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Title~Loving what's gone
Disclaimer~I do not own the characters from Roswell or wrote any of the episodes.
I grieve~By Peter Gabriel(Copyrighted cause I didn’t write this song)
Rating~PG-13(so far)
Sypnosis~So I'm starting another story. Why no idea,but this came to me when I was reading of reports on season 3 that there was going to be a what if(never happen,because of the # of episodes being cut),and someone travels back in time.How though,the granilith is destroyed.Well I came up with an idea of standing stones,and one night when I was having writers block from another story,this came into exsitance.

Prolouge~Loving what's gone~By Carolyn Sawyers~I gireve~By Peter Gabriel(Copyrighted)

The hardest thing Max Evans has ever done,was watch as his wife, Liz Paker-Evans died in his arms, and he couldn't save her. It was like Nasedo and Alex all over again.

They've only been married for a month.A future uncertain, but thier love was forever,and they belived it.
Now a broken man, he left the group and waunder aimlessly across the untied states.Then to Europe.Liz wanted to go here so badly,to see Spain,Italy,Ireland,Scotland.

Max was sitting on a scottish headland,overlooking a loch, somewhere in the Isle of Lewis, miles from civilation. Wondering why he was still alive. It's been two years since liz died. The day burned in his memroy.
Nicholas killed her, aiming for Max, but Liz used herself as a shield, to protect him. It happen so fast that Max didn't realize untill to late.

That damn alien skin bastard was thankfully dead, but not before he took away the one thing he's ever cared about.Liz.

It was only one hour ago
It was all so different then
nothing yet has really sunk in
looks like it always did
this flesh and bone
it's just the way that we are tied in
but there's noone home
I grieve...
for you
you leave...

LIZ!!"Max screamed seeing Nicholas energy power,hit her at full force,her body absorbing the hit,and falling limply to the ground.Seeing red,Max raised his hand and showed Nicholas exactly what it felt like.

He did it once,twice,three times,he kept attacking the already dead body untill there was nothing but ground.
For a moment he had no idea where he was,then he remebered Liz,lying on the ground.He ran to her and gathered her in his arms,desperately trying to bring her back to him,but nothing worked she was fading and fast.

"Max,what's happening?"Liz choked out,coughing untill blood snuck out of the side of her mouth.

"You're going to be be find Liz,hold on, Please."He begged,placing his hand on her stomach,but nothing worked,his hand didn't glow,it was cold like Liz's body.

"Max I-I can't feel anything."

"No look at me Liz look at me,"Max screamed,trying again.

"I love you max,I love you I lo............"

Liz was gone,and Max knew it.He cried so hard that he thought he would die to. He kissed her lips and held her limp body untill Micahel tried to seperate them,Raising his hand he flung Michael backwards.

"No! Don't take her away from me!"

so hard to move on
still loving what's gone
said life carries on...
carries on and on and on...
and on

Maria,in tears,kneeled beside him,touching his shoulder,whispering reason to him,"Max,we need to take her home."

"Home,I'm her home,she should be with me!!"Max cried,burying his head in her hair,"She should be with me."

"Max,Please,we need to take her home to her family."Isabel said gently,managing to pull Max away from her.

Kyle and Maria took Liz's body and put her in the van.Max vaugly remeber that they're going to drive to a nearest hospital..He had no idea how they were going to explain her death.

Isabel held her brother untill the van drove away,Kyle was going to come back for them when he dropped Maria at the hospital. Max finally jerked free and started walking,Michael started to chace after him, but Isabel stopped him.

"Let him go,he needs to be by himself,"She said trying to stop the tears from flowing without much sucess."We'll be here for him when he returns."

However,when Max walked away that day,he never looked back. He never saw them again,and he didn't want to.

the news that truely shocks
is the empty, empty page
while the final rattle rocks
its empty, empty cage...
and I can't handle this
I grieve...
for you
you leave...

Today was the two year anniversay of her death. Only once did he manage to vist her grave. It was before he went to Europe. Like a shadow in the night he came,touching her grave stone,glad that her name read

Liz Parker-Evans.
Wife Daughter.
She was much loved.
And will forever live
in our hearts

"Liz,"He whispered,reaching his hand out to touch the letters.

Then you see Max,back on the Scottish headland,his hand outstreched, touching nothing but thin air.However in his mind, he was back in Roswell, his hand touching Liz's gravestone again.

Realizing where he was, Max threw the bottle of scotch he emptied, knowing it was a bad thing for him to drink, but he wanted to stay numb,h e didn't care about his body anymore.I f the alcohol killed him, then so be it.

His vison was warped and his mind a traffic jam.He manage to pick himself up and drunkily walk aimlessly forward.Not really seeing where he was going.

He tripped on a rock or boader of somekind and landed face first in the dirt.He looked up and saw he was surrounded by huge rocks,he couldn't tell,his vison was too messed up to be sure.He did know that he was leaning agiainst a rock, wishing he could go back,and find away to stop Liz from dying.

"I want Liz to be alive,I want Alex to never have died,I wish I never knew the exsistance of Tess, Nasedo and Antar!"He screamed,raising his hand and shot a surge of energy out in front of him.

Blinding light assulted his eyes,he shield them with his arm,wondering what was going on.The next thing he knew he was being hurled into the blinding white light.It was so stomach wretching,he was suprise he didn't get sick.Is he dying?Is his pain finally going to end?Is he finally going to see Liz again?

He anxiously waited,letting his body go limp,as he traveled through whatever he was traveling through.Praying for the end.

With a hard thud, Max landed onto something very solid.
He looked up, his vison had return to normal, his body no longer a slave to the toxins of alcohol.

The granilith!?

The purplish white light, that lit the chamber,showed him that the black funnel cone,on a white litted base was indeed in his sight of vision.Why was he here?The granilith was destroyed, buried in the rubble of the pod chammber.

Overwhelmed by his journey,and where he ended up Max Evans,passed out,praying everything was just a dream.

let it out and move on
missing what's gone
said life carries on...
I said life carries on and on...
and on

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Well since you guys have been great with the FB! I thought you deserve a new part!
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Chapter 1~Loving what's gone~By Carolyn Sawyers~I grieve~By Peter Gabriel(copyrighted)

Max woke up with the most painful headache,he's ever been known to experience. With his eyes closed,and his hands at the side of his head, he brought himself up to a sitting position. Slowly he open his eyes,to a squint. It didn't hurt that much, but the place he was in,wasn't really lit all that well. Daring to open his eyes further,
Max was stunned to see the graniltih before him. It didn't look damaged. He got up and touched the black surface.The purple light glowing against his skin.

"What's going on here,"Max whispered outloud.Realizing he wasn't dreaming before.

Turning around he saw the opening that'll take him back to the pod chamber.He willed himself to go forward,dropping to his knees when he got to the small opening that'll take him to the outer chamber.The granilith's home was hidden behind the pods,that he,I sabel, Michael and Tess hatched out of.All those years ago.

The entrance to the pod chamber was blocked still.It's as if Isabel never threw that rock at her pod,and discovered the granilith's exsitance.

Raising his hand,Max used his powers to blow the pod's material away, so he could crawl through, into the pod chamber.

It was as if noone knew it was here.Everything was intacted. No rubble from a cave in, caused by the granilith turning into a spaceship, that took Tess,and his unborn son away.

Max stood up on his shaky legs,dusting the dirt off his knees.

A force suddenly started leading him to a section of the cave. Staring at the wall he took a shaky hand and waved it over a part of the wall. A silver hand print appeared.Pressing his hand on the luminated symbol.He stepped back as a section of the cave slid open.Immeditaely Max shielded his hands over his eyes.

The light from outside blinded him.Stepping out,Max slowly lowered his hands, letting his eyes adjust to the exterior light. With a sigh of determination, he stepped outside,taken in the sight of the desert, he knew very well. Walking down the steep hill, he knew where he was going. Back home to Roswell.What will greet him there he had no idea.

Max apperance was still altered.Blond cropped hair,blue eyes,and a goatee.He blended in on the streets of downtown Roswell.

People passing him by, not knowing what or who he is.Max would look behind his shoulder once in awhile, wondering if the FBI knew he was here.Waiting to ambush him,and take him to someplace like the white room. To torture him,and discover what makes an alien tick.That palce was his nightmare.He vowed he'd never let anyone he love, ever to have to go through,what he did in there.

However no one came out,the disguise is thankfully working.

life carries on in the people I meet
in every one that's out on the street
in all the dogs and cats
in the flies and rats
in the rot and the rust
in the ashes and the dust
life carries on and on and on...
and on

Looking up Max realize he was standing in front of the UFO center,the place he use to work at.He wondered if Brody still owns the place.

A flyer was suddenly thrusted at him, Max looked up and stared back at a 6ft tall green alien, with the over size head,with black eyes. Max smiled remebering the many hot days both Milton and Brody made him wear that suit,when convention time came around.

life carries on and on and on...
life carries on and on and on...
and on
life carries on and on and on...
just the car that we ride in
the home we reside in
the face that we hide in
the way we are tied in

The person in the alien suit walked away from him and contiuned to pass out flyers;whether the passer byers wanted them or not.He read the flyer and nearly passed out in shock.

Tickets for the 1999 UFO convention on sale now!

Max shook his head in disbelief. He closed his eyes, waited for a few seconds and opened them again.

The line still remain the same. How can it be 1999? Last time he remebered it was 2004.

Somehow he managed to travel back in time five years.
Max threw the flyer to the ground and walked a few blocks to where he knew a newspaper machine was at.Looking around to make sure no one was watching.Max placed his hand over the handle of the newspaper machine.Used his powers,to release the latch,pulled it back and grabbed out a paper.He brought the newspaper to his face, and searched for the date.

September 22,1999

The day before Liz got shot.

Max lowered the newspaper,and thought he was going to faint.

How did he get here? He was in Scotland,leaning against a rock,and then there was the light,and then he was looking at the granilith. A still unused granilith.
Who or what sent him here? How did they know to send him here?

The day before Liz got shot."Screamed a voice in his head.

He turned, in the direction of the Crashdown.The half imbedded spaceship sign, was like a beacon, the white,r ed and blue lights blinking at him, as if it was some kind of omen.

The day before Liz got shot!"the voice screamed again

Then his muddled,confused mind,had an epiphany.

"You can stop Liz from getting shot,t he Max you were won't have to heal her,s he will never have the misfortune of knowing you. She won't die, Alex won't die,Tess will not ruin thier lives.Yes this is why I was sent back,t o fix the past,and prevent the screwed up future I created when I healed Liz."Max thought excitedly,walking towards the opposite end of where the Crashdown was located.

A cheap motel was a few more blocks down. He'll sleep for awahile, and then relive that day. Come up with a plan,that doesn't require his present self to use his powers to save Liz. He'll save Liz,with the power of the future. It'd have to be natural,precise,and it can't invole his present selfs involment.

The entrance of the 1947 motel came into his view. He dugged in his pocket and pulled out a bunch of Euro dollars. Not only did they not exsit yet, but he can't use this money in the united States. He glanced around,glad that no one was really looking at him. He closed the money in his hands,and when he opened them again.

American dollars took the Euro dollars place.

With a sigh, Max turned around and open the door to the hotel. He had alot to do tonight. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day.

as life carries on and on and on...
and on
life carries on and on and on...
did I dream this belief
or did I believe this dream
how I will find relief
I grieve...

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So here's something that might hold you over for a little while.
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Chapter two~Loving what is gone~By Carolyn Sawyers.(Roswell~The Balance~Written by~Thania St.John~Copyrighted~Jason Katmins Productions/Regency Television/ 20th Century Fox)

Why did Max think he could sleep.He hasn't slept for two years. The day Liz was taken from him, he's been walking the earth like a vampire. Well, not exactly like a vampire,he still could go out in the daylight. However, he felt like a dead man walking.

Using his powers he switched on the light,the sudden flood of brightness assulted him. He rubbed his tired eyes,and turned towards the nightstand,picking up a very battered watch,from his travels.

Liz gave it to him the day after they got married.She even had it inscribe.Turning the watch over, he felt the imbedded words, not having to actually read what it says, he knew it by heart.

Every,second,minute,hour and day,know that I will always love you~Love Liz

Max took a deep breath and turned it back to the face, through tear filled eyes, he saw the time,3:30. He hasn't even been in this room for an hour yet!

The watch went on his wrist immeditaely.After composing himself,and wiping tears with the back of his hand. Max forced himself out of bed, putting on his clothes,scattered across his hotel room floor.He longed for a drink, but he needed to remain focus.The mission was what mattered, Liz not dying was what he needed to think about to get him through this.

The room's four walls started to close in on him. It was time to get some frsh air, and find a cup of coffee.Scope out the crashdown, think of some strageties.

Fifteen minutes later, he was standing in front of the 1947 hotel. A cup of the worse cup of coffee he's ever tasted,that he bought in the lounge,from a vending machine,grasped in his hand.

Aimlessly he walked down the strip of downtown Roswell.Seeing sites that brought back memeories of him and Liz.

Senor chows, the place where he and Liz had thier first date.They played pool,ate the best food he's ever tasted, and his favorite part of the evening,was reading the fortune cookies.
Liz was the first to crack open her fortune cookie,he smiled as his mind went back in time to that wonderful night...

"Ok, this is my favorite part.."Liz announced,pulling the paper from the cookie,she read it for a minute and added," It says, "this is the best night of your life."

Max raised an eyebrow,thinking it was unbelivable that it said that,he asked"Is that really what it says? "

Liz threw the tiny paper on the table and shook her head, giving him a sheepish smile,"Well, it's better than "a broken clock is still right twice a day."

Max laughed shaking his head as he answered," You're right. I like yours better."he cracked open his cookie and began to read it.

"Ok, let me see yours."Lis asked,trying to read his fortune but he place the paper on his chest,preventing her from reading it.He smiled and replied," Ask a girl to dance with you."

Liz gave him a skeptical look and declared,'Is that really what it says?"

Max gave her a huge grin,staring deeply in her eyes and dared her by saying," It depends on your answer."

Liz gave him the brightest smile as she shook her head and answered," Yes."

Max got off his chair,held out his hand and said with confidence,"Then that's really what it says."

Liz took his hand a she said,"Ok.."He swung her arm over her head,and the next thing she knew the two of them were dancing on the floor.Feeling the attraction betwen them.
The kiss on her balcony still fresh in their minds.After a while Liz broke the silence by saying," My parents are away for the weekend. They're at a stargazing camp-out. Something about Venus being in the morning sky."

Max looked deeply in her eyes,enjoying the feel of her in his arms,still not beliving this was real.With a sigh he declared,"I thought she was right in front of me."Liz smiled at him,realizing he was leaning in to kiss her.She too started to fallow his lead,and just as thier lips were about to touch,Maria's impeccable timing interupts them.

A car horn,blaring impatiently,brought Max out of his daydream and he realize he was in the middle of the street.

"What are you crazy!?"The man in the silver Hyundi screamed,flipping him the bird,as Max who began to apologizing profussly,finished crossing the street.

The guy drove off, with his hand out of the window,still giving him the middle finger.

Max shook his head, and cursed himself for losing himself in the past,well technically the future.

By tomorrow if he suceeds,all that happen between him and Liz,will no longer exsit.So being run over by a car,and getting killed.Or worse yet,If he survied,then he would have given the doctors a huge suprise.Just dosen't fit in his plan.

Max began to waunder more.As he went to take a sip of coffee, he realize that it was all gone.When did that happen.

The paper cup got tossed in a garbage can,and looking up he realize he was standing in front of the Libarary.
t was 4:30.He could go and use the computer lab for awhile.He wanted to search for a reason why he's here.What was in Scotland that made him a time traveler.He was in the future,on The Isle of Lewis,this morning.Now hours later, he was in Roswells past.

His and Liz's past.

He walked the path to the front entrance doors,and was standing in front of the information desk.The libaraian,looked up,and saw that he was there,yet she continued doing what she was doing.Mrs.Beck,the same as always.He'll be here for at least five minutes,before she decided to ask what he wanted.

Exactly five minutes later,she rose from her chair and walked to the counter.

"How can I help you,"She flatly replied,hating that she was being interupted.

"I like to use the computer."Max said,pulling out his wallet for his ID.He was glad he remebered to alter the picture,to what he looks like right now.

Mrs.Beck looked over her glasses at him,and without tearing her suspicious eyes off of Max, reached for a clip board. She handed it to him as she grabbed his Id, Still glaring at him, looking away only for a second to look at the picture.

"Well Mr.Penn,"She procalimed,handing back his ID,and read the name he wrote on the clip board."You are lucky,we have one computer stall open.You have an hour."

"Thank you,"he said,gettting a huff from Mrs.Beck,as she went back to her seat.

Max knowing the way,went up a flight of stairs, walked into the computer lab,and sat down in the only stall that was empty.He clicked the window that'll bring him to the world wide net.It took forever to log on.

Five minutes later he was doing a search for The isle of Lewis.

A site caught his eyes.He took the mouse and clicked on the link for the site featuring The Callanish standing stones.

He sat there staring at the screen reading about the stones..

Dating back over 4000 years, Callanish ranks second in terms of importance only to Stonehenge and is older. On a headland overlooking part of a huge sea loch, 53 pale grey stones of Lewisian gneiss stand in a curious cruciform. The heart is a central circle of 13 tall stones where excavations in the mid-19th century uncovered a chambered tomb reported to have contained human remains. From there four limbs run out in line with the cardinal points of the compass. Pointing northwards lie two parallel rows of stones which form an avenue of unknown significance. They stand on a small hill called 'Cnoc an Tursa' - 'Hill of Sorrow'. There is now a move towards calling Callanish by its Gaelic name - Calanais.

Hill of sorrow,yeah he was quite sorrowful that day.
Max Looked at the picture of the stones.Remebering vaugly that he was there. He had alot to drink, but if he remebered correctly,he was in the middle of the stone circle,leaning agianst the middle monolith.He continued reading untill a perticular paragraph caught his eye....

There has been great speculation over the years about what the circle was intended for: a temple, a place of healing the sick, a burial site, an astronomical observatory? The answer remains a mystery.
We chose the name Callanish because of what the stone circle represents. People with cancer and their loved ones come together in a retreat, they sit in a circle together, and they explore what healing means for each of them.
The process of healing, whether it be into life or into death, is different for each person, and must be uncovered by the gentle process of being together without judgment. What each person needs for healing requires an unraveling of the mystery.

Max sat there,rereading the last sentence over and over agian."What each person needs for healing requires an unraveling of the mystery,"he muttered under his breath,reaizing the stones probably sent him here to heal,by changing the past??

He looked back up to the many speculations of what the circle was intended for,an astronomical observatory,was what caught his eye.It's Ironic that an alien used,what could be an place of watching the stars,to travel through time.

Max drummed his fingers on the counter silently thanking the creators for giving him the chance to right a wrong.He moved the mouse,bringing the arrow to the close icon.He was about done here.

"Excuse me,are you getting ready to leave?"Replied a voice that he knew all too well,he slowly turned around,gawking at the person in front of him....His future wife,Liz Parker.

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I will do my best to update this story as much as possible! With me getting a new job,I find it less diffcult to write as often as I like!
I'm going to try and get to work on this story's next part tonight. I'm also doing double duty by writing Somewhere in between!
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Chapter 3~Loving whats gone~By Carolyn Sawyers~Who wouldn't be the one you love~By the Smashing Pumpkins(Copyrighted)Roswell~The Pilot/Heatwave~By Jason Katmins~Balance~By Thania St.John~Jason Katmins Productions/Regency Television/20th Century Fox(copyrighted)

"Liz Parker,you're such an idot,"Liz said to herself,looking through her binder of papers for the five millionth time.

How could she forget her research material at home!She was almost done,and she knew very well the book,that contains the information needed,was checked out.That's why she went on line, at home, printed what she needed,before coming here in the first place.

With a sigh,liz slapped a bunch of usless papers on the table.Liz looked at the huge clock on the wall,it told her that the libaray is going to be closed in an hour.Of course she could wait and go home to finish it,but Maria was coming over to take her to see a movie.

Wait,She thought suddenly raising her slouched form up in excitment.They have computers here.She'll just sign up for some time,print out the material she needs,finish the report and still be able to go to the movies with Maria.

With a satisfying smile on her face,she began to stuff all her books and things sprawled in front of her,unceremoniously,into her knap sack.Then quickly walked to the information desk.

She waited patiently,as Mrs.Beck played the waiting game.Her ID ready,her Knap sack heavy on the one shoulder.Tapping a corner of her ID card as Mrs.Beck slowly completed whatever task she was doing.Five minutes later,the portly woman waddled her way up to the desk.

"How can I help you,"She flatly replied,hating that she was being interupted.

"I like to use one of the computers,"Liz asked cheerfully.
Mrs.Beck scowled and replied snappily,"They're all used up."
"What,oh great,"Liz proclaimed,slapping her ID down,and mummbled sarcastically,"This day keeps getting better and better."

Just then the clip board that had the computer sign up list appeared before her.Liz looked up at Mrs.Beck,who's usually huge scowl turned into a semi scowl,"Sign in anyway,maybe someone left early,or maybe some nice person will let you use it,"

"Thank you,"Liz excalimed with a smile,handing over her ID.

"Whatever,"Mrs.Beck said with a huff,handing back her Id,and taking the clip board.Returning back to her seat.

Liz adjusted her knap sack starp and made her way to the stairs.Praying that a computer stall was open when she got there.If not she's going to have to somehow try and wrangle ten minutes out of somebody.

Opening the door,Liz's face fell when she saw the very packed computer room.
Yeah,it figures she wouldn't be given a break.Then she notice a blond hair guy at the computer stall closest to her.It looked like he was getting ready to leave.

With a small bit of hope in her she walked up behind him and asked,"Excuse me,are you getting ready to leave?"

It appeared like he didn't hear her,but just as she was about to ask him again.The blond hair man slowly turned around.His face was as white as a sheet,and he stared at her with such familarity that it kind of freaked her out.Did she know him?He looked much older then her.He had to be at least in College.

"Y-y-eah I-I-Im through,"The blond hair guy stuttered,bolting out of his chair,and fleeing the room without another word to her.

Staring after his dashing form.Liz shook her head at how weird that guy was.He looked like he saw a ghost or something.Probably thought he saw someone he knew.

Shaking the blond hair guy out of her thoughts.Liz went back to the reason she was here.To finish her report,so she could hang out with Maria,and live this normal exsitance that bored her to tears.
More of Part 3 next post.........

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Part 3b~Continued!

Max didn't care he was getting weird stares from people walking up the stairs.He was sitting down trying hard to steady his breathing.
What were the odds that he would run into her here.

However,his knowledge of Liz's future didn't go beyond tomorrow at the crashdown when the shooting occured.
His present self was at home this very moment studying,trying to concentrate on his Biology homework,and not on Liz,lab partner.Of course he knew he'd be finishing his homework hurridly tomorrow in the schools outside quarry.

"Young man,are you on drugs?"

Max looked up to see Mrs.Beck looking down at him.Obviously someone told her a man was freaking out on the stairs.

"No-no,I'm just a little lightheaded,but it's pass,"Max explained quickly getting up, and bolted pass her, beelining towards the exit, and not stopping untill he found himself in the park sitting on a bench.

He began to remeber times when he and Liz were at thier happiest, and when they were at thier saddest, they came fast in his mind,and he couldn't stop them from coming....

You and me,
Meant to be,
It's destiny,
Pure lunacy....

FLASH"Liz I really, really wish that this could be something, you know, more. But it can't. We're just..."

"Different,"Liz finished for him,the disappointment in her face nearly killed him.However he had to be strong,for the both of them.

"Yea,"Max said,hating that he was so close to her.Willing with everything he had not to touch her,he added,"I'll see you at school." He turned to walk away.

"Max??"Liz voice screamed out,causing him to turned around to look at her." I never got to thank you, for saving my life."

Max put his hands in his pocket,and gave her a half smile.She was the one who saved thier lives tonight, he looked into those beautiful brown eyes and said,"Thank you."

But for the last time,
You're everything that I want and ask for,
You're all that I dreamed.....

FLASH"Max, you know when you said before that we couldn't be together? That we were different? I just sort of accepted it, you know? Because I thought that it was like physically impossible. That it...that it couldn't be. But when I saw Maria with Michael...the truth is that...I was hurt, Max. Why is it ok for them, but it's not ok for us?"Liz asked,she wanted an answer,and by looking at Liz,Max knew he wouldn't be able to leave without giving her one.

"Liz, I think that what I'm afraid of isn't that we try this and it works out really badly. What I'm afraid of is we try it and it works out really well. I'm afraid of feeling everything that I know I would feel. Because I know it's not meant to be. And somewhere down the line, we're gonna get hurt. I can live with that. I just couldn't bear to hurt you."Max was staring back at her the whole time,wishing that things were diffrrent,wishing that they could be together.Then she placed her hand over his,gently caressing it,making Max for a moment think that maybe they could be together.

"But that's not your decision, is it?"Liz declared,leaning a bit closer to his face.

"I guess not"Max said softly,leaning in,untill a teacher interupted thier attempted kiss.

Who wouldn't stand inside your love,
Protected and the lover of..
a pure soul and beautiful you,
Don't understand,
Don't feel me now.....

"You really can't stay long,"Liz declared,looking over at her bedroom window,hoping that neither one of her parents came in and saw Max on her balcony.

"I know,"Max agreed,looking at Liz as if it was for the last time,dying to hold her,he then added,"I just wanted to tell you that I've been thinking a lot about last night."

Liz nodded her head slightly,and with a smile said," Yeah, me, too."

Max couldn't keep his eyes off of her,loving how lost he gets when staring into those darks pools,he went on,"When I saw Valenti taking you away like just hit home for me, you know? How much knowing me has screwed up your life."

"No, it's just the opposite."Liz disagreed, shaking her head,smiling up at him.

Max gave her a half smile and replied,"Thank you for saying that."

"It's the whole truth, Max."Liz countered,they both reluctatnly looked away,but they were immeditaely back locking stares at each other.

"I better go."Max announced,not really meaning what he said,he could stay here looking at her forever.

"Why?"Liz asked,not wanting him to leave either.

Max didn't say anything for a few seconds,just looked at her and with a sgih he said softly,"Cuz if I don't go right now, things are gonna change."

"Change, how?"Liz asked,titling her head to the side.

"I'm gonna have to touch your hair...cuz it's so soft..."Max said, raising his hand to the back of her head, his fingers, playing with a lock of her hair, he went on,cupping her face,"and I'd have to tell you matter what we go through, it's all worthwhile for me because we're together."As Max said this,his face got closer to hers.

With a smile,Liz asked," And then?"

"And then...I'd have to do this..."Max closed in and softly kissed her,they pulled away,looking at each other in suprise,but at the same time knew they needed more.

Max and Liz both smiled as they shared another kiss this time it was long, and passionate,and things have definatley reached a new level for them.One they were willing to explore.

I will breathe,
For the both of us
Travel the world,
Traverse the skies,
Your home is here,
Within my heart.......

They were on her balcony again,however this time,Max didn't go there for a kiss.He went there to end things,just as they were starting to progress.

"The other night, you know, when we went out...and the whole day before...ever since we kissed...I've been off balance. You made me forget that anything else existed, but that's not real."Max said reluctantly, knowing that it was wrong of him to have even thought that they could be together. IT was time to end things once anf for all,and keep it that way.

"It is the only real thing that I've ever felt,"Liz cried,shaking her head,not wanting to belive this.

Max winced hating that he's hurting her,but what else could he do,he had to be strong,it'll be better for them to be apart in the long run,"Sometimes you have to take a step back to see what's really going on. Maybe that's what we both really need to do right now...find our balance again."

"You know, Max, I thought that..."Liz started to say,plopping her self down on one of her lounge chairs in fustration,"I thought that we'd found it."

"You don't know how much I wish that could be true."Max said,deciding to keep his distance,hands struffed in his pockets,this is not easy for him.

" is it possible that I could be..."Liz started to say, tears began to well up in her eyes, she looked up at him,the hurt in her eyes, bearing a hole in his heart,she went on,"I could be the happiest that I've ever been in my entire know, and now the saddest all at...all at one time?"

"I think that's what being in love is."Max replied,knowing he felt the same way too.

"Yeah, I think so, too."Liz said in defeat looking down at her feet.

"So we'll just take a step back...for a while."Max said walking to where the fire escape ladder was.

"Well, know, if that's what...if that's what you want, I..."

"It's what I need...cuz I'm just as scared as you are."Max interupted her, wondering if he was strong enough to do what he actually said.

And for the first time,
I feel as though I am reborn,
In my mind,
Recast as a child and Mystical sage,
Who wouldn't be the one you love,
Who wouldn't stand inside you love....

Max held his hands over his ears,trying to will those images from his mind.To try and not get sucked into the emotions that seeing Liz at the library has done to him.

He had so many opputunties to stay out of her life, yet he couldn't! His feelings for Liz prevented that.He knew that being together was wrong.That it could end badly!

Well it did for both of them.Liz is dead, and Max has been dead since then.It would've been less painful, if things never happen. He'd have gone on.He would've surrived.Liz would still be alive,Alex would still be alive.Nasedo and Tess would've never found them.He wouldn't have used those stupid orbs that let his enemies know they were alive.

Max felt like his brain was being sliced open,his body felt like it was being torn in two,was he going insane?

"Dude are you okay?" a far away asked him.He slowly came out of his daymare, wondering exactly where he was.Then Max realized he was in park, on the ground kneeling. Looking up he saw four pairs of eyes,staring concernly down at him.One of them belong to ALex Whitman.

"ALex,"he whispered,wondering if he was dreaming.

"Yeah"ALex asked in confusion,he put down his guitar case,scrathing his head, in condfoundment,

"Do I know you?"

"No,no you don't"Max lied,raising to his feet,backing away from his friend,"I thought you were someone else,"

Running away,he heard one of Alex's friends comment about how he must be on drugs or something.

Max had no idea how he did it,but he found his way back to the 1947 hotel.No one stopped him as he dashed into the lobby, took the stairs to his room, and leaned himself against the door to his room.Hours ago it felt like a prison.Right now it felt like a safe haven.Sliding down the door, Max began to cry.All he wanted right now is to go to Liz and tell her what happen.To tell her to call out of work, so she wouldn't be ther tomorrow.

Liz belived a future version of himself one time.Why would she not now.

Cause she knew you were an alien then,she thinks your just a normal guy,her slient lab partner,"a voice screamed into his head.

"I can't do this I can't!"He screamed to the room.slamming his fists on the ground.

Then Liz will die!the voice continued to scream,"Do you want that,to have her death on your hands!"

"No,"Max said softly,shaking his head,wiping his nose with the sleeve of his jacket,"I don't want her to die."

Then you know what you've got to do."The voice said.adamently,"you stick with your plan,"

All Max could do was shake his head.Tomorrow he will go to the Crashdown, and prevent Liz from getting shot.No one will suspect anything out of the ordinary. His, Micahel and Isabel's secret will remain with the three of them. Liz will have a normal and long life, without him in it.Alex will have a long and noraml life without him in it.

He closed his eyes,conjuring up Liz's face in his mind.Touching the watch she gave him.Hating that he will never know the pleasure of kissing Liz again.Feeling her soft hair,caressing her silky skin.

After tomorrow, Max Evans, from this timeline, will continue to watch Liz from afar. Longing to be with Liz,but knowing it'll never happen.

Max exhausted from the days events,never made it to his bed. Instead he fell into a deep sleep,on the floor,by the door. Dreaming of Liz, and longing for tomorrow to be done with, so his miserable exsitance can finally end.

And for the first time,
I'm telling you how much,
I'm telling you how muh,
I need and bleed for,
Every move and waking sound,
In My time,
I'll wrap my wire around your heart and mind,
you're mine forever now,
Who wouldn't be the one you love,
and live for who wouldn't stand inside your loveand die,
Who wouldn't be the one you love.........


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Chapter 4a~Loving what's gone~By Carolyn Sawyers~Roswell~Sexual Healing~By Jan Oxenberg~Jason Katmins Productions/Regency Television/20th Century Fox(Copyrighted)

Max Evans felt his eyelids grow heavy, as he tried to focus on the words before him. Biology was so boring. It was a miracle that he's passing.Well, it's because he's got a great lab partner who loves the subject.

Max smiled as Liz's face invaded his mind.That was alot more enjoyable then tissue samples and disecting dead animals.

Max opened the top drawer of his desk and pulled out a 3x5 picture of Liz. It once was hanging in the display cabinet,near the trophy case at school. All the clubs officers pictures were in it.Liz was the president of the science club.

One day when he was going to the bathroom he walked pass it. Looking around he saw that the hallway was deserted. Using his powers he unlocked the case, took the picture,and it has been with him since.

A replacement was up a week later (He liked his better). There was no big hoopla about how or why it was taken. Which suited with him just find.

His sister Isabel, told him about it.Looking at him in a suspicious manner.He just feign stupidity, and the matter wasn't brought up again.

His hand went over her face.In the picture,it looked like she was sitting in the school libabry.She was looking directly in the cambra, laughing, a hand up waving to the photographer. Her hair was lose around her shoulders, her dark eyes had a kind of glint to them.Sigh ing, he thought it was the most breathtaking picture of her.Why does he do this to himself.Pine away for her,knowing that it can never be.

Liz is a human, and well, he's not. Max isn't quite sure what he is. An alien fron the 1947 crash, that much he knew.However,where he was from,why he was on earth, will he ever leave this planet?Those questions were still unanswered. He's not even sure if they ever will be.

Max isn't the only one that carries this secret.Isabel his sister,and thier friend Micahel Gurien are also diffrent like him.They made a pack to never tell anyone,to always stay alone.It was for thier saftey,and the safety of the love ones in thier life.

Well Michael, really didn't have anyone besides Him and Isabel.Hank his foster father,was a abusive drunk,who tolerates Micahel,for the monthly checks he collects form child services.Micahel is counting the days when he turns 18 and can live on his own.

With a sigh, Max put the picture back in the top drawer, shutting it softly. What he wouldn't give,and do to be normal.To not live in constant fear,that one day, some goverment agency catches wind of who they are,and takes them away, in the middle of the night to experiment on them.

Inhaling deeply,Max pscyhed himself up to try and focus on his biology homework.
However fifteen minutes later,he feel asleep on his open book.Dreams of Liz quickly took over his uncousious world....

He found himself opening the crashdown door,it's the resturant Liz's parents owned.Peddling alien theme food for the masses.

Max loved that Liz worked for her parents.using any excuse he can to see her. If that means coming everyday for a cosmic burger, with a side of Saturn rings and a cherry coke,then so be it, that's what he'll do.

Liz and her best firend Maria were on the floor picking up strawberries that someone knocked over.

"You have a visitor,"He heard Maria announced,she bit into a starwberry and exclaimed," Mmm. Sweet."Maria walks over to him and gives him a whole starwberry,he takes it in suprise,and walks up to Liz. He kneels down and starts helping her pck up the now ruin fruit.

"Hey,"Max replies,putting berries into the bowl,next to Liz.In his dreams,he wasn't afraid of talking to Liz.In his dreams they were close,sometimes NC-17 close.

"Hey,"Liz said with a smile,the two grab for the same strawberry and they both began to blush as thier hands touch,causeing an electic jolt to corse through them.

"I hope this isn't my fault,"Max asked,raising to his feet when the strawberries were all picked up.

"Why would this be your fault?"Liz asked confused.

"If I startled you."Max answered,giving her a half smile.

"No. You know, I always knock over strawberries this time of day. Always,"Liz declared,starting to go through the backroom doors,she went on,"I'm just gonna go get more berries from..."

"Well, wait. Here's another one,"Max interupted,handing her a strawberry,realizing it was still in his hand.

Liz watched as he puts it in the bowl she was carrying.After a moment of silent staring,Liz goes into the back kitchen area,Max fallows her.Suprised that he's here she asks him,while opening the fridge,"What are you doin' here, Max?"

Max, leaning against the open backroom door,enjoying the view of Liz's backside proclaims," Well, I have orders from my planet to take over the Earth."

"Besides that,"Liz asked,grabbing a carton of berries,and walks to the sink area to get a new bowl.

Taking a deep cleansing breath,trying not to think about how much he wants to rip off that cute baby blue waitress uniform,and show her exactly why he was here,he walked further into the kitchen area,and instead replied,"I want to make sure we can still be friends."

Liz smiled,turning to him as she dumped the strawberries into the bowl,"Yeah. I mean, we are."She walked in front of Max.back to the fridge,brushing aginst the front of him,sending jolts of desire through every nerve ending in his body.

"Good,"Max said happily,not taking his eyes off of Liz.

"Why wouldn't we be?"Liz asked,raising an eyebrow.

"We really haven't been able to talk since...that night,"Max said nervously,shoving his hands deep in his jean pockets

"Max, people do a lot of dumb things when they're drunk,"Liz said shutting the fridge door,and added,"Anyway, I understand."

"And we're friends?"Max asked,just to make sure everything was clear.

"Yeah. We're friends,"Liz countered,nodding her head.

"Just friends?"He asked,wondering why he was asking her that.

"Yeah. We're just friends,"Liz agreed,walking in front of him again,brushing past him,to get to the counter.

However,she was soon spun around,by Max.He took her in his arms,and immeditaely started kissing her.Liz returned the kiss,and soon they were in a full fledge,very passionate make out session. As the emotions started to get intense,both Max and Liz started to see images flying through space.They both pulled away,short on breath,high on endorphins,and realizing,they were starting to become alot more than just friends.

The scene soon changed,and Max was entering his astronomy class with Mr.Seligman.He looked for Liz as soon as he entered.They locked stares and they both held them,as he took his seat.They had no clue what Mr.Seligman was talking about.The two began to flirt,getting totally lost into each other.

Maria and Alex who were sitting diagonally from Max and Liz,notice the sparks between them and they both rolled thier eyes.

Liz mouths a "hello,"to Max,who responds with a "hi".He then begins to write something on a slip of paper, as he passes it to Liz. She purposely drops her pencil,looking sexily at max,from the corner of her eye. He smiles as he kneels down to pick it up,However he was distracted by Liz's hand dangling in front of him.Max touches her hand, bringing it to his mouth.He began to kiss the tips of each finger, getting a very load moan from Liz, disrupting the class.

"Ahh! Ohh!,"Liz cried out,forgetting where she was.

"Ms. Parker! Have you had an insight you wish to share with the rest of the class?,"Mr.Seligman asked,looking over his glasses,realizing what's going on,and didn't much appreciate it.

"No,"Liz excalimed in suprise,totally mortified by what she did,in front of the whole class.

Max knowing he couldn't hide on the floor forever,stood up looking very much guilty.Alex and Maria,shook thier heads,trying very hard not to snicker

"Mr. Evans?"Mr.Seligman asked,looking for an explantation.

"I was just returning her pencil,"He offered,his flimsy excuse,holding up the writing implement,knowing that

Sighing at the two of them in disapproval he announced,"I'd like to see both of you immediately after last period today in my classroom. The primordial experience known as...detention."

As if the class wasn't disrupted,Mr.Seligman continued to teach.Max and Liz looked at each other. Still high on the obvious chemistry that was betwen them.Liz finally open the slip of paper he passed earlier to her,and nodded at his message..."Eraser room 6th period?"

The next scene change in Max's dream was the eraserroom.It was a place that did more then clean eraser's.It was also the perfect place to make out.

Which at this moment was what he and Liz was doing.Very intensly in fact.Max sees an image of Liz as a little girl trying on makeup and dressing up in front of a mirror.He see's something else,that totally floored him.A very x-rated shower scene,between him and Liz,in the girls locker room.He smiled slightly.

"What?"Liz gasped,hating that they were not kissing.

"Nothing,"Max exclaimed,as he claimed her lips once more.

"Ahh! Max, hold me,"Liz said inbetween kisses.She sees the image of a saucer flying towards Earth and crashing into the desert.

Max found himself no longer in the eraser room,but a unknown livingroom. It was lit romantically, by aimlessly placed candles only.They were in the middle of the room,he moved his hand down Liz's arm, a glowly light follows his hand.He didn't know how much more waiting he could take. He needed so badly to kiss her lips.

" you understand any of this?"Liz asked,seeing the glowly light gliding down her arm..

Max shook his head as he replied,in awe,"No."

"Can you take your shirt off?"Liz asked adamently,gathering the front of his shirt in her hands.

"Can I?"He asked,Liz stepped away nodding,he smiled as he proclaimed,"Yeah."

Max takes off his shirt,with the help of Liz,she raised a shaken hand to his bear chest,and ran her hand down it,disappointed that she couldn't make Max glow either,"I can't do it to you."

Max drew her closer into his arms as he managed to choke out," I'm glowing toes, my heart. You can't see it. It's on the inside."

They began to caress each others bodies.Not kissing each other, but it was on thier minds.This night could be the night the both of them could go further than they ever could expect.Liz pulled away slightly by declaring," No, Max. We can't do this."

"I know,"Max said with a slight nod of his head,yet they still stayed into each others arms, his hands went to the back of her head,playing with her hair, Liz's arms went around his neck.Thier foreheads touched,as liz asked,"You know, could I, uh..could I get sick?"

"I don't know anything,"Max said,finding it hard to breath,being around her always had this effect on him," I don't even know who I am."

"You know, the...the mark went away because...because you touched it. Maybe...maybe it came because we were away for...too long. That sounds really crazy, would be a complete disaster,"Liz replied,trying to talk herself into not talking herself out of being with Max.

"I can't ask you to do anything that might hurt you in any way,"Max replied,reeling in the feel of her skin,trying to control the urge not to throw her on the floor.

"I know,"Liz said,closing her eyes.fighting the same urge as Max.

"And I have no idea what that is...and what's right...or wrong,"Max declared,his voice thick with desire.

"I know. I mean...and you know things...about me that you, um..."Max kissed her,and her thoughts were muddled for a moment,but she had to finish what was on her mind,"that you shouldn't know. And my mother, who I love, is just gonna kill me...if I don't die from this."

"You're right,"Max said,knowing they were going to go through with what they came here to do tonight.
"I can't stop,"Liz announced,bringing her lips towards
his,parted and ready to be kiss passionatley by Max.
They began to make out,then after awhile,they found themselves on the couch,thier need growing with every passing moment, and as Max went to take off her shirt, Maria, like a cold showers,walks in on them.

Max jolted straight up in his chair.No longer dreaming, but still feeling the effects of it. His breath was ragged, and he was up in more ways then one.He had dreamed about Liz many times. Knowing that his fantsies were a bit out there, however tonight's dreams seemed a bit..well diffrent.

Like this was suppose to happen.Can he see the future? Shaking his head Max chastied himself for trying to grasp at straws. Living in his land of delusions,to the point of thinking,he and Liz could actually have a future together.Could she love him knowing that he wasn't even from this planet? He didn't think so.

Max stretched the kinks from his tired body.The room lit by the desk lamp only.Shutting it off, he got up, and stripped down to his boxers, in complete darkness.Then he crawled into bed.

No more studying for him tonight. He's just going to have to finish the rest of his biology homework in the outside quarry before the school day begins.

He'll be cutting it pretty close,but it's not like he's not ever tried to hastily do his homework before class.He always goes to school early anyway,hoping to catch a glimpse of Liz. Man was he pathetic.
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Part 4b&c Continued.........

Part 4b~Loving What's gone~By Carolyn Sawyers

Liz woke up trying to catch her breath.Trying to figure out why she was having the most erotic dream about of all people, Max Evans.

They weren't friends,yet they weren't strangers either.They had a couple of classes together. He's a frequent customer at the crashdown. He liked the Cosmic burger with a side of saturn rings and a cherry coke.However, Liz always got the feeling he was unattainable. He didn't have a girlfriend.I n fact she never recalled him ever dating.There were rumors he was gay, but Liz didn't think that was the case.

Max Evans was very handsome.Liz sighed as she recalled his amber eyes. A girl could get lost in them,if she wasn't careful.

Fluffing up her pillow, and trying to get comfortable.Liz Parker laid back down. Having a diffcult time getting back to sleep. All she could think about,were the very NC-17 images she had with Max Evans, in the girls locker room at school.
"You had a dream about who last night?"Maria gasped,bringing a hand to her chest in shock.

"I'm not going to repeat it Maria,"Liz excalimed rolling her eyes,regretting for ever telling Maria about her dream last night,"You very well heard his name."

"Well I'm sorry, but I'm trying to process the fact that Liz Parker had a naughty dream!" Maria said in a low whisper.

"You're not the only one,"Liz countered,shaking her head,before adding in confusion,"I mean I'm dating Kyle Valenti",you'd think He would be the one I'd be dreaming about."

"Well,I guess someone is trying to tell you something,"Maria declared,grabbing Liz's arm so she would stop walking.

Liz gave Maria a confused look and asked,"And what's that maria?"

"That you should go for Max,"Maria answered,gesturing her hands before her.

"Right Maria,"Liz relied in disbelief,"Liz Parker,going where all girls of West Roswell high only dream of going."

"Well it's possible,besides,"Maria said,pausing for a momnet as she lowered her voice and added,"It's not like it's a big secret that he obviously has a thing for you."

"Are we going down this road again maria,"Liz answered,rolling her eyes as she began to walk away. Maria gasped and ran to catch up with her.

"Oh come on Liz,he's always looking at you,"Maria countered,adjusting the strap of her knap sack,so it's not falling off her arm,"The man obviously wants you,and from what you told me,so do you."

Liz stopped suddenly and turned to face her friend,"Maria this conversation ends now."Maria was about to say something, but Liz placed her hand over her friends mouth and excalimed,"Hush."

"Liz,Maria,how're my two favorite girls?"Alex whitman announced, going in between them and drapped an arm over each one of the girls shoulder.

"We're doing find ALex ,you?"Liz replied with a laugh.
The tall lanky brown hair boy thought for a moment then declared,"Well, I'm hoping that I don't get new bruises from gym class playing dodge ball,besides that things are ducky."

"Liz had a naughty dream about max Evans last night,"Maria announced in glee.Liz was most definatley regretting her decision in confiding her dream, to Maria.

"Really,"Alex said, raising an eyebrow."How naughty?'

"As I told Maria,not minutes ago,This conversation is not going to happen."Liz then broke free of the group hug and walked away. Alex and Maria watched her go. After about five minutes of silence Alex asked,"So you're going to tell me right."

"You know I will,"Maria said excitedly,as they began to walk towards thier usual section of the quarry that they hang out at, before school starts.
Part4c~Loving What's gone~By Carolyn Sawyers

Max scratched his head as he read over the question on his homework sheet for the hundredth time. After this problem was solved, he has only one other left. He could do this in, he looked down at his watch in....ten minutes.
Just then Isabel and Michael plopped down uncermoniously beside him on the picnic table that they claimed as thier own.

"What are you doing Max?"Isabel asked,cranning her neck,to peer at the papers scattered in front of him.

"Biology homework,"Max announced,scribbling down an answer,that's going to have to do.

"Isn't that your first class?"Isabel asked,shaking her head.

"Yes,"Max answered,"So if you don't mind could I have some quiet so I can get this done."

"So you got distracted last night,by Liz again, huh Maxwell,"Michael declared, Streching his body out fully on the bench opposite Max and Isabel.

"It's none of your business why I didn't finish my homework,"Max countered,turning a few pages in his Bio book.

"Which means he did get distracted,"Isabel concluded, shaking her head,"Max this obsession with Liz is really starting to get pathetic."

"And so is your constant hounding me about it,"Max proclaimed,scribbling out the final answer on his homework assignment,and slammed shut his book with a victorious slam,"Thank god that's over with!"

"Liz,Maria,how're my two favorite girls?"replied Alex's familar voice,causing Max's head to snap up, and smiled upon seeing Liz ,who was laughing. What a beautiful sound that was.

"Oh boy here we go again."Isabel muttered,rolling her eyes.

"You're only hurting yourself Maxwell,I t can never happen!"Michael proclaimed shaking his head as he watched Liz and her firends talk.

"Yes, I know this,so the two of you can stop being so paranoid."Max exclaimed with a sigh,"I can look there's no harm in that."

"No there's not, but it's a waste of time and energy,"Michael replied,waving his hand in front of Max's face. Max gave him an evil stare. Hating how heartless Micahel can be at times.

"You do things your way,and I'll do things my way,"Max replied, stuffing his book and notes in his knap sack,"I can't help how I feel, I know it's wrong, but I can't just shut off my feelings for Liz, god knows I've tried."
Just then the bell announcing the start of the school day, rang loudly throughout the quarry.Students scattered in diffrent directions, dashing to thier classes. Max said a curt goodbye before heading off to his Biology class.

"Why do I get a feeling that he's going to do something that'll screw up our safe little exsitance,"Isabel stated, walking the opposite of Max, with Michael.

"Well Isabel lets hope Max keeps his hormones in check and his priorities straight,"Michael declared unhappily,"I don't want to be some FBI agents experiment play thing,cause Max has a thing for a human."

"So far he's kept his distance from her,"Isabel pointed out, getting a nod from Michael,"Max is not one to break his promises, I mean why would he tell her who he is?"

"I don't know Isabel,but who knows what goes on in that head of your brothers,"Michael said,grabbing the railing in the stair well, he then added with a sigh,"We just better hope that Max does what he promises,and not get himself stuck in a situation that he'll regret in the long run."

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Part 5a~Loving What's Gone~BY Carolyn Sawyers(Copyrighted~Roswell~Blindate~By Thania St.John/Jason Katmins Productions/Regency Television/20th Century Fox)

Max was on Liz's roof balcony.With his powers.Max drew a heart, and inside the heart it said, M.E.+L.P. Kyle was there but with his back turned.

"Why can't I see,"Kyle asked, he and Max were a bit tipsy.Though Kyle drank far more then Max.

However, becuase he was an alien,a sip was all it took to get him totally smashed.It was good to know,when next time Kyle offers him a drink.Just to say No.

"Because,you staring over my shoulder, will disturb my creativeness."Max explained,causing Kyle to nod. his head,and turned around.With no further questions.He didn't even peak.

"It's a symbol of my love."Max expalined as he drew the heart around the initals,and went on," This is where I blew it with her..."He finished his vanalized message to Liz on the brick wall, and stood back admiring it,"so this is where I'm gonna make things right.,"He smiled, he added the dot he forgot to add at the end of the P,then blew on his finger, it kind of burned a little.With a sigh,he then told Kyle,"Done."

Kyle turned around and gave an approving look,"Nice."

"Thanks."Max replied as Kyle walked up to him.

"Girls always like that meaningful stuff,"He replied whapping Max's arm," I suck at that."

The two of them just stood thier in silence looking at the big red heart on Liz's roof wall, then with a sigh, Kyle asked," So tell me the truth, does it really get you farther?"

"What do you mean?"Max asked, squinting his eyes, trying to focus on Kyle's blurry face.

Kyle rolled his eyes,god does he have to explain everything, he then said innuendosly,which matched kyle's stare,"You know...farther."

Max still looked confused,and with a fustrated sigh Kyle declared," All right, listen, I'll tell you if you tell me. How far did you and Liz get?."His arms went across his chest, staring at Max intently.

Max smiled,finally getting it,he sighed and looked unseeingly up at the sky,r emebering the first kiss they shared on this very roof, "We saw into each other's souls."Then he looked back at Kyle and asked" How about you?"

Kyle stood there,arms till folded, his mouth in a taut line as he exclaimed in disappointment"Second base."

Max chuckled as he whapped Kyle on his arm and replied,"Well, we can't win them all."

He then gestured with his head toward the firescape ladder and announced," Come on, let's go."

Kyle shook his head and waved his hand wildly at Max as he stated,"Wait, wait, wait. We can't leave now."

Max looked at him with a confused look and asked,"Why not?"

"Well, look where we are."Kyle proclaimed, walking towards Liz's bedroom window, gesturing a hand to it, and said with a michevious grin."Liz's bedroom. It's Mecca."

Max snapped out of the flashback. Wondering why he was here. He shouldn't be here. What if Liz's parents came into her room, and notice a blond hair stranger,l urking outside thier daughter's balcony. He couldn't help it though. He loved her roof Balcony,t hier first kiss was here, the first time they made love,was here.It's such a special place for him...for the both of them.

Max needed to vist it one last time, before he goes and makes all those memories go away.........

"Top drawer."Kyle announced,pointing to the dresser," Always lingerie. Dare I?"He replied, placing a hand on his face,and gave Max a I'm going to do it look.

Max just laughed,and looked around Liz's room. Sees a picture of Liz with Alex and Maria. He uses his power to put his face on Alex's body, then on Maria's. He looked up at Kyle who was hovering near Liz's dresser.

"The secrets of femininity, so close."He declared,pulling open the drawer." Who knows what I may discover."He pulled out one of her bras, Just as Liz bursts into the room suddenly with Doug Shallow,her blindate,that she was set up on by a local radio station,was behind her.

Liz's face was in utter shock as she sees Kyle, with a guilty look on his face,trying to hide one of her bras behind his back, she gasped,"Kyle, what are you do..."She saw Max and shook her head in disbelief,as she declared,"Max."

Max went beside Kyle and after he looked at Max,who's deamenaor was totally calm,he looked back at Liz and explained,"Now, Liz, before you jump to any conclusion,"He paused for a moment and lifted up a finger as he went on," I think you ought to know that we are really...really drunk."

Doug who sat by in silence long enough asked,with a gesture of his hand,towards Max and Kyle,asked,"Who are these guys?"

"We're the ex-es."He declared,pointing his thumb towards Max,then a finger to himself, then went on,his arms folded in front of him," The rejects. Actually, if you must know, we're here to win her back." Max beside him,had a huge grin on his face,totally backing what Kyle had said.

Liz shook her head, totally not beliving what is happening right now. She walked up to the two of then and stared accusingly at Kyle as she asked,"Kyle, what did you do to him?"

Max grabbed his shoulder ,and with his free hand pointed at him as he whispered into Kyle's ear,"Now don't you go and tell her anything I've been talking about tonight. It's private."

Kyle nodded his head as he said assuringly,"Oh, your secret's safe with me, pal."

Liz not knowing what Max has been saying to Kyle, prayed she could convince Kyle he was just drunk and he shouldn't belive anything Max had unitentionally said or did.

So she nervously walked to Kyle and explained,"Um, look, um, Kyle, anything that Max has told you or anything that you've seen him do tonight, is a lie. Cuz Max, um...he has this problem. He...when he's drunk he sort of has a tendency to make things up. Right, Max?"She looked at Max,hoping he'll fallow her lead.Of course he didn't.

"But this is the first time I've ever been drunk."Max declared,making Liz look like a liar.

Liz took Max by the arm and started to drag him towards her bedroom window,determine to fix all this,"Would you two just excuse us, please for one second?"

Doug who was not very happy about how the date was turning out,started to protest,"No, this is supposed to be... "

Kyle walked in front of Doug,preventing him from going after Max and Liz,"This is none of your business, Shallow."Kyle replied,then began to jab a finger in his chest," And you're looking at 160 pounds of varsity greco-roman wrestler who's gonna keep it that way."

"Yeah."Doug declared trying to walk pass him

"Ha ha ha ha. No."Kyle replied grabbing his arm.

Max and Liz were on the roof,and Liz in a state of panic started to ramble on,"Ok, Max, look, we've just got to get you somewhere safe until you sober up."

Max shook his head, as he looked deep in her eyes, and smiled as he announced,"I don't think that's gonna happen."

"Why not?"

"All I had was one little sip..."He stated, using his finger and thumb to show her how little he had to drink, he then told her,"and it's not wearing off."
Oh,"Liz said in defeat,her body sagged, but Max immeditaely took her gently by the arm and lead her to the huge heart he drew on her wall.

"You like it?"He asked proudly,placing the hand on the symbol, and caused it to glow like a neon sign. Liz smiled at him and nodded her head.

Suddenly chaos interupted in her bedroom," I said sit down, dogboy."

"Liz, what's going on out there?"Came Doug's voice.

"I can't hold him back much longer."Kyle desperately proclaimed.
"I've got to get you out of here,"Liz announced,pointing towards the escape ladder.

"I'll Fallow you anywhere Liz......................."

Max open his eyes, he found himself up against the waist high edge, of the balcony roof, his hand on the curve railing of the escape ladder. He really did need to get out of here, before someone discovers him up here.

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5b Continued........
Part 5b~Loving What's Gone~By Carolyn Sawyers~Roswell~The Convention~By~Emily Whitsell/Jason Katmins Productions/Regency Television/20th Century Fox(Copyrighted)

Within seconds, Max was down the ladder, and onto the main street. Wondering what he should do. It was way to early to go to the crashdown just yet. Liz was still in school.

He had hours to kill, before he could even remotely consider to enter the resturant. The waiting is killing him, leaving his mind free to waunder down memory lane.
To relive what will soon not even happen.

It was dangerous for him to have gone to Liz's roof balcony, he could've gotten caught, and his mission would've failed. He needed to go somewhere safe,so he wouldn't run into anyone he knows.

However, he found himself entering the UFO center, paying the entery fee,and began to Mingle with the crazy UFO enthusiast's.

Max didn't even step inside this place, untill that day when he pointed out to Maria she shortchanged a customer. Maria begged him to help her out, so he agreed watching as the customer dragged her two heathen children across the street into the center. Curious to see what was inside the place he always ignored.Using Maria's errand as an excuse.

It's weird, he was friends with Maria then, brought together by his, Michael and Isabel's secret. Max knew that he probably wouldn't even have the job at the UFO center if he didn't heal Liz. However in some weird twisted way, he kind of hoped he would eventually find his way to the UFO center,and even get a job there.

Max found himself desending the steps, spotting the information booth, remebering the many coutless and boring hours he spent behind the counter.
He remebered When the convention came into town,and he was trying so hard to stop thinking abut her......

Max remebered, running the info booth for the UFO Center. Trying to throw himself into his work. Yet it wasn't working. No matter how many Jonathan Frakes need an hotel room upgrade,or no matter how many alien abduction round tables needed to be organize, Liz was constantly on the brain. Propping his chin on his elbow, Max sighed in utter bordem,but glad he had two minutes to breath,and not be running around like a mad man, how Milton does this every year, suprised him

"So, why'd they kill the aliens?"A small boy asked, disturbing his private thoughts.

"What aliens?"Max asked unenthusiasticly.

"From the '47 crash."The boy replied,then repeated,"Why'd they kill them?"

"Well, maybe you should visit our "Theories on '47" exhibit."Max suggested, not really wanting to be disturbed

"But I thought this was the information booth."The boy pointed out, wanting his answer told to him now.

"Well, yeah, it is, but..."

Max is distracted all of a sudden because Liz just entered the UFO Center and is walking straight towards him.

The boy shook his head, walking away in search for someone who could answer his question. Max didn't even notice the boy leaving. In fact he already forgot the conversation he had with the annoying kid.

Everything started to move in slow motion. She kind of almost glowed, and he gasped realizing how beautiful she was, and that maybe he would just tell her how much of a mistake he made by telling her that taking a step back was a wrong move.

"Mud."Came Michael's voice from behind him, abruptly stopping the slo-motion to a halt.

"What?"Max asked, confused, turning to look at his friend sucking on a toosie roll lollypop.

"When you're with her, think about mud. It helped me."Michael suggested, watching as Liz made her way towards Max.

"Michael, I don't need some trick. I can handle this."Max replied.Michael just shrugged his shoulders and left just as Liz arrived at the information booth.

"Hi, um, I just wanted to talk to you about the luncheon that we're catering."Liz asked nervously

"Oh, yeah, if it's work-related, sure."Max replied,trying very hard to remain undistracted, however, his mouth started to go dry, his heart was beating a mile a minute, and all he wanted to do was kiss her glossy lips, he manged to tell her," It's just...I'm kind of busy."

Liz raised an eyebrow, looking at the total lack of people lininng up to ask Max alien related questions, she just shook her head and went around the information booth,"Ok, um, I'll just...come's just that, um...Larry and Jennifer are back. You know, the ones that were there the day that I got shot? And now, Jennifer won't leave. She just planted herself in the Crashdown..."

Max's mind starts to wander and he sees Liz talking in slow motion.T he way her mouth moved excited Max.What would she do if he just took her in his arms and kissed her.

Liz continued to talk, Max hardly understood anything she was telling him."It's like, I don't know, she's been sitting there for hours. And it kind of feels like she's been watching me or something. So I came here to tell you that they're here, in case anything should happen...I want you..."

"I want you too,"Max thought to himself, and then he realize Michael was right, he was fighting a losing battle when it comes to Liz. He was right to end things with Liz,reluctantly Max blurted out," Mud."

"What?"Liz replied,with a confused look on her face.

"Pie. Mud pie."Max exclaimed,getting a strange stare from Liz."For the lunch the Crashdown is catering tomorrow. I was thinking about mud pie."He grimace inwardly,thinking that was the worse excuse he ever came up with,and by looking at Liz, she thought it was out there also.

"Ok, um,"She said pausing for a moment,nodding her head in thought," I'll see if I can arrange it."

"I gotta go."He said suddenly,preparing to search for Milton, knowing he'll have something for Max to throw himself into." I'm really busy."

"Ok,"Liz replied after a fleeting Max."

"Do you work here?"Replied a woman in front of him, bringing him out of his vist to the future.

"Excuse me?"Max asked a bit confused, his mind a bit clouded.

"Do you work here?"The woman repeated, obviously annoyed.

"No,no I don't"Max replied,shaking his head. Watching as the woman sighed annoyingly, and walked away from him.

Max took a deep breath,exhaled and repeated the process untill he was certain he was calm again.Going back, or was it forward,anyway,reliving memories always wounded him up,taking alot of energy out of him.Sometimes it made him forget where he was and what he needed to do.

"Remain focus Evans,"Max muttered to himself,walking to the slide show room,and decided to plant himself in one of the empty folded metal chairs and just chill for an hour or so. Go over in his mind what he needs to do at the crashdown in a few hours.

Praying that everything will go without a hitch.

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Eccentric One originally wrote:
Can I ask a favor? These last couple of parts were difficult for me to read. Can you possibly put spaces in your writing (such as the usual one space after a comma, and two spaces after each sentence)? With it all running together, I kept reading it faster and faster and was missing most of it. And I just know I don't want to do that.*happy*



OMG I'm so sorry,I was looking over the chapters and even I had a diffcult time reading them. So I went back and edited them like you adviced. I hope it's better,and I'll continue to do it that way.
I'm still new at this,and I'm glad you told me about this.
Hey and thatnks for reading my story!
Peace CArolyn
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Lattegirl originally wrote:
*bounce* Hi carolyn*bounce* I just found this new fic of yours & it is so good!!!! I no longer mind if you don't update somewhere in between as often as long as I have this one to read also!!! I'm so totally loving this fic!! so I know you have the new job but please post again as soon as you can*wink*

Aww thanks you rock as always! I'm working on SomeWhere in between right now!!
Peace Carolyn
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Part 6a~Loving What's gone~By Carolyn Sawyers

Liz breathed a sigh of relief, as she closed her bedroom door behind her. Leaning against it for support. Liz had managed to avoid Kyle Valenti, the entire school day. She had a funny feeling though, he'll track her down at work. Probably wanting to make plans to go out sometime.

Why was she feeling the need to not see Kyle. He was her boyfriend.

They started dating this past summer.It was a great time. However, she felt the relationship was on the casual side, and thought Kyle felt the same way.

Untill she overheard some students talk about them in the girls bathroom during lunch period. Kyle wanted this relationship to be more serious.This should of made Liz happy. He was one of the most popular guys in school. Kyle was good looking, funny, played four million diffrent sports, and most girls at West Roswell High, would've killed to be his girlfriend. Yet,all she could think about was a dark haired mystery man,with killer amber eyes.

Max Evans face flashed before her eyes,and she smiled. Thinking about the erotic dream she had about Max,in the girls locker room. Her face blushed,as the scene replayed in her mind. Liz stood totally naked in the shower stall. suprised to see Max Evans, staring at her with intensity, just a few feet away. A wall that came up to her shoulders, was the only thing seperating them.

Liz sighed in fustrstion, then rushed further into her room. Unceremoniously dropping her knap sack on her bed. Then went to her closet, grabbed her waitress uniform,that laid on the floor from last nights shift. She had no more clean ones, so this one will have to do.The situation concerning Kyle, and her new attraction for Max, will just have to wait.

If she didn't get downstairs and start work soon,she'll be late. Her father has been in a rotten mood all day, from what she heard from the other employees.Liz was in no mood to get reamed by her father today.

Liz snapped up the buttons to the baby blue dress,the sleves and collar were trimmed in silver.The bobbing antenna, and silver alien head apron, which completed the ensamble, were in her locker, downstairs in the employee break room.

Liz tied her white sneakers quickly, bolted out of her room, flung open the door, dashed down the stairs, and opened another door that lead, to the backroom of the crashdown resturant.

She immediately beelined into the employee breakroom,spun the dial of her combination lock untill it snapped open,and finished getting ready for work.

Maria came in,looking displeased.

"You're late Liz,"She pointed out, raising an eyebrow.

"Tell me something I don't already know."Liz answered,shoving the silly head band on her head,then placed the apron around her waist. Maria quickly went to her side and helped her tie the apron in place.

"Your dad has been of course looking for you."Maria declared,patting her shoulder,indicating to Liz, she was now ready to serve the masses,alien themed food.

"Big suprise there,"Liz exclaimed sarcastically, bolting out of the breakroom, went out the doors, into the bustling dinning area of the crashdown.

Immeditaely her father, Jeff Parker spotted her entrance,and shot her a very angry look.

Liz forced a smile on her face and shot him a look of her own.

Then she went to her first customers of the day. It was a couple,obvious tourists for the crashdown festival. The guy had short spikey hair, thick black rimmed glasses, and wore a green vest jacket, displaying buttons of his obvious obsession of UFO's and aliens. The girl had short blond hair, her pale face brought out the black lipstick she wore, and she had on an X-files t-shirt under her grey sweater.

"Welcome to the crashdown,I'm Liz, your waitress today. Can I take your order?"She asked, with a forced smile, wishing she was anywhere but here.

God she hated working the crashdown during festival time.However, she's going to have fun with these two. Thinking of the picture in her pocket.

She took it two years ago. It was of a baby doll,obvious warped by a fire or something. Looking at it reminded her of those alien autopsy pictures you see at the UFO center across the street. Realizing she could seriously make some good tips,telling a tall tale about aliens, and a goverment cover up conspiracy.

Liz's father,had caught her once showing the picture to tourists last year. He thought he destroyed the photo.Chastising her for scamming the customers.

Wonderful thing about negatives. You can make more.

Liz doesn't for a moment belive in aliens. However, thousands of tourists who walk through the resturant doors do. Thier silly beliefs are her gain. One day she'll have enough money saved to leave this stupid boring town.

Her senior year of high school, will never come quick enough. However, when it does. Goodbye Roswell New Mexico. Hello Cambridge Massachusettes,and her dream collage Harvard.

Part 6b Continued on next post......
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Part 6b Contiuned.....
Part 6b~Loving What's gone~By Carolyn Sawyers

Michael sighed in fustration as Max pulled in front of the Crashdown.

Great another boring afternoon of him watching Max moon over Liz parker!

"Maxwell,I swear to god,you're on a thin line of becoming a stalker."Michael declared, getting out of the jeep.

"Shut up Michael, you know I come here everyday after school."Max answered, rolling his eyes,"If you don't want to be here,then walk home."

"I don't think so,"Michael declared, deciding he'll not leave Max alone when he's around Liz Parker. He promised Isabel,that he'd make sure Max has no chance of telling Liz anything about who they really are.
They three of them made a pack. One he was prepared to make sure was kept.

Liz Parker is Max Evans achillies heal. The one and only obstecle of thier secret coming out. If a chance present itself, there was no doubt in Michael's mind Max would take it. Even if it was unitentionally. Max never was one to think straight, when it comes to Liz Parker.
Michael will be the voice of reasoning for him gladly.

The crashdown bell rang thier arrival. Liz Parkers father was the one who greeted them.

"Hello Max,Michael,just the two of you?"He asked, racking his hand through tossled black hair. He seemed a bit disheavel today. However it was festival time again. The crashdown was a madhouse during this time.

"Yes,it's just the two of us,"Max answered, smiling sheepishly.

The two boys fallowed Mr.Parker a short distance to a booth not to far from the entrance. Max had a huge grin on his face. They were in Liz's section. Great!

Michael and Max took off thier jackets and situated themselves in the booth. They grabbed the menus from behind the small napkin dispenser and started to peruse, the folded, two page, lamenated menu. Michael never knew why they did this. They always ended up getting the Crashdown Burger, with a side of saturn rings and a cherry coke. Sometimes, if they were living dangerously, they'd order a piece of Man in Blackberry Pie.

"Hey Max, Michael,"Came Liz's voice.

The tow boys stared simutaneously at Liz and smile and said at the same time,"Hey Liz."

"So is it going to be the usual today?"Liz asked, pulling out a order pad, from her apron and posed a pen sporting an green alien head on the cap.

"Yeah,the usual is find,"Max agreed, placing the menu back behind the napkin dispenser.He has yet to stop looking at her.

"Yeah, same with me,"Michael said,fallowing Max's lead, and then placed his arms out behind the back of the seat.

"Great,"Liz said,smiling at Max, shyly. Then bounced off to place the order with the grill cook.

"you know she's dating the sheriff's son,"Michael declared, getting a raised eyebrow from Max.

"Yes,I heard that Michael,"Max replied, then added,"And you're telling me this because?"

"No reason,just wanted to make sure you knew."Michael said quickly,fidgeting with a knife.

"Oh,I see."Max realized, shaking his head.

"What?"Michael asked.

"You want to make sure I know Liz is unavailable,I know this!"Max spatted, giving Michael and evil glare, "I wish you and my sister would stop interfering with my life. I know Liz in unattainable, no matter if she's dating Kyle Valenti or not."

"Well then why do you insist on mooning over her like some love sick puppy,"Michael counterd, shaking his head in disgust. "It's not going to happen. Plus the whole, pour is me, I can't be with the girl I want routine, is getting old, and it's down right pathetic."

"Michael, I can't even begin to explain why I have these feelings for Liz,"He paused, and looked squarely at his friend, "I wish I wasn't so drawn to her, but I am, and I'm trying my hardest to let go, however, it's kind of can you stop badgering me about it, and as I said before, let me hadle my life in my own way."

"Whatever, I was just looking out for us that's all." Michael declared, drumming his fingers on the table top.

"I know, but please, let's just drop the matter and talk about something else."Max asked. Michael shook his head.

They got in a heated discussion about which is the better Star wars film. Time flew and soon, thier food,was deliverd by Jeff Parker, (much to the diappointment of max).

Max out of habit, scanned the resturant, untill he saw Liz with an armfull of food, walking towards another table.

He remebered the first time he saw Liz Parker. They were in the fifth grade. He and Isabel just got off the bus. Something made him look her way. Liz was playing with a group of her friends and he thought she was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. As he stood thier gawking at her. Liz looked up at him and smiled. She smiled at him. Max smiled back, his heart soared, and he knew he'd love her for the rest of his life.

Max's feeling never faltered, in fact with each passing year they grew and grew. It was fustrating actually. Being who he was, and having to hide, and pretend to be normal when in fact he wasn't. Never letting anyone get close, because they might discover who they were.

What was it about Liz Parker that made him be so drawn to her?

He just shrugged his shoulders and dumped, half a bottle of tabasco sauce on his burger. It didn't matter anyway. Max could have feelings for Liz all he wants. He just can never tell her.

Getting involed with Liz. Would open up, a whole lot of complications, not only in his life, but also in his sister's and Michael's

Max Knew he could never lie to her, that he would probably reveal who he was. That's probably why Isabel and Michael were so gung ho about keeping him in check. That they knew he would probably do exactly that. Who knew what Liz would do, if she found out. Would she vow to keep thier secret. Would she immeditley go screaming to the sherriff. That uncertainty, was why they made a pack to tell no one. Not even thier parents knew who they really were.

Not that he has to worry about Liz and him ever dating.

For one, she's with someone else. The other reason, is she didn't think of him that way. They were lab partners, a recongizable face in the school hallway that you greet in passing.

They didn't hang out on friday night and rent video's. The didn't go to the bowling alley. The didn't Karoke at the Pizza Pan. Hell they've never even once went to each others houses.

Once high school's over, Max will stay in Roswell, probably go to the community collage, and end up the manager for the UFO center. Max smiled to himself at the irony.

Liz, he knew is wanting to go to Havard. Study some bilogical thing or something. She'll be some famous scitentist. They won't see each other again untill probably the ten year high school reunion. Liz will probably be married,with kids and have a sucessful career.

Max on the other hand, will live a boring exsitance, alone, still loving Liz Parker, even though she's miles away.

He'll probably get the guts to go up to her and say hi, holding a cup of punch. Liz will probably look at him with a blank stare on her face. Trying to figure out if she knows him or not. She'll probably say his name, because it was written in black permanent marker,displayed on a sticker on his suit coat.

Yeah what a future he has in store for him. Someone should just probably kill him now and get it over with.

Just then a argument started across the resturant. Two guys were arguing over money. Max and Michael turned towards the commotion. Wondering if someone called the cops yet?

"I want the money today. NOT tomorrow!!"The guy demanded,bolting out of his seat. Knocking the dishes on the table, they crashed loudly on the floor.

"Liz,"Maria screamed. Causing Max to panic. He looked up and saw Liz at the soda station. She was staring at the guys. Frozen in place.

The other guy got up and pointed a gun at him. People started to panic. The two guys began to struggle,and then a shot went off...

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Look who's finally come back to update!
Thanks everyone for thier FB & Support. Enjoy this next part, I worked really hard on it.

Peace Carolyn

Part 7~Loving what's gone~By Carolyn Sawyers~The Pilot~Written By Jason Katmins(Copyrighted~Jason Katmins Productions/Regency Television/20th Century Fox)

Liz went to the pick up window,and realize she had two diffrent tabe's orders waiting for her. The cooks were busting out the food quicker then she can take them to the tables.
"I'll take table four's order,"Liz's father said.grabbing the two plates.
"Thanks,"Liz said, half heartly. Max was sitting in table four. Of course she got stuck with the weirdo tourist's.
Liz grabbed the plates,and walked toward the couple that she waited on, at the start of her shift.

"Okay, I have got one Sigourney Weaver, that's for you."Liz announced, placing the burger in front of the blond hair women wearing the X-files t-shirt,then went on," And one Will Smith. Can I get you guys anything else?,"She asked, after the short spikey brown hair man got his food, Liz looked at the both of them as she asked," Green Martian Shake? Blood of Alien smoothie?? "

"No, thanks. We're good," he answered, sliding his thick dark frame glasses back up the bridge of his nose. The women nodded her head, indicatring to Liz that she was good too.

"Are you guys here for the crash festival?"Liz asked, deciding it was time for a little fun.

"Yea, can't wait." She replied softly, looking at the guy, who nodded, she then turned back to Liz and asked," So...does your family come from Roswell??"

Liz smiled, knowing exactly where this conversation was going,she sighed flatly and responded, matter of factly, "Just four generations."

Both the woman and man looked at each other ecitedly, before he looked back at Liz and asked hopefully,"Uh, well, does anyone in your family have stories about the UFO crash?"

Like putty in her hands,Liz thought to herself with a smile,she looked nervously around her and pulled out the folded very worn looking photo from her apron pocket," Well, I guess it would be O.K. to show you guys this...."

Liz shows them the fake alien picture while Maria walks past with a coffee pot and shakes her head smiling.

Maria walks to a table with two men arguing. These guys were the worst customers she had all day. They were rude, demanding, and she had a feeling that she wasn't going to get a very good tip. If only she had a photo like Liz.

"Refill?" Maria asked, forcing a smile on her face.

A guy wearing a red farmers cap,a plaid shirt, with a green hunters vest, glanced up at her angrily and spatted,"No, get outta here."

Maria sighed in fustration as she walked away from the table, wondering why she agreed to take this job.

"My grandmother took this picture at the crash sight RIGHT before the government cleaned it up."Liz replied in a whisper, leaning closer to the couple, looking over her shoulder, acting all parinod, the couple was totally buying her act.

"Do people know about this photograph?" the girl asked in disbelief,burning the image of the picture in her mind. The guy was huddled close to her, his jaw practically dropping on the floor.

"Well, I know about it, and now you know about it." Liz said, laughing to herself, knowing that she couldn't count how many times she showed this picture to people like this couple in front of her.

"Woah!" The guy exclaimed.

"Wow!!"the girl countered.

"I'm gonna be right back," Liz declared, noticing from the corner of her eye, that Maria was motioning her head to see her, Liz turned back to the her customers, who haven't stopped gawking at the picture," don't show that to anyone."

"No..."The girl exclaimed, as Liz walked with Maria back to the drink station area.Maria laughed, shaking her head in amusment.

"You are sooo bad girl."She pointed out, picking up a filled coffee pot,and replced the empty one under the coffee machine, and switched it on.Then added," Oh, and Max Evans is staring at you again."

"No way."Liz bawked, shaking her head,she catiously looked towards Max's table, "Maria, that is so in your imagination.

She spotted Max, and did see him briefly look her way, then Quickly looked away. No it was just a coincidence he was looking at her. Spinning around back towards Maria, she shook her head again more adamantly.

"Max Evans?"She announced making a face, gesturing her hands at her, and declared" This? No, un's not..."

"And with those cheeks!Preciosita tan linda!" Maria interupted,framing Liz's face with her hands.

Maria couldn't belive how delusional her friend is. They had this conversation so many times, yet for some reason she thought she wasn't good enough for Max Evans. WEll Max Evans is good enough for her friend. Now she just has to convince her otherwise. Liz was so intrested in the dark hair mystery man it was sicking. Maria smells a matchmaking scheme coming her way.

"Maria!!"Liz said quite embaressed by her friends display," And, and even if it weren't I'm going out with Kyle. I mean, he's steady and loyal, and he appreciates me."

"Sounds like you're describing a poodle."Maria replied, with a raised eye, causing Liz to laugh.

Liz pointed out into the resturant area, indicating to Maria to go and do her job. With a sigh Maria walked towards one of her tables. Thinking that her friend was so fickled when it comes to Kyle Valenti. She doesn't want to be with him, she does. It's just casual one minute, then it's not. Liz was suppose to be the smart one of thier little group. Yet sometimes, when it comes to the matters of the heart, Liz can be the most stupid person Maria has ever known.

" ask me to give you another day!!?? You're running outta time."said the rude guy at her table, Maria stopped in her tracks as he got up, knocking the dishes off of the table causing them to break loudly. This situation is slowly getting serious.

"Liz!!"Maria exclaimed, not liking how angry this guy seems to be.

The guy began to point wildly at the other guy, he was having a dispute with, and began to demand angrily,"I want the money today. NOT tomorrow!!"

Deciding to take matters in his own hands. The guy that was sitting down, got up, pulled out a gun, and pointed it at the guy that was shouting at him. The two began to struggle, causing everyone in the resturant, to panic, and drop to the floor.

Everyone that is, except for Liz.

She was frozen near the drink station, watching the scene in pure horror. She just couldn't make herself run away.

A shot goes off, and Liz finds herself being pushed to the ground, roughly by someone.

The two guys run off, not wanting to stick around and get arrested.

With the breath knocked out of her, and maybe a bump here and there. Liz with the help of someone got up off the floor.

"Thank you,"She exclaimed, she was shaking, and her heart was beating a mile a minute. What the hell had just happen.

"You're find now."A deep voice assured her.

Liz looked up to see that blond hair guy she saw at the library yesterday. With thier hands still linked, and eyes locked. Liz began to start having...well flashes of images in her mind......

Max runs to her,kneels down and tears Liz's dress open, you can see the growing blood stain. She was shot.

"'s gonna be OK."She heard max say softly. Liz felt her life sowly fading.

"Oh my god!!" Screamed an unfamilar voice.

"Hey, get back!!"

Was that Michael, she couldn't see anything past Max's body. Even if he wasn't there, her vision was so blurry, all she wanted to do was close her eyes, and sleep.

"Liz, LIZ! You have to look at me."Max said urgently,his hands forcing her face to look at him. You have to look at me.

Liz weakly looks at him, and he puts his hand over the bullet wound. She thought she was going to die, but she didn't. Max somehow prevented that. With a sigh, he takes his hand away, the wound is healed. It was as if she wasn't shot at all.

"You're all right now. You're all right."He announced weakly. Liz saw beads of sweat on his forehead, it looked like he was going to pass out.

"Keys! Now!!" Michael demanded, his fingers snapping Max back to reality.

Max throws him the keys, and quickly picked up a ketcup bottle and broke it on a shelf, Liz watched in shock as he poured the ketchup all over her.
Max got up, and with a plea in his eyes asked,"You broke a bottle when you fell, spilled ketchup on yourself. Don't say anything please."

Then he ran away, her knight in shinning armor left, just as police sirens loomed into earshot.

Liz quickly got up, wanting to run after him. However for the second time today, Liz stood frozen in place. All she could do was watch him go. Wondering what had just happen. What he just did to her.

Maria rushed to her side, she scanned Liz for any damage, when she saw the "Ketchup" stain on her dress she asked,"Are you okay?"

All Liz could do was shake her head numbly. Knowing that there was more to Max Evans then meets eye, and she was going to find out what.

"Liz, are you okay?" Asked a concern Maria, breaking Liz out of her trance.

"Yeah,'Liz exclaimed shaking her head, then she turned her head in diffrent directions, looking for the blond hair guy that saved her life,"Where is he?"

"Where's who Liz?"

"The guy that tackled me to the floor,"Liz asked, avoiding the concern stares form the patrons of the resturant.

"I-I don't know, he was here a minute ago,"Maria answered, looking at Liz, looking wildly for the guy who saved her from getting shot.

She had questions for him. When she touched him, a alternate version of what happen today flashed in her head.

However, it was Max Evans who saved her.saved her from a bullet wound.

Liz caught Max Evans exiting the resturant. Michael Gurien was close behind him.

Something was going on. Did Max know that blond hair guy? Why did those flashes seem so real?

Something weird was going on here and she was going to find out what.

However, that was going to have to wait. A wave of dizziness enveloped her and she passed out on the floor.

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roswellluver originally wrote:
So did F. Max disappear forever? At least he saved Liz! Thanks for writing!

Find out in the next part!
Thanks for reading
Peace Carolyn
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Part 8~Loving What's gone~By Carolyn Sawyers~the great below~By NIN

In the alley behind the Crashdown. The Max from the future, was sitting down on the ground, leaning against the wall. He was exhausted, and his mind ached.

He did what he came to do. Even took care of the two morons who were responsible for the shooting in the first place. They laid uncousious not to far from him. Thier Legs and hands binded by newspapers, that he turned into rope. They had no clue what hit them.

Max saw the two escaping from the scene, and after making sure Liz was okay. He managed to sneak out the back of the resturant. Ambushing the two criminals from the alley. They were so distracted , from looking over thier shoulders. They didn't even notice Max on the outskirts of the alley. Using his powers, he pulled the two of them in the alley, and slammed them against the wall. They were knocked out instantly.

Now it was time for him to leave. Everything around him felt diffrent. He no longer belonged here. The timeline he was from no longer exsited. Which was find with him. Liz and Alex will not have to die harshly. They can now go on, and lead a normal exsitance without having to get mixed up with anything, or anyone alien.

staring at the sea.
will she come?
is there hope for me
after all is said and done.
anything at any price.
all of this for you.....

Max began to cough wildly. Wincing from the pain, wishing for the end to come soon.
He tried to remeber her face. Trying to hold on any bit of memory, that was left in his mind.

"Are you alright?"

Max looked up to see him. This timelines Max. God, What was he doing here?

"Go away."The blond hair guy told Max.

"You're hurt, we have to get you to the hospital."Max replied.

Max saw how this guy, got up minutes before the gun went off. Tackling Liz to the ground. Had he not been there, Liz would have definately gotten shot. If that were to happen, he knew he'd probably go and try to heal her, much to the horror of Michael and eventually Isabel.

As Maria, Liz's father, and other people filtered around Liz, wondering if she was okay. Max saw the blond hair guy escape through the back doors, undetected.

Michael whapped him on the arm and pointed to the two guys responsible for the shooting, going through the front entrance.

"Let's go get them,"Michael suggested.

all the spoils of a wasted life.
all of this for you.
all the world has closed her eyes.
tired faith all worn and thin
for all we could've done
and all that could've been.

Max nodded his head, and they fallowed in pursuit. The two guys, were looking behind thier shoulders. They saw them and began to pick up thier speed. They would've probably gotten away. However, as they were going past the alley,behind the Crashdown. They were pulled into the alley, as if by nothing.

"What the hell!"Michael exclaimed. A crash was heard, fallowed by some groans.

When the reached the alley, they went further in, and saw the two guys unconcious, and tied up. The blond hair guy who saved Liz was leaning against the wall not to far from them. He was coughing ,and appeared to be in pain. Did he take a bullet?

Max upon reaching him, kneeled beside him. acessing his condition. He didn't appear to be bleeding. It suprised Max that he was telling him to leave, when it was obvious he should see a doctor.

"I'm only trying to help,"Max proclaimed, raising a hand to grab his arm. The blond hair man slapped it away.

"Don't touch me leave me alone,"He spatted, glaring angrily at him. Max for some reason, felt some kind of familarity with this guy. He's never seen him before, has he?

oceans pull me close
and whispers in my ear.
the destiny I've chose
all becoming clear.

"What's his issue?"Michael asked from behind them.

Max just shrugged his shoulders and decided,"He's obviously hurt, and confused, we need to get him to a hospital."

"Nothing can save me know!"He started to rant,"She's safe, alex is safe, she can never know about you."

the currents have thier say
the time is drawing near
washes me away.
makes me disappear.

Max and Michael gave each other confused looks. What did he mean by she could never know about him. He also mention Alex. Maybe that was why Max kind of recongized him. He hanged out with Alex.

"Tess is evil, not to be trusted, killer, killer!"He shouted, his eyes widen, his face was dripping with sweat.

"Okay, you need to relax buddy,"Michael said, having no clue what to do.

"This is getting out of hand,"Max declared,"Were taking you to the hospital."

This time Max got a hold of the blond hair guys arm. The stranger grabbed his hand, to try and break hold of his grasp. What happen next floored max.

I descend from grace
in arms of undertow
I will take my place
in the great below

Max was over a bleeding Liz. Begging her to look at him. His hand, covered a gun shot wound and healed her.

Max and Liz appeared to be outside. he was wearing a black suit, she had on this brown leather offit. The were standing in front of some kind of firework display. He was touching her hair.

Max and Liz were on her balcony roof, kissing passionately.

Then they were at senor chows, playing pool. Then they were dancing.

Then he was in the dessert with Liz. Looking up at the star filled sky. Thier hands were linked.

Then he saw the both of them running out of a church. Isabel, Kyle, Maria, and Michael were behind them throwing white rose petals at them. They stopped and shared a kiss.

Max pulled back. Wondering why this guy flashed Max these images, that seemed to have happen in his life, but obvioulsy it didn't. Yet they felt so real.

"Who are you?"Max demanded, grabbing both of his shoulders, yanking him up on his feet, he was shaking him. "Do you know who I am?"

The guy laughed insanely, shaking his head. "I do, more than you'll ever know Max Evans. By the way, thanks for helping me remeber, I loved her so much."

I can still feel you
even so far away

Just then light poured out of every part of the strangers body. Max's hand seemed to loose it's grip on the guys jacket lapel. He fell to the ground as the light blast around him. It surrounded him for a few minutes. Assulting him with more flashes. They appeared to him so fast he was starting to get a case of vertigo.

I can still feel you
Even so far away

Then a voice from no where announced,"Don't screw up. Don't get her involed. Her life depends on it."

I can still feel you
even so far away

Then the light disappeared. To where, Max had no idea. Max still sitting on the ground, rubbing his face with a hand. Wondering what the hell had just happen.

"He was like us, an alien."Michael declared in disbelief.

"That's the impression I got Michael."Max said looking up at his friend." I got flashes from him, when he grabbed my hand."

"Really,"Michael replied, shaking his head in shock,"What did you see?"

"A life with Liz."Max answered. Still a bit overwhelmed by the encounter with the stranger. Who had to be like them. Why didn't he reveal who he was sooner? He must've been observing them secretly for awhile, he knew his name.

And why show Max things from a future, that he knew wasn't going to happen. All of this didn't make any sense.

"You're going to be with Liz?"

"No, not anymore,"Max replied, confused by images that were still in his mind. When the guy disappeared, some of his memories, must've mixed in with his own. It kind of makes sense, that this would happen. They were from the same place, whatever that is.

"I don't understand Max, what's going on?" Michael asked. Taking a seat beside him.

Still trying to process everything. Max shook his head. He didn't have any answers for this. Not yet anyway.

"I've no clue Michael, but that guy was definately, not from around here, I bet my life on it,"Max pointed out, getting a nod of agreement from Michael. "Though one things for sure, he knew Liz was going to get shot today, and prevented that from happening."

"Why would he do that?"Michael asked, raising an confused eyebrow.

"I don't know Michael,"Max announced. picking himself up off the ground, and wiping dirt from the seat of his pants. He held out a hand and helped Michael to his feet. Looking at the two tied up guys, still uncouncious,and told him,"That answer is lost forever with that guy."

Distracted with the intentions of the mysterious blond hair guy, and the two tied up criminals. Michael and Max didn't see Maria Deluca peering from the slightly open door, of the crashdown backdoor.
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Great partI I can't believe that you stopped there, so please post more soon!

What me being evil. That's impossible. Okay so it is.
However, if the muse is good to me, I'll post another part tomorrow.
Peace Carolyn
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Strawbehry Shortcake, Cluless,roswelluver, Ms lane & everyone else Thanks for al the support and FB!
Well here's the next part for you.
Peace Carolyn

Part 9~Loving what's gone~By Carolyn Sawyers.

Maria watched as her friend crumpled to the floor. Jeff Parker went to his daughters side. Taking a coat someone handed to him, so he could put it under Liz's head.

"Maria go get some ice packs, and the first aid kit will ya."

"You got it Mr. Parker,"Maria said, storming through the back doors. She beelined her way to the walk-in fridge, and pulled out a couple of ice packs they kept for emegancies.

Walking towards Jeff Parkers office, for the first aid kit. Maria notice that the back door, that leads outside the resturant, to the alley, was slightly ajar.

Walking towards it, she had her hand on the handle, to close it, when she heard voices. They seemed rather familar. Cautiously, Maria peeked through the crack of the door, wondering why she just didn't walk away. However her curiosity was far to great.

Max Evans, Michael Gurien, and the guy who saved Liz was there. She was going to go out and ask what was going on. However, thier conversation was a bit intense. Instead she stayed frozen in place. Seeing what she could get out of the conversation.

"Who are you?" She heard Max asked, he began to roughly grab the guy by the shoulders. Shaking him as he asked, "Do you know who I am?"

The guy began to laugh, it kind of like he was going insane."I do, more than you'll ever know Max Evans. By the way, thanks for helping me remeber, I loved her so much."

Maria shook her head what the hell was going on around here?

Then her jaw dropped to the floor. Light poured out of the stranger who saved Liz. It engulfed Max, and Maria watched in terror as the light twirled around him. Then it just kind of absorbed itself inside of Max. That was better then some of the special effects in a movie.

"He was like us, an alien." She heard Michael say. Aliens? What were they talking about.

"I got flashes from him, when he grabbed my hand."

"Really,What did you see?"

"A life with Liz."

"You're going to be with Liz?"

"No, not anymore,"

"I don't understand Max, what's going on?"

That's exactly what Maria wants to know.

"I've no clue Michael, but that guy was definately, not from around here, I bet my life on it,Though one things for sure, he knew Liz was going to get shot today, and prevented that from happening."

Now that was intresting. Not only were aliens involed, but they could also see the future. Maybe she was the one who passed out and not Liz. cause this entire scene was sereal.

"Why would he do that?"

"I don't know Michael,That answer is lost forever with that guy."

Maria then heard the sirens making thier way towards the Crashdown. Max and Micahel looked out of the alley.

"What are we going to do about them,"Michael asked,pointing to the two guys that were the cause of all this craziness.She didn't realize they were even there. What did Max and Michael do to them? Not that she wasn't happy that those bastards got caught. Liz could've been killed because of those feaks!

"Lets go back to the crashdown, someone will find then eventually."Max suggested,"They're not going anywhere, and I think the less were involed in this the better."

"Agreed." Michael replied.

The two ran out of the alley. Maria closed and locked the back door. She too had some questions of her own. However she needed to get back to the dinning area, before Mr.Parker wondered what happen to her. She'll have to figure about what to do about what she over heard, and how to deal with it later.

Jeff Parker was talking to sheriff Valenti when she got there.

She knelt beside Liz, who was know awake, but remain laying down. She looked awful.

"Are you okay Maria?" Liz asked weakly. Her firend seemed a bit stressed out.

"You've got to be kidding right!" Maria exclaimed shaking her head, "Who's lying on the floor? Certainly not me."

"I was just a little overwhelmed. This has turned out to be one crazy day. huh?"

"Tell me about it,"Maria answered, remebering what she witness out in the alley.She bit her bottom lip thoughtfully and then eyed her friend, "So how're you holding up Chica?"

"I'm find Maria,"Liz assured her.

The paramedics arrived. Maria got out of thier way, so they can do thier job.

Scanning the resturant, she notice that Max and Michael, were back from the alley.

What should she do? Should she confront them and tell them, she saw and heard everything? Should she just ignore the desire to but in, ignore what she saw, and just be happy that Liz was okay.

However, something Michael said back in the alley echoed through her mind.

"He was like us, an alien."

Her face scrunched up, as she kept thinking about that guy turning into a white glowy light force. He disappeared right into Max. This was so x-file-ish,and it was creeping her out.She reached in her apron pocket and pulled out a small vile of cedar oil. The sent was suppose to calm the nerves. Maria needed alot of calming right now. She needed to focus, not go all freaky like she would noramlly do.

Max and Michael's conversation kept replaying in her mind.

"...he knew that Liz was going to get shot today, and prevented that from happening."

"Why would he do that," Michael asked, making Maria wonder the same thing.

"I don't know Michael,the answer is lost forever with that guy."

Maria continued looking at Max and Michael. Sizing them up. Wondering how they were connected with that guy that saved Liz. Michael caught her eye and she quickly looked away.
Inhaling the ceadar oil more deeply. Afraid that they knew, that she knew something . Which was crazy, they couldn't read her mind.

"He just like us, an Alien,"

Or could they?

Just then the sheriff's deputy, Owen Blackwood, came rushing into the Crashdown. Spotting the Sheriff talking to Mr.Parker, he urgently ran towards him.

"Sheriff, we have a situation,"He whispered into the sheriff's ear.

Luckily for Maria, she was just close enough to eavesdrop on the conversation, without it appearing that she was evasedropping. She turned her back from them and pretended to be focused on Liz.

"What's going on Owen?"The sheriff asked.

"We found two men tied up in the alley behind the crashdown,"He announced, then told Sheriff Valenti, "They match the discriptions of the two men that were in the scuffle, here at the Crashdown."

Maria held her breath. Waiting to hear what was said next.

"They were tied up?"The Sheriff asked in disbelief.

"Yes sir,"The deputy answered, he then went on to add," It appears who ever captured these guys, didn't stick around."

"Let's go, I want to look over the scene myself."Valenti replied,he then announced loudly,"Mr. Parker if you excuse me, I'll be back later with some more questions."

"Of course Jim,"Mr. Parker said, he was hovering near his daughter, watching as the paramedics checked Liz's vitals.

Before leaving however, he gave a strange look towards Maria, who was sniffing her tiny bottle.

Maria sheepishly smiled and held up the bottle for him to see,"It's ah cedar oil, it's to releave stress."

"Hmm," He grunted, before taking his leave.

She watched Max and Michael watch the Sheriff leave. They immediately huddle together in an intense and private conversation. They unlike her, have no clue what the sheriff and the deputy talked about.

After capping the bottle, Maria stuffed it in her apron. After a moment, her mind made a decision. Her feet began to take her towards the entrance. It was time to get her answers.

Max and Michael stopped talking when she got close to them. She looked at the two, and with determination announced, "He's going to the alley behind the crashdown. Seems they found two guys tied up."Maria replied, crossing her arms over her chest, giving them acussing looks.

They looked at her as if she had three heads.

"And you're telling us this because?"Michael asked annoyed with her intruding on thier private conversation.

"Well, I saw you in the alley earlier,"Maria proclaimed softly, so no one else could hear, "So, I just want to let you know I won't say anything..for now. However, I've got some questions I hope you can answer for me, ah, more private accomadations."

"What are you talking about!"Michael excalimed through grit teeth. Max looked on, she could tell he was worried about something big.

"Just meet me at the park at 8:00 tonight, okay."She replied, walking away.

Michael was going to run after her, but Max stopped him, "Not now Michael."

"But she's-"

"Listen, now is not the time to make a scene. We have no idea what she saw,"Max explained softly,"However we shouldn't make her angry, and have her blabbing about us being in the alley. Just in case. Low key Michael, Low key."

Michael shook his head, and focused on the short blond hair girl, kneeling next to Liz Parker.

"So we're going to meet her."Michael asked, turning his head towards Max, who was pondering over the perdictament they were now facing.

"Yes, and maybe we can do some damage control." Max said, his mouth formed a tight line.

"Should we tell Isabel about this?" Michael asked.

"Definatley not, let's see what Maria knows, if we can fix it, then we'll fix it. I don't want Isabel involed otherwise."

"Agreed,"Michael replied, nodding his head.

This is exactly what they didn't need. For years they manage to hide thier true identity. Now because they were tying to do they right thing. They unintentionally revealed who they were.
Max just hoped that if Maria did know, she could be trusted. Three lives depended on it.

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Part 10~Loving Whaat's gone~By Carolyn Sawyers

It was exactly 8:00. Maria was at the park sitting on a bench, that was near a lamppost.

Nervously she drummed her fingers on the cover of her scketch pad. Inside were some drawings she made, of what she saw in the alley. With the Crashdown closing early, because of the shooting.

Maria thankfully went home. She was not in the right frame of mind, to be waiting on customers.

Maria took a shower, got dressed, and tried to do what little homework, that was assigned today. However, she was having a tough time focusing on her Algebra problems.

So from the bottom drawer of her desk. Maria pulled out a sketch pad and some colored pencils her mother got her two christmas's ago.

The images were so livid in her mind. She needed to find some kind of medium to get them out, so she wouldn't go crazy thinking about what she saw.

Maria looked around the dark park. She must be crazy to meet these guys alone, with no witness. Yet, at the same time, she had a feeling Max and Michael wouldn't harm her.

She glanced at her watch for the time. They were ten minutes late. Were they even going to show? Maybe this was a bad idea. She could leave know, and just when next time she sees them, tell them she was just shaken by the chaos and made everything up.

"Maria,"Came Max's voice. It startled her, and she jumped a few feet off the bench, a hand went to her chest.

"Jesus, don't EVER, sneak up on me like that again!" Maria demanded, giving Max and Michael a dirty look.

"Sorry Maria I-"

"Okay, enough small talk, what's your issue Deluca?"Michael asked rudely.

Both Max and Maria gave Michael a look of annoyance.

"Michael please,"Max scolded, shaking his head. Then turned his head towards Maria,"Maria, you said we can provied you with some answers."

"Yeah, what exactly did Micahel mean when he thought that blond hair guy was an alien like you and Michael?"Maria demanded. Standing up from the bench.

"Well, I really don't know exactly what you're trying to get at but-"

"Can the snowjpob okay,"Maria interupted,"I know what I heard and I know what I saw. Tell me..are you from another planet?"

Max and Michael looked at each other. Max wanted to tell her, he didn't know why. Michael was shaking his head no adamently.

"I think you've been sniffling too much of whatever is in those vials of yours." Michael answered.

"Really, well I don't think so,"Maria open her sketch pad and shoved it at Max.

He took the pad and looked at the drawing, it was him, surrounded by the swirly white glowy energy. She did see alot. How in the hell were they going to explain this. He showed Michael the drawing, and Michael's mouth went tant.

"What the hell does this mean Deluca? That you have an overactive immagination?"Michael asked. walking up to Maria and tossed her the sketch pad."You're wasting our time."

"I don't think so Michael."Maria said bravely,"You came here obviously afraid that I knew something, you're scared that I may go to the Sheriff and expose you're true idientiy"

You have no id-"

"Why did you leave the bodies for the police to discover? You could've been heros."Maria asked, determine to find out the truth."I think it's because you don't want your lives under a microsope for the whole town to see. That maybe what you really are, is scared."

"Scared, oh you're really something else Deluca,"Michael countered.

WEll it's true,"Maria said, "I want to help, you helped save Liz."

"Help us from what Maria?"Michael asked, shaking his head,"Getting abducted by aliens?"

"Enough,"Max demanded, getting suprised looks form both michael and Maria.

Max looked at both Michael then maria. He has decided what he was going to do. Michael and Isabel will be displease. However, they couldn't keep Maria in the dark. She saw and heard alot. It was time to bring her into the group. Better if she was on thier side, then on the side of someone who could harm them.

"You're right, we're diffrent Maria."

Micahel and Maria gasped in shock. Thier reasons for doing so were diffrent.

"Maxwell are you crazy!"Michael screamed, wondering when everything started to barrel out of control.

"Michael, you and I both know, that Maria saw what she saw, we can't change that."Max said softly,he then looked at Maria and said,"Yes, were aliens, that guy in the alley, we never saw him untill today, but he was connected to us. He saved Liz for a reason. He was the one that tied up those guys. Yes we did chace after them, we didn't want them to get away. I honestly don't know why he did all those things. All we know is we think he knew ahead of time about the shooting."

"Where are you from?"Maria asked. Clutching the sketch pad closely to her chest. As if this would protect her if Max and Micahel turned into green slimey aliens that wanted to suck her brains.

"We don't know, We've lived here all our lives."Max explained. Maria nodded. Max went on. "We came out of these inccubation pods out in the dessert. We looked like normal six year olds. We don't remeber anything before that.. You know the story about the two kids found wandering out in the dessert."

Maria shook her head. Then realization filled her eyes,"You mean Isabel is..."

"One of us, yes she is."Max answered. Micahel began to pace anxiously. Hating what Max was doing. How was this fixing the situation. Isabel is going to so kill Max for this. Then she's going to kill him for not being able to control her brother.

"So you're from another planet, but you don't know what or where it is?"


"You look human, are you like in disguise or something."

"No this is our true form Maria."Max answered.

"So you have no idea why you're here."

"That's right."

"So were you in the 1947 crash."

"That's what we think."

"So you left the inncubation pods in.."


"So you're technically like 53, but you're like 16, becuase these inncubation pods delayed your development."

"You got it."

"Who else knows about this?"

"You're the only one." Max answered. Pretty amazed by all these insightful questions maria's been asking.

"Wait your parents don't know about this?" Maria asked. Curious.

"No,"Max said, he began to nervously rung his hands together, he told her,"We don't tell anyone. We kind of think our lives depended on it."

"So me knowing about you guys, well it was kind of risky."

"Risky is hardly the word for it Maria,"Michael declared.

"Michael,"Max warned.Staring at Michael to relax."I know this is kind of well overwhelming, but you've got to understand, you knowing about us is unexpected."

"Well I didn't wake up this morning thinking I was going to be talking to a bunch of aliens either."

"The question is Maria, what are you going to do about it."Micahel asked.

"See, belive it or not Maria, our lives,Michael's, Isabel's and mine are.....well thier in your hands now."

Maria bit her bottom lip. Staring at Max's pleading look, and Michael's scowling face. She knew that she was in over her head with this.

However, if they were so evil. Max and Michael wouldn't have fallowed those two guys, to attempt to stop them from escaping. They could've just snuck up behind her, without Maria even knowing about it, and just killed her. They hardly knew what they were, never mind have plans of world domination.

With a sigh Maria open her sketch book. Tore out all of the pages, that had drawings of Max, Michael, and the blond hair guy, and every event of the shooting, and handed it it to him.

"You're secret is safe with me."Maria annoucned.

"Thanks Maria."Max said, taking the drawings. Disovling them right before Maria's awed filled eyes

"Whoa,"She exclaimed.She took a few steps toward max and asked, "So what's going to happen next?"

"Nothing Maria."Max replied, looking at Michael then back towards her. "This conversation never happen, we go about our lives, like we've always done. Were just your average normal teenagers."

Maria nodded her head. This is going to be tougher than she realize. Maria is now one of them. Living with a secret, and having no choice but to keep it. She couldn't tell anybody what she knows. Not her parents, not her friends, especially not Liz. What did she get herself into?
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Part 11~Loving what's gone~By Carolyn Sawyers

Maria was not acting like her usual self. This concerned Liz. For a few days it seemed her friend was avoiding her. She confined her worries to Alex, who thought she was overeacting.

"You're sounding too much like Maria. Stop it!" Alex joked, as he rummage through his lunch bag. He pulled out an apple and added,"Paranoia is Maria's job not yours."

"Alex, I'm being serious here."Liz stated. Fustrated.

"So am I,"Alex replied, rolling his eyes. "So Maria is acting a little weird. Doesn't sound too much, out of the ordinary Liz."

"Something's up, I want to know what." Liz declared, huffing a sigh.


It was Maria, she seemed a bit tired and stressed. She sat besides Liz on the bench, and unceremoniously threw down her books. She seemed lost in thought.

"Maria, hey,"Liz repeated. Sizing up her friend then asked,"Is everything okay?"

Maria snapped out of whatever deep thought she was in, and asked, "I'm sorry what?"

"Maria, are you okay?"Liz asked, throwing a see-I-told-you-so look at Alex, then added. "You've been acting a bit out of sync these last couple of days."

"Yeah, I know, it's just....."She paused tryng to find the right thing to say. Maria couldn't help, but distance herself from Liz a little. She just didn't feel confident enough to look Liz in the eyes, and lie to her.

However she had to do it. Max, Isabel, and Michael were counting on her. She made a promise. Even though it meant lying to her friends. With a sigh she continued. "It's just, I was freaked out alot by what happen at the crashdown a couple of days ago. I'm sorry if I was a bit distant, I just want to refelect about my life-"

"Oh Maria, you know we're here for you, you should've of confided in us,"Liz interupted, hugging Maria's shoulders. "Alex, and I are your friends. Were here to help you."

"I know. I-I-It's just I don't know, I needed to be alone, "Maria lied. feeling totally sick. " I hope you understand."

"Maria, of course we understand,"Alex chimmed in, going to the other side of Maria. The three of them formed a kind of group hug. Which made Maria feel guilty.

"You guys are the best. I'm sorry if I worried you." Maria replied. She did it. The lie was told. Her friends are none the wiser. She gave a huge smile and declared,"Okay, I think tonight we need to rent some movies, and stuff ourselves with Ben & Jery's untill we get sick."

"Yup, That's the Maria I know,"Liz replied. She then added,"I think a movie night would be great," Liz turned to Alex and asked,"So, you in."

"In like flint." Alex agreed. Taking a bite of his apple.

As Liz, and Alex argued over what movie they were going to rent, this evening. Maria couldn't help but sneak a look over to where her new aliens friends were sitting at.

Isabel found out the day after Maria met Max, and Michael at the park. From what Max told her. It didn't go very well at first. However, with some convincing, Isabel relented and sort of welcomed her into the fold. Max insisted that Isabel will warm up to her eventually.

"She just needs to know you can be trusted. It's just been the three of us for so long. I hope you're not offended."Max explained.

"I totally understand Max,"Maria answered. They were under the bleachers, at the football field. Max left a note in her locker earlier. Saying to meet him there. They decided to use the bleachers as a secret meeting place.

It would look suspicious if Maria all of a sudden just started hanging out with the three of them. It would stir up too many questions with Liz.

"So just drop a note in my locker if you need to talk to me, I'll do the same."Max suggested. Maria nodded her head, thinking it was a great idea. However how long will it be before they get caught. She just prayed it would never come to that.

Isabel caught Maria looking at them from across the quarry. She gave her a icey look, which made Maria look away and focus her attention on her friends.

"I can't belive she knows who we are?" Isabel declared in disbelief. She open her yougart container, and sprinkle sugar on the top, before stirring up the fruit. "She's going to weaken and expose us. I just know it."

"Isabel, have faith in her, I trust her."Max said softly. He poured some tabasco sauce on his sandwich. Then added, "give her a chance."

"Max, you are way to trusting of her."Isabel countered. Stopping the stirring motion and whispered. "What do we know about her NOTHING! How do you know she won't screw us in the end."

"She has a point Max, the girl is a loon."Michael declared. Sneaking a glance at the strange short blond hair, pettie girl. She was laughing with her friends. It was kind of a sexy little laugh. Michael immeditaely shook his head. wondering where that thought came from. "I say we keep close tabs on her."

"What! You mean spy on her?"Max asked in disbelief.

"Well yeah, what's wrong with that."Michael asked, gesturing a hand out before him, "She's got nothing to lose if we're discovered."

"Whatever Michael, just don't get caught."Max replied. knowing it was useless to convince him otherwise.

"I have a better idea."Isabel announced suddenly. Max and Michael looked at her. waiting for her plan.

"I think maybe I should befriend her."Isabel replied. Getting a weird look from her brother and Michael. "In an unsupicous way of course."

"And how pray tell are you going to do that?"Max asked. Not sure if he was completely onboard with deciving Maria like this.

"I don't know, I'll think of something."Isabel replied.Raising an eyebrow.A plan forming in her brain.

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Part 11b~Loving what's gone~By Carolyn Sawyers

Maria sighed, as she shuffled to her locker. Glad to finally be done with school. Half heartly she open her combination lock, and pulled the door open. A folded piece of paper fell at her feet.

Raising an curious eyebrow. Maria picked it up, unfolded it, and read the contents. It was from Isabel.

"Need to talk to you. You know where to go.

Maria shoved the books she didn't need in the locker and slammed the door shut. As she reached the school's front entrance, she ripped the note into many pieces, and threw it in the trash before leaving the school.

Taking out her cell phone she quickly dialed Isabel's cell number. She had all thier numbers, in case she had to talk to them after school hours.

Isabel quickly picked up with a curt, "Hello."

"It's me, I can't meet you." Maria replied. Looking anxiously around her.

"Why not."

"Because I promise Liz and Alex I'd take them home."She countered with a fustrated sigh.

"Find, after you play taxi, go to the mall. I'll be at the Water fall foutain. Don't be long."Isabel said rather rudely. She ended the conversation before Maria could respond.

Maria rolled her eyes, and made her way towards the parking lot. She was about to put the phone away, when it rang again. It was Max.

"Is it okay to talk."he asked

"Not really, I'm on my way to meet Liz. So make it quick."She responded slowing down her pace.

"Isabel is going to want a meeting with you."

"Yeah I got her note. I meeting her at the mall later."Maria responded.

"Listen, I just wanted to tell you her intentions may not be well....honest."

"I'm sure."Maria said knowingly.

"I just wanted to assure you, that whatever her and Michael are doing, no matter how vaild it is to them. Well.. I'm totally against it."

"Thank you,"Maria replied getting closer to the parking lot."I'll keep an open mind."

"They're just making sure-"

"It's okay Max, I'm okay with it."Maria assured him,"Listen, I'll call you later."

Then ended the call as her car came into view. Alex was lesurily laying on her hood, listening to his headphones. Liz was leaning on the passenger door, reading a book.

"Sorry for the delays guys." Maria huffed, unlocking the drivers side of the car.

"It's okay,"Alex said, getting off the hood. After taking off his head phones. He told her. "We managed to entertain ourselves."

"So maybe we should figure out what we're renting tonight?"Liz asked, opening the now unlock door. Going inside.

"I don't care, as long as it's a nice mixture of romance and action. I say let's get A Knight's tale." Alex slouching comfortably in the back seat..

"That's an idea, though Me and Liz did already see that."Maria answered.. Buckling herself in. then added, "What I really want to see is the Scooby Doo Moive."

"That's cool with me."Alex agreed. The headphones went immeditaly back on.

Liz shook her head stating,"Sure that's find."

"So I'll pick it up, I'm going to the mall so it won't be out of my way."

"You're going to the mall. What for?" Liz asked.

Crap! What if Liz wanted to come? How was she going to get out of this one? Quick Deluca think of something.

"Yeah, I saw these shoes the last time I was there, and I heard the store is having a sale."Maria quickly replied, then added,"Want to come?"

"Nah, I want to get some of my homework done before we hang out." Liz answered. Turning on the radio.

Maria sighed in relief. That's all that she needed, having to find a way to lose Liz in the mall, to meet Isabel. She started the car, and told Liz. "Well, okay, so I'll pick you up at 7:30, Alex I'll be heading your way soon afterward, so be ready."

Alex didn't respond so she turned around and whaked his leg, shouting."Hey freak, be ready for me to pick you up, around 7:30!"

"Ow, yeah, I heard you the first time!."Alex answered, rolling his eyes.

"Well you could have aknowledged me!" Maria said, turing back around, and put the car in drive. She pullled out of her parking spot. Dying to inhale an healthy dose of cedar oil.

Living a double life was stressful and exhausting.

Isabel was exactly where she said she'll be. Pacing, and looking at her watch. When she looked up, sighing in relief, upon seeing, Maria power walking towards her.

"Finally,"Isabel huffed, tapping her watch. "I've been waiting here for an hour!"

"Whatever,"Maria exclaimed shaking her head. "I've got to go to Blockbuster, can we talk there."

Maria walked toward the direction of the video store, without waiting for an answer from Isabel.

So of course Isabel had no choice but to fallow her. Not liking that she lost control of the situation.

Isabel entered the store and scanned the place for Maria. Her eyes found the blond hair girl at the comedy section.

"I don't know if I feel comfortable enough talking here."Isabel declared, folding her arms across her chest. Giving maria a suspicous glance.

Maria looked at Isabel from the corner of her eye and angrily whispered through grit teeth."Well then whisper, I have to find a movie, so deal with it!"

"Well, I guess if we're going to get along. We should hang out at times. Try and get to know one another."Isabel said softly.

"You know....the saying; 'Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, comes to mind."Maria replied sarcastically.

"Well Maria, to be honest, I don't know nothing about you."Isabel said honestly. "I'm making an effort here, you can do the same."

"An effort,"Maria gasped, turning to face Isabel. "Your the one who's distrustful. Who's to say you won' know screw me."

"You watch too much T.V."Isabel said shaking her head.

"Whatever,"Maria blurted out. "If you want to "Hang" out and get to know me, then we'll do exactly that, Okay."

Isabel shook her head. Agreeing with the arrangement.

"So exactly what is-"

"Oh my god,"Maria Interupted.. She was looking over Isabel's shoulder. Her eyes were wide with panic.

"What." Isabel asked. Curious. Not liking the tone of the girls voice, or the way she suddenly paled.

"Kyle Valenti's coming this way." Maria whispered. Not beliving her luck.

"Isn't he dating Liz?" Isabel asked.

"Yes, and like the loyal puppy dog that he is. He'll tell Liz, he saw me here talking to you."

"Well that can't happen."Isabel declared, shaking her head.

"Well it's too late to act like we weren't having a conversation," she said. Then thought of something, off the top of her head. She grabbed a random video off the shelf and whispered for only Isabel to hear."Play along."

Isabel nodded her head. Wondering what Maria was up to?

"I'm sorry Isabel, but you may think you can get want you want all the time, but I grabbed this movie first."

Isabel smiled, shaking her head, knowing exactly what Maria was doing. Grabbing an end of the cassette case.She countered, "I'm sorry, but your wrong Maria! I grabbed it first."

Thier "argument" caused people to look thier way.

"Let go."Maria replied jerking it back. Isabel's hand, still firmly grasped on the other end, began to tug at it.

"No you let go."

The two began to have a tug of war with the cassette case. Neither wanting to let go.
They were so into the play acting they almost forgot why they were doing it. That is untill Kyle reached them asking, "Whoa. Ladies. What's the issue."

"Kyle. Thank god you're here."Maria exclaimed, Trying to pull the tape out of Isabel's hand. "Tell Queen Amidala, to let go of my video."

"It's not yours. it's the property of Blockbuster."Isabel pointed out, still jerking on the case,"However, I was the one who grabbed it first. So YOU miss new age, should be the one to let go."

"Ice Queen!"Maria screamed!

"Bitch!"Isabel countered

"Okay, I think maybe you guys should reach some kind of compromise before you get kicked out of the place."Kyle announced, noticing that all eyes were on them.

"Whatever,"Maria said, letting the video go abruptly. Making Isabel almost lose her footing. "Take the damn thing! Happy!"

Then stormed off to another section of the video store. Getting looks from the patrons and the clerks on duty.

"Are you okay?"Kyle asked. Obviously blown away by what he witness.

"Yes, I'm find. "Isabel replied grinning. Shaking the video cassette box. "I got what I came here for."

Isabel turned from a stunned Kyle, and walked up to the cash register.

Thinking to herself, that maybe, Maria Delcua wasn't so bad after all.

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Part 12~Loving What's Gone~By Carolyn Sawyers

Michael couldn't sleep. He was lying in bed, throwing a tennis ball against the wall. Catching the ball everytime it came hurling in his direction. This was how he thought things through.

He had been at Max's house an hour ago. They were in his bedroom. When Isabel came back from her little meeting with Maria. Somehow the earth girl had won her trust. Came up with somekind of deversion to distract Kyle from finding out why Iasbel and Maria were sharing the same breathing space.

One incident shouldn't have been enough for Isabel. It wouldn't have been enough for him. Trust had to be earned, and not overnight. Yet, four hours after Isabel was raving her displesure of Max bringing Maria into thier cliche. She suddenly did a 180 and decided she was wrong and that Maria could be trusted.

If Max and Isabel wanted to keep thier guards down, then let them. He'll take on the burden of staying alert. In fact he's got some questions of his own, to ask this Maria Deluca.

Maria's induction into thier group had him worried. He'll admit, something about her had him puzzled. Michael had a feeling she could be trusted, but the thing is, could he be trusted? Whenever he thought about the girl, an image of her face appeared vividly in his head.

Short blond hair cropped close to her head,the ends feathered upward, daring him to touch the upturn strands of hair, to smooth them down. Her sparkling green eyes and pouty lips caused him to shiver.

He shook the image away sighing in confusion. That's been happening alot lately. Her face suddenly appearing in his head. Both day and night. Causing him to think of passionately kissing those amazing lips, and aching to touch her skin. Michael would bet his life it was as soft as silk.

Could he actually be attracted to her? Would he be all mushy and putty in her hands, whenever she was in the same room as him. He didn't want to be distracted into trust. Yet, that's what is happening. he wanted to tust her, which made him want to distance himself from her.

Michal bolted out of bed. Deciding it was time confront Maria and his feelings for her.

He knew where she lived, and exactly where her bedroom window was.

After she confronted them at the park that night. He's been keeping tabs on her. Staking outside her house. Visting the crashdown more often then he'd like. It was time to nip this situation in the bud.

Maria was in thier life now. There was nothing he could do or say to change it. However there was some ground rules he was going to set for her, and himself.

He put on his jacket, and was making his way towards his window to make his escape, when his foster father, Hank Whitmore came crashing into his room.

"Where the hell do you think you're going Boy?" Hank asked, seeing Michael in his jacket, obviously preparing to go out.

"Out,"Michael spatted vehemently. Hating that he never called Michael by his name. It was always boy, or good for nothing, or loser...well you got the picture.

"You ain't going anywhere 'till you do the laundry."He slurred. Leaning on the doorjamb for support. Michael has never recalled a moment of Hank actually being sober.

"I'll do it tomorrow."Michael said imaptiently. Of course Hank always wanted something done, when he needed to leave.

"You'll do it NOW!" He shouted staggering towards Michael.

Michael willed himself to not take Hank by the throat and strangle him to death.

This is his life, living in one foster home after another. Dealing with people who don't care about you. Only about the checks that were sent by Child services each month.

Michael blamed himself for his situation. He was the first to leave the pods. Fallowed by Max and Isabel. He watched them from afar. As brother and sister, walked hand in hand, down the desert road. They could sense he was out there. He felt the same way. Wanting to go to them, but was scared to.

When he finally got the nerve to show himself. Max held out his hand. Urging him with his eyes to to take it. Just when he was about to. The Evans car headlights frighten him away. Causing him to dash behind a boulder. He hid there for hours. Then when he realize he was alone. Michael started running madly, untill a farmer found him. He was taken to the police station. From there his new life began.

Mrs. Patrica Gurien was his first foster mother. She loved him, and he wanted her to be his mother so badly. He asked that she name him. Which she did proudly. However she died two weeks after child services placed him with her. It totally tore him in two.

She was the first and last person he loved and trusted. Well untill he was reunited with Max and Isabel. He's never let anyone else in.

"Hank, I'm really not in the mood for your drunken antics right now,"Michael exclaimed. His mouth formed a tant line,"I swear I'll do it tomorrow."

Of course, Hank didn't really care what Michael wanted. He charged for Michael as he shouted,"You ungrateful Bastard. Just do what you're told."

Hank's hand gripped firmly on his arm. Michael jerked free and shouted angrily,"No Hank! I'm sick of your shit!"

That's when Hank swung furiously at him. His fist connected hard against Michael's jaw. He flinched from the pain. Holding the sore spot and glaring angrily at him.

In that moment, all the times Hank abused him emotionally and physically, ebbed up to the surface.The darkness that he'd been trying to control for years, mushroomed inside him. He could feel his powers growing ustable.

"No do the laundry NOW! You royal pain in the ass,"Hank spat, whacking the back of his head hard.

"NO!"Michael declared. Standing with his fists at his side, his stance battle ready. He wanted to kill Hank So badly he could taste it.

"No wonder no one wants you! You no good piece of-"

Michael's layer of control snapped. Tossing Hank across the small room, as if weighing nothing. Landing on the wall with a crunching thud. As he slid down to the floor, a trail of blood fallowed. An impression of Hanks body was imbedded into the wooden paneling.

Michael, with his hand still raised stood there in pure horror.

What had he just done!?

(continued in next post......)

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Part 12b~Loving What's gone~By Carolyn Sawyers

Maria closed her bedroom window as soon as the rain started falling. She was glad she did, cause it started to downpour.

She sat on the love seat by the bay window. Enjoying the sound of the rain,and watching unseeingly outside. Not really tired just yet. The rain usually clamed her down. With the day she had. Maria could use as much calming as she can get.

Then a figure caught her eye across the street. It was leaning on a lamppost. She squitned her eyes, trying to focus through the rain streak window pane. Her head went back slightly in suprise.

The figure was Michael Gurien. What was he up too?

Maria angrily grabbed her coat, an umbrella, and quickly slipped on a pair of sandles.

Hastily she left her bedroom, dashed to the front door, and made her way across the street.
Michael spotted her, but didn't move from his spot. He just stood thier soaking wet, looking totally distraught.

"What are you doing here Michael?"Maria asked. Propping the open umbrella on her shoulder.

He didn't say a word, he remain silent. His intense eyes never leaving hers.

Maria didn't know exactly what to do. Obviously Michael was upset about something. However she had no idea what?

Huffing a sigh. Maria held out her hand and suggested, "Michael, you're going to catch a cold if you stay out here. Come inside, we'll get you out of those wet clothes."

Michael numbly shook his head. However he didn't take her hand. Maria nodded, giving him a small smile.

"We should go now,"Maria replied, then told him,"My mom is out on a date, but she could come back soon."

Turning on her heal, Maria made her way back to the house. Hoping Michael was behind her.

Ten minutes later, Michael was in his boxers and t-shirt. Fast asleep in her bed. She pulled the covers over his shivering body.

Whatever happen to Michael, it wasn't good. An ugly bruise was on his jaw. Max told her about Michael's foster father. They must've had a fight that ended badly.

Maria picked up her phone on the night stand next to the bed. Dialing Max's numbers, she prayed he would be the one to answer, and not his parents.

A very groggy Max finally answered after what seemed like forever. "Micahel I swear to god if this is you-"

"It's me, Maria,"She interupted, looking anxiously at Michael's sleeping form.

"Maria," Max said a bit confused. She heard him yawn, and then he continued,"What's the matter? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. However it's Michael whom I'm worried about."

"Oh God, Maria, I'm sorry. Is he bothering you? I'll be-"

"No, you don't understand. "Maria started, then with a sigh went on. "Michael is here sleeping in my bed. Something must've happened between him and Hank.....I think Hank hit him."

"Jesus!" Max exclaimed.

"What should I do?" She asked, twirling the phone cord nervously between her fingers.

"Well if he wakes up, tell him not to go anywhere."Max demanded, then went on. "I'm going to Michael's house, to get some answers."

"Okay,but......"Maria started to say.

"Just do what you can,"Max interupted, then added. "I'll call you later."

"Okay Max," Maria said. Confused. Hoping Max would tell her everything later. Then added. "Be careful."

Maria put the phone back in the cradle. Exhausted, she knew she wouldn't be able to fall asleep. Not untill Max called her anyway. Maria found herself lying beside Michael's sleeping form. Her arm resting lightly on his body. Having no idea why she felt drawn to this guy, whom she bearly knows, and knew he wanted it to stay that way.

With a sigh. Maria whispered softly. " "What happen tonight Michael?" Then without realizing it, went into a deep sleep.

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Well as you all notice, I've been kind of basing everything on S1, with some diffrences of course.

Since of course FMax suceeded in changing the future, things will be diffrent. or not even happen at all.

Amy will definately find Michael in her daughters room, pretty much like it was in Independance day. That's all I'm going to say without giving to much away.

Max and Michael will not be "found" out just yet, but I'm slowly getting Liz and Alex involed in all this soon.

I do have scenes planed out in my mind. Somethimes they're used sometimes not.
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clueless originally wrote:

Have I ever told you how much you rock! *big*
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I pray by the weekend sometime, that I'll get a new part finished and posted.

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musiChic originally wrote:
Ok, now I'm just confused, I thought I finished reading part 9 or 10, then the next page said part 8?
Anyway, I'm caught up, and waiting for more *happy*
I love that you use some actual scenes with or without modifications, cuz it helps to give me an image of whats happening.. Especially thinking of Michael standing outside in the rain... *sad*

I don't know why the chapters are messed up, I'll have to go over them. Anyway, thanks for the FB!
I'm working on the next part now. Come to me is up, for those who follow that story.
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So I think it's fixed now! Anywho here's the next chapter.
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Part 13 ~ Loving What’s gone ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

When Max and Isabel sneaked into Hanks trailer. Things didn’t look out of the ordinary. You can tell men lived there. The place was a mess, with a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. A few trash bags were tied on the floor. The TV was still on. Beer cans and junk food wrappers littered near the beat up lazy boy, the drunk would sit in to watch TV most of his free time.

“God, what’s that smell.” Isabel exclaimed scrunching her nose in disgust.

“I don’t even want to venture a guess.” Max declared, moving a beer can aside with his shoe. “Let’s go to Michael’s room.”

Isabel nodded her head, as they walked the short hallway to Michael’s bedroom. They open the door and was shocked to see Hank crumbled on the floor, laying in a pool, of what appears to be his own blood.

“Jesus,” Max whispered, walking closer to the body. He placed his finger on Hanks neck, and shook his head, then looked to Isabel and replied; “He’s dead.”

“What should we do?” Isabel asked, folding her arms protectively around her.

“Well we can’t leave here dragging Hanks body.” Max replied sighing in frustration. “We need to make it look like Hank died from natural causes.”

Isabel watched on as Max waved a hand over Hanks body, and around the floor, making the blood disappear. He didn’t want to make more of a mess with the blood.

“What are we going to do?” Isabel asked, walking to her brother.

“I’m going to take Hank in the living room.” Max responded, picking up the lifeless body over his shoulder. Isabel grimaces at the sight. “You tidy up in here. I don’t want any sign of a struggle, of a speck of blood in this entire room.”

“Max if we get caught-“

“Then we better make sure that doesn’t happen.” Max said, leaving her to her business.

Isabel sighed and looked around the room. “What happen here Michael?” she said out loud to no one in particular. The first thing she did was making the huge dent in the shape of Hanks body disappear. The blood was next. Pieces of the wall melted into the floor with a wave of her hand. That was the easiest part. Looking around the room for splattered blood and any evidence that Hank was murdered was monotonous.

Two hours later she left Michael’s room, satisfied that her job was done. She entered the living room witnessing Max hovering over Hank’s body, which was slumped on the lazy boy. His hands were over his heart. He looked exhausted.

“Max are you okay? What are you doing?” Isabel asked rushing to his side.

Max broke his contact with Hank and sluggishly walked over to the couch and sat down.
He rubbed his hands over his face. He was sweating profusely.

After taking a deep breath he declared, “I did it. It wasn’t easy, but Hank here died of an heart attack.”

“How did you do that? When they do an autopsy Max they’ll know other wise.” Isabel asked in confusion. She sat beside Max; her hand went to his shoulder.

“I-I, healed the wounds Michael affected on Hank. I then went back and made it look like his heart failed.” Max gasped. He looked at Isabel and stated, “Isabel, it was so weird. When I didn’t think I could do it. I got this surge of power that I didn’t realize I had. I felt like my alien side was growing more aware. We are capable of so much, I just wish I understood what I was feeling.”

“It’s Okay Max. We’ll figure out all of that later. Right now we’ve got to get out of here. Call Maria, make sure Michael is okay.” Isabel said, anxiously. She got up and looked down at him. He didn’t look well at all. He was so pale and he was sweating so much. “Are you going to be okay?”

“I-I feel kind of weak, but I will make it.” Max replied weakly, getting up off the couch slowly.

Isabel watched as Max slowly made his way to the front door. He checked outside both windows. He turned to Isabel and announced, “It’s time. I’ll go first. Wait five minutes before you follow.”

Isabel nodded her head, confirming to Max that she understood.

Max slowly open the door. Peaked his head out and disappeared out into the darkness.
Isabel looked out the window. Watching as Max stealthily made his way to the wooden area of the trailer park. Their jeep was parked about a mile away from the trailer park site. Once Isabel left Hank’s trailer and got to the wooden area where Max is, they’d be home free.

Five minutes later, Isabel open the door slowly. She peaked out and was relieved to see no one around. She spotted Max over by some bushes; he waved his hands wildly to urge her that now was the time to make her dash towards him.

Isabel cautiously left the trailer. Closed the door softly behind her and walked down the three stairs. She slowly made her way across the rocky ground. She hoped no one was watching from any of the other trailers. She was relived when she reached Max with out any incident.

Max was sitting on the ground when she went inside the wooden area. “Max.” she whispered, concerned. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m find. Just a little wiped.” He said weakly, a small smile on his lips. He held out his hand, for Isabel's help. “Let’s get out of here. We don’t want to tempt fate too much here.”

Isabel braced herself, and helped Max up to his feet. He paused to brush the dirt from his bottom. Then he announced, “Shall we go.”

“Music to my ears,” Isabel agreed, following Max back to the path that’ll eventually take them back to the jeep.

They were lucky tonight. They manage to clean up a major mess, without too many hassles. The outcome if what really happen tonight came out, could result in some dire circumstances, which Max just didn’t want to think about.

Then there was that energy surge in his powers that he felt while fixing Hanks cause of death. He was changing, he could feel it, and he wasn’t sure if he was scared or excited about it.

Would Isabel and Michael experience changes also? They knew something like this would happen one day. If only they had some kind of help through all of this. He always wondered why they were sent here. Would someone ever return for them? Or have they already tried and couldn’t find them. They weren’t even born yet when they came to earth. This is where they were born. Hatched from these pods somewhere out in the dessert, that to this day, Max couldn’t remember the location if his life depended on it. Who knows who they could be? If they look like the three of them, then what’s the chance of ever getting any real answers?

Max felt Isabel grab his shoulders. He swung his head around to look at her.

“You look as if you’re about to pass out.” She pointed out. Concern was all over her face. “Do you want to rest for a while?”

“No, we need to get home. I won’t feel completely comfortable until we’re safe at home.” Max responded. Patting her hand reassuringly. He added, “I’m find Iz, thanks for the concern.”

Twenty minutes later, they were in the jeep heading back towards their house. Isabel was driving, and Max was thankful to be sitting down.

He had a feeling, that he’ll be skipping school tomorrow. It was late as it is. He’d never be well enough to face all those stairs and trying to concentration on what the teachers have to say. He’ll have Isabel talk to Marie about the final stage of the plan. Then they can go back to blending in and pretend that they just didn’t cover up a murder.


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part 14 ~ Loving What's Gone ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Maria has been awake for hours now. Yet she just couldn’t get up. She liked lying next to Michael. She could get use to waking up every morning, with his warm body lying down next to hers.

Michael did strange things to her, and she loved it, though at the same time it kind of scared her.

Isabel called her cell phone last night. Told her what they found at Hanks trailer, and what they did to cover up what Michael did to Hank.

It scared her to have entered into this whole New World. Yet she asked for the truth that night in the park. Well she got it, plus a whole lots more. She promise she’d keep their secret, and with that, you had to do things whether it was good or bad, to make sure it stayed a secret. Who they really are, aliens from another planet.

Now in a few hours Maria’s mother will be walking into her room. She’d come in to get her up for school, like she always does. Usually Maria is fast asleep, and has already pressed the snooze button many times. Well this morning is different.

Maria is Michael’s alibi, in case the police were suspicious in anyway of Hanks death.

Her mother is so going to ground her until she turns 21 years old. However, Maria didn’t care. Keeping Michael safe, and out of the limelight, which could bring a lot of trouble his way and towards Isabel and Max.’s direction, was worth it. Besides her mother will get over it, she always does. Yet, Amy Deluca, has never walked in her daughter’s room to find a man laying there.

“Maria, come on you’re going to be late for school!” She heard her mother scream outside her door. “I’m not writing you another late note, so get your rear in motion!”

Maria closed her eyes. Bracing herself for the moment she didn’t want to face, but knew there was no way out of it.

“Maria,” shouted her mother’s voice again. Banging loudly on the door. “I mean it young lady get up!”

The door swung open, and she heard her mother talking her normal morning conversation, oblivious still of who was lying next to her daughter.

“You got an hour before-Oh MY GOD!” She heard her mother exclaim in horror. The blankets were tossed away, and both Maria and Michael bolted up from their abrupt wake up call. “Who the hell is this?”

“Wait mom don’t freak out.” Maria replied, watching as Michael jumped out of bed to get his things. He has yet to look at Maria at all.

“Don’t freak out!” Amy replied, turning red with anger. “There’s a boy in your bed which makes me think my baby is having SEX!”

Michael shook his head in protest, but words of denial couldn’t leave his mouth.

“Mom, wait you don’t understand we did-“

“Get out young man now!” She demanded whapping Michael with her morning newspaper. Michael did so and without so much as a glance towards Maria. Probably afraid what her mother would do to him if he even dared too. Amy turned to her daughter and proclaimed, “I want you dressed and ready to go in Five minutes!”

Then she turned on her heals and dramatically left Maria’s room. Slamming the door loudly behind her.

Maria still sitting on the bed gave a sigh of frustration. Looking at her closed door, she dreaded what was coming her way.

Turning around, she grabbed a vial of her cedar oil from the night stand and began to take deep breaths of the calming odor.

Knowing what she had to do. Maria got up and began to get ready for school. Her part of the plan was half way done. That is if the police doesn’t suspect foul play and bring in Michael for questioning. If they bought that Hank died of natural causes, then her work is done.

That is until something or some one else threatens to expose her new alien friends’ true identity. It’s going to be a long day. In fact it’s going to be a long life.


Liz was waiting anxiously by Maria’s locker. Alex told her what happen to Maria this morning. Maria told Alex about her mother finding Michael Gurien in her bed, and the major tongue thrashing, and grounding she got because of it.

When did she start seeing Michael? As far as Liz knew, she hated Michael Gurien. Called him a self-centered bastard, who had a personality of a fruit fly. What happen to change her mind about him?

Liz sighed in relief when she saw a disheveled Maria walked her way. She looked mighty distressed and somewhat tired.

“Hey Liz,” Maria replied, as she worked on her combination lock.

“Hey.” Liz said, not sure how she should start this conversation. “I talked to Alex this morning.”

“I’m sure he had a lot to say.” Maria answered, swinging open the locker door and began to grab some books she needed.

“Well yeah, and he’s just as confused as I am Maria.” Liz declared, leaning on the locker next to Maria’s. “I was a bit concern when he told me that your mother found Michael Gurien in your bed.”

Maria sighed as she turned to face her friend. Ready to tell her yet another lie. God she hated to keep the truth from her, but she had no choice. “ I should’ve told you about Michael and I, but he wanted it kind of low key.”

“So it’s true you and Michael are together.” Liz exclaimed in disbelief.

“Well yes we are, but it’s not as serious as you think.” Maria countered, feeling a little anxious.

“It’s not serious!” Liz stated, shaking her head. Then in a low voice continued, “Maria I hardly think that sleeping with someone is not serious.”

“Listen, Michael and I didn’t sleep together last night. He was feeling depress about his foster father, and came to hide from the asshole. We talked that’s it. He didn’t want to go home, so I told Michael he could stay. I forgot to set the alarm clock, so my mother saw us in what appeared to be a compromising situation, but it wasn’t we just slept that’s all!” Maria explained, hoping Liz would buy everything she told her.

“So all you did was sleep?” Liz asked, folding her arms in front of her, not really sure what to believe.

“Yes, and okay so Michael and I becoming close is weird, but believe me it was the furthest thing from my mind too. It just happen Liz, I’m sorry to have kept it from you, but it was what Michael wanted.” Maria said with a sigh, she rested her head against the locker, wanting this day to end, but so far it has become the longest day of her life.

Maria has still yet to talk to Max, Isabel or Michael for that matter. She didn’t know what the next move was. Would she and Michael have to pretend to be a “couple” for awhile? She wasn’t quite sure exactly how long Max wanted this to go on. She’s not sure if she could handle playing the part of Michael’s girlfriend, but yet being in his arms, comforting him last night felt so nice. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Then Maria shook her head; no Michael is a jerk. Just because he let his guard down for one night, doesn’t mean he’s going to be all nice to her. In fact he’ll probably be even more of a prick so he can keep his mysterious tough guy routine going. She had to be Teflon babe, let all of this just slid right off of her. Getting involed with these people as friends was crazy enough, but having a relationship with one of them, now that was just asking for trouble.

“Maria, hello are you okay!” Liz exclaimed, breaking Maria from her chaotic thoughts.

“Yeah,” Maria said softly, shaking the cobwebs from her mind. Then with a sigh added, “ I know I gave the impression that I hated Michael, but well I don’t know maybe I kind of do, but I like how he makes me feel. Maybe it’s the whole bad boy thing, of course you know it’ll probably won’t last.”

“You are always full of surprises Maria,” Liz said with a small laugh. Which was actually kind of promising. Maybe she is buying into the whole lie. “Whatever, if he makes you happy, then who am I to say who you should or shouldn’t be with.”

“Thank you Liz, I’m glad you understand.” Maria replied with a smile the two of them hugged.

The Liz said, “So how piss off was your mother.”

Maria laughed, as she pulled back, “No words in the entire English language could describe the anger and horror my mother was experiencing when she walked through my bedroom door this morning.”

The two girls began to laugh, and started talking about the test in their English Literature class, then a voice interrupted their conversation.


Maria looked up to see no other then Michael Gurien himself. He too was a bit distress looking, and anxious to talk to Maria alone.

Liz looked at Michael then at her friend. Then with a sigh announced, “Well I’ve got to get to class. See you at lunch Maria?”

“Yeah,” Maria replied, her eyes not leaving Michael’s

“Michael.” Liz said, before leaving.

He nodded his head, and when Liz was out of ear shot. Michael then began to say. “So Max told me what was going on.”

Maria nodded her head; words to say escaped her. Michael leaned against the locker and continued, “So I guess he wants us to keep up the scam of us together, it seems.”

“Well, it would probably be the wise thing to do for now.” Maria said softly.

Michael nodded his head, the leaned his head against the locker, closing his eyes. Trying to process the crazy night he had experience last night.

It was weird how nice it felt being in Maria’s arms last night. Her soft hands gently stroking his hair, his skin. It made him feel things he wasn’t quite sure he wanted to experience. He opens his eyes and looked her way. She looked kind of antsy, not sure what to do about everything. Michael sighed and said, “Thanks for everything you did last night. I didn’t exactly treat you very nice. You could’ve ignored me and left me in the rain last night.”

“I could’ve, but it was obvious you were in trouble. I couldn’t ethically not help you.” Maria said, loving how intense his eyes were.

Michael leaned in closer. Then said, “I owe you big time. I heard that your mother grounded you, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I’m still alive.” Maria joked, as she laughed nervously. She licked her lips and felt her had draw closer to his.

Their lips touched briefly. Then Michael pulled away slightly. He looked at her, staring back at him in surprise. “Would you like me to walk you to class?”

“Yeah, that would be nice.” Maria said giving him a half smile.

As they walked away from Maria’s locker. The student’s that witness the kiss between Michael and Maria didn’t let it get unnoticed. By the end of the school day, Michael Gurien and Maria Deluca were officially now a couple.


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Part 15 ~ Loving What's Gone ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Liz was obviously not paying attention to him. Following the direction of her eyes, Alex Whitman notice she was focusing hard on Maria, and where she was sitting. Hanging with the three Musketeers, Michael Gurien, Max Evans and his sister, Isabel Evans. The three of them had to be the most anti social Cliché in the entire school. They never wanted anyone new in their group. People out of curiosity have made attempts, which failed miserably. So eventually the attempts stopped, and the three Musketeers were left alone.

Alex couldn’t help but wonder what Maria did that got her the privilege of being in their circle. Well, she was dating one of them, which was weird cause her distaste for Michael was astounding, and besides that, she was very vocal in how snobby they were.

Alex shrugged his shoulders. No matter, Maria always did what she wanted to do. This was just unexpected of her. They just have to support her, and hope that she will give a reason.

“Liz I was thinking about getting a sex change.” Alex replied seeing if he could get a reaction from her.

“That’s nice Alex.” She said distractedly.

“Yeah, for years I felt I’ve been a woman trapped in a mans body.” Alex continued with a smile, shaking his head, it was obvious she wasn’t paying attention at all.

“Yeah, I understand.” She responded, tapping her pencil against her open Biology book.

“Okay Liz, can you please focus here.” Alex demanded, waving a hand in front of her face.

Liz snapped her attention towards Alex, and glared at him, as she exclaimed, “What Alex!?”

“Liz you just agreed that I needed a sex change.” Alex responded laughing.

“I did,” She shrieked in horror, biting her bottom lip, she stuttered. “Ah, I-I’m sorry Alex, I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Yes, I realize that.” Alex said nodding his head, then gestured towards Maria, and said, “You’ve not stopped looking over there ever since Maria decided to spend lunch with the three Musketeers.”

“Well I’m concerned Alex.” Liz said huffing a frustrated sigh, “I mean why the sudden change of heart?”

“I don’t know Liz” Alex began, shaking his head, he touched her shoulder and continued, “Maria will do what she wants. You know this.”

“But dating Michael Gurien, Hanging out with –well you know.” She said rolling her hands, wildly in the air. Having a rough time putting her feelings into words.

“Yes Liz, It’s weird but not so impossible you know.” Alex answered, understanding Liz’s unspoken worries.

“I can’t believe you’re acting so nonchalant about the whole thing. Don’t you think her relationship with Michael is not only odd, but it kind of happen a bit fast.”

“Well I got the impression that it’s been going on for a while, that they’ve been keeping it a secret.” Alex countered.

“Yeah, that’s what she said, but I have this strange feeling she’s keeping something from me.”

“She was Liz, her seeing Michael was the big secret.”

“No it’s more than that Alex, and I for one am going to find out what!” Liz proclaimed, slamming her book closed. “Maria is my friend, she shouldn’t keep things from me, or you.”

“I understand this Liz, but if she is keeping something from us, maybe it’s not her place to tell us.” Alex explained, shaking his head, “I mean you don’t want her telling the world about stuff that we only know right.”

“It’s different.” Liz said quickly

“How?” Alex countered

“Well, it’s just-I mean-oh stop confusing me.” Liz said in frustration, giving Alex a nasty look. Then with a huff sigh asked, “So are you going to help me or what?”

Alex rolled his eyes and shook his head, knowing no matter what he said Liz was going to try and pursue Maria’s “Secret”, which she was keeping for Michael. He shot Liz a sidelong glance and said reluctantly, “Yeah I’ll help you.”

“Great,” She said satisfied, gathering her things splayed aimlessly across the table, and put them in her backpack. After zipping up her bag, she got up abruptly and announced, “Let’s go.”

“Where are we going?” Alex asked confused, gathering up his books, and following Liz, as she made her way back inside the school.

“To the Library, we’re going to brain storm some ideas without the risk of being over heard.” Liz said, power walking across the quarry. She was definitely a woman on a mission. Alex was bearly keeping up with her.
Alex sighed in defeat, wondering why finding out if; there was even anything to be found out, was eating away at Liz so much to the point of risking her friendship with Maria. Cause he knew if Maria got wind of what Liz was doing. He didn’t even want to be in the same room with those two when the shit hit the fan.

Of course he will have to be there, to play the mediator, which he’s been on several occasions.

Alex went through the door that Liz held open for him, thinking to himself that he hoped that nothing would be found, that Liz was just overreacting because she was upset that Maria kept her relationship with Michael a secret.

Then of course in the back of Alex’s mind, he kind of wondered that maybe Liz could be right. That there was more to the picture that they were lead to believe, and it could be major. She wasn’t one to just jump into something without just cause.

Which made him think, what exactly is it that Michael could be hiding? What did he get Maria involved in? Could she be in trouble? Was she too blinded in love with the guy that she didn’t see things clearly?

Alex hated that he had to think about things like this. All he wanted was to have his friends back, getting along, and not having issues that cause him to be in the middle.

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Part 16a ~ Loving What’s Gone ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Two days later…

Alex Whitman sat at the counter bar in the Crashdown. He was drinking an orange soda, and is patiently waiting for the Saturn onion rings that he ordered. He double-checked the cell phone that sat on the counter beside him. It was on, and the battery is fully charged. He checked his watch, sighing in frustration at how still early it was. He glanced at the front door and watched it. Knowing it was useless; it’ll just make the wait longer.

He can’t believe he let Liz talk him into this insane plan. His thoughts went back two days ago at the school’s library.

“That’s your plan, to break into Max.’s house! Are you Insane!?” Alex exclaimed shaking his head. Not sure if he like the idea of being an accessory to a crime.

“Well do you have a better idea, cause I sure as hell don’t” Liz whispered, there heads close together. Brain storming, actually Liz was brain storming, Alex was listening and hating every second of it.

“Oh I have an Idea, but that involves minding our own business, so we don’t get caught and go to jail, but I guess that’s just me.” Alex wryly replied, rolling his eyes.

“Sorry Alex, I’ve made up my mind. We’re going to do this.” Liz firmly replied, then added, “Something’s going on with those three, and they somehow involved Maria and I’m going to find out what it is!”

“Yeah I figured that much. I just don’t see why you think some big conspiracy is going on? You’re sounding so very Mel Gibson.” Alex said in defeat.

“Yeah well in the movie he may have sounded nuts and people didn’t believe him, but guess what Alex he was right.” Liz countered, giving him a very pleased with herself look.

“Yeah, yeah, you know I’ll help you, cause I know you’ll just go ahead and do it anyway, with or without my help.” Alex said, then with a defeated sigh asked, “What’s your plan?”

“I have an idea, but we need to have the four of them at least in the same place.” Liz replied, writing something in a notebook. “And I’ve come with the perfect solution.”

“Okay, I’m all ears.” Alex answered sarcastically, clapping his hands together in fake excitement.

We’re back to the present with Alex sitting at the counter bar trying not to act nervous. In fact his soda straw has been pretty much gnawed to the point of non-drinkable.

He hears Liz’s plan in his head as he stakes out the Crashdown.

“Every Wednesday and Friday, Max, Michael and Isabel always at 5:00 eat at the Crashdown. With a smile she continued, “So I’ll make sure to get one of those days off, and make sure Maria is working.”

Alex knew Maria was here. She was the one who took his onion ring order.

“What no band rehearsal today?” Maria asked in surprise as she leaned in front of him.

“Ah, no Taylor has a family thing.” Alex replied, forcing a smile on his face, trying to act like there was nothing going on when there was.

“You want your usual?” She asked, appearing to not have picked up on any suspicious vibes off of Alex.

“Yeah, that would be great.” Alex agreed shaking his head. He looked down at his watch, it was 4:45.

“What you got a hot date or something?” Maria asked with a smirk

Alex looked up in surprise and asked, “What?”

“You’ve been glancing at your watch like every five minutes. Are you expecting someone? Is she cute?” Maria asked, whapping Alex’s arm with her order pad.

“Oh, no I just got to keep my eye on the time, my dad wants me home early tonight. You know I’m not doing so well in math, so he wants me to concentrate on my homework.” Alex lied, surprise at how quick he came up with an excuse.

“Ew, hate the Math.” Maria said making a face, and then with a sigh Maria asked, shaking her head,” Is it me or is it unusually dead for a Friday night. Usually I’m like running around like a crazy person.”

“Maybe it’s the calm before the storm,” Alex stated, grinning.

“Yippee.” Maria said sarcastically, then added, “I’ll put these in for you now, before this “supposed” rush begins.”

Alex watched as Maria walked to the order window, and started chatting with the fry cook.

He couldn’t help but look at his watch again. It was exactly five O’clock.

Just then the front door bell of the Crashdown rang, and just as Liz predicated, in walked in the Three Musketeers.

“Okay. So lets say everything goes to plan, and everyone is where they’re suppose to be?” Alex asked pointing to her notebook. “Then what?’

“As soon as everyone is there. Call my cell phone, but don’t mention my name.” Liz instructed firmly.

“Okay sounds like you’ve done your homework really well, How if I may ask, do you know the three Musketeers eating Schedule?” Alex asked, a bit concern.

“Well, when you’re a waitress you kind of know the regular customers, what they order that kind of thing.” Liz answered, with a prideful smile.

“Ah you’re forgetting about Max and Isabel’s parents. I think they’ll be kind of wondering why someone is breaking in their house.” Alex pointed out, wonder how much she thought this plan through.

“Yes, well since the three of them are frequent customers, I jokingly one night ask if they ever go home? Well Max was very forth coming about how his Dad has another Law office in Hondo, he goes there-“

“Let me guess, on Wednesdays and Fridays.” Alex said completing Liz’s sentence.

“You’re catching on Alex.” Liz replied shaking her head, then added; “To break the boredom of being a housewife everyday, Mrs. Evans plays his secretary those days. So the house is completely empty and I can move among it freely.”

“You’ve officially gone mad.” Alex proclaimed, worried for Liz’s’ sanity.

Alex picked up the cell and dialed Liz’s numbers. She was waiting patiently in his car a few blocks away from the Evans household waiting for his green-light phone call.

After a few rings Liz’s voice greeted him from the other line.

“Yeah dad it’s Alex. I’ll be home soon. I just arrived at the Crashdown.” Alex replied, watching as Maria sat the trio down at a booth a few feet away from the bar. “I’ll call when I’m ready to leave…Yeah I love you too.”

He hung up the phone and silently prayed they get away with this.

Part 16b next post....
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Part 16b ~ Loving What's Gone ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

As soon as Liz got Alex’s phone call. She left the car and made her way towards the Evans house. She power walked, pretending to be out exercising. She even went so far as decking out in spandex work out clothes and had a baseball cap on her head. Adjusting it so it covers most of her face, Liz cautiously looked up, surveying the neighborhood.

Roswell is a pretty small town and though it’s a pretty safe town to live in. People also tend to be nosy, and if something seems out of place, they’re on the phone to the police.

When The Evans driveway came into view, Liz without a beat cautiously walked down it, then went to the side of the house that’ll lead her to the backyard, and the back door.

The screen door was open, but the inner door was locked, but there was no dead bolt so reaching into her fanny pack, she pulled out a plastic library card, and after a few tries jimmied the lock open.

Liz entered the room and quickly closed the door behind her. She looked around and found herself in a laundry room set up. She looked straight ahead of her and notices the kitchen. Quietly she walked into the room, noticing how amazingly clean it was. There wasn’t a single dirty dish in the sink.

“Come on Parker, focus. You’re not here for the tour of the place.” Liz whispered to herself as she walked into the living room. To the left of her was a hallway. She walked to the end of it before reaching in her fanny-pack for a flashlight. There weren’t any windows, so it was safe to put on and not alert any of the neighbors.

The first room was Isabel's, Liz decided she would go there last if Max.’s room prove a dead end. The next room on the opposite side was a bathroom. She closed the door, and on the same side was another room. Opening the door, Liz smiled knowing this was where max slept at night.

Closing the door behind her, Liz entered the room. Lowering the light towards the floor.

With hands on her hips she pondered where she should start looking first.

After surveying the room for a few minutes, Liz went to the desk. She open drawers, looked through his file cabinet, even went as far as rummage through his trash, nothing much out of the ordinary here.

She went over to the bookcase next and looked through the rows of books and CD’s. She stopped and pulled out a CD Jewel case. It was the new David Grey CD.

“Oh I wonder how it is?” Liz said to her self, turning it around to look at the song list. She put it back and realizes he had some great music taste, Moby, The eels, Liz Phair. Liz shook her head, and went back to the mission at hand.

She kneeled in front of his bed and put her hand in-between the mattress. Her hand came across something, and she pulled it out. It was a photograph. Turning it around, her face fell. It was she. In fact it was the picture that was taken from the cabinet that displayed club presidents at school.

Liz smiled realizing he took it. That he actually liked her. That she kind of liked the idea he took it. She slid it back under the bed, and got back up to her feet.

If she didn’t find anything here tonight, maybe she can use max.’s crush on her to get some information. It did sound kind of underhanded, and she was dating Kyle, but it’s not like her and Kyle was serious anyway. Plus would it be so horrible to get to now Max Evans a little better. He had the most amazing soulful eyes, a body to die for, and the thought of those lips kissing hers made the temperature in the room rise a little.

Liz inhaled and exhaled, back to work. Liz knew there was something here. She can feel it. The question is where is it?

She walked over to his closet. Opening the door, Liz realize it was bigger then hers.

On the top shelf, shoe boxes and Tupperware containers were neatly stacked along with a sleeping bag.

This is going to take a while; Liz mused to her self.

She grabbed a Tupperware container, and sat down she began to rummage through the photographs. An hour later, Liz was still at square one. She was glad max was organized, otherwise it may have taken her longer.

Liz put everything back where it was and notice there was still some more Tupperware containers on the floor. She dragged them out, but stopped noticing something a little off about the rug underneath the containers.

On her hands and knees, Liz went back inside the closet. Her hand went over the area of rug and notice it moved a little. She pulled it until a little space was revealed and she tore the rug off, noticing that there was a hard wood floor underneath. She put her hand on the floor and moved it, there was a loose floorboard. Going into her fanny pack, Liz pulled out a Swiss arm knife. Extracting the knife part, Liz placed the point of the knife in between the boards, and soon it was loose enough where it popped up. She moved it away, then peeked inside the floor space. Something was wrapped in a towel; it was shaped like a book. Pulling it out, Liz took the towel off, and indeed it was a book. Opening it, Liz notices some symbols, and some comments Max made, peaked her interest. “What does this mean?” Where we in the 1947 crash? Is there anyone else like us on earth?

Knowing that she really didn’t have time to read everything. Liz took out a camera from her fanny pack and started taking pictures of the book.

Part 16c on next post....
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Part 16c ~ Loving what's gone ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Alex looked at his watch. He’s been here for two hours. He’s on his fifth orange soda and second order of Saturn Rings. A few times Maria came over to talk to him. Asking how he’s doing?

“Won’t your dad be pissed off? I though he wanted you home early?”

“Yeah, I still have some time, I guess I’m procrastinating.” Alex said, then asked, ”Can I have another soda?”

“Yeah, but I’m going to have to cut you off soon,” Maria joked, taking his empty glass and walking away.

Alex was starting to get antsy. Liz better hurry with her mission impossible operation. The sooner she’s out of the house the better he will feel.

Maria came back and plopped down the glass and announced, “You my friend don’t look so well. Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m okay, I’m just tired, and not looking forward to studying.” Alex answered, taking a sip of his soda.

“Well, you might as well just get it over with. Finals are just around the corner.” Maria suggested, giving him a small smile then asked, “Oh, you have your phone on you.”

Alex raised an eyebrow and said, “Yeah, so?”

“I need to borrow it.” Maria said snatching it from the counter.

“Ah wait, I-“

“I forgot mine at home and I really need to call my mom.” Maria replied, dialing some numbers.

“Why not use the Crashdown’s?”

“Cause it’s long distance, and Mr. Parker has been on everyone’s case about the phone bill.” Maria said then added, “She’s in Hondo picking up some novelty items for the store—Hey Mom, it’s me…”

She walked away taking his phone with her. Leaving Alex in utter disbelief. Then to make his brain hurt more. The three musketeers decided that now was a good time to leave.

“Oh this is not happening.” Alex whispered to him self. His mind racing in what he was going to do now.

He watched as Mrs. Parker took the money that Max handed to her. After they leave the Crashdown, Liz will have ten minutes to vacate the house before they get there.

“Think Alex, Think.” He screamed to himself, watching as the threesome left, and turned and saw Maria gabbing to her mother. It appeared that the conversation wasn’t going to end any time soon.

Alex quickly jumped out of his seat and walked over to the hostess station where Mrs. Parker was standing, hunching over cash register, counting money.

“Hey Mrs. Parker,” Alex greeted anxiously.

“Hey Alex, what can I do for you?” She asked, beaming a smile at him. Man he knew where Liz got her looks.

“I was wondering if I can use the phone.” He asked trying to ignore the pounding headache, “I got to call my dad, but Maria had to call her mom long distance-“

“Of course Alex, come on back.” Nancy Parker agreed, shaking her head.

“Thanks a lot, you just saved my life.” He replied going behind the counter and picking up the cordless phone, and quickly dialed Liz’s numbers.

Liz’s voice came over the other line instantly.

“Hey Dad, ah listen I’m sorry that I didn’t call you sooner, but I got caught up with hanging out with some friends, who left about maybe five minutes ago.” Alex grimace as Liz’s angry voice assaulted his ears, he then continued, “Believe me I had no choice. Maria needed to use my phone at the worse possible time, I’m using the Crashdown’s phone.” Again he paused, listening to Liz, then he continued, “Yeah I’ll be home soon, I love you.”

Then ended the conversation. He hung up the phone, thanked Mrs. Parker again, before he moped back to the table.

Alex propped his chin on his hand and thought to him self that he knew there was a reason he didn’t want Liz to go through with this silly plan. Yet she kept insisting nothing will go wrong, but those were just famous last words and indeed something has gone wrong.

At least this wouldn’t be all for nothing. Liz without getting into much detail told him that she hit pay dirt. Well that’s all great, but she needs to not get caught first. Then they can celebrate.

Well he’s cone his part, now he prayed Liz would do hers and get the hell out of dodge before the shit hits the fan.

Liz was snapping page after page of the book with the disposable camera she brought with her. She was about three fourth of the way done when her phone rang.

It must be Alex, she put don the camera and fumbled for her phone, “Hey,” She said anxiously, Alex went on to explain through a code, that basically Max and Isabel left, but about five minutes ago.

“What!” She screeches, not believing her luck, “ What the hell happen?” Again she paused as he explains something about Maria snagging his cell phone, “Well I understand, but I’ve got to go, I found something Alex. I’ll call you when I’m Scot free.”

The cell phone went back into her fanny bag and she went back to taking her pictures of the book. She had five minutes before they’d get here. Crap of all the times Maria didn’t bring her cell phone to work, would the one time when Liz and Alex were doing something under handed.

With a sigh of relief, Liz snapped her last page. Hurriedly placed everything back it the closet, prayed no one would notice anything out of place. Closed the door, and made her way out in the hall. Closing max.’s door behind her she started walking down the hall when she heard voices in the house.

“Shit,” She thought to her self. She was going to go back to max.’s room, and do what hide under the bed? Then Liz smiled when she realized she was near the bathroom door. She made a decision and jumped into the bathroom. Closing the door lightly and leaned against it. Adrenaline was rushing through out her body. Plans of what she was going to do race through her head.
She looked up and saw a window, it was a pretty tight squeeze, but she felt that it was her only way out.

Walking to the window, she raised up the pane, put down the toilet seat, and stepped up on it. However max.’s voice could be heard right outside the door, “Isabel I’m going to the bathroom, just wait a second will yea!”

Liz quickly jumped in the shower, pulling the curtain closed, trying not to breathe, hoping to god she’ll not make a sound, or that no one will call her cell phone.

Closing her eyes, Liz silently prayed to not get caught as the light enveloped the room. She heard Max move around the bathroom. The toilet flushed, the faucet ran and after another agonizing few minutes, she was alone in the bathroom again.

It was another minute or so before she pealed her self off of the shower wall. Cautiously and as silently as possible, she left the stall. Liz began the process of climbing the toilet and somehow managed to sit on the window ledge with her feet dangling out side. She jumped to her freedom and placed her body flat against the house, trying not to make sudden moves, and to make sure she hasn’t been seen.

After inhaling and exhaling a few times, Liz quickly dashed out into the street. Hoping no one would see her. Power walking to Alex’s car, she went inside started the car and drove away, not daring to look into the rearview mirror until she was half way home.

Fumbling for her cell phone again, she had decided she better call Alex, before he has a brain aneurysm.

“Hey.” Liz announced when Alex’s worried voice came over the phone. She shook her head as she stopped at a red light. “Yeah I got out just barley. They came back just as I was about to leave, I had to jump out of their bathroom window.” Liz laughed as Alex ranted about telling her so about all this being a bad idea, and she was to swear she’ll never do anything this insane ever again.

“Don’t worry Alex. After tonight my criminals ways are finished.” Liz agreed, listening as Alex gave a sigh of relief, then asked, “You still at the Crashdown?”

“Then go outside and wait for me, we’re going to the mall and drop the roll of film at Ritz.” Liz Listen as Alex asked what the next course of action was going to be.

“We’ll eat while the pictures are being developed, then the two of us will start sorting through them.” Liz said, waiting for him to respond. Alex asked what was it she actually found.

“I’m not really quite sure Alex, but according to Max he thinks Michael, Isabel and himself are from another planet.”

Alex didn’t believe her, and at this moment she didn’t even really believe herself.


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