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Title: Too Much To Stay Away

Author: SpAcEgUrL370

Summary: Takes place right after 'Busted', Liz is sent to the boarding school in Vermont, against her will. How will they keep it together?

Rating: R

Category: M/L

Disclaimer: All that stuff belongs to all those people and not me. No infringement intended.

Author's Note: This is my first time working with R type stuff, so don't laugh at me... And feedback would really be appreciated!


"Quiet, your dad might hear us."

Max pulled Liz closer to him as they crept through Liz's bedroom window late Friday night. It had been a week since Jeff's initial warning about their relationship and Winnaman Academy.

"Liz, I'm sorry if anything happens, but I just had to be near you. I couldn't stand it."

"I know the feeling," she responded as she closed the window behind her. "I just hope dad doesn't hear us."

"Too late," came a voice from the corner. "I warned you. I warned you both of the consequences if you even looked at eachother. And what do you do? You sneak out in the middle of the night and go God knows where?Jesus, Liz, you should know better than that!"

"Mr. Parker-"

"No, Max, no. I don't want to hear your excuses. Get out."

With a final look at Liz, Max climbed out the window and down the fire escape.

Jeff turned his attention back to his daughter. "Liz, how could you?"

"Dad, I'm sorry. I really am. But I love him. Too much to stay away."

"Pack your bags. We leave tomorrow morning."

"What? No, dad, you can't!"

"I'm your father, Elizabeth Parker. I can do whatever I damned well please. Get packing," He said as he left the room.

Liz stood silently for a few moments, then collapsed to the floor, sobbing.


Max was halfway back to Micheal's apartment when he felt a strange sensation, like something was wrong. Liz. He made a U-turn at the nearest intersection and sped back toward the Parkers'.

Climbing up the fire escape, he could hear Jeff yelling at Liz. He hid next to the window, in shock. Finally, he heard Jeff leave the room. Slowly he stood up and peeked (an: Sorry, couldn't think of a better word. Oops, I just ruined the mood. sorry *tongue* ) through the window. The scene in front of him broke his heart. Liz on the floor in tears! It made him want to cry too.

Liz felt arms wrap around her and lift her off the floor. The owner of the arms kissed the top of her head. She looked up to meet Max's misty eyes and smiled.

"Max, you have to go. Now." she said, wishing with all her heart she didn't have to.

"Sorry, I just can't."

"If my dad finds us-"

She never got to finish her sentence because Max pulled her into a mind-blowing kiss. They stood there for several minutes, just enjoying eachother. Then Max picked her back up and took her over to her bed. He set her down and laid down next to her.

"Max, my dad can't find you here," Liz said, rolling over to face him."

"What can he do? He's already taking you away."

Liz sighed, resigning to the fact that this was a battle she couldn't win. So she closed her eyes and snuggled up closer to him, wishing tomorrow would never come.


Okay, so this wasn't that good. I was totally laughing my ass off trying to write it. but I wanted to put it out here, I don't know why. FB!

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Too Much To Stay Away part one:

Author’s note: Ok, so here’s part one. I swear if I have to go any longer without any humor, I’m going to die! Luckily, I’m working on a M/M section…

Part One

Liz felt the pressure building in her ears as the plane lifted off the ground. The plane that was taking her to Connecticut, away from everyone she loved. She yawned and rubbed her ears, trying to relieve the pressure. But like the anger she felt, it wouldn’t leave.

Nancy Parker moved her hand up and down her daughter’s arm in what was supposed to be a comforting gesture. But Liz just pulled her arm away and glared at her. Then she turned to face the window. Nancy’s heart broke just looking at her. She really wished that they didn’t need to do this. She looked over at Jeff. He returned her gaze with a look of determination on his face, but she could see the hurt in his eyes.

Jeff turned away from Nancy to look at the movie they were playing. Alice in Wonderland, Lizzie’s favorite movie as a child. He had seen it with her a million times. He sighed, remembering how close they had been all those years. But ever since that Evans boy had walked into their lives, she had been growing more and more distant. He really wished he didn’t have to send her away, but he felt it was the only was to keep her safe.

All three jumped when Liz’s cell phone beeped, letting her know she had a message. Both Jeff and Nancy turned to her, silently asking.

“It’s from Maria.” Liz lied, surprised at how cold her voice sounded. She pushed the ‘read’ button. Miss You, XOXO. Liz smiled as a tear ran down her cheek.

She opened her purse to get a tissue, but instead her fingers found a slip of paper. She traced to edges for a moment, thinking, then unbuckled her seatbelt and headed for the restroom.

“Where are you going?” Jeff asked, a note of accusation in his voice.


“Do you want me to hold your purse?”

“No!” Liz clung to her purse, wondering if she had said that a little too eagerly.

Liz locked the door behind her and sat on the counter. She pulled out the note and read:


I miss you so much already. Call Maria tomorrow at 5. Love you,


The tears that had been threatening to spill over since this morning suddenly came. She began sobbing, knowing there was no Max to comfort her this time.


I know, I know. Sucky and sad. Can I have some FB anyway? and it should get better, the sadness and the suckiness. This is my first time writing sad stuff, and I'm not that good yet.

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StarPrincess- I never really thought about that... Well, I guess I needed her to go or there won't be a story! If you choose to continue reading, you'll find that I make minor adjustments when needed to suit my needs. *wink*

Author's note: Composing at computer. May not go as well as planned.

Part 2

Max exploded through Maria's front door the next day at 4:55. He ran over to a seat nearest the phone and began staring at it.

"Well hello there, Max. You know, you just missed Liz. She promised to call back next week, though,"

"WHAT?!?" Max was on his feet, turning red.

Maria laughed. "Kidding, kidding. Like Liz would ever miss talking to you. She would have made me sit here all day waiting for you."

Max slowly sat down, his face returning to a normal color. "Oh. Okay."

He turned his full attention back to the phone. Maria rolled her eyes. Micheal would never do that. He would be gone before anyone had the chance to tell him it was a joke.

Max jumped 3 feet into the air when the phone rang. He picked it up and held it to his ear. "Liz?"

"Umm, no, this is Joe Bennek, calling on behalf of the Roswell Labor Union-"

"I don't care." Max said, slamming the phone back onto the receiver. "That better not have interfered with Liz." he grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Who was that?" Maria asked

Max shrugged, once again completely entranced by the phone.

The phone rang again, and Max snatched it up before it was through ringing the first time. "Liz?"

"Hi Max,"

"Hi" Max glared at Maria. She held her hands up and slowly backed out of the room.

"I miss you,"

They talked for over an hour about school, parents, and sometimes nothing at all. Finally, Maria walked back in and mouthed 'Long Distance Bill!'

"Liz, I think I have to go." Max said into the mouthpiece.

"Oh, Okay"

"Love you"

"Love you too.



"Okay, you hang up first."

"No, you.



Maria groaned. This was going to take forever. She marched over to Max and snatched the phone from his hand. "I will!"

She put the phone back on the hook, realizing she hadn't even said hi to Liz.


Liz was met with a click and a dial tone at the other end of the line. She grinned. Typical Maria.


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Author’s Note: Here's part 3. It's mostly filler with a little bit of a plot at the end. Bold letters means flashback.

Part 3

Liz Parker woke up Monday morning to the sound of the Wake Up Call bell the prefects rang every morning at 6. She yawned and stretched, remembering that today was the beginning of her second week here.

Winnamen Academy was not quite as bad as she had thought it would be, but she hadn’t expected it to be very good. Her roommate, Steph, reminded her strangely of Maria. And the teachers adored her already. Seemed as if West Roswell High’s curriculum was a few months ahead to Winnamen Academy’s. Or maybe it was that there were no Advanced Placement courses here.

She got up and pulled on that annoying blue blouse and plaid skirt you had to wear here. She had opted to shower at night so she wouldn’t have to deal with the crowded bathrooms and severe lack of hot water in the morning. Yeah, she could remember the day she learned that well…

Liz rolled over and moaned at the sound of a bell ringing. Who went up and down the halls making this much noise at 6 am? She rolled out of bed and took her bath towel off the hook by the door. She crossed the hall to the dorm bathroom. As soon as she entered, she was blinded by steam. Girls leaned against the wall with the mirrors and sinks chattering away. Others were lined up by the showers, waiting. And more were coming and going, pushing past her. One particularly large girl knocked her over. Steph, appearing out of nowhere, grabbed her arm and pulled her back to her feet.

“Are we having fun?” she asked, grinning.

Liz shook her head, but giggled. Steph disappeared back into the crowd.

45 minutes later, Liz stumbled out of the bathroom with wet hair and smeared lipstick. She looked at the clock on her desk. 6:55. Her first class started in 5 minutes!

She hurriedly put on her uniform and pulled her hair into a ponytail. Grabbing her socks and shoes, she ran out the door. As she hopped down the hall, she pulled a sock onto one wet foot. She barely made it to class, thanking her lucky stars that she had taken a tour yesterday. She tied her shoes outside the door and entered the room.

Liz could perfectly picture the look on Ms. Henemman’s face when she walked in. She hadn’t punished her for being late because it was her first day, but warned her it was detention next time.

She laced up her Doc’s and picked up her books for first hour and headed to class, 15 minutes early.


Liz didn’t see the eyes glaring at her as she walked by. The venomous stare turned to a grin as the owner turned on her cell phone and dialed.

“Yes, I’ve got Liz Parker…”


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Part 4

“Thanks for coming with me, Kyle. I just hope my necklace turns up,” Isabel said as they rode through the desert.

They got out of the car and went down into the cave. It was their first time back since Tess had left, and it looked horrible. The whole inside of the place was charred black. Isabel gasped at how the explosion had enlarged it to be at least 3 times the previous size. She was sure the pods would be damaged and completely gone, but they were still there, same place as always, perfectly intact.

Kyle immediately set about looking for the necklace. Isabel had told him it was a purplish-greenish color, and it was very powerful so DON’T TOUCH IT. At least that’s what she said.

She’d lost it the day they were going back to Antar. In a rush to get out of the cave, she’d dropped it. She was planning to leave it on Earth, but then of course since they were staying, she’d wanted to keep it. Lonnie had given it to her, saying it belonged to Vilandra in the previous life. Lonnie warned her of what it could do, and Isabel wasn’t going to mess with it.

She stepped back through the pods to the former granolith room. This sight was the most stunning of them all. The walls had turned completely metallic. And in the middle stood her mother.


“Okay Liz, truth or dare.”


“How did I know?!” Steph exclaimed

The other girls giggled, including Liz.

“Have you ever been in love? And if so, with who?” Abigail asked

The other girls moaned and threw popcorn at her. Abigail, obviously, had not heard about Max. A miracle, to say the least.

A dreamy look came into Liz’s eyes. “Yes, Max Evans.” She went on to tell them the story of how she met Max, (leaving out the alien part, of course), while Steph sat behind her, lip syncing along. She had heard it a zillion times.

When she finally finished, they decided they had had enough of the game and moved to the ice cream Jennifer had smuggled in.

Liz, however, preferred to stay in her Max-themed dreamworld…

“Liz. Liz, love, you have to wake up.” She could still feel Max’s whisper in her ear.

“Nooo,” she had moaned and wrapped herself around him more tightly. But he had to be responsible and pry her off of him.

“You have to pack.”

Stupid Max.

So they had packed her things. The moment they had finished, Jeff knocked on the door. “Elizabeth Parker. Get out here.”

Max had kissed her one last time before he left. Then he climbed out the window and down the fire escape, leaving her alone again.

Liz found herself touching her lips unconsciously. Fingers waved an inch from her nose.

“Earth to Liz. Come in.”

Liz looked up and plastered on a grin. “Sorry.”



“Mother…I…How are you…”

“Vilandra, I don’t have much time. Zan. He’s in danger. And his Liz. You must-"

She disappeared.


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Author’s Note: Thanks for the feedback. I know things are a little screwy right now, because I’m working on a new fic at the same time and I keep getting the characters’ emotions and problems mixed up.

Part 5

Isabel stood there, staring at where her mother had been not more than a few seconds ago. She was in total shock. How had her mother contacted her without the orbs? And what was this about Max being in danger?

A wave of realization swept over her. She had to go warn him. Now.

“Isabel? Wha-” Kyle didn’t finish, Isabel grabbed his arm and was moving top speed toward the car.

“Drive.” She commanded, looking terrified.

A few miles down the road, Kyle couldn’t take it anymore. He had to know what had happened! “Hey, Isabel? What… what’s wrong?”

She just looked nervous. “Can’t we go any faster?”

“We’re over the speed limit as it is. How are we going to explain it to the cops when they pull us over?”

“Kyle, those guys love you. They’ll just laugh it off and say something like ‘That’s Kyle!’ Now DRIVE!”

Kyle shook his head and floored it all the way back to Roswell. Before he could park in the Evanses’ driveway, Isabel was inside the house.

“Bye, Izzy,” He called after her anyway before backing out and heading home.


“Yes, sir, as I understand it, the Parker girl is definitely the way to Zan’s heart.”

“Good. Get her, then.”

“Yes, sir.”


“Max!” Isabel yelled as she ran up the stairs to Max’s room. “Max!”

“Go away, Iz. I’m busy.” Max turned back to his computer. He and Liz were talking over instant messenger. As stupid as he felt using a girly screenname like ‘tabascochica’, it was totally worth it to talk to her.

“Max. You’re in danger.”

He shrugged it off. “Eh,”

“Liz, too.”

He was on his feet instantaneously. “WHAT?”


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Author’s Note: Mostly Max and Liz with a little of the bad guys right off the bat. Enjoy!

Part 6

“Sir! Sir, they know. They know we’re after them.”


“King Jentu and Queen Lonna.”

“Impossible! They’re dead.”

“They’ve been hiding out on planet Tantibar since the war.”

“Well, find them! And make sure they are disposed of. And don’t forget Zan and this Parker girl.”


Liz was sitting out on the school’s playground. She knew she’d have to go in soon, no one was allowed out after dark. But she wanted to sit and enjoy the outdoors for just a little longer before going back in.

She felt arms wrap around her from behind. She gasped and was about to scream for help before she recognized the scent.

“Max!” She turned so she was facing him. “You’re here!”

His face was so close to hers that the words tickled his nose. “Had to see you,”

She closed the few inches between them to kiss him. “You shouldn’t be here,” she breathed as his lips moved down her neck.

“Come on,” he took her hand and led her over to the fence. He had made a hole in it on his way in, so they could just stroll out. He repaired the fence behind him and they headed into town.


“Oh, I wish you could stay longer,” She moaned as they said their goodbyes in front of the school later that night.

“I can’t,” he said in between kisses. “It’s a 25 hour drive back to Roswell. I cut school yesterday and today to come, and I can’t miss again. They get suspicious. Plus, where would I sleep?”

“You could share my bed,” Liz said teasingly. “My roommate’s real good about that type of thing.”

“As tempting as that really is, I can’t.”

They kissed for several more minutes before he finally left. Liz shivered, suddenly cold. A light went on behind her, and a door opened.

“Elizabeth Parker?” a voice behind her said.


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It's not.

New part tomorrow night *angel*
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Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I completely lost my train of thought since the board shut down. *happy*

Part 7


“Come ON, Micheal.”

“Absolutely NOT.”

“Please? For me?” Maria clasped her hands and batted her eyes.


Maria sighed. There was only one way to handle this situation. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Hard. Several minutes later, they both had to come up for air. They broke apart.

“I am at your command,” Micheal muttered and leaned in for more, but Maria shoved him away, now in full General Deluca mode.

“Okay, so here’s what we do…”


The walls here weren’t quite white, Liz noted as she sat on her bed.

Being grounded could really suck. Not that she would know, this was the perfect Liz Parker’s first time.

Perfect. Being perfect was everything. Liz had worked for perfection in everything. Grades, her job, even the hair had to be perfect.

Well, that had really gone to hell.

Maybe… Maybe she put herself in too much danger being with Max. Maybe it was the cause of all her problems…

But she couldn’t think about that right now. The clock was staring at her…


Max watched the road ahead of him with disinterest. He had just crossed the border into Kansas, and had roughly 8 hours left ahead of him. He had been driving all day, and the night before.

This had seemed like a much shorter drive on the way to Connecticut, he thought. It was a lot easier to go 25 hours without sleeping when you were on your way to see your soulmate.

He allowed himself to slip back into his fantasy Liz world, not seeing the deer that had just stepped onto the road.


PLEEEASE don’t be mad at me regarding Liz’s thoughts! I’ll fix it, promise! Oh, and if you want more soon, you’ll leave me feedback… *tongue*

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Author’s Note: Here it comes again… That special time in every fic’s life… It’s… TRANSITION TIME! *wink* enjoy.

Disclaimer: I stole a little of the idea from the M/M scene from Becker… Don’t sue!

Part 8

Max gasped as he saw the deer frozen in his headlights. He swerved just in time to avoid hitting it, but as he did so, he lost control of his car.

It spun off the side of the road and rolled over twice into a ditch.

*I forgot to tell Liz* was his last conscious thought.

Then everything went black.


“So, what do you want me to do?” Micheal asked for the fiftieh time in 10 minutes.

“First, help me find some wire cutters.”

“Why? Maria, I know the guy annoys you, but you really shouldn’t cut his cable. A guy needs it to live!”

“I’m not cutting his cable, dumbass.”

“What, then? You’re not going to cut his-”

“His brakes! Great idea, huh?”

“Maria! That’s dangerous! What happens when he tries to stop?”



“We have him, sir.”

“Fantastic! How?”

“The deer, sir. Easiest one in years, I’d say.”

“Good. Lock him up and we’ll take care of him first thing tomorrow.”

“Yes sir.”

“Now, see if you can get the girl.”


Isabel and Kyle sat in the old pod chamber, waiting.

What they were waiting for, well, even they didn’t quite know. A sign of some sort, a clue to point them in the direction of their problem.

Isabel began drawing circles in the dust. Her hand fell on something. She picked it up. It was the necklace Lonnie had given her. She opened her eyes and her jaw dropped. She was getting images from it!

*Her mother and father being handed over to a strange man*
She could feel their anger and pain and worry

*The same man talking to another*
Information was attached, this was Kivar and a servant.

*Max healing Liz at the Crashdown*

*Max in the White Room*

*Max at the Summit*

The images of Max kept flying at her. She knew these people had been watching him. The last images she got terrified her.

*Max crashing and rolling down the hill*

*Max, unconscious at best, lying on the floor of a cell*


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It's official, I've hit a wall. I can't figure where to go next. So I'm asking you guys. What would you like to see happen next?

Please help me out here!


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