"Liz calm down.." He ordered.
"Don't tell me to calm down" the chairs were set on fire at how outraged I was.
"How did you do that?" Michael squeaked.
"How do you think?" I snapped at him "a little alien mambo jumbo I kicked up thanks to yours truly. You know what I wish I had died that day in the crashdown. Tell me Max, why?".
"I was feeling lonely Liz" Max cried "I thought you had died and when I saw Tess.... She was there for me when no one else was...".
"Oh please" I interrupted "it began long before that, maybe it began long before I even meet you".
"Liz" Max cried at her feet "I love you".
"I can't love you" I answered running out the door of the burning Elvis chapel, fire trucks lining up outside ready to attack the fire. Elvis impersonators in awe. I just walked out of there until I heard the roar of a motorcycle. I turned and saw none other than Alec pull up with a Harvey Davidson and carriage. In the carriage was Lijandra in her beautiful glory.
"Maybe Roswell wasn't such a good idea" he smiled.
"You think" I took his hand and sat behind him.
"What about Hollywood?" He asked running a finger down Lijandra's cheek.
"I don't care as long as it is away from here" I smiled looking at him "and with you". I kissed him softly on the cheek.
"That's exactly what I was thinking Mrs Wolfe" I tightened my grip around his waits as he drove out of Las Vegas. I don't know what we have but I don't think it's love, now that I know that what me and Max had was a lie.