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EARTH - 2003

The shuffling of feet could be heard throughout the Harding Manor. All scurrying to reach the owner that stood outside their front door, pounding on the deep mahogony wood, begging to be answered. The large, heavy door swung open and two petite young women rushed in, followed by a tall, dark and handsome man.

Eight teens stared at the new visitors that both of their protectors had let in. The two men stood shocked, their mouths gapping open, eyes staring unblinkingly at the three new visitors.

The young supple, raven haired girl stepped forward and broke the thick silence. "Well, don't just stand there with your mouths all agap, close the door already."

Her clothing was different from the others. More revealing. She wore white baggy pants that hung low on her hips. On the outside of each leg were oval shaped gaps that ran from hem to hem. Her shirt matched her pants almost identically, low cut and high hemmed with the same oval cut-outs gracing the seems. Adorning her feet were a pair of white tennis shoes.

Decorating her olice skin were numerous piercings along her navel, eyebrow, tongue, lip, nose and up the ears. With tattooed symbols on the pulse of each wrist.

Her companions were covered from head to toe. The only skin showing were their hands and faces. Layers of long, flowing fabric ruffled against their bodies, and sheer silk was entwined in their hair.

Nasedo snapped back to reality and closed the door quickly, before walking up to the inquisitive head-strong girl he once knew.

"Serina?" he asked, afraid she'd disappear. "Is it really you?" his voice barely audible as he inched closer to the beauty's petite frame.

"Yes uncle. It is me. But I go by Elyzabith now. Or, as I'm commonly known, Lyz." She explained with nobility in her soft voice.

"Understandable, understandable. I'm guessing this is Nioby and Kishum." Nasedo assumed with a question in his voice.

She laughed at his puzzled expression. Stopping abruptly she answered his question. "Yes, yes they are. My loyal servants and friends."

"Yes, I remember now. Now, young one, onto introductions. This is Ava, Michael, Isabel, Tess, Zan, Rath, Max and Vilondra. Beside me is my colleage Malif. Everyone this is my neice, Liz and her servants." Nasedo introduced everyone getting grunts, hellos and nods in return.

"Now uncle, if I remember correctly, I already know them. Just in a previous lifeline." Liz chastised with a smile.

"Why, yes doll that is very much true, but they have yet to complete their full duties." Nasedo said with a disappointed frown.

"Uncle!" she cried in a distraught tone. "You have yet to accomplish your task? I have given you over 60 years! There should be two sets of royals by now, NOT vegetables! What do you think the council is going to say when I take them back? Huh?! And who's neck is on the line? Not yours, MINE!"

"HEY! You better watch it, we ain't vegetables!" Zan spoke up in an authoritave tone.

Turning her head to see who spoke to her in such a way, Liz huffed. "Well, we will see about that won't we?" Sighing she shifted to face Nasedo again. "Well, what's the statise then?"

"They each know their given power, and they all can use the basics, but none of them are ready yet. Not for what they've been created for." he replied.

"No, they arn't ready for a war yet. They are 263 years old and they are not yet prepared for what is about to come. They can't even remember the torture it was. How do you expect them to know what will come?" She paused and sat down on the arm of the couch.

"It's gotten worse Nasedo. Our reserves are dipleating and we have no more recruits. Children are being torn from their mothers and families only to be thrown into a battle field. Most don't make it home. The thrown is coming closer and closer to being overthrown. They need a king uncle, they need someone to lead them to glory." Tears began to trickle down her cheeks and her voice began to quiver.

"I've tried, uncle. I've tried so hard. They all count on me and it's too much for me to handle right now. Mothers come and fall at my feet begging for me to give them back their children. Fathers call me a murder. And there's nothing I can do about it. We need the royals back on Antar, before something drastic happens. They're our only hope now..."


Yeah I know, such a horrible place to leave off huh? Well, this isn't my first fic but if you've read my old ones then you know that I really will stop writing if I'm not satisfyed with the feedback. Hope ya'll like it...


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Part 1
Earth 2003

The vision she painted was so surreal that no one could mutter a word. Unable to speak anymore Lyz lifted herself off the arm of the chair and strutted towards the stairs.

Her movement alerted the senses of the teens and awoke their inquisitive minds. "Yo! Where ya goin?" Vilondra shouted, causing Lyz to stiffen immediately.

Turning on heels, Lyz faced Vilondra and with a tight smile said, "Villy, I'm going to bed. I'm sure I can find the room farthest from yours." Continuing to ascend the winding staircase she muttered in a foreign tongue. "Kihm na seih keif la woiu"

Thou she muttered those words the house heard them loud and clear, but only the oldest of them knew what it meant. Those same words caused a cheerful laugh to escape Nasedo and Malif's lips. Her two servants made their way up the steps 12 paces behind her, keeping silent the whole time.

"WHAT?! What the hell is so god damn funny?!" Vilondra screamed, trying to defend her pride.

"Only what I've been missing all those years." Answered Nasedo.

"What did she say?" Max spoke for the first time that night.

"It's something you wouldn't understand even if you tried." Malif replied, while retiring for bed.

"Well, how do you know we wouldn't understand. I'm the king damnit, I demand to know what she said!!!" Zan shouted, taking a defensive demeanor.

"Ah, but Zan you cannot demand that of what isn't yours. Besides, royalty cannot pride into those of other royalty. You are at the same rank as Lyz, if that. In fact, I'd say that she should be the one demanding of you." Nasedo reasoned and then retired to his room, leaving eight teens confused and disoriented.

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