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Love, Life and Danger

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Rating: R-NC17
Disclaimer: I once again, own nothing. Roswell belongs to whoever thought of it, and the major UPN folks. Any parts of this story that resembles anyone else’s story is clearly a coincidence, and I mean no harm. I’m just a lonely Dreamer, who misses Roswell.
Summary: This is a sequel to my story ~~Forever Mine~~, if you haven’t read it yet, I strongly suggest you read it first, so you don’t get lost. It takes place 6 years later, and everything is going perfectly fine for the Pod Squad and Company, that is until..............................

Things in *** mean past thoughts.

LINK TO FOREVER MINE: viewthread?page=1&forum=dreamer-fanfiction&id=176806

Chapter 1

August 19, 2006

I’m Liz Parker, and I can’t believe it has been 6 years since the last time I written in here. I remember so clearly the last entry I wrote, and to be honest I never felt it in my heart to ever write again.....until now. So much has happened in the last 6 years, it’s so hard to know were to began. I guess at the beginning would be the best start............

Six years ago I died. I know, I know you’re probably thinking this entry seems familiar, and it does, but the thing is this time when everyone brought me back, I changed, and when I say changed, I mean completely changed, but I will get into that later.

The day I died, opened up a new world for Max and I, and our group of friends. We no longer had to sneak around or lie to our parents, because they finally knew the truth, that we so desperately tried to hide, and you know what.....they accept Max and the others just the same.

We have all grown a lot since that day. Max and Isabel are able to talk to the Evans without the fears of them finding out their secret, and they have welcomed Tess and Michael into their family as well. It took a long time for Phillip and Diane to forgive themselves for leaving Michael out in the desert, but they were finally able to by past that, and took him and Tess under their wings, and are trying to be the family they had missed out on.

As for my parents and I, things couldn’t be better. Mom and I are closer then ever. We finally have something in common that we both can share..........motherhood. Dad has been great. He was a little taken back about all the things his little girl had encountered in high school, but he was also very proud of me for standing by my friends. He still considers me his baby girl, but that all changes whenever his two bubbling grandchildren are around.
Michael and Maria have been together constantly for the past five years. After everything had happened with the twins beginning born, and the parents knowing the truth,

Michael felt like he was ready to finally admit his feelings to Maria, and they were married two years later. Lets just say Amy DeLuca wasn’t fond of the idea of her 19 year old daughter getting married, but Michael assured her his only intention was to make Maria happy, and he promise her that he would ensure Maria would make something of herself. She had saw the sincere and loving way Michael spoke of Maria, and the fact that he had the nerves to come and ask her for Maria’s hand in marriage, made her succumb to his wishes and vowed if he ever hurt Maria, they would never find his body.

Isabel has finally came around and professed her love for Alex. She realized exactly how in love she was with him the day he announced he was moving to Sweden to study abroad. She didn’t know if she could survive without him. I remember how stressed she was the day he was leaving.........

****Isabel paced back and forth, while Max and Liz watched her with worried eyes.

“Isabel, you’re going to wear a hole in the carpet” Max tried to joke with her, while trying to get a stubborn Little Michael to burp. Liz watched as Isabel proceeded to sit then stand, only to sit again, nervously bitting her nails.

“Why don’t you tell him how you feel” she rubbed her arm.

“I can’t Liz, what if it’s to late, what if he doesn’t feel the same about me as I do him. I mean we have been getting close lately, but then he up and announces he’s leaving, without me. What if I’ve waited to long............” Isabel was stopped from her rambling by Liz grabbing her face between her hands. Liz looked Isabel, who has became one of her best friends over the last year, and smiled at her ignorance.

“Isabel, how will you ever know if you never tell him how you feel?” Isabel stood up and shook her head.

“I can’t” she sighed defeated.

“Then you will lose him” Liz stated firmly. Isabel looked at her, and then to her brother before she ran out the door, crying uncontrollably.

Later that afternoon, everyone was gathered at the Crashdown, throwing Alex a farewell party, before he left that night. Everyone was going around toasting him. Isabel was sitting there, trying to put up her best “everything is fine” look, but she wasn’t fooling Max and Liz. They watched her carefully. Max stood to give his toast.

“Alex, my man. You will be missed by all” Max quickly glanced at Isabel, before he continued “you have been there for me, when you didn’t even know me that well, and then once you did, you have been there for me and my family thru thick and thin, and I just wanted to let you know, that when you’re out there in Sweden learning......” Max paused, and frowned his eyebrows in confusion “what’s it again you’ll be studying” Max joked, and everyone laughed at this.

“Funny Max” Alex smiled at him.

“Seriously tho, I just wanted you to know that if you ever need me when you’re out there, just pick up the phone, and I’m there” Max raised his glass to him, and everyone followed suit. Alex stood up and embraced him.

“Thanks man” he said, a little choked up. Liz was next, and she was still a little emotional from Max’s speech, so she decided to make it short and sweet.

“Um.......I just wanted to say, the same goes for me, and that I wish you well, and you better email me everyday” she pulled him into a hug, and held on tight.

“I love you Alex” she cried in his arms.

“ Lizzie, I love you too” he was no longer holding back his tears. Maria couldn’t take it any longer, and she rushed up to her two best friends, and together they held each other, reassuring the other that everything was going to be ok. Everyone was trying to keep it together, but the scene between the three friends was very emotional. Soon the three turned back to the others, and held on to each others hands, knowing this would be the last time they were together like this. After everyone was calm enough to continue, all eyes landed on Isabel. It was her time to make a toast.

Isabel stood, and cleared her throat. She looked around the diner, and noticed all eyes on her.

“Um.....I just wanted to Alex you are a great person, and like Max have been there for us, for me no matter what” Isabel was trying hard to keep the tears at bay, but she was failing, and as she stared into the eyes of the only man she would ever loved, the words just came to her “I wish you all the happiness in the world, and....and I just wanted you to know that you Alex” Isabel no longer cared that she was in a room full of people, she didn’t care if they all knew how she felt, all she knew was she had to take Liz’s advise, and tell him how she felt “I’ve always loved you, and I was stupid for never letting you know, but.......but I'm telling you now, heck I’m telling everyone.........I love you Alex C. Whitman, and I will be here waiting for you, for once, when you return” Isabel ran out the door, with tears in her eyes, leaving a room full of shocked faces.

Alex sat there dumbfounded. She, Isabel Evans, had just announced she loved him, him Alex Whitman. His heart was beating a thousand times faster then normal, and his head was spinning. What was he suppose to do. He looked around at all the expectant faces, and then he looked to his two best friends in the world.

“Go!” both Maria and Liz told him, and Alex was out of his seat in a flash, going after the one person who held his heart in her hand.*****

Liz smiled at the memory, and continued writing.

No one knows what was said between the two, but when they returned, it was like someone had given them a million dollars, by the smiles that was plastered across their faces. Alex did go to Sweden, only to return six months later, admitting he couldn’t live without seeing Isabel everyday. They have been together since then, and they couldn’t be any happier.

Now Tess, Tess and Chris have been inseparable since the day they had meet, that joyous day six years ago. Max and Michael were worried about them getting to close, and they were constantly keeping an eye on him. When we graduated, Tess moved to Albuquerque, to attend the university, and be with Chris, against Max and Michael’s protest. Max had all but ordered her to not leave, but in the end, he agreed, making her to agree to call everyday, and at the first sign of danger, she hightail it out of there. We all could see how in love with each other they were, and we, well most of us, was happy for them, Michael and Max still had trust issues with him. Everything was going good for them, and over the next two years nothing seemed to come between them, that was until..........

Liz brought her pin to her mouth, and remembered the day, that had them all worried with fear....

****Bam, Bam, Bam.......Max turned over out of his peaceful sleep, and looked at the clock. “6am, who and the hell could be knocking at this time of the morning” he thought to himself. He glanced down at Liz, who was sleeping snuggled next to him. He untangled himself from her and eased out of bed. He slipped on his boxers and sweats and proceeded down the hall, were the bamming on the door continued.

“Hold on” he half screamed, half whispered, he didn’t want to wake the two sleeping two years olds, that lately seemed like they were on a sugar rush. Max yanked open the door with an irritated pull, only to come face to face with an distraught Tess. Max’s heart immediately became alarmed, and he felt the fear raising in him. Tess threw herself in his arms, and began to cry hysterically.

“Max.....oh my god Max..........” she couldn’t even form a sentence, and Max’s fears were increasing by the minute. Liz had felt Max’s fears the moment he opened the door, and instantly ran to the front. She saw Max holding a sobbing Tess, and she looked at him questioningly.

“Max?” Max looked at her, and shrugged his shoulders. Tess had heard Liz’s voice, and she tore herself from Max’s arms, and crashed into Liz, throwing her arms around her. Liz recovered from the force of her hug, and hugged her back. She stoked her blonde curls, trying to soothe whatever was bothering her.

‘Tess........sweetie what’s wrong? You have to tell us what is wrong” Liz was getting frantic. Tess was never the one to get very emotional, and seeing her like this was scaring them.

“He’s gone Liz” hiccup “Chris left me......he....he hates me” she sunk to the floor, and Liz followed her to the ground. She rested Tess’ head in her lap, and she continued to stroke her hair. She looked to Max, who had visible relax after realizing there wasn’t and alien evasion or anything like that, only to have that fear replaced with anger. How could Chris hurt someone he cared about? “Wait until I get my hands on him,” Max thought to himself.

“What happened” Max asked, barely containing the anger that he was sure evident in his voice? Liz continued to run her hands thru her hair, waiting until she was calm enough to confide in them. After several minutes, Tess’ head stayed in Liz’s lap, and with blank eyes she told them what happened.

“I....last night.......last night I was preparing dinner for Chris and I.....when...he wasn’t due until 7, since his last class let out at 6:30. Since it was 6:00, and I.......I figured I would clean the kitchen and then head to my room to freshen up.....” Tess wrapped her arms around Liz’s waist tighter “when I looked around the kitchen, I noticed I’d made a big mess, and there was no way I would be able to clean the kitchen, and get ready in time so I.....I.....used my powers to help me out” a fresh set of tears began to flow from her eyes “I was so got up in cleaning the kitchen that I.....I....didn’t......he was standing behind me the whole time, and when he dropped the bottle he was holding, I turned to him, and......and the look, oh god the look on his face..............” she was crying hysterically now “ he demanded to know what was going on, and...and I had to tell him........he....he wouldn’t even look at me, he just stormed out, and I haven’t heard from him since” her body shook from her sobs. Max and Liz looked at each other wide eyed.

“Chris knows about us” Max silently communicated with her thru their connection.

“It’s going to be ok. Call the others, and we figure out what to do” she replied back. Max went to the phone, and proceeded to call their group for a meeting. When he returned, Liz was helping a devastated Tess settle in their guest room. Liz stayed with her until she was finally able to fall asleep, lightly whimpering, as she settled down. Liz closed the door behind her, and walked into the living room, where the others had gathered. Max walked up to her, and wrapped his arms around her.

“We will be ok” she assured him. The group sat around, and tried to come up with a plan, just in case Chris proved to be untrustworthy. In the end, it was decided that Liz would be the best person to go and try to talk to him, but when she did, all he did was stare at her with an blank expression, and she wasn’t sure if he had heard one word she said.

Two weeks had went by without anyone seeing or hearing from Chris. The entire family did their best to bring Tess out of her slump, but no matter what anyone said she had reside to her old closed off self again.

Thanksgiving Eve they were all sitting around at the Evans, the men watching football, while the women, all except Isabel who had taken it upon herself to entertain her niece and nephew, were preparing Thanksgiving dinner, they were now heading into the living room to accompany the men, when the doorbell rung.

“I’ll get it” Nancy announced. She and Jeff have been spending a lot of time with Phillip and Diane, and it wasn’t unusual to find the couple together. Nancy opened the door with a smile, only to have it fade away at the sight before her..........Chris. Now she wasn’t unhappy about seeing Chris, but after Max, Michael, Alex, Jeff and Phillip got over their fears of someone coming after them, their anger set in, and they vowed to break every limb in his body for hurting Tess’. Nancy took a deep breath, and ushered him inside. She waled to the living room, with Chris not far behind. Everyone turned to look at her when she entered, and all the men jumped to their feet.

“What the hell are you doing here” Michael asked with enough venom to kill an elephant.

“Michael!” Maria shouted at him.

“He asked you a question” Max narrowed his eyes at him. Liz stared at him in shock. She had never known Max to hate someone, as she could feel his hatred for Chris. She gathered up Xan and Bel and took them to their fathers old room to play. When she returned, she noticed that all the men were standing protectively in front of the women, and Tess was crying uncontrollable while the women comfort her.

Chris knew he wasn’t going to be welcomed with open arms, but he needed to talk to Tess, and if he had to say what he had to say in front of them all, so be it. He straighten out his shoulders and held his head high.

“I came to talk to Tess” he stated thru tight lips.

“And you think you can come in her and demand things after the way you left her” this coming from Alex, who was usually the calm one. They could hear Tess’ sobs behind them, but they weren’t going to let this jerk anywhere near her. Chris stared at the five men before him, and if they beat him to a bloody pulp, he wasn’t leaving until he got a chance to express what he needed to. He looked past them and saw Tess’ crumpling form, and his heart ached. He stepped to go to him, only to be blocked by Michael’s form.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going” he bit out. Chris narrowed his eyes at him. He didn’t know who was what in this bunch, but if he had to find out the hard way, he would.

“Get out of my way” he pushed Michael, only to have Michael’s fist connect with his jaw. They started to wrestle each other, and the women saw that none of the men were moving to stop them. Liz watched in horror, then she looked to Max. Max saw the plead in her eyes, and as much as he wanted Michael to kick the shit out of Chris, he could never deny Liz anything. He pulled a disapproving Michael off of Chris, and Chris swayed as he stood. He fell to his knees in front of Tess, and tears came to his eyes.

“God, sweet Tess. I never meant to hurt you, never.” Tess closed her eyes at the sight of him. He had hurt her, but she still loved him.

"But you did” she finally whispered. Chris lowered his head in shame, and then rested his eyes on her face.

“I know I did,...but....but you hurt me too” he sat back on his feet, and let the tears fall “do you know how much it hurt me to find out that were an al..alien” Tess stared at him with an hurt expression, which made all the men want to punch his lights out. Chris saw the look and immediately tried to explain “it hurt me because I felt as if you didn’t love me or trust me enough to tell me the truth” he crawled over to her, so he was just inches from her.

“I was scared, I was scared you wouldn’t love me anymore” she confessed. Chris reached up and tucked her hair behind her ear, and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“Don’t you know how much I love you? You could have a shaved head and one leg, and I would still love you” some of the others snickered at this, and a small smile played on Tess’ lips.

“I would never intentionally hurt you, and that night when you told me the truth, my ego was hurt, hurt because you had lied to me, I listened to my ego instead of my heart, and when I finally was able to hear my heart, I was ashamed to face you. Scared that I had lost you forever...........please Tess, please tell me I haven’t lost you. I love you, no matter what...just baby please tell me we can work this out....” Chris was begging, and he knew he was begging, and he didn’t care, all he cared about was Tess and her love for him. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and laid his head in her lap and cried. Tess ran her hand thru his hair.

“Chris” Chris raised his tear filled eyes to hers “I love you too” and with that she brought her lips down to meet his, and they both sigh at the contact. The others watched on with happier hearts.****

Once again Liz smiled at her memory, and continue to write.

Well I guess you’re wondering about Max and I. Max and I are soulmates, and we couldn’t survive without the other. After the twins were born, and the Max and the others brought me back from the dead..*happy*, things changed, but for the best. It had required a lot of energy to bring me back, and with the power boost the twins provided it changed my biological makeup, in other words.........I’m now considered an hybrid.

I started developing powers when the twins were 5 months old. I remember being frustrated with trying to get their bath water just right, and no matter how much I adjust, the temperate just would get right. I remember waving mu hand over the tub, and it began to glow, I stared at it in shock for a moment, and then cautiously tested the water, only to find it the right temperate. Max was worried at first, he doesn’t want anything to happen to me, and after I convinced him that I was ok with having powers, and they weren’t hurting me. He started teaching me how to control them, and Nasedo would bring me out to the training session with the rest of them. Everyone seem to accept my new found powers, actually they all said they kind of expected it to happen, with the way Max and I are connected.

That’s another thing. Since we were all connected on that day, we can feel each other, and if we concentrated we could even communicate with each other. Granted it’s not as strong of a connection as Max and I share, but we cherish it.
We all graduated on time , with the help if Nasedo, who taught us how to scan information. One year later Max and I were married. No one objected, because they knew it was coming. Max once told me he had planned on purposing the night of the baby shower, but things came up and well you know the rest. When he did purpose it was the night of the Junior/Senior prom, and our parents had agreed to watch the twins, and we spent the night together, enjoying each others company...............

***Max and Liz were laying together after an passionate love making session.

“God, I love you” Max whispered in her ear.

“And I love you” she turned on her side to face him, and was leaning in for a kiss, when he leapt out of the bed.

“Max?” She watched him pace the floor in front of her, and she wrapped the sheets around her, and crawled to the foot of the bed, sitting on her feet.

“Max.........what’s wrong” she asked him calmly. She could feel his nervousness coming off him in waves, and she just waited on him to answer. Max stopped his pacing, and raked his hand thru his hair. He stopped and looked at Liz, his Liz. The women who beared his children, the women who held his heart, his soulmate. He grabbed his tuxedo jacket, and searched its pockets, smiling when his hand came in contact with the velvet box. He turned back to her, and gave her his patent half smile. Liz smiled back at him, and wondered what had gotten into him. He walked over in stood in front of her, tucking a strand of stray hair behind her ear.

“I love you so you know how much I love you” Liz could only nod, fore she was being held captivated by his soulful eyes. Max placed a kiss on her lips, and slowly lowered himself to one knee. Liz gasped as she realized what he was doing, and tears began to pool in her eyes.

“You are my heart Liz, no one or anything will ever change that. Without you I’m useless. You make me strong. You’re the one who keeps me going day in, and day out. My heart” he reaches for her hand, and placed it over his heart “you feel that, that beats for you for eternity. I will protect you with my life, because you Elizabeth Claudia Parker are my strength, my love, my Queen, and I am asking you.........Liz Parker will you marry me?”

Liz was openly crying now, hell yeah I will marry you, she thought to herself. She stared at the man he held her heart also. She placed her hand upon his cheek, and pressed her lips to his.

“Yes Max, a thousand times yes” Max placed the ring on her finger, and she didn’t have time to admire it, because Max’s lips came crashing into hers, and he pulled her to the ground with him, were they proceeded to make love the rest of the night.******

We got married that summer, right after the twins first birthday. We weren’t able to take an immediately honeymoon, but as long as we are together it didn’t matter. We all, except Tess and Chris, attended the UNM Santa Fe. Max and I found a nice two bedroom apartment right out campus, and with the added help from alien mojo we graduated early, and moved back to Roswell to be closer to our family. Max and I stay in a three bedroom house, with a big back yard for the twins to run around in. Nasedo stays next door. He refuses to live anywhere, were he couldn’t keep an I on them. Maria and Michael stay across the street, with Alex and Isabel to their right, and Chris and Tess to their left. Don’t ask me how Nasedo was able to manage that one, but we’re not complaining.

Our group of eight is tighter then ever. Everyone has been great, and very supportive of Max and I. They were there to babysit for us when we had to go to school or work, or whenever we needed time to ourselves. Although the grandparents were always waiting with open arms, and a chance to spoil their grandkids rotten.

Speaking of the twins. They are my heart and joy. Just watching them grow has been a blessing event. They are so connected to each other, its scary. Michael or Xan as he likes to be called is a splitting image of Max. At six years old, Maria keeps telling me he’s going to be a knock out. He’s very protective of his sister, and he tends to her every need. Just like Max, he is very quiet and shy, but when you get him and his uncles Michael and Alex together, you wouldn’t even recognize the little chatter box. When he was three, he got tried of everyone calling him Little Michael, because he said he was a big boy, so we dropped the little and just called him Michael, but that soon became confusing with two Michael’s around, and we just opt to calling him Xan. He is so caring, and he has a good heart. He’s always thinking of others first, and himself last.....yep definitely Max’s son.

Now Theresa or Bel, she’s somewhat a little more outspoken then her brother, although she to is just as shy. She likes to hang out with her aunt maria because she says she has spunk. Now don’t get me wrong, she adores her aunt Isabel and Tess because they’re the ones who take her shopping, and pay her all the latest fashions. She’s tall for her age, and she has my ears, and her hair flows down her back. She has my weakness, and enjoys it when you run your fingers thru her hair. She still reminds me a lot of Isabel in her looks, but I’m slowly starting to see myself in her. She loves to write, another thing she dot from her mom. She to has a heart of gold, and Michael and Alex are always teasing Max about all the guys that are going to be knocking down our door. I watch Max clinch at the thought, but something tells me Max won’t ne the only one guys will have to worry about, they’ll have to get thru her brother and all her uncles.

Liz looked at the clock, and realized she had been writing for 2 hours straight. “Maria would be here in an hour to drop off the twins” she told herself. She turned back to her journal, and tried to finish her entry.

As you can see, a lot has been going on since the last time I’ve written, and I know there’s a lot I didn’t cover, but that will have to wait until another time. Until then, I’m Liz Evans, and it feels great to be writing again.



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Chapter 2

Max stood and watched as she wrote in her journal. She looked so peaceful and at ease. He knew it had been a long time since she had written in her journal, and he respected this time she spent to herself, so he decided to go and start dinner.

An hour and an half later, he returned to their bedroom and found her in the same position he had left her earlier. He leaned against the door frame, and drink in the sight of her. He could see her reflection in the mirror, and from his position she couldn’t see him, so that worked to his advantage. He watched as if seeing her for the first time. She was beautiful, and in the last six years she hadn’t changed a bit, except for getting lovelier everyday. He watched as she tucked her legs under her, and her hand flew across the pages. Her hair acted as a curtain to her face, and the light hit it, making it shine in it’s light. She had let it grow over the years, and now it rested just above her waist, and oh how he loved to run his fingers thru it. He watched her as a smile played across her lips, and wondered what could bring such a smile to her face. He watched as that smile, soon turned into a frown, and she brought her pin to her lips in concentration. Max stared as she wrapped her lips around her pin, and his mind instantly went to other things she liked to wrap those sweet lips around, and he felt that all to familiar tingling in his groin. Max suppressed his groan, not wanting to disturb her, so he shook those thoughts from his head, and focused back on watching her. He stood there just savoring her.

Max didn’t know how long he stood there, but the sound of her voice brought him out of his daze.

“Maria will be here in an hour to drop off the twins” he heard her say, to no one in particular. He watched as she wrote a few more lines, and then closed her journal. Liz sat her journal on the table next to her, and stood to stretch the muscles in her legs. She reached her hand behind her neck, and tried to loosen the crook, she was sure, was forming there. She was so got up in enjoying the little massage she was giving herself, she never noticed Max walk up behind her, until he whispered in her ear.

“Let me take care of that” he whispered huskily in her ear. Max had watched as she stood and stretched her legs, and then raised her hand to her neck. From his position in the door, he could see where her shirt had rose up in the mirror, revealing her trim stomach. Max couldn’t take it any longer, he had to have her in his arms.

Liz rested her head against his chest, and relished the feel of his hands rubbing her neck.

“God, Max that feels incredible” she moaned out. Max could feel what his touch was doing to her.

“You like that” taking her earlobe into his mouth, slowly nibbling and sucking.

“Um....” was all she could manage. She was quickly becoming putty in his hands. She felt his erection pressing into her backside, and was pleased to know she wasn’t the only one effected. Over the last six years, their desires for each other has been going strong. He could still make her stomach do flip flaps with just one look, and simple touches or kisses would always elicit an reaction from the other.

Max slid his hand over her stomach, and laid it there for a moment, caressing it. He slowly lowered it, until it was resting over her mound. Liz moaned deep in her throat, which caused Max to growl in response. She brought her arms up, and placed then behind his neck. Max trailed kisses along behind her ear, and lower until he was suckling at her neck. He brought his hands back to her waist, and in one quick move removed her tank top. She was braless, which made it all more beautiful. He placed her arms back around his neck, and wrapped a arm around her waist.

“Hold on tight” he whispered heavily in her ear. Liz felt her knees weakening, and she was grateful for his support. Max continued to suck on her neck, while running his hand up her thigh. He felt her tremble and pulled her closer to him.

“Oh Max......that, that feels wonderful” she panted out. He brought the hand that was securely wrapped around her waist up, and cupped her left breast. He was reward with a very pouty nipple. He twisted it, causing it to stiffen, and a yelp from Liz. Max rested his free hand on her hips, and stuck his hand in the waistband. Since they’ve been together, Max had mastered the art of removing her clothes with one hand, because he was usually exploring with the other. He cupped her heat, and found exactly what he expected. She was extremely wet, and he love it. He pushed her skirt and panties past her hips, and let them fall to the floor. He returned his hand back to her precious treasure, and she parted her legs to accommodate him.

He ran a finger between her folds, and she shook from desire. Liz was losing it fast, she couldn’t think, all she could do was feel. She closed her eyes, and let her love for him flow thru their connect. Max felt her love, and he glowed ten times over. He continued to tease her breast, and kiss her neck, all the while, caressing her womanly folds with talented fingers. He raised his head from her neck, and realized he could see them in the mirror. Something struck him as he watch himself pleasure her, and his pant became extremely tight from the pressure his erection was causing. It was making him totally hot, and he plunged a finger into her inviting heat.

“Max,......oh Max” Liz rocked her hips, trying to get closer to him. He placed another finger in her, and turned her face, crashing his lips into hers. He knew she was close, and he wanted her to see herself cum. He removed his mouth from hers, and she sighed with disappointment.

“Liz love, you are so beautiful” he kissed her again, but pulled back before she could deepen it, and she closed her eyes in frustration “do you know how beautiful you are when you cum for me” he asked her, and she felt herself falling at his words.

“I want you to see Liz, I want you to see how beautiful you are when you cum, open your eyes Liz” Liz did as he requested, and found herself staring back at them in the mirror. She saw her how her cheeks flushed with passion and her hair tangled in a passionate mess. Her lips were swollen from the heated kisses. She locked eyes with Max’s in the mirror, and felt a new wave of juices flowing from her at the raw desire she saw in his sex hazed eyes. Max began rubbing her clit in small circles, applying just the right amount of pressure. He could feel her walls tighten around his fingers, and went in for the kill.

“You are so beautiful Liz” his eyes never left hers, and she could only stare back at him “I want you to see yourself cum............cum for me Liz, watch how you glow..........cum for me” he pumped in to her faster, and applied a little more pressure.

“Oh god, yes........yes Max, yes” Liz felt the tingling sensation in the pit of her stomach, until it reached her core, and she explode.

“MMMAAAAXXXXX.........” she screamed his name over and over, never once letting her eyes leave his. Max held onto her, and enjoyed the ravished look on her face. Once he was sure she was under control, he removed his fingers from her core, and brought them to his lips, where he proceeded to taste her juices from them. Liz watched him in the mirror, and felt an new set of desire come over her. After he was sure he had licked all of her from his fingers, he wrapped his arms around her waist, and kissed her temple.

“See, Beautiful........thank you” he told her warmly. Liz turned in his arms, and kissed him hard. When they finally came up for air, she rested her forehead on his.

“God, Max that was amazing. No, thank you” Max saw the desire, and want in her eyes, and as much as he wanted to be buried deep within her silken folds. Maria would be there anytime now. He felt her hands on the top of his jeans, and he pulled them to his lips and kissed them.

‘Liz, know I could never deny you, but Maria will be here momentarily with the twins, and I don’t want a repeat of last time” he smirked at her. Liz knew he was right, and as much as she wanted him right now, she didn’t want a repeat of the last time Maria dropped off the twins.

“You’re right, but later you are mine” she told him seductively.

“Promise Mrs. Evans” he voiced back.

“Oh yeah. Mr. Evans. You just wait. I have big things in store for you” she wrapped her arms around his neck, and gave him a mind blowing kiss. Max was quickly getting lost in her kiss, and he had to jerk away from her, before things got carried away. He pushed her towards the bathroom.

“Go...........get freshen up while I go wait on the kids” he said thru tight lips. Liz saw he was trying to keep control, and she walked back over to him, swaying her hips seductively in the process.

“Care to join me” she coaxed.

“Liz!” he warned her. He was trying very hard not to grab her and take her right there, but he couldn’t, not now.

“Just checking” she smirked at him. Max couldn’t resist, and pulled her body to his and plunged his tongue in her mouth. Liz moan, and fiddle with the buttons on his jeans. The sound of his zipper going down, brought him back to his senses. He broke the kiss and rested his forehead against hers, trying to catch his breath. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“God Liz....the things you do to me, but we can’t” he told her.

“I know, I know” he heard the disappointment in her voice and kissed her forehead.


“Definitely” he turned her back towards the bathroom.

“Go” she began to walk towards the bathroom, only to have Max slap her on her bare bottom.

“Definitely later” he smiled at her, and went to check on dinner, leaving a very frustrated Liz to stare after him.

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selfish bump

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Sorry about not posting last night, but when I got home from work, I was to tired to even sit at the computer. But like I promised..................L. *bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*

Chapter 3

Max stood into the kitchen with a smile on his face. He loved working her into a frenzy, but this time he was starting to think that wasn’t a good idea, especially the way his groin was pressing into his zipper, begging for release. He lean against the counter, and tried to gain control of his body’s reaction.

Once a week Maria and Michael would take the twins off Max and Liz hand to give them a little time together. They would usually hang out at their place, but today Michael was staying at home, trying to finish up one of his paintings, which left Maria alone with Xan and Bel. After she had picked them up from school, she had took them shopping, and to visit their grandparents, topping the day off by helping Amy in the shop. She loved spending time with them, and she couldn’t wait until the day Michael and her were blessed with children. After Liz had the twins, and they almost lost her, Michael and her agreed to wait until he was sure it was safe for her to have children. As she looked in the rearview mirror at the two dears that stole every ones heart, her heart ached for that moment.

She had noticed how all afternoon Xan had seemed to be distracted by something, and every time she asked him what was up, he would say nothing. Xan and Bel were always open with her, and it bothered her that he wouldn’t confide in her. She had also noticed how, whenever she asked him what was wrong, Bel, who was smiling just moments earlier, would look at him with an worried glance, and grabbed his hand. She knew they were communicating silently, and whatever it was had them both on the edge, but Bel was better at concealing hers. Maria made a mental note to talk to Max and Liz about it when they got home. She looked at the clock on her dashboard, and prayed to god they were at least decent this time. Maria’s cheeks flashed a deep red, when she remembered the last time she dropped the twins off................

****Maria had just pulled into the driveway with the twins, she was barely out of the car when the twins jetted next door to Isabel and Alex’s. Alex and Isabel had just gotten them a new playground set, and she swear they were spoiling those two rotten.

“Hey” she shouted after them, but they had already disappeared in the back yard. She decided she better let Max and Liz know that they wouldn’t be home for a while. Maria made it across the street, and used the kids spare key to let herself in. It wasn’t uncommon for one of them to let themselves into each others home. She dropped the twins backpacks off in their room, and announced her presents.

“Max, Liz were home” she announced, heading down the hall towards the kitchen, where they were usually preparing dinner at this time. She walked into the kitchen, only to have her jaw drop open in shock at the sight before her.

Max and Liz were in the kitchen starting dinner, and they were casually flirting with each other. Max would reach across her teasingly, while “accidently” brushing up against her breast, causing her to take in a sharp breath.

“Just needed um.....” he picked up a tomato, and proceeded to cut it up. Liz was burning with desire, and she knew he was teasing her, and two could play that game.

“Max hon, could you get me the sour cream out of the fridge please” she said innocently? Max walked over to the refrigerator and stuck his head in, searching for the cream.

“Liz, I don’t see any sour cream in here” he said, while his eyes continued to search. A evil grin extended across Liz’s face, and she walked over to him, to “help” him search.

“I know I bought some the other day” she said, while trying to keep an innocent expression on her face. Max raised up to allow her access to search. Liz bent over, making sure he had a good view of her ass, and gave it a little wiggle for added affect. Max was gripping the refrigerator door so hard, he was surprise he didn’t tear it off the hinges. He let out a low moan, and Liz smiled to herself. She backed up a little, and rubbed her bottom up against his hard body seductively, feeling his hard shaft pressing back into her. She stood up just as he was about to wrap his hands around her hips.

“I guess I didn’t pick any up” she moved out of his reach, and shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly. Her insides where filled with butterflies, and it took all her strength to walk back over to the chopping board. She proceeded to chop up the lettuce for their salad, and her hands were shaken so badly with need for him, but she wasn’t going to be the one to cave first.

Max was still standing at the open fridge, and he was desperately trying to swallow the huge lump in his throat. “She was trying to kill him” he told himself. His cock was throbbing with need, and he knew the only solution to it was to bury himself deep within her. He cursed her under his breath, and closed the door. He banged his head against the door, and rested it there, trying to control the shakes that were coursing thru him. He turned to her with a look of pure animal desire, searching for his prey.

Liz had just set the salad on the table, when strong hands turned her, and lips came crashing down on hers.

“Max........” she breathed heavily. Max couldn’t take it slow, not now, not as much as he needed her, and he could feel her desires were just as strong thru their connection. He had to have her right now, right here. He swiped the items off the table, and perched her on top of it. He stepped in between her legs, and she wrapped them around his waist.

He attacked her lips, and plunged his tongue in her mouth. Their tongues dueled for control, and he cupped her breast abruptly.

“Yes, Max” Liz spoke into his mouth.

“I need you so bad Liz” he told her, whilst tearing her shirt from her body, sending buttons flying everywhere.

“Max!” she shouted, surprised at his roughness.

“Sorry....I’ll replace it” he told, pulling her bra down to reveal her taunt nipples. He sucked one into his mouth, and bit down on it, causing her to moan loudly. She reached in between their bodies, and repeated his actions, ripping his shirt open. She lowered her head and licked his chest, tasting the salty sweat building there. Max threw his head back in ecstacy, closing his eyes at the feel of her hot mouth on his skin. She reached down and stuck her hand in his pants, rubbing his hard on, amazed at how he seemed to grow tighter in her hand. She undid his buttons, and pushed them over his hips, he sprung free, and she felt the moister forming wetter between her legs.

Max could smell her scent, and it was diving him wild. He had to have her. He pulled her shorts down, and she lifted to assist him. He sat her back down on the table, and she pulled him on top of her. He entered her in one quick thrust, and they both cried out in satisfaction.

“Liz!” He gripped her thighs tightly, he was sure it would leave a mark. He pounded into her with great force, and she was right there with him.

“Yes Max, yes, yes” she dug her nails into his tight ass, and pushed him deeper into her. They had worked themself up, with all the teasing, they were already so close.

“I love you” he told her, and she could only communicate her love for him silently, fore she couldn’t find the words to voice it out loud, she was close, and she prepared herself for the forceful orgasm she knew was coming. He felt her walls gripping him like a to little glove, and he felt the familiar tighten in his balls, and knew it wouldn’t be long before he emptied his seed in her.

“Max..........Max, I’m so close” she told him, her voice thick with passion.

“I’m with you baby, I’m with you” he felt her legs tremble around him, and she felt the bottom drop out of her.

“Maaaxxxx.........” she bit down in his shoulder with her orgasm, and held on to him with her dear life. As soon as Max felt her warmth clutch around him with her orgasm, he let go of all control, and spilled his seed into her. He was thrusting into her, while she milked him for all she was worth, when he heard the loud gasp that came from the doorway. He looked, and was staring into the eyes of a very embarrassed Maria. He stiffen, which caused Liz to raise her head at his action. She looked over her head, following his line of vision.

“Maria!” they both said in embarrassment. Maria couldn’t move. She didn’t mean to walk in on them.

“Oh my god, oh my god.....I’m so sorry” she could only stare at them. She realized she was still staring at them, and her face blushed with heat.

“I’m sorry.........” she turned, and ran out the front door. Max and Liz stared after her for a moment, until the sound of Liz’s laughter broke the silence. Max looked down at her, and wondered what the hell she could find so funny.

“What are you laughing at” he asked her with disbelief. Liz looked into his eyes, and a new set of laughter rolled over her. She placed her hands over her mouth, and tried to stifle her laugh.

“The look.....the look on” she was trying so hard not to laugh “the look on your face, I thought you were going to have a heart attack” she managed to say, before she broke into another fit of laughter. Max shook his head at her, and soon he was joining her, laughing at the position they were caught in.

“Come on, lets go get dressed, and try and soothe Maria’s conscience” he told her. Raising off her and lifting her off the table.*****

It was a good 3 weeks before Maria was able to look Max in the eyes, let along get dinner at their house. Maria pulled into her driveway, and turned to her niece and nephew.

“Ok kiddos we’re home” she watched as Bel start handing into her house.

“Hey aren’t you going to go say hi to your mom and dad first” she questioned her.

“Yeah, I just want to say hi to Uncle Mikey first” she beamed brightly at her aunt. Maria smiled at her, and turned to her nephew, who had yet to move from the backseat.

“Ok, you want to tell me what’s bothering you now” she leaned her head down so she could met his eye. Xan hated lying to his aunt, but he couldn’t tell her what was wrong. He pulled together all his strength, and gave her a big smile.

“I’m fine Aunt Ria, I’m just a little tried. I’m glad it’s Friday” with that said, he jumped put of the car and ran into the house. Maria watched him walk in the house, “oh yeah, some things up” she told herself, and went in search of Bel and Michael. She found them in the kitchen arguing with each other. Leave it to Michael to argue with a 5 year old. She looked at Xan, and saw him shrug his shoulders and smirked at his uncle and sister.

“That’s not fair, uncle Michael, a bets a bet. Now pay up” Bel whined. Michael hadn’t noticed Maria standing behind him.

“Michael Guerin, why and what are you betting with a 5 year old” she asked angrily. Michael jumped at the sound of her voice “busted.” He turned to her, and she was standing there with her hands on her hips, and tapping her foot impatiently.

“Maria, I......” Michael was got red handed. Bel jumped down off her stool, and ran over to Maria.

“Aunt Ria, Uncle Mikey bet me 5 dollars that I couldn’t turn a dollar into a fifty, and when I did, he said it’s not good to bet” Bel was whining now, and Maria could see the tears forming in her eyes. She looked at her husband, and sighed. Michael was always getting the twins to use their powers to his advantage, like the time he had Xan mindwarp her into thinking he had cleaned the house before she walk out the door, only to have to run back in for her keys, where she saw the house was a reck. She laid it into him for days for using Xan like that, and when Max and Liz found out, lets just say Michael swore to never do it again. Now as she stared at her husband in disbelief, she felt the anger building in her.

“Michael!” she yelled at him, but before she could give it to him, he jumped off his stool, and kissed her senseless. He pulled back, and smirked at the dazed look on her face. He turn to his niece, and kneeled down to her.

“Look, I’ve give you the entire fifty if you promise not to tell your mom and dad about this. Um.........lets just call it an early birthday present” he watched her nod her in agreement. Michael cursed under his breath, and handed her the fifty.

“What about Xan” she asked? The twins were good at conning their aunts and uncles. Michael rolled his eyes to the ceiling, and then reached into his wallet, pulling out his last fifty and handed it to her. She rushed over to give it to her brother. Maria was just coming out of her kiss induced haze, and slapped him upside the head.

“Ow......what was that for” rubbing the back of his head.

“Don’t think you can kiss me, and I’ll forget what you did buster.” Michael smiled at her. He thought she was sexy as hell when she was pissed. Maria saw the cloud of desire that past across his face, and her insides melted. He always had that effect on her. Michael wrapped his arms around her waist, and pulled her against him. She felt his erection pressing thru his sweats, and she rubbed up against it, causing him to grip her hips, and grind into her.

Michael knew she was ready for him, and he started backing them up towards their bedroom. He sucked on her neck, and she let out a low moan.

“Oh Michael, that feels.........” Maria was cut off, because at that moment Bel and Xan appeared at the door.

“Michael” she tapped him on his shoulder to get his attention.

“Um..........Maria” he moaned into her neck. He ran his hand under her shirt.

“Michael” she said again a little more forceful. Michael noticed the change in her mood, and raised his head to look at her.

“What” he asked in confusion? She nodded her head towards the door. He turned his head to find Xan and Bel standing there staring at him with big grins on their faces.

“Whatcha doing Uncle Mikey” they asked in unison?

“,” Michael was tongue tied, how exactly do you explain that you were about to rock you wifes world, to a 5 year old? Maria saw his struggle, and decided to save him.

“Nothing sweeties, Uncle Michael was just telling me a secret” she explained.

“Oh....” Bel said, staring at them questioningly “but mommy says it’s not nice to tell secrets” she stated, matter of fact. Maria knew that had been to easy. She looked at the two, who were staring at her with expecting eyes. She started to move out of Michael’s arms, when he grabbed her back in front of him.

“Michael” she yelled in surprise. She tried to move again, when he pulled her back.

“What are you doing” she asked him. She looked at him in confusion, and he closed his eyes in frustration.

“Just give me a minute will you”he motioned to his pants, and that’s when she saw what his problem was. His erection was causing his sweats to pop out like a tent. She turned in his arms and wrapped his arms around her waist. She wiggled a little.

“Maria!” he scolded her, and she giggled. She looked at the twins standing in front of her, still waiting on her to answer Bel’s comment.

“I knows it’s not nice to tell secrets, but I think we can make a special exception, especially if it has to do with a certain set of twins birthday” she watched their faces light up, and they ran in the kitchen to grab their backpacks. Michael began to rub up against her bottom, and she threw her head back against his chest.

“You are sooo bad” she moan to him.

“Yeah, and you like every bit of it” before they could go any farther the twins reappeared.

“We’re ready” they bolted out the door, waiting on their aunt to walk them across the street.

“I’ll be right back” she promised him. He growled, but let her go.

“Hurry back” he yelled after her.

“Keep your pants on Spaceboy”

“I hadn’t planned on it” he yelled after her, but she was already out the door.

Max was still trying to calm his body down, when they enter the backdoor.

“Hi daddy” Bel jumped up and down excitedly. Max reached down and picked her up.

“Hey pudding, how’s my special girl” he asked her, nuzzling her neck. Liz walked in just then.

“Hey, I thought I was your special girl” she teased him, placing her arms around his waist. Max leaned down and kissed her on her forehead.

“You are my special girl, and a naughty one at that” he whispered in her ear, which caused her to blush at his reference. She felt herself getting worked up again, and looked up at him with hooded eyes. Bel stared between her parents, and rolled her eyes.

“You’re silly daddy” she giggled.

“Silly huh” he began tickling her, and she let out a fit of laughter.

“Daddy no.....stop....daddy” she wiggled in his arms, trying to get free. Liz watched them, and her heart was filled with love. Max was a great father, and he took great pride in his children. She went to get her something to drink, when Maria and Xan walked thru the screen door.

“Hey chica” Maria greeted her, kissing her on the cheek.

“Hey Ria, thanks for keeping them today”

“It was my pleasure, we had a great time, didn’t we sport” she rustled Xan head, and he just nodded his response.

“Hey baby, how was your day” Liz leaned down to meet his eye, wen she noticed he wouldn’t look at her. He shrugged his shoulders.

“Fine” he walked over and climbed up on the stool. Liz looked at Maria, who only shrugged her shoulders, and mouthed “later” to her. Liz walked in stood in front of him.

“Are you alright Xan” she asked him, with concern. Max heard the concern in her voice, but the stiffen of his daughter at her mothers question, is what really got his attention. Bel knew Xan was upset, and she also knew he didn’t want to talk about it right now, so she decided to intervene.

“Guess what mommy” Liz turned her worried eyes from her son, and gave her attention to her daughter.

“What baby” she asked. She watched the big smile that came across her face, and she pulled something out of her pocket. She jumped out of her fathers arms, and ran and stood in front of Liz jumping up and down.

“Uncle Mikey gave me and Xan fifty dollars” she said excitingly.

“He did” Liz asked shocked, and then turned to look at Maria, who had a big grin on her face.

“Yeah, he told us it was a early birthday present” she didn’t want to get her uncle in trouble, so she stuck to their story.

“Well that was nice of him, I hoped you two thanked him” Max added.

“Um..hum” she nodded her head up and down.

“And you know what else” this coming from Xan, who had gotten excited at the mention of his birthday. Bel went and sat next to her brother.

“Uncle Mikey and aunt Ria were telling a secret about our birthday” he smiled at Maria, and she turned a deep red, knowing what he was referring to. Max and Liz looked at her and wondered why she was blushing. Max noticed Xan frown his brows in concentration.

“What’s up sport” he asked him. Xan turned on the stool, and faced Maria.

“Aunt Ria” he asked innocently?

“Yeah sweetie”

“Why was Uncle Mikey’s hand under your shirt” Maria knew her face turned cherry red, and she saw Max and Liz narrow their eyes at her. Maria being Maria did the only thing that came to her....she laughed. Max and Liz rolled their eyes, and soon followed her in laughter. Bel and Xan looked at each other in confusion, and then to their parents and aunt. They shrugged their shoulders, and jumped down, running to get ready for dinner.

After their laughter died down, Maria turned serious

“Listen,” she looked over her shoulders to make sure the twins didn’t over hear her “something is up with Xan, and when I asked what was bothering him, he clams up” she told them.

“I saw that to” Max said, running his heads thru his hair “I also noticed the little stunt Bel did to keep him from answering Liz earlier” he stated.

“You caught that too” Liz asked? She was starting to get worried. The twins were always open with them. Max felt Liz’s worries, and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Hey, we’ll talk to him after dinner, maybe then he will be ready to talk” he assured her, and she nodded her head in agreement.

“Look I didn’t mean to upset you, I just thought I would give you a heads up” Maria said.

“No...thanks Maria”

“No problem hon” she waved her hand absently “I’ll talk to you guys later. We’re still getting together tomorrow for lunch aren’t we” she asked them?

“Of course. Every one is meeting at Tess and Chris” Max confirmed.

“Alright then” she kissed Liz on the cheek, and gave Max a big hug “I have unfinished business I have to take care of at home” she winked, and ran out the door. Max and Liz shook their heads at her. Liz wrapped Max’s arms around her tighter, and he kissed her temple.

“He’s alright” he tried to assure her, but in the back of his mind, he wasn’t so sure he believed himself. They finished preparing dinner in silent. Both wondered what could take the light out of their sons eyes.

TBC....................Should I continue? I don't really how this is going over out there, so please reply

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Chapter 4

After dinner, Max and Liz were helping the twins get ready for bed, when Max motioned for her to talk to them. She waited until they were snuggled into their beds, before she began. She sat down on Xan’s bed, and placed her hand over his. Xan knew this was coming, and he didn’t want to lie to his parents, but he didn’t want to upset them either. He turned his frighten eyes to his sister.

“It’s going to be ok” she told him silently.

“I can’t tell them Bel, please” he pleaded with her. Max and Liz watched the communication between them, and their hearts ached that they couldn’t confide in them. He turned his eyes back to his mothers worried ones, and looked past her to his father, who’s expression mirrored his mothers.

“Xan, baby” Liz pleaded with him to look at her, but he kept his eyes trained on his blanket. Max felt the sob coming in Liz, and he walked over and kneeled down beside his bed. He knew whatever was bothering Xan, he wasn’t ready to disclose it just yet.

“Xan, you know that you and your sister could come and talk to mommy and I right” Max stared at him, and then turned to Bel, who was staring at her brother with pleading eyes. She barely hear her daddy’s question, but she nodded her head yes. Xan was trying to block out Bel’s pleads in his head, and avoided his mother and father’s eyes.

“Yes” he said, staring at his hands.

“When you feel ready to talk to us, just know that we’re here for you.....ok” he placed a large hand over Xan’s tiny one. Xan pulled the courage up, and looked at his dad. Max gave him a warm smile, and he returned it. Xan looked at Liz, and he could feel her, emotions. They were all connected, and if they concentrated they could get into each others mind. Bel and him never needed to concentrate, their connection came easier then breathing to them. Lately he had been blocking out his parents, and would only allow Bel in, but right now, he felt like blocking her out too, fore she was screaming at him in his head to tell them what was going on, but he couldn’t not now anyways. He saw the tears pooling in his mothers eyes, and he felt bad, but right now he wasn’t ready to talk.

Max kissed his forehead and told him how much he loved him before turning to Bel and doing the same. Liz watched Xan face as he stared into her eyes. She leaned over, pulled him into her arms.

“Why won’t you talk to precious boy” she asked silently. She kissed him on his temple, and hugged him tighter. She could fell him pulling away from her, and that made her hold on longer. Xan had heard her silent cry, and although he had block himself from them, he could always hear their thoughts. She pulled back and kissed him on the cheek, and then went to Bel.

Max closed the door behind them, wishing them a good night. He turned slowly, ready to face Liz. Throughout their time saying goodnight to the twins, he could feel and hear everything that was going on inside Liz. When he finally met her eyes, the tears were falling, and she threw herself and his arms.

“Max.....why won’t he talk to us......he’s my baby, and I can’t even get him to talk to me” she cried into his chest. Max picked her up and carried her to their bedroom. He kicked the door closed with his foot, and laid her on the bed.

“Shhh, it’s going to be ok. He just needs time to come to us, and we’ll give that to him. He’ll be alright” he wiped her tears from her face, and placed a kiss on her lips.

“But....but what if he doesn’t come to us Max, what if....if he’s hurting...” Liz was crying uncontrollable now, and he hated seeing her like this. Xan was every bit of him at his age. He could tell that whatever it was bothering his son, he would eventually come to them, but Liz couldn’t understand that right now. She was a mother, and they always felt the need to take their baby’s hurt and pain away. He pulled her into his lap, and stroked her back.

“Liz, you have to trust me on this baby, Xan is a boy, and boys tend to want to work out their problems on their own, without their parents assistance, trust me” he pulled her face in his hands “can you trust me on this one. It’s probably nothing anyways” kissing her forehead.

“Ok” she said, barely a whisper. She kissed him on the lips, and he kissed her back, not wanting things to get out of control, she was upset, and he just wanted her to rest. Liz on the other hand had other ideas. She kissed him again, but this time more hungrier. She moaned in her throat, and felt Max responding to her.

“Liz....I...think you....” she start running her hand up and down his chest and rubbing up against his erection “oh god you should rest” he said, but his body was going against his words. Liz didn’t feel like resting. What she needed right now was him, and plus they had some unfinished business to take care of.

“Max........”she licked his earlobe, and felt his arms tighten around her waist “I need you, I need you to hold me, to make love to me” she plunged her tongue back in his mouth, and he couldn’t deny her anything. She pushed him back on the bed, and straddled his hips.

“I believe there’s a promise to be kept, and I plan to keep it” he watched the sexy grin that spread across her face, and he grew harder. Liz felt him, and moved her hips seductively on it. Max grabbed her hips, trying to slow her down before he lost it in his pants.

“Liz.......” he growled. She smiled a knowing smile, and leaned over and kissed him.

“I have something for you” she spoke into his mouth.

“Oh yeah” he responded.

“Um huh...” she began unbuttoning his shirt, kissing every bit of exposed skin that was revealed to her. Once it was completely undone, she caress the beautiful golden skin under her fingertips. Max closed his eyes at her touch. Her hands always felt wonderful on him, and she knew how to drive him wild.

“Um.....Liz” Liz smiled to herself, and thought about what she had in store for him.

“Max” Max opened his eyes to his beautiful angel.

“Yes my love” he reached up and ran a hand thru her hair. She let her head fall back, enjoying the feel of his hands running thru her hair. She was quickly losing control of this situation, she had to focus.

“Why don’t you lit some candles, and put on some music, while I go get your surprise” she kissed him again, but pulled back before he deepen it. She jumped off him, and ran into the bathroom. Max stared after her, and shook his head. He raised up and proceeded to light them numerous candles they had around the room. He went over to their radio, and began to flip thru their CD collection. Max smiled at the CD in his hand, and placed it in the player and pressed play.

Liz was staring at herself in the bathroom mirror. She looked at the way her body had changed in the last 5 years. No longer was she the skinny, flat chested teenager, now her chest were a nice size due to the twins, her stomach was still as trim as it was in high school, but she had curves in places there weren’t any. She ran her hands over her hips, and smiled to herself. She liked the new her.

She looked at the outfit she was wearing, and wondered how and the hell she had let Maria, Tess and Isabel talk her into buying it. They had all went shopping last weekend for some girl time, when Maria spotted a Fredericks’s and dragged them in. Maria, Tess and Isabel were busying their selves by trying on different outfits sure to bring their respective other to their knees. She was walking around the store wishing they would hurry up so they could leave this place. Liz had felt herself blush when she picked up an item, realizing they were a pair of crotch less underwear. She quickly dropped them and headed back towards the dressing room, when something caught her eye. She walked over to it and ran her hand over it, loving the cool feel of the silk. The others choice that moment to exit the dressing room, and after a lot of pleading and begging, they had convince her to buy it. She just hoped Max liked it. The sound of music flooding thru the door brought her out her reveries. She smiled at his choice of music.

“Liz” Max knocked softly on the door.

“I’ll be right out, why don’t you seat in the chair” she voiced quietly, not wanting to alert the kids. Max did as he was instructed, and waited on her to enter. Liz took one last look at herself, and inhaled a deep breath.

“Look at me, I’ve been married for 5 years, and I’m acting like a 16 year old about to lose her virginity” she told herself. She placed her hand on the doorknob and turned. Max was listening to the soft melody of Sade’s “By Your Side” playing softly in the background with his eyes closed, thinking this song was saying just how he felt about Liz, when the sound of the bathroom door made him open his eyes. Max wasn’t prepared for the sight that awaited him.

She was breathtaking, exquisite, lovely, it didn’t matter what words he used, because they all came back to one.............she was beautiful. Max looked her up and down appreciating her beauty. She wore a robe, he was sure he had never seen before tonight, it was cream colored with feathers around the edges, and it extended to the floor. Liz began to untie the robe, and Max had to contain himself from sliding off the chair and crawl on his knees and worship at her feet. He felt his heart stop as she slowly slid the robe from her body. “Oh my god” he thought silently, and Liz smiled at him. She had heard him thru their connection, and that gave her the confidence she needed, she walked slowly and seductively to the Cd player, and changed the Cd. All the while, Max eyes were glued to what was hidden under that robe.

She had on a cream colored lace bra, with a matching thong. She wore cream stockings that were being held up by a garter. He looked to her feet “Shit, she’s wearing heels that just scream, Fuck Me” he couldn’t help placing his hand on his cock, and rub, thinking how he would like to drive into her with nothing on put those heels. She wore her hair down with a little curls at the end, just the way he liked it. He had concluded she was his angel. He wanted to go over and take her into his arms.

“Stay were you are, just sit back and enjoy” she told him silently. She pressed play on the radio, and turned towards him, smiling sexily. She walked over to him with the stride of a lioness, staking her prey. She closed her eyes, and let the music enter her. Max was so enticed by her, that he barely hear the Cd she had selected. His eyes widen in shock as R. Kelly’s “Sex Me” poured the speakers.

Liz was getting into the song, and began swaying her hips, and slowly rolled them in time of the music. She slowly opened her eyes, and stared into the sexy amber ones of Max’s. She licked her lips, and he moaned loudly. She brought her arms up over her head, and rolled her stomach. Thank god for those belly dancing classes her and the girls had taken. Max watched her every movement with heated eyes. She brought her hands down and cupped her breast, watching the way Max mouth feel open.

“You like to see me touch myself Max” she asked in a husky voice. Max could on nodded his head. Liz smiled, and began massaging her breast, pretending they were Max’s hands. She let out a moan, and Max almost lost it. She brought a finger to her lips, and sucked on it, imitating what she wanted to do to him. Max threw his head back, and tried to control his body.

“Look at me Max” Liz order him. He brought his eyes back to her, and she ran her finger between her breast, down her trim stomach, and finally over her mound. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Max watched the two perfect globe spring free with their tight nipples. God he wanted to sucked them into his mouth.

“Ah ah ah” she wiggled her finger at him, and smiled at the frustrated groan that came from him. She was really getting into the music now, and she began to dance seductively now, while slowly removing her thong. Max couldn’t breath, his Liz, his naughty Liz was doing a strip tease for him. He swallowed the lump in his throat as she walked up to him. Max wanted to grab, she was standing right in front of him, but she had heard his thoughts and held his hands to his lap with her powers. She lifted her right leg up on the arm of the chair, and leaned over and kissed his lips. Max tried to deepen it, but she pulled back, not ready for that just yet. She moved to his ear and whispered.

“You like to watch me touch myself huh?”

“Yes” he answered breathlessly. She leaned back, and placed her hand on the inside of her knee, slowly sliding it over her thigh, until she reached her heat. She threw her head back and let out a moan of ecstacy.

“Liz.........” Max moaned “please........” he was pleading with her to let her hold go on him, he wanted her to...........shit he didn’t know what he wanted. She stared into him with hooded eyes.

“Please what Max, what do you want” she asked him, her voice laced with desire.

“You.......I want Liz” after a second of watching her play with her breast and her clit he knew exactly what he wanted “I want to taste you Liz” he growled in frustration. She ran her finger thru her folds, and he watched every move it made. She brought her finger to his lips, and he eagerly sucked into his mouth, relishing the taste of her. He licked and sucked on her finger until he was sure he removed all her juices. Liz felt the leg that was supporting her weaken at the feel of his tongue swirling around her finger. He watched her, his eyes taunting her to release him, so he could do to her pussy, what he was doing to her finger. He was gaining control of the situation, and she had to focus.

She removed her finger from his mouth, against his protest, and slid it back into her drenched core. Max watched her throw her head back, while she pleasured herself, and from his position he could see her juices flooding her hand, while it glisten from the candlelight.

“Oh Max.........” she moaned, and he knew if he didn’t take her right then, he was going to cum in his pants. Liz her his thoughts, and stopped her ministrations. She lowered her leg, and had to steady herself. Her legs were weak, she was so close, she could feel the bottom falling out of her. She watched Max as e struggled to get free from her hold, and an evil stare lit her eyes.

“Max......” she waited until he acknowledge her before she continued “if I let you got, do you promise to sit perfectly still, and no touching” she purred at him. Max didn’t know if that was possible.

“Liz I.........” he couldn’t make that promise, because he was sure as soon as she released the force she had on him, she was his. Again Liz heard his thoughts.

“Max, Max, Max........” she walked around the chair flirtatiously. She ran her hands down his chest, and leaned and whispered in his ear.

“You know....” she licked his ear, and he growled “you really shouldn’t think such naughty thoughts, and since you don’t seem to want to play nice,” she ran her hands down his arms and placed them over his. She released her powers, quick as lighting, and secured them to the arm rest. Max never knew what hit him, he was starting to think her having powers wasn’t a good idea. Liz smirked at his comment, and he cursed himself. She walked back in front of him, and cupped his dick.

“ that for me” she asked innocently. Max swallowed, and nodded. He let out a long sigh, when she began to unbutton and unzip his pants. She reached into his boxers, and pulled him free. She ran her hand up and down his shaft, and admired the smooth texture of it. Max was in heaven, she had became very skilled in pleasuring him over the years, and he always welcomed her touch. He threw his head back and closed his eyes, savoring her touch upon him.

Liz wrapped hers hands around him, and rubbed the tiny drops of pre-cum forming at the head. Her mouth watered, and she licked it from it. Max shot his head up, and stared at her. She felt his eyes on her, and sucked his head into her mouth.

“Liz, oh god don’t stop, please” Liz took him deeper into her mouth, and deep throated him. She sucked and licked him like a ice cream, and he loved every bit of it. She went down, almost to the base, and created a vacuum suction, on her way back up. She swirled the tight swollen head around with her tongue, before repeating the action. She knew he was close, and she didn’t want him to lose it just yet. She released his manhood with a pop, and licked her lips. She swayed over to their bed, with the grace of a swan. She crawled onto it, making sure he had a good view of her puckered womanly folds, and laid down, facing him.

Max was fighting her, restrain on him, but her powers were just as strong as the rest of them, maybe even a little stronger then theirs. She licked her finger again, spread her legs, and brought it to her core.

“God Max.........I’m so wet” she stuck a finger inside herself, and moaned. Max was near tears, she was torching him, and she knew it. He felt his dick throb with need of release, and it was swelled so tight, it was painful. Liz felt his discomfort, and decided to give in to his silent pleads, but not before making him squirm a little before she did. She added another finger, and began to pump into herself.

“Max........I’m so wet........., would you like to feel how wet I am” she asked, while reaching up and cupping her breast. His only response was a slight nod.

“Then what are you waiting for” she raised her hand, and released him, and he shot out of the chair, knocking it over from the force, removed his clothes with lighting speed. He was between her legs, before she had time to remove her fingers. Max couldn’t wait any longer, he had to taste her, he didn’t care if her fingers were still embedded in her, he lick at her center, and she purred. He licked her long and hard, and when she removed her fingers, he licked them clean, before attacking her wet pussy. Liz laced her fingers thru his hair, and pulled him closer.

“Yes Max.....oh god yes” Max shoved his own two fingers into her, and pulled her tiny bundle of nerves into his mouth. He suck, pumped and licked, until he felt her walls clamping down on his fingers. He wanted her to cum, he wanted to taste more of her sweet nectar.

“Max, Max........oh god Maaaaxxxxx..........” Liz screamed with her orgasm, and he shot up to her and kissed her hard to muffle her cries, and entered her with one hard thrust.

“Liiiizzzz, my sweet, naughty Liz” he whispered thru their connection. He wanted her hard and rough, the way she had worked him up, he needed to pound into her. He raised up over her, and thru her legs over his arms. He ran his eyes up her creamy legs, and “oh god” he had completely forgotten about the FM pumps, and he felt himself thrust into her harder.

“Yes Max......oh yes” Liz hadn’t came down from her previous orgasm, when she felt another one building up in her. She held on for the ride, and knew Max was far from being gentle, especially the way she had riled him up earlier. Max could feel that all to familiar tighten in his balls, and he knew she was with him. Their connection was wide open, and she felt he was close. She raised up to met his next trust, and it sent her over the edge once again.

“Maaaxxx..........” with the tighten of her heat around him, and the cry of his name on her lips, sent him soon following her into ecstacy.

“Liiizzzz.....” he pumped into her, until his strength wouldn’t allow him to pump any more, and collapsed on her.

“Damn Liz, you’re going to be the death of me” he breathe into her neck. He heard her giggle under him and he chuckled. He gentle released her legs, and raised to move off her, only to have her wrap her legs around him in protest.

“Stay.....please” Max sat up on his elbows and stared into her eyes.

“I love you, damn.......I didn’t know it was possible to feel”

“Loved” she finished for him.

“Yeah” he ran a finger down her face, and placed a kiss on her lips.

“I love you too” she moaned in his mouth. He flipped them over so she was straddling him.

“So, about that little show you just pulled” he asked her, with a questioning tone, playing in her hair. She felt herself blush, even after the show she just put on for him.

“You like” she asked, staring into his eyes.

“Hell yeah, but remember.....payback’s a bitch” he watched her eyes widen, and he laughed at her.

“Well, I guess that could only be expected” she smiled, grinding into his cock, which was already hard again, god she loved being married to an alien. Max heard her thoughts, and with one quick move, he entered her. This time the love making was slow and passionate. They held on to each other as they reached their sexual climax together, and fell into a peaceful sleep soon after.


“How much longer”

“Not long sir, we should be arriving within the next month”

“Good, good” he stared out across the galaxy, and watched the stars pass by.

“Soon, Zan........soon I will have you, and all that belongs to you” Kivar spoke. Nicholas stood back and watched his commander.

“What about the heir sire, if the prophecy is true he is very strong” Nicholas voiced.

“Let me handle that, I have my ways” he spoke cryptically, and Nicholas stared at him with a raised eyebrow.

“As you wish” he left him to his thoughts, and went to check on the status reports.

TBC..................REPLIES PLEASE
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So continue?

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Chapter 5

The following afternoon, everyone was gathered at Tess and Chris’ enjoying a wonderful lunch.

“So what are we doing for the Rugrats birthday” Michael asked with a mouth full of sandwich.

“God Michael, swallow first before you talk” a disgusted Isabel told him.

“Whatever” he grumbled, and turned his attention back to Max and Liz “well” he asked?

Max and Liz stared at their kids, who were currently outside chasing Alex and Chris around the backyard. Maria saw the sad expression that hunted Liz’s face.

“Did you talk to him” she asked them?

“Yeah,” Liz expression deepen with sadness, and Max rubbed her back gently.

“Talk to who” Tess piped in. She hated to see Liz upset, she had became a great friend, almost like a sister to her over the last 6 years.

“Xan” Max, Liz and Maria reasoned, as if stating the obvious. Isabel stared at the three of them, she didn’t like the vibes that were coming off of them.

“What’s wrong with Xan” she asked, a little upset they hadn’t informed her something was wrong with her nephew. Max could feel her anger building, so he set out to put the fire out before it started.

“Is, calm down, there’s nothing wrong with Xan. He’s just a little withdrawn lately” Max assured them . Alex and Chris had just returned to the group, and heard bits and pieces oh their conversation.

“Who’s withdrawing” Alex asked, kissing Isabel on the temple. He had felt her anger outside, and called the game of tag with the twins to a halt. Chris looked at all the distraught faces, and his eyes landed on Liz. She was staring out the patio window at Xan and Bel, who were currently sitting on the bench outdoors. Her face was blank, and her eyes were filled with unshed tears. He reached across the table and cupped her hand.

“Liz.......are you alright” he asked her, while stroking her hand with his thumb. Max wrapped his arm around her waist, and scooted closer to her rubbing her back. He wasn’t jealous of Chris, in fact over the years, Chris had proven that he would do anything to protect them. He had always held a special place in his heart for li, and like Michael, Alex and Nasedo, he made sure no harm came to Liz, and for that, Max was grateful. He knew that if anything was to ever happen to him or one of the others, Chris would take care of Liz and the rest of the girls.

Tess watched the tender way Chris acted with Liz, and she smiled. In the beginning of their relationship, it did bother her the way he would jump at Liz’s every word, and jealousy would rear its ugly head, but that was back when she was still insecure about things and people in her life, but once she opened her heart and mind to Chris, and realized that when he was with Liz, his eyes held a brotherly love for her, and not the intense, passionate love that was in them when he looked at her. She saw the sad look on Liz’s face, and she too placed her hand over Chris’ and Liz’s.

“Liz?” Liz could only stare ahead of her at Xan. While they were playing earlier, he had slipped, and let his block to their connection down, and it shook her to the core. He was afraid of something, something extremely bad, and whatever it was, he felt he couldn’t come to herself or Max, or even his many aunts and uncles. She had tried to get deeper into his mind, he felt her, and immediately threw his block up. He had turned and locked eyes with her, but before she could plead with him to let her in, he took off after Alex. They all stared at her with worried eyes.

“Liz” Max spoke to her softly. She turned to him with fear in her eyes.

“Something is wrong Max..........something is terribly wrong” she began to shake from the fear she had felt in Xan. Max pulled her into his lap and stroked her hair.

“Liz.....honey, I told you everything is fine” Liz knew he thought she was just being a overprotective mother, but what she felt from Xan, told her, her mother instincts was right.........Xan was afraid. She refused to accept his explanation of boys will be boys. She shook her head, and when she saw him about to protest, she decided to show him the only way she knew how.

Before Max knew what was happening, her lips were crashing into his, and her tongue was demanding entrance, he obliged, and as soon as their tongues collided, their connection exploded. By this time, the others knew what Liz was doing, and they opened their connection.

Fear..........Max was surrounded by fear, so much fear, that he couldn’t breath. He felt like someone was squeezing the life out of him. He couldn’t take it, and pulled away from her. His eyes were wild, and they danced across her face.

“What was that” he asked her, while trying to catch his breath? She laid her head on his chest, and tried to control her sobs. They had all felt what Max had felt, and were looking to Liz for an explanation.

Once she was able to gain control, she turned to them.

“That is what I felt from Xan” she tried to choke back her cries “he’s afraid.........something has my baby to afraid to even come to any of us” they all fell silent. What were they to say, they has all felt the fear that was consuming Xan, and possibly Bel, and they wouldn’t wish that type of fear on the worst enemy.

“Hey, why don’t you dreamwalk him tonight” Chris suggested to Isabel.

“It won’t work” Liz stated, shaking her head.

“Why not” Michael asked angrily. He didn’t like what he felt, and he wanted to get to the bottom of it.

“Because........he’ll just block me out. As much as I hate admit it, he’s stronger then me, and I’ve been dreamwalking longer then he has” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

“Well, damn it, I say we sit them down, and demand to know what’s going on” Michael practically shouted.

“Michael” Maria scolded him!

“Lets just discuss this later, when the twins are asleep” Max told them, taken his role as leader of the group. They all agreed, and went back to planning the twins birthday.

Throughout their conversation, Xan and Bel had been sitting together talking to each other. They could feel their emotions rolling off them in waves, and Xan knew it was because of him. He had felt it when Liz had entered his mind, and he saw the hurt look on her face when he blocked her out. Bel stared at her brother, and could hear and feel everything that was going on inside him. She too, had felt her mommy’s emotions, and she hated making her feel that way.

“You have to tell them” she pleaded to him.

“I can’t Bel. You know I can’t” he told her fiddling with his hands.

“Then I will” she stated firmly.

“ won’t” he stated just as firmly.

“You can’t tell me what to do” she whined “and I’m telling!” She stood up over him, and he stood up to meet her eye.

“You are not telling, and that’s final” he stated with the authority of a future King. Bel stared at her brother in disbelief. He may have been older by 2 minutes, but he had no right to order her around. They stared at each other, daring the other to make a move. Xan hated treating her like this, but all he was trying to do was protect his family.

Liz had been watching them, and although Xan was blocking them out completely, Bel had only put up a partial block, allowing them in to a certain degree. She could feel Bel’s anger, and she had rushed outside to them, but what happened next brought her to her knees.

Bel was still staring at Xan with a look of venom. She was every bit of Liz, Maria and Isabel rolled up in one when she was mad, but Xan wasn’t going to let her tell them anything. She turned to go in the house, when he grabbed her arm.

“I said no........” Bel pulled free of his hold, and backed away from him. His eyes were scaring her. He had never hurt her, never. He stepped forward, and her instincts took over. She saw him coming towards her, and threw her shield up. Xan was shocked at first, but once he recovered from the shock, he started sending energy balls at her shield, trying to penetrate it.

“Maaaaaaxxxxx.........” Liz screamed. She was watching her two children battle it out like enemies. She couldn’t move from her spot, it was like some force was holding her in place. She could tell something was wrong with Xan. His eyes had turned completely black, as if no soul lied in him, and he was speaking a language she had never heard before. Max and the others had heard her screams, and rush outside to her. Nasedo wasn’t far behind them. He had felt Liz’s fear, and rushed across the street to her. When he arrived, just like the rest of them, they could only stand back and watch in shock.

Bel was putting all her strength into holding her shield, but without Xan’s energy, she was weaken fast. She knew something had a hold of her brother, but she also knew her brother was in there somewhere.

“Xan.......please, stop it. Xan I know you can hear me, please STOP IT!” and just as quick as he started his assault on her, he stop. He shook head to clear it, and looked to Bel, and saw her with her shield up. He looked at her confused.

“Bel” he called to her, and she could tell that he was himself, and released her shield. She rushed over to him, and pulled him into a hug.

“Xan.......” that was the last word spoken between the two of them, before everything went black.


Kivar sat back and smiled to himself.

“This may be easier then I thought” he told himself.

“Sir” Kivar turned to his second Nicholas.

“What it is” he asked.

“Just wanted to let you, that we should be arriving in Earths atmosphere within the next three weeks Sire. Everything is processing smoothly. Our allies on Earth will be there to greet you.”

“Very well, you are dismissed” he waved him off. Nicholas left Kivar to his thoughts.

“Get ready Zan, cause your little world is about to crumble around you.” He walked out of his quarters to go check up on the troops.



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Chapter 6

It was a very confused and emotional Liz who laid their children safe and comfortably in their beds. When they had first moved in their home, they had arranged the two bedrooms for the twins, but soon found out that the twins didn’t want to be separated, so the third room soon became the guest room. Liz sat, staring at her two angels, tears silently falling and her sobs unheard. She was so confused about what had happen earlier at Tess’, the look in Xan’s eyes, made her skin crawl. Bel and Xan had yet to waken from their slumber, and only after Max did a thorough check on them, twice, and found that they were exhausted from using so much energy, that Liz was finally able to relax a little.

Liz closed the door behind her, and enter the living room, were Max and the others were interrogating Nasedo for an explanation of what happen earlier.

“You mind explaining what the fuck just went on out there” a very pissed off Michael asked, while still trying to calm a hysterical Maria.

Liz walked over and stood behind Max, wrapping her arms around his waist, reveling in the warmth that was Max. She pressed her cheek against his back, and instantly felt him relax. Max stroked her arm, sending her jolts of love and reassurance thru their connection. He could feel how scared she was, as was he, but he wasn’t going to let her know just how much.

*****When he had first heard Liz;’s cry for him, his heart constricted with the amount of fear she sent him. He was out his chair and out the door in a flash, with the others not far behind. Once he finally reached her, he couldn’t breath. Max had to blink his eyes several times to adjust his eyes from the sight before him. His Xan, his son, was at the moment sending energy blast at his sister. Max saw the frighten look on Bel’s face, and his heart broke even more. She was scared, and he could feel her emotions slamming into him. Like Liz he couldn’t move, it was like someone or something was holding him in his spot. He knew whatever it was, was coming from Xan. He stared at his son closely, and noticed how his eyes turned black, not just regular black, but black as coal, his entire eyes had turned black, and a image of one of those alien dummies from the UFO Center flashed across his mind. They appeared lifeless, as if his soul was no longer there. Max felt the bile raising in his throat, and he fell to his knees next to Liz.

He was vaguely aware of the others behind him, and their jumbled cries and curses. His mind was spinning, and he rested in his hands to control the dizziness that was slowly taking over him.

“Qu’ar ony tu del’ar Zan” Xan shouted. Max shout his head up at the words coming from Xan, and they sounded some what familiar. Liz was shaking so badly next to him, and he pulled her to his side, and they watched in horror at the scene of their children. He could tell Bel was weaken, and Xan wasn’t letting up at all. He felt like shit, here he was a King of Antar, and he couldn’t even stop his 5 year old son from trying to kill his sister. Whatever force that was holding him in place was strong, and the energy coming off it was pure evil.

Nasedo stood there completely shell shocked. “No, this can’t be happening” he thought to himself as he watched the little Prince and Princess go head to toe. He, like everyone else couldn’t move. He stood back with wide eyes as Prince Xan started speaking in tongue, and his eyes narrowed in surprise.

“Shit” he cursed to himself. Michael, Tess and Isabel had turned on him, and leveled him with a stare.

“Do something” they all shouted in unison. Nasedo fidgeted with fear in his eyes, maria was giving him that look that, if she had alien powers, he was sure he would be a smoking piled of dust. He raised his hands surrendering.

“I can’t, in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a force holding us all in place” he tried to reason with them. Maria turned back to were Max and Liz were huddle on the ground, and she immediately dropped down and wrapped her arms around them both. The rest of the group followed her lead, and wrapped themselves around them, surrounding them with love and support.

Unlike earlier, Xan and Bel’s connection was wide open to them, and they could feel how tried Bel was becoming, and the evil pouring thru Xan.

“Xan.......please, stop it. Xan I know you can hear me, please STOP IT!” They had all hear Bel’s silent plead to her brother, and they watched in amazement as his assault immediately stop. Their connection was still open, and they watched the two communicated silently, confused. They watched as Bel pulled her brother into an embrace, and felt his confusion of what was going on. Then as if in a bad dream, that never seemed to end, they watched as they both fell to the ground, clinging to each other, and their connection was lost.

Liz was off the ground before the others realized that the force that was holding them was no longer in place. Max skidded across the ground in came to a halt in front of Liz. Liz was holding Xan and Bel to her chest, crying frantically. She was pleading with them to wake up, but they wouldn’t stir. Max placed his hand gently over Liz’s, and felt her anger slam into him. He pulled his hand back and stared at her with hurt in his eyes.

Liz raised her red swollen eyes to his, and she could barely control her anger. She was beyond angry, she was furious. She had told him something was wrong, but he had written her off as a paranoid mother, and now look what happened.

“Don’t touch me” she said, voice laced with anger. The others watched in shock at the way Liz was talking to Max. They had never seen her act this way before. Max felt awful. Never had Liz reacted to him this way.

“Liz....please....” he was cut off by her hand being thrown up.

“Please what Max, listen to you.......did you once listen to me when I told you something wasn’t right, did you...huh?” Liz felt the tears rolling down her cheek, and disappear into the twins ebony heads. Michael could tell Max was feeling guilty already, but with Liz’s words, he saw his face fall in agony.

Maria kneeled down next to Liz and stroked her hair.

“Chica..., come on honey, no one knew what was really happening” she tried to reason with her, but she knew that when it came to Xan and Bel, Liz was not a reasonable person.

“I knew” she said firmly. She motioned for Alex to help her take the twins across the street, to the comforts of their home. Alex quickly assisted and gather up Xan in his arms. They head into the house with Isabel, Maria, Tess and Chris hot on their heels. Michael watched as Max dropped his head with guilt, and let the tears fall. He felt his emotions and guilt, and his shame of not protecting his family. Michael wasn’t about to let him degrade himself. He needed him strong, so they can figure out what had just happened and take control of the situation. He walked over and stood in front of him.

“Come on Max, you need to pull it together” pulling him to his feet.

“She hates me” he whispered.

“She doesn’t hate you, she’s just angry and scared, more scared then anything, and she lashed out at you, because she knew you would be the only one who would take it, and still love her” Michael advised wisely. He watched as he slowly nodded his head in agreement.

“Come on, you need to check on the twins, and make sure they’re ok, and then.......” he turned his eyes and narrowed them at Nasedo “ and then we’re going to find out what the hell just went on here” he stated, pulling Max towards his home. Nasedo followed sightly behind, trying to come up with a reasonable explanation, he was sure Max will be demanding one once he’s focused again.

As Max and Michael made it into his house, they came across everyone else, who were currently pacing back and forth, running into each other. They saw the green shield over the twins door and frowned. Maria hear them enter, and ran into Michael’s arm.

“She won’t let us anywhere near them” Maria cried worriedly.

“What do you mean” Max asked her, while michael rubbed her back.

“What she means is, she has put up her shield, and refuse to let it down” Isabel explained. Max looked at them in disbelief. He knew Liz wouldn’t use her powers unless she was extremely upset. Max concentrated on her and begged her to let him inside so he could make sure the twins were ok. She repeatedly rebuffed him, and he sighed unsuccessfully.

Michael knew Liz wasn’t going to let no one near Xan and Bel, not even their father, unless she was pushed. He closed his eyes and concentrated on her.

“Liz.......” he waited to see if she would answer.

“What Michael.....” she replied. He could hear the stress and worry in her reply.

“Liz, sweetie, you need to let Max in so he can make sure Bel and Xan are ok” he told her calmly. He waited with a baited breath for her to answer. Finally after what seemed like eternity she answered.

“Ok” she whispered. He let out a sigh of relief. “Michael?”

“Yeah Liz?”

“Sweetie?” He could hear her teasing tone, and knew she wasn’t going to let that one go. He sent a friendly scold thru their connection, and felt her giggled response.

He opened his eyes, and was rewarded with her removing the shield. Max gave him a thankful smile, and stood by the door.

He knocked, and waited. He took a deep breath trying to calm his nerves. After a few seconds the door opened, and he slipped quietly inside. Liz sat in the armchair between the twins beds. Her back was to him, and he felt her fears. He made his way over to Bel, and without a word proceeded to check her for any internal damages. He let out a sigh of relieve when he found she was fine, but extremely tired. He finished with her, and went and did the same to Xan.

Liz sat in silence as he checked them over. She has felt a sense of security as soon as he had enter the room. She knew she had said some harsh things to him, and she really didn’t mean any of them, but when it came to her babies, nothing else mattered. She didn’t blame him, she was scared, scared at the way Xan had looked. She just reacted at seeing her little boy hurt and afraid. He didn’t even seem like he was aware of what had happened. She watched the worried expression that had crossed Max’s face when he was checking Xan, and then felt his relief roll over her as he assess he was fine also.

He kissed his forehead, and brushed his bang aside. She could hear his apologies, as he spoke them silently to Xan. Tears welled in her eyes at his tenderness, and she knew he would never put their lives in danger. She knew he couldn’t have known things were going to go the way they had. He stood up and walked to Bel’s bed, and kneeled down beside her bed. He kissed her hand, and told her over and over again how proud he was of her, and how she was so strong. He felt a pang in his heart that she had to suffer something like that, especially against her own brother.

Max kissed her one last time, and stood up. He stared at the back of Liz as she continued to stroke Xan’s hand motherly. His heart ached for her forgiveness, and all he wanted was to wrap his arms around her and feel her love for him. Liz felt everything he felt, he was wide open to her, and she knew she wasn’t angry anymore, just scared. Max moved towards the door.

“I’m so...sorry........” she whispered, with her sobs catching her voice. Max was at her side in an instance. He dropped to his knees in front of her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“No Liz, I’m so sorry. I should have listened to you...........I should have trusted your instincts........and......and since I didn’t look what I let happen” he cried into her lap. Liz stroked his neck, and poured all her love into him.

“No Max, this isn’t any ones fault” she pulled his face into her hands and kissed his lips “the things I said, I was wrong for saying them to you........I.........I.....was so sc..scared I wasn’t thinking straight, and when.....and when they collapsed, I don’t know, I felt my anger built, because my babies were hurt, and I was really pissed at whatever was hurting them that I took that out on you, and for that I’m sorry” she kissed him again, this time deepening it, to let him know how truly sorry she was. Max felt his whole body relax in relief, and kissed her with all his love and strength. They finally broke apart for air, and Max leaned his head against hers.

“I love you” he said, while tucking her hair behind her ear “and I promise, I’m going to take care of this” he assured her.

“I know, and I love you to” she kissed his lips again and pulled back. “Max......”

“Humm....” he answered, playing absently with the smooth skin of her stomach that was exposed to him.

“I....I know, I mean I felt that everything was fine with the twins, but could you..........” Max already knew what she wanted, and again he checked the twins over, to calm her insides.

“Thank you” she replied. Max pulled her into his arms and kissed her hair. They could hear the distinctive voice of Maria, chewing someone out, and from the sounds of it, Nasedo was at the receiving end.

“I better get out there before she rips him to pieces” Max smiled shyly at her. She nodded her head, and stood on her tiptoes and kissed his lips.

“I’ll be out in a few, I just......” she motioned to the twins, and he fully understood.

“Take all the time you need” he told her, and hugged her tight, before proceeding out into the living room.*********

Max was brought out of his recollection of this afternoons event, and focused on the conversation at hand. He lead Liz to the couch were Chris and Tess were sitting, and they instantly wrapped their arms around her. She hugged them back, and the rest of their group wrapped her into a family hug.

Once everyone was over the emotional ordeal, they all found seats, making sure they all were touching in some form, just needing the security that they each brought each other. Max was focused again, and now he wanted answers. He stood up, with Liz clutching his hand, and faced Nasedo.

“I want to know what happen, and I want to know now” he stated calm, so calmly, that it made Liz wince and Nasedo flitch at the tone in his voice. Nasedo knew this was coming, and all the while Max was with Liz and the twins, he was trying to find the right words to explain what he thought was happening.

“I’m waiting” Max spoke. Nasedo took a deep breath, and stood with his head down low, afraid of Max’s reaction.

“Your Majesty please.........I can’t honestly say what happened, all I have is a feeling” he replied honestly.

“A feeling. A feeling he says. What kind of protector are you” Maria hissed at him.

“Maria” Alex said, trying to give Nasedo a chance to speak.

“Maria’s right, what good is it to have a protector, if he can’t even tell us what is going on” Isabel shouted, not wanting to except his “feeling” as an explanation. Chris and Tess just sat back and watched the scene before them.

“Quiet down, before you wake Xan and Bel” Tess scolded them. Michael, besides the little outburst earlier, was actually sitting calm for once. He looked to Max and told him with his eyes, that he was behind him on however he wanted to handle this. Max nodded his head in appreciation, and focused back on Nasedo.

“Everyone calm down” once they all settled back, Max proceeded. “Now, you say you have a feeling, tell me about it” he stated calmly. Nasedo looked at him, and searched his eyes for anger, but Max was the master at keeping his expressions blank. He nervously looked around the group, and saw all their eyes trained on him. His eyes landed on those of his Queen, and she smiled an encouraging smile, and for some reason it soothe him, and he squared his shoulders, and with his new found strength he began, never let his gaze leave Liz’s.

Liz could feel his nervousness, and she wasn’t quite sure why, but she wanted to reassure him everything was fine. She was just as upset as the rest of them, but yelling and screaming wasn’t going to get them any closer to answers. She watched as he squared his shoulders, and she felt a wave of courage go over him. She waited on him to start.

“I don’t know were to began. I know that yesterday evening and all this morning, I had felt Liz, like she was inside me” he waited on the fireworks to began, and Maria wasn’t the one to disappoint.

“What!” she shouted at him, while everyone else sat there with the mouths hanging open, all that is except Liz. She studied his face, and she smiled at him. Max looked at her and felt her total acceptance of this new development. They all quickly recovered after seeing how Liz didn’t seem surprised at his statement.

“Liz” Max pulled her attention away from Nasedo and looked her in the eyes. He could tell something was there.

“Liz, have you been feeling Nasedo also” he asked her curiously. He watched her lower her head.

“I’ve been having this, I don’t know, this pull, like I knew when he’s around for a while now. Kind of like with you, but just not as strong, but today, it felt extremely strong” she admitted quietly. It was Nasado’s turn to stand shocked. He paced in front of them, which only seemed to make them nervous.

“This can’t be happening, not now” he told himself, still pacing. His comment wasn’t meant to be out loud, but none the less, the rest heard him. Max was just about to question what he meant, when he rushed over and grabbed Liz’s wrist.

“Liz, I need to know how long have you been sensing me” he asked her, trying to keep some of the edge, he was sure was evident out his voice. Liz watched as his eyes danced wildly across her face, and once he touched her, she had felt his edginess.

“I.....I don’t know, maybe a week or two, but like I said, it wasn’t very strong, just a little tugging in my mind that let me know you were near” she watched his brows frown, and continued “but today, earlier, I felt you the moment I saw Xan and Bel having it out” Liz shuddered at the memory, and Max wrapped his arms around her.

Nasedo released her wrist, and resumed pacing. Max could tell he obvious knew what was going on, and the way he kept repeating incoherent things, Max was certain.

“Nasedo, what is going on” he asked, his patience wearing thin. Nasedo turned on his heels and faced his King, he knew that what he was about to say, was going to bring their world, which had been so perfect up until now, to a reality check. They all waited silently for him to answer, and Liz did not like the vibes she was receiving from him. Nasedo took a deep breath and stared Max in the eyes.

“The enemies are coming!”

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Chapter 7

Somewhere outside Santa Fe, NM

“Damn it” he slammed his fist against the wall “there’s still no pin point of their location?”

“No sir, and the pulse is getting stronger, which means that Kivar is getting closer” the soldier nervously told his commanding officer. He watched as the man before him paced sharply across the room.

“God damn it, it’s been 5 years since the heir was born, and the closes we’ve come to them is here” he motioned around the dim lit warehouse they were force to call headquarters.

“I want every men out there searching hi and low for them. Search the internet, libraries and newspapers for anything unusual happening in the last 7 years, no one rest until we find them. Do I make myself clear” he shouted?

“Yes sir, I’ll have some of my best men on the search sir.”

“And have the troops prepare, Kiver will be ready to attack as soon as they’re found, and at the rate of the pulse, that leaves us a little over three weeks” he ordered.

“As you wish” the soldier replied. He waited to be dismissed.

“Why the hell are you still standing there, move out” he yelled. He watched the young soldier salute, and rush out the door. He flopped back into his chair with a tried thud, massaging his temples.

“Damn, where the hell are you” he mumbled. He pulled out his laptop, and proceeded to search the internet for anything that would bring him closer to the Royal Four.


They all stared at him slacked jawed. Max’s head was spinning, and he felt as if he couldn’t breath. “This can’t be happening” he told himself over and over again, but by the disturbing look on Nasedo’s face, he knew it was true. He looked around the group, and watched as Michael tried to calm down a very frantic and hysterical Maria, who at the moment was crying uncontrollably and sniffling her cypress oil like no tomorrow. He noticed how Michael’s jaws were reflexing from the way he was clutching his teeth together. They locked eyes, and Max could read the slight fear that laid just underneath his courage. They shared a silent agreement before he let his eyes travel to his sister.

Alex was rubbing her back, while she continued to cry incoherent things in his neck. Alex raised his fear filled eyes to Max, and even though he was as scared as he was, he let Max know that he wasn’t backing down. Chris sat holding Tess’ hand, and rubbing her back. So far, she had yet to show any signs of emotions. She was just sitting there, staring at the wall without even blinking.

Finally, he drifted his eyes down at Liz, who was standing beside him, clutching his hand, and was surprised to see a gentle smile grace her lips. Liz could feel every ones fears and doubts, and just like them, she too was scared. “Why now,” she had asked herself? She knew that no matter how much they wished this wasn’t happening, it was, and the only thing left to do was prepare to face their enemies. She locked eyes with Max, and smiled because as long as they were together, they could over come anything.

Max felt her courage and strength increase, and he had heard her thoughts. She was right, no matter what happens, as long as they’re together, all of them, as a family, they could get thru this. He felt himself growing more confident and stronger, and the love Liz was sending him, made him even stronger, erasing his fears and doubts about being a good leader, and replaced it with encouragement, strength, faith and most of He turned to her and cupped her face between his hands. Slowly, he captured her lips in a delicate kiss, sending love and reassurance thru their connection. He rested his forehead against hers and stroked her cheeks with his thumbs.

“We’re going to get thru this” he told her.

“I know. I’m here for you no matter what” she promised him. Max kissed her once again, before he turned back to the others. Straightening his shoulders, he turned back to Nasedo. Clearing his throat.

“Everyone, lets focus here” he looked around the room to make sure he ha every ones undivided attention, and then pinned Nasedo with a look, he continued.

“Why don’t you tell us what is going on, and start with this connection you have with my wife” he spoke thru tight lips. All eyes landed on Nasedo, waiting for his explanation. Nasedo felt their eyes boring into him, but he wasn’t about to show any signs of weakness. He was a soldier. He had a duty to protect them, and he would give his last breath to the King and Queen. He stood up and looked Max in the eyes.

“First off, I guess I should explain some things to you, and I would very much appreciate it if I could finish before any questions or outburst are done” he stated the last part while giving Maria a look. Maria threw her chin in the air, but nodded her agreement.

“Good, now, as you all know King Zan was powerful, and it was believed to have no weaknesses, but they were wrong. King Zan had a weakness, and that weakness was his Queen. Even though he and Queen Ava weren’t in love, he treated her with the upmost respect and worshiped her as his Queen. They had courted for a month before they were married. King Zan refused to marry someone he didn’t even know. So for that month they got to know it other, and in that month King Zan had grown quite fond of Ava. It wasn’t love or anything like that, but he didn’t want any harm to come to her” he watched as all their eyes continued to follow his every movement.

“Anyways, once they were married, they were to consummate their marriage that night, were King Zan was to give Ava the Royal Seal to complete their bonding, but before any of that was to happen, King Zan was called away on a mission that held him an entire week. Upon his return was when all hell broke lose. Kivar had gained entrance to the palace. He demanded Zan to hand the throne over to him, which Zan refused. Vilandra pleaded with Zan to give in to Kivar’s demands, and again he refused. This only infuriated Kivar, and with one wave of his hand, King Zan watched as they brought his young bride in, and he saw the fear in her eyes as she pleaded for his help. He watched in horror as Kivar’s men slit her thorat, and he doubled over in pain at the sight before him. Vilandra was next. By this time Commander Rath had arrived at the palace. He was away on a mission for King Zan, and had gotten word of what was transpiring at the palace. He had gathered up the troops and stormed the palace” he paused to take a breath “ by the time he had gotten to the Kings chambers, Kivar had just slained Vilandra, and he started shooting energy balls at him, taking Kivar completely by surprise, but not before he sent off his own blast, hitting Rath in the chest, killing him instantly. King Zan was able to free himself from Kivar’s guards hold on him, and went after Kivar. It was said to be a fierce battle that took place between Zan and Kivar, and in the end Zan was able to escape to the labs, badly injured. He instructed the scientist on what to do, and he made it clear that in his next life the Queen be protected at all cost. Soon after he perished, leaving the scientist to gather the Royal Fours essence, and fulfill the King’s last order” he saw the questioning looks upon their faces, and continued.

“I was only a young soldier that worked in the labs when all this took place, and the scientist chose myself and three other soldiers to make the journey to Earth with the Royal Four, each of us assigned to one of you for protection. We were encoded with an innate code to protect you, and I was assigned to the Queen. The scientist had planted a special genetic code on the Royal Seal, so that once King Zan and Ava were bonded in this lifetime, I would be able to feel if she was in any trouble or danger. When we enter the Earths atmosphere, Kivar’s men were on to us, and damaged our ship, causing us to crash here in Roswell. The other three protectors were killed in the crash, leaving me to be the protector of all of you. I had left to check out the area, returning periodically to check on you, that was until I was captured and tortured at the hands of the US government. I was finally able to escape, I came back to the chamber, only to find the three of you had broken out of your pods, and was no were to be found. I knew it wouldn’t be long before the Queen was to break out of her pod, so I waited. Once Tess finally came out of her pond, I searched high and low for the three of you, not caring about who I took down in the process” his voice took on a hard tone, and the others knew he was referring to all the people he had murder in the process. They continued to listen to his story, Nasedo had never really told them all about their past and what happened once they crashed here, so they paid close attention.

“One day I received a signal, that lead me right back here to Roswell. So I gathered up Tess, and we came here to find you. We weren’t exactly sure of who you were, and all I had to go on was the shooting at the Crashdown. Anyways, once I was for sure who you were, I pushed the issue of you and Tess to bond so you could give her the Royal Seal” he stared at Max “but you were already with Liz, but I didn’t care about that, all I cared about was fulfilling my duty to the King. No one told me that there was a possibly that King Zan would find another love in this lifetime. I was told to make sure Zan and Ava were to bond in this lifetime, and produce an heir, so that’s what I set out to do.”

“But Max bonded with Liz, producing an heir, and giving her the Royal Seal, which explains the connection you now have with her” Alex stated, as everything started to make sense.

“Exactly. You all know that once Max healed Liz after giving birth to Bel and Xan, she basically became a hybrid” he watched them all nod their heads “each one of the Royal Four have a gift that is unique to them. Max’s healing, Michael’s strength, Isabel’s dreamwalking and Tess’ mind warp. Now from what I can tell, Liz has the ability to see the evil within” he heard the collective gasps around the room.

“That’s why she was able to sense there was something wrong with Xan. It’s just like our mother said, we would only know our enemies from the evil within” Isabel stated.

“Xan is not the enemy” Liz snapped at her.

“I...l didn’t say that Liz, but we all felt something evil coming from him during his attack on Bel” she tried to explain. Max felt the anger building in Liz. He wrapped his arm around her to calm her down. Nasedo also felt her, and decided to cut in.

“Maybe I can shine some light on that. Kivar was a powerful ruler of his planet, and the reason why was because of this” he pointed to his head. He saw the confused looks on their faces.

“Kivar has the ability to get into peoples head, and get them to do as he wants” he explained.

“So he can mindwarp” Tess asked.

“Yes and no,” he paced the floor, wringing his hands. He turned back to them, “what Kivar does is way more powerful then any mindwarp. He gets into people heads, robbing them of their memories, taking anything of use to him. He can control their every thought, every moment, without even touching them. Basically he’s rapping your mind, violating you” he finished.

“Is that what he done to Xan” Liz asked him, clinging to Max?

“I can’t say for sure, but it seems that way” he stated “which means that he is close.”

“How close” Max asked?

“From the force he had on Xan I would say very close. That language Xan was speaking is the native tongue of the Que’sar people. Roughly translated it means “I’m coming for you Zan,” “we need to prepare for anything” he instructed them.

“Why now? Why after all this time would he come. It’s been 6 years since we set off those orbs, why now” Michael question?

“I can’t say, but like I said we need to prepare for war, and by the looks of it we don’t have much time to do it” Nasedo stressed again “you all need to train, make sure you’ll be strong. Practice on working as a unit.”

“Nasedo’s right. We need to make sure that we are working together as a unit. We practice our powers until we’re blue in the face. I want to be prepare when Kivar arrives” Max looked to Alex, Maria and Chris “I want the three of you to focus on your self defense training, like we us to” he watched them nod there heads. Although they didn’t have any powers like the rest of them, Max refused to leave them out of the training sections. He then turned to the Pod squad, “we will get together everyday to train, no exceptions. No one is to go anywhere alone, trust no one” he ordered, taking on his role as King.

They continued to plan and set up schedules for training. Sometime during their planning the parents were called and soon joined them. Jeff wanted to take Liz and the twins as far away from Roswell as possible, but she nor Max and Nasedo would have it. Over the years, Nasedo had suggested that everyone take self defense courses and take on the shooting range, which they all agreed. Comes to find out, Maria, Liz and Mrs. Evans were excellent shots, and Mrs. Parker could pack a mean punch. Around midnight, the men were still setting up strategy to defeat their enemies, and all the women were spread out in the living room. Liz had returned to the twins room, and they were still asleep, and she too had fallen asleep with them.

Sometime during the night, she had woken and went out to the living room, were she found everyone fast asleep. She grabbed blankets and quits for them, and proceeded to cover everyone up. She looked around, and noticed Max wasn’t around. She tried their bedroom, only to find it empty also. She began to panic, until she hear his quite whisper thru their connection.

“I’m out back” he told her. Liz strode to the backyard, where she found him sitting, staring at the stars. She sat down next to him, and grabbed his hand.

“Couldn’t sleep” she asked him? Max continued to stare at the dark sky.

“Max?” She could feel the turmoil he was going thru inside, and wanted him to talk to her. Taking a deep breath, Max prepared himself for this conversation. He turned to her, and cupped her face.

“I don’t want to lose you” he told her, his voice laced with worry. Liz placed her hand over his that rested on her cheek.

“Oh Max, you won’t ever lose me” she assured him. Max lowered his head, trying to hide his tears.

“Liz if anything ever happened to you, Xan or Bel, I.....I wouldn’t know how to go on” he cried to her. Liz stood up and sat back down in his lap.

“Max nothing is going to happen to us, and you want to know why” she waited until his amber eyes met hers “you won’t let anything happen to us. We will get thru this, all of us, and no matter what happens, know that I love you” she sat up nervously, and bit her bottom lip. Max watched her, and could feel her hesitation.

“What is it liz” he asked her?

“Max..........” she lowered her head to avoid his eyes “pro...promise me, that.....that if there comes a time were you have to choice between the life of our children and myself, you will always put them first, no matter what” she watched as he shook his head and clutched his teeth.

“Liz.............” Max didn’t know what to say. How was he to chose between his wife and children.

“Promise me Max” she cupped his face and kissed his lips, and with unspoken words, they made a silent agreement to put their children first, no matter what.


“Come on” he coaxed his laptop. He stared at the screen waiting on any hits. He had been searching for hours now, and there was no success yet.

“Johnson!” he shouted. He watched the soldier run in and salute.

“Yes sir” he replied.

“Any word yet” he asked.

“Not yet sir, but no one is resting until we find them” he responded. He watched his Commander rub his forehead, and let out a loud sigh.

“Very well. Keep me posted” he stood up, and walked around to face the soldier “you are dismissed” the soldier saluted and exited, while the commander stood and stared out the window.

“Were are you” he whispered to the wind? He turned and retreated to his room, never noticing the image that popped up on his computer screen.

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Chapter 8

One week later

He lit another cigarette and discarded his previous one. He took a long drag, and held it, trying to calm the nerves within him. He peered out his window, and noticed the grey skies above.

“Just great. That’s all I need is rain” he voiced sarcastically. He turned back to one of the many buildings he had under surveillance the past week. He took another drag of his cigarette before tossing it out the window, adding to the ever growing pile on the ground.

He watched the movement in the building, and smirked at the sign. “The Crashdown, how ironic” he said to no one in particular. Looking at the flashing lights that spun around the supposedly crashed spaceship, getting lost in their hypnotizing dance, he wondered how the Royal Four had ended up here.

His eyes moved to the passengers sit of his Volvo, and he picked up the surveillance photos he had taken of the four this past week. He then pulled out “The Book,” they had retrieved from the scientist lab before they had boarded ships to Earth.

He flipped thru the book, until he came across what he was looking for. He stared at the four faces staring back at him.

“Amazing,” he said. He sat there pondering again how those scientist would know exactly what the Royal Four would look like. He first pick up the photos of the Royal Four, and went thru them carefully.

First there was Vilandar, or Isabel, as she is called here. He smiled to himself as he saw the way she carried herself, like a true Princess. From the picture, you could tell that she had an aura about her that screamed Royalty. Over the week, he had watched her from afar, admiring her beauty. She was even more beautiful now then she was on Antar, he could see why Kivar had taken a liking to her. She still had that daring and threatening poise to her, and to any stranger, she seemed like the sweetest and kindest women around, but if she had any of the wrath of Vilandar.......whoa, watch out.

His next photo was of Commander Rath, Michael, he reminded himself. He stared at the face of the once most feared man on their planets, that is besides King Zan, and inhaled a deep breath. Just from watching him this week, and his photos, he knew that this Michael was every bit of Rath. He could tell by the confidence in his strides that he was powerful, just how powerful, he wasn’t sure, but if the great scientist were as genius as they seemed, Rath or Michael held every bit of power from his previous life.

Next he pick of the picture of Queen Ava, there he goes again, Tess. Now he really didn’t know that much about her from their previous life. All he knew was she came from a family, who was said to have a fierce army, and the bonding to King Zan and the producing of an heir would bring the 5 planets together. He was once told that she held an remarkable talent, and all he could remember was that it had something to do with the mind.

Finally he came across the last of the Royal Four.........Max Evans. This was the once and powerful King of Antar........Zan. Everything about Max Evans screamed “I’m the King,” the way he walked, the way people seemed to gravitated to him and the way the others fell behind him as he walked. He could tell though, that there was something different about Max from Zan. Zan had always made it known that he was the one and only King, and what he said goes. He made it clear that all decisions to be made were his and his alone. Sure he had a soft spot for his family, but at times, even they would coward in the corner from his wrath.

As he stared at the picture of Max, he saw the same Zan, but not. Max was a leader, but he was also a leader with a heart. He had watched this past week the interaction between the Royal Four, and realized that Max, even though he was their leader, he seemed to be more passive to the others. Yes Commander Rath would always advise King Zan, but in the end King Zan always went his own way, but Max, anyone could tell he was a gentle person and put everyone concerns before his own. He sat there wondering if this was one weakness Kivar could use against him.

He again turned his attention back to the café, focusing on the four inside. They all seemed close, and from the looks of things, they were a complete unit once again. He turned back to the many photos in the seat beside him, and picked up the second set of pictures. He looked at the group, and saw 8 pairs of eyes staring back at him.

When he had first gotten to Roswell, he didn’t know what to expect. He had completely given up on finding the Royal Four last week, and had excepted his faith. He had failed, and Kivar was do here shortly under two weeks. He had practically torn Johnson a new one, when he had reported no success on finding them.

He remembered the terrified look upon the young soldier face as he yelled and screamed at him in his room, he all but used his powers on the poor boy.

**** He dismissed him, and watched the man hightailed it out of there before he had his head. He walked over to his table, if that’s what you would call four crates stacked on top of each other with a old blanket threw across them, and poured himself a cup of coffee.

He scratched the back of his neck, and felt the dried skin that laid there. He quickly down the cup of bitter coffee, and adjusted his collar, before turning and head to his makeshift office. He passed a couple of soldier who were quick to salute, but never once looked him in the eyes. He removed his blazer, and tossed it across the small folding table that set in the corner. He strode to the window, and looked out the cobwebbed cover glass.

“Fuck! I failed big time” he told himself defeated. He stood there for several minutes pondering his faith once Kivar gets here. After a loud sigh, he turned to his desk, grabbing a chair on his way. He placed the chair at his desk, and let out a frustrating cry.

“Aaahhhh” he screamed, and squeezed the bridge of his nose. He slammed his fist on the desk, causing the mouse on his laptop to move, waking it from its sleep mode. He watched as the screen materialized into focus.

He read the article headline, something about it peaked his curiosity “Shooting at local establishment- “The Crashdown.” he didn’t know what had actually grabbed his attention enough to start reading the article, or what exactly it had to do with his search. He had requested “alien and strange events” in his search engine, he had no idea why this popped up. He rose, and grabbed a dingy coffee pot and started to prepare a pot on the old hotplate.

Once it was ready, he poured himself a cup and walked back to his desk. He got as comfortable as he could in the old folding chair and proceeded to read the article. “Local establishment- The Crashdown has shooting. No one was harm in this incident, although Liz Parker, daughter of Jeff and Nancy Parker who are the owners of The Crashdown was slightly injured when she fell to avoid the gunshots........” he continued to read the rest of the article, which had absolutely nothing to do with the Royal Four. He skimmed thru some of the other articles the internet had provided.

“Boring......boring.........boring” he said under his breath as he read some of the titles. Most of the them were mainly of kooks telling the stories of abductions and how the aliens probed and impregnated them. He continued to dismissed most of the titles, when again something caught his eyes.

“Roswell Annual UFO Convention, pulls more then just celebrities..........” he doubled clicked on the title, and waited for the article and its entirety to appear. He almost laughed out loud when the picture that accompanied the article appeared before him. He read the caption......

“Tourist Lawrence Trilling, shown here being escorted from the Roswell UFO Convention Center, after nearly attacking actor Jonathan Frakes. He read on, hoping maybe the article could give him a few laughs if anything.

“Trilling was thrown out of the center after he practically attacked actor Jonathan Frakes during the Roswell Annual Roundtable discussion at the annual convention. He claims that local resident Max Evans was an alien, who had healed a wounded Liz Parker during the Crashdown shooting in September. Trilling states that Mr. Evans (shown above) went up to the waitress and did something to her, claiming that there was a shot fired in the direction of Liz Parker, but there was no bullet holes............................” His mouth hung opened as he let the words of the article penetrated his brain. He brought the cup of coffee up, and took a sip, only to spit it across the room as his eyes fell on the person hauling the wacko Trilling off.

“No way” he mumbled under his breath. He pulled out “The Book,” and flipped thru the pages.

“Holy crap..........” he couldn’t believe his luck. There staring back at him, holding a very pissed off Lawrence Trilling, was once feared and powerful.......King Zan.*****

He immediately rounded up the troops and headed to Roswell. They had taken shelter in an old soap factory outside of town. He took it upon himself to watch and learn of the King. At first he wasn’t quite sure what to expect. He didn’t know what kind of how strong their army was, but after watching them for a couple of days, he realized that they had none.

He pulled out another cigarette and lit it. He knew they were bad for him, but every since he had arrived on Earth, 5 years ago, they seemed to be the only thing that made this so called body of his feel normal. Maybe it was the nicotine, who knows, all he knew was they couldn’t survive much longer.

He took another glance at the diner, and made sure they were still there. Then he turned his attention back to the second set of pictures. They were mainly of the four, but there was a couple in the set that contain another group, a group of eight. Eight people that, as from what he could tell, were a close knit family.

Shifting them into order, he came across a man, who he later found out went by the name Chris. He had watched he closely also, and after a little bit of investigation from his soldier, he found him no threat, and only a weak human. He noticed that he and Queen Ava were very close. He wonder what happen between the King and her. He decided not to ponder on that to much for now. Before he could get to the other photos, he noticed Johnson standing in the alley, signaling for him. He got out of the car, and made his way to the dark alley.

Johnson saluted, “Commander sir.”

“At ease soldier. What is it” he asked a little irritated. When he had left Johnson in charge so he could watch the Royal Four, he had left specific instruction not to be bother. Johnson stood before his CO, and even though he had a cool appearance outside, on the inside, he was a mess of jell-O. He knew he would be upset about him coming, but he had very important information he knew he would have wanted him to deliver personally.

“Yes sir, I came to bring you these sir” he handed him the manilla envelope and stepped back. Je watched as the older gentlemen opened the envelope, and his face gave away no indications of his emotions.

“Well, well, well, looks like you’ve done something good for once” he told Johnson as he stuffed the contents back into there folder.

“You know what has to be done. Prepare the troops, I’ll be there shortly” he stated firmly.

“Yes sir” Johnson saluted and once he was dismissed, he turned and jogged back to his jeep, were he headed out for duty. Watching as Johnson sped off, he wondered if this would all be over soon.

Turning to head back to his car, clutching the envelope that Johnson gave him tightly in his hand, he climbed back behind the wheel. Taking one last look in the diner, he jammed the key into the ignition, tossing the remainder of his cigarette out the window, he sped off into the night.

TBC?.............SHOULD I CONTINUE? PLEASE LEAVE F/B...........LADY S. /b]

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Chapter 9

Liz rubbed the back of her stiff neck, and massage the tight muscles. She glanced at the clock on the far wall and sighed. “5 o’clock” she voiced to herself. She turned her attention back to slide she was preparing. She just had to finish up this one last experiment for her boss, before she called it a night.

The last week was starting to take a toll on her, but even though she was tried beyond belief, she wasn’t going to let something like fatigue stop her from being ready for their enemies. Every day for the last week they were all up at the crack of dawn for their training session.

Before anyone went to work, school or whatever normal thing they use to do, they would all head out to the desert for hours of preparing and training, including the parents. Max had even gotten Sheriff Valenti to keep a lookout for any new faces in town. Over the years, the sheriff had stayed in contact with them, making sure they were safe. Although he knew about them, he was more then happy to be in the dark about certain things.

Kyle on the other hand, couldn’t take the whole aliens are among us thing, and as soon as he graduated from high school, he accepted a full scholarship to Ohio State, and the last they all heard, he was married with two kids, running a successful business. He was very grateful to Max for saving his life, but after the shooting, he had found comfort in Buddha, and decided he couldn’t live his life as they did. He had wished them all the best and left.

Together they worked as a unit, learning the capabilities they held once they all focus together as one. Liz had been a little uncomfortable at first about joining the group when they came together as The Four Square, but instead focus on her own abilities and learning how to control her own powers.

Sure she had joined them before, but that was when she had first developed her powers, and everything was still new to her, so she really didn’t know if the things she had done was from her, or the others, trying to boost her confidence.

But over the years Liz had gotten quite a handle of her powers, and she was pretty pleased with herself at her accomplishments. Nasedo insisted that she came together with the Royal Four, fore she was their Queen, and carried the Royal Seal, and was just as powerful as them...........

**** “Now Liz, you have watched as they focus their energy. That’s all you have to do, listen, and let it flow thru you” Nasedo coached her. He watched her nodded her head, and go and stand with the others.

She took her place in front of Max, and he gave her an encouraging smile. Michael, Tess and Isabel took their places, completing the circle. The others looked on in amazement. They had all witness they power between the original Four, but they were anxious to see what Liz would bring to this equation.

Max pushed a strand of Liz’s hair behind her ear and smiled.

“Ready” he asked, making sure she was ok with this. Liz looked into his eyes, and saw the concern there. She placed her hand on his cheek, to assure him.

“I’m fine. I’m ready” Max couldn’t resist, and leaned in and brushed his lips across hers, before turning to the others.

“Lets do this” he spoke, getting back into his leadership role. They all nodded their heads. They all grabbed the hand of the person next to them until they were all connected. They closed their eyes in concentration. Within seconds the blue energy roared to life between them, and was pulsating at an exponential rate. They could feel the others energy combining with their own, and it made every nerve in there body stand on end, and the blood flowing thru the veins was electrifying.

Max, Michael, Tess and Isabel knew this feeling, but it was all new to Liz, and she was quite sure what to do about it.

“Just let what ever happens, happen Liz” she heard Max tell her silently.

“ feels so, so.......” she didn’t know of any words that described the feelings coursing thru her body.

“Electrifying” Michael offered, knowing that was how he felt the first time.

“Yeah” Liz said in awe.

“Just focus Liz, and you will know what to do” Isabel encouraged her.

Again they all focus on the task they were suppose to be doing. Sitting on the sideline the others watched as Royal Seal appeared on Max and Liz’s forehead and shot out like a rocket, colliding together and hovered over the group. The seemingly calm blue light, turned different shades of colors, until finally becoming a angry red. They could feel the air around them crackle from the energy passing thru the friends and loved one.

Something didn’t feel right. They were all feeling it. When they had connected before they had felt the energy building in them waiting on release, but this, this feeling was stronger them they had ever felt in. Their blood was pumping thru their veins like a freight train, and the energy that was accompanying it was powerful. It was hammering at them, and it rocked them to the core.

Release, it needed to be release. Never had this happened. Usually they controlled their release, but something about the way the energy was pulsing loudly thru them, until it was pounding in their ears, told them they had no control of what was about to happen.

Their bodies shook from the energy’s need for release, but they knew that whatever was about to happen wasn’t going to be small. Max silently told them to hold it as long as they could, hopefully giving the others time enough to move to safety. Nasedo saw the way the energy was coming off them, and could tell they had no control of it. He knew this was about to be big.

“Everyone get back, run!” he shouted at them. He didn’t have to tell them twice, because they had seen for themselves the energy passing thru the group, and wasn’t sure what to expect, so when Nasedo said move, they moved and quickly. They didn’t know how far was safe, but they keep running until they came across a trench, were Nasedo ordered everyone to get down and prayed this was far enough.

They couldn’t hold it any longer, and prayed that the others were safe. Without warning the air around them crackled like lighting , their bodies were on fire, their senses were going haywire, and try as they might, there was no controlling the energy enough to destroy the rock Nasedo had pointed out to them. The light passed thru them with the force of a Mack truck, and destroyed anything it came in contact with. Trees split in two, rocks and boulders crumbled like clay, and the ground shook from the impact.

The others felt the effects of the energy release, and huddled together, praying they would be safe. After what seemed like forever, Nasedo felt it was safe for them to leave their hiding place. Slowly, and very cautiously, they tracked back to were the others were.

The force of the release had cause them all to lose their balance, knocking them completely on their butts. They all struggled to stand, shaking their heads to clear the haze that was there.

“Are you alright” Max asked Liz as he crawled over to her, taking her in his arms.

“Yeah, I think so” she tried to assure him. He helped her stand, and she rubbed her backside from the ache that was there. Max eased her pain, before turning to the others to make sure they were ok.

“Is everyone ok” he asked them. His replies were a bunch of grunts and “yeahs.” Max then turned to were the others were once sitting, and he let out a gasp. The others turned when they heard Max gasp, and they to let out a loud gasp. The sight before them had them staring in shock. They looked around them, and noticed that everything in at least a mile radius was destroyed. Trees, rocks, boulders, and even his jeep was completely demolished. Nothing was left standing, smoke was rising from the smoking rocks.

“Whoa........” they heard Maria comment.

“Yeah” they all said together, while still staring at the damage they had caused.

“You guys are so going to kick ass” Alex joked. They all laughed, trying to get a handle on what just happened.

Nasedo stared at the five standing before them, and thought that they could actually defeat their enemies. Now if he could just convince Max and Liz to allow the twins to train with them, he could see exactly were they stood.******

Liz was brought back from her memory by the timer going off. That morning was the first and last time they had joined as group. They agreed to only use that form of connection, when they absolutely had to. Instead they focused on working as a unit, by helping each individual with their powers. They helped Michael control his energy enough, so he would know exactly when to release it, and hit his intended target.

They helped Isabel with here dreamwalking. No longer was she able to just enter people minds while they were sleeping, but she was strong enough to get in while they were awake, and even when they were far away from here. Liz blushed as she remembered being at the labs, working on a research assignment, when her mind started to drift into a very dangerous daydream, and Isabel decided to use her to practice on.

****Liz was leaning over her microscope, studying the slide, when strong hands ran down her arms. She knew instantly who they belonged to........Max. She turned so she faced him, and gave him a smile.

“I missed you” Max told her, while kissing a trail from her neck to her breast. Liz could only moan, because he was causing her to lose all her thoughts. Max didn’t give her a chance to reply. He swiftly picked her up and sat her on the lab table and tore open her lab coat. Being rewarded with just a very short, and very revealing summer dress. He immediately ridded her of the obstructing material, and attacked her breast.

“Oh Max.....” Liz moaned. Max pushed her back to lay on the table. Before she could process what was about to happen, Max plunged his tongue into her wet core, and she scream from the intense orgasm that shot thru her. Max licked at her core until he was sure she had came down from her high. He rose and removed his clothing, but before he could bury himself into her hot center, a shrieking sound, brought Liz out of her daydream.

Liz shook her head, trying to clear the cobwebs the daydream had cause to form there. She reached into her purse, and pulled out her cell phone.

“Hello,” she answered, a little out of breath.

“You know, I didn’t know you had such a naughty mind Liz Evans” Isabel taunted her sister-in-law. Liz brought her hand to her mouth after she realized exactly what Isabel was saying.

“Isabel!” she shouted in embarrassment, only to have Isabel smirk on the other end.

“I’m going to kill you” she shouted at her sister. Isabel couldn’t control her laughter, and she knew Liz was as red as a tomato.

“In your dreams” she laughed, and hung up before Liz could reply.*****

Isabel to this day haven’t let her live that one down, and every chance she got, she reminded Liz of her little fantasy, causing her to blush from head to toe.

Together they had all help boast Tess’ energy in her mindwarps. She was able to hold them a lot longer now, and was able to mindwarp large groups at a time. She once made everyone in the Crashdown believe that the president had entered the diner, and shock every last one of their hands.

They worked with Max on reflecting his shield. Max’s main power was healing, and since there was really no way of helping him develop that power, they focused more on his shield and his “energy blast” as Michael had taken to calling them. He was indeed powerful, and Liz loved to watch him train. The way he brows would come together when he concentrated on blasting a object in front of him.

Now Liz was a different story. If you didn’t know any better, you would think she was on of the original podsters, instead of human. When they had brought her back after she gave birth to the twins, it had took all of their energies to bring her back. In doing so, it had change her biology makeup, hence, making her a hybrid. She had gained each one of the Pod Squads powers that was unique to them, plus her own individual power.

When they first started to train her to use her new powers, it was exciting to them. With the help of Michael, she had picked up the energy blast with ease, learning to control it, and when to release it. The dreamwalking and mindwarp, where a little more difficult to master, and over time, and a lot of encouragement from Tess and Isabel, she had mastered it with no problems. Max had worked with her on her shield, and together, they were able to form a shield big enough to enclose their entire family and friends. They hadn’t been able to practice her healing abilities, and weren’t even sure if she had any, since she refuse to let anyone harm their selves just so she could see if she could heal them.

Liz sat at her desk, and stared at the many pictures that crowded it. There were pictures of her friends and family. There was a picture of the entire family, parents included, that was taking during the twins first Christmas, and she smiled at the memory. She moved to the next one, which was a picture of Maria and Michael on their wedding day. Their faces reflecting the true happiness they shared together.

Next was a picture of Tess and Chris. Chris had just graduated from UNM and Tess had him in a big bear hug. She was so proud of him, and Liz couldn’t resist capturing them moment on film. Her eyes moved to the next picture, and she shook her head at the image. It was a photo of Isabel and Alex’s wedding. What made her smile was what they looked in the photo. Isabel was covered from head to toe in cake, and so was Alex. They had cut the cake, and Alex had turned to feed Isabel a piece, when he tripped, and the caked smashed into her very expensive dress. Everyone had expected her to blow up, but what happened next had them all rolling on the floor in laughter. Isabel had calmly walked over to the cake, and cut another piece. She then broke a piece off and brought it to Alex’s lips, and he visibly relaxed and accepted her offer. Isabel made sure he had got it all off her fingers, and then broke a bigger piece off and brought it up to his lips, but before Alex had a chance to see the devilish glint in her eyes, she smashed the cake in his face, causing everyone to stare in shock, only to recover when Alex retaliated and they were all in a full out food fight.

The next picture brought on a sense of motherly love. It was a picture of Bel and Xan. It was taken just last week at their sixth birthday party. Bel and Xan had no memory of what happened, and everyone was relieved. They had slept until the following morning, with no recollection of what they had been through.

Nasedo suggested that he worked with the twins, and showed them how to control their powers, and be able to block out any unwelcome visitors. Besides from their little “games” they played with their uncle Nasedo, the twins weren’t aware of the danger they were truly in.

Nasedo wanted to bring them to the training sections with the others, but Max and Liz flat out refused. They wanted them to lead a normal life as possible. Max was very adamant about the training sessions, and wouldn’t allow anyone to miss them for any reason. Liz, and all the other women had to put their foots down, when he refused to take a day off to celebrate the twins birthday. In the end, Liz had given him the silent treatment until he caved. Apologizing fiercely, and telling her he just wanted them to be prepared when Kivar showed up.

The girls threw Bel and Xan a very big birthday bash, that just included the family, and a couple of their friends from school. All the men kept an close eye out for any signs of danger. The picture was of Bel and Xan blowing out the candles on their cake, and had the biggest, toothy identical grins on their faces. She smiled at her to angels.

The last picture that sat on her desk was of Max and her wedding. A smile played on her lips as she picked up the picture and traced Max’s face. She could remembered the day so well. She remembered how her stomach was a mass of butterflies as she waited for the ceremony to began.

***** “Liz, breathe baby” her mother tried to coax her as she adjusted her headpiece.

“I can’t” Liz didn’t know why she was so nervous. This was the happiest day of her life. She was marrying the man of her dreams, the father of her children, but yet she still couldn’t shake her nervousness.

There was a knock on the door, and in walked Maria, closely followed by her father.

“You ready chica” she asked her best friend, pulling her into a tight hug. She could tell Liz was on the edge with her nerves, and she did all she could to calm her.

“I....I...” her head was spinning, and she still didn’t know what had her so nervous. Jeff stepped in front of his daughter, and wrapped his arms around her.

“You look beautiful honey, everything will be fine” he stroked her back and held her tighter.

“Thank you daddy” she sighed in his arms. Jeff pulled back and looked her in the eyes.

“All set” he asked her. She nodded her head, and took the arm he offered her. With a quick hug to her mother, and Maria leading the way, she entered the church. The doors open to revel her family and friends, and at the end of the alter stood Max. As she walked with her father down the aisle, she felt her nervousness subsiding, and the love Max was sending her, made them completely disappear. At that moment Liz knew what had her so tied in knots. She knew she wanted to marry Max and become his wife, but for some reason, she could help but wondered if he would change his mind, and only when she saw him standing at the alter, did she knew nothing was going to stop her from becoming Mrs. Maxwell Evans.*******

that smile soon became a sad frown. Today was their 6 year anniversary, and he didn’t even wish her a Happy Anniversary. Liz felt her body ache from the lost of Max. Since they had began their training a week ago, everyone was extremely tried by the days end. Max and her always made an effort to at least find time to spend together, but since the training, they hadn’t even shared a passionate kiss. They were up before dawn, and then off the work, and they spent the evenings with the twins, and when the night ended, it found them sleep before their heads even hit the pillows.

Liz’s body was feeling the effects of not being intimate with Max. She had focused all that sexual frustration in her work, and in her powers. She missed his kisses, the feel of his lips trailing kisses over her body. She missed holding him while he buried himself deep into her womanly folds. Liz closed her eyes, trying to control the enormous desire that was coursing thru her, calling for one name.......Max.

“It’s time to go Liz” Nasedo told her. Max had given him explicit directions to have Liz home at 6 o’clock each day , no matter how much she protested. Liz opened her eyes, and stared at him. For a moment there, she had forgotten he was even in the room. Nasedo had stuck to Liz like glue, never letting her out of his sight until he was safe at home with Max. He knew Liz and the twins were the most in danger, because Kivar could use them against Max to get whatever he wanted. So the others had agreed that Nasedo was to watch over Liz, and since Michael worked at home, he took it upon himself to guard the twins.

“Alright” she said. For the first couple of days she had argued with him to allow her to stay an hour longer, but he held firm with Max’s orders. Finally she stopped asking and would be just gather her things when he said it was time to go. Tonight, she really didn’t care about staying. She was feeling a little depressed about her and Max’s situation, she was happy to go home.

On the ride home, Liz could help but think about the lack of affection in their relationship, and couldn’t help the few tears that escaped her eyes. She knew their training was important, and she wasn’t going to let something like her raging hormones interfere with them defeating their enemies. But she couldn’t help it she missed their special connection. Yeah they were still connected, but she missed the connection they shared together when they made love.

Nasedo pulled up in his driveway, and walked Liz to her door. He told her goodnight and he would see her in the morning. Liz nodded, and held her head in sadness, and enter her home. Nasedo saw the sad expression that covered Liz’s face before she went in the house, and he had a pretty could idea what was bothering her. He knew after tonight, she would definitely be in a better mood. He whistle a happy tone as he walked down the sidewalk to his house, picturing Liz’s face when she found out what was in store for her.


“Damn” he cursed loudly. Kivar had been trying unsuccessfully for the last week to get into the heirs mind, but try as he might, the boy was blocking him, which pissed him off.

“Nicholas” he shouted! He still didn’t understand why he preferred to go by that Earth name instead of his native one. He watched as he came into the room, and stood in front of him.

“What is the progress” he demanded.

“We should be coming into Earths atmosphere in about two weeks sir” he reported.

“What about the troops”

“There are prepared sir.”

“What about the troops already there” he asked?

“They are also prepared sir, and waiting on your arrival” he confirmed.

“Good. I will be retiring to my chambers. Awaken me if anything changes” he order

“Yes sir.”

Kivar headed to his chambers, and stared out the ships window.

“I’ll get to you Zan, and I won’t stop until I have what I want” he laid on his bed, and thought of all the ways he could torture King Zan.


SO WHAT DID YOU THINK? CONTINUE?.....................LADY S.

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HEY, SORRY ABOUT NOT POSTING EARLIER LIKE I SAID I WOULD, BUT REAL LIFE KIND OF TOOK OVER, SO YOU KNOW THE REST. BUT AS PROMISED AN UPDATE................ *bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*

Chapter 10

Amy DeLuca stared at the two kids in front of her. Bel and Xan were laying on the floor with their heads together drawing. She watched as Bel’s face scrunched up in concentration, trying to get the perfect shade of pink for the little girls dress in the picture. She watched as a frustrated Xan tried over and over again to perfect the details on his Superhero. After several attempts, she watched him swipe his hand across the paper and erase the entire picture. Smiling to herself, she still found it amazing that there are aliens among us. Not only that, the two sitting in front of her were one of them.

Even though she made a living off alien paraphernalia, and always considered herself an open minded person, she still couldn’t believe her daughter was married to one, and Liz, who was like a daughter to her was married to their King, and now their Queen. She almost laughed at how she acted when she found out the truth about Michael, Max and the others.

***** 3 years earlier *****

Michael was sitting in their backyard, angrily stoking paint onto the canvas, listening to Metallica. He had a art show in less then 4 hours, and he really didn’t need this aggravation right now. Maria and him had just had another argument about the same thing they had been arguing over every since they got married.

Maria wanted to tell her mother about them, but Michael flat out refused.

“Why not Michael” she asked angrily with her hands on her hips.

“Because Maria I said so” he retorted back.

“Aaagghh, I can’t believe you. Why, why can’t we tell her. It’s not like she’ll be the first parents to know, the Evans, the Parkers they all know, so why can’t we tell her” she demanded.

“Maria, I said no. We’re not telling her” he slammed his easel on the ground.

“How dare you speak to me like that. You have no right.......” she was cut off by a glare from Michael. Michael stared at her, and saw the hurt in her eyes.

“Maria....” he sighed. He sat down on the lawn chair, and pulled her into his lap. She tried to resist, but he held her tighter. Maria finally succumbed to his hold and sighed.

“Michael” she said a little calmer, “I..I just want what everyone else has. I want to be able to talk to my mother freely and honestly without any secrets. All my life it has always been just me and my mom, besides Liz and Alex, she was my best friend. She knew everything about me, but now, now she doesn’t even know me, I mean the real me. I want to be able to have that relationship with her again..........please” she pleaded with him.

Michael saw the plead in her eyes and heard the desperation in her voice, and as much as he wanted to give this to her, .....he just couldn’t. He shook his head, and sighed. Maria jumped away from him in anger.

“Michael Guerin..................I can’t believe you. What is so wrong with letting my mother in on our lives, huh. Max and everyone else is ok with us telling her, why aren’t you” she asked the last part with extreme sadness in her voice. When she saw she wasn’t going to get a response from him, she ran out the door, slamming the door in the process.

So now here he was painting, trying to get his mind off the argument. He wanted to tell Amy about himself, but he just couldn’t. Yeah, everyone else parents knew about them, but that was different. The Evans had always loved Max and Isabel, and accepted them no matter what they were because they were their children. Same with Liz, her parents accepted Max and the rest of them because they loved their daughter, and just wanted her happy.

But Amy, Amy had no reason to accept him, and the truth was, he was scared. Every since he was separated from Max and Isabel, he was alone. True, he found them later on, and he would spend every moment he could with them, but in the end, he would have to go home to Hank and be alone. He was afraid of being alone. Maria was his family. He had never in his life dreamed he would find someone besides Max and Isabel to love him, but then, then Maria came along, and he wasn’t so alone any more.

He feared if he was to tell Ms. DeLuca about who he really was, she would take the only person who has ever accepted him for him, the only person who he loved with all his heart, and returned that love, the only person that made him truly smile, and finally, the only person that made him feel human....Maria. He knew he was being selfish, but he had grew up without love, and now that he has experienced true love, he couldn’t lose it.

His emotions were still running high, and he stepped back to assent his work. He tilted his head to the side to get a better look. Usually he did some of his best work when he was upset, but this was all wrong. He raised his hand, and blew the canvas to pieces.

“Oh my god” he heard coming from the patio. He turned to see a very shocked and shaking Amy DeLuca.

Amy had just arrived at Maria’s to drop off the pies for Michael’s art show. She thought Michael was going to be there, but she had been knocking for the last 5 minutes, and he wasn’t answering. She remembered Maria had given her, her key earlier because she had classes until this afternoon. She slid the key into the lock and pushed her way in.

“Michael,” she called out to him. After a waiting a few seconds to see if he would answer, she shrugged her shoulders when he didn’t. Heading into the kitchen, she sat the pies on the table, and turned to leave, when she heard what she thought was music coming from the backyard.

“Michael,” she called out again, walking towards the backyard. She slid the door open just in time to see Michael’s canvas blow up, without him even touching it.

“Oh my god” she gasped. She threw her hand to her mouth in shock.

“Ms. DeLuca....” Michael shouted in surprise. He watched her shake her head from side to side in shock, but after her shock wore off, she demanded answers.

“, are you, and I want the truth Michael Guerin, and I want it now” she waved her finger at him angrily. Michael stared at her in fright. God how he wished Maria was here right now. Amy stood there with her hands on her hips, and tapping her foot impatiently. A small smirk played on Michael’s lips, because he could definitely see were Maria got that particular act from.

Amy wasn’t smiling, and she definitely didn’t find the humor in this situation. Michael noted the looked on her face, and knew there was no use in trying to hide the truth from her now.

“I’m waiting” she demanded. Michael took a deep breath and tried to calm his nerves, but right now he felt like he was going to heave all over the place with his nerves jumping around so. Amy saw he was struggling with whatever it was he was about to tell her. She walked over and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. Michael took another deep breathe, and turned to look her in her eyes.

“Ms. DeLuca, I...I’m” another deep breathe, “I’m an alien” he blurted out. He watched her face to see her reaction. After what seemed like forever, she bust out laughing, not exactly the responds he was going for. She was laughing so hard, she was crying. Amy couldn’t control the laughter that was taking over her. Her side were hurting so bad, she had to sit down from the pain.

Once her laughter subsided a little, she inhale a deep breath to get a handle on herself. She looked at Michael, and saw the serious frown that graced his face. Michael didn’t see a funny side to this, the longer she laughed, the more nervous he became. She didn’t believe him, which meant he was going to have to prove it to her. Amy straighten up, and stood to look him in the eyes.

“Michael, come on, can’t be serious” as long as she has known him, he was really never a joker. She search his eyes “ri...right” she asked him with more anxiety in her voice. Michael could tell she was having a hard time believing him, so he thought maybe showing her would convince her.

He placed his finger to her white shirt, and turned it into burgundy red. Amy stared at her shirt and then at Michael with her mouth hanging open. She shook her head in disbelief, and like mother like daughter, she ran out thru the house screaming her head off.******

Amy could laughed at the situation now, but at first she was just as terrified as Maria when she found out. Maria, Max and the others were finally able to calm her down to tell her the whole story that the other parents got, and after a giving Michael a strong lecture about scaring her half to death, she welcomed and accepted him with opened arms, saying as long as Maria was happy, she didn’t care were planet he fell from. She and Maria are back to being close like they were before all the secrets came about.

Now as she watched the two kids in front of her, she couldn’t imagine her life without Michael and the rest of them. She had hoped one day that Maria and Michael would honor her with grandkids, but after explaining what happened to Liz, she was content with Xan and Bel, who may not have been bound to her by blood, but were her grandchildren all the same.

“Nana Amy” bel shook her arm to get her attention.

“Yes sweetheart” she asked, smoothing down her ebony hair.

“How come we have to stay here tonight” she asked. Amy pulled her into lap, and stroked her back.

“Because baby, remember how I told you your mommy and daddy’s anniversary is today” she watched her shake her head slowly, “well daddy wanted to celebrate with your mommy tonight, just the two of them. Don’t you like staying here with me” she asked. She watched her shake her head eagerly.

“I just miss them” she said softly. Xan had sat up by this time, and he was listening to his Nana while she explained exactly what an anniversary was, and with all the innocence of a child, he spoke.

“Are you going to marry the sheriff” he asked seriously. She felt her cheeks began to flame. Over the years Jim and her had gotten very close, and as much as she loved him, she wasn’t quite sure were they stood on marriage. She smiled at Xan and Bel, who were waiting on her answer.

“We’ll see” she spoke truthfully. They seemed satisfied with her answer, and went back to their drawings. A few minutes later, they turned to her.

“Nana, can we call mommy and daddy and tell them Happy Anniversary” they pleaded. She saw the plead in their eyes, and as much as she wanted to grant their request, she knew Max and Liz were more then likely preoccupied. Max had finally relented, and allowed everyone to have the day off from training tomorrow, saying that everyone was in need of a breather. But they all knew his plans for Liz this evening, and knew they would be in no position to attend training tomorrow.

The others had taken advantage of the time off . Maria and Michael were going out to dinner and a movie. Tess and Chris decided to go dancing. Isabel and Alex had left for Albuquerque this morning, for a day of shopping and dining. The Parkers and Evans decided to stay in, and gathered at the Evans to watch movies. Jim was out of town on some police training seminar, which left her alone, so she was happy to watch the twins for Max and Liz. She just hope everyone enjoyed their selves tonight.

“Maybe later sweeties” she smiled at them, “who wants popcorn” she asked?

“I do” they both jumped up excitedly, and together they all went to make popcorn.


Max looked at the clock on the wall again.

“5:30.” he sighed. Liz would be home shortly, and he could hardly contain the raw amount of excitement that was coursing thru him. All day long he had been feeling her agitation. One minute she was happy, then sad, angry, but the one emotion that sent his blood boiling was the extreme amounts of passion and desire. He had to grip the counter top to withhold the emotions that slammed into him.

He knew that the last week was strenuous on everyone, especially Liz. She was the one that was up even before dawn, practicing her powers and making sure she perfected them. He saw the tried look in her eyes, and she never once complained. She just did what was needed, and his love for her blossomed.

Like her, he was missing the affection between them. He missed her touch, her kisses, her smell. He hated that they were to tried to even cuddle together at night. His need for her was tremendous. His body would shake from want and need, and he was starting to feel the lost of their special connection that only exist when they make love and became one. Remembering their last training section, he knew their lack of intimacy was frustrating her, and he knew he had to do something........

**** “Liz, you have to focus. You’re letting your energy control you, instead of you controlling it” Michael tried to explain to her.

“Michael I’m doing the best I can” she told him stubbornly.

“Try harder” he pushed her.

“Fine!” she shouted at him. Liz was so frustrated and angry about not being with Max, that she felt her energy building at a rapid speed, and before she could grab a hold of it, or before she could warn Michael, she released her powers, sending Michael across the desert floor.

“Oh my god Michael, I’m so sorry” he was laying on the ground, and he wasn’t moving “Max please........I’m so sorry. Please be ok, please” she laid her head on his chest and cried. Michael slowly opened his eyes, and brought his hand to rest in her hair.

“You know,” his voice caught as he winced in pain, “if you didn’t want to train, all you had to do was say so” he tried to laugh, but it was a difficult task, because he was for sure he had a couple of broken ribs.

“Oh god Michael, I’m so sorry, so sorry” she was crying even harder now, and there was nothing anyone could do to calm her down.

“Liz, let Max take a look ok” Isabel tried to pull her away from him, but she stood firm, leaving Max to have to heal Michael with her plaster to his side.*****

From that moment on, Max knew what everyone needed, and that was a break from all the training, a break from each other. He knew what Liz needed, it was the same thing he was needing......each other.

Max placed the finishing touch on his plan, and watched the clock. He felt like the minutes were ticking excruciatingly slow. He thought about what he had in store for Liz, and his groin tighten in anticipations. He saw the anguished expression that crossed her face before she went to the lab this morning, when he conveniently forgot to wish her Happy Anniversary, but he had plans on making it up, and the past week, to her. He looked at the check over everything one last time, and glanced at the clock. She was getting closer, he could fell her. He rose from his chair, and went to get ready to worship his wife the way she deserved.

Liz entered her home, and leaned against the door with a tried sigh. All she wanted to do was spend time with Max, Xan and Bel. Her heart ached at the thought of Max. This morning she was all prepared to wish him a proper Happy Anniversary, but he had different plans. As soon as they returned home from the quarry, he showered, kissed her on the cheek, and ran out the door, all before she could catch her second wind.

She pushed herself off the door, and headed down the hall. She knew Max wasn’t home yet, he and the twins usually came in thirty minutes after she did, which is why she still doesn’t understand why he won’t let her stay at the lab until 7. She looked at the clock, and figure she had time for a quick shower before she started dinner.

Heading into her bedroom, she felt different. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was, but she felt her body began to hum. She stepped into her room, and sat at her vanity. She began to remove the pins that were holding up her tight bun. She stared at herself in the mirror, and noticed the tired look in her eyes. She sighed, and got up, heading into the bathroom, when something on the bed got her eyes.

She walked over to her bed, and laying there in the middle on top of a silk covered pillow was a single white rose, and a envelope with her name inscribed on it. A smile began to brighten her face. Picking up the rose, she brought it to her nose, and savior the delicious fragrance of it.

Liz felt the humming in her body increase, and with shaky hands, and the anticipations of a child waiting for Christmas morning, she pulled out the letter.


I’m not very good at writing letters or things like that, I would rather tell you face to face what I have to say, but I wanted to share this with you. I know that you are the writer in the family, and I’m going to take a stab at this, so please have a heart, be gentle. (Smile) Poems were never my speciality, but I’m going to go with one that could never fail. Well here goes nothing.

Rose are red,

Violets are blue,

I can’t see living my life without you.

You have the grace of a dove,

and I want to honor your love.

So tonight is your night to do as you please,

I will worship you upon my knees.

I know it sucks, but hey I tried. I love you Liz, and I want to show you to what extent that love goes. Please join me in the bathroom, were I am fully ready to pamper and love you.

Liz had tears flowing from her eyes. “He didn’t forget” she told herself. She turned to the bathroom, and slowly walked to the door. She placed her hand on the knob, and her body shook from desire. She was overly excited about what was waiting for her behind the door. Slowly turning the knob, and pushing the door open, she gasped in surprise at the scene before her.

There were candles lit all around the room, and soft music was playing in the background. The tub was filled, and red and white petals floated on tub of the water. Max stood to her right, and he was dressed only in a pair of slacks. His chest was bare, as were his feet. He had a towel draped over his arm, and he looked like a Greek god.

“Max..” she raised her hooded eyes to him, and her breath caught in her throat. Max felt her desire slam into him, and his erection began to stir. He had to get control, this was about her tonight. He cleared his throat, and stepped to her.

“Max...I....this....” she was at a lost for words.

“Sshh....” he placed a finger to her lips, and growled when she flicked her tongue out to taste him. “Focus” he shouted to himself.

“Tonight, I’m at your service. Everything is about you. Allow me to pamper you Mrs. Evan. Can I Liz” he asked her sincerely.

“Yes” she spoke softly. With that said, Max took her hand, and guided her over to the tub. Liz began to unbutton her shirt, only to have her hands pushed aside.

“I told you Liz, tonight, you are not to lift a finger. I am your slave, and I will tend to your every beckon call, to do as you wish and request” he told her sternly. Liz could only stared at the man in front of her, she felt her heart swell with love. A small devilish glint sparkled in her eyes, and she decided to go with the flow.

“Ok....well since you are at my every beckon call, and must do as I say” she spoke huskily “it is my request that you kiss me” she voiced with authority. Max was eager to comply, but instead of the deep passionate kiss she was expecting, he simply kissed her on her forehead, and pulled back.

“Mmaaxx,” she whined. His only response was a light chuckle.

“All in due time, my love. But first there is a warm bath with your name on it” he said, flicking her nose. Max slowly began to undress her. He started with her shirt, slowly undoing each button, brushing his fingers across the smooth skin that was slowly being reveled to him. He was growing tighter by the minute, and had to keep reminding himself that this was her night.

Max wasn’t the only one affected. Liz was having a hard time focusing, because Max’s hands were causing her senses to go into overload. Max finished unbuttoning her shirt, and slid his hands between it, pushing it free from her shoulders, letting it fall in a heap on the floor.

He then fell to his knees in front of her, and placed his hands on her hips. He raised his eyes to hers, and saw the burning desire in them. He watched her chest raise and fall from the accelerated rate of her breathing. With gentle hands, he pulled her zipper on her skirt down, and along with her stockings and thong, he pulled them down over her smooth, silky legs.

Liz was falling, it had been so long since he had touched her in such an intimate way, it was sending a shock of pleasure to her core. She felt her juices flowing down her thighs, and he was so close to her heat, she thought she would lose it from just his look alone.

Max gently lift one leg, and removed her clothing, and then did the same with the other, massaging her calves as he did so. He brought his head back up, giving his eyes a sweet view of her nest of feminine curls. He could see her sweet honey glisten on her thighs from the candlelight, and it made him grow even tighter. His heart filled with pride at how responsive she was just for him. It had been so long since he was graced with such a sight, he couldn’t resist.

He buried his nose in her curls, and inhaled her exotic scent. Already on the edge, that one move sent Liz into her first orgasm in over a week.

“Maaaxxxx.....” she moaned in ecstacy. She gripped his shoulders while she rode out the spasm of pleasure. Max placed his cheek on her stomach, and held her until she was able to gain control. Placing a kiss on her stomach, he rose to his feet. Finding her voice.

“Max” she spoke shyly. She was a little embarrassed about losing it from such a simple touch from him. Max heard her thoughts and felt her embarrassment, but he wasn’t going to allow her to feel embarrassed about what just happened. His whole purpose tonight was to bring her to tremendous amounts of pleasure.

“Shh, I love how responsive you are to me” he kissed her on her lips, and wrapped her in his arms. Liz buried her face in his chest, and her nostrils were immediately assaulted with the unique smell that was Max.

“Come on, there’s a bath that awaits you my love” he helped her step into the tub, and heard her moan of satisfaction as her body came into contact with the warm welcoming water. She could smell the scent of her strawberry bath oil, and a hint of something else that was filling her nose with it’s exquisite fragrance.

“Umm...Max, what is that smell” she asked him while he was gathering some things at the counter.

“You like it, it’s Passion Mango. Maria suggested it” he kneeled by the tub and stroked her arm.

“Um huh” Liz was to caught up in the hand that was trailing her arm, sending her juices flowing once again.

“Sit back and relax love” she did as she was told and leaned back and closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his hands on her body.

Max stuck the bath sponge in the water, squirting a nice amount of bath gel onto it, he worked it into a good lather. Starting at her feet, he lifted her left leg, and massaged her foot while he rubbed the sponge up and over her calf.

“That feels wonderful” Liz sighed. He watched her, and saw the past weeks tension leave her face. He continued up her leg to her thighs, coming dangerously close to her honeypot. Liz let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding, when he finally moved his hand from her thigh, and moved to her other leg.

After he finished washing her legs, he moved behind her, so he had a view of her beautiful back. He loved her back. The way his hands glided over it when she was wrapped in his arms while he plunged into her deep depths. He tried to suppress the deep growl that ascended in his throat, but Liz heard him and smile, glad she wasn’t the only one affected.

He gently caressed and kneaded her back in a light massage. Feeling her muscles become less tense, he added a little more pressure, and smiled when she let out a loud moan. With loving hands, he stroked her back, working up a good lather. Once finished, he rinsed her back off, and moved around to her front.

Slipping on the bath glove, and shaking with need for her, he started at her neck, and then working his way down, until he came to her breast. Her nipples stood at attention, begging for his touch. Max rubbed his gloved cover hand over one perfectly shaped globe, completely ignoring the tight nipple, that was aching for his touch. He let his thumb brush over it ever so softly. The simple touch sent a jolt of energy thru Liz’s body, causing her to sink a little deeper in the tub. Max continued the pampering to her other breast, and slid his hand on down to her smooth stomach, before settling under the water. He cupped her heat, and felt her shiver. Watching her face, he gently massage her folds, and saw the pure desire written on her face.

“Oh Max.....” she moaned, but as quickly as his hand took residence between her thighs, it was gone, and she couldn’t help the disappointed groan that past her lips. Max smirked at her frustrated groan, and raised to kiss her on her forehead.

“Patience my love. There’s still one last thing I have to wash. Lean back” Liz did as told, and was rewarded with Max’s talented fingers massaging her scalp. Max squeezed some water into her hair. Making sure her tress’ were completely saturated he squeezed some of her strawberry shampoo in his hand, and proceeded to work it into her hair. Max was enjoying this part most of all. He loved her hair, and the way it flowed around his hands.

He had always found her hair very erotic. He smiled to himself, Michael always told him he had a fetish for Liz’s hair, and he couldn’t even deny it. He loved the way it fell down her back like a waterfall, or the way it caressed his skin as it danced across him during their passionate love making.

Liz was in exaltation. She smiled to herself as she too remembered Michael’s comment about him having a hair fetish. And the way his hands were working wonders in her, she would grow her hair to the floor if this was the kind of treatment she would get. Max raised the suds from her hair, and pulling it aside, he relinquish a kiss on her neck.

“Come on my sweets, lets get you dried off” he wrapped her hair up, and assisted her out the tub, wrapping the large terry cloth towel around her tiny frame, were he proceeded to dry her body of the water droplets. Starting at her shoulders, and ending at her feet. Once he was finished, he enclosed her body in a lovely silk robe he had purchase for her.

“Max this is beautiful” she exclaimed, rubbing her hands over the smooth texture, and loving the way it swayed across her already over sensitive skin.

“You like it” he asked.

“I love it. Thank you” she placed a lingering kiss on his lips.

“Only the finest materials should be allowed to cover your skin” he told her truthfully. Liz blushed at the way he spoke to her with such admiration and love.

“Come, this is only one of your many surprises” he lead her into their bedroom “close your eyes” he instructed. Liz was giddy from what to come. Max made sure everything was perfect before he stepped back behind her.

“Ok, you can open them now” he breathe in her ear. When she opened them, she wasn’t prepare for the sight that awaited her. Just like the bathroom, the room was inundated in candles of all shapes and sizes. The bed was once again laced with rose petals, as was the floor, with a path leading to the table that sat in the middle of the room. It was draped in a adorn tablecloth, a wine glass and a covered tray laid upon it. Next to it was the ice bucket, with a bottle chilling in it. Max walked over to the table, and pulled out her chair.

“Your chair awaits my lady” he bowed to her.

“Max this is....this” she didn’t know of any words to describe it. She noticed there was only one chair “Max what about you” she asked him.

“Sshh, I told you, this is all about you” he kissed her temple, and went and kneeled in front of her. He removed the cover from the tray.

“I hope you hungry.” Liz stared at the tray that was covered with different varies of fruits and cheeses. She felt her mouth water and her stomach growl at the spread before her.

“I’m guessing that’s a yes” he joked, upon hearing her stomach growl. She nodded her head sheepishly. “Then I shall feed you” he picked up a grape, and rubbed it across her moist lips. For some reason the thought of Max feeding her, made her extremely wet. Max had to contain himself from taken her right then and there, because every time she accepted his offering, her little pink tongue would dart out and lick his fingers, making his shaft jump in anticipations. The final straw was when he brought the peach to her mouth, and she bit into the seductive fruit, causing its juices to run down his wrist, were she took it upon herself to remove it for him.....with her tongue.

He just about came in his pants as he watched her lick and suck on his wrist.

“Um,, oh god” he couldn’t even think straight, but he reminded himself this was about her pleasure right now. Reluctantly, he removed his arm from her possession, and walked to their dresser, trying to control his raging desire.

Liz knew the effect she was having on him, and she was pleased and excited that he wanted her just as bad as she wanted him. A evil smile spread across her face, and sent him a mental picture of what she would like to do with that peach and a certain part of his anatomy if given a chance.

Max was just returning from the dresser, when he receive the image she had sent him. He stopped dead in his tracks, and the tray he was holding shook from the tight grip he had on it.

“Liiizzz” he warned her, and saw the innocent smile that played on her lips. Sitting the tray on the table, he swooped his mouth over hers, and pulled her into their first passionate kiss that evening. Hands fondled around blindly, and they both moaned in satisfaction. Max bit her bottom lip, demanding entrance, in which she didn’t deny. His tongue caressed the enter caverns of her mouth, stroking his tongue over hers, sending a shock of pleasure down both their spines.

Max was the first to pull away, with Liz eagerly attacking his mouth again. After a few more seconds of allowing himself such pleasure, he pulled back. Both breathing hard, trying to catch their breaths.

“Max....please” she begged him to make love to her, and as much as Max wanted to grant her request, he still had plans for her.

“As much as I” kiss “would love” kiss “to make love to you” kiss “I have a special surprise for you” he kissed her once more on the lips, pulling back before things got out of hand. He lead her over to the bed, and placed her in the center.

“You know, there’s a certain fruit that was left off the tray” he said, his voice laced with sex. He rose off the bed, and retrieved the tray he had abandon there earlier, grabbing the ice bucket and glass, he walked back over to the bed were Liz awaited his return. Lifting the cover from the tray, he watched as a look of shock and then excitement danced across her face.

“Strawberries” she breathed heavily. Her whole body blushed at the significance that this fruit held for them. Max too remembered that day in the Crashdown, and had shift his position to accompany his growing erection. Clearing his throat, he filled her glass, and retrieved one of the red, ripe strawberries from the tray.

Bringing it to her lips, he watched her take a bite. “Don’t swallow yet” Liz looked at him in confusion. Max brought the glass to her lips, and watched her close her eyes from the sensation playing in her mouth. At first Liz had no idea why he didn’t want her to swallow, but as she took a sip from the glass, her taste buds danced from the tingling the taste of the strawberry and apple cider mix together was causing. It was setting her mouth aflame, and it immediately watered for more.

“Lovely combination, huh” he wiggled his eyebrows at her.

“Oh yeah,” she responded. Max sat the glass aside, and moved to untie her robe. His eyes never leaving hers as he slowly released her from its confinement. Once she was free, he sat the robe at the foot of the bed, he had a use for it later on.

“Lay on your stomach love” Liz did hesitate, and did as she was told. Max stood and admired the goddess that laid before him. So open and trusting, and completely at his mercy. Liz was holding her breath, waiting on his next move. She didn’t have to wait long. She felt something cold and wet touch the back of her neck, and she jumped from the shock.

“Relax” Max cooed. Once he felt her body succumbed to him, he trail the ice over her neck, while speaking softly to her.

“You know, I love your neck. I love lining it with kisses” and he did just that, he kissed her gently, following the same trail the ice just took. When he was satisfied he had given her neck its proper attention, he glided the ice over her shoulder blades.

“As much as I love your neck, I’m also very fond of your shoulder blades. I find them very sexy, and when you were those dresses that show off your sculpture back, you know what flashes in my mind” he asked her?

“Hum” was her only reply, fore she was losing herself in his hypnotizing voice, and the adept way the ice and his hands were moving over her body.

“I see you when your straddled me facing forward, and I have a perfect view of your shoulder blades, and I just want to bite them” he leaned over, and did just that, careful not to apply to much pressure. Moving along, he trailed the ice down the center of her back, following the path of her spine, coming to rest at the small of her back.

“I’ve always thought you had the perfect back” he stopped to trace his finger over the tiny moles that rest there. Again following the trail of the ice, he ran his tongue from the middle of her shoulders, down her spine, and finally resting on the small of her back.

“Maaaxxx” Liz moaned. She was in agony, she wasn’t sure how much more she could take. Max was driving her insane with need. He ran the ice over her firm ass, and glowed with pride, as she lifted her backside to get closer to his hands. The ice was melting quickly now, and he traced it in between her crack.

“I love to take you from the back, because your tiny little rump is right in my view. I just want to slap it, and possess it” he slapped her on butt, which caused Liz to yelp in surprise “Mine” he said possessively. He made sure to rub her bottom, to relieve any discomfort. Grabbing another piece of ice, he lowered to her legs.

“Now your legs are sexy as hell. Their so soft and silky, and I love it when they’re wrapped around my waist as I plunge into you, making you cry out in pleasure.”

“Yes Max...oh yes” she whimpered. Max finished by placing a kiss on the back of her knees. He rose and stood at the foot of the bed.

“Turn over Liz” he ordered. Liz was taken aback by the tone in his voice, and did as he said. When her eyes met his, she shook from the hot, animalistic look of desire he was shooting at her. She watched him as he grabbed her robe, and pulled the strap lose from it.

“You remember when I said pay back is a bitch” he smiled his patented half smile, and devilish glint in his eyes.

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Chapter 11

Liz swallowed hard past the lump in her throat, and nodded her head slowly at his question. She watched as Max stood at the foot of the bed, wringing the silk strap thru his hands. He raised his hooded eyes to her, and sent her a heated look that made her shake with nervous anticipation. Max saw the way she bit her lips in a nervous habit, and he smiled at her, sending her ample amounts of desire thru their connection.

“Maaxx” she purred, closing her eyes to control her erratic breathing. Max walked to the side of the bed, and sat next to her. Their eyes locked, and for a split second amber eyes gazed and to chocolate ones, and they sent thoughts of love and devotion to the other. Max removed his gaze from hers, and focused on his payback.

“You know, you have the most sexiest body I’ve ever seen” he whisper in her ear.

“Mine better be the only body you’ve ever seen” she joked with him, all the time being over stimulated by his hot breath in her ear.

“The one and only” he told her throatily “Now, about that payback” he sat up on the bed, dodging her hands as she tried to pull him back close to her.

“Ah, ah, ah....patience my love” Max trailed the silky strap over her aroused body. Starting at her feet, up her legs to her thighs, and then let it linger over her sensitive bundle of nerves. Liz arched up, tiring to relieve some of the ache that was spreading thru her heated core. He continued to slide the strap over her smooth stomach to her breast were he brushed it across her perky nipples, causing them to become impossibly tight. All Liz could do was close her eyes at the sensation.

“Open your eyes Liz” he commanded. She opened them, and once again they locked with his, and that same smothering, animalistic look was upon his face. Max’s face soften once he saw the confusion on her face. He grabbed her hand, and sat her up.

“Do you trust me Liz” he asked her, while running his hands up and down her arms lovingly. It was a rhetorical question, and he already knew the answer, but she answered anyways.

“With all my heart” she said wholeheartedly. That was all he needed. He placed her hands in his and placed a single kiss on them both, before he abruptly pulled them over her head.

“Lay down,” he ordered her, and by the tone in his voice there was no room for objections. Liz did as he said, and watched as he crossed her arms at the wrist, and skillfully tied them to the bed rail. Her eyes danced across his face, and watched as he concentrated on securing her. Once he was satisfied with his work, he looked down at her with love.

“It’s not to tight is it” he asked her gently.

“” she managed to croak out. Something about her being naked and tied to the bed, made her feel overly exposed, vulnerable and a little unsure about his plans. She shifted a little to subdue her nervousness. Max felt her uneasiness, and wanted to ease her worries. Placing a kiss on her forehead, he sat up.

“I love you,” he spoke tenderly to her, stroking her face, “and I would never do anything that you don’t won’t, or uncomfortable with, and if you want me to release you right now just say the word” he kissed her on her lips, and waited on her reply. A part of him pleaded that she said no, but if she wanted him to, he would release her. Liz watched the emotions that played across his face, and she knew he would never do anything she didn’t like. This was the man who has loved her since the third grade, who had saved her life, twice, and the same man who worshiped and adored her everyday.

“I love you too, and I trust you always” she saw his sigh of relief, and smiled lovingly at him.

“Good,” he kissed her once again, “now like I said earlier Liz, tonight is your night, and I am here to bring you extreme pleasure. If at any time, I do something you’re uncomfortable with just let me know” he told her, while removing his pants, and sitting them aside, leaving him in a pair of silk boxers that were identical to her robe. Liz noticed this, and smiled inwardly. He crawled onto the bed next to her, laying his body flushed against hers.

“I know you thought I forgot our anniversary, but I didn’t. How could I forget the day you made me the happiest man on Earth. Everyday for the last six years have been like the first time I saw you in third grade. My heart skips a beat, there’s this feeling in the pit of my stomach that feels like a million butterflies fighting to get out, my hands get all sweaty, and I can hardly breathe. you do that to me Liz,” he stroked away the tears that were falling down her cheeks, “every time I see you, I see that same sixteen year old girl, who I entrusted with my most important secret, and allowed me the honor to love her, and who returned that love” Max’s own tears were falling now, and Liz wanted nothing more then to them away, but Max just brushed them away with the back of his hand, “tonight Liz, I want to express my love to you. I want to bring you to new heights of pleasure” he spoke with such devotion and admiration.

He brought his lips to hers, and traced them with his tongue. Liz immediately, hungrily opened for him, allowing him to deepen the kiss. Cupping her face, Max plunged his tongue into her awaiting hot mouth, caressing it with his. Their tongues dueled for dominance over the other. Together they gnaw, bit, sucked and chewed at the others mouth, while transmitting thoughts of desire and pure love silently.

Pulling back so they could catch their breathe, Max rested his head against hers and closed his eyes, breathing heavily. Liz too, was trying to calm her rapid heartbeat, and all she wanted was to wrap her arms around him, and never let him go.

“Max please” he opened his eyes at her desperate plea, and watched he motion to the restraints. He knew what she wanted, but once his kiss induce haze cleared, he remembered what exactly he had planned for her.

“Please what love” he questioned her, placing little open mouth kisses along her jaw.

“Maaxx...” she whined in frustration “you know what.” Max smirked, and continued to run kisses along her jaws.
“As much as I would love to release you Liz, you need to be taught a lesson” came his gruffly reply.

“Le...lesson.......oh god.......wh...what lesson” she managed to choke out. Max had lowered to her neck. Sucking and biting her, leaving his mark.

“That it’s not nice to tease” he licked the spot behind her ear that always elicit a moan from her.

“Oh god Max, don’t stop” she begged him.

“I don’t plan on it” he raised up, and straddled her hips, careful not to put to much weight on her.

“God you’re beautiful” he cupped her breast, and began to slowly kneaded them in his strong big hands. Liz arched her back to get closer to his hands. He continued to massage her breast, twisting and pinching her nipples until they became hard to his satisfaction. He reached over her to retrieve the bottle of cider, and hissed when her tongue ran over his stomach. Closing his eyes at the sensation, Liz felt his cock jump on her stomach and giggled.

“So you think that’s funny huh” raising a eyebrow at her.

“Just because I’m tied up, doesn’t mean I can’t participate” her voice laced with sex. Max swooped down and captured her lips once more. Rising again, he tilted the bottle over her, and she shrieked at the cold liquid ran down the valley of her breast, only to groan when Max lapped it up with his hot tongue. He continued to lick between her breast, while twirling his thumbs over her taut nipples.

Once he was pleased at their response to his touch, he repeated the action of his thumb, and twirled his tongue around the outside of her nipples, coming dangerously close, but not close enough. Liz ached for him to take her into his mouth. She found herself very hot and frustrated. The restraint wasn’t allowing her to pull his head closer to her like she needed, and she yanked and pulled to be free.

“Max!” she growled at him.

“Yes love” he smiled at her.

“Please, release me” this time her voice was near tears.

“I can’t, but like I told you, all you have to do is tell me what you want, and I will do it” he rolled her nipples between his fingers. She let out another tormented groan, and knew the only way to get what she wanted was to voice it.

“Max please, kiss me” he bent over and kissed her on the lips, and it took all her strength not to bite him for putting her thru this torture.

“Max!” she pouted “not there.” He laughed at the sulking look on her face,

“Well you weren’t very specific. I need you to tell me exactly what you want” he taunted. Another growl.

“Fine.” she raised her head the best she could in her position “Max I want you to kiss me on my breast and I want you to lick and suck on my nipples Pleeeaaasssee.......” that was all he was waiting on, and he swooped down, and took her nipple in his mouth. Liz threw her head into the pillow, and cried in pleasure.

“Yes Max, oh god yes....hard Max please” Max did as she requested, and pulled her deeper into his mouth, he lick, suck and bit on her nipples, making sure to alternate, giving each one the just amount of attention. He knew Liz’s weakness was her breast, and he knew she was close, but before she could grab hold to it, he released her nipple from his mouth, giving them one finally lick before sitting up, removing his warm body from her.

“Nooooo” she cried out in agony, she was so close. Her whole body was one big pulse. Her heart was beating so hard, she swore she could see the imprint of its pounding in her chest. She had a fire that was burning in her stomach, that spread to her dripping pussy. She closed her eyes to fight back the tears of desire. Once she was able to open them, she came face to face with the most gorgeous sight.

Max was standing at the foot of the bed, and he was holding the tray of strawberries. But the thing that sat her aflame again was that he was completely naked, and he was stroking his member with hard strokes. Liz subconsciously licked her lips at the thought of taken him in her mouth. Max’s deep voice brought her out of her reverie.

“Spread your legs” he commanded with authority. Again she didn’t resist, and opened to him.

“Wider” he order, his eyes never leaving hers. She parted wider for him, and watched as her climbed in between them, carefully balancing the tray in his hand. He sat the tray on the bed, and brought his face within centimeters of her heat. He was so close, she could feel the tiny puffs of air that hit her, and sent a shiver thru her.

Max watched in amazement as a small amount of her juices trailed out of her. Unable to resist, he laid his tongue flat against her, and licked her length.

“Oh god” she screamed, and Max was glad the kids were away, because she definitely had a set of lungs on her. He sat up on his elbows and looked at her.

“Tell me what you want Liz, and remember I need specifics” he warned her. He was having a hard time being this close to her drenched cunt without devouring her. Her scent alone, with its combination of sweet and musky, was driving him crazy. He pressed his raging dick into the mattress, trying to relieve the pain. He was so hard, it hurt. But he was going to control himself until he had her completely satisfied. All she had to do was ask.

“I want you to eat me Max, I want you to eat at my wet pussy until I cum” she moaned “was that specific enough” she asked cockily.

“Very” Max opened up her delicate flower lips, and ran his tongue up either sides.

“Yes Max just like that” she breathe. She was thrashing around the bed, trying to wiggle out of the strap for she could pull his head closer to her, and ride his face until she came. Max lapped up her ever flowing river, making sure not to touch the bundle of nerves that stuck out at him, calling for his attention.

Liz was helpless, there wasn’t much she could do to ease her ache, and give her the release she so desperately needed. She planted her feet in the mattress, and rocking her hips up, getting her as close to his mouth as she could. God how she wished he would release her.

“Don’t stop baby, oh god don’t stop” her voice was wavering, and she felt that flame ignite in her stomach.

With this new position, Liz was wide open to him, and Max used it to his advantage. He slipped the tip of his finger in her, and pumped it in and out to the rhythm she had created.

“Max....oh Max” her cries were getting louder, throatier now. He stuck his finger deep within her, and pulled out more of her sweet nectar. He had felt the slight clutching of her inner walls, and removed his finger.

“Maaaxxxx” she sighed heavily.

“Patients my love” he placed his hands on her thighs, and rubbed his thumbs over her core. Watching her face, he wet his finger with her juices, and began to lower it to her other opening. He drew lazy circles around the pucker little hole, slightly adding pressure, and with his other hand, he added a finger to her cunt.

Liz wasn’t quite sure what his intentions were. They had never explored this type of thing before, and she didn’t know what to make of it. Max saw her inner battle, and wanted her to be comfortable.

“Do you want me to stop Liz” he asked her sincerely? “Did she want him to stop” she asked herself? She had to admit, he had her curious of were he was going with this, and the sensation was driving her wild. Max held his breath as he waited on her answer, and then let out a sigh of relief when her only response was the lifting of her hips. He smiled a knowing smile, and continued.

He added another finger to her pussy, and using her own natural juices as lubricant, he slowly slipped his finger in her ass.

“Oooh Max” she cried. He pumped his fingers in her, giving her duel pleasure. Liz couldn’t believe how good it felt having Max invade both her openings. The flame was burning rapidly now, and she felt the constricting of her silken walls. Max also felt it, and removed his fingers from her pussy, all the while continuing pumping her ass.

“Max...” she was about to voice her complaint, when she was cut off by something cold enter her hot walls. She drew her eyes to Max, and watched as he skillfully pumped the strawberry and his finger in synchronized rhythm. Max knew she was close, and he decided she had, had enough of his tormenting.

He swooped down, and sucked her sensitive little nub in his mouth. He flicked it with his tongue, and then pulled it back into his mouth. He twirled his tongue around it, pumping the strawberry and his finger a little faster.

“Yes Max...oh yes Max.......of god Max, I’m going cum” she moaned. Max couldn’t get enough of her taste, and the strawberry at an exotic taste to her. Her heard her plea, and he wanted her to cum.

“Go ahead and cum baby, cum for me Liz” he sent thru their connection.

The fire was in 5 alarm alert, and then it exploded.

“Oh god Maaaaxxxxx” Liz body jerked and shook from her orgasm, and she couldn’t help the hoarse cry that came from her throat. Max continued to suck, lick and pump, and just as he felt her coming down from her high, he angled his finger in her ass, hitting the perfect spot, sending her into another mind-blowing orgasm.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhh” this time her body shook so hard, she nearly leaped off the bed, and if her hands weren’t tied, she would have succeeded. She shook her head from side to side quietly mumbling his name. Max knew what she needed, and was at her side in a instance. He waved his hand over the strap and released her. Pulling her into his arms, he stroked her back until her body was released from her sexual high. Once she was relax, she raised her eyes to his, and kissed him hard.

“God Max that was.....that was.......WOW!” she spoke, still trying to catch her breath.

“So you liked it” he asked with a little uncertainty. She didn’t answer, but instead pushed him on to his back and straddled him. She began to kiss him along his neck, working her way to his hard chest. She ran her tongue over his nipple, and smiled when he growled.

“Liiizzz” she continued to lick and suck on his nipples, but what she really wanted was more down south. Trailing a path of kisses down his stomach, she came to stop at his patch of dark curls. Remembering a certain image she had sent him, she jumped off the bed and strolled over to the table.

Max kept his eyes train on her, and as she walked back to the bed he saw what was in her hand, and he felt his dick grow even harder. Liz settled herself between his legs, and wrapped her hand around his massive length. She stroked him tenderly, and watched as he threw his head back in ecstacy. Her hands felt warm and silky, he knew he would explode if she kept it up.

Liz saw the pre-cum that was pumping out of his angry head, and she had to taste him. Bitting into the peach, and letting the juice flow over his shaft, she took him into her mouth. Max entwined his hands into her hair, and began to slowly pump his hips.

Liz sucked him like a vacuum. She would take him deep in her throat then slowly coming back up, leaving only the tip of his head in her hot moist mouth. The peach was adding to his already exquisite taste, and she just couldn’t get enough of him.

Max didn’t know how much more he could take, and as much as he wanted to shoot his load into her awaiting mouth, he wanted more to lose himself in her deep satin walks. Liz took him fully into her mouth once again and hummed. That one more broke the straw, and he pulled her body flush against his, bringing her mouth down to his. He could taste the mixture of Liz, the strawberry, peach and himself, and he couldn’t wait any longer.

He flipped her over, so he was on top of her, his lips never leaving hers. Finally he pulled back to catch his breath, and he ran his fingers down her cheek.

“God I love you”

“And I love you” she felt him slowly enter her, and she thrust her hips to aid him. They both cried out at the first contact of the most intimate parts in a week. Max pulled out, and slammed back into her. Liz met his thrust, and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Liz oh god Liz” he was continued to pound into her, and she met him with each thrust. Her walls were tightening in on him, and he knew she was close once again. He cupped her face in his hands.

“Let me in Liz” she knew what he wanted, and opened up her connection to him. Max shifted a little causing him to hit her g-spot, sending her world into a scattering orgasm. He felt every sensation that it was causing her, and it triggered his own release. He jetted his warm load into her deep cavern. They cried each others name thru their connection, professing their love over and over again.

The room glowed brightly, but not from the many candles that it was laced with, but from the reuniting of two souls that became one once again. They saw the colors that danced behind their lids, and once again there was a joining of hearts and souls. Liz felt his soul seep into her body, surrounding every cell in her body with its presents. Max own body was gladly welcoming Liz’s soul, and he knew that no matter what, she was in him forever now, always.

“I love you Liz.”

“I love you Max.”

Once their connection began to smolder, but not full put out, Max moved to her side and pulled her to him. She threw her arms around his neck, and couldn’t stop the tears that flowed from her eyes. She felt so overwhelmed with emotions, she couldn’t help it. The past week without his kisses and touch was torture on her, and she never really knew just how much until that moment.

“Max, that was beautiful. Thank you” she cried. He kissed the tears from her eyes, and then her lips.

“I know, and thank you so much for loving me. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you” he spoke honestly.

“All you ever did was loved me, how could I not return that love” she kissed him once again, and laid her head over his heart, which beat in time with her own. Max ran his hand thru her hair, and felt the even breaths on his chest, and knew she was asleep. He looked over at the table sitting next to the bed, and his eyes fell on the tiny box that laid there. “I’ll give to her tomorrow” he told himself. He kissed the top of her head.

“Happy Anniversary Love” he continued to stroke her hair, until he to fell into a deep slumber.

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Chapter 12

~~Same Night~~

“So what’s our next move sir” Johnson asked his commander. They had been watching the Royal Four for the last week, and they had yet to make a move. He was getting anxious, they all were, and it was starting to show in there training.

“Are the troops prepared” he asked. He knew they were prepared and ready, but for some reason he wasn’t quite ready for the inevitable. All week long he had been watching the Royal Four, and he knew they were training, as well, and he wondered if they were truly ready for this battle.

“Yes sir, and all they’re waiting on is for your order commander” he pointed out “sir if I may say something” he waited on him to address him.”

“You may” he watched the young soldier in front of him with great pride. He was young for a lieutenant, what the humans would call only 25 years old, but when the mission came up nearly six years ago, Johnson was the first to volunteer, never once regretting his decision to leave the only home he has ever known, to come to a foreign planet and fight, knowing there was a chance he would never see home again. Of all the soldiers that were picked to accompany him, Johnson was the only one that worked hard everyday, never slacking on his duties, and he was the only one he saw capable of taking his place as Commanding Officer if something was to ever happen to him. He knew Johnson was just as anxious as the other soldiers to make a move, and to be honest, so was he. They had been planning and training for 6 years now for this, and now that it was suddenly here, he had to admit he was nervous. He wanted to make his leader proud.

“The troops are fully ready sir, and Kivar will be here shortly, and you know he will want the Royal Four captive as soon as he gets here. If we don’t attack now....”

“I know!” he shouted “we make our move tomorrow night” rubbing his neck and standing up. Johnson couldn’t help the small smile that played on his lips. Straightening up once his Commander shot him a look.

“Brief the troops once again tonight over the plan, and then tomorrow I want them to train. I want everyone prepared” he went about tossing orders around.

“Yes sir” Johnson saluted, and ran out the room, once he was dismissed, he went to go and prepare, the day had finally arrived.

Staring out the window, he let out a heavy sigh “I hope you’re ready King Zan, cause here we come” he exited the room, to go help Johnson with the troops.


Liz woke up with something hard under her head, and then smiled as she realized what that something was. She raised her head, and watched Max’s sleeping face. He seemed so at peace, relaxed, something he hadn’t been over the last week. Craning her neck, she looked at the clock on the end table next to their bed, and saw it was 12:30 am. She hadn’t meant to fall asleep, but being up since dawn, and the added fact that Max had sent her into wonderful bliss, three times earlier, she couldn’t fight her bodies protest for sleep.

When she had laid her head on Max’s chest after they gave themselves to each other once again, she had only planned on “resting her eyes”, but the steady heartbeat in Max’s chest was singing to her like a sweet lullaby, she couldn’t fight it. Max must have followed her soon after. She studied his marvelous face, and ran her fingers along his chiseled jaws.

She traced his eyebrows down to the tip of his nose. Her eyes landed on his lips, and she smiled at the many times she was pleasured by those beautiful lips. They were slightly parted, and she could feel the tiny puffs of air on her face as he lightly snored. Running her thumb across them, she couldn’t resist, and she leaned over, and placed a feathery light kiss on them.

His only response was the tightening of his arm around her waist. He soon settled back into a peaceful sleep, and she watched him for a while, before laying her head back over his chest. She thought she would be able to fall back to sleep, but she couldn’t. Being this close to Max’s naked body, was making her warm all over, and hindering her sleep. Raising her head once again, she let her eyes travel from his head down.

She made sure he was in a deep sleep. Her eyes roamed over his muscular chest, and found his nipples semi erect from the gentle breeze that was present. A desirous look flashed in her eyes, and she felt that familiar tingling between her thighs. Unable to control her desire, she bent over and took one of the round buds into her mouth, and rolled it around with her tongue. She was rewarded with it tightening harder in her mouth.

She twisted, licked, sucked and kissed his nipple, causing her own juices to start flowing. To her amazement, she watched his shaft jump sightly. She turned her head to see if he had awaken, but was surprise to find him still asleep, breathing evenly. She wondered just how responsive he was in his sleep. Smiling a wicked smile, she eased out of his embrace, careful not to jar him.

Slowly and with catlike grace, she slithered down the bed on her hands in knees. Once she found her target, she took one more glace at his face, making sure he was still asleep. Resting on her elbows, she was in the perfect position, and had his dick in her view. Just like his nipples, he was already slightly hard, and her mouth began to water. She enfolded him in her hands and studied him.

She ran her hands from base to his mushroom shaped head, loving the smoothness of it. She focused on his head, and ran her thumb around it. Marveling how something could be so hard, yet soft at the same time. Watching in fascination at how he grew larger in her hands. Again she looked to see if he had awaken, because there was no way he could be sleep, especially the way she was touching him. Her jaw dropped in astonishment when she saw him still sound asleep.

A disappointed huff past her lips. “We’ll see how long that will last” she thought to herself. Leaning over, she continued to examine him, stroking him with long, slow caresses. Tracing her finger along the pulsing vein, excited at how it jumped at her touch. She moved down further to his sac of jewels and fondled them, squeezing them gently, again wondering who his entire body was so hot, and the package she held in her hands were extremely cool.

Continuing to play with his crotch, stroking him with a little added pressure. She watched as the pre-cum exuded from his head, and glistened from the moonlight that seeped thru the thin drapery.
Her libido got the best of her, and she surrender to them. She wrapped her lips around his tender head, and began to slowly suck him. She took him deep in her mouth, and then withdrew, blowing softly on the large purple head, before taking him sliding him back into her steaming hot mouth. She felt her own juices drizzling down her legs, and wondered if it was possible to have an orgasm just by giving someone a blowjob. She was on a mission, and that was to get Max to lose it in his sleep.

Liz was so focused on her mission, she hadn’t realized that Max had awaken. The truth was, Max had woken up the moment her soft lips brushed against his, but he kept his eyes closed and his breathing steady. He was completely awake once she slipped out of his arms. He felt the sudden coldness once she was gone, and immediately missed her warmth. It took every ounce of control he had to not moan out in blissfulness, when she brought her mouth over his nipple. Instead, he clutched his jaws tighter, and tried to focus on keeping his breathing normal.

He wanted to see exactly what was in her little head, and laid there enjoying the things she was doing to him. When she had crawled down to his cock, he knew he was in trouble. Biting down on his lip, and squeezing his hair in his hand that was resting under his head, he grabbed on to the smidgen of control he had left when she ran her thumb over his sensitive head. A tiny smirk played on his lips when her heard her frustrated huff. The more she touch him, and fondle and caress his balls, the more difficult he found it to sustain said control. The thing that made him lose the battle, was her luscious lips wrapping around his member.

He needed something, anything, to grab on to. He opened his eyes, and smiled triumphantly. Liz’s little rump was sticking in the air, unguarded, and fully at his disposal. He could see how drenched she was, and the evidence was running down her legs at an increasingly, accelerated rate. He licked his lips, and took another glance at Liz. Her head was bobbing up and down on his dick, and that was it.

In one quick motion, he grabbed her hips, and swung them over his head, placing her knees on either sides of his head, he ran a path up the trail her juices had ran down her thighs. Liz stopped mid suck in surprise, and released his crotch. She looked between their heated bodies, and her eyes locked on Max. He was staring at her with intense hunger, and a cocky expression danced across his face. She smiled a sexy smile.

“How long have you been awake” she squeaked, her voice rising at seeing the close proximity he was to her heated core.

“Long enough to know that you are one atrociously, naughty little Jezebel Mrs. Evans” he smirked at her.

“Touché Mr. Evans, and let me show you to extent just how naughty your little Jezebel can be” she flashed him a bright smile, and latched herself back on to his throbbing cock, sucking and licking for all she was worth. Max stared as he watched his thick shaft disappear into her mouth, shining from her salvia.

“Oh god Liz....shit!” he managed to choke out. He gulped hard pass the enormous lump in his throat. He gripped her thighs tightly, and closed his eyes, letting the feel of her mouth envelop him totally.

“Yeah, that’s my sweet, naughty little Liz....take my dick into sexy little mouth...ahh, you’re so hot” he spoke to her low and huskily, rubbing his thumb in circles over her thighs. He knew she loved it when he talked dirty to her, and he continued to utter nasty things about what she was doing, and what he wanted to do to her. Liz was pulling out all her cards to drive him wild. She would run her tongue along his length, gently grazing him with her teeth as she went up, before engulfing him once again. He was talking nasty to her, and he knew what a turn on that was for her. She felt her slick cream tickle down her leg.

Max was so enchanted by what she was doing, he had almost forgot the position they were in. He was brought down from his sexual bliss when he felt her warm liquids gush over his hands. His eyes snapped opened, and he was once again greeted with her womanly folds and its enticing smell. Within a hot flash, his mouth was fasten to her heat, devouring her throughly. Liz couldn’t help it, and released his organ.

“Maaxx,” she moaned loudly, and threw her head back at the way he was working her pussy with his talent tongue. Max ran his tongue around her opening in slow, deliberate strokes. He sucked her clit in his mouth, and stuck a finger into her sopping pussy. He slurped loudly at the feast sat before him, and he had every intention of eating everything that was offered to him.

“Oh god Max...that...that feels....oh god” she didn’t even attempt to form a coherent sentence, because he was making her works jumble each time he rammed his finger in her. He added a second finger, and then a third.

“Oooh Max, my sexy Max” sharp intake of breath “Maxmaxmaxmax” she chanted his name over and over again as if praying to a higher being. She bask in the feel of his mouth on him another minute before she refocused on his cock once again, which was twitching for her attention. They were in a all out 69 fuck fest. Tongues licked and sucked, fingers plunged and probed, and teeth bit and gnawed. Their bodies were slick with sweat, mingling together in sexual bliss.

Max felt her inner walls clamping down on his fingers, and a abundance of her nectar drenched his fingers. He removed his fingers, and replaced them with his thumbs. While continuing to suck on her tight bud, and driving his thumbs deeper into her, he took his fingers that were coated with her honey, and inserted one into her ass.

“Yes Max....oh god yes....fuck me baby, give it to me harder pleeaassee” she begged him, and not wanting to disappoint her, he added a second finger in her asshole and pumped harder. Liz couldn’t think straight, and had completely powerless against his assault, and surrender. She felt that ignition once again in her stomach, which quickly turned into a roaring fire. Max felt her grip on his thumbs become tighter, and he wasted no time in pushing her over the edge. Again he angled his fingers in her ass, and sucked a little harder, causing her world to scatter.

“Maaaaxxxxx........” Liz screeched his name, and shook violently as her orgasm slammed into her like a ocean, drowning her in pleasure. Wave after wave it took her under, sending her into a sea of ecstasy. Max continued to drink from her fountain of honey, and held her hips, pressing her pussy firmly against his mouth. Before she could was able to completely calm herself, Max push her forward so she was on her hands and knees, and thrust into her.

“Liizzz...” Max threw his head back and bit his lip, relishing the feel of her tight walls encasing his pulsing shaft. Liz steadied herself, preparing for the ride he was sure to give her. Max opened his eyes, and looked down at the angel laid before him. He slowly began to pump into her, watching as his dick shined with her juices, and disappeared into her caverns. The sight of his member sliding in and out of her made him grow harder. He slapped her bare bottom hard, and heard her excited yelp.

“Oh god yes Max spank me baby,..........spank me for being so naughty” she taunted him, and was rewarded with several hard swipes, before he rubbed her red bottom lovingly, relieving any pain he may have caused. Gripping her hips, he slam into her with long powerful thrust. He felt his balls tightening, and wrapping a arm around her waist, he sat back on his feet, and pulled her with him. Liz anchor her feet, and rode him skillfully. Max pumped harder, and felt his orgasm rising. He grabbed her breast, squeezing and kneading it in his hand, making sure to pinch the beaded nipple. With his other hand, he reached for her hand, and brought it to her cunt, and together they rubbed tiny circles over her clit, sending her into another satisfying release.

“YesMaxyesMaxyesMax, yeeeesssssss!” the clutching of her walls around his dick with the combination of her calling his name, sent him over the edge, and he followed her into an explosive orgasm, shooting his hot cum into her heavenly walls. He bit down on her shoulder, and closed his eyes, while she milked his length to completion. Liz fell onto the bed in sexual exhaustion, bring Max down with her. Even though he was twice her size, she welcomed his weight, enjoying the heat that was radiating from him.

Unable to speak, they both laid there and listen to the others heavy panting. Several minutes later, after their breathing returned to normal, Liz broke the silence.

“Are you alive” she giggled under him.

“Barely” he whisper in her ear. He knew he was probably getting heavy, Liz was so tiny, and he didn’t want to squash her, so he made to move off her, only to have her wrap her legs around his thighs in protest.

“Please don’t. I love feeling your body pressed against mine”

“Liz I’m to heavy, I don’t want to crush you” he tried to move again, but she squeezed her legs tighter.

“Max please” she pleaded with him. At that moment she felt warm, cozey and extremely safe, at ease, and she wanted to cherish that feeling a little longer. Max couldn’t deny her plead, and decided to stay that way a little longer, but raised on his elbows to relieve some of his weight off her.

“No! I want all of you on me” she confirmed. She reached behind her blindly, and grabbed his hands, pulling them, causing him to land back on her fully. She entwined their fingers, and they laid there savior the feel of peacefulness. Sometime later, Max knew he had to be getting extremely heavy for her small frame, and he changed positions against her protest, and she settled on keeping only half his body on her. Max ran his hand along her exposed body, and noticed her red bottom and his angry looking teeth marks on her shoulder.

“God Liz, did I hurt you” he asked in a mournful voice, tracing the marks with extreme guilt. Liz felt his emotions, and she wasn’t going to let him feel guilty about losing his control, and giving himself to her. She turned on her side, cupped his face, and looked him in the eyes while she spoke, willing him to see the love in her eyes and hear it in her voice.
“Max stop it, stop feeling guilty about loving me and giving up your control. You are allowed to lose control, and seek happiness as well as everyone else. Out there, in the world to the others, you are a King, their King, and you have to maintain that control, but in here, in this home, in this bedroom, you are not King Zan, ruler of Antar, instead, you are Max Evans. A wonderful husband, devoted father and an incredible lover, my lover. And you know what else” she dipped her head to bring his eyes, that had falling during her speech, back to meet hers. “I love it when you lose control like that, your so raw, passionate........pure. You give herself completely to me, and it’s simply beautiful, and I love you all of you. The hard, in control King, the sweet, caring sensitive you, and the out of control, unleashed you. I love everything about you. Besides I kind of like it hard and rough” she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively to him, and placed a sweet kiss on his lips.

Max smiled at her little admission, and brought her lips back to his for a passionate kiss.

“That’s my Liz. You little Jezebel” he sent thru their connection.

“That’s right, I’m all yours” she replied.

Max released her lips and ran his hand up her arm. His eyes couldn’t help lingering on the nasty looking mark, and he laid his hand over it.

“Let me heal it Liz” Liz knew he was still berating himself, and she knew the only thing that would ease his conscience was to heal her.

“No!” she told him softly, but firmly. Max’s eyes widen in shock.

“No?” he stated astonished.

“No” she pushed him down, and straddled him “no Max, I don’t want you to heal it, because I want it to stay there as a reminder of just how out of control you can get” she leaned over and sucked his bottom lips into her mouth, “and every time I look at it, it will remind me of this special night, and I want for every time you see it, I want it to be a reminder that you are “human,” well part human, and you’re entitled to lose control” she plunged her tongue into his mouth, and kissed him, quickly becoming heated. She felt his erection come alive, and she wiggled her heat against it, causing him to wrap his arms around her waist and enter her in one smooth thrust. Were they continued to make love into the sun crept upon them, and their bodies gave out to satisfied exhaustion.


They had awaken later that afternoon, were they made love twice before the shrieking of the phone interrupted there sexual utopia.

“Hello” Max grumbled in the phone.
“Well good afternoon to you to sunshine” came Maria’s overly chipper voice “do you plan on letting my girl out at all today, or are do you have her tied to the bed, being held captive” she voiced cheekily “were is she anyways, I know she’s plaster to you. Liz, Liz sweetie, I know you can hear me, liiizzzz” she sung into the phone. Liz rolled her eyes at her friends quirkiness, and retrieved the phone from Max.

“Yes Maria”she laughed into the phone.

“Oh my god, she can talk. I taught maybe Max fuck you brains out, leaving you in a veggie” she laughed.

“Maria!” Liz sat up, feeling her cheeks flame at the accuracy of her friends comment.

“I assure you, Max did a mighty fine job of “fucking my brains out” as you so discreetly put it” Max’s eyes nearly popped out his head, and the tip of his ears were burning.

“That’s my boy” Maria said proudly “anyways chica, if you guys and find in your hearts to grace us lonely peasants with your Majesty and your Highness present, we shall be forever grateful” using the best southern accent she could muster up “plus, I know a certain set of twins that are requesting to see their parents.”

Liz knew her time with Max was slowly coming to an end, and as much as she wanted to stay in bed, wrapped in his arms, Maria was right they had to leave the confines of their room sooner or later. She looked over at Max, and knowing he was feeling the same way, they sighed heavily and stared into each others eyes.

“Liz, Liz are you listening to me” Maria shouted over the line.

“Huh, what, I’m sorry Maria what did you say” Maria smirked a knowing smirk, and repeated what she said, deciding against riding Liz on what occupied her attention just a moment ago.

“I said that we’re all meeting at The Crash at 6, and you guys better be there” she demanded.

“Yeah, ok we’ll be there” she confirmed. Maria threaten her life, if they didn’t show up before they said their good byes.

“We’ll be were” Max question, while placing the phone back in its cradle.

“The Crashdown. Everyone’s meeting there at six this evening, and the presents of your Majesty and your Highness is requested” she leaned over and kissed his lips. Max pulled her down on top of him.

“Is that right” running kisses along her jaw.

“Hum huh” she moaned.

“Well I guess we better make good us of the time we have left then” trailing his finger up her wet pussy.

“Oh yeah” she sighed.

Max and Liz made it to the Crashdown thirty minutes late. After Maria’s phone call they made love twice, before they headed to the shower to get ready were the made love a third time. They would have been on time if Liz hadn’t attacked him while he was shaving, telling him what a turn on it was to see him wrapped in nothing but a towel, and running his razor over his beautiful face. They made love once again, and took another quick shower, and then proceeded to run around like chickens with their heads cut off to get ready, fully taking Maria’s threat to heart. They were still late, but not as late they would have been if Liz would have given in to Max’s request to eat her out in the shower.

“You’re late” Maria announced with her hands on her hips, tapping her foot annoyingly as they strolled into the diner hand and hand laughing uncontrollably. They straighten slightly, but before they could come up with an excuse, two bubbly, hyper bodies plastered their selves to their legs.

“Mommy, daddy we missed you” they exclaimed excitedly, jumping up and down, waving their arms wanting to be picked up. Max and Liz didn’t disappoint them, and gathered them in their arms.

“We missed you guys too” Max said, kissing Bel on the forehead, and then did the same to Xan who had his head buried in his mothers neck.

“Did you guys have a good time with Nana Amy” Liz asked them, as they walked over to the booth were everyone was gathered.

“Yeah we had a great time” they said together. They continued to replay their evening to their mom and dad, finishing each others sentences, animatedly making sure their parents got the full story of their visit with Amy.

“We wanted to call and tell you Happy Anniversary........” Bel started.

“But Nana said that we had to wait.........” Xan continued.

“Until we saw you tonight to tell you” they finished together. Alex leaned over the table.

“Ok, does anyone else find that extremely creepy” he asked, shaking at the way the twins talk. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

“She did” Liz asked, sending Amy a grateful smile.

“Um huh, we made you presents” they said in unison.

“Really” Max gasped in surprise.

“Yes, we’ll go get them” they jumped out of their parents arms, and ran thru the employees door, to the apartment.

“Hey everyone,” Liz said, sliding into the booth next to Isabel.

“Hey” came the collection of responses.

“Thanks again for watching the twins for us Amy” Max told her.

“Nah, it was my pleasure. My house hasn’t been that lively since Maria left” waving off his gratitude.

“No, I didn’t want the rest of that” Michael said sarcastically as they all watched in amazement as Liz polished off the rest of his Will Smith burger and Saturn rings. Liz was completely oblivious of their stares as she finished off the rest of Maria’s fries, and practically inhale her milkshake.

“Eat much” Isabel joked, jabbing her in the side.

“No, not really” she answered seriously “I am so famished” she reached over and took a forkful of Tess’ Men In Blackberry pie “oh god, that hit the spot” she sighed closing her eyes in satisfaction.

“Damn Max, what did you forget to feed her while you ravished her, feed the woman” Chris joked, and the entire table erupted in laughter at the reddening of Max’s ears that traveled down his neck. The clearing of a throat sober them all up, but only made Max’s face flush even more as Jeff stood there with warning glare. Michael smirked at the compromising situation Max found himself in, and once again thanked the lord that he didn’t have to deal with an overprotective father. A swift kick in the shin from Amy, reminded him that he would rather deal with a father then Ms. DeLuca. He immediately straighten up.

Jeff had came in on Chris’ remark, and as much as he hated hearing about his little girl having sex, he knew it was happening, and he would rather it be kept in the privacy of their bedroom. Although he took great pride in knowing he could still make Max squirm in his presents.

“Hi daddy, were’s mom” Liz asked, jumped up to gave him a big hug, hopefully taking the attention off Max. Even though she was grown and married, he daddy still sees her as his baby girl. Jeff wrapped her his arms around his little Lizzie, and smiled brightly. Seeing his Lizzie always brighten his day. His smile quickly turned into a frown once he saw the purple and blue bruise on her shoulder.

“My god Liz, what happen to your shoulder” he asked her, turning her so he could get a better look. Liz tried to resist, but he managed to turn her around, and pulled down the rest of her sweater to get a better look. At Jeff’s horrified cry, everyone else jumped up to see for themselves what he was talking about, everyone that is except Max, who was sitting in the booth with his head held down in embarrassment, trying to sink further into its creases.

“Liz what did you do” Tess asked worryingly. Maria took a closer look.

“Oh my god are those teeth marks” she asked in shock, and the entire group turned and stared at Max, who was beet red by now. Liz too was blushing from head to toe, and she shrugged her sweater back over her shoulders, and moved away from their nosey eyes.

Max was wishing a hole would open up and shallow him at that moment. He could feel Jeff’s eyes boring a hole in the side of his head, and how he wished Liz would have let him heal her. Jeff was grinding his teeth, trying to control his anger. Max and Liz were two grown and married adults, heck and they were all here to celebrate their union, and as much as he wanted to rip his head off for bruising Liz. That anger quickly turn into nausea as a image of how exactly she got that mark flashed in his head. He quickly removed himself mumbling something about inventory, and Amy quickly hurried off to assist him.

Alex, Michael and Chris all walked over to Max, and grilled him about his previous nights events. Tess and Maria did the same to Liz, Isabel had escaped to the backroom to help with the “inventory” she didn’t want to her about her brothers sex life. As much begging and pleading the others did, questioning them about the many hickeys that were all over Max and Liz’s neck, and disappearing under their neckline. Max only grinned an manly grin, and Liz’s only responses were school girl giggles. They had spent a magical night together, and weren’t going to let their friends demean it. Just then the bells on the door jingled, signaling the arrival of Phillip and Diane. Max and Liz rushed over to greet the new arrivals, glad to escape the interrogation.

“Hey mom, dad” Max greeted his parents, kissing his mother on the cheek, and shaking his fathers hand firmly.

“Mom, dad how are you” Liz asked them, giving them both a loving hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“We’re fine Liz, and I guess we should say Happy Belated Anniversary to the two of you” Diane pulled back, smiling happily at the two standing in front of her.

“Thank you” they smiled brightly, wrapping their arms around each other.

“Alright, alright enough of this mushy stuff, were are my two favorite grandkids” he asked, slapping his hands together in enthusiasm. As if their ears were burning, two dark headed blurs ran past their parents and tickled the Papa to the ground.

“Ah, you’re killing me. Somebody help me” Phillip laughed uncontrollable as Bel and Xan tickled him. Once they had gotten over their fit of hysteria, they motioned Diane down to their level, and proceeded to place noisy, wet kisses on her cheeks. Phillip got up and dust himself off.

“You do know you’re going to have to change that phrase if any more grandkids come around” Isabel smiled “hi mom, dad.”

“Is there something you want to tell us pumpkin” Phillip raised an questioning eyebrow to her.

“Oh no, I’m just saying” she raised her hands in defense. Max, Liz and her parents laughed at how quick she replied. Isabel wasn’t in the market for kids just yet, and was happy just spoiling her niece and nephew rotten.

“Guess what” Xan and Bel jumped up and down excitedly.

“What” Max and Liz answered simultaneously, equally excited.

“We have.....” Xan started.

“A surprise....” Bel continued.

“For you.....” they finished together once again.

“Creepy” Alex shuddered.

“You have to close your eyes first” they told them. Max and Liz closed their eyes, and felt them slip their tiny hands into theirs.

“No peeking” Bel warned them. Max and Liz felt the excited energy that flowed thru their connection, and the own anticipation was growing. They heard the silent whispers and hushes of the others, and the tiny giggles from Xan and Bel.

“Ok, you can opened your eyes now. Surprise!” everyone shouted at them. Max and Liz opened their eyes, and were greeted with the most beautiful cake. It was decorated in their wedding colors, burgundy and ivory. It had two large roses on them, one ivory, one burgundy, with tiny little rosebuds surrounding them shaped in a heart. Their wedding picture was airbrushed on it, and it read “Forever Soulmates, Max and Liz.”

“You’s beautiful” Liz cried, wiping away the tears, she didn’t even know had fallen.

“Yeah, thank you” Max said, feeling his own eyes mist up. They went around hugging and kissing their loved ones, and with the persistents of two overly hyper 6 year olds, they cut the cake. Once everyone had a slice, they all handed Max and Liz their gifts.

“You guys didn’t have to get us anything” they told them honestly.

“See I told you” michael said, which earned him a slap upside the head.

“Nonsense, open them” Nancy encouraged them. Max let Liz rip open the gifts, and thank each couple as they opened their gift from them. After they were finished opening the gifts, they all sat around talking and laughing about nothing and everything in particular. Pretty soon Isabel and Alex found Bel and Xan sound asleep in one of the booths, wrapped in each others arms.

“Hey it looks like we wore these two out” Alex called over his shoulder “lend a hand Max.”
Max gathered his baby girl in his arms and followed Alex thru the back. Jeff got up to clean up, and the others took note, and followed his lead, clearing the tables and throwing out trash. Within thirty minutes, the Crashdown was completely spotless. Nancy put on a pot of coffee, and they sat around talking while it brewed.

Liz came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on the dishtowel. She noticed a bag of trash that was left behind the counter, and she picked it up to take it to the trash in the alley, the trash man ran tomorrow, and she wanted to make sure nothing got left behind. Max was in a middle of a conversation with his mother when he saw her moving towards the door.

“Were are you going” he asked her concerned.

“Outback to take out this bag of trash” as if obvious.

“I can do that” he told her.

“Max please, it’s just right outside the door I’ll be fine. Finish talking to your mom, and I’ll be right back” she assured him.

They locked eyes, and he nodded his head in approval. Liz shook her head at his over protectiveness, and headed out the employees door. Sometimes she wondered how he makes it thru the day without calling her every 5 minutes. She had to admit, sometimes she loved the attention. She pulled open the backdoor and stepped out into the cool summers night. It was almost September, and the nights were starting to get a little nippy. She wrapped her arms around herself, rubbing slightly to fight off the chill. Her hand ran across her chest, and a smile played on her face as she came in contact with the locket Max had given her before they came to the diner.

It was a heart shaped locket, and on the back it was inscribed on the back “You’ve always owned my heart” and the inside held two pictures. On one side was her third grade picture, and on the other his third grade picture. She cried uncontrollable when he had given it to her, and she felt them falling now as she fingered it.

A noise broke her out of her daydream, and she swore she saw a shadow lurking in the dark, and that’s when she felt it. She raised her hand in defense, and the last thing that flashed across her mind was Bel and Xan, and then her world went black.

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Chapter 13

Nicholas sat in his chambers, contemplating has plans once they arrived on Earth. They should be arriving in just over a week, and he couldn’t wait to take care of the Royal Four, so he could return back home. that was a funny word to call were they came from. Home was the place you were suppose to feel safe and comfortable. The one place that after a long day of battles and wars, held its arms open to you, wrapping them around you protectively, soothing you, welcoming you. The place they had left use to be all those things, but now, now he wasn’t quite sure what home really was any more. There was a knock at his door.

“Come in” he sat up and turned to the door. Kivar walked in, and Nicholas immediately straighten.

“What can I do for you sir?”

“Just checking the reports, seeing how things were running. So what is there to report” he asked him. Nicholas stumbled over to his desk and proceeded to check their status.

“It looks like we should be arriving in exactly 8 days, 12 hours and 48 minutes. The troops are ready for attack” he reported confidently.

“Good, good. As you were” Kivar walked out feeling very thrilled. His day was finally coming, the day he was going to rid the universe of King Zan.

Nicholas watched as Kivar strolled out of his chambers with a stupid grin over his face. He didn’t know how Kivar was even able to maintain the act of being the fearful leader. Every one knew his days were coming to an end, and yet he still walks around throwing around empty threats.

Every since Kivar had taken over Antar all those years ago, things haven’t been right. Their sun was dying, and the resources were scarce, the other 3 planets in their solar system were pulling away, and Kivar was losing control. The remaining Antarians that hadn’t rebelled over 50 years ago, were starting to uprise and question Kivar’s leadership. He remembered how when they had slain the Royal Four, no one question him for the fear of his wrath.

Things were getting out of hand, and he wasn’t sure if once they got what they wanted from King Zan, there would be a reason to return at all. When Kivar had taken over Antar, he had agreed to allow the other rulers of the 3 planets to stay on their throne, but only if he had complete say over everything. In other words, they were mere figureheads and nothing more. But things were changing. Those figureheads, they were no longer abiding by the rules Kivar had set, and the were starting to become more rebellious. When the signal went off nearly 6 years ago, signaling that the Royal Four were indeed alive, hope was restore once again. The final doing of the rebellion was the sign that the Heir of Antar had been born, and their was no more doubt that their beloved king would return, bringing the heir, freeing them from the war of slavery and restore their planet. Leaving Kivar furious, and on a mission to kill King Zan along with the entire Royal Court.

Nicholas thought about his reason for this mission, and it was more personal then political. He could care less who rule the planets, all he wanted was to see the Royal Four taken down once and for all, and he hoped he was the one to deliver King Zan to the gates of Hell. Nicholas picked up the photo of the once and powerful king and sense of rage passed thru him. It was a photo that was taken at Zan’s eighteen birthday celebration, were he was officially announced as King of Antar, taking over the throne from his father. It was a picture of him, Zan, Rath and Galm. It was a memorable night. They had sang and drank until their hearts content, and Vilandar had snapped the photo while they had their arms thrown over each others shoulder, singing and laughing.

It’s almost surreal to believe that he was once best friends with Zan and Rath, yet the picture in his hand was proof of their once and close friendship. That time almost seemed like a lifetime ago, when there was a time he would have given his last breath for Zan and Rath, walk thru Hell in snowshoes for them, even through they were from different planets, he thought of them as brothers, but now all he felt was hate and resentment that was consuming his heart, and each moment they grew closer to Earth, it only seemed to magnify. Unable to dwell on the past any longer, Nicholas stared out the window into the open space and sighed.


Earlier before the get together.................

“So, how do you want to proceed sire” Johnson asked his commander. He stared at the older mans back as he watched the sun set. He knew under all that tough guy exterior, there was somewhat a decent person. They were all nervous, and on ends about their up coming encounter with the Royal Four, but he was ready to finally get it over with. He sat there and waited on his answer. Watching his CO sigh, and then turn to him, he stood up tall and confident.

“We’ll wait until they’re all together as planned, and once they are, we will make our move. I want everyone to be on their P’s and Q’s. They’ve been training, and this is definitely going to be a surprise. I don’t want anyone being stupid, and getting their selves killed” he finished, rubbing the bridge of his nose. Just then one of the privates entered the room. Rising a salute to his superior officers.

“What is it soldier”

“Sir, we have report that the Royal Four are all together at the Crashdown establishment, sir” he felt himself getting work up. He was a young soldier, never even been away from home, but was very eager to come once he knew the details of the mission.

“Very well. Johnson I want everyone prep and ready to move out in 30 minutes understood” he ordered.

“Yes sir” Johnson saluted and ran out the room with the soldier hot on his heals.

One hour later..........

Johnson stood in the alley waiting on his order. The building was surrounded, and there was no way anyone could get in or out without one of them noticing. He looked across the alley were the soldier from earlier was posted. He could feel his jitteriness, and it was getting on his nerves. He didn’t know why the commander insisted that he let the soldier watch the alley with him, it wasn’t like he didn’t know what he was doing.

He knew his commander was out front watching the inside of the diner, and was waiting on the right opportunity to enter. Johnson looked overhead, and he saw all the soldiers in their posted positions, ready to pounce on command. He sighed, and felt his on anxiousness building. The sudden opening of the backdoor brought him out of his reveries.

He watched as a petite brunette walked out, carrying what he presumed was trash. For some reason Johnson couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was in a word beautiful. Her hair flowed down her back, and she was so small and perfect. He studied her features, and marveled over how sensual she was. Her lips looked soft as rose petals, and her cheeks were flushed from the night chill. He brought his eyes up and was instantly drawn in by her beautiful doe eyes. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her, and when he saw the tiny tears that rolled down her cheeks, he wondered what could cause such a jewel to cry. All he wanted to do was wipe her tears away and wrap her in his arms for safe keeping.

Before he knew what he was doing, it was like he was being hypnotize by her, and something was pulling him to her, he took a step forward, intending on soothing her, but before he could get any closer, he saw her lift her hand. He stared at her in confusion, and then he saw her fall to the ground.

“Nooo...” he whispered. He kneeled down beside her, brushing her hair off her forehead. Looking up, he saw the soldier standing over them, watching him in confusion.

“What the hell did you do that for” he shouted at him. The soldier fidgeted uncomfortably. He had watched the way the Lieutenant had became enchanted by this woman, and was unaware of the true danger he was in.

“I’m waiting soldier” he scolded.

“Sir, sh....she was about to hurt you sir” he replies nervously. Johnson looked down at the small figure in front of him.

“She could never hurt anyone” he spoke with such admiration. He ran his fingers down her cheeks, and slowly and gently gathered her in his arms.

Max was talking to his mother, and watching the door waiting on Liz to return.

“Yeah I know they’re two of the...” Max closed his eyes at the images that were flashing in his mind. They were all of Xan and Bel. Images of their first birthday, Christmas’, at the grandparents and tonight, and then everything went black.

“Liiizzz” he half cried half screamed. Everyone turned at his outburst, and before any of them could register what was happening Max jumped out the booth and was heading towards the back, when the bells over the door stopped him dead in his tracks. Max turned to see who it was, and there standing before him were about ten men, dressed in royal blue uniforms, and by the symbols on them, he knew they weren’t from Earth.

“Shit” Michael threw Maria and Ms. DeLuca behind him, while the other men did the same.

“Oh my god Max, what’s going on” Isabel asked her brother.

“It’s ok Is” Max wasn’t so sure, but all he knew was he had to get to Liz and his kids.

“What do we do” Tess asked, fully ready to fight upon the word.

“Everyone stay calm, and just remember your training” Max ordered them.

They all nodded their understanding. They all watched as a big man wearing the same uniform as the others, but his’ screamed “man in charge” came and stood in front of the soldiers. He stared at the group in front of him, studying their movements. He could tell they were communicating to each other, and a smile played across his lips.

“Who are you” Max demanded, but before the man was able to answer, the door to the break room flew open, and there stood Johnson, and he had Liz cradled in his arms. Max felt a sense of dread pass him.

“Liz” he whispered. Max started to walk to her until Michael grabbed his arm.

“What are you doing” he asked him, barely controlling his anger.

“Maxwell as mush as I would like to go rip Liz out of his arms, we don’t know what we are dealing with here” he tried to reason with him. Max knew Michael was right, but it still didn’t stop him from wanting to grab Liz and beat the shit out of the man holding her.

Johnson looked at King Zan, and then his eyes moved to those of his commander. He could see the anger building in both men, and hoped he made it out alive. Max watched the exchange between the two, and he wanted answers.

“I said who are you” he asked again, this time there was no holding back the anger that was consuming him. They all stared and waited. They watched the man look between the group, and started walking towards them. Instantly becoming alarmed, Max threw up his shield, stopping him in his tracks.

“Forgive me Your Majesty” he kneeled down before Max, and they all watched in astonishment as the other soldiers all fell to their knees, and bowed the heads including the one holding Liz, although he didn’t relinquish his hold on her.

“What the fuck....”

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Chapter 14

Nasedo had been sitting in his living room going over the plans that he, Max and Michael had conjured to help them fight their enemies. He had been wracking his brain, trying to make sure that they were ready to face what laid ahead of them. Max, Michael, Tess, Isabel and Liz were extremely powerful, and the twins were more accelerated then them all. He could tell Bel was a little more at ease with using her powers then Xan. Xan was more reluctant to use his powers unless deemed necessary.

Nasedo would watch them play, and would noticed that Bel had no problem changing the colors of her dolls dresses if they weren’t to her satisfaction. There had been days that he wondered how she was able to function properly at school without the use of her powers. She used her powers practically for everything, and Max and Liz were constantly on her about using them so recklessly. He found himself smiling at her stubbornness, she had that same streak Liz had when she refused to budge.

Turning his thoughts to Xan, they left him baffled and apprehensive. Xan had never openly used his powers, except the silent communication they all shared, and whenever Bel couldn’t quite get the shade of red or purple, and only after she gave him her best puppy dog eyes. Xan could never deny Bel anything, and would leap off a hundred story building if she asked, anything to make her happy. There had been times he wondered what the future holds for the two of them, they hated to be separated from each other, and it seemed that if without each other they couldn’t survive, which was technically true, but everyone knew that the Evan twins were not to be separated.

Getting back to his train of thought, there was something going on with Xan, and it seemed that every since the incident 2 weeks ago, he had seen a extreme deterioration in Xan’s powers. Like when he would gather them for their ‘games’ he would noticed that Xan would hold back, or sometimes outright refuse to cooperate. He was purposely blocking his thoughts again, but this time it wasn’t just Max, Liz and the others he was blocking, it was Bel too. During their ‘games,’ Bel had repeatedly plead with him to stop blocking her, causing him to close up and completely shut down. The thing that had him inquiring about Xan’s welfare, was what happened the other day..............

***** Everyone was gathered at Max and Liz’s having their weekly get together. Nancy and Diane were busy comparing recipes and doting over Xan and Bel. Isabel was entertaining Tess and Chris with stories of the rambunctious seven year olds in her first grade class. While Max, Michael, Phillip and Jeff were setting up a new training schedule.

Liz was getting more agitated lately, they knew it wouldn’t be long before Kivar arrived. Max was very adamant about them being prepared, and wanted to add a few more sessions to every ones training.

“So Michael, you, Tess, Jeff and Alex will work together after Alex’s afternoon computer class right” Michael nodded his head in agreement.

“And I will be taking Isabel, Diane, Nancy and Chris every evening after I get home from the office” Phillip assured Max.

“Good, the sheriff is taking Amy and Maria, leaving Liz, Nasedo and myself together” Max said, wrapping up their plans. As if her ears were burning, Liz turned and gave him a bright smile. She and Maria were outside watching Alex and Xan chased Bel around the backyard. Nasedo was there also keeping a watchful eye on Liz and the twins. Smiling as he watched Bel’s face filled with laughter as Xan and Alex closed in on her.

Xan was so caught up in chasing Bel with his uncle, he didn’t noticed the water sprinkler sticking out of the ground. Before anyone could react, he tripped and fell, landing hard on a jagged rock, slicing the palm of his hand open. Alex, Liz and Maria rushed to his side upon hearing his anguished cry. Liz wrapped her arms around him, stroking his back and speaking softly to him, trying to comfort him as his tears flowed uncontrollably down his cheeks.

“Max!” she shouted to him.

Liz could tell by the amount of blood saturating his and her shirts, that the cut was very bad. Max could feel Liz and Bel’s worries, and had rushed outside. Seeing the amount of blood covering both Xan and Liz, he grabbed him from Liz. His tears had subdue a little, and Bel was clutching his other hand, her own tears running freely down her face.

“Let me take a look sport” Max spoke softly to him to eliminate any fears he may have had. Xan slowly opened his hand for his daddy, wincing at the pain that shot thru his arm. Max did a quick assessment before placing his hand over Xan’s. Watching his daddy’s face, and knowing what he was about to do, Xan ripped his hand from Max’s.

“No!” he shouted. Causing everyone to look at him in shock.

“Xan, let daddy fix your hand” Bel sniffled to him. He shook his head slightly and looked at all the confused faces around him.

“Can uncle Chris do it” he whispered. Chris and Tess had both became Pediatricians, and had opened a practiced across from Max, who had became a Internal Medicine doctor. Xan and Bel often spent time at their office, helping the other children with their fears of the doctors office and shots. They had a way with calming the other children, and Chris and Tess welcomed their help.

“Why don’t you just.........” Michael was silenced by a look from Max. Liz could feel how hurt Max was from Xan’s request, wondering why his son didn’t want him to heal him, but he kept his emotions in check, and smiled down at his son.

“Sure, it’s fine” Max looked to Chris to see if he was ok with doing it. Chris nodded, and smiled down at Xan. Max carried Xan into the house with the others right behind him. Tess ran across the street to retrieve their supplies while Liz., Max and Bel sat in the bathroom with Xan as Chris prepared.

“What was that all about” Maria asked confused?

“I don’t know” answered Michael, running a hand thru his hair, trying to figure out once again what was wrong with his nephew.

“Ok buddy. This may hurt a little. Just squeeze your dads hand if it gets bad ok” Chris watched as Max pulled him into his lap, and Xan nodded his head in agreement. Taking his hand as gentle as possible, Chris took a closer look at it before he ever so carefully cleaned his hand with a antiseptic, keeping a close watch on Xan’s face. So far everything his uncle was doing was bearable. Once he was satisfied that the wound was completely cleansed, he moved aside and let Tess take over. Tess prepared the sutures, taking a hold of Xan’s hand, she looked at him uncertain.

“You sure you don’t want to heal yourself, or let your dad or Bel do it” she asked gently. Since they weren’t sure how drugs would effect them, they weren’t able to give him anything to numb his hand, and he would feel every stick and pull. Dropping his head, and taking a deep breath, he looked back up at his aunt.

“I’m a big boy” was all he said. Tess looked to Max and Liz, and saw their worries, but they shrugged their shoulders. Taking a look at Bel, she could see how tight she was holding Liz’s hand. One quick look at Chris, who gave her a encouraging smile, Tess began.

Xan held his breath, and as soon as the needle pierced his hand, he blew it out hard. He closed his eyes to shut out the pain, but couldn’t stop the tears that escaped them. Max rubbed his back and whispered encouragingly to him, all the while clutching his fist together at the pained expression on his sons face. He looked across at Bel and saw the same look on her face that masked Xan’s. Her little face was scrunched up, and her tears were running down her face, collecting at her chin before falling into her lap. He locked eyes with Liz, and she too was crying, but not from seeing her son in pain, but from knowing once again something was wrong with Xan.

“You’re doing great Xan” Tess felt her own heartache at the pained look on his face, “you’re such a big boy. Just a couple more, and I’ll be done” working as quickly and gently as possible, she added a few more stitches, and carefully wrapped his hand in gauze to finish up.

“All done sweetie” Tess watched as he slowly opened his eye that were red and swollen, and a few straggling tears fell from his lids. She wiped the dampness from his cheeks, standing up, she placed a kiss in his hair, and started to clean up. Bel jumped out of Liz’s hold, and ran and buried her head in his lap.

“Why did you do that” she scolded him silently, but an answer never came, instead he just laced his hands thru her hair and stroked her scalp as she cried. Liz looked at Max, who sent her stream of understanding and love. Nasedo stood in the doorway watching the scene with a frown on his face. He couldn’t figure out why Xan refused to use his powers, but he vowed to find out....*****

Nasedo got up and did a routine check on the houses, something he did daily while they were asleep or away. Having finished checking Chris and Tess’, he walked back across the street to Max and Liz’s. He checked the backyard first, then headed inside to cheek the house. He was just about to check the twins room, when a series of images of Xan and Bel flashed in his mind, followed by a feeling of emptiness.

“Liz....” he sprinted out the door at top speed, heading for the Crashdown.

It seemed like hours had went by, but in reality, only ten minutes had past. The soldiers had yet to relinquished their position on the floor, and Max and the others were still staring at them cautiously. Bel and Xan were still upstairs, sleeping soundly. Max had reached for them thru their connection, and breathe a sigh of relief, knowing they were tucked away safely in their mothers old room.

Not wanting to make any sudden moves, Max slowly let his gaze fall on Liz. She was still out, and the soldier who had brought her in was kneeled over her, stroking the hair off her forehead, letting his fingers glide across her cheek. Feeling his anger and jealousy rising, Max clamped down on his emotions, and turned his attention back to the man in front of him.

“Who are you” he asked again, his voice booming with authority. Before he was able to answer, the employees door swung open, reveling more soldiers, and an out cold Nasedo. Eyeing their Commander, and noting his position, they release their hold on Nasedo and quickly dropped to their knees in a respectful bow. Risking a look at his King, Harrison or Commander Harrison, as he was better know as, saw the death glare Max was sending him, and in that moment he was thrown back in time, and saw King Zan. He nervously cleared his throat and returned his eyes back to the floor.

“Please Your Majesty, if you would let me explain. We mean no harm” Harrison pleaded with him, his voice barely a whispered and his eyes never left the floor.

“You can explain what the hell you did to Liz” his voice calm, but still held its power. Max didn’t know who these people were so he refrained from calling Liz his wife to keep her safe. Harrison shot a vicious stare at Johnson, who seemed completely oblivious of his surroundings. He watched the way his eyes trailed her face, and a look of awe caressed his face. Max too had turn to his wife, and was unable to maintain control.

“Step away from her” he ordered. The deep voice pulled Johnson out of his daze, and he immediately dropped his hand from Liz’s face, and fell back, regaining his bow.

“Liz?” A soggy voice called, and they turned to were Nasedo lied. He was slowly coming to, and he raised to his hands and knees. Shaking the fogginess from his head, he noticed Liz laying on the floor a few feet away. He started to crawl over to her, when two sets of hands retained him. Taking a look at the hands containing him, Nasedo noticed the royal blue clad arms. He followed the arms upwards, and his eyes widened in shock. Nasedo whipped his head around and finally took in his surroundings. Noticing all the soldiers for the first time. “ This couldn’t be, could it” he thought to himself. He locked eyes with Max who was staring at him, trying to see if he was alright.

Slightly nodding, answering his silent question, Nasedo’s eyes looked past Max and the others. He closed his eyes at the sight before him. Opening them once again to stare at the men kneeling on the floor. One man in particular had his throat constricting and his heart beating wildly.


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Chapter 15

Tricks, that’s what his mind was playing on him, tricks. Only one person had ever called him that, but he was dead. Harrison closed his eyes as if that would chase away all the emotions that were cascading over him. He felt his own heart beating rapidly in his chest, and it was pounding loudly in his ears. His whole body shook, and he felt like he was losing the battle going on within him to remain calm. Everything in his heart told him to look up, but his mind wouldn’t let him feel. So instead, he kept his head low and tried to control the emotions running thru him.

Max stared at Nasedo confused, willing him to look at him, maybe he could explain what was going on, but he never met his eye. Instead he continued to stare at the man on the floor with a look of astonishment and bewilderment. “Why won’t he look at me” Nasedo thought. He knew he had heard him, he saw the way his body shook just as his did. Maybe he was wrong, maybe it wasn’t who he thought it was, but in his heart he knew it was him. The moment his eyes landed on him, Nasedo felt a sensation wash over him, a calming presence, something that was only cause by one person. Needing to know, Nasedo whipped his arms from the soldiers, and broke free, heading towards the man. The soldiers were quick to react, and Nasedo found himself once again face down on the ground, struggling to get free.

“Verser........Verser” Nasedo shouted, but it was more of a crying plea which held a tremendous amount of emotions behind it. Max and the others watched the soldiers wrestle Nasedo to the ground, and were just about to jump in when a voice stopped all movement in the diner.

“Let him go now!” Harrison shouted at the soldiers. He had kept his eyes glued to the floor, and he heard the commotion going on, but the cry of his name made him cautiously raise his head, and the sight before him made him grow weak. All the air in his lungs evaporated, and he found it hard to breathe. He had to blink rapidly to control the tears from falling. He locked eyes with him and they held there for a moment, before the familiar sensation wrapped around became to much, and he dropped his head to hide his tears.
As soon as the soldiers released him, Nasedo jumped to his feet and locked eyes with him, and felt huge lump in his throat choking him. “It is him” he couldn’t move, as much as he wanted to, he couldn’t remember how to work his feet. Everyone looked from Nasedo to the soldier. They could see the rare emotions that raced across Nasedo’s face, and knew he had a idea what was going on. Deciding that there were some questions that needed answering, Max cleared his throat to get everyones attention.

“Ok, I want answers, and I want them now” he ordered. Nasedo shook his head to regain his composure. He looked back to Max, and a slow smile caressed his lips. He knew there was a lot of explaining to do, but it was going to be pretty hard with the soldiers still kneeling on the floor.

“Uh Max, it’s going to be hard to answer you questions, while they’re still on the floor, and I’m quite sure their knees are killing them” he raised his eyebrow at Max. Max looked at him confusingly. Nasedo saw his confusion and smirked at his Majesty’s innocense.

“Your Majesty, Commander Rath, I would like to introduce you to your Royal Army” he watched their eyes widen in shock, and he chuckled to himself “uh Max, they can’t stand until you give the order” Nasedo informed him. Max stared at him, and then as if finally realizing what was said, he looked at the soldiers in front of him.

Although he knew he was the King of a far away planet, and even with all that was going on, this was the first time the reality of it hit him. Sure he knew about his previous life, but here on Earth, in this lifetime he may have been a King, but everyone around him never addressed him as one. Every decision made, was made as a group. Now, the situation they were in was finally becoming real. Squaring his shoulders, and ready to accept his role, Max looked to Michael, who had made his way to his side, as did Tess and Isabel. They let him know that they were there for him.

“Max?” Nasedo watched as Max struggled with the reality at hand. Clearing his throat, Max focused back on the soldier. Accepting his destiny he spoke.

“You may rise” he instructed. They all watched in awe, as one by one the soldiers rose from their spots and stared straight ahead of them. Maria was trying to adjust to everything going on, and she watched the soldiers stand to their feet. Her eyes turned to her best friend, and noticed the soldier that brought her in was now standing, but he once again had Liz wrapped in his arms in a protective manner. She saw the love sick look he was giving Liz, and she knew that wasn’t a good sign.

Harrison let his eyes fall once again on the group before him, and they fell on those of his King. He was nervous as hell, but it wasn’t from being in the presence of the Royal Four, more from the man standing with the Royal Four. He risked a look at Nasedo, and couldn’t help the joy that shout thru him. Nasedo smiled as he realized his eyes weren’t playing games on him and he slowly took a step forward. Michael grabbed his arm, stopping his movement.

“What the hell are you doing” he whispered “we don’t know for sure, who these people are” even though it seemed as if they were on their side, he still had his doubts, and wanted answers before they got all friendly with them. Nasedo looked at the hand on his forearm, and then looked to Michael. He knew he was still skeptically, and they had every right to be, so to set their minds at ease, he turned to Harrison and then to Max.

“Your Highness, if I may” he jester towards the soldiers. Max wasn’t sure what he was requesting, but he needed to know if these people were trust worthy.

“Let him go Michael” he told him. Michael was about to protest, but Max shout him a look that told him not to argue, and he released his hold on Nasedo. Nasedo nodded towards Max, and then turned back to Harrison.

Nasedo slowly rolled his sleeve up his arm, and they all looked on as the soldiers followed his lead. Harrison smiled at him, and he too revealed his arm to him.

“I am Vring, from the House of Vic’xa” Nasedo spoke proudly, “I am of the Royal Army. May duty is to protect...........”

“Honor and serve the Royal House of Antar. I will lay down my life for my King and my planet” Harrison continued “I am Verser, from the House of Vic’xa, Antar” he finished. They all watched as a seal appeared on Nasedo and Harrison’s wrists. The seal was very much like the Royal seal with the five stars in the V formation, but it was set in a double circle, and underneath the seal was a smaller V and it shined brightly. One by one the same seal appeared on the other soldiers wrists. They took noticed of how underneath each soldiers seal, their was a symbol, they were all different, and a couple of soldiers carried the same symbols.

Not able to stand it any longer, Nasedo stepped forward so he was only a mere inches in front of Harrison.

“Verser.....” he said in a disbelieving voice.

“Vring.....” came his horse reply. The two men stood there, just staring at each other, both trying to get the voices to work. Finally Harrison stepped forward, closing the gap between them, and threw his arms around him. Nasedo returned the embrace, unable and uncaring about the tears that seemed to escaped his eyes without his knowledge.

“How.....I.....I thought you were died” Harrison cried. He too let the tears fall, and knew that his soldiers were seeing a side of him he had never revealed.

“I’ve missed you” Nasdeo spoke truthfully, and hugged him tighter. Max exchanged looks with everyone, and they were just as confused as he was. Tess watched the scene, and was shocked to see the man that raised her, who never once showed her an once of love, crying.

Johnson had pulled his eyes away from the angel in his arms, and watched as his CO broke down openly in front of all to see. He had never once seen him show any signs of emotions, but now here he was showing a side of him, he never knew existed.

Nasedo pulled away first, and he wiped the tears from his eyes. He looked up at Harrison and he too was trying to remove the wetness from his cheeks. A clearing of a throat, brought them back to their surroundings. Turning back to Max and the others, Nasedo suddenly became shy.

“As much as we enjoyed the little emotional scene, would someone please explain to us what the hell is going on” Michael spatted out. Nasedo looked at his King, throwing a arm around Harrison’s shoulder, he smiled brightly.

“Your Majesty, Commander, everyone, I would like you to met brother.”

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Chapter 16

Jeff and the other parents had stayed silent throughout everything that was going on. They didn’t want to provoke anything, so they stood back, letting Max handle the situation. Jeff and Phillip kept Nancy and Diane safely tucked behind them, while keeping a watchful eye on the soldiers. Jeff had almost stopped breathing when the soldier walked in carrying Liz. She looked so fragile and small, it took all his strength not to go over and rip her out his arms, not knowing exactly what they were up against. So instead he sat back, clutching his fist, and praying that she was ok.

Phillip was worried about his children, and as much as he knew this day was coming, the fact that it was finally here sent chills down his spine. He was trying to focus on the situation at hand, all the while trying to comfort Diane. She was standing behind him, and was clutching his hand in a death grip. He looked down at her, and sent her a loving smile in which she returned with a hint of fear behind it.

Nancy stood slightly behind Jeff watching everything unfold. Although she was scared out of mind, she was not going to back down from these people. She had promised Max and Liz that she would stand beside them no matter what, and she planned on keeping that promise. Hell, she wasn’t called ‘Knock Out Parker’ for nothing. She found herself smiling even under the circumstances at the name Chris and Michael had gave during one of their training sections were she accidently knocked Chris out with a round house kick. Once everyone else heard about it, they wouldn’t let her live it down, and would take to calling her “Knock Out Parker.” Nancy kept her eyes on the soldier with Liz, and regardless of what was going on around her, and kept her eyes on her daughter.

After Nasedo’s announcement, they all stared at him in shock. Tess was still surprised at the emotional scene, it barely register what he had said. “His brother” she let it play over and over in her head, and she felt a small part of her was extremely happy for him, but she still needed to know what was going on. Next to her, standing slightly behind her was Chris. As soon as the soldiers enter the café, he pushed Tess behind him, but she wouldn’t have him risk his life. Although he had been training and out at the shooting range, he had no real defense against someone with alien powers, so she stood in front of him, protecting him from any harm.

Chris could see the emotions running across Tess’ face. Over the years since he has been with Tess, she had opened up to him regarding her relationship with Nasedo. Even though he never really showed any feelings towards her, she still consider him somewhat of a father figure. He could tell it was tearing her apart to see him show so much emotions to this stranger, then he ever showed to her. She kept her face neutral, not letting it show how she was effected. He squeezed her hand to let her know he was there for her, and she returned the jester with a smile.

Not the one for all the silence, Maria finally broke it.

“Your brother. Now he has a brother, something else we didn’t know” Maria was no longer scared, now she was border line pissed. Turning to the soldier who was holding Liz, she let lose “and you, what did you do to my friend, huh. You better hope to god that she is ok, because it she isn’t, I’m going to kick your ass from here to Timbuktu” all her fear was gone, and Johnson found himself face to face with Hurricane DeLuca.

Alex grabbed Maria’s arm as she bravely confronted the soldier. He could see the shocked expression on his face, and had to hide his smirk at the nervous look across his face. Maria struggled against Alex as he tried to contain her. She still had some words for this soldier, and he was going to feel her wrath. Michael stared at his wife, his little spitfire, in awe. He knew it wouldn’t be long before she was beating the poor soldier to the ground, and he stepped forward, and wrapped his arms around her waist. He knew she was scared, but when Maria was scared, she lashed out instead of showing her true feelings.

“Calm down Maria” he stroked her back as she took deep calming breathes, he turned to Max, who too was staring at Johnson with a look to kill. Upon Maria’s outburst, Nasedo once again became aware of his surroundings. He released Harrison and rushed over to Johnson, and tried to grab her out his arms, but Johnson stood firm, and wouldn’t release her.

“What did you do to her” he asked still trying to pry her away from him. Max had stepped forward also, and he saw the way the soldier wouldn’t let go of Liz, and this only fueled his flame. Johnson stared at the man trying to grab his angel out his arms, and felt pure rage at the suggestion that he would hurt her.

“I didn’t do anything to her” he spoke thru his teeth, trying to control his anger. He then looked down at Liz, and his whole demeanor changed “I would never hurt something as precious as her, she’s an angel, my angel” he spoke barely above a whisper, and his voice was laced with love.

That done it, Max pushed Nasedo aside, and stood face to face with Johnson. Johnson straighten, and looked into the eyes of his King. He saw the anger flash in his eyes, and the veins in his neck were protruding. He swallowed nervously, he wasn’t sure what was going on, but he definitely didn’t want to be on the Kings bad side. The others could fell Max’s energy building, and they knew he was pulling from their own energy. Max clutched and un-clutched his fist, he could feel the electricity flowing thru him, and he was ready to fry this soldier right were he stood.

“Max!” he heard the others shouting at him in his head, but he was to far gone to stop now. This man had his hands on his wife, his Queen, and he was under the impression that she was his.


Liz felt a course of energy slamming into her. She knew from the pull that it was coming from Max. She tried to remember what had happened, but kept drawing a blank. Along with the energy Max was pulling, Liz also felt something else, fear, nervousness and the Slowly coming aware, she felt something hard against her. She opened her eyes, and her eyes landed on that something. It was a chest, a very muscular chest, but she knew that it wasn’t Max’s, but the feelings she was receiving were coming from this person, and the weird thing was, was the feeling of love was directed at her.

Liz looked up and her eyes landed on a face, a face she didn’t recognized, but still seemed familiar. He had a kind of boyish appearance, and from what she could see, his face structure were definite. He had a strong jaw line, not as powerful as Max’s, but strong just the same. She could see the way his jaw flexed as he clutched his teeth together. His hair, well what wasn’t covered by that silly looking hat, was dark brown, and it curled at the nape of his neck, with his bangs falling slightly out from under his hat, causing them to shield his right eye.

Liz felt another jolt of energy slam into her, and it was accompanied by several strong emotions.......anger, frustration, possessiveness and most of all jealousy. She let her eyes wander, and they landed on Max. Her husband, the love of her life. A smile unconsciously touched her lips. She took in his appearance, and instantly became alarmed. Liz could tell by his posture that his whole body was one tense knot. His fists were clutched so tightly, causing his biceps to flex unintentionally. Traveling upwards, she saw the way the veins were sticking out his neck, and they were pulsating furiously.

His jaws mimicked those of the young man, but she could tell that Max was grinding his teeth together, trying desperately to gain control of the energy coursing thru him. His nostrils flared like an angry dragon, and she hesitantly looked to his eyes. What she saw in his eyes made her gasp in shock. No longer were they the amber colored orbs with the tiny specks of gold, that with just one look, made her weak in the knees and set her core on fire, turning her into his willing love slave. Instead, his eyes were black, completely black, just as Xan’s had been that awful day, but the thing was she could see the tiny sparks of electricity that flashed thru his eyes.

She had never seen him like these before, and even though she was able to feel his emotions and the pull of energy from her, he was blocking all thoughts. She knew what ever was going on in him, he was ready to release it, and it wasn’t going to be small. Still unsure of what was causing him to react this way, she knew she had to calm him down, and quickly. She was still a little woozy, but managed to focus.

“Max?” she whispered.

Max had heard her voice, and felt his anger subside some, but he still couldn’t calm down completely, not as long as this prick still had his hands on his wife. Liz felt the pull lessen, but it was still radiating thru her. She felt herself being shifted, and that’s when everything became clear to her. She looked up once again, and was met by a pair of hazel eyes, that were slightly larger then normal. The chest, the strong jaws, the chocolate colored hair, they all belonged to those set of eyes. This stranger who was looking at her with pure love and infatuated, regardless of the other emotions drumming thru him, and she was in the arms of said stranger.

Johnson looked down at his angel when her velvety voice reached his ears like a sweet melody. He had cautiously turned his eyes away from those of his kings, and locked eyes with her, and felt his stomach turn and his throat went dry. He had gotten a brief glimpse of her eyes in the alley, but to have them staring back at him, made his heart speed up and his hands go sweaty. He had never felt this way before, even on Antar when there were numerous of women throwing their selves at the available soldiers, he had never once felt a pull to one of them, the way he felt towards the woman in his arms. He felt her wiggling in his arms trying to get down, and as much as he wanted her to stay in his arms, she was desperately trying to get free.

After Liz realized what was causing Max’s anger, she immediately tried to remove herself from the strangers gasp, but he wasn’t relenting his hold on her. She could feel Max’s anger returning at full force, and she desperately needed to get to him. She looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“Please, could you....could you let me down” she knew this man had no idea what type of danger he was in. Johnson slowly acknowledged her request, and gently sat her feet on the ground. He could help himself, and rubbed his hand up her arm.

“Are you sure you’re ok. I’m.......” Johnson never got the chance to finish, because he found himself slammed into the wall behind him. Max had watched the way he stroked Liz’s arm, and he snapped. He released an energy ball at the soldier, sending him flying back against the wall. He was holding him up with his powers, and was frantically gasping for breath.

“Max!” Liz was terrified. Max was the most gentle person she knew, and this wasn’t him. She turned to the others for help, and they were just as shocked as she was. Michael couldn’t move, as much as he had wanted to rip this guy apart, Max was going to kill him.

“Michael, Nasedo do something” Isabel shouted at them. Nasedo stepped forward, only to be stopped by Harrison.

“That’s not Max” he informed him.

“What do you mean” they all shouted at him.

“I mean, that is Zan” he told them. He looked at them confusingly, wondering why they seemed not to know this.

“What!” but before Harrison could reply, Max spoke.

“You dare put your hands on my wife, and then call her yours. You come in here in disrespect me, King Zan, and you disrespect my wife, your Queen by mauling her like a piece of meat” his voice was remarkably calm, and it sent shivers thru those in the room. The other soldiers, were scared shitless. This was the powerful King Zan, and none of them wanted to be in Johnson’s place at the moment. Max continued to stared at the soldier before him, and crooked his head to the side. A slow smile spread across his lips as he contemplated how he would put him out his misery.

“You know, I could just make this quick and easy, or I can make it slow and painful. What do you think, huh. I’ll even let you decide on your punishment for placing your hands on my Liz” Johnson eyes widen in fear, and he was trying desperately to catch his breath. He didn’t know she was King Zan’s Queen, if he had known, he would have kept his emotions in check, but the damaged was done, he knew from all his training that the Queen was never to be touched by anyone not of the Royal family, and the punishment for disobeying said rule was death.

Johnson took one last look at his angel, who now carried a name Queen Liz, and closed his eyes, ready to except his faith. The parents were all shocked to see the once shy and quiet Max Evans, stand before them, and was going to take some ones life. They could see the young man was shocked to realize who Liz was, and was truly sorry for his actions, but Max could see past his anger, and they feared for the soldier.

Liz was speechless. She knew she couldn’t let Max or Zan or whoever kill this man. Regardless of who he was, he was not a killer. She had to get thru to him.

“Max please, let him go. He didn’t know. Just let him go” she pleaded with him, and when she saw he wasn’t bulging, she stepped to his side and laced her fingers thru his.


“He shouldn’t have touched you. You are mine, and no one is to touch you like that” he tried to make her see the reason why he was doing this, and as much as he wanted to kill this jerk, he felt his energy decreasing with every stroke of Liz’s hand on his arm.

“You’re right, I am yours and no one else’s. Just like your mine” she turn his face to look at her, and his anger evaporated completely. Liz looked into the eyes of her husband, and sent him her love thru their connection. She stroked his face to release the tension still simmering underneath the surface.

“Let him go Zan” she coaxed him softly. She watched his eyes go from coal black, to golden amber, back to black again. Max released his hold on the soldier, and vaguely heard his body slam to the ground. He turned to the soldier who was rising on his hands and knees, wheezing for air. He released Liz’s hand and walked up to him, kneeling down so he was level to his ear.

“You better thank your lucky stars my wife has a soft side, and I treasure my wife’s wishes, and spared you your life. Stay away from her” Max rose to his feet, and stared at the soldiers weaken form, before abruptly turning around. He saw all the confused and shocked faces staring at him. He squared his shoulders and grabbed Liz’s hand.

“We will discuss this tomorrow” was all he said before he started towards the front door.

“Maxwell I don’t..........” Michael started, but before he was able to finish, Max was in his face.

“I said we will discuss this tomorrow Rath” Michael saw the sparks flash in Max’s eyes, and knew now was not the time.

“Glad you see it my way” Max replied after seeing Michael wasn’t going to protest. He looked around the room to see if there were any other objections, when he saw there were none, he turned on his heels, clutching Liz’s hand in his, he stormed out the door, slamming it in the process, causing the glass to shatter in pieces. Leaving a room full of stunned family members and soldiers.

TBC?................SO WHAT DO YOU THINK. LADY S.
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Chapter 17

They all stared in shock at Max and Liz’s retreating forms. Never once had they seen Max so, so not Max. He was always the calm one, the rational one. Making everyone one see reason behind their actions before they acted. Not to say he was a saint or anything, because there have been times Max had really lost his temper, and the ironic thing was, that all those times, Liz was the center of it. Like when he blew a whole the size of Texas thru his bedroom door when she left for Florida their junior year, or when Nasedo had inadvertently said a few unkind words about her while she was away.

They all knew how possessive of Liz Max was. She was his world, his strength, his soulmate. From experience, they all knew Max was extremely jealous when it came to Liz. It wasn’t like he was insecure or feared losing her, but he still couldn’t believe she had accepted him and loved him for who he was, and he wasn’t going to let anything or anyone come between that. Even though she was a little bit more discreet, Liz was just as possessive of Max, and had, had her share of the case of the green eyed monster...................

***** She was having a wonderful day, and Liz was extremely happy. She had went to the lab this morning, only to be informed by Dr. Hamilton that they were ahead in their researches, and that she should take the day off and relax, be free. She didn’t hesitant one minute, and was out the door before he changed his mind. It wasn’t everyday she was allowed free time.

She had went home to an empty house for once, and relished at the peace and quiet. Don’t get her wrong, she loved her family, but sometimes she just needed some time to herself. She decided to treat herself to a nice hot bubble bath to relax, while listening to some light jazz. An hour later Liz emerged from the bathroom feeling totally relax and fresh. She headed to the kitchen to prepare herself a snack, when the phone rung.

“Hello” she answered.

“Hey chica, what are you doing home” Maria inquired.

“Hey ‘Ria. Dr. Hamilton gave me the day off” she explained, as she rumbled thru the contents of the fridge for something to eat.

“Wait, how did you know I was at home” she asked.

“Weelll, look out the window” Liz did as she requested, and was greeted by the site of Maria in her front yard, waving to her excitedly.

“Maria, what are you doing home so early” Liz smiled at her best friend for years, and waved.

“I only had to take a quick exam this morning, and the rest of my day is completely free, so I stopped by the store on my way home to pick up a few things to feed the fridge.” Maria was taking some classes at the junior college, trying to enhance her MS degree in Business Management. She had partnered up with Amy after she graduated, and had opened up a whole new world for Amy’s small town shop. Now you can find ‘Alien Takedown’ all over the internet and several big publications. Who knew that out side Roswell, NM there were millions of UFO fanatics.

“Sooo, what are you getting into” she asked in a singing voice, retrieving another bag from her truck, while trying to balance the phone between her shoulder and ear.

“Nothing much, I was just about to fix myself a little snack. Why” she could practically hear the wheels turning in Maria’s head.

“How about you, me and the mall” she asked hopefully. It had been awhile since they had spent some girl time alone, just the two of them.

“I don’t know Maria, I just want to sit back and relax you know” Liz protested.

“Oh come on Lizzy, it will be fun. We can even stop by Max’s office and see if he, Tess and Chris could join us for lunch. Pleeaaassee” she begged. The more Liz listened to Maria’s argument, the more she found herself liking the idea.

“Ok, give me ten minutes, and we can go” she caved.

“Oooh, we are going to have sooo much fun. Hurry up and get your butt in gear” Maria joked. They hung up with each other to get ready, and ten minutes later, they were pulling out the drive, on their way to shop til they dropped.

Two hours and ten bags each later, it was a very hyper and chattering Liz and Maria that made their way into the office of Tess and Chris. They greeted Heather, their receptionist, and sat down in the waiting area, which was had one other occupant, a man, presumably waiting on his child. The door opened revealing Tess who was holding the hand of a little boy who looked to be about seven or eight, and he had the biggest smile on his face.

Walking over to Heathers desk, and pulled something out the top drawer, handing it to the little boy. He turned and ran into the arms of the man sitting across from Maria and Liz. Tess walked over to him, and he graciously shook hand.
“He did great Greg, Nathan’s a real big boy, didn’t even shed a tear” Tess winked at Nathan, and he beamed proudly.

“Thank you Dr....I mean Tess” Tess and Chris ran their practice in a family environment, and everyone was on a first name basics. “So we will see you in two weeks right” he asked her?

“That’s right, just stop by Heathers desk and schedule an appointment” she told him, while rustling Nathan’s hair. She watched them leave before turning to the two women she had grown to calling her sisters.

“Hey guys, tO what do I owe this pleasure” she asked them, placing a kiss upon their cheeks.

“We came by to see if you, Chris and Max were free to join us for lunch” Maria smiled at her. Tess turned towards Heather.

“Heather” she called.

“Yes Tess.”

“What do we have scheduled next” she asked her. Heather took a quick look at the appointment book and smiled back at her.

“Actually, you and Chris are free until 2:30 this afternoon” she replied. Tess turned back to Maria and Liz.

“Great, let me just go get Chris, and we’ll head across the way and pick up that husband of yours” she said, squeezing Liz’s hand before disappearing in the back. When she returned, Chris was right behind her, tugging on his jacket. He walked over to Maria and Liz and gave them both a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Heather, why don’t you take an extended lunch, and come back around two ok” Chris told her, wrapping his arms around Tess’ waist. Heather was use to the PDA from their family, and smiled at them.

“Thanks Chris, Tess. You guys go ahead, I’ll lock up on my way out” she responded, and watched the four of them exit the waiting room, heading across the hall to Dr. Evans office.

Liz lead the way into Max’s office, and noticed that his office was also empty, but the thing that set her women’s intuition into overdrive was that Kathy, his assistant/receptionist wasn’t at her desk. Max had hired her just two weeks ago after his first assistant Sheila had a baby and decided to stay at home permanently. The moment she had meet Kathy, Liz felt an instant dislike towards her.

She was older then them by four years, and she was always wearing skirts that were to short or had splits that were to high. Her blouses she wore clung to her like a second skin, and showed way to much cleavage. Liz had once confronted her about proper office attire, but she just simply smiled and told her she would consider it. The thing that really pissed her off was that every chance Kathy got, she would hang all over Max. She would accidently drop things in front of him so she would have to bend over, purposely revealing her breast to him, or she would ‘casually’ brush up against him, and the thing was, she would do these things in front of Liz, sending smirks in her direction as if saying “she didn’t give a damn if she was his wife, she wanted him, and would have him.”

Liz had went to Max about her concerns, but him being naive or extremely stupid, told her she was being paranoid, and begged her not to upset things, because Kathy came highly recommended with an impressive resume. He was really swapped, and he couldn’t afford to look for a replacement. So Liz retreated, and thought maybe she was over acting.

“Were is Kathy” Tess inquired. She knew how Liz felt about the other woman, and she did her best to keep an eye on her for Liz.

“I don’t know” Liz whispered. She made her way down the hall to Max’s office with the others right behind her, and the door was ajar.

Max had just seen his last patient for the morning, and was adding some finishing notes to a couple of files before heading out to grab something to eat. Walking over to his desk, he leaned over it looking for a specific file. He ran a frustrated hand thru his hair when he couldn’t place it. Turning towards the door he called out.

“Kathy” he shouted. Kathy made her way into his office, and a smile played on her lips. She took in her boss’ tousled appearance. The way his sleeves were rolled up, revealing his powerful forearms, or the way several buttons on his shirt had came undone, giving her a good view of his golden chest. She watched him pick up a box of files and moved them across the room, squatting as he sat it on the floor, causing his khaki pants to hug his tight butt.

She felt the moisture forming between her legs, and vowed to have him buried deep inside her. Yes, Max Evans was one fine man, and he needed a real woman to put it on him, not that mousy little girl that called herself his wife. She set the plan in motion to seduce Dr. Evans, and she could picture herself underneath him as he plunged into her. Throwing on her sexist smile, she entered fully into the room, pushing the door behind her.

“Yes Dr. Evans” she cooed.

“Have you seen William Longs file” he asked her without even honoring her with a glance. He continued to shuffle thru the files on the table, never noticing the scene going on behind his back. Kathy was glad there were no more patients this morning, because she planned on taking full advantage of it. She slowly undid her blouse, and let it fall to the floor, leaving her clad in her tiny lace bra and her skirt. She walked up behind him, reaching in front of him, she pulled the file out from under a stack she had prepared earlier.

“You mean this file doctor” she purred in his ear, slowly running her tongue over his earlobe. Max was shocked. He spawn around quickly, and before he had a chance to react, she was plastered up against him, and her tongue was forced into his mouth. Max tried to resist and push her away, but she was gripping him like a Venus flytrap, and he was appalled at the situation. He felt his shirt being ripped open, and hands were on his belt. He desperately tried to pull his lips from hers, but she gripped his head between her hands, holding him firmly in place. He didn’t return anything, and he felt the anger building in him.

How dare she violate him like this, he was a married man who loved his wife and children, and he wasn’t going to let anyone come between that. With as much force as he could muster up. He grabbed her hands away from his face, and pushed her away from him. He wiped his mouth violently, trying to rid her taste from his mouth.

“What the hell are you doing. I’m a married man” he told her, finally taking in her appearance. She stepped forwards.

“Come on Max, let me show you what a real woman can do for you” she purred.

“I have a real women. MY WIFE.” he told her stepping back, causing him to bump into the table behind him. Kathy liked the way he was playing hard to get, and she knew just how to handle men like him. She saw he had backed himself up between the table and her, and she ceased her opportunity. She stepped forward, trapping him from moving.

“Come on Max, I could teach you things your little wife couldn’t even conjure up” she dropped to her knees, and was just about to undo his pants, when she felt her head being jerked back.

When Liz had came upon his office door, she saw that it was slightly opened, and she heard voices. She peeked in, and the sight before her made her blood boil, and she felt the familiar taste of bile rising in her throat. She had to control the energy radiating thru her. She turned to the others who were staring at her confusingly, and motioned for them to be quiet. She stood there and watched the scene play out before her. It was hard, and all she wanted to do was go in there and blast that bitch to kingdom come, but she waited to see how Max would handle the situation.

She watched as Max repeatedly tried to rebuff her advances, but she would take no for and answer. The finally straw was when she dropped to her knees and was eye level with her husbands crotch. She stormed in the room, with both Tess and Maria right behind her, both fuming in anger. Liz couldn’t think straight, all she wanted was to kick her ass.

“I believe he said NO” she seethed. She tighten her hands in Kathy’s hair, and yanked her head back farther.

“Don’t you know it’s unlady like to try to whore around with a married man. Especially one who is refusing your advances” she spoked angrily. She felt her energy pulling together, and she was ready to release it, right into Kathy’s perfect 10 body. Kathy stared at her wide eyed, and was suddenly regretting her actions. Max could feel Liz’s energy, and he didn’t want her to do anything to expose them, especially over some lowlife like Kathy. He sent her tons and tons of love and reassurance that she was the only one for him to calm her down, and after awhile he felt her pulsating energy become a low buzz. Taking a deep breath Liz released her hold on Kathy’s head with a push, causing her to land on the ground with a hard thud.

Kathy quickly scrambled across the floor to retrieve her shirt, and get out of there ASAP. Liz was still pissed, and she still needed release. She saw Kathy trying to escape out the door, but it was being blocked by Tess, Chris and maria.

“And Kathy” Liz watched her slowly turn to her, and she walked up to her. Before she could blink, Liz sent a right hook across her face, sending her flying across the room, after putting a little alien juice behind it.

“You’re fired bitch” ******

Lets just say they both get crazy when it comes to the other. Michael looked at the shards of glass on the floor, and shook his head at the scene. He was some what pissed that Max could just leave like that without knowing what is going on. He walked over to the door, and quickly mended the mess that Max had caused. He turned back to the others, who were all staring at him expectantly. He looked past them to the soldier Max had, had pinned against the wall, and he was still kneeled on the floor trying to breath, while some of the other soldiers were trying to assist him.

“Is he going to be alright” he asked them, not really caring. The soldiers straighten at his question,
and stared ahead.

“Yes sir, Commander Rath” they address him. Michael rolled his eyes at the name, but found that it really didn’t bother him that much. Michael turned to Nasedo.

“Handle this for the time being, I’ll meet up with Max to see when he wants to set up the meeting, and then you” he pointed to Nasedo and then Harrison “and you, will explain exactly what the hell went on her tonight” Nasedo and Harrison nodded their heads in agreement. Michael turned to the group.

“It’s late, and we all need to get some rest, I have a feeling tomorrow’s going to be a long day” they all moved to gather up their things. Michael turned to their parents.

“Mom, dad, why don’t you guys go home, and we’ll call you first thing in the morning” he assured them.

“Michael..” Diane started to protest, she was worried about Max and what had just happened. Phillip could see the tried lines on his sons face, and decided now was not the time.

“Alright son, you get everyone home safe” he patted his sons back, and went in the back to gather their coats. Michael turned to Jeff and Nancy.

“Is it ok if we left the Rugrats here, because if not we can...” he gestured towards the door, and Jeff waved him off.

“It’s ok Michael, they’ll be fine” Jeff looked at the young man before him “Michael, is Liz going to be ok” he couldn’t help voice the question that was running thru both his and Nancy’s mind. They had never seen that side of Max, and they were scared for their daughter. Michael could see the worry etched across their faces, and wanted to set them at ease.

“Don’t worry, Max would never hurt Liz, regardless if he’s Max or Zan. His heart is still Liz’s and he would never put her in danger” Michael saw the relief wash over them, and gently patted their arms. Michael hoped his words were true, as he gathered up Maria, and they all headed home.


Liz kept sneaking sideway glances at Max as they drove down the deserted streets of Roswell. He hadn’t spoken or even looked at her since he pulled her out the Crashdown. He just tugged her along, opened the door of the jeep and deposited her in the passengers seat before puling out the parking lot at warp speed. She watched as he stared straight ahead, gripping the steering wheel tightly, turning his knuckles white. His expression was blank, and his eyes were as black as the midnight sky. She could feel so many emotions coming from him, and they were so jumbled she could barely decipher any of them. she had given up trying to pinpoint exactly what was going on inside him miles back, and just sat back and let his feelings flow thru her, while sending him nothing but love, wrapping it around him like a security blanket.

She turned her attention back to the open highway stretched out before them. The wind was whipping around her, causing her hair to fly in every direction, but she didn’t mind, actually it was kind of calming as it caressed her face like feathered kisses. Resting her head against the seat, she let the scene of the desert floor hypnotize her as it rolled past them. She knew were they were headed, and she knew why. She knew whatever Max needed was out here somewhere, and she would be there for him, so she closed her eyes and let the breeze and the sound of the jeeps engine to settle over her.

Max was staring ahead of him, focusing on the little white lines that quickly flashed then disappeared under the jeep. He had so much going on in him, and was trying to gain some control over the situation. He knew Liz was worried about him, but she never voice it, instead just sent him a continuous stream of warmth and love. His mind kept replaying everything that went on or was said at the Crashdown, but he wanted nothing more but to push those thoughts aside for now.

Feeling Liz’s contentment, he took a chance and glanced in her direction. Her eyes were closed, and from many years of watching her sleep, he knew she wasn’t sleeping. The wind was blowing her hair every which way, blowing in her face. She looked calm, relaxed.....peaceful. His eyes turned darker then possible, and his jaws flexed painfully. Snapping his head back to the road, he gripped the steering wheel hard, surprised that it hadn’t snapped under the pressure. He could see the familiar peaks in the distances, and felt the pull to be there grew stronger.

Liz felt the jerk of the jeep as it pulled to a halt. Opening her eyes, she came face to face with the rock formation. They hadn’t been back up here in years, not since that day she walked away from Max and the whole alien destiny six years ago. They had all agreed that since they had set off the orbs that day, sending out a signal to only god knows who, that it wasn’t safe to be around it in case their enemies were able to track its location.

Liz watched Max jump out the jeep and stride over to her side. He grabbed several blankets out the back of the jeep, before turning and grabbing her hand, and assisted her out the jeep. She laced her fingers thru his, sighing at the contact. Max turned and headed up the steep, rocky trail. There wasn’t much illuminating the trail, so Liz followed him blindly, letting him lead the way. She looked upwards to the sky, and was greeted with the sight of the V formation.......their seal, resting high above the peaks. Max stopped suddenly, causing her to run into his shoulder. Max looked down at her, and then followed her line of vision. He saw their seal overhead, and a jolt of pure, untamable energy rocked thru him. He looked down at Liz, and Liz watched once again as his eyes transformed back and forward from amber to black several times before settling back to the deep penetrating black. She felt something rush thru her, causing her to unconsciously shake.

Max saw her shake, and squeezed her hand in comfort. He turned to the structure in front of them, waving his hand over the surface, and was rewarded with the glow of the silver handprint, shimmering in the night. He placed his hand over it, stepping back as the rock slid away, revealing the secret entrance to the pod chamber. He stepped aside and assisted Liz in first, then climbed in after her. Liz looked around the musky cave and marvel at how the 17 years, the pods were her husband and the other podsters were born, still had light radiating from them, setting off a green pulsating glow that gave the cave efficient lighting.

The scientist in her was turning over all types of scenarios on how they could still be alive, it was like something was generating power to them, causing them to never die. She slowly walked over to the four pods to observe them closely. The last time she was here, they were so focused on bringing Nasedo back, and then the revelation of the whole destiny thing, she didn’t get a chance to inspect them, heck she didn’t even know which pod belonged to who.. Walking closer, she felt a pull, and she reached out and touched one of them.

As if it knew or recognized her, the pod glowed brightly and hummed loudly under her touch. She was just about to pull her hand away when the flashes came........


Someone that looked like a doctor, holding a infant in his arms


Stars, lots and lots of stars passing by her

Not only could Liz was seeing these things, she was feeling everything that was associated with them. She felt herself falling, and more flashes came......



Feet running around in all directions




The desert.........the rock formation

Liz gasped inaudibly when the next flashes came, and she realized what she was seeing. They were coming faster, and the feelings accompanying them were making her warm all over, and the tears tickling her cheeks were left unattended.


The infant growing


The child at one years old


Two years old


Three years old


Four years old


Five years old


Him breaking out of the pod, covered in some weird goo

After that, the flashes stopped. Liz blinked her eyes several times to remove the haze over them. She ran her hand over the pod.....Max’s pod, and felt a sense of peace bowl over her. She spun around in search of Max, but as soon as she turned around, soft..moist...hungry lips attached themselves to hers.

Max had been watching her as soon as he entered the chamber. He knew exactly the moment the scientist in her kicked in. Sitting back, he just watched her as her mind explored. He felt her awe over the longevity of the pods, and wondered about their inner workings. Feeling her curiosity as she reached out to touch one. His heart fluttered when her hand instantly landed on his pod, as if she knew it was his. As the room filled with a bright light and hummed loudly, he closed his eyes as a rush if possessiveness washed over him.

She was his, even his pod recognized her as his. She was his heart and soul, and he would do anything in his power to make her happy and keep her safe. The scene at the Crashdown kept playing over and over in his head, and the way that bastard had his hands on his Queen, no one touches Liz like that, no one. He remembered how he had felt as he held that prick up against the wall, and the thing was, he didn’t care if he killed him, in fact he had every intention on doing so, until the pleading voice of Liz stopped him. Everyone knew the rule about touching his Queen, and he had disrespected him and Liz.

He felt something awaken in him, and as much as he tried to deny it, it was apart of him, and it wasn’t going to let him escape who he was. He forced his eyes open and focused on Liz, and within two long, powerful strides, he was standing behind her. Resting his hands on her hips, he was immediately assaulted with flashes. They were coming quickly, and a mixture of feelings were coming from Liz and the flashes. Some of them he recognized, but the majority of them were new to him, and as fast as they started, they stopped.

He didn’t wanted to try and figure them out, not now, not at that moment. Instead, as soon as Liz turned towards him, he attacked her lips with his, trying to devour her within him. Cupping the back of her head, and running his fingers thru her hair, Max forced his tongue in her mouth, happy that she didn’t resist to his forcefulness. Liz brought her own arms up around his neck, and laced her fingers thru his hair. She could feel all the conflicting emotions surge thru him, and she knew that what he needed was her understanding and reassurance.

He couldn’t be gentle, he felt all his control leaving him, and being replaced by something else....something primal. Things kept flashing in his mind, and the one that always stuck out was how that soldier had looked and touched Liz. His possessiveness returned, and his kiss grew harder, more demanding. Their tongues danced across each others, and Liz had to conceal a cry as Max bit down hard on her bottom lip, tasting the blood as it mixed in with their saliva.

Tearing his mouth away from hers, he ran his tongue over her jaw, before attaching his lips to the expose skin of her neck. Max sucked and licked her neck, biting her upon hearing her throaty moans.


Max pushed her forcefully against the wall next to the pods, and her legs instinctively went around his waist. Liz barely registered the hard surface on her back, but focused on removing Max’s shirt. Seeing how he wasn’t relinquishing his position, she waved her hand over his back, dissolving his shirt completely, and he did the same to hers. She heard his low whispers to her, and she clung to him tighter.

“Mine..” he whispered against her skin “mine, and only Liz, my Queen” his voice was uncertain, and it sounded like a little boy who had just had his favorite toy snatched away from him. Liz felt tears come to her eyes. After all these years and the many words of love, he still felt unworthy of her love, and believed that any moment she would walk out his life. She knew what he needed, as he licked a trail down the valley of her breast.

“Yes Max, oh god yes. I’m yours, only yours” he raised his head from her breast, and she saw the sparks in his eyes, and knew no longer was he Max Evans..her husband and devoted father, no this was the one and only King Zan and all his glory. She cupped his face, and spoke softly to him.

“I’m yours forever, My Zan, my King” she felt his desire rock thru her, and she kissed his lips. No longer able to hold out any longer, he dissolved her skirt and panties, along with his pants and boxers. He attacked her lips once again, grabbing her hips as he guided his massive hard on into her wet, hot pussy.

“Oh god Liz please forgive me.......I.......I just can’t be gentle right now” he pounded into her hard, and with each thrust, pushed her harder into the caves wall, but Liz didn’t mind, she just held on to him and offered him her love and understanding.

“I love you Zan, god I love you” she cried to him as he slammed into her with great force.

“Liz my Queen, my sweet, sweet Liz” Max laced his fingers thru hers, and rested them against the cave. Unknowingly, their hands rested against his pod, and it began glow blindly. Max and Liz were unaware of their surroundings, and Max continued to thrust into her as her tight juicy walls pulled him in deeper.

“Let me in Liz” he begged her, and Liz wasted no time opening the connection to allow him deep within her soul. The connection formed immediately, but this time it was different. Liz could feel his presence surrounding her, but something else was there also. She reached for him, and when his soul met hers, the world around them exploded.


Zan being placed in his mothers arms next to Vilandar


A young Zan and Rath chasing a very cheerful Vilandar around the garden


Zan comforting a mournful Rath as they stared at a grave


Zan’s officially being announced King of Antar on his eighteen birthday


Rath smiling proudly as Zan betrothed him to Vilandar


Zan and Ava’s wedding

The flashes were flying by so quickly, and with each flash and emotions that accompanied them, Max slammed into Liz harder. Max had no control over anything that was happening, and somewhere in the back of his mind he knew he had to have been hurting her, but he just couldn’t stop. The flashes took on a different turn.


Zan double over in pain as he watched Ava’s body crumble to the floor, followed closely by Vilandar’s


Resting Rath’s head in his lap as he coughed and wheezed for air


Energy blast flying everywhere


A lab. Doctors running every which way

~~Flash~~ much pain

And then......nothing. Max screamed out in sorrow, and with one last hard thrust, he sent them both over the edge.

“Oh god Zaaann” Liz cried.

“Liiizzz” Max screamed. Liz felt his body tremble against hers with his orgasm. The light from his pod subsided only to be replaced by Max and Liz’s seal shone brightly on their foreheads, projecting out before colliding with each other. The chamber shook violently, and all four pods let off a pulsating light and hummed loudly. After a few minutes, the pods glow dimmed, and the humming was no louder then a whisper. Max slide down the wall, bringing Liz with him. He rested his head between her breast, and she ran her fingers thru his hair, trying to control the tremors that rocked his body. Their other hands were still entwined, and she brought them to her lips and pressed loving kisses upon his knuckles. She knew they needed to talk, but right now he just needed to be close to her, and she would never deny him that. She felt his breath even out over her breast, and wasn’t long before she heard the unmistakable sound of his light snoring.

“I love you” she whispered in the dark, and soon she too was over come by her sleep.

Back in town...........

Three bodies shot up from their sleep with a piercing scream.............

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Chapter 18

Nine days. Nine days until he was to land on a planet he despised in order to kill a man he despises even more. Kivar sat back in his chair, and thought about his up and coming confrontation with Zan. He was ready to take care of his little pest problems, better known as the Royal Four. He rose from his high back chair and, pacing the small confinement of his quarters, coming to rest at the little whole that served as a window. Looking out, he watched the many stars and small planets that danced across the galaxy floor. He wasn’t thrilled about going to Earth, but he personally wanted to see the look into Zan’s eyes as he killed his family in front of him once again, and then hand him to his painful death.

Kivar knew that if it hadn’t been for the betrayal of Vilandra to her family, and pure luck, he wouldn’t have been able to bring down the Royal house so easily. A small pang in his heart throbbed as he thought of his love affair with Vilandra. Their love was real, something that wasn’t able to be replicated. He loved her with all his heart and soul, even though it took his feelings a little longer to make their selves known. He knew she had always had a slight crush on him since they were little, but he could still remember the exact moment his own heart recognized his feelings for her...................

*****Kivar walked into the ballroom with the grace of a true King in the making. Which was true, his older brother who was next in line for the throne of Que’sar, was recently killed on a flight mission a few months back, hence leaving him the to step up as the next heir. He had received a invitation at the palace last week, inviting him to Prince Zan and Princess Vilandra’s seventeenth birthday gathering. He was never fond of Zan and his little sidekick Rath, and would rather not be subjected to their presences, but inside his invite, their was a personal handwritten note from Princess Vilandra requesting his presence.

Intrigued by her note as to why she had personally requested his presence, he found himself subconsciously counting down the days before he saw her. It had been awhile since he had been to Antar, and this was as good of an excuse as any to grace it with his presence. It wasn’t a secret that King Grai of Antar and his father the King of Que’sar were not the best of allies, and didn’t not see eye to eye on a lot of political issue, but they kept their planets at peace for the other three planets that made up their solar system. Most of that animosity spilled over into him and Zan, therefore causing them to resent the other, one way or another.

He was greeted by several members of the hierarchy from their neighboring planets, he wasn’t much of a social person, only when it was politically necessary did he come and fraternize with anyone. He looked around the embellished ballroom, and a tiny smile touch his lips as he was greeted with array of purple and silver, knowing that it was the Princess that was responsible for the color choice. He knew purple was her favorite color, and in the back of his mind, he wondered why that specific detail was embedded in his mind. His eyes roam around the room, landing on arch-enemies......Zan and Rath.

“What is he doing here” Rath seethed. He did not trust Kivar as far as he could throw him, and he was ashamed of letting it be known. He looked to his best friend since they were babies, and was pleased to see the same hatred in his eyes that mirrored his own. It was a well know fact that Zan and Kivar despised each other. Kivar, because he knew of the prophecy that predicted Zan’s future heir in ruling all 5 planets, and the fact that the House of Antar was the strongest house of the 5 planets, and once Zan was announced on his eighteenth birthday as was he, Zan would always have the final say in what was best for the 5 planets, causing Kivar to despise Zan’s future power. Zan just out right didn’t trust Kivar or his father. They were conniving, and would do or say anything to get what they wanted. On plenty of occasions he was witness to just how cruel King Ro’ae could be to his people, and Zan, along with his father, didn’t agree with their methods of ruling.

“Vilandra” was all he said thru tight lips. He knew his sister had a thing for Kivar, and he was dead set against any relationship between the two, and had flat out refused to allow him to come to the gathering, but mother had told her she could invite whom ever she pleased, leaving him pissed. Zan locked eyes with him, tensing as he saw the smirk that Kivar thru his way before scanning the rest of the ballroom.
Finally Kivar’s eyes found their target. He watched her whisper something to her Maiden Lady, and they both turned towards him and tried to hush their girly giggles. Even though he was only seventeen, he knew the signs she was tossing his way. His older brother would always willingly explain the working mind of a woman.

As smoothly as possible, he decided to test the waters when the band began to slow down their melodies. He sent her a dashing smile before descending on her. Vilandra stood, rooted to her spot next to her Maiden as he moved purposely towards her, like a lion, holding her eyes with each step he took.

“Oh my god, he’s coming over here” Desa squealed, as she pulled on her Lady’s arm. Vilandra was blushing from head to toe, and she felt the heat raising within her. Her heart was beating furiously, and her mouth suddenly went dry. Every since she had met Kivar on one of their fathers many trips to Que’sar, she had been fasciated with him. Even though he was the same age as her and Zan, he had an aura about him that made him seem much older.

She watched his form as he inched closer to her, and couldn’t help but admire the changes. He was taller, and no longer was his body that of the lanky ten year old she remember back in the day, with the squeaky voice and clumsy feet. Instead, he had filled out nicely, and she couldn’t stop her eyes from roaming. She noticed the way his chest and arms filled out his shirt that clung to his form. She watched the way he walked with confidence towards her. Feeling her hands grow sweaty, she desperately clung to Desa hand for her dear life. Lowering her head to hide the heated blush that she was sure present on her cheeks, she was nervous, and she could feel his energy calling to her.

Before she knew it, she was staring at a pair of feet, and she felt electrical currants as he placed his hand on her arm. His deep, rich, seductive voice reached her ears.

“Can I have the privilege of dancing with the beautiful birthday girl” he breath in her ear, lifting her chin so he could look into her eyes. As soon as ger eyes met his, Vilandra felt her breath catch and her knees wobble. He had the most gorgeous hazel-green eyes she had ever seen, that held her prisoner in their stare.

Her eyes swept his face, and they took in his delicate jaw line and strong cheek bones. She found her eyes subconsciously staring at his lips, and that’s when she realized his lips were moving, apparently saying something to her. Blinking her eyes to clear up the haziness that was plugging her ears and mind.

“So what do you say Princess, can I have this dance” he asked her again, pleased at her reaction to him. Her only response was the slight nodding of her head, before he lead her with his eyes to the dance floor. He placed one of her small hands into his much larger one, and the other on his shoulder, while placing his other one on her waist. Together they swayed to the music, letting it take over their minds and body.

Their bodies seemed to naturally gravitated closer to each other, and soon were pressed together without a space of air between them. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and buried her face in his strong chest, sighing at the way it cradle her head. Kivar took advantage of their new position and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her tighter against him. He rested his cheek on top of her head and closed his eyes, inhaling her unique womanly scent.

He wasn’t the only one who had changed since they were younger. Kivar wasn’t blind at the way she had developed into a lovely woman. He remembered her from her trips to his home planet with the King and Zan. Back then she was taller then most of the girls her age, and no bigger then a blade of grass, but now as he holds her close in his arms, he could definitely see and feel the changes.

Her body had finally caught up to her tall frame. His hands rested on her curvy hips, and what use to be a flat chest, was now graced with the presence of her full, round breast, that were pressed into his highly sensitive chest. He had to suppress a groan when he felt her nipples harden against his chest thru the thin material of their clothing. Squeezing her tighter, he knew he had to have her.

All to soon, the music stopped, and they stood there a moment longer before reluctantly easing apart. Vilandra felt the lost of his heat immediately, and desperately wanted to be wrapped up back in his arms. She risked a look in his eyes, and became lost in his hooded stare. Unable to relinquish his hold on her just yet, Kivar linked his fingers thru hers and stepped back closer to her. He ran his fingers along her cheek, trailing them along until they rested in her silky hair.

He had never felt this way before, and he knew his father wouldn’t approve, but for some reason he didn’t care.

“Princess, care to join me for a stroll in the garden” he whispered to her, while twirling a lock of her hair thru his fingers.

“I would love to” she replied huskily. She was growing deeper and deeper under his spell, and would follow him anywhere. Kivar lead them towards the entrance to the garden, never once letting his eyes leave hers.

Zan watched from his spot at the Royal table with extreme anger, there was no way he would allow his sister to get in a relationship with Kivar, were she was more then likely to get hurt.

That night up under the watchful eyes of the twinkling stars, Kivar stole her very first kiss, and she in return, stole his heart.*******

Their love affair was kept a secret from their families, and they would met as much as possible. Kivar sat back down in his chair, thinking of their many secret meetings together, were they would steal loving kisses and cresses. He thought of all the times they were separated because of his training to be King and her with her studies, and once he had became King, their meetings were becoming less frequently. The more he embraced his role as King, the more they grew apart. Their affair had been going on for four years, and even though they saw less and less of each other, his love for her was still growing stronger. Kivar clutched his teeth together at his stupidity of his heart in his youth.........

***** There was friction brewing between Antar and Que’sar. Kivar was scheming, trying to convince the other planets that Antar shouldn’t have so much power over their solar system. Truth was Kivar wanted that power for himself, and was willing to get it any way he could. None of the other planets wanted anything to do with Kivar’s plans, and instead followed King Zan.

Zan stood with Rath as they laid his father to rest. Rath’s father Neato was Commander of the Royal army, and was recently killed on an excursion to Omni, an rivaling planet. The news had came as a shock to the planet of Antar, and Zan had declared war almost immediately. The victory was sweet, but they had lost a great leader in Neato. Rath had been training all his life to take his fathers place as Commander, but he never thought it would be so soon.

He welcomed the warm support Zan offered as they lowered his father into the ground.

“Come my friend” Zan tried to coax him, but he wasn’t quite ready to go just yet.

“Give me a minute ok” Rath turned to his best friend, and Zan saw the red of his eyes, and knew he needed to be alone right now.

“Sure” he pulled him into a tight embrace “you know I’m here for you” he told him.

“Yeah” Zan released him, squeezing his shoulder before turning towards the palace. He past Vilandra on his way back, and she squeezed his hand on her way to Rath. Zan stopped and watched her approach him.

“I’m going to miss you” Rath spoke to his father “I’m going to be all alone now” he cried, sinking to the ground on his knees.

“I’ll be here for you........always” Vilandra whispered. She had came up to him at his admission, and her heart ached for him. She didn’t know why, but something was happening inside her, she was so confused. She knew she still loved Kivar, but lately her feelings for Rath were out weighting that love.

Rath turned to look up at her, and his eyes blurred at her words. They had been spending a lot of time together lately, and he was enjoying being with her. She stepped closer to him, and fell to her knees beside him, upon seeing his eyes water.

“I’ll always be here for you” she wiped the tears off his cheek, and he did the same to hers. Vilandra welcomed his touch. She cupped his hand resting on her cheek, and turned and placed loving kisses in his palm. Rath closed his eyes at the sensation coursing thru him, letting the tears fall freely now. Vilandra pulled him into her arms, resting his head on her breast, and held him as his sobs caused his body to rock with tremors.

“Always Rath, always” she cooed, running her fingers thru his hair. Zan watched the scene with happiness. He knew how Rath felt about his sister, and he wouldn’t have wanted anyone else for her. He turned and proceeded his path to the palace.

They stayed that way, wrapped in each others arms, drawing strength from the other until the tears could come no more. Vilandra lifted his head from her bosom and cradled it in her hands.

“Feel better” she asked him with a tiny smile.

“Yeah” he returned her smile “thank you” he whispered. She brushed her thumb across his lips, leaning in she pressed her lips to his, giving him the gentlest kiss before pulling back. She stood up, reaching her hand out to him.

“Come with me” he let her lead her away from the grave site. They walked in silence, with their hands linked together, enjoying the presences of each other. Rath was so captivated by her, he had noticed that they were in the garden. She lead him to a spot in the garden that no one knew was there but her.

She stopped suddenly, and Rath took in their surroundings for the first time. It was a small area surrounded by trees and flowers. There was a small stream to his right with a clearing next to it, perfect for a secluded picnic. As far as he could tell, there was no entrance to the area, and he vaguely wondered how they got in. Everywhere he turned there were trees and vines, making it seem like a room.

“Wow” he exclaimed. She released his hand and walked over to the small stream.

“I’s beautiful here” she stood with her back to him, trying to control the many emotions running thru her. Rath didn’t know what to do, but he knew what he wanted to do. Finally conquering his fears, he walked up behind her, shakily he wrapped his arms around her waist, breathing heavily in her ear.

“Not as beautiful as you” he told her, placing a single kiss on her cheek. Vilandra couldn’t breathe, and she was thankful for his arms around her waist, because her knees had given out on her. What was wrong with her. She loved Kivar, but she was in love with Rath. She knew why she had bought him her, but now would she have the courage to go thru with it. Feeling him rub her waist with loving care, she knew what she wanted.

She turned in his arms, and saw his love for her radiating thru his eyes, and she felt the tears running down her face. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she tried to speak, but her tears wouldn’t let her. Rath kissed her tear stained cheeks, before bringing his lips to met hers. The kiss wasn’t urgent, and they both savored the moment. He pulled back and stared in her eyes to see if he overstepped his boundaries. She looked into his eyes and saw the fear of rejection there, and she knew it was now or never.

“I love you” she voiced, and she saw the bright smile that lite up his face.

“I love you too” he answered, before attacking her mouth once again. This time the kiss was more heated, passionate. He licked her lips, requesting entrance in which she obliged. Pretty soon the kiss wasn’t enough, they needed to be closer, live in each others soul.

Clothes were disentangled from their varies body parts and limbs and tossed aside. Vilandra placed opened mouth kisses on his exposed skin, loving the way he quiver under her touch. Lacing his fingers thru her hair, and pulled her mouth back to his, were he darted his tongue into her mouth. They slowly lower to the ground, and Vilandra found herself laying exposed under him.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, bring him closer to her heat. Rath was in heaven. He had never done anything like this, and he wasn’t sure exactly what to do or expect. He decided to let her lead him. He knew of her affair with Kivar, and had expected her to be more experienced then him. When she pulled his lower anatomy to her wet core, he almost lost it right then and there.

“Vilandra” he groaned. She cupped his face in her hand, and placed a kiss on his lips.

“Rath, god Rath....make love to me” Rath needed to hear no more. He kissed her lips once more before he slowly and gently began to ease into her.

“Oh god” he moaned as her walls pulled him in deeper and deeper. Vilandra watched his expressions, and couldn’t have been more happier then she was at that moment. Rath pressed a little farther until he was met with resistance. His eyes flew to hers in surprise.

“, I thought....oh god Vilandra” he was overwhelmed with emotions. All this time he assumed she had given herself to Kivar. He felt a sense of love and pride that she would give him something so precious to her. He crashed his lips to hers, and in one quick thrust, he was embedded fully in her. Vilandra let the tears fall from the pain, and Rath quickly licked them away. He stayed still, letting her get accustom to him. He felt her hips move signaling she was ready. He slow stroked into her, and almost cried at the feel of her tight, hot moist walls encasing his rod. Together they rocked and stroked each other to extreme pleasures.

“Oh god Raaath” she screamed as her orgasm slammed into her. The squeezing of her walls around him, was all it took to trigger his own release.

“Vilanndra” he cried as he emptied his seeds into her. Exhausted from their love making, they clung to each other, resting peacefully.

Unknown to them Kivar had witness the entire scene. He had came here to wait for her, knowing she would come here after the service. He was standing by a tree when she entered, but she wasn’t alone. He felt his anger stir. This was their special place, how could she bring him here. He ducked behind the tree waiting to see what would transpire. He watched the way Rath touched her, and the admission of love brought the bile to his throat. Unable to believe what was happening right in front of him.

Feeling his heart scatter into a million pieces when they removed each others clothes. Unable to watch any more, he hid behind the tree fully, resting his head against the wet bark, letting the tears fall. He tried to block out their cries of ecstacy, but was failing miserable. Finally he heard the cries of release. He waited until he was sure they had gone, but when he stepped from behind the tree, he was greeted with the sight of them wrapped in each others arms sleeping peacefully. He walked over to them, and he felt his anger triple as he watched their sleeping forms.

“They will pay” he vowed to himself as he walked out of the ‘Garden of Betrayal’


She had came to him that night.

“Hey” she whispered to him. Kivar stared at her long and hard before he replied.

“Hey” he answered. He decided to see exactly were her loyalty laid. He pulled her into his arms, and felt her immediately stiffen, before she relaxed.

“I’m sorry to hear about Commander Neato. How is Rath” he asked her, watching her face. Vilandra swallowed hard before she answered.

“He’s better” she replied, avoiding his eyes. He watched as she adverted her eyes from his.

“That’s good” he pulled her back into his arms, and kissed her. At first she resisted, but soon she gave in and wrapped her arms around his neck. She was so confused, she loved both Rath and Kivar, and she didn’t know what to do. She felt him unbuttoning her dress, and she pulled back.

“I have to go” she whispered, before she ran out of his chamber. Kivar watched her run away, he had saw the different emotions that ran across her face, and knew she was confused, and he hoped that would play to his advantage.


He had heard of her betrothal to Rath thru the grapevines, along with the announced wedding of King Zan and Princess Ava. Kivar knew that once the wedding took place, the heir would soon be conceived, and he couldn’t allow that to happen. He set his plan in motion.

Vilandra was more confused then anything now, especially now that she was betrothed to Rath. She was happy, but there was still the matter of her feelings for Kivar that rung in her head. That was why she was now heading to his planet to see were her heart laid.

“Princess” he greeted her.

“Hi” she greeted shyly. Kivar lead her to his chambers, closing the door behind them. He watched her fiddle with her hands on his bed. Walking up to her, he sat down next to her and reached for her hands.

“What’s wrong love” he coaxed her. She snapped her head at his use of words. Kivar saw her shock, and played on it.

“You know I love you right” she slowly nodded her head uncertainly.

“You loved me.....don’t you” he asked her. Her eyes widen in shock. What was she to say, she didn’t know what she felt. She knew she felt guilt for being here, sneaking around behind Rath, she knew she felt guilt from the look on Kivar’s face as he waited on her answer. “What was she to do?”

“I love you Vilandra” he lied, wanting to see what she would do. She removed her hands from his, and stood.


“I know you do” she whispered.

“Do you not love me” his voice laced with hurt. She couldn’t stand hurting anyone. She turned to him.

“Of course” he noticed how she never said ‘I love you’ and that was fine. He saw the guilt flash across her face and decided to use it. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her lips.

“Prove your love to me Princess” he taunted her. She looked at him confused.

“Wh...what do you mean” she asked.

“Make Zan meet with me, so we can come to terms and make amends” he told her. Vilandra didn’t want to get into her brothers affairs. He saw her about to protest, and he pulled out his cards.

“I love you, and by doing this I will know you love me” he watched her defeated sigh, and her slight nod. He smiled to himself. She left that evening with a twisted heart and mind.

She had asked Zan for the meeting, and he flat out refused. She had told Kivar of his refusal, which only stroked his anger.

“You must let me into the palace so I can talk to him” he told her firmly.

“I can’t do that” she retorted.

“You would if you loved me, but I guess you don’t” there it was the guilt he knew was coming.

“Ok” she relented. Kivar smiled at stupidity, and went about setting his plan into action of bring down the Royal house.


Screaming and crying was all she heard. Vilandra ran out of her quarters, only to be captured by one of Kivar’s soldiers.

“Let me go you goon” she screamed, but his hold on her grew tighter. He escorted her into Zan and Ava’s quarters. She watched on in horror as Kivar demanded Zan relinquish his throne, in which Zan refused continuously. Watching one of his soldiers drag Ava in by the arm, Vilandra pleaded with her brother.

“Zan please” she begged, but Zan stood strong. With a flick of his wrist, she watched the soldier cut Ava’s throat.

“Noooo” she screamed as she watched her sister-in-laws body fall to the ground, and her brother double over in pain. She turned her wild eyes to Kivar, and saw the pure evil there.

“What do you say now Zan” he taunted him.

“Never” Zan replied, standing to his feet, only to shout in agony as he watched his beloved sisters body fall to the ground, landing across his wife’s.***********

Kivar could still see her shocked face as he gave the order to kill her. Taking a deep breath, he strolled out his room and headed to Nicholas’ room.


“Isabel.......Isabel.....Izzy” Alex shouted at her. She had woken with a deafening scream, and he was trying desperately to get her attention. She was shaking violently, and her eyes were no longer the light brown orbs that drew him in, but the same large black eyes that Max had carried earlier.

Next door to them, Maria and Chris were going thru the same thing with Michael and Tess.

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ANYWAYS, ENOUGH STALLING....................

Chapter 19

His eyes moved rapidly under his closed lids. He was in the deepest part of REM, and as much as he tried, he couldn’t wake from te horrible nightmare he was having.

~~~ He wanted to cry out, wanted to stop what was happening right in front of him, but he couldn’t. Every time he opened his mouth to scream, nothing would come out. He tried to move forward, but two pairs of strong hands held him back. He followed those hands up to even stronger arms, but when he tried to see the faces of his captors, none was there. A movement to his right caught his attention, and his heart constricted with fear.

He tried to struggle free, pulling and straining against their hold on him, but it was no use. He felt the tears prickling his eyes, before they escaped, flooding like a broken dam. He yelled, screamed and even begged for them to stop, but his pleads went unheard or answered. Everything around him started to move in slow motion.

One by one, he watched them fall to the ground, blood pouring from their various punctured arteries, blending together as one, coming to rest in a bloody steam at his feet. Lowering his head in sorrow, only to have it forcefully brought back up, forcing him to watch the scene unfold before him. Closing his eyes to block out their cries of pain, when her voice reached his ears.

“Max” she cried, no begged.

“Max” he struggled harder against their restraint, but was rewarded with nothing. He watched her body fall to the floor, raspily gasping for air. He screamed, and fell to his knees, vaguely realizing that he was free from their grasp. Crawling across the floor, tracking thru the blood of his fallen family, he came to rest at her side. She tried to call to him, but the blood filling her lungs made it impossible. She gave him a weak smile, before she took one final deep breath, and joined her family in death.

His cries went unheard as he buried his face in her stomach, praying desperately for her to wake up. He begged for them to just finish him off, fore he knew there was no life without her. He gripped her tight and cried uncontrollably.

“Max” he heard her whisper, but he knew it wasn’t true.......she was dead.

“Max?” this time fingers laced thru his hair, stroking him tenderly. ~~~~

His eyes shot open, and he had to blink his eyes several times to distinguish his dream from reality. When he was finally about to gain control of his racing mind, he saw her staring down at him with a look of love and reassurance.

Liz had awaken by the trembling of his body and the tight grip he had on her waist. Her mind was still foggy from sleep, and she tried to focus on were she was. She looked around and noticed the drafty breeze surrounding them. She heard the slight humming next to her, and she turned to come face to face with the pulsating pods.

Everything came rushing back to her in waves.........the event at the Crashdown, the flashes of Max’s journey that brought him to her, the explosive union between them.........Zan....Ava...Rath..Valandra. Liz took a deep breath as she remembered all she had seen and felt. The flashes were quick and many, but she had seemed as if she was right there with each and every one of them.

The wetness that hit her stomach, and trail down her side, reminded her of the reason she was awake. She looked down at her husband, and felt his body quake with his anguish sobs. With every whimper and every tear that fell, his fingers grip on her waist grew painfully tight, digging into her sides, surely leaving their mark. She wanted to cry out in pain, but the whispered ‘no’s’ and ‘pleases’ that escaped his lips overrode her pain.

He was having a nightmare. She called him, hopefully to arouse him from his nightmare.

“Max” she called out “Max” his fingers dug deeper into her skin with each call of his name.

“Max............Max” her calls were getting more urgent as her attempts to wake him failed. His tears were no longer coming sporadically, but like buckets of water hitting her skin.

“Nooooo” he cried, and she noticed the tone of defeat in his voice.

“Max” she tried once again, but it only seemed to cause him to cry harder and grip tighter.

“Max?” she whispered, lacing her fingers thru his hair, hoping the stimulation would awaken him.

Max snapped his head up, and his eyes danced wildly over her face, as he blinked rapidly.

“Liz?” She could feel his fears and relief coming at her with a hard impact. Noticing his eyes were no longer large and black, but back to their normal amber jewels. She cupped his cheek and stroked him lightly.

“I’m here Max....I’m right here” she sent him as much love that she could possibly storm up, hoping to ease his fears. Max felt a rush of relief as he heard her silky voice, and was able to look into her beautiful eyes. She always had a calming effect on him.

“God Liz” his voice cracked with emotion, and he buried his head in her stomach and cried. She ran her fingers thru his hair, letting him cry, knowing it was what he needed. His sobs echoed against the cave walls, and his body convulsed under their pressure.

After awhile, his tremors stopped, but his tears continued to consume him. She laid there in comfortable silence, knowing he would confide in her when he was ready. Liz continued to stroke his head tenderly. She reached out to Bel and Xan, and smiled contentedly when she felt them still sound asleep. She laid there thinking about all that had transpired in the few short hours, while keeping a steady flow of love to Max.

She thought about the revelation that Max was no longer Max in the Crashdown. At first she was shocked to see Max as Zan, but that was short lived after she felt his love for her was still just as strong. She knew no matter who he was Max...Zan, she loved him just the same. She vaguely remembered all the soldiers in the diner, just the one who had held her in his arms. She felt a strange sense of déjà vu, as his face reminded her of someone she knew, or once knew. She couldn’t shake the feeling. Deciding not to address it later, her mind drifted to her encounter with his pod.

“Why had it reacted to me the way it did” she pondered. Her mind became bombarded with images of their lovemaking. It wasn’t sweet and passionate as usual, but rough and hard, completely out of control. His thrusts were deep and unrestraint, possessive. She ran her tongue across her bottom lip, and winced at the string present there. Max shifted from were he laid between her legs, causing her to scream silently at the throbbing pain in her core. It was like she felt after their first time together, but this time it hurt badly. The tear slipped from under her closed lid, and Max instantly became alarmed as he heard her silent cry.

“Liz...what’s wrong” he asked concerned. Liz looked down at him, and forced her tears and pain away.

“I’m fine Max” Max wasn’t buying it. He could feel her discomfort thru their connection, and knew she wasn’t telling him the truth. He sat up over her, and positioned himself at her side. He looked at her face, and immediately noticed her swollen lip. He brought his finger to trace her lip, and instantly felt guilt. Liz saw the guilty expression wash across his face, and cupped his cheek.

“Stop it Max, stop it right now” she demanded. She wasn’t going to allow him to feel guilty over something so small. She turned on her side so they were facing each other, and she had to suppress the wince at the pain that vibrated between her legs. Max saw the small flick of pain that flashed across her face before she quickly tried to hide it. He reached down between their bodies and rested his hand between her thighs.

Liz felt the warmth and then the slight tingling between her thighs, and relaxed as the pain melted away. Max removed his hand, and brought his finger to her lip. Again she felt the tingling, and once he was finished, she traced her tongue over her lip. She leaned in to kiss him, but he quickly moved out of her reached, startling her by his rebuttal.

“Max?” he had his back to her, and had moved to a dark corner in the cave. When Max had healed her, he had gotten flashes of their lovemaking, and it turned his stomach. He felt the bile rise in his throat as he mended all the torn muscles and broken blood vessels he had caused. He couldn’t stand himself at that moment. He had hurt her, taken her so rough. She was so fragile, and he....he, he basically raped his wife.

Liz was hurt by him shunning her. She gather up the blanket around her, and walked over to him. She wasn’t going to let him shut her out, not now, not when he needed her the most. They were bonded mates, soulmates, and soulmates were there for each other.

“Max?” she placed her hand on his bare shoulder, and he stiffen at her touch. Liz noticed, and pushed back her hurt. Instead, she lowered herself to sit beside him, waiting on him to talk.

Max lowered his head, ashamed for her to even look at him. Knowing she was waiting on him to say something, he took a deep breath, trying to gather up the courage to speak.

“I’m sorry” he whispered. Liz wrapped her arm around his, and laid her head on his shoulder.

“Don’t be” she told him, and she meant it. He had nothing to be sorry about, and she wasn’t going to let him feel guilty. She tried to send him her love thru their connection, but he was still blocking her. She pulled away from him in anger.

“Stop blocking me” she shouted at him, and Max winced at the anger and hurt in her voice. He kicked himself for once again hurting her. Liz stared at him, waiting on some kind of response, but she got none. She felt the tears stinging her eyes, and they fell uncontrollably.

Hearing her tiny sobs vibrate against the cave walls, Max turned to her. He saw her shoulders shaking uncontrollably and her desperate plea in her eyes. He slowly scooted closer to her, and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his lap.

“Please don’t cry Liz. God I’m so sorry, please don’t cry” he buried his head in her neck, and cried. He hated to see her cry, and more so when he was the cause of it. Liz wrapped her hand in his hair, and together they cried, knowing there was a lot behind the tears and pain that they need to discuss.

After awhile, their tears subsided, and they sat in silence for a minute longer, listening to the beating of each others hearts, that seemed to synchronize with the humming of the pods. Max shifted, and leaned up against the cave wall, bringing Liz to rest in between his legs. He stroked her arms gently, and rested his chin on top of her head.

She waited. She didn’t have to wait long. After several deep breathes and many failed attempts, his voice came out hoarse and thick with emotions.

“I remember everything. I remember my life on Antar......everything " he whispered.

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Chapter 20

Maria watched Michael as he paced back and forth, wearing a hole in Max and Liz’s carpet. Liz had called early this morning, saying that they were on the way home, and to have everyone gather at their house because Max needed to have a meeting, and Michael had been pacing in anxiety every since. Maria heard the slight strain in her friends voice, but when she questioned her on it, she dismissed her worries. Michael let out a frustrated sigh, pulling her attention back to him. His movements were stiff and tense, and she was for sure he was going to go bald at the rate he was raking his fingers thru his tousled hair.

He hadn’t said a word since he had awaken, screaming at the top of his lungs. She had tried to comfort him, but he had only looked at her with those deep black eyes, blinking rapidly. After a moment his eyes returned to normal, and they danced wildly across her face before a solitary tear slipped from them. She reached out to brush it away, but he removed himself from her reach and their bed. He disappeared into his studio were he proceeded to blast Matellica and paint. She had followed him, watching him paint. She stood there as he ravished the canvas with angry strokes, and the colors weren’t their usual lively vibrant colors, but instead with deep shades of red....the color of blood. She found herself transfixed on the canvas and the colors that seemed to draw her in, sending a chill down her spine.

The shriek ringing of the phone had pulled her thoughts away from the eeriness of the painting. It had been Alex, and as soon as she had answered the phone, their call waiting beeped, signaling another call. It was Chris, and they were both hysterical over Isabel and Tess’ strange behavior. They had talked for a vew minutes before hanging up, still with no clue to what was going on.

Michael had stayed in the studio until the sun rose. She had laid back down in their bed, listening to the strums of heavy metal echo throughout the house. Coming to the conclusion that he would come to her when he was ready to talk or needed her, she closed her eyes, and drowned out the sounds of the music. As soon as she felt herself slowly drifting into sleep, she heard the music stop, and a few seconds later she felt his warm, naked body press up against her, squeezing her tight as if afraid she would slip away.

Without a word, he had turned her so she was on laying on her back, and he pressed his lips to hers. Her minded clouded over as she remember the vulnerable she saw in his eyes when he pressed his lips over hers...............

***** His kiss was urgent, desperate even as he gnawed at her lips, begging them apart. She complied, and he immediately assaulted her mouth with his tongue. Michael ran his tongue over every cress and cavern in her mouth, permanently imprinting what she tasted like in his mind. He ran his hand over her clothed body, but soon that wasn’t enough, and he had to feel her skin next to his.

Still no words passed between them as he quickly unbutton his shirt that she wore as a night gown, and slid his hand over her exposed skin. Maria could sense his need to feel her, and she pressed her body flush up against his, pressing her harden nipples into his chest, running her hands up and down his back as she deepened the kiss. His need for them to be one was growing stronger, and it was coming thru their connection at an intensified rate.

Michael pushed her panties down over her hips, and positioned himself over her. Maria opened for him instantly, wrapping her legs around his waist. In one powerful thrust, he embedded his shaft into her completely. His strokes were strong and determined, searching for his release. Staring into his eyes, Maria watched his eyes haze over with emotions as he leaned over and captured her lips once again.

His tongue darted in and out of her mouth, mimicking his actions as he plunged deeply within her satin walls. Maria felt her orgasm building as his thrust became urgent and increased in pace. Feeling him grow tighter in her as his climax grew closer, she gripped his ass, driving him deeper into her walls. That one move cause her to shake with orgasm, squeezing her walls around his rod. Michael released his lips from hers as he felt her wet walls clutch tightly around him, causing his own orgasm to slam thru him. His body strained as he emptied his seeds into her awaiting walls. Michael thought about everything that had happened recently, and he continued to pump into her. He felt the tears burn his eyes at the many emotions coursed thru him, and he couldn’t stop them, he didn’t want to stop them.

Maria felt the hot tears hit her cheek, and knew they weren’t her own. She opened her eyes, and that’s when she noticed that his movement had stopped, and he was staring down at her with red eyes and he looked so lost and vulnerable, which brought tears to her own eyes.

“Oh michael” she wrapped her hands around his neck, bringing his head to her breast, were he proceeded to cry like a baby. She held him close and stroked his back, reassuring him she was there for him.********

Maria felt her heart ache for him, and wanted so much to take away what ever was hunting him. She wasn’t the only one having to deal with an unapproachable alien mate. She turned her head to the right, landing her eyes on Alex. After the call from Liz, Maria had called him and Isabel, informing them of the meeting. As soon as they had enter the house, Isabel never spoke one word, she just went about the house finding anything and everything to occupy her mind. She hadn’t sat down once since they arrived, and that had been 3 hours ago. She had completely rearranged the twins room along with the guestroom. She organized Max and Liz’s can goods by alphabetical order, and cleaned the fridge. The house was spotless frm top to bottom, not that it was even dirty, but there wasn’t a speck of dirt anywhere. Since there was nothing left to clean, she took it upon herself to prepare breakfast for everyone, which is exactly what she was doing at the moment.

Alex was watching her every move, and the few times he had tried to convince her to sit down, she would completely shun him, stiffening at his touch. Finally he had given up on his conquest, and joined Maria on the sofa, and together they watched Michael pace, and Isabel work herself crazy. Maria reached over and enclosed his hand in hers, and he turned and gave her a sympathetic smile before turning back to watch his wife as she buzzed around the kitchen, cutting or dicing this or that.

Last night after they had gotten back from the Crash down, she had been so worked up over the events that occurred, it had taken him almost two hours too calm her down. They had sat and talked for awhile, trying to analyze what went on. Finally she drifted off to sleep in his lap.

Her piercing scream jerked him out of his sleep. He had tried to soothe her, but couldn’t get her to focus. He could still remember how she had stared blankly at him with those black eyes. It was like she didn’t even recognize him. Her eyes had flashed sparks before returning to normal.

**** Isabel desperately tried to focus her mind, and remember were she was. It took her a minute, and when she realized she was safe, in her own home, she sighed in relief.

“Izzy” Alex cupped her hand in his. Isabel turned to him abruptly. She saw the look of love and concern in his eyes, and she felt the tears reach her own eyes as everything came rushing at her an extreme rate. So many emotions and thoughts, that they crowded her heart and mind, to were she couldn’t take it.

She snatched her hand from Alex’s, and jumped off the couch, rushing to the bathroom, were she felt the bile burning her throat, and she barely made it to the toilet before she emptied the contents of her stomach. Alex was right behind her as soon as she bolted out the room. He kneeled down beside her, holding her hair back and stroking her back as she continued to throw up until all she was producing dry heaves. Afterwards, she curled up on the floor and cried. Alex picked her up and carried her to their room, were he laid her down and held her as she cried uncontrollably.

Once she had fallen back into a stressful sleep, he had called Maria, and found out she and Chris were going thru the same thing. After he had hung the phone up, he went back to the bedroom. He pulled a chair up to the bed and watched her sleep. He watched as her body tossed and turn, and she whimpered an occasional ‘no’ and ‘please.’ Her body grew restless, and her face frowned up in agony. He was immediately at her side, holding her close to him. Several minutes later, her body relaxed, and she settled back into sleep, not peaceful, but sleep none the less. *******

After they had woken, she had went back to shunning him, and doing everything possible to avoid him. It had gotten to the point were she had locked herself in the bathroom, refusing to come out until he announced the meeting. And that’s were they were, him concerned about her, and her being stand offish to them all. Alex sighed and looked over at Chris and Tess. They had arrived right behind Is and him, and Alex believed that Chris had it worst then Maria and him combined. At least Michael and Isabel were moving, Tess on the other was just sitting in the recliner staring at the wall blankly. She hasn’t moved a muscle, and could definitely pass an statue.

Chris sat next to her fiddling his thumbs, unsure of what to do. Like the others, she wasn’t speaking to him. As if feeling eyes on him, Chris raised his head and locked eyes with Alex. They stared at each other as if speaking silently to the other, before the loud sound of a plate breaking drew their attention. Isabel stared at the plate on the ground a long time before she broke down in tears and ran and locked herself in the bathroom. Alex ran after her, while the others stared on with concern.

There was so much tension in the entire house, everyone was scared to even say anything. Unable to take the silence, Chris walked out to the backyard and sat on the swinging chair. His mind was in a jumble, and his heart ached. The one person he would ever love was refusing to talk to him and let him in. He felt so many feelings, he didn’t know which one to act on. He was angry at her because once again, he didn’t feel she trusted or loved him enough to confide in him. On the other hand he felt fear, fear of one day she was going to leave him.

Unlike the others, Tess and him weren’t married. When they had started dating, he had just entered college, and she still had a year to graduate high school. They had worked so hard to finish college, and the med school, that they decided to wait. And then they were trying to get their practice off the ground, the time was never right. What was to keep her from walking out any day now. He knew he was being paranoid, but he had always had that nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach. He knew that he would never give her up, he loved her to much.

Last night when he was standing in diner, ready to face their enemies right along side them, he knew he would died for her, and no matter what they faced, he was ready because it was apart of her. He swallowed the huge lump that lodged itself in his throat, as he recalled the way she had completely withdrew herself within herself, shutting herself off from him.

***** “Tess please talk to me, tell me what is wrong” he begged her. She had been sitting there every since she woke up screaming uncontrollable with her eyes closed. Once her screams stopped, she opened her eyes, and he had to suppress his gasp when he saw the blackness of her eyes.

The tears still fell, but once she blinked to control them, her eyes were back to the soft blue he had fell in love with. She sat there unmoved. After begging and pleading with her to talk to him, he went and called Maria, hoping she could come and talk to her, but soon found out that she was facing her own dilemma. Hanging up the phone, he walked back in to the room were Tess was still staring at the wall like a zombie. He sighed, and sat down next to her, rubbing a comforting hand up her back. *****

She stayed that way, even after he told her about the meeting. He had to physically help her get dress, because she was barely aware of her surroundings. Chris heard the patio door slide open, and he quickly removed the tears that had caressed his cheeks, before turning to address his visitor.

It was Maria, and she smiled at him warmly.

“Hey” she whispered, sitting down next to him.

“Hey” he replied back. They sat there for a minute before she spoke.

“How you holding up” she asked.

“Probably about the same as you” he smiled.

“Maybe” was all she said. They sat there slowly swinging.

“I just wish I knew what was going on” Chris sighed.

“I know........maybe once Max and Liz get here they’ll have some answers” she tried to assure him.

“Yeah” he said unsure. They swung a little more before they heard the slamming of car doors, and the chattering voices of Bel and Xan. They headed in the house to greet their niece and nephew, knowing they would be expecting to find their mom and dad. As soon as Bel and Xan entered the house, they could feel something was off. They saw their Aunt Tess sitting there staring at the wall, while Uncle Micky was pacing back and forth in the living room. They looked into the kitchen and saw their Aunt Izzy bustling around the kitchen as Uncle Alex watched every move she made.

They reached out to their parents, and felt the blocks they had put up. They began to get worried, and reached for each other in their minds, trying to soothe each other. They saw their Uncle Chris and Aunt Maria enter from the backyard, and they were smiling at them, but they could tell they were forced smiles.

“Come on kids lets go put your things in your room” Nancy coaxed them, but they stood firm as they watched Maria approach them.

“Hey munchins” she tried to sound cheerful, but with all that had transpired, she was tired, and just wanted answers.

“Were’s our mommy and daddy” they asked, not missing a beat. Before she could think of anything they all heard the jeep pull up, and the twins were out the door before anyone could stop them.

A few minutes Max and Liz came though the door, carrying Bel and Xan, who were clinging to their necks as if they would disappear if they let them go. Max looked around the room at all the faces that displayed different emotions.......frustrated, confused, worried, lost and angry. He looked to Liz who reached out and linked her hands with his, and gave him a supportive smile.
Max took a deep breath, and turned to his family, and with the strength of the king he now finally knew he was meant to be he spoke.

“I believe there are some things we need to discuss” he announced.

TBC?.................LADY S.

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Chapter 21

They all stared at Max as he seemed to go thru metamorphosis right before their eyes, turning into the powerful king they all knew he was born to be. Liz stared at her husband with love and admiration. She knew that from this point on, there’ll be a lot riding on his shoulders, and she vowed to be there, by his side every step of the way, supporting every decision he made. She listened as he spoke with such confidence and authority, making her pride for him grow stronger and stronger.

Her mind drifted back to earlier, remembering their conversation back at the cave. His voice carried a different tone back they, one of fear, insecurity, uncertainty........lost.

*** “I remember everything”

His words echoed thru her mind at an frighten rate. Max felt her stiffen in his arms, and his held her tighter, afraid she would run away at his announcement. They sat in an uncomfortable silence, both trying to accept this new revelation. Her silence was deafening, causing his mind to turn over the all the worst case scenarios and doubts. Liz felt his emotions running high, and knew a lot of them she was the cause of, but her own mind was in such a jumble, suffocating any thoughts of sanity.

She felt his heart beating erratically against her back, and she twisted the ends of the of the blanket in her hand tighter, trying to calm her nerves. Deep down inside, she knew this was bound to happen someday. As it was, they already knew about their past lives from Nasedo, but this, this was different. He wasn’t just being told about his past life, he remembered, and she could only assume with those memories, came all the feelings associated with them.

Memories and feelings of his childhood, his family and friends.........Tess. Liz felt the blood drain from her face, and her whole body tensed at the thought. “What if he remembered his feelings for her,” “what if he wanted to act on those feelings, and no longer wanted to be with her” all those thoughts were running thru her head, and she was immediately thrown back in time, remembering when Tess first came to Roswell, and she had watched Max kiss her in front of the Crashdown, acting on the pull he felt to her.

As if reading her mind, Max pulled her into his lap so she was straddling him. Their eyes locked, before she lower her head and bit her bottom lip, a nervous habit. Max ran his hand up her arm, leaving a tingling trail in its path. Bringing his finger to rest under her chin, he lifted her head, forcing her to look ay him. Once she met his eye, she felt her control slipping, along with the tears that slid down her face unattended. Brushing the tears away with the pad of his thumb, Max spoke softly to her.

“I love you matter what, this doesn’t change how I feel about you” he pulled her closer against him, and she could feel his love wrap around her heart.

“You remember what I said that night everyone rescued me from.......” he swallowed the lump that suddenly found its way in his throat “that night you rescued me from Pierce” he watched her slowly nod and the emotions that flashed across her face as she remembered that night.


“Whether I die tomorrow or fifty years from now, my destiny is the same: it's you. I want to be with you, Liz. I love you.”

“That is still true Liz. I love you and only you. My heart belongs to you” he gently pulled her lip from in between her teeth and kissed her sweetly, before pulling back, only to have Liz attach her lips back to hers. She needed to be closer to him, feel him pressed against her. In all their years together, Liz never once had any doubts or fears about his love for her. Max felt her worries seep thru their connection, and knew she needed him, just as much as he needed her earlier. He sent her with each kiss he gave, eliminating her fears and doubts. Liz licked his lips encouragingly, and he quickly accepted her. She deepened the kiss, trying to ease her fears.

She felt his hands caress her back, and she ran her small hands across his back, feeling the tiny goose bumps that danced across his skin at her touch. The blanket fell from around her, and the kiss became more passionate...urgent. Their tongues slid together like silk, and their hands became more and more demanding in their caress. Wanting to feel her body pressed against his, Max ripped the blanket, that had settled around her hips out of their way, and drew her against his aching member. Liz rubbed her heat against his erection, and tried to gain some control as he lick and sucked at her neck.

He kissed his way to her breast, and she arched her back to get closer to his mouth. He wrapped his hot mouth around her tight nipple, and he heard her moan in delight. His mouth was burning against her cool skin.

“Oh god Max........don’t stop” she moaned deep within her throat, and Max had no intentions on stopping. He knew they needed to talk, but right now, she needed this more, needed him. Liz rubbed frantically against his cock, thoroughly coating it with her sweet essence. Their bodies hummed in anticipation, and rose in temperature with every kiss or touch. Liz could fell her fears and doubts subside, but she still needed reassurance.

Before Max could focus, Liz sweep her hand between their bodies, grabbing his erection, and impelled herself upon him, taking him deeply within her tight walls.

“Liizz...” Max quickly recovered from her forcefulness, and rested her his forehead against hers. Liz cupped his face between, and rammed her tongue in his mouth. The kiss was hard and hungry. Max could still feel the slight trace of doubt shimmering thru their connection, and wanted her to feel completely secure about his love for her, and he opened his heart and mind completely to her, letting his love for her pour thru every pore, every thought, every kiss and every touch.

Liz felt the tears peak her eyes as she felt his love for her seep into her very soul, settling in her cells, causing a sense of peace and love to wash over her. Planting her feet for leverage, Liz rose up so only his swollen head was imbedded in her, and then slammed back over him.

“Yes Liz......oh god Liz” Max lifted his hips to meet her thrust, and he felt her sex devour his member with every powerful thrust.

“ Max” she bit her lip as she leaned back, causing him to penetrate her deeper. She was so close, and she needed......god she needed something so badly, and it was right in her reach, but she couldn’t seem to grasp hold of it. Max pulled her face back to his, and captured her lips once again. As if being smacked in the face, Liz knew what she needed. Pulling her mouth away from his for some much needed air, Liz rested her head against his, as she slowed down their pace.

“Show me me” without hesitation, Max knew what she wanted and needed. He placed a hand on her hip, and slowly guided her on his cock while his other hand rested in her hair. Their eyes locked, and their movements became one as he opened up their connection. He opened his mind to her, and she clung on to every memory, every feeling as if she had lived them herself. Liz felt their souls intertwine, and they became one. One body, one mind, one heart and soul.

She saw his planet thru his eyes as he remembered it. It was beautiful. The sky was bathed with iridescent colors, and as she wave her hand in front of her, the colors followed her path making it surreal.
Feeling the laughter erupt from her as she felt his feelings as he and Rath chased Vilandra across the garden, and he stopped to throw a bright smile at their mother who sat nearby, watching the children with pride.
A feeling of contentment washed over her as she watched the three suns set on the horizon, leaving behind mingles of purple, orange and yellow haze in the path. Looking to her left, a smile lit her face as she was greeted with Vilandra’s bright smile. Liz turned her head to the right and was greeted by Rath’s even brighter smile. This was were he was the happiest, right her with his sister and best friend.
That contentment quickly turned to anger as he watched Vilandra dance with Kivar. He didn’t like the way he was holding his sister, and he wasn’t going to let her get hurt.
Pride, so much pride as his father announced him King. He had been training for this day his entire life, and it brought him so much honor as he watched his father beam proudly at him as he danced with his mother.

His mother, the most beautiful woman he knew, besides his sister, and she smiled at him lovingly.

“Your no longer my little boy Zan. Your our King now, and I know you will do us proud” she stared at her son, trying hard not to let her emotions get the best of her, but she was failing miserably. Zan wiped the tears from her cheeks and wrapped her in his arms.

“I’ll always be your little boy mom, I love you” he placed a kiss in her hair, and held her as she cried over the loss of her little boy, turning into the man he was born to be.
Sorrow. So much so that Liz felt her heart ache in sorrow, and she felt the tears wet her cheek. She watched as they lower his body into the ground. She turn to her right were Rath stood, trying heard to stay in control of his emotions. She placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Come my friend” she spoke. Trying to get him to move. They had been standing there for almost an hour, and her heart reached out to him.

“Give me a minute ok” Rath spoke, needing to say bye alone.

“Sure” she pulled him into a tight embrace “you know I’m here for you” she told him.

“Yeah” Liz released him, squeezing his shoulder before turning towards the palace. She felt her happiness grow as she past Vilandra in her path, and she squeezed her hand assuredly. She watched them for a moment, before continuing her journey back to the palace.

Liz was living everything thru him, every feeling he had she felt, everything he touched, she touched, every tear he cried, she cried. Their lovemaking intensified, and Max changed their position so that he was lying on top of her, never once breaking their connection. He pumped into her with long slow thrust, as his memories continued to flood their minds.

“Everything is going to be ok” Zan comfort his mother as they lower his father in his final resting place. He looked over at Rath who was comforting a very distraught Vilandra. Rath met his eye and gave him a sympathetic smile, knowing all to well what it was like to lose a parent.
Being strong for his mother and sister, but alone in the comfort of his chambers Zan cried for his father.

Liz felt his tears as they hit her cheeks mixing with her own that had caressed her cheek. She wrapped her arms around his back and pulled him closer as he thrust into her with long slow strokes as he remembered his father.


She felt his pride as Rath as his permission for Vilandra’s hand in marriage.

“Absolutely not” he stated firmly.

“But Zan, he wants to sit down and try to end this feud between our families” Vilandra pleaded.

“Kivar wants no such thing. He only wants what’s best for him, and I refuse to allow him to step one foot in the palace” Zan watched his sister, and knew something was bothering her. He knew about her affairs with Kivar as much as she tried to hide it from him, but as much authority he had, he couldn’t control her heart. He didn’t want her hurt by Kivar, but he also knew how she felt about Rath. He wrapped his arm over her shoulder.

“Rath loves you” he stated

“I know”
“Your Majesty, I would like to announce Princess Ava of Varin. Zan watched the young lady who was to become his wife within the month as she fidgeted nervously in front of him. She was pretty he had to admit. She was younger then himself, maybe two or three years. He knew she was raised her entire life to become his Queen, but Zan refused to marry someone he knew nothing about, so he vowed to get to know her better.

He stood nervously as Rath escorted Princess Ava down the aisle towards him. Over the past month he had grown quite fond of her, and although he wouldn’t call it love, he cared a great deal for her and enjoyed the times they had spent together over the months course. She had opened up to him little by little, and he treated her with the upmost respect.

He watched her twist her nightgown in her hands as he sat next to her on their bed. She was nervous, as was he. They knew what was expected of consummate their marriage and produce an heir. Zan reached across and captured her hands in his, like her, he was a virgin, wanting to save himself for his wife. He scooted closer to her, and gently lifted her face to his. Their eyes met, and he slowly inched forward, giving her time to resist. He placed a feathery lite kiss on her lips before pulling back. Her cheeks flushed red, as did his. Ava leaned forward this time, taking the initiative, but before their lips met, a knock sounded at the door.

Anger. So much anger that Liz could vividly feel his energy charging thru her. He turned to his second.

“How the hell did this happened” he shouted at Rath.

“No one knows. The Omni soldiers infiltrated the planet undetected” he answered.

“Damn it” the entire room flinched in fear as Zan shout a blast against the wall.

“Gather up a band of soldiers, and take care of this immediately” he told him “and have the ship prepared, I think it is time I paid Omni a personal visit” he demanded.

“As you wish”

“But why must you go” his mother asked. Zan squatted down in front of his mother, and cupped her hands in his.

“Because mother, I have to let Omni know that once I give an order, it is not to be taken lightly” he watched her internal struggle. Finally she sighed and cupped his cheek, she placed a kiss on his forehead.

“I know........but Zan, please be careful” she pleaded.

“I will mother. Why don’t you take a shuttle and visit Doow. I know how their lovely falls calm you” he suggested. He didn’t want her sitting around worrying about him. He watched as she pondered the idea, before a bright smile plaster her face.

“You know I think I will”


Max’s movements became urgent, as he slammed into her with powerful thrust as the memories in their minds flashed violently.

“Step down Zan” Kivar demanded.

“Never” Zan stated calmly, crossing his arms across his chest.

“You know you are so stupid, even more so then that whore sister of yours” Kivar taunted “do you know she felt so guilty towards me for fucking that she would do anything I told her, even giving me entrance into the palace” he watched An tense at that little piece of info. Zan was trying to control himself , as he watched Kiva walk slowly in front of him. He watched him motion behind him, and he watched two soldiers drag Ava into the room, followed closely by another with Vilandra.

“Step down Zan” Kivar shouted at him.

“Zan please” he heard his sisters plea, but Zan stood strong. With a flick of his wrist, he watched the soldier cut Ava’s throat.

“Noooo” she screamed and he double over in pain.

“What do you say now Zan” he taunted him.

“Never” Zan replied, standing to his feet, only to shout in agony as he watched his beloved sisters body fall to the ground, landing across his wife’s.


Holding Rath’s head in his lap while he press his other hand over the large blast wound in his chest.

“Stay with me have to stay with me” but it didn’t matter, as Rath squeezed his hand tightly before taking his last breathe.

Zan ran determinedly thru the palace, searching for his pray, ignoring the sharp pain in his side.

“Ready to join your family in death” he heard Kiva snicker. He turned and faced him, and saw the unmistakable signs of pain on his face from their earlier battle.

“You best believe I won’t be going without taking you along for the ride” and with that, they started throwing blasts at each other.

Walls crumpled and floors shook as they went head to toe. The sounds of battle between the two armies went unheard as they dueled. Both were fading, determined to bring the other down. An was fading from his injuries, and knew his energy was depleting, but he refuse to relent until Kiva was dead by his hands.

A blast rock the building, sending them both to the ground. Smoke and fire engulfed the hall, and once Zan recovered, he found himself alone.

“Please hold still Your Majesty” the doctor requested.

“Aaaaahhhhh” An shouted in pain. He grabbed the doctors hand in a death grip “re.....remember to do as I requested” he coughed, choking on the blood filling his lungs.

“Yes sir”

“Tell....tell my mother I love her, and...........and keep her safe” An shouted in pain, so much pain.

“Aaaaahhhhh” he felt the tears tickle his eyes, and before taking his last breath he vowed make Kiva pay, maybe not in this life time, but his day will come, and then his world went black.

Max and Liz screamed out in agony as they felt his death, and with one last thrust Max brought them to completion. They held on to each other as their orgasm coursed thru them hard. Liz held him as he cried over his past life, letting her own sobs consume her. Max clung to her as he remembered and continued to pump his seeds into her.

They stayed wrapped in each others arms, and they talked for awhile. Liz listened as he told her stories about his childhood on Antar with Rath and Vilandra. He told her about his fears of being a good leader and making the right decisions. She spoke words of encouragement and strength to him, letting him know she was with him every step of the way.

After awhile, Liz called Maria and informed her to have everyone met at their house at 10.*****

So here they were, about to face enemies they’ve heard so much about and were training to defeat. Liz turned her attention back to Max.

“Mom, could you take the twins to their room please” he asked his mother.

“But we want to stay with you and mommy” they both spoke.

“We know sweeties, but mommy and daddy need to discuss some grown up things right now, and we need you two to be on your best behavior” Liz spoke softly to them.

“Ok” they reluctantly agreed. They eased out of their parents arms.

“Hey, I’ll come with” Nancy told Diane, knowing she would be filled in later. Max watched as they lead Xan and Bel to their room, and once he heard the door click, he turned to the others, and that is when he noticed something was off. He looked to Liz who had also noticed the tension in the air.

Tess was staring at the wall blankly as Chris fiddled with his hands. Isabel was siting as far away from Alex as possible, while Michael paced behind the couch while Maria watched every move he made. Something was wrong besides the obvious.

“Guys” Liz questioned, but they all continued doing what they were doing.

“What’s going on” she tried again, but still nothing. Max stepped forward, stopping in front of Michael, halting his pacing. Michael stared long and hard at Max, and he watched his face as if searching for something. Max was worried at the way michael was staring at him, and just as he was about to speak, he watched Michael’s eyes turn black and flash electricity before returning to normal. Max eyes widen in shock.

“You remember” it was more of a statement then question, and he watched michael slightly nod. Max turned sharply to Isabel.

“Izzy” he questioned, and she raised her eyes to his as they too flash black and then turned back. She blindly nodded her head. Max turned to Tess.

“Tess” but she continued to stared at the wall. He walled over to her and kneeled in front of her.

“Tess.....” Max frowned and turned to Chris.

“How long has she been like this” he asked concerned.

“Every since last night, she hasn’t spoken and she just continues to stare into space” Chris stood slowly, and Max could see the traces of worry lines caressing his face. He turned back to Tess and cupped her face between his hands.

“Tess.........Tess” nothing.

“Ava” Max called, and as if alarms sounded in her head, Tess’ eyes turned black, and tears rolled down her cheeks. She threw her arms around his neck and cried.

“Oh Zan........An it hurts so bad, please An please don’t let him hurt me” she cried, and Max wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I won’t let any thing happen to you” he soothed her “I won’t let anyone ever hurt you” Max cried with her, and her body shook violently.

“An....” she hiccuped, and he held her tighter, stroking her back tenderly.

Chris watched the scene dejectedly. He had been trying all night and day to get some type of reaction from her, and got none, but Max.....Max, Chris couldn’t even think straight. His heart ached for her, but she obviously wanted Max at the moment. Chris felt a tiny hand slip into his and he looked down and was greeted with Liz’s warm smile. He watched the look on her face as she watched Max and Tess, and he was in awe. She had a look of love and admiration on her face, and she gently rubbed his back.

Liz had been watching Max and Tess when she looked to Chris, and she could practically see the wheels turning and the emotions run across his face. Without a word she walked to him and offered her support.

Max locked eyes with Liz and she sent him a understanding, knowing smile, and Max felt his love for her deepen, and he once again wondered how he was lucky to have her as his wife and Queen.
Max felt Tess’ subside, and he lifted her head from his chest.

“Better” he asked her as he wiped the tears from her cheek. He eyes were back to the normal crystal blue, and she smiled sheepishly at him.


“Good” he stood up, pulling her with him.

Needing answers, Alex was the first to asked the question that everyone wanted answered.

“Max, what’s going on” he inquired.

“I think we can answer that” they all turned to the doorway, were Nasedo and Veser stood.

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Chapter 22

Veser stood nervously as he stood before his King and Queen. All eyes were on him, waiting expectantly. Nasedo watched the group silently. He had known them for years now, and had known the moment he walked in, there was something definitely wrong. They were all tense, and besides for Max and Liz, everyone else seemed to repel away from their mates. Isabel sat in the recliner against the wall, Chris sat alone on the love seat, Michael stood defensively against the opposite wall with his arms crossed over his chest, while Maria and Alex sat on the opposite sides of the sofa.
The thing that caught his eye was not only did Max have Liz planted at his side, but Tess was also planted at his other side, and he had his arms linked around their waists, pulling her them firmly to him. This was not a good sign, especially after what he had learned last night, now wasn’t the time for them to be separated. They were stronger as a group, he had witnessed this, and right now was when they needed to be strong as a unit.

Nasedo looked to Jeff and Phillip, who only shrugged their shoulders in confusion. He turned to back to Veser, who cleared his throat signaling he was ready. Nasedo looked at Max, who gave a slight nod while still keeping a watchful eye on Veser. Even though he was Nasedo’s brother, and a soldier in his Royal army, Max didn’t know him, therefore he didn’t trust him, not when he had so many things riding on that trust...........his and Bel.............Liz.
There was no way he was going to let his guard down, not now, not when the stakes have just risen. Reading his mind, michael came and stood behind Veser, and gave Max a knowing look.

“Were would you like me to start Your Highness” Veser asked respectfully.

“How about the beginning” Max stated.

“Right” Veser nodded. He paced fidgety, trying to figure out exactly were to begin. Looking around, he noticed how tensed they were, and how their eyes followed his every move. He saw the lack of trust in his eyes, directed at him, and he then realized were he needed to start. He took a deep breath before he began.

“I am Veser of the house of Varin. My mother, Oni was the Royal educator, the Queens Maiden Lady and best friend. My father, Sim was Lt. to Commander Neato” Veser’s eyes glanced briefly at Michael before he continued.

“I was an only child for years before Vring was born” they noticed how his voice started to waver as he spoke “my mother.......our mother was so excited about the new addition to the family, as was my father and I. I was finally going to have a brother or sister like all the other children. Sure, we were going to be 5 years apart, but it didn’t matter, I couldn’t wait for the day to come” his eyes became far away, and he seemed to not noticed the single tear that fell from his eye as he spoke in a daze.

“Things were going well, and the Queen and mother spent many of days marveling over the expectant arrival. The day had finally come, but it wasn’t as expected. Father had went away with the Commander on an mission, that they were only suppose to be gone a week, but had increased as time went on. The Queen had moved mother and I into the palace soon afterwards, wanting to be near my mother when the day came” his voiced cracked, and he was shaking as he remembered.

“She was screaming and crying for my father, but he wasn’t there. I reached out to her, and she clutched my hand in fear. Queen Syn had come to her room immediately to comfort and assist her, but there wasn’t much that anyone could do. They tore me away from her, and all I could do was cry as I listened to her anguished cries. The Queen had sat with me, comforting me as we waited. We listened to her scream, and then........then suddenly it stopped.

***** Veser ran into the room that held his mother. He saw her laying there face pale, and eyes hollow. Climbing on the bed to sit next to her, he clutched his tiny hand into hers.

“Mommy” he whispered. Unable to speak, she squeezed his hand weakly, and spoke silently to him.


He watched her eyes scan his face, and the tears slide down her cheek. He stuck his tiny finger out, and brushed them away.

~~My precious boy...........take care of him~~

~~But mommy~ he pleaded with her.

~~Shhh..... it’ll be ok. Remember I love you~~~

He nodded his tiny head, and whispered back his love. He felt their connection weakening, and finally it was gone. He rested his head on her bosom, and let the tears fall. The room was silent, and the only sounds heard came from his tiny sniffles.

“Veser” he turned to were the Queen stood in the doorway, and wrapped in a tiny blanket in her arms was his brother. He placed a kiss on his mothers lips before sliding off the bed. He walked slowly towards the Queen. She smiled warmly at him, and kneeled down in front of him. She moved aside the blanket, and was met with a pair of gray orbs. He looked back towards the bed were his mother laid, and remembering her last words, he turned back to his brother and ran a small finger down his tiny nose. He kissed him on the forehead, before pulling back.

“I’ll always take care of you” he whispered. *****

Veser shook his head to shake the memory.

“Father returned that evening after receiving word from the Queen. Father was devastated at losing her. He had lost his soulmate, and when she died, a huge part of him died with her. Queen Syn was also very devastated at losing my mother, she had, had her buried at the Royal burial grounds under their favorite tree were they would sit together for hours and talk.

Unable to handle it, father threw himself into work, taking on every mission or assignment the king would throw his way, and with some unspoken agreement Vring and I stayed at the palace were the Queen looked after us” he turned to Nasedo who was listening to the story with as much interest as the others. Veser had never talked about their mother before to him, and all this was just as new to him as the others. His eyes misted as he listened to Veser speak of his birth mother
Veser cleared his throat and straighten his shoulders as he continued.
“The king and queen were beloved by all, and treated the people fairly and kind. Queen Syn was young, merely 17 years when she was married to the king, and had yet to bare any children of her own. She was only 21 years when my mother died, and she took Vring and I under her wings and became like our surrogate mother. She had made a promise to my mother and father to take care of us as if we were her own.

Our father found it hard to be around us because we were constant reminder of his lost love. One day when I was 10 years and Vring 5, father was badly wounded in a minor battle, that force him to resign from the Royal army. Years had went by since he had actually stayed around longer then a day or two, so it was a shock when he requested that we returned home to live with him.

It was hard at first for all of us. Mother Syn had became a second mother to me, and the only mother Vring knew. I still remembered the sadness in her eyes as the Royal carriage drove away.

***** “Everything’s going to be ok” she stroked their cheeks lovingly, and swept a kiss across their foreheads. She walked over to were our father stood nervously at the door. They talked quietly for a moment, and he watched the tears slowly caress his fathers cheeks as he nodded sadly.

She threw her arms around him emotionally, and her body shook from her sobs. Sadly she pulled away, and turned dejectedly towards the carriage. Turning once again, she gave them an encouraging smile with sad eyes, before the carriage slowly pulled away. She held their eye until the carriage disappeared out of their sight.

Veser felt his fathers hand on his shoulder, and he felt Vring’s small form clinging to his waist, shaking from his cries. *****

“After awhile we fell into a comfortable routine. Mother Syn would visit once or twice a week to see how we were doing, and we would visited the palace at least once a week to visit our mothers burial like we use to when we lived there. As time went on our father was able to look at us and not see our mother so much. He would apologize constantly for not being there for us after she died, but I knew he loved us, and never held it against him.

One day about an year later, Mother Syn had came to us with the news of her expectant birth. Of course we happy for her, but her visits became less frequent as her pregnancy progressed. Father had became well enough to rejoin the army, but this time he only served as an advisor to the King and Commander Rath, wanting to be there for Vring and I. Vring and I would visit the palace still, but our schooling was starting to take up majority of our time. Even though she was expecting her own child Mother Syn still considered us hers, and insisted that we attended school with the other children who were either Royalty or soon to be Royalty, knowing mother would want it that way, even though we were not of royal blood.” Veser stopped and looked at all their faces, wondering if he was boring them with his life story, but what he saw was interest, so he continued.

“Princess Vilandra and Prince Zan were born, and the entire planet celebrated in joy, the Heir to the thorn had finally arrived, and things couldn’t be any better. I remember our father ushering us into the Queens chamber upon her request to see us, and we met the tiny Prince and Princess” Veser smiled at Isabel and then Max as he continued “the years seemed to fly by as schooling and lessons took up most of Vring and my time, and the Queen was busy tending to the Prince and Princess, and sometimes young Rath. When I was eighteen, father died. Vring was away at school and I was feeling alone and hastily joined the Royal army, much like my father, trying to escape the pain, I threw myself into my training, and would visit Vring at school as often as time permitted.

Mother Syn was very upset at first, she hated to see me hurting, but I wouldn’t allow anyone close to me, not even her. I advanced quickly within the army, I don’t know if it was because of my skills or who my father was, but I was leading my on squad in little under three years” he turned and smirked at Nasedo, and Nasedo smiled widely at him.

“Image my surprise two years later, I came face to face with my own brother in my squad. Vring and I were always close, and I shouldn’t have been that surprised. Mother Syn was furious though, she felt as if she had lost both of us, and had promised our mother that she wouldn’t let us become soldiers, but educators or doctors.

**** Vring sat next to the only mother he had ever known, and held her hand as Veser sat on her other side holding her free hand. Together, they sat on the bench next to their mother and fathers burial. When their father died, there was no question as to were he was going to be buried. He would rest next to his soulmate, the only woman that held his heart, so they could rest together finally in peace.

“Your parents would have been so proud of the men you have become” she whispered as her voice cracked from earlier tears. A tiny laugh elicited from her as she spoke.

“Your mother is probably turning in her grave if she could see you two now, dressed in your Royal blues and those silly hats” she wiggled the hats, the ones she had tried many of times to get her husband to omit from the soldiers attire, and slid to her knees in front of her friends grave. She closed her eyes as if in a silent prayer, and then lowered her head dejectedly.

“Please promise me you will be careful, and take care of each other” she whispered as her cries raked her body. Vring shared a look at his brother, before they both fell to the ground and wrapped their arms around her and cried.

“We promised” they stayed there for awhile, before returning to the palace. Before they returned to the palace, Veser asked to speak to her alone. Vring nodded, and headed to the palace to prepare the shuttle for there departure.

Syn patted the seat next to her, taking her cue Veser sat down, and they sat in silence for a moment before she broke the silence.

“What troubles you Veser” she asked warmly. She watched him take a deep breath, struggling to speak, finally he spoke.

“I...I...could.... I” another deep breath “I...somewhere deep inside me, I knew Vring would follow behind me and join the army, and a part of him wanted him to, so he could be near me so I could keep an eye on him, keep him safe you know” he watched nod her head understanding, and he continued.

“But as I think about things, and have seen and been in battles, although then were small, I don’t want that for him, but I can’t make him resign, and it wouldn’t be right to say it’s not good for him, when I’m a soldier, our father a soldier and his father before him” she placed her hand over his, and smiled at the young man before her that was in her heart her son. Veser turned so he faced her fully.

“I guess what......I mean, I wanted to ask if you if you would please as the king to assign him here to the palace, away from danger” he sighed tiredly “I just want to keep him safe” he whispered.

Syn stared at him for awhile before she answered. She could see that this request was hard for him. Vring was Veser’s everything, and he took his mothers last request to take care of his brother very seriously, and she knew exactly what and why he was asking.

“I understand, and I will speak with him immediately” she saw the smile grace his lips, and he pulled her into a gentle hug. He pulled back and looked at her warmly, then his face frowned in worry. As if reading his mind she place a hand on his back and stroked it warmly.

“Don’t worry, he will never know” she assured him.

“Thank you” he smiled, and together they returned to the palace. ****

Nasedo stared at him with a mixture of shock and anger.

“How could you to that” he shouted. The others watched as they spoke.

“I had to. I promised mother on her death bed that I would take care of you, and I did” he retorted, refusing to apologize for his actions.

“You had no right to make a decision like that for me. None what so ever” Nasedo was furious, and he was ready to explode. Before Veser could explain, Max cleared his throat, and Nasedo shout Veser a look that truly said that the discussion wasn’t over. He walked out of the room, heading to check on the twins, finding any reason to not be in the same room as his brother at the moment.

Liz watched the way Veser’s face fell, and he struggled to remain under control, as he watched Nasedo’s angry exit. Unlike she felt no fear or worries from Veser, in fact, it was the complete opposite. She felt nothing but extreme loyalty and devotion from him, much like she felt from Nasedo.

Max had been listening as he recalled his life to them. He searched his newfound memories, trying to verify any parts if his story to be true, and found none, that was until he mentioned the tree in the Royal burial, and he remembered how his mother used to sit on the bench next to it for hours, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing with joy. Max’s mind clouded as something triggered in his mind.

**** Zan chased Rath around the garden as he tried to avoid his friendly blast. Vilandra watched on in disinterest. Coming upon the burials, Zan stopped suddenly as he saw his mother sitting by the solitary tree. The chase forgotten as he saw her laugh, which soon turned into a sorrowful cry. They were never allowed to pass into the Royal burial grounds out of respect, and he didn’t know what was up there.

He tried to communicate with her, but she was blocking him, and he could only sit there as she cried. Later that evening Zan went to his father.


“Yes Zan” he watched his son face full of concern.

“Why does mother cry so when she sits out at that old tree” he asked. A look of sadness that Zan didn’t miss, past across his fathers face before he answered.

“Sometimes Zan, your mother just needs time up there to feel at peace” was all he said. He found it difficult to talk about Oni, even after all these years. She had became Syn’s Maiden Lady when she was born, and Oni was only 5 years, and they were inseparable every since. She took her death hard, and it got even harder once she had to return Veser and Vring to their father. It wasn’t unusual for him to find her in the burial at all times of the night crying or laughing. He too was very fond of Syn, and she brought so much happiness to his wife, it was only natural for him to love her as well.

Zan stared at his father, waiting on him to continue, but he only grew silent, and returned to the scroll in front of him, trying to fight off the tears at bay.

Zan never asked again, and every time he would see his mother wander into the burials, he would watch her for moments before leaving her at peace, and once, when he was around 12 years, he had came upon his mother in the burials, but this time she wasn’t alone. She was sitting with two soldiers from the Royal army, and they were all wrapped in each others arms, and from the way their bodies shook, he knew they were crying. Again he never asked about it.*****

Max’s grip around Liz and Tess relaxed and his face became less tense as he realized the truth behind Veser’s story. He had watched the way his face and eyes would light up when he mentioned his mother the Queen or the times he had spent with Vring. He had also witnessed the sadness at the mention of their mother and fathers death. Now he watched the hurt in his face as Nasedo walked out he room. Looking around the room, Max saw everyone’s tired faces, and knew a break was long overdue.

“Why don’t we take a break, and we can continue after everyone eats. Who’s up for an early lunch” he announced.

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Chapter 23

Max scanned the room and its entirety. They had ordered pizza, and now everyone was sitting around, some making idle chit chat, others going to the extreme to avoid one another. Alex, Maria and Jeff were talking quietly at the kitchen table. His mother, father and Nancy were all fussing over cleaning sauce off of Xan and Bel’s faces. Liz was seated next to him, and their fingers were entwined while she carried on an animated conversation with Verser, absorbing everything he told her about his life and Antar.

Tess sat on the other side of him with her head resting in his lap. She traced lazy circles over his knee, while he ran his free hand thru her blonde curls. Max looked across the room, and his eyes locked with Chris’, who sat in the recliner against the wall. Max saw the mixtures of emotions that descended across his face.........anger........jealousy.......and hurt all in one. Before Max could show any compassion, Chris looked away with sad eyes. Tess had yet to relinquish her position from at his side. He knew something was deeply disturbing her, but she wasn’t talking much or eating.

Max continued to look around and spotted Michael on the swinging chair outback with Nasedo, and they seemed to be deep in conversation. Frowning, he realized Isabel wasn’t around.

“Where’s Isabel” he asked Liz silently.

Liz stopped talking to Veser and turned to look at him.

“I don’t know” her voice turning into concern. Liz felt the worry coming from him, and she squeezed his hand for comfort.

“Why don’t you go and find her, see how she’s doing” she prompt him. Max nodded his head, but then looked down at Tess, looking back at Liz, torn between being there for her and Isabel. Understanding his struggle, Liz replaced his hand laced thru Tess’ hair with her own, and switched places with him, resting Tess’ head in her lap, and stroked her head. Tess didn’t even flinch. She simply continued drawing circles over Liz’s thigh.

Liz looked down at Tess with sad eyes. Who would have thought that she and Tess would become such close friends, especially considering their rocky start. But now Liz considered her a very close friend and sister, just the same as Maria and Isabel. Over the years, Liz had gotten good at reading Tess, and could always tell when she was happy or sad or upset, but at this moment, Tess was unreadable, and that cause Liz to become extremely upset. She was blocking them all, and was keeping her thoughts and emotions under lock and key. Her face was blank and eyes hollow. Liz knew now that it wasn’t only Max that remembered his past life, but all of them.

From what Liz could tell, she was the only one but them that knew about their memories resurfacing. She remembered how pale and frighten Tess had looked when they first arrived, and had only answered to Max when he called her Ava. Now that Liz had a second to pondered the situation, she found it odd that Tess was the only one that wasn’t able to handle the memories. Sure michael and Isabel were a little on the edge, but Tess was the only one that seemed to be stuck in her memories. Liz found herself wondering exactly was going on in Tess’ mind, and vowed she would find out what was torturing her friend. The only thing she could do at the moment though was continue to surround her with love.

Tess laid there, aware, but unaware of her surroundings. She knew that it was no longer Max’s lap she rested on, but Liz’s. She could hear everyone talking around her, but couldn’t make out any of the words. She could fell Liz’s attempts to speak to her silently and her love surrounding her, but she was afraid. Afraid to let her in.........afraid of what she would see........afraid to return that love..........afraid to let them in. Never has she, Tess Harding, been afraid of anything or anyone.

“But you’re not Tess Harding. You’re Princess Ava of Varin” a voice whispered, taunted in her mind. A memory suddenly flashed in her mind, and Tess’ heart constricted in fear.

Liz felt Tess’ whole body stiffen, and a small dose of fear leaked thru their connection. Quickly as it was there, it was gone, and she felt Tess relax when she stroked her head and whisper they were there for her. Liz felt her slight nod, and the single tear hit her leg.

“Tonight” was all Liz said to herself as she continued stroking her head and talking to Veser.


Max walked down the hall, checking each room as he went, searching for Isabel. Coming upon the last room, the guestroom, he listened carefully and heard soft sniffling behind the door. He knocked softly.

“Izzy” he called to her. He didn’t get an answer, so he pushed the door open slowly and peaked his head in. What he saw made his heart hurt. She was sitting on the bed, balled up in a fetal position, rocking back and forth and the way her shoulders shook, he could tell she was crying.

Max entered the room quietly and went and sat down next to her. Gently he placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Izzy” Isabel jumped slightly before raising her tear stained face to him. Max inhaled a deep breath upon seeing the distraught look on her face. He pulled her into a hug and held her.

“Oh Izzy.......please tell me what’s wrong” he stroked her back and squeezed her tightly as her sobs grew louder and her body shook uncontrollably.

“I.....I....can’t” she cried into his chest. Max pulled her back so he could look at her face. Isabel closed her eyes, afraid to see the love in his face which she knew was there. She didn’t deserve his love. Max watched the many things flash across her face, and he could feel her jumbled emotions thru their connection.

“Look at me Isabel” he pleaded with her, and when she didn’t comply he grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her “damn it Isabel.........look at me” he demanded. Isabel opened her eyes, and they were red and swollen from her tears. Max saw the deep guilt in her eyes, and felt her turning emotions. He needed to know what was causing his sister to feel so guilty.

“Izzy.........please talk to me. You know you can tell me anything regardless” his voice softer now. Isabel looked away from his pleading eyes, and stared at her hands in her lap. Max stopped her from wringing her hands in her lap, and willed her to look at him. They stared at each other for a moment. “Why does he look at me with such love, doesn’t he know how terrible I am” she asked herself.

“Isabel?” Isabel tore her hands from his, and stood up abruptly. She wrapped her arms around herself and stood in a defensive posture. Max watched her whole attitude change, he knew this was how she was. When she didn’t want to get hurt, she would turn into her old Ice Princess routine, but he wasn’t going to let that stop him from stopping her from hurting.

“Don’t do this Izzy, please don’t shut me out” he stood up and walked over to her, making sure not to invade her space, and make her defense stay up. “You’ve always told me that you will always be there for me.........let me be there for you Isabel, please” he watched the barrier come down, as her tears once again took over, and she sunk to her knees and cried.

“I’m so sorry sorry” she cried into her hands, and at the mention of his past name, he was at her side in a flash. He wrapped her in his arms and held her.

“It’s’s all my fault” she cried “I let him in....and....and he killed us all” her cries becoming hysterical.

“No Isabel, it’s not your fault” he tried to reason with her, but she continued to shake her head in denial. She pulled away from him.

“Can’t you see Max, don’t you remember.....I let him in the palace......I watched him slain Ava........all because of me and my stupidity” she stood up, and her arms were flying every which way, and she was pacing back and forward, wearing a whole in the carpet. Max stood up and stopped her in her tracks, he grabbed her shoulders and gave her a little shake.

“Isabel.......listen to me, none of this was your fault, put the blame were it lies, and that is with Kivar” he told her.

“But Max.......I loved him.......I mean I thought I loved him, but that was before Rath” at the mention of her former loves name, another wave of guilt washed over her.

“Oh could I betray his love for me like that.......I love him so much..........I killed him......I killed us all” she was crying once again and rambling on and on, and it hurt Max to know she blame herself for her past life mistakes. He had to make her see that although she may have Vilandra’s memories, she was not Vilandra. He walked over to her and turned her towards him.

“Isabel.......Izzy, listen to me. You are not Vilandra, just as much as I am not Zan. Maybe in another life, but in this one you’re Isabel Whitman. Devoted wife, friend, aunt and sister. I know what happened back then, and I don’t blame you one bit, she was confused, and was faced with the dilemma of being in love with one man and loving another. Kivar used that against her by making her feel guilty for loving another” he placed her face between his hand and kissed her on the forehead “I love you Isabel, and I know that you would never betray me” he pulled her in his arms and held her close.

She wanted to believe him, but she wasn’t only afraid of betraying him, but all of them, but most of all Alex. Max tried to soothe her, but knew she still had demons to face. He knew there was a lot that they needed to discuss, but right now, he was just going to hold her, and try to reassure her everything was going to be ok. They stayed that way for a while, him holding her while she would cry time to time into his chest, while she tried to come to terms with everything.

“Max?” Max looked up across Isabel’s head, and was met with Alex. He felt Isabel stiffen in his arms, and he rubbed her back until she relaxes against him. Alex saw her stiffen when he spoke, and his heart sink at the thought of him causing her so much distress. He concealed his hurt and addressed the reason he was there.

“Liz would like for you to assist the twins with a bath, and then put them down for a nap” he told him. Max nodded his head, and saw the hurt expression on Alex’s face. He pulled back from Isabel and kissed her forehead.

“Everything is going to be to him” he coaxed her. He saw her tiny nod before he hugged her once again “I love you” he told her, walking out of the room, giving Alex’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze before leaving.

“Isabel?” She had her back turned to him with her arms wrapped around her frame. He could tell she was trying to control her emotions, but he had been in love with her forever, and knew she was failing. He walked tentatively towards her, unsure if she would decline his presence.

Isabel could feel him as he stood only inches behind her. She was so afraid of how he would react to her knowing everything about her past life..........everything. Alex could feel her internal battle as she stood before him, and wanted nothing more then to be there for her. Slowly he wrapped his arms around her waist and whispered softly in her ear.

“I love you” he assured her. Isabel felt the warmth and love he was sending her, and wanted nothing more at that moment but to be wrapped in his warm embrace. She laid her hands across his arms, and rested her head against his chest.

“Talk to me Izzybit” using the pet name he had giving her on their wedding night. Isabel smiled at the use of the name, and thoughts of the wedding night flashed in her mind.

“You know I will always love you Izzybit. No matter what” he told her as he kissed her senseless.

Isabel turned in his arms, and before he could react, her lips were planted against his. The kiss was slow at first, but soon became more passionate. Alex hadn’t realized until that moment how much he missed her closeness. He ran his hand up and down her back, and pulled her closer to him, unable to relinquish the feel and taste of her. The need for air forced them apart, and they desperately inhaled the much needed oxygen. Alex fingers laced themselves thru her long blonde hair, and he held her eye.

“Isabel.....please tell me what is troubling you........I can’t bare you shutting me out” he pleaded with her. Isabel watched the tears brim his eyes and the volume of love they spoke and knew that she couldn’t deny him. She looked down, pulling her eyes away from his, and mimicking her brothers earlier spoken words, she whispered.

“I remember everything. I remember my life on Antar......everything”


“Hey” she whispered. Micheal looked up and was met by a pair of green eyes. Maria smiled down at him with all the love in her heart.

“Hey” he whispered. He turned his head, unable to hold her stare. Maria’s smile faded as he turned away from her. She had been waiting on him to come to her, but he never did. Instead, it seemed like he was going out his way to avoid her completely. She had watched him as he talked to Nasedo, he was talking lively and seemed to really be opening up to him, and it made her sad that he wouldn’t talk to her like that. She had began to wonder if she had did something to upset him.

The moment she saw Nasedo walk back into the house, she decided they really needed to talk. So here she was, standing before her husband who wouldn’t even meet her eye. Never in the years have they been together had he blocked her out like this, it reminded her of how he use to act towards her when they first started out...his patented StoneWall routine.

“Can I join you” she asked hesitantly, afraid of his reaction. Instead of his refusal as she expected, Michael reached out his hand to her, and she eagerly accepted it. He pulled her close to his side, and they sat there in silence.

Michael knew she was worried and he wanted nothing more but to ease her worries, but he knew that what he was about to say was only going to cause her more worries and stress. He had been sitting out here trying to come up with what exactly to say to her. He knew he owed her an explanation about his sudden behavior, but he was scared of her reactions. There were things he remembered that he wasn’t sure she would take kindly too. Things he knew he was capable of, but never thought he would actually do. Granted it was his past life, but hadn’t he came from that essence?
Maria watched him as his face clouded with thought, and he squeezed her hand from time to time, struggling to get in control. She rubbed his arm tenderly.

“It’s ok Michael......whenever you’re ready” she told him. Michael could feel her love for him growing stronger as she touched him, and wondered what was behind it. True they were able to feel each other, but their connection wasn’t like Max and Liz’s who’s connection was the strongest between the couples. But this time, something was different. It was like he could fell her deep in his soul, but something else was there. He looked at her questioningly, but the look on her face push all his questions aside as he saw the look of expectance and love on her face. Deciding to address the connection later, he ran a shaky hand thru his hair. He turned so he was facing her fully, and inhaled a deep breath. Maria waited with bated breath. He looked at her, and squeezed her hand tightly, afraid that if he didn’t hold on to her, he would lose her. He opened his mouth several times, with nothing coming out. Finally he said to hell with it and spoke.

“I remember everything. I remember my life on Antar” he rushed out.


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Chapter 24

Maria stared at him with an blank expression. She had just listened as he struggled to recall his past life to her, finally he gave up and connected with her. There were times in the connection that she cried, others she laughed and some she was to shock to react at all. Her heart went out to him as she felt how happy was growing up with Zan and Vilandra. His feelings were so strong during their connection, she felt everything as he had felt them.

Michael watched her closely for any signs of emotions after his last admission. He had just finished telling her about his confusing feelings for Vilandra..........Isabel. Michael had been feeling weird every since his memories resurfaced. He had started to remember things from his previous life, some good, some bad, but a part of him was ecstatic about knowing.........finding out who he was before........what type of man he once was.

He remembered his father, and the many nights he would sit up and tell him stories about stories of his battles in the Royal army, and his stride to Commander and the Kings Second. Michael could recall his fathers sad eyes as he would tell him stories of his mother.......things like how they met......their first date.......their wedding, all for he wouldn’t forget her as he grew older. His mother..........Michael swallowed the lump that lodged itself in his throat, threatening to choke him at any given moment.

****** “Mommy?” young Rath looked up at his mother with questioning eyes.

“Yes baby” Ioah watched as her young son pulled and tugged on the neck of his shirt, and wiggled against his trousers. A smile touched her lips as she watched him.

“Rath....stop squirming” she scolded him playfully, and readjusted his suit.

“But mommy, why do I have to wear this” he whined, tugging on the strangling tie. Ioah kissed his pouty lips and stood up to adjust her dress.

“Cause Rath baby, daddy has a very important dinner to go to at the palace with the King and Queen, and he wants is to be there with him” she tried to explain, but 3 year olds weren’t easy to reason with, especially one as rambunctious as Rath. He seemed to accept her explanation for the moment, and stopped fidgeting with his suit. Rath stared at his mother as she stood before him in all her beauty. He watched her as she secured her long sandy brown hair into a tight bun and gave him a bright smile as she finished. She pulled him into a tight hug.

“Come on, lets go see how your father’s coming along, shall we” Rath nodded his tiny head, and together they went in search of his father. *****

Michael had felt the tears that touched his cheeks, as the memories of her last days hunted him.

**** Rath, Zan and Vilandra sat outside his mothers room nervously. Every time a doctor or nurse exited the room, he would jump up expectantly, only to have them rush past him in a hurry. Zan and Vilandra stood next to him, clutching his hand in support.

“Everything’s going to be ok” he heard Vilandra soothe him as she wrapped her arms around his waist. Rath wanted to believe her, he truly did, but to a eight year old who had watched his mother collapse right before him, he wasn’t so easily convinced. They all sat back down, and drew strength and comfort from each other..........and waited.

It seemed like hours had went by, and numerous doctors and nurses came and went, so many that Rath found himself counting them as they past to past time. Soon that became tiresome, and he closed his eyes, listening to the quickening of their feet and hushed whispers as they past.

“Rath........Rath sweetie wake up” Rath slowly opened his eyes and took in his surroundings. He hadn’t even realized he had even fell asleep. He looked down at his lap and found Vilandra resting peacefully. He felt a heavy weight on his shoulder, and turned to found the top of Zan’s dark head. Apparently, they had followed him into sleep.

“Rath........” Rath looked up and was greeted with Queen Syn’s warm smile, but he could see the hint of sadness she tried to hide. Syn looked at Rath, and her heart ached for him, and she was instantly thrown back years before as the small face of Veser stared up at her, all scared and helpless, waiting on words of his mother. She didn’t know if she would be able to handle a situation like that again. Every since Oni had past away, she found if difficult to get over her death, and had never made another friend like her. But when her husband announced Lt. Neato as his Second at the dinner, she had hit it off with Ioah, and Zan, Vilandra and Rath became attached at the hip, and things haven’t changed in five years. Although she missed Oni dearly, she had grown to love Ioah just the same. Now as she is faced with the possibility of losing her best friend again, she couldn’t handle it, and had been sitting by her side, and together they cried for hours, and just like Oni, she promised to take care of Rath. As she stared at him, she tried to conceal any sadness and pain from him, and be strong for Oni and Rath.

“Yes ma’am” Rath answered politely, but tiresome.

“Your mother is awake, and wishes to see you” she replied. She motioned to the two guards standing near, and address them to escort Zan and Vilandra to their chambers. As Rath watched the guards disappear down the corridor, he felt his sadness return, and he turned tear filled eyes to the Queen. She wrapped him and her arms and held him until he was stable enough to greet his mother.

They walked quietly into the room, and Rath instantly saw his floor sitting next to the bed, his mothers hand clamped in his, and he rested his head on their enclosed hands. Rath could tell by the way his body shook, he was crying.

“Mother...” Rath whispered. Upon hearing his voice, his father quickly composed himself and tried to offer him a comforting smile.

“Come.......sit next to your mother.....she has been asking for you” his father coached him. Rath eagerly released Syn’s hand and rush over to the bed. He stopped short, unsure of what to do.

“Rath...” his mothers tired voice reached his ear, and he slowly inched towards the bed. Once he was in reach, she reached for him, and he immediately clasped her hand and wrapped his arms around it, happy to have any part of her touch him. It had been 3 days since she fell ill, and no one would allow him to see her.

They sat and talked for a while, well he talked, and she smiled and slightly nodded her head in acknowledgment. She put on a brave face for him, and hung on every word as if it was his last, and the truth be told, she knew her time was coming. The doctors were all distraught, and were unable to fathom what ailed her. The King had requested the best doctors in the galaxy, but still none were able to accurately diagnosis her. She was stricken with a plague unknown to them, and could only offer her comfort at this point, because she was far to ill to adjust to any of the medication they gave her.

Sim stood, looking out onto the palace ground. He could her his son animatedly talking to his mother, and it broke his heart to know that she was dying, he could feel their connection weaken each day, and knew it was only a matter of time before it completely disappeared. He watched the 3 suns of Antar disappear in the horizon, and as they set leaving tracks of colorful haze in their path, he felt the tears leave unforgettable tracks across his face.

Rath watched his mother as he talked to her, and she looked so fragile and pale. He could feel their connection weaken, but he thought if he continued to talk to her, he could ignore it, in hopes that it was false. He watched her close her eyes, and he knew she was tired. He kissed her forehead, and curled up next to her, resting his head on her shoulder, were he joined her into sleepiness.

That morning, only one of them awoke, and the palace was once again draped in sorrow. ****

Maria stood up, causing the swinger to rock, and pull him out of his memory. She wrapped her arms around herself as if protecting herself from being hurt. Maria tried to control her breathing, and was quickly berating herself for leaving her purse in the house, which contained her savior.......Cedar Oil. Her mind was racing. “He had now had feelings for Isabel.......were does that leave them” she silently pondered. She knew how strong Rath’s feelings were for Vilandra, she had felt it through their connection. It was the same intense feelings she would receive from Michael. She found herself silently laughing, she had to give it to him, in this life and previous, when he loved someone, he loved them with his entire heart, and that is what scared her the most.

Michael watched her defensive posture waver, and her shoulders began to shake. He could feel her emotions slam into him with great, and finally defeat. He was standing behind her in an instant, and he wrapped her in his arms, and she finally broke. Her tears were plenty, and her anguished sobs didn’t go unnoticed by the others.

Liz was retrieving a glass of water for Tess, when she felt a wave of emotions slam into her, and knew they were coming from her best friend. She rushed outside, and came upon what seemed to be a very emotional encounter between Michael and Maria. Michael met her eye, and answered her silent question. Liz stood there for a moment before retreating back into the house, she knew that they would have to deal with this together, just the same as her and Max had.

Maria couldn’t seem to control her tears, so she let Michael wrap her in his warmth and she proceeded to cry. She cried for him.......for his lost memories.........his father..........his mother.........and finally, she cried for them. She was scared, with his new found feelings for Vilandra..........Isabel, were did that leave her.

“Right were you have always my heart. I love YOU Maria.......only you” he answered in her head. Shocked, she turned around and faced him.

“ heard me” she asked astonished. Michael had to think himself for a minute. He had defiantly heard her thoughts in his mind as he held her, but before he even realized it he answered her question silently.

“Ye..ah” he stumbled. He ran a nervous hand thru his hair as he contemplated what was happening. Only the podsters and Liz were able to communicate telepathically, unless they were all completely connected. Maria began to pace frantically.

“What does this mean Michael” she asked nervously. It wasn’t like she was against it, but she needed to know what brought it on.

“I don’t know” he said as he watched her pace “maybe it was just a fluke from our emotions running so hi” he guessed. She stopped and stared at him with raised eyebrows. Michael reached out and cupped her hand in his.

“Why don’t we calm down, and try and see if it works again.........this time not touching” he suggested. She nodded her head in agreement, and they took deep breaths to calm their breathing. Maria nodded she was ready, and they locked eyes.

“Michael...” he heard her tentative voice whisper in his head.

“Yeah........” came his awed voice.

“ is this possible” she asked him.

But before he was able to reply, he saw her sway slightly, and her knees buckle. His response was quick, and he caught her before she hit the ground.


Max had just finished tucking the twins in, and was watching them as they wrestled to fight off the sleep that was taking over, when he heard Michael terrified cry.

“Maaaxxxx.......” Michael shouted! Max was out the door in a flash, with Alex and Isabel hot on his trail.

Liz was sitting with her father, when Michael bust thru the patio door, with Maria cradled protectively in his arms. His face was covered in fear, and she could feel his concern amplifying as he frantically called for Max.

“Oh my god.....Michael, what happened” she asked. She helped him as he placed her on the loveseat.

“I don’t know........I don’t know. We.....we were talking, and the next thing I know, she just slumped over” he cried, distress clearly written on his face. Michael turned as he heard Max approach behind him.

“Max have to help her.....max please I can’t lose her” he grabbed Max by the shoulders and shook him violently, tears started to fall from his eyes, and his control was gone as he thought of losing her. Max placed a calming hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry.........I’ll take care of her” he quickly moved around him, leaving his mother and Nancy to comfort him. Liz stared at her husband with a tear stained face.

“Max....” her voice cracking as she spoke. He nodded his head, and sunk down to his knees next to the chair. Placing his hands over her, he proceeded to check her for any signs of injury. Liz watched him as his face frown in concentration, as she stoked Maria’s head.

Max concentrated as he formed a connection with Maria. He started at her head, and found nothing there so he moved forward. He checked her chest and found nothing wrong. He moved his hand over her stomach, and was pulled into a connection. Max could tell that he was still connected with Maria, but this was something different........someone else.

~~~~~A room materialized before him. It was covered in multiple lively colors, and one of the walls was cover in a colorful mural with different shapes, sizes and dimensions. Max was so mesmerized by the mural that he hadn’t taken in his full surroundings.

“Who are you” the tiny voice asked. Max turned around suddenly, and was met by a pair of hazel eyes. His mouth dropped in shock. The girl giggled at the strange man before her as he stood with his mouth wide open. The sound of her giggling pulled Max out of his.

He took in the little girl before him. She had long sandy brown hair, with bangs that stuck out in every which way. She looked about 3 years old, and she was beautiful. Her choice of clothing brought a smile to his lips. She wore a pair of jeans that had tears in the knees and splashes of paint covering them. She had on a tye dye shirt on in the color of the rainbow. On her feet were a pair of combat boots with the words ‘ Metallica Rocks’ embellished on them. To top the outfit off, she wore multiple bangles and rings on her arms and fingers. Without a doubt, Max knew who she was..................Maria and Michael’s daughter. Her patients running low, she placed her hand on her hip, and tapped her foot.

“I said.....WHO. ARE. YOU” she asked irritability. Max only chuckled at the mini Maria standing before him, but when he saw her narrow her eyes at him, he straighten and decided he better answer her, before she went DeLuca on him. He stepped forward and kneeled down before her, and noticed how she instantly stepped back.

“I’m Max” he offered his hand to her, and she just stared at it cautiously. “This kid definitely has her fathers lack of trust” Max smiled to himself, when an idea hit him.

“I’m a friend of your mommy and daddy, and a great fan of Matellica” he said, waiting to see if she took the bait. At the mention of Metallica, her eyes lit up, and she ran to her closet, pulling out a medium box and pushed it in front of him. Max stared at it questioningly, until she unlocked it. Once again his mouth dropped open in shock.

Before him was a very impressive Metallica CD collection, all in order by their release date. Max laughed out loud, and she stared at him with a fretted look. Once Max was able to compose himself, he sat down in the middle of the floor. She climbed into his lap, and proceeded to run down the names of each album, reciting them better then her alphabets. After she finished, she turned to him.

“Max” her tiny voice whispered.

“Um..hum” he answered as he rested his chin on top of her head.

“I’m sleepy” she yawned.

“Ok sweetheart” Max picked her up and carried her to bed, and she instantly wrapped her arms around a Scooby Doo twice her size. He turned and placed the box back into the closet, and when he turned back towards the bed, she was already fast asleep. He watched her sleep for a moment before the connect severed.~~~~

They were all watching as Max seemed to be taking forever. Isabel was wrapped in Alex’s arms, Tess stared blankly at them with Chris not far, Jeff, Nasdo, Phillip and Veser, stood at the doorway, while Nancy and Diane both had their arms wrapped around Michael waist, afraid his legs would give out if they let him go.

Michael was in turmoil, and Max was seeming to take a awful long time, and that did nothing to ease his mind. He couldn’t lose her........she was his life. Liz watched Max’s face as he was pulling out of the connection. Max slumped over Maria in exhaustion, the connection had took a lot out of him.

“Max.....” Liz’s worried voice made him raise his head. He looked at her worried face, and he cupped her cheek and rubbed his thumb across it to calm her fears.

“Maxwell” Michael strained voiced reached his ears. He stood up on wobbly knees and faced him.

“Max......” his voice taking on more worry. Michael watched a smile slowly dance across Max’s face which turned into a goofy grin.

“I’m going to be a uncle” he announced proudly, and watched Michael’s face to see his reaction once his words registered. Max could hear the collective gasps around him, but his gaze never left Michael’s face. Michael’s mind was moving in slow motion.

“What do you mean, you’re going to be a.....oooohhhh” Michael stared at him with wide eyes as what Max said finally registered. “He was going to be a father........him a dad” suddenly the realization hit him, and his legs gave out.

“Whoa there” Max caught him, and helped him into the recliner. Liz handed him a glass of water.

“Thanks” he mumbled before downing it in one shot.

“You ok” Max smiled at him. Michael stared at him, and then the same goofy smile grace his lips. He pulled Max into a tight hug.

“I’m going to be a father” he shouted happily!

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Chapter 24

Michael just sat there staring at her sleeping form. He smiled when a lazy smile graced her lips, and she curled herself around a pillow. They had moved her into the guestroom after he was able to control his emotions, and focus. He still couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that he, Michael Guerin was going to be a father. He was ecstatic, a little mixture of him and Maria will soon grace their home with tiny cries and small running feet. He felt a tear rolled down his cheek as his emotions once again took over him. There were times in his life that he thought he would never have a family......someone to love and except him for who he was, but as he looked down at Maria, a wave of and happiness washed over him. He had found love.....someone who not only loved him, but put up with him and all his ways. She was carrying his child.....together, out of their love, a child was conceived. A bright smile once again touched his face as he removed a single stray of hair from her forehead. He thought about all the times she had stood by him, even when he didn’t want her there. All the times she had put herself in danger to help and protect him. His smile quickly faded as he thought about the danger they were all.

Max watched Michael from the door, and could understand his emotions, he had felt the same way when he found out about Xan and Bel. Max sighed as he remembered his conversation with his son earlier as be prepared them for an afternoon nap..................

***** Max struggled as he helped Bel slip on her sleeper, not a easy task when she was pouting and refusing to cooperate with him.

“Bel I told you the purple one was dirty, please help me out here” he plead with her.

“But I don’t like the yellow one, it makes me look like a bus” she whined, using the statement her Uncle Mikey had told her once when he saw her in the bright yellow sleeper. Max looked at her with annoyed eyes, she was definitely related to Isabel.

“Daddy.......pleeeeassssseeeeeee” she cried, and gave him her best puppy dog eyes, and to top it off she chewed on her bottom lip, another move she learned from her mother, sealing his fate. Max thru his head back and prayed to the skies, before focusing his glance back on his daughter.

“Fine” he kneeled down before her, and with a wave of his hand, he turned the sleeper into her favorite color purple, and added small clusters of stars all over it. Bel looked down at her fathers handy work, and her whole face lit up.

“Thank you daddy” she exclaimed, turning her arms around his neck, completely knocking him off balance.

“Whoa...” Max chuckled as he fought to control his balance as she laced his face with tiny open mouthed kisses.

“Alright....alright” Max lifted her up and slung her over his shoulders, and headed towards her bed. He carefully tossed her on the bed, and watched as she borrowed under the covers. He leaned over and kissed her forehead.

“Have a good rest Princess” he told her. Max was just raising up when Xan walked into the room, toothbrush in hand. He looked at Bel’s sleeper and narrowed his eyes at her. She just returned the look and closed her eyes. Max watched the exchange between his son and daughter and wondered what was going on.

“Hey sport, you have something you would like me to alter too” Max joked with him, but the smile left his face as he watched Xan stiffen, and slowly shook his head no. Xan climbed into his bed, and avoided his dads questioning look. Max moved around the room so he was standing next to Xan’s bed. He slowly lowered himself down and sat next to him.

“Xan, you want to talk about it” he asked carefully, not wanting to pressure him. Xan put on his best smile.

“Talk about what daddy” he asked innocently. Max saw the way he tried to hide as if nothing was wrong, and sometimes he forgot they were only six, with the way they snuck and conned.

“About why you’re afraid of using your powers” Max pointed out. Watching his son closely as he wrung his hands together, and constantly flicked an unseen hair off his forehead, anything to not have to answer his father. Max wanted to get to the bottom of Xan’s fears, and wasn’t going to leave until he was able to tell him.

“Xan?” Max placed his hand over his. Xan raised his eyes to Max’s and couldn’t help the tears that fell and the extreme emotions that came over him.

“Max.......what’s going on” Liz’s worried voice echoed in his head.

“It’s ok Liz........I’ll explain later” he assured her.

“But Max....” she started to protest.

“Liz if I need you, I’ll definitely call you” he sent her love, and she hesitantly withdrew from thru connection. Knowing he would indeed be feeling her in later.

Max pulled Xan into his lap, and rubbed his back as his sobs soon turned into tiny hiccups. He waited until he was sure he was cal enough to talk.

“All better” he asked, and he felt him nod his head against his chest. They sat in silence for a while, and Max looked over at Bel and found her fast asleep lightly snoring. He could feel Xan’s emotions as he fought internally at finding his voice. Finally after a moment, his son’s tiny voice reached his ears.

“They make me do bad things” he whispered. Max face turned in confusion.

“Who makes you do bad things” he asked alarmed. His first thought were that Kivar had somehow gotten into his mind again, and he felt his anger rising. He didn’t want anyone hurting his babies. He pulled Xan away from him so he could see his face.

“Who makes you do bad things” he asked cautiously, not wanting to alarm him or Liz. Xan stared at his daddy like it was obvious what he was talking about.

“My powers” he stated mater of fact, and stared at his daddy. Max sighed in relief, but the look of confusion once again crossed his face.

“What do you mean” he pressed. Xan turned so he was facing his father, and looked him dead in his eye as he spoke.

“I tried to hurt Bel” he half screamed at him. Max stared at him with his mouth open. All this time they had thought Xan and Bel had no recollection of that day, but he stood corrected. Once again Max felt his anger rise at the way Kivar had used his son. An could feel his daddy’s anger, and thought it was directed towards him.

“ remember what happened” Max asked, uncertain of how much An remembered. He nodded his head slowly before lowering it in shame.

“We both do” he spoke, barely above a whisper “I didn’t like the things I did, it felt bad” he looked up at Max who was listening intently. Max placed his hand on his back.

“Xan, do you remember everything” An took a deep breath and just started rambling.

“I remember mommy being upset because of me........., and Bel said she was going to tell you what he was doing.........but I couldn’t.......he said he would hurt you.........I couldn’t let him hurt you or mommy....I got mad, and he was in my head........I felt my powers get bigger, and then....and then.........” he was crying uncontrollably now, and was trying hard to explain that it, but his tears wouldn’t stop. Max pulled him into his arms, holding him tightly.

“It’s’s ok, it wasn’t your fault” he tried to reason with him, but Xan was shaking his head back and forward, unable to see reason, all he knew was he could have hurt Bel, and he felt terrible. He loved his sister, and never wanted anything to happen to her.

“He can’t hurt me are you.......I will make sure of that” Max vowed as he continued to soothe his son.

“I don’t ever want to use my powers again” he spoke into Max’s chest. Max pulled back so he could look into his sons eyes, and what he saw was fear.....fear of hurting someone with his powers, and that was the reason he refused to use them anymore. Max cursed Kivar, and was ready to blow a gasket, but he knew right now he wouldn’t be able to convince Xan otherwise, so he nodded his head in understanding. He hoped in time, he would change his mind. *******

Max had been very angry about the conversation with An, and he had wished Kivar was standing in front of him so he could take him down like the coward he was. Although he didn’t get to linger on that thought long, as he heard Michael’s panic cry.

As he stared into the guestroom, watching Michael as he took tender care in applying a blanket over Maria, Max couldn’t help but smile at the knowledge that he was going to be an uncle.

He watched as the tears became present on his face as a jolt of pure happiness took over him. A look of fear soon followed, and Max immediately felt Michael’s emotions slam into him.

“I promise, I won’t let anything happen to you or our baby” he vowed silently to her.

“Neither will I”
Max sent to him, hating to interrupt the moment, but the thought of the danger his family was in caused his anger to submerge once again. Michael looked up to find Max staring at him with a determined look on his face. He took down at Maria, and kissed her forehead before moving towards Max.

“How she doing” he asked his best friend.

“She’s fine.....drained, but fine” Michael ran a shaky hand thru his hair “I still can’t believe I’m going to be a father” he spoke with such awe and love. Every since Liz had, had the twins, he was scare imaging Maria in that situation, he didn’t want to lose her, so they decided to wait until they knew it was safe, and he was content on spoiling his niece and nephew, but as the reality of the baby is starting to kick in, he was sure if it was safe or not, but he found himself longing for that day that he finally held his baby in his arms.

“I know....” Max trailed off, knowing exactly how he was feeling. They stood there in silence, both reflecting back on their lives, both past and present, reflecting on everything they’ve been through together, and the fact that soon enough they would share something special..........fatherhood. Suddenly, Michael grabbed Max’s shoulders.

“Max I can’t let anything happen to Maria or our baby” he spoke hurriedly.

“Nothing’s going to happen to Maria or anyone” Michael nodded a affirmatively.

“Um....Max” Max turned to see Nasedo standing at the end of the hall “I really think we should finish up. There are a lot of things that need to be addressed, and we don’t have much time to do it” Nasedo’s voice was one of anxiousness and concern. Verser had filled him in on what they have been doing all these years, and it wasn’t pretty.

“Alright” Max turned to Michael who had a look of hesitation on his face.

“I.........I don’t want to leave her alone” he told him sheepishly. Max was about to nod his head in understanding, but before he could, a blur whizzed past them.

Amy and the Sheriff had just arrive, and she took a look at all the faces, some were filled with joy.....others showed no emotions at all. Amy had immediately noticed that Maria wasn’t around, and soon demanded answers. Liz started to explain, but had only gotten to the part about Maria fainting before Amy took off like a bat out of hell.
Max and Michael stood wide eyed as Amy exited the room, nostrils flared.

“Michael Guerin, what did you do to my baby girl” she asked him in the patent DeLuca stance, hands on hip and foot tapping a mile a minute. Max laughed as he remembered mini-Maria, she was definitely a DeLuca. He slapped Michael on his back, and tried to control his laughter.

“You’re on your own on this one” Max said, before high tailing it out of there before she let lose.

“Yeah thanks” Michael yelled at his retreating form.

“Michael!” Michael winced at her tone, and knew he better feel her in quickly.

Max enter the living room, and was instantly wrapped in Liz’s arms.

“What’s going on back there” she asked as she placed a kiss on his lips. Max smiled against her lips.

“Wait for” as soon as Max finished the entire house was rewarded with Amy’s high pitched voice.

“Oh my god” she screamed. Amy came running out of the back with Michael not far behind. Jim was barely able to keep his balance as she jumped into his arms.

“I’m going to be a grandmother” she screamed excitedly.

“That’s great” he hugged her, and spun her around. He knew how much she loved An and Bel like her own. The others just shook their heads at her. Diane and Nancy congratulated her, knowing exactly what she felt. Jim was just as happy. Over the years he and Amy had been dating, he had grown quite attached to Maria, and already consider her his daughter. Something flashed though his mind, and a smile crossed his lips, but he decided to address it later.

“Where’s Nasedo” Max asked Michael as everyone began to settle down.

“With Maria, he’s keeping an eye on her and the twins” Michael reassured him. Although he didn’t want to leave her side, Michael needed to know what Veser had to say, he was determined, now more then ever to protect his family. As soon as everyone was settle, all eyes turned once again on Veser.


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And love me max & liz 4ver
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Chapter 25

Kivar stared at his second with fire in his eyes.

“What the hell do you mean they haven’t located them yet? What have they been doing down there for the last 6 years” he yelled at him. They were now in range with Earth, and they were able to actually communicate with their troops there, and the information that was transmitted wasn’t pleasing to Kivar. His troops had failed to locate the Royal family, and to say he was pissed, was an understatement. He had been trying unsuccessfully for the last couple of days to invade the Heir’s mind, but he was strong, stronger then Kivar expected, which was why he would have to kill him.

He was a threat, even more so then Zan ever was. If the prophecy held any truth to it. He was going to be more powerful then Zan himself. Nicholas watched as Kivar’s face flushed red with anger, and the veins in his neck pulsated with fury. He had dreaded having to relay the message, but know he had no choice.

“They have been searching vigorously, but there haven’t been a strong enough signal set off since the Heir was born. They’ve been very careful about setting off any signal to track there whereabouts. The troops have been able track the signal to somewhere in New Mexico, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack” he tried to reason with him, but the look he sent him, clearly stated he wanted results, not excuses.

“So tell me Nick” his voice was laced with seethe “what exactly have they been doing down there” his voice was calmer and even...........frightening.

“Preparing sire. Preparing for your orders. They’re ready, and as soon as they’re able to pinpoint their location, we will once again take down the Royal family.” Kivar assess the situation set before him.

“You tell those imbeciles that they’re to get their heads out of their asses, and find them” his voice rising several octaves above angry, leaving no room for discussion.

“Yes sir” Nicholas exited the room with urgency. They were only days away from Earth, and the Royal family hadn’t been found. He knew heads were going to roll if they landed on Earth without their location.

Kivar sat in his oversized armchair. His mind was spinning, and he rubbed his temples to soothe the throb that was present there. He focused again, and tried to enter the Heir’s mind, but was met with nothing. Try as he might, the only thing he managed to accomplish was giving himself a headache. Never before had he had any trouble taking over someone’s mind. Finally, he was in, but this was different............

Kivar looked around, something was off. It seemed different then before. He saw a tiny doorway up ahead, and reached for it, but before he could pass though it, it closed shut, firmly locking him out. He was pushed out completely with a forceful kick. Kivar opened his eyes.

“What the hell was that...who was that” he asked himself. He sat there the rest of the time, trying to figure out what had just happen, and who exactly did he tap into. Whoever it was, was definitely of Royal blood.


Liz crept thru the house quietly. She checked on Xan and Bel, who were sleeping soundly in their room. Her eyes roamed across their pure and innocent. Her thoughts drifted back to the conversation she and Max had, had about his talk with Xan. It ached her heart to know that after everything they did to shield and protect them from what was going on around them, they had failed. Kivar had managed to make his presences known by all, and had used Xan, and scared him so, that he was afraid to talk to anyone, or use his powers in fear of hurting someone.

Liz felt her anger rise, and quickly pushed her feelings down, not wanting to alert Max or the others. She slowly pulled the door, making sure to leave it open slightly, in case they needed them. She continued down the hall, and came across the guestroom. She cautionsily placed her ear to the door, not wanting to interrupt anything. She knocked softly, but received no answer. She slowly turned the knob, and pushed the door open, cursing under her breath as it creaked in resistence. She peered inside, and was welcomed by the light snoring of the rooms occupants.

The meeting had taken longer then expected, and everyone to drained to make it across town or even across the street. The parents were all crashing at Nasedo’s, but everyone else were staying at Max and Liz’s, so once again the Evans house was packed. Isabel and alex were struggled up in one of the full beds, sleeping peacefully. She was happy that alex didn’t allow isabel to shut him out, especially when she needed him now more then ever. She was able to open up to him regarding her past and confusing feelings, and they seemed to be handling things together.

She scanned the room, and found micheal sprawled out across the other bed with Maria laying atop him, with his arm resting protectively across her waist. Liz remembered how excited Maria was when she had awoke from her nap..........

***** liz knocked lightly on the door.

“Come in” she heard Amy’s excited voice float thru the door. Liz pushed open the door, and counldn’t control the laughter that erupted from her. Amy was swarming over Maria like a bee, fluffing her pillow and adjusting the covers, and Maria was throwing her hands up in frustration.

“Mom........MOM!” Maria at her. Amy stopped mid fluff, and stared at her in confusion.

“What” she answered innocently. Maria reached for her hand, and led her to sit on the bed next to her. She grabbed her face between her hands, and looked her stright in the eyes.

“Mom, I’m pregnant, not disabled” she said seriously. Amy pulled her face away, and started to laugh at how she was acting.

“I know Maria baby, I’m just so baby is going to have a baby” she screeched excitantly as she squeezed the life out of Maria. Amy stood up and ran her hand over Maria’s hair.

“Alright....alright” she looked at liz, who was standing there with Cheshire grin on her face, waiting impatiently to talk to her best friend.

“I guess I’ll leave you two to have your hen fest” she smiled brightly at them. She turned to head out the door.

“Mom” Amy turned and stared at her daughter “I love you” Maria didn’t know why, but she felt she needed to say that. Amy’s smile grew ten times brighter.

“I love you too baby..........I can’t believe I’m going to be a grandmother” she placed her hand over her mouth to control herself, and ran out the room before the tears took over her. As soon as the door closed, Liz jumped on the bed, and straddled Maria’s legs.

“I’m going to be an aunt” her voice was filled with excitement and joy.

“I know” Maria took a deep breath “I can’t believe it....WOW” she placed her hands over her stomach and closed her eyes, trying to hold on to the image of her little girl. While she was resting, she had felt something tickling at the back of her mind, demanding attention. She had focused on the small pull. She concentrated and cleared her mind as Max had taught her, and was instantly bombarded with bright, vibrant colors and images.

Her eyes were finally able to focus, and she came face to face with the small pixie herself. They had sat and talked for what seemed like hours. Maria could still remember her tiny voice as she sung the words to ‘You are my Sunshine’ to her. She had sat and held her, stroking her head, and breathing in her daughters scent. All to soon, she was fast asleep, and Maria could only stare at her and took in her beauty, before the connection faded.

She sat there with a smile on her face, as she remembered. Liz watched Maria face as a glow illuminated from within her, giving her that motherly glow. Maria slowly opened her eyes, and found Liz staring back at her with a knowing smile.

“Incredible isn’t it” she asked? Maria nodded her head, and grabbed Liz’s hands.

“Oh was, god.......I can’t even explain it, I mean I have life growing in me, and.........and WOW” Liz hugged her friend, and they talked for hours. Liz was grateful for the joyous conversation, because the things they had learned from Veser weren’t of lighter subjects.****

Liz gently closed the door, and made her way to the living room, were she found Chris and Tess. Chris was curled up in the recliner asleep, but Liz could tell it wasn’t a peaceful slumber from the way he kept tossing and turning, reaching for something that wasn’t quite in his reach.

“Tess” she heard his tiny cries and whimpers. Liz let her eyes travel to Tess’ sleeping form. Things with Tess hadn’t changed. She till was standoffish, and refused to leave either hers or Max’s side. Liz had, had to put her to sleep with her powers. She made a mental note to herself to see exactly what was disturbing her.

She moved towards the kitchen, vowing to get to the bottom of things with Tess. She looked at the table that was covered with takeout carriers from the Crashdown. With the meeting running so late, and no one was really up for cooking. Jeff had placed an order at the Crashdown, and had Jose’ deliver it. Liz ran her hand across the table, successfully cleaning the area. She was on a mission, and was determined not to let anything distract her from it. She stood and looked out the patio door, and found the object of her mission................Max.

He stood outside in only his pajama bottoms and house shoes. He was shirtless, mainly because Liz was currently engulfed in his top. She love wearing his shirts to bed, so she was surrounded by him completely. The only time she wasn’t donning one of his shirts, was when they sleep naked, to tried to move after an intense love making section.

She had been laying in bed next to him. He was spooned behind her, and she could feel his emotions running though her. She knew he wouldn’t be able to see, especially after everything they had learned tonight. She also knew he wasn’t going to openly talk to her, no matter how much they had, had the argument about him taking everything upon himself. His emotions were high, and she could feel how stress he was. He was nervous.....scared........angry, but most of all.....confused. Although they had talked at the cave, they hadn’t actually had time to really go over everything. He was in overload, and she knew it was going to be a matter of time before he blow.

She has felt him lean over her, to see if she was sleeping, and she closed her eyes, pretending to be. She watched in the dark as he pulled on his bottoms, and quietly slipped out their bedroom door. She knew he wanted to be alone, but she wasn’t going to let him shoulder all this by himself. and that was when she quietly eased out of bed, and slipped on his shirt, and made her way to him.

Max had slipped quietly, unnoticed out onto the patio. The meeting with Veser had turned out some disturbing news, and had took longer then expected, and nightfall had quickly snuck upon them. Max let the cool breeze cress his face, as it gentle brushed past. There was a lot of things running thru his head. He needed to contemplate everything he had learned. He was struggling, more like confused. Sure he had his memories as Zan, but he was Max Evan.........not some great leader of the past. All his life he just wanted to be normal, blend in, but in one day that was taking away from him, and he was thrown into a destiny he didn’t want. He remember how he fought and rebelled against his destiny for so long, til there was no more fight in him left, and he surrendered. Surrendered to what......a life of looking over his shoulder, analyzing every move that was made by the group, to ensure their safety. He knew that his family was in danger, and he was tried of running, tried of looking over his shoulders wondering when his enemies would make their presence know.

Max stared up to the skies, his eyes fell on the V constellation.........his once before home. He knew no matter what he wanted, there were people back on Antar that were depending on him, depending on him to save them for the hands of Kivar. His mind drifted back to the meeting with Veser. He had learned things about his planet, his family, but mainly about who he once was, and what was needing to be done, and there was no choice........the past was knocking at his door, and he had to open it, and face.

Decision needed to be made, and he was the one to make them. What if he made the wrong ones? Hundreds of lives rested in his hands, including those of his family and friends. He knew how things were on Antar, but they weren’t on Antar, they were on an entirely different planet, one that weren’t so accepting of outsiders. What if the wrong decision exposed his family, what then? Those and all sorts of things were running thru Max’s mind, and he was frustrated, how was he to know what was the right decision.

“You will know” Liz confident voice reached his ears, and she slid her arms around his waist, resting her cheek against his bare chest. Max wrapped his arms around hers, and sighed.

“How do you know Liz, how could you have so much confidence in me” his voice sounded like a small child, scared of rejection. Liz unhooked her arms from around his waist, and walked around so she was standing directly in front of him. His head was downcast, and from her short statue, she could see the lost look in his eyes.

“Max” she placed her hand on his cheek, and willed him to look her in the eyes. Max stared into her eyes, and was engulfed by her love and complete and total faith in him.

“Max, listen to me. You have to stop this, stop taking everything on by yourself. You have to learn to accept help from those around you” she rubbed his cheek tenderly “no one cares if you make mistakes, they only care is that you tried” she saw him about to protest.

“But Liz.......” she silence him with her fingers over his lips.

“No Max, you’re a wonderful person with a big heart, you’ll be a great King, you are a great King. Max........Zan whoever you are, you will be a superior King, and you want to know how I know this, and could have complete trust in you, besides the fact that you’re my husband” he stared at her expectantly, and she saw his child like gleam in his eyes. She grabbed his hand, and placed it over her heart, and repeated the action with her own hand over his.

“Because Max, I’ve felt and seen you both in here” she indicated her heart, and stared into his eyes as she spoke, and she watched as they continuously flashed from amber to black “you have a good heart in this life time, and the past, and when the time comes Max, you won’t need to worry about making the right decisions, because it’s already inside you, in here” she removed her hand from his chest, and replaced it with her lips, placing a soft kiss over his heart.

All his worries and insecurities vanished at her words. His heart leapt with newfound courage and strength, as he stared down at his petite wife, who’s faith in him, never seemed to amaze him. She had been through so much because of him and who he was. Never once had she complained or berated him for the continuos mistakes he had made. Instead, she stood beside him, supporting him on whatever he did, rather good or bad.

Feeling her tiny peppered kisses across his chest, other feelings began to stir within him. Feelings of love, pride, and unmistakably..........desire. Liz was lazily placing kisses over his chest, when she felt his powerful desire rock though her. His hand was still resting on her chest, dangerously close to her now aching breast. She inhaled sharply, causing the fabric to brush over her sensitive nipple, which caused it to tighten extremely painfully. She ran the tips of her fingers across his lower back, causing him to shiver with want. Liz trailed her hooded eyes across his muscular chest, over his strong, powerful jaw, finally locking on his intense, desirable eyes. They darken in passion, and Max wasted no time. He brought his lips down over hers.

The kiss was slow........tender. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck, resting her hands at the nape. She played with the hair there, causing him to pull her closer against him. She felt his erection pressing into her stomach, and felt her need grow stronger, and the juices pool between her thighs.

All thoughts of his enemies, the meeting with Veser, and being a good leader disappeared as he held her in his arms. The only thing floating thru his head, was his love for his wife, and the feel of her heated, soft body pressed into his hard one, and the many, wicked things he wanted to do to her. Max opened his mouth, and pulled her bottom lip between his teeth, and ran his tongue excruciating slow across it, savoring the taste that was purely Liz.

Liz eagerly opened her mouth, yearning for his own unique taste. She slid her tongue into his mouth, and their tongues collided together, wrapping around each other like two silk ribbons entwined together. Their hands were no longer idle. Liz crept her hands under the waistband of his pants, and squeezed his firm ass in her hands.

Max growled deep in her throat, and continued the task of unbuttoning his shirt, that was hindering his exploration of her perfect body. Successfully, he released the last button, and encased her soft mounds into his large, warm hands. He tweaked her nipples, causing her to shiver in desire.

“Maaaxxx” came her husky cry. She tossed her head back, fully exposing her long, swanlike neck to him. Max welcomed the opportunity, and attached his mouth to her throat, and sucked gently. The air around them was chill, but neither noticed. Their bodies were burning with passion, and hot for each other. Liz brought her tiny hand around, and enveloped his massive member between her fingers. Max slowly thrust his hips against her hand, while he brought his head down, and captured a constricted nipple in his mouth. Twirling his tongue around it, making it harden more, before pulling it deeper into his mouth.

Liz pulled his head closer with her free hand, and ran the palm of her other one over the large, swollen head of his dick, and was rewarded with the slickness of his pre-cum. She used his natural lubricate and coated him as she stroked him with long, tight strokes. Max’s hand wandered farther down her trim stomach, and finally resting over her satin, fine patch of curls. Even with the night airs scent whiffing around him, he was still able to catch her womanly scent. A scent he would never grow tired of.

His long, slender fingers played tender melodies in her hairs, synchronizing each movement with her throatily moans and cries, finally they made their way to her awaiting, heated core, and he slid two skilled, expert fingers into her wet walls.

“Oh god.........Liz” his thumb flicked over her harden bud, and she nearly cummed at the contact. He pulled his fingers in and out of her, showing her exactly what he wanted to do to her once his hard cock was buried deep within her treasured caverns, caverns that was shaped personal for his shaft. Liz’s breathing became sporadic, and she suddenly found it difficult to stand on her legs, that had turned into masses of jell-o under his sexual assault. She didn’t know how much longer they would be able to hold her up.

“Maaaxxx” as if reading her mind, Max lifted her by her ass, and she spontaneously wrapped her legs around his hips. He cupped her ass in his hands, and kissed her hard. Her bare pussy came into contact with his hard erection, and she rubbed herself against it. Successful drenching his pajamas with her honey. The fabric of his pants added a friction against her clit that she desperately dug her nails into back, clinging for control. Max knew she was close, and could feel the wetness of her cunt seeping though his pants.

“Oh god Max........I.......I need you.......I need to come so badly” she panted against his mouth.
Knowing that they were to far gone to attempt to make it to their bedroom, Max tore his mouth from hers, and searched fanatically for somewhere they could both get the release they desperately needed. His eyes fell on the two padded lawn chairs his mother had gotten them as housewarming gifts. Carefully balancing her in his arms, not a easy task when she was excitingly rubbing up against him with pleading motions, and with his powers slid them together, and with a little extra power, he had combined them into one, successfully earning him a makeshift bed.

He walked them over to it, and began to lower them over it. Liz was obvious to what he had done, her mind was to clouded with want and desire, she vaguely felt the softness under her back. Max unlatched her arms from around his neck. He grabbed her hands in his, and placed a kiss on the palm of her hands. Max’s nostrils flared as he caught a whiffed of her scent on his fingers that had been buried in her. He brought the two digits to his lips, and his eyes turned black. He licked one slowly, before pulling the other one in to join its accomplice.

Liz watched as he licked his fingers clean, and saw the change in him. She wasn’t sure if she was ever going to get use to the way Zan, his alien side would surface, and wasn’t quite sure if she wanted to. She loved him to much, and knew that he was still Max, no matter what name he went by. She felt him spread her legs purposely and lowered his head between her legs. Max’s nose was assulted with her scent, and he had to taste her. He saw the way her juices flooded out of her with each pulsating throb her pussy took. Max was a firm believer about not wasting things, and her juices were high on that list of things.

He ran his sharp tongue the length of her, and was rewarded with a muffled scream. Liz wanted to scream out loud, but knew that couldn’t happen with the house full of people, and the fact that they were outside, made her stick her fist into her mouth and bit down hard, concealing the scream that overtook her at his ministrations. She wrapped her other hand in his hair, and pulled him closer to her pussy. Max threw her legs over his shoulders, giving him better access, and she crossed her ankles together, skillfully locking him in place.

Max plunged his tongue into her dark hole, and proceeded to lick and suck her into oblivion. He pulled her swollen nub into his mouth, and sucked on it like the succulent fruit that it was. He added his fingers to the assault, and she rocked her hips against his face, trying to find her release that was within her reach, but she couldn’t quite grab it. Max felt her hips starting to move around desperately, and he had to throw his free arm across them to keep her under him. He knew she was extremely close, and knew she wasn’t going to be able to with stand the torture much longer. Tilting his fingers at just the right angle, and added slightly a little more pressure to his suck, and with one finally swipe of his tongue and pushed his fingers into deeper into her, and that sent her completely tumbling over the edge.

“Oh god Maaaaaxxxx” she clutched his head deeper as she road out her orgasm. She chanted his name over and over again, alternated between calling him Max and Zan. She wasn’t sure who she was calling, but as long as he continued to bring her extreme amounts of pleasure, she didn’t care. Max felt her legs relax around his neck, and before she was able to clear her mind, his cock was buried within her with one quick fluent motion.

Max stared down at her, and she was no longer staring into the eyes of his predecessor, but those of her husbands, warm and inviting ones. Max thrust into her with articulated strokes.

“Liz........Liz......god Liz, up feel so warm” he pulled back slightly, only to ram back into her “I love the way your walls clamp down on my dick, knowing I’m the only one with such privileges” he was leaned down on his elbows, and breathing heavily in her ears as he spoke.

“Tell me Liz.......tell me who it belongs to” Liz wrapped her legs around his waist, and ran her hands lovingly over his back, caressing every curve and hill that they ran over. She smiled to herself, loving when he got possessive during their love making.

“You Max.........only you” she met him thrust for thrust as he grunted and growled, coming closer to his release.

“Yes Max right there.....oh god Max”

“Who’s is it Liz” he whispered demandingly in her ear. Liz felt herself fly off the edge once again at the tone in his voice.

“Maaaaaaaaxxxxxxx” she cried his answer, triggering his own release.

“Liiiiiizzzzzzz” he gripped her hips to control her bucking while he shot his massive load of hot cum into her silken walls. His hips cock pulsated with each spurt of his load, and he felt her shiver underneath him. Finally after what seemed like he wasn’t going to stop cumming, his body went limp over hers, and he landed on her with a soft crash.

“Oh god” he mumbled under his breath, and heard her tiny giggle under him. He moved over so not to crush her, throwing his leg across hers.

“What’s so funny” he asked her, as he saw the sparkle in her eyes. She raised an eyebrow at him, and crocked her head to the side.

“Who’s is it” she mocked in a teasing tone. Even though it was dark out, she could still see the redden of his cheeks and the tips of his ears were burning. Max lowered his head bashfully, and she grabbed his ears, placing a kiss on his lips.

“You’re to cute” she teased him. Max placed a hand over her heat, and bit her nipple.

“Ow...Maaaxx” she cried/moaned.

“I didn’t hear you complain or disagreeing” he told her, while his fingers began to ignite another fire within her. She shivered from desire, and Max couldn’t resist slipping a finger in her. She was so slippery from his juices and her own. Max wanted their next time to be more comfortable. He quickly removed his finger, much to her dismay.

“Come on” he helped her to her feet, and held her for a moment, because she was still a little weak from her orgasm. He quickly used his powers to dress them, and swung her into his arms. She smiled at him, and rested her head on his chest. Max made the track back to the house, were he headed straight to their bedroom, were they proceeded to make love twice more before tring their selves out.

Although she was completely sated. Liz knew she wouldn’t be able to rest until she knew what was bothering Tess, so she closed her eyes and focus on one thing...............Tess.

So what do you think................TBC?...............LADYSCORPIO
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I guess I show warn you, this next part may be distrubing for some, it's not graphic, but the subject could ve sensitive to some.

Chapter 26

Liz felt the soft vibrations of Tess’ mind, and let them guide her to were she needed to be. She felt herself floating smoothly thru Tess’ memories. First they were all of things that included her current life, but then they kept going backwards. To her memories of college and high school.......her first meeting with Max and the others..........her childhood with Nasedo.............breaking out of her pod, feeling so alone.

Flashes and images ran across Liz at an alarming rate. Even though she had the power to dreamwalk, she rarely ever used it, because she felt it was a violation of the sleepers privacy, but she needed to know what was going on with Tess. She slowed down her breathing as Isabel taught her, and focused on her surroundings. Everything settled around her, and she saw a door up ahead. She made her way to the door, and jiggled the knob, only to find it locked securely. She knew whatever was behind the door was the answer to her question about Tess. She closed her eyes and focused, willing the door gone. She opened her eyes, and the bright light that invaded her senses, took a minute for her eyes to adjust, and once they did, she found herself once again back in the Royal palace.

She recognized it from Max’s memories. Looking around, she found it to be his chambers, and she took a moment to survey her surroundings, from the large four post bed, to the massive picture window that had an impressive view of the palace grounds, and if you stood in just the right spot, you got a great view of the three suns as they descended on the horizon. A noise behind her, made her turn around, and she was met with a disheveled Tess, but her whole demeanor was all wrong from the Tess she knew, and she knew that this was Ava.

Liz quietly sat back, and made herself blend into the scene. Isabel had once made her learn how to be an inactive object in some ones head over and over again until she had exhausted herself. Isabel was worried because every time Liz had dreamwalked someone, they were immediately aware of her presence, and that wasn’t a good thing if she ever had to go into one of their enemies minds. So now as she sat back and watched the scene before her, she was certain she had mastered the art of observing unknown.

Liz watched as Ava frantically tossed around gown after gown onto the wooden floor, cursing occasionally at the offensive materials.

“Damn it..............I have nothing to wear”she spoke in a defeated tone. She stood, dress only in her long slip, and her hair was secured in a neat french braid that came to rest in the middle of her back. Liz watched her as she sat down at her vanity, and she noticed how her hand shook as she swept the obstructive bangs out from over her eyes.

“Get a grip” she heard her coach herself in the mirror “Zan wants a woman, not some scared little girl” she sighed. Ava ran her hand over his robe, and a smile touched her lips. He had been gone a whole week now, and they had just received word of his pending arrival later that evening. Unable to resist, Liz opened a small connection, and she could feel her anxiousness and hesitation as she thought about what was to occur between her and Zan. They were finally going to consummate their marriage, and she was a little scared, being a virgin and all. She had been raised from birth to be Zan’s bride, and he would be the one to deflower her.......make her a woman.

Ava’s cheeks tinted pink, and a shiver of desire ran thru her as erotic thoughts made their way into her mind. Liz couldn’t help the jealous feeling that came over her, but she suppress them, and continued to watch the scene play before her. Ava stood, and was heading to the lavatory, when a loud commotion erupted in the hallway, causing both Ava and Liz to jump in start. Ava started for the door, but before she reached it, it slung open, revealing a very large man with menacing eyes.

Liz searched her memory, trying to place were she had seen those eyes before. Suddenly, she felt her stomach drop, and fear washed over her as she realized who he was................Kivar. He stood there staring at Ava with a devilish grin on his face. Not only was Liz’s fear running thru her, but the connection she had opened, caused her to feel Ava’s as well, amplifying it times a thousand.

“Well.....well......well, if it isn’t the Queen herself” Kivar snide as he mocked bowed to her. He walked around Ava, disgustingly undressing her with his eyes, her tiny slip did nothing to hinder his stares, and Liz unconsciously wrapped her arms around herself, suddenly feeling very gross. With each trail of his eyes over her body, Ava’s fears grew stronger, pulling Liz deeper into the connection........into her mind.

Every leap of her heart, Liz felt, every shiver that ran thru her blood, Liz felt. Kivar came to a stop, standing directly in front of her. Liz felt Ava trying to build courage as she spoke.

“Wh...who are you, and what do you want” her voice wavered, but she straighten her back, refusing to let him see just how scared she really was. Kivar laughed at her attempts at bravery, and ran his hand up her exposed arm, causing her to recoil at his touch. Kivar’s eyes flashed in anger, and he grabbed her by the hair, and she screamed in pain.

“You think you’re to good for me you little bitch” he pulled her body flush against his, and Liz felt the present lump in his pants, he forcefully grabbed one of her breast, and squeezed it hard “I bet Zan thinks he’s the shit with a sweet tender thing by his side” he leaned down low so he could whisper in her ear “tell me, is he giving it to you right, I bet you’re a wild cat” he rimmed her ear with his tongue before standing back up. Revulsion shoot thru her, and Ava raised her hand, firmly landing it across his face, taking him completely by surprise, and he released her.

Liz smiled, and she had a strong urge to shout “you go girl” to her. Her smile quickly faded when she saw his hand swing forward, back handing Ava, sending her sprawling across the hard floor. Liz brought her hand over her mouth in shock. Kivar stood over her, and she weakly tried to crawl away from him. Before she could register what was happening, Liz lost control of their connection, and she was now fully connected to Tess’ mind, seeing and feeling everything that she had felt.

She felt the blood mixing into her saliva from were he hit her. Trying to scramble to her feet, she felt his hands grab her ankles, pulling her back to the floor with a hard thud. He flip her on to her back, and started to reach for her. Liz felt Ava panic, right before her adrenalin kick in. She felt her legs push and kick forward, succeeding to land a good kick to his stomach.

“ bitch” Ava had managed to climb to her feet despite the pounding in her head. She was running towards the door, that seemed to move farther out of her reach with each step she took. Just when she thought she could reach it, Kivar stood in front of her, blocking her exit.

“Ah, ah, ah looks like I’m going to have to teach you a lesson” Liz watched the spark flash thru his eyes, and she felt herself turn to run, but he grabbed her, quick like lighting, and threw her on the bed. She felt her head hit one of the large bedpost, causing her tongue to tingle in pain. Her head was heavy and eyes blurred with what she now realized were tears. She could see his figure advancing towards the bed, but try as she might, she couldn’t move. The weight of his body caused the mattress to dent. She felt his hot breath on her face as he leaned over her.

“I knew you liked it rough Princess.............Princess Ava of Varin” he whispered low.

“Please.....” she cried, begging for him to stop.

“Please what” he mocked. He used his powers, and cut her slip in half, exposing her completely to him. Liz felt her arms come around to cover herself, but he pinned them above her head with his powers. She jerked and struggled to get free, but her head was still pulsating like mad, and she couldn’t concentrate long enough to use her powers. She watched helplessly as he removed his clothing, and pried her legs apart forcefully. He rested between her legs, and pulled one of her nipples into his mouth, biting down hard.

Tears slid down her face in pain, but she refused to give him the satisfaction of her screams. Liz could feel her biting down on her lips, and more blood seeped into her mouth. He raised his head from her breast, and brought his mouth over hers. He kissed her hard, and stuck his snake tongue in, invade her mouth. Liz felt her stomach turn, and the bile burning her throat. He rammed a finger roughly into her core, and she couldn’t help the cry that escaped her traitorous lips at the pain spreading thru her.

“That’s right Princess....” he breathe over her. She turned her head away from him, and he only laughed at her. Everything seemed to move in slow motion, and Liz felt Ava close her eyes, as he settled himself against her vagina. His fingers dug into her hips, and in one powerful thrust, he embedded his shaft into her, ignoring the resistence of her virginal walls. Liz felt the tear as he ripped thru her membrane, and she could feel the unnatural yanks and pulls down there. With each forceful thrust he took, Ava withdrew from herself, tracing small circles in the palm of her hands.

She thought about anything and everything to distract her from what he was doing to her. She thought about her home back on Varin.......her favorite quilt her grandmother had gave her as a child.........her arrival at the Royal palace, and her wedding to Zan.

Zan.............her husband. How she wished he was here, protecting her. He treated her with so much tender care, and respected her so. If he was here, he would protect her. “Maybe if I call, he will come and rescue me” she thought lamely to herself, but without realizing it Ava mouth opened, and a scream tore from her throat.

“Zzzzaaaaaaaannnnnnn” Ava screamed...............

“Zzzzaaaaaaaannnnnnn” Liz screamed. Max shot up like a lighting, when he heard her piercing scream.

“Liz........Liz” she was trembling, and clutching the sheets like a lifeline “Liz..........Liz!” He shouted at her. She was scaring him, her eyes were black, and she was staring straight at him, but she was still screaming, and he vaguely realized she was calling his previous name.

“I’m here Liz........I’m right here” his thick voice finally penetrated her mind, and she stopped screaming and blinked several times before he eyes adjusted in the dark. Max reached for her, but she shot out of the bed and threw on his robe, rushing out the door at an alarming rate. Max raced after her down the hall, with Alex, Isabel, Michael and Maria hot on his heels.

“Maxwell what’s going on” a frighten Michael asked, but didn’t receive an answer. They reached the living room, and stopped dead in their tracks. Liz had Tess wrapped in her arms, and they both were crying heavily.

“It’s ok........god it’s ok......he can’t hurt you....I won’t let him” they could all feel the air crackle around them as Liz’s energy increased. Max looked over at a terrified Chris, who was watching the scene with wide eyes. He stepped forward, wanting to comfort Tess, but Liz threw up her shield, encasing them both. Max tried to talk to her thru their connection, but she had threw up her block there also.

“Max?” Isabel looked to her brother, who was just as confused as the rest of them. They all watched Liz’s shield turn from its normal light purple to several different, before setting in a angry red that deepen in color with each pulse.

Nasedo and Veser ran into the house, nearly knocking the others over in the rush. They too stood in shock as Liz’s energy intensified.

“What the hell”

Just thought I would give you reasoning behind Tess' behavior.


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Chapter 27

No one said a word to her. They all just kept sneaking sideway glances at her, and when she caught them, they would quickly avert their eyes. There was a lot of tension in the house, and everyone was too scared to breathe a word, so instead, they went about trying to distract their minds from the demons that consumed their thoughts.

After what seemed like forever, Liz had finally dropped her shield, and allowed Max thru their connection, but instead of pulling just him into the connection, her emotions were so high, she had managed to pull the rest of them into it also. Max’s head had spun, and his stomach twisted in a knot from the images and feelings he had received from her. They were so strong........graphic, that he doubled over in pain as the scene of Kivar, and the things he had done to Ava flashed thru his mind

At first he thought, no prayed that it was just a nightmare, but deep down inside, he knew that this was real..........a memory from Ava that haunted Tess every since their memories resurfaced. Guilt washed over him in waves, he wasn’t there to protect her.....his wife in that life, and she had called for him............begged him to help her. He had dropped to his knees, and tears trailed his face as he realized that not only was Tess suffering, but Liz as well. She had connected to her, and had experience the whole thing also, as if it was actually happening to her.

Michael was pissed.......Isabel and Maria too shock to speak.........Alex was heartbroken at what just flashed thru their minds. Chris stood, unmoved. His face was unreadable, and he had just stared at the two of them.....................

***** Anger..........that’s all that he was able to feel. Chris couldn’t believe the things that had just went thru him, and all those things had happened to Tess. He knew that they were only her memories from her previous life, but it was still her regardless of what life time she was in.

He had watched as Liz threw up her shield, and was confused as hell, but now he realized why. She was trying to do for Tess something no one was able to do for Ava.........protect her. He looked around at the others. He watched as Max kneeled on the ground, sobs racking his body, Michael’s face was deep red in anger, while Maria and Isabel clung to each other. Alex held his head low, but he could see the glisten of his tears on his cheek.

He turned back to Liz and Tess, and he noticed that Liz had stopped crying, and had a look on her face that sent a chill thru him. Finally her shield dropped, and Max was the first one to their side.

“Liz?” He was uncertain what to do. She brought her eyes to his, and he let out a deep breath. She looked back down at Tess, who had also stopped crying, but still held on to Liz’s form.

“Chris” Chris heard her whisper his name, and he was by her in a flash. His anger subsided, all that remained was the love he had for Tess.

“I’m here sweetie” it had been a while since she had even addressed him, but he was just happy she was opening up to him. He brush her bangs away from her face, and gave her a gentle smile. Tess closed her eyes at his gentleness, and something inside her sparked. This was the man she loved, and who loved her unconditionally, and he had been there for her thru everything, and she had been shutting him out, and all he wanted to do was love her.

Tess released her hold on Liz, and threw her arms around his neck, surprising him and everyone else. Chris was ecstatic, he stood up, firmly crushing her in his hold. He kissed her forehead, and she rested her head against his chest. Liz stood up as well, and placed her hand on his arm.

“Why don’t the two of you go to the back and talk” she suggested. Chris nodded his head, and quickly swept Tess in his arms, and carried her to the back. Once they were out of sight, all eyes turned on Liz. She shrugged them off, and went to the back to check on Bel and Xan.

“Max....what the hell was that” Michael hissed. The energy Liz had conjured up, had only been produced when they were all connected. Never once had either one of them held so much power. They all knew Liz was powerful, maybe even more so then the original four, but this.....this was something else.

“I don’t know” Max wiped the remaining tears from his cheeks, and ran a tired hand thru his hair. Their lives were turning upside down, and was guaranteed to get worse before they got better. He stared at the spot Liz just exited, and sighed.******

Max kept a close eye on Liz. Her whole persona was bothering him. Although she wasn’t blocking him or anything like that, she was still acting different. The others had noticed too, but yet they stopped asking her if she was alright, after she snapped at Michael the last time he asked her.

“I’m sorry Michael, but really, I’m fine” she assured him, and gave him a bright smile to prove it to them all. But Max wasn’t stupid, he had been ‘Liz watching’ since he was in the third grade, and he knew when she was happy or sad, or anything, and he knew she was doing a good job of hiding her feelings.

“Max” her voice had brought him from his line of thinking. She was standing next to him, running her fingers over the back of his neck, playing with the hair there.

“Huh” Liz smiled down at him.

“I asked you if you wanted more coffee” she nodded to his cup.

“” she quickly kissed his lips, and went to discard the breakfast dishes in the sink. Just then Xan and Bel came bowling thru the kitchen, screaming at the top of their lungs.

“Hey, hey......what’s the rule about running and screaming in the house” Liz scolded them. They stood there, fidgeting from foot to foot, and with big wide eyes, they stared up at her.

“No running or screaming inside....we’re sorry mommy” they said together. Liz looked down at her two angels, and couldn’t stay upset with them. A smile broke thru on her face.

“It’s ok, but no more” she patted their heads, and shooed them out the kitchen. Chris and Tess weren’t far behind the twins, and Liz smiled as she saw the light back in Tess’ eyes. They had been in the back talking, and from the looks of things, Tess was going to be alright.

“Hey” Tess spoke shyly. Chris wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the temple, letting her know he was there for her. Isabel stood up and made her way over to Tess.

“Hey yourself” she smiled at her, and gave her a hug. Maria followed suit, and before long, they were all gathered in a group hug. Tess turn to Max, who was standing slightly away from the others with his head hanging low. She extracted herself from Chris’ grip, who was reluctant to release her. She walked over, squeezing Liz’s hand as she past her, and stood in front of him. Lowering her head so she could see his eyes.

“Hey” she smiled at him. Max looked at her, and saw nothing but love in her eyes, not anger or hate for him. He hated himself right now for not protecting her in their past life. Tess wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tight.

“I love you” she told him, feeling his emotions of guilt running thru him. Max squeezed her back, and a small whimper escaped his lips.

“I’m sorry.......I.....god I” his voice cracked, and there wasn’t enough words that can replace him not being there for her.

“Don’t be.........that was a different time, I know you would never let anything happen to me now” she spoke with such confidence. Max pulled up and watched the sincerity cover her face. She winked at him, and got the reaction she was searching for........he smiled.

“I love you too” he kissed her forehead, and tucked her hair behind her ear.

“Should I be jealous of this love” Chris teased as he wrapped his arms around Tess possessively. She turned in his arms and kissed him on the cheek.

“Never” her voice was serious, but held a light teasing tone to it.

“Come on” he coaxed her.

“Were are you two going” Maria asked.

“Home” they answered together, before disappearing out the front door.

“Hey........what do you say you and I......” Alex whispered the last part in Isabel’s ear, causing her to giggle then blush.

“Bye” she said hurriedly, and grabbed Alex’s hand, dragging him out the door.

“Oook” Maria laughed after them. Michael came in with the twins thrown over his shoulders.

“Uncle Mikey put us down” they begged, but the laugher in their voice proved they really didn’t want him to. He spun them around one last time before placing them on their feet. Bel scrunched up her face, and waved her hand in front of her nose.

“What’s up munch’n” Maria asked her.

“Uncle Mikey pheeeewww” she wiggled her nose and stuck out her tongue in disgust.

“Theresa Isabella Marie Evans, what have we told you about saying things that aren’t nice” Liz scolded her, all the while trying to contain the laughter that threaten to over come her.

“Never say something that could hurt some ones feelings.............sorry” she recited the line that her mommy and daddy were constantly preaching to her. Xan held his head down, to hide the smile on his face, and she elbowed him in the side.

“Alright you two, go get your stuff together. Your Nana Nancy will be here shortly” she told them, and they eagerly ran out to gather their things. As soon as they were out of earshot, Liz let the laughter she had been desperately to hide go.

“Oh you think that’s funny huh” Michael grabbed her and hugged her, making sure to bury her head in his armpit.

“Eeewww Michael, she’s right you’re pheeww” Liz laughed, trying to pull her face out from under his arm.

“Hey, get your hands off my wife” Max joked, while pulling Liz to his side. Maria was standing back watching them with a smirk on her face. Michael turned to her when he heard her giggle. Maria saw the funny look that crossed his face.

“Oh no you don’t Spaceboy” Maria threw up her hands as a sign of surrender, but he advanced on her.

“Michael nooo” she pleaded. Michael pulled her close to him, and instead of torching her with his hideous smell, he kissed her on the lips.

“Come” he easily tossed her over his shoulder, and turned to Max and Liz.

“Later” he grunted, before turning towards the door.

“Bye” Maria waved from her position on his shoulder.

Max and Liz shook their heads at the two of them. This was how there life was suppose to be. Hanging out together, spending time with family and friends, not planning for war.

“Hey, you ok” Max asked her, and she knew what he was asking. She turned around and cupped his cheek.

“Max I’m fine.....stop worrying” she soothe him.

“But Liz........” she placed her finger over his lips to hush him.
“Not now” was all she said before kissing his lips, and going out back with the twins. He stared after her, and felt his heart ache.

“Max” Max turned to see Nasedo and Veser standing at the back door. He motioned for them to take a seat.

“Your Majesty, there is a decision to be made sire” Veser spoke with great urgency.

“I know” Max stood up and walked to the window, were he watched Liz chased the twins around the back yard.

“We will meet back here tonight” he told them.

“But Your Highness...” Max turned around suddenly, and pinned Veser with a look.

“Tonight” he said firmly.

“As you wish sire” Veser stood and bowed to him. Max looked to Nasedo then Veser, to see if there were any more objections, when he saw none, he turned on his heels, and joined Liz out back with the twins.

TBC..................LADY S.
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Chapter 28

“Alright kiddos, I have a fresh batch of cookies that are just screaming to be eaten” Nancy smiled at her grandkids.

“Yea” Xan and Bel shouted excitedly. They ran inside to grab their backpacks.

“Thanks mom” Liz kissed her mom’s cheek in gratitude.

“None of that, you know I love to spend the day with them. Their my favorite little people” she joked. Liz usher her into the house, were they ran into Max.

“Hey mom” he smiled down at her, while giving her a warm hug. Nancy smiled up at him, amazed at how much he had changed from the shy boy that use to pin over her daughter, to the remarkable man he was today. A devoted husband, excellent father and a great friend.

“Hey Max” she squeezed him one more time before following Liz into the kitchen. Nancy watched Liz busy herself, and knew she was troubled. She knew what had happened early, and from what Maria described, Liz was in hiding her true feelings from everyone. She placed her purse on the table, and went and stood next to Liz, who at the moment had her head stuck in the fridge.

Liz could feel her mothers eyes follow her as she tracked thru the kitchen. She also knew the lecture she was about to receive. She made her way over to the fridge, hoping to find anything that would put off the forthcoming conversation. She saw her mothers feet standing next to her. Letting out a deep sigh, she stood up and grabbed the pitcher of tea, anything that would stop her hands from shaking.

“Tea?” she asked her mother. Nancy pinned her with a look, before turning around and reaching into the cupboard and grabbed some glasses. She met Liz at the table, and sat down across from her. They sat there in silence, and Liz squirmed under her mothers watchful eye.

“Liz” here it comes, Liz thought. She raised her eyes to met her mothers, and saw a comforting smile there.

“Moooom” Liz whined. Nancy placed her hand over Liz’s.

“Liiiiiz” Nancy raised an eyebrow at her, and Liz sighed in defeat. She knew there was no way around this conversation. Nancy saw her buckle, and instead of a long lecture, which she had planned, she saw the distant look in Liz’s eyes, and the bags under them, indicating her lack of sleep.

She stood up and pulled Liz to her feet, and press her head in her bosom.

“When you’re ready” was all she said, and Liz pulled her arms around her mothers waist, thankful once again for her support.

“Thank you mommy, I love you” Liz breathe deeply, loving being wrapped in her mothers arms like this. It had been a while since she held her like she use to, and Liz realized it was something she missed dearly.

“I love you too honey” Nancy stroked her long ebony hair, and kissed her head. Liz wasn’t quit ready to relinquish her hold just yet, but the sound of two bubbly twins, came rushing down the hall. Max stopped in the doorway, and watched the scene between mother and daughter. His worries for her increased, and once the twins were gone, he would find out exactly what was bothering her.

“Ready you two” Nancy asked, and their heads eagerly nodded up and down. Liz kneeled down in front of them.

“Have fun, and mind your Nana and Papa” she warned them, before kissing their cheeks. Max carried their things to the car and got them buckled into the car seats. Liz hugged her mom again.

“Thank you mom” Nancy knew that, that one thank you meant more then her taking the kids for the day.

“Anytime” she blew her a kiss as she pulled out of the driveway, heading towards the Crashdown. The fact that two men dressed in the Royal armies gear, followed closely behind her, didn’t slip past her. Liz blew out the breathe she didn’t know she was holding at the scene. She shook her head, and headed into the house.

“Max” she called to him.

“In here” was his answer. She followed the sound of his voice, and found him sitting on the edge of their bed.

“They’re gone” it was a statement, more then a question. She nodded her head, and he motioned her over to him. He pulled her down on his lap, and wrapped a arm around her for support. Liz bit her lip nervously, and Max gentle extracted her lip from in between her teeth. He turned her so she faced him, and slowly covered her lips with his own. Liz sighed against his lips, loving the contact. She turned and straddled him, and couldn’t stop the moan that escaped her lips.

“Max” she moaned while releasing his shirt from the confines of his pants. Max released her lips long enough to allow her to remove his shirt, before she attack his mouth again. Her movements were urgent, almost desperate. She stood up, and ripped her shirt over her head, tossing it behind her head blindly, leaving her clad in only her bra and shorts. Max inhaled sharply, as he ran his eyes over her tight little form. He could see her nipples tighten under the lace material of her bra. His eyes traveled down her frame to her smooth stomach, and he loved to place loving kisses over the tanned skin. He continued to travel downwards to her extremely tight, short shorts, and his cock harden painfully. He knew that the denim material was the only thing that covered her feminine treasure. This morning he had stood in the doorway, and watched her get dressed. She caught his eye in the mirror, and a sexy smile played on her face, and she dropped her robe, revealing her nakedness to him. She had quickly pulled on her bra and tank top, and making sure she had his undivided attention, she slowly pulled on her shorts, with his mind so clouded with the view of her, he vaguely realized that she neglected to put on any underwear.

She had walked past him in his daze, and kissed him on the cheek, swaying her hips as she descended the hall, his eyes had been trained on her hips with every sway and switch. If it hadn’t been for the house full of people, he would have jumped her right then and there.

“Max” she whispered huskily to him, and he stared up at her. He saw, all wrapped up in that one stare. Lately her eyes held a dim to them, but now, now she seemed so alive. The sound of unzipping, brought him out of his sexual arousal. He stood up, and placed his hands over hers, stopping her.

“No” he breathed to her, buttoning and zipping her shorts back up. She looked up at him with a mixture of confusion and hurt. He kissed her on the nose upon seeing the hurt in her eyes.


“Later” he told her, and pulled her to sit down next to him on the bed. He placed her hand in his, and brought it to his lips, placing tender kisses over her knuckles.

“Talk to me” his voice was smooth, not pushy or demanding, just loving. Even still, Liz was tired of everyone asking her if she was alright, or they were there when she needed them. She jerked her hand out of his causing him to jump at her actions. She ran her hand thru her hair, frustrated beyond belief, and she stood up and pinned him with a look that shocked him.

“Maybe I don’t want to talk” she cornered him. Max stood up, attempting to calm her, but she stopped him in his track with her next statement.

“Maybe I just need you to fuck the shit out of me” her voice was heavy, and laced with something he had never heard from her..........anger. In all the years he had known Liz, he had never once seen her angry. Upset, yes, angry, no. She was always the calm one, always there to calm him when his anger got the best of him. She was the one everyone could turn to in situations, knowing she was always the level headed one. And like a missing puzzle piece snapping in place, he realized that Liz, his wife was pissed. Not necessary at him, but at everything that has been going on lately. Tess.......Xan.......Isabel.....everything was nagging at her, and she was ready to blow. She was always trying to be the strong one for everyone, for him. He had put so much on her, never once wondering if it was too much for her to handle. Expected her to always back him up, never once taking her feelings into consideration. He watched her pace back and forth in front of him, battling internally.

Liz felt her anger building. Everything was slamming into her at once, and she wasn’t sure what to do with it. She had always consider herself rational, never taught she had a hateful bone in her body. She didn’t even hate Tess when she came around announcing her destiny to Max. Instead, she felt envious of her, not hate. But at this moment the hate that coursed thru her blood was consuming her and directed at one person...........Kivar.

He had came in, and in one short month, turned their lives into the hell it was today. He had destroyed their perfect lives, and replaced them with fear and worry. He had tainted her children’s mind with hate and mistrust. She hated him, for what he did to Ava and Vilandra, Rath and Zan. She hated him for the way he made her husband doubt himself, but most of all, she hated him for the feelings of hate that consumed her.

“Liz” he spoke tentatively to her, but she ignore him as if he wasn’t even in the room.

“God” she screamed, surprising both him and herself.

“It’s ok to be angry” he tried to soothe her, but she spun around and looked at him.

“Is it Max, because all it’s doing is succeeding in making our lives miserable. God I just........I wish.............aaahhh” the lights flickered, and the walls shook. Max could feel her energy pooling, and knew the only way for her to feel better was to release it. Liz felt it also, but this was stronger then she was use to, and didn’t know what to do with the powers streaking thru her. Max saw the confused and frighten look that fell upon her face, and he could tell she didn’t know how to control it.

“Just let it go Liz” he coached her silently.

“Max” her voice was small and scared.

“It’s ok love.......just release it”

The walls began to shake violently, knocking the pictures that covered them to the floor. The lights blew out, leaving only sparkles of electric in their hast. Max thru up his shield, and the moment it was fully up, she let lose.


Maria giggled as she ran her hand thru Michael’s hair. They were laying naked, after just sharing an explosive orgasm together. Michael was presently placing tiny kisses all over her body, and had just hit her ticklish spot right behind her left earlobe.

“Michael” she cried thru her fits of giggles. He continued on down her neck to her chest were he made sure to give her nipples long, open mouth kisses, before he moved on down to her rib cage, were he proceeded to kiss each individual rib, before he continued.

He stopped at her stomach, were he ran a shaky hand over her still tiny stomach, slowly caressing and massaging it. He looked up at Maria, and a look of complete awe past over his face. Maria saw him swallow the large lump in his throat, and a loving smile graced her lips. No words were spoken between them, but they both knew what the other was thinking. They were going to have a baby.....a family.

“I love you......thank you” in that one statement, Maria knew he wasn’t thanking her for the precious gift that was their child, but also for loving him, trusting him and standing by him no matter what.

They had talked some more once they came back from Max and Liz’s. They talked more about his past life, his feelings then and now, and the one thing that wasn’t a question in his mind was how much he loved her. She had been a little worried that he was still afraid for her to have a child, but he assured her that as long as he was breathing air, nothing was going to happen to her or their daughter. She was their gift, a gift he planned to cherish every single day.

“I love you” she was really enjoying being connected to him like this, it made her feel complete, and she finally understood what Liz meant when she said that her and Max’s connection was something you couldn’t understand unless you experienced it for yourself.

Michael lowered his head, and she assumed to continue his journey down her body, but what he did next surprised her, and made her love for him increase. Michael kissed the smooth skin of her belly, and rested his cheek against it.

“Hey little’s me, daddy” his voice was so small and tender, you would never imagine him as a warrior. A tear slipped from Maria’s eye, and she laced her fingers thru his hair, and listened to his velvety voice as he spoke to their daughter.

“God....we haven’t even met yet, but I love you so much” he closed his eyes, and took a deep breath, placing his large hand over Maria’s stomach, and before he knew it, a connection was made.

Michael felt himself floating, and then found himself standing in a large room. What struck him was that the room had multiple paintings hanging in it, some he recognized as ones he had painted, others he didn’t recognize. One picture stuck out at him, and he walked over to it to get a closer look.

It was a simple painting really, but the center of attraction was what caught his attention.....Maria. She was dressed simply in a long green summer dress that matched her eyes. Her hair looked to be blowing in the wind, rays of sunlight caressed several tress, making her glow. She held the dress in her hands, keeping it from dangling in the river bank, in which she was playfully splashing around in. Her feet were bare, and she wore a childlike smile on her face that insinuated her beauty.

“Isn’t mommy pretty” a tiny voice sounded behind him. Michael didn’t even have to turn around to know who it belonged to.......his daughter. His hands grew sweaty, and his heartbeat increased. He took a deep breath, and slowly turned around. There she stood, a mixture of him and Maria. She was dressed in a pair of dingy overalls, and a bright green tank shirt, that was covered by a white shirt that read ‘Crashsdown’ over the left breast, with his name embroider underneath, that was rolled up her arms to fit. He realized that it was one of his Crashdown uniforms shirts Jeff had made him start wearing his senior year.

Her hair was pulled into a haphazard ponytail, leaving several strands unattached. Paint covered her from head to toe, and she held a tiny palette in her right hand, and a paintbrush in the other. She was beautiful. From what he could tell she looked about four years old, with an attitude he wasn’t sure if she got from him or Maria. He was so busy staring at her, drinking in the sight of her, that he had forgotten she had asked him a question.

“Daddy!” she called to him, hands on her hips, and her foot tapping a mile a minute. ‘Yelp, definitely Maria’ he thought to himself.

“Yeah” he finally found his voice.

“I said, isn’t mommy pretty” she asked him again, wondering why her daddy had just spaced out. Michael turned back to the picture once again, and nodded his head.

“Yeah, she is” he spoke breathlessly. He felt a tiny hand slip into his, and he looked down to see his daughter staring up at him. He had to fight the tears that threaten to escape at the sight of her.

“Come on” she pulled him over to a section in the room which held a tiny easel “sit down daddy” too stun to do anything else, Michael did as she instructed. She walked over to the easel, and placed a fresh canvas on it. Michael’s eyes widen in shock, and he looked around the room again, and realized that they were in his studio. Pictures that he had painted were there, and.......

“Did you paint those pictures” he asked her, pointing to all the pictures of different sceneries.......mountains and hills, lakes and oceans. There were paintings of him and Maria....Max and Liz...the twins.....Amy, their entire family. Michael looked once again at the picture of Maria, and he let out an awed sigh.

“Wow” she turn him and gave a bright smile as her answer, before she turned around and pressed play on the CD player next to the easel. Metallica’s ‘Fade to Black’ poured thru the speakers, and he sat there with such pride, and watched her as her brush flew across the canvas with articulated strokes. His little pixie............

The connection faded, and Michael felt the tear that slid from his eyes. He removed his hand, and saw the tiny handprint fade away. He felt Maria’s hand in his hair, and he raised his head to look at her. She had a knowing smile on her face, and tears in her eyes. He placed one last kiss over his daughter, and crawled up on his side so he was facing her. He ran a thumb across her cheek, and captured her lips in his.

“I love you”


“Oh Alex.....that feels...oh that feels wonderful” Isabel cooed.

“You like that huh” he whispered in her ear.

“Um hum” was her only reply. She couldn’t form a coherent sentence if she wanted to at the moment, the things he was doing with his hands, were reeking havoc on her body. Alex moved lower down her exposed back, and placed a kiss between her shoulder blades, before continuing.

“Oh yes, right there” she moaned. Alex added a little more pressure, and felt her sigh in pleasure. Slowly he rubbed in small circles, kneading gently. With every touch and caress, she fell deeper and deeper. He ran his large hands over her bottom, and gave it a playful swat. Moving farther down, he massaged the left then the right leg, before ending at her feet, were he caressed every arch and curve of each foot.

He ran his hands back up her body, and kissed her neck. Her breathing was even, and a smile touched her lips.

“Tired” he whispered in her ear.

“A little” she confessed “that was great, thank you” she whispered.

“No thank yous needed. I love pampering you” he told her truthfully “I love you.”

“I love you too Alex” he heard the tiredness in her voice. He kissed her forehead, and pulled back.

“Rest love” he soothed her. He laid down next to her, and she instantly curled into him, resting her head over his chest. The sound of his heartbeat soothing her into a peaceful sleep. A heart that only beat and belonged to her. Alex ran a hand up her arm, while the other one made it’s way to her long blond hair, gently combing thru it, wrapping around his fingers like silk. He felt her tiny puffs of air as her breath danced across his naked chest, and he knew she was asleep.

They had came home and talk about her conflicting feelings about her past, and what their future held. She had admitted that she was confused about her feelings towards Michael. She wasn’t sure how she was suppose to feel now that she remembered him in their past life, and she had loved him. He had told her to search her heart, and it would never fail in giving her the answer she needed and knew was true. Alex remembered holding his breathe as he watched her struggle internally.

Finally she had turned to him with a tear stained face. His heart had dropped upon seeing the look on her face, but the words that came out her mouth shocked him even more.

“My heart only knows one true love, it can only beat for one” she grabbed his hand and placed it over her heart “it beats for you Alex, my heart leads me only to you.” Tears had sprung to his eyes, and he had pulled her into a crushing hug. They were going to make love, but upon seeing how tense her muscles were, he opt to giving her a full body massage instead.

As he laid there holding her in his arms, Alex raised his eyes to the heavens above.

“Thank you” he whispered.


“So how is it” he asked her hesitantly. Tess swallowed the concoction, and Chris watched her face tentatively. A slow smile played on her lips, before turning into a full pledged grin.

“Perfect” she assured him, and saw him visible relax. Chris wasn’t much of a cook, actually he never cooked. Not since their college years, when he left a pot of eggs boiling on the stove and forgot about them, letting the water boil out of them and burning the pot, setting off the smoke detector. From that day forward, Tess had banned him from the kitchen, vowing to never let him near any open flames again.

Chris refilled her glass of water before sitting down across from her. He had been practicing cooking, against her knowledge, and had made them brunch that consisted of fresh fruit, and a small batch of Belgium waffles. He wanted the mix to be perfect, and had even added Tabasco sauce to the mix for her. He stuck out his chest in manly pride, and she laughed at him.

“I guess this means I’m allowed back in the kitchen” he asked her with total seriousness.

“One brunch doesn’t qualify you as a gourmet chief” she joked with him.

“But you admit there good though” he taunted, wiggling his eyes brows.

“Yeah, they’re good” she had to give it to him, they were very good waffles.

“Damn good” he returned.

“Damn good” she smiled at him, and rolled her eyes at his quirkiness.

“You bet your ass their good. Now, eat up before they get cold, and then we’ll set up a cooking schedule” he told her, lowering his head when he saw her eyes widen in shock. Tess saw him trying to hide his smile, and threw her napkin at him.

“Jerk” she laughed at him, and he placed his hand over hers.

“Yeah, and you love this ‘jerk’, so what does that make you” he teased her.

“Desperate” she replied cheekily.

“Exactly” he pointed to her “what would you do without me” he joked. The smile quockly faded from her face, and her voice turned serious.

“I’ll die” her tears fell down her cheeks, and Chris was out his chair and by her side in a flash. He turned her chair around, and sat on his knees in front of her.

“You’ll never lose me, never” his voice held no argument to it, and he kissed her hands “I love you Tess Harding, and they would have to drag me kicking and screaming before I left your side” he assured her. He knew she was worried about their enemies, and the possibility of him getting hurt or worse. The talk they had, had at Liz’s had brought their relationship to new heights. Tess found the strength she needed to confront her past in Chris, and Chris realized that his life wasn’t complete without Tess. He knew that her enemies were his enemies, and whatever he had to do to protect her, he would. That was what love was, what giving your heart to someone meant.

Tess stared down at the man before her, and knew he meant every word he spoke. She had failed to realize exactly how much he loved her, when she was struggling with her memories, and shut him out completely. But never again, never again would she take his love for granted. Her heart was scream at her to let him in, let him help heal her, and once she did, she was rewarded with unconditional, lasting love. And in that moment Tess realized what she wanted.

“Marry me” she rushed out. Chris stared at her with wide eyes, but once the shock wore off, he answered her quickly.

“Yes!” he pulled her face to his, and they were soon entwined in a mind blowing kiss.


“How do you feel” he breathe in her ear, while trailing the loofah up her arm.

“Better” she smiled, as she leaned against his chest.

“You ought too, after blowing out our wall, you do realize I will have to rope Michael into helping me fix it don’t you” he teased her, and was rewarded with an elbow to the side.

“Ump...” he laughed, and she pinched his thigh.

“Ok...ok” he held his hands up in surrender “you do know that’s going to leave a bruise” he teased her.

“Well stop making fun of me” she whined playfully.

“Never” he kissed her on the temple, and stroked her stomach.

“Seriously though, admit it, you feel a whole lot better now that you’ve released some of that anger” he wrapped his arms around her waist, and rested his chin on her shoulder. Liz looked at the massive damage she had done to their wall, and had to admit that she did feel a whole lot better now. She hadn’t realized that she was so angry until she released the blast that destroyed their poor, defenseless wall.

“Yeah” she admitted. After she had calmed down, they had talked about everything that was bothering her, and Max listened intently as she talked about her hatred for Kivar and all the pain he has caused their family. She had talked herself into exhaustion, and Max had ran them a warm bath were he proceeded to wrap her in his warmth and love.

Liz laced her fingers thru his, and rested her head back against his chest and closed her eyes. Max massaged any parts of her body he could reach, while placing loving kisses over her face. Soon he heard her tiny snore, and he smiled to himself. Carefully he lifted them from the tub, careful not to disturb her, he dried them off using his powers, and laid her down in their bed, before climbing in next to her. He closed his eyes, praying that this would all be over soon.

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Chapter 29

“What the hell happened here” Michael stared at the crumbled mass of sheetrock, that once served as a wall, laying defenseless at his feet. When Max had called him earlier, requesting his assistance, he assumed it was for something simple, but as he stared at the irreversible damage before him, there was no way they could fix it without depleting all their energy. He stared at Max and Liz, and noticed how she wouldn’t quite met his eye, and she currently had her face buried in Max’s chest, and he had a teasing smirk on his face.

“Ow” he heard him exclaim, before rubbing his side.
“Stop making fun of me” Liz mumbled in his chest, while Max rubbed her back. Max chuckled at the wide eyed expression on Michael’s face, causing his chest to vibrate, sending a shiver of desire thru Liz. Her body was very aware that they hadn’t finished what they had started earlier, and was screaming for his attention. Max felt her desire sweep thru him, and he had to cough to cover his groan. His own body was begging him to finish what they had started before her outburst. He pulled her body closer to his, and he could feel the heat of passion radiating off her as she pressed up against his erection. It took all strength to focus on Michael who was standing there examining the wall, and staring at them expectantly. Michael jumped back as a chuck of wall, that was barely hanging on, dropped by his feet.

“Shit” he cursed, and ran his hand thru his hair “I think you two better look into remodeling” he said, while shaking his head in disbelief. At first when he had saw the wall, he had thought Max had once again lost control of his powers, but it dawned on him from the way Liz buried her face in Max’s chest embarrassingly, that she was the one to place it there. He knew from last night that she was powerful, but none of them really knew the extent of her powers.

“Thanks Michael” she bit out sarcastically, turning to face him.

“Anytime” he smirked at her, before going to see if Maria needed him. They heard the doorbell ring, and Liz moved to go answer it, but was pulled back against Max’s strong chest.

“Max” she smiled.

“Hold on, I want to give you something” he nuzzled his nose against her neck, and inhaled her scent. He turned her to face him, before returning his head to her neck. Liz was getting weak in the knees with that tiny movement. The way his breath caressed her skin, sending a ignition thru her, that caused her nipples to harden, and her liquids flowing.

“Um Max” she moaned, while entangling her fingers thru his hair, encouraging his movements. Max let the tip of his tongue peek out, and traced a trail from behind her ear, down to her neck, where he proceeded to suck vigorously, leaving an angry red, purplish mark in his aftermath. He heard her throatily moan, and he gripped her bottom in his hands, and pulled her tightly against his erection, grinding desperately against her to relieve the ache. Liz pulled his mouth to hers, and plunged her tongue deep into his sweet cavern, loving the way their tongues mingled together in this familiar sexual dance.

Their breathing became erratic, as they frantically tried to relieve the feverish burn of desire that coursed thru them. Liz reached between them, and blindly undid his pants, before reaching in and wrapping her hand around his pulsating member.

“Liizz” he choked out, as he fought off the urge to cum in her sweet little hand. He threw his head back as she stroked him from base to his painful mushroom head. Liz took advantage of his exposed neck, and sucked tenderly on his Adam’s apple, causing him to shake involuntary. Max felt her backing him up, and felt the back of his knees hit their bed. A few seconds later, his pants were pooled at his feet, and he wondered vaguely when had he lost control of the situation. Liz was horny as hell, and he wasn’t going to let something like a little control get in the way of pleasing his wife. He ran his hands underneath her shirt, caressing the smooth, silky skin there. His hands soon found their selves cupping her firm breast, and felt himself grow tighter at her lack of undergarments. He rolled her nipples between his fingers, feeling them constrict under his touch.

“Max please” she pleaded with him, and he wasted no time in ripping her shirt from her body. Her breast jiggled slightly from his effort, and he stared at her momentarily, before bringing his head down, and capturing one of her rosy peaks in his mouth. He twirled his tongue around it, lightly blowing on it, causing her to shiver, and her nipple to turn harder. He was surprise it was able to get any tighter. He slid his large hands between her panties and shorts, and squeezed her ass, pushing them out of his way. He let his hands kneed her rump, and his long fingers brushed up against her core, and found exactly what he was looking for. She was soaking wet, drenched for him. He let one of his slender fingers dip dangerously close to her opening, and felt her hips rotate, trying to coax his finger inside her.

“Max please.....I need you to touch me” she begged him. Max turned them around, and laid her in the middle of the bed. He kicked his pants and boxer completely off, and crawled up towards her. Liz watched him thru hooded lids, and saw the black look of desire cloud his eyes. She wanted him so badly, and lately it seemed she couldn’t get enough of his touch, his kisses. Max laid on his side and turned her to face him. He kissed her slow and lazily, while he ran his large hand up and down her body, stopping to caress her bottom and breast. He eased his hand over her thigh, and nudged her legs apart.

Liz didn’t hesitate, and spread her legs apart to accommodate his large hand. Max traced her folds, and heard her intake a sharp breath.

“Oh god Max please.........yes right there” she moaned. Hearing her needful cry, he plunged two of his fingers deep within her.

“Yes Max.....oh god yes” Liz pumped her hips to his rhythm, and enjoyed the feel of his fingers as they thrust into her. But she needed more, and pushed her hips harder against his hand, trying to alleviate the burn coursing thru her. Sensing her frustration, Max gave her nub a flick, before flipping onto his back, and slamming her down on his cock.

“Yeeeesssss” Liz wailed, and Max had to bring her lips to his to muffle her moans. Although he was buried deep inside her, and nothing else matter, he was still aware that there were other people in the house, and didn’t want them aware of their activities. Liz used her knees to elevate her over him, before slamming down back home. Their bodies slapped together, and each time she would rise above him, her pussy would make loud, slopping noises, that heighten his desire. He could feel her walls clamping down on his member, indicating how close she was. He gripped her hips tightly, as he aided her in riding his manhood.

“Um.......Max, oh god Max, I’m so close” she dug her nails into his chest as if gripping for her last bit of control. Max watched her face as she came closer and closer to ecstasy. Her eyes were squeezed shut tightly, and she was biting down on her bottom lip so hard, he wondered if she had drew blood. Her hair was clinging to her face with the added help of the layers of sweat that covered her body, making her glisten in passion. He placed his hand over her heat, and found the tiny bundle of nerves that would send her over the edge. He pressed his thumb against it, and began to rub in tiny circles, adding just the right amount of pressure that would send her into final bliss. Liz was feeling it right there, and as soon as his thumb touched her sensitive nub, she exploded.

“Maaaaaxxxxx” her cry was low, but still had the same effect as if she had screamed out at the top of her lungs. Max was mesmerized, watching her in the throws of passion, was like watching the sun was beautiful, breath taking. He could last forever, if it meant watching her as he sent her into orgasm after orgasm. He stared at her a long time as she continued to ride out her orgasm, her walls pulsating with each tiny spaz that coursed thru her. He etched the way she looked in his memory, storing it there for safe keeping.

Liz finally came down from her high, and looked down at him with a satisfied grin on her face.

“Woow.......thank you” she whispered. She felt his still rock hard penis inside her, and sat out to return the extreme pleasure he had given her. She slowly rotated her hips over him, causing him to hit every crevice within her.

“Shit....oh god Liz........yes” Liz leaned over and captured his mouth. She slipped her tongue over his, and could feel his dick expanding in her. She knew he was close as well, and she sat up quickly, tearing her mouth from his, causing him to growl in protest. Liz leaned back, resting her hands on his thighs, and using her feet for leverage, she pushed off her feet, and rose up so only the head of his cock was in her. She lingered there for a moment, feeling his head pulsate against her lips. With graceful movements, she reached for his sack, and squeezed the package in her hands. The feel of her hand wrapped around his balls, and the way he could see the tip of his head buried in her, Max lost it.

“Liiiizzz” Liz felt his balls constrict, and the tell tell sign of his head tighten in her, she slammed back on him, burying his cock deep within her. Max forced her head to his, and he covered his mouth with hers as he muffled his cries as he rode out his orgasm. His body shook and convulsed under the force of his orgasm, and he wasn’t sure if he would ever stop shooting his load into her silken walls.

Finally after what seemed like forever, they came down from their high. Liz rested her head against his chest, and listened to the racing of his heart. Still buried inside her, Max wrapped his arms around her, and held her close. A knock at the door, brought them back to reality.

“Maxwell, they’re here” Michael’s voice floated thru the door.

“Give us ten” he called out, and heard Michael’s grumbled acceptance. Max ran his hand thru Liz’s hair, causing her to struggle deeper within him.

“Ready” he heard her whisper, knowing there was no correct answer for that question, he wrapped his arms tighter around her and sighed.

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Chapter 30

Johnson stood next to his CO, with the stance of a true soldier. He didn’t quite know what to expect, especially since after his total disrespect of the King and his Queen. Harrison had chewed his ass off once they arrived back at the warehouse. He let him know how disappointed and outraged at his total lack of control of what the humans called hormones. It was a lot of ‘yes sir’s’ and ‘sorry sir’s’ that had saved his ass from the next ship back to Antar. He had barely escaped with his head, but definitely not without several harsh and angry words tossed his way. He was informed the only reason he was pardon, was Harrison felt he was the only one besides himself capable to aide Commander Rath in their fight against Kivar.

Johnson study the room casually, all without once blinking or moving, a skill he learned all to well from the Royal Army of Antar. The room was busy with activity. Everyone waiting for the King and Queen to make their appearance.

A loud, moaned “Yeeeesssss” penetrated the air, causing everyone to stop what they were doing.

“Oh god” Michael moaned in disgust, while everyone else’s cheeks flushed in embarrassment, everyone that was but Jeff, who made a quick exit out the patio door. There was no way he was going to listen to his Babygirl, while she and her husband had sex. Rolling her eyes and clapping her hands together to get every ones mind away from the activities coming from her best friends room, Maria cleared her throat.

“Oooook, who wants Chinese” she asked brightly. Several hands went up, and she pulled out her cell phone and placed the order. Jim watched in awe as Maria talked a mile a minute into the phone, as she argued back and forth with the other person on the other end. He couldn’t believe she was going to have a baby. He had watched her grow since she was a little girl, but didn’t really get to know her until the whole Max and Liz thing, and then once he started dating Amy, he grew even more fonder of her, and protective. He swore to himself, that if Michael ever hurt her, he would rip off his balls and serve them to him on a silver platter, laced in Tabasco.

He watched as Amy grabbed the phone from Maria, and proceeded to chew out the person for upsetting her daughter in her fragile state. Maria sat down next to him, and he gave her a warm smile.

“Whatcha thinking about” she asked him. She had seen him sitting there, staring into space with a huge smile on his face, and she wondered what could have his spirits so high, especially with everything going on. Jim wrapped his arm around her shoulder and kissed her temple.

“You” he told her honestly.

“Me” she asked surprised.

“Um hum” he replied.

“What about me” she wondered. Jim knew he had never really told Maria how he felt about her, how he wished she was his biological daughter, but even though they didn’t share the same blood, she was his daughter, just as much as Kyle was his son. Realizing that after tonight, things could either go good or bad, and if they went bad, he wanted her to know how he felt. He had spoken to Kyle earlier in the morning, and let him know what was going on in ‘Alien City’, and he wanted him to know how much he loved him if anything was to happen. He wanted Maria to know also. He pulled her tighter against him, and rubbed her arm up and down.

“Maria, I’ve known you since you were a little girl that punched Kyle for trying to steal your cupcake in kindergarten” he chuckled at the memory, and Maria ducked her head in embarrassment. “I’ve watched you grow from that outspoken 5 year old, to an even more outspoken, incredible woman you are today” his voice became thick with emotions, and his heart began to bet rapidly in his chest. ‘What if she didn’t have the same feelings for him as he did for her’, ‘What if she didn’t want him as her father’ all those thoughts echoed thru his head, and he had to shake it to regain his nerves.

“You’re a lovely woman Maria. You’re bright, kind, gentle, dependable, and most of all you a big heart. A heart that has accepted people around you with warmth and understanding. I always knew if I ever had a daughter, she would be all those things and more. And you are, you know, my daughter, maybe not in blood, but in my heart you’ve always been my daughter.....that is if you want to be.......or even if you want me to be your dad....heck you’re probably to old to want a dad now.......I mean I don’t know what you want.......I mean.......” he took a deep breath, and rubbed the back of his neck, hoping she understood what he was desperately trying to say

Maria sat up so she could see him better, and the look in his eyes was scared, gentle, comforting, loving.....fatherly. She swallowed the lump in her throat, and wondered why she all of the sudden she couldn’t control her emotions. Tears had willed their selves in her eyes as she had listened to him speak. She remembered the first time she had met Jim in kindergarten, when him and her mom had to come to the school after the little cupcake incident. She had noticed how nice he was to her, even though she had given his son a black eye. She had also witnessed the way he mooned over her mom, and thought that was the only reason he was beginning nice to her, to wiggle his way in her mom’s good standings.

Over the years of knowing him, he was always there when she needed him. Like the time she was ten, and Candice Mcgee and Sandy Reed made fun of her for coming to the ‘Father-Daughter’ dance with her mom, all so she could keep Liz company, laughing because she didn’t have a dad, and had to bring her mother instead. Jim had been there as a chaperone, and was talking to Amy when they overheard the two girls. Amy was furious, and was just about to lay it into the two, but the calming hand of the Sheriff stopped her. She remembered holding her head up high as they laughed and teased her, not giving them the satisfaction of seeing her cry, but as soon as they had walked away, still laughing, she let the tears fall. She had hated not having a dad, and really hated those stupid ‘Father’ related events.

She had been crying silently, not wanting anyone to notice. She remembered someone had stepped in front of her, with their hand extended.

“My I have the honor of dancing with the prettiest girl in the room” she heard him say, and when she looked up, the Sheriff stood before her, with the biggest grin on his face. After a lot of begging and pleading, she had accepted his offer, and they had danced the night away. She could still remember how happy she was as he twirled her around the dance floor or how he got everyone to join him in a round of the ‘Funky Chicken.’ That night had been memorable, and she had always been thankful for his kindness.

Jim was starting to get nervous, she was still staring at him, and had yet to say a word about his revelation, which was uncommon for Maria, she always had something to say. She searched his eyes once again to see the feelings laying there. Deep down inside she had always consider him a father figure, that was why she had asked him to give her away at her wedding, but never told him. Maybe it was the fear of being rejected, or maybe afraid that if she voice her feelings and got attached, he would leave like her real dad. She realized he was starting to fidget beside her, and she quickly grabbed his hands.

“I would love to be your daughter” and in that one little sentence, he made him to happiest man in the world. Jim pulled her into a crushing hug.

“I love you” she whispered against his chest.

“You don’t know how much this means to me. I love you too Maria” he smiled, his eyes locked with Amy’s and she gave him a bright smile. Amy had watched them from the sideline, and she knew what he was doing. Last night he had told her his feelings towards her daughter, and also his fears that she would reject him, but as she watched them talk animatedly with each other, she knew her little family was coming together.

“Hey, why don’t you go see if their ready” Isabel told Michael, pulling his eyes away from Jim and Maria. He noticed the interaction between them, and the silent communication between him and his wife, had let him in on what was going on.

“Why do I have to go” he stared at her menacingly “he’s your brother.”

“He’s your best friend, and besides ewww” she whined.

“Flip you for it” Michael said, reaching in his pocket to retrieve a coin.

“Fine” she stomped her foot, and waited as he flipped.

“Call it” Michael said, while the coin linger in the air.

“Heads” Isabel called, and with a little push of her mind, the coin landed in his hand, head up.

“You cheated” Michael scolded accusingly.

“Did not” she denied.

“Yeah right” but before he could carry on, she walked off.

“Shit” Michael mumbled as he made his way down the hall, praying that he didn’t hear anything to taint his ears. Bringing his hand up to the door.

“Maxwell, they’re here” he grumbled thru the door.

“Give us ten” he heard Max call out.

“Whatever” he grumbled as he walked down the hall.


Ten minutes later, Liz made her appearance in the living room, and she noticed how noone would meet her eye.

“What” she asked. Maria walked up to her and whispered in her ears.

“Next time you might want to try and be a little less....noisy” she smiled at the way Liz turned three shades of red. She buried her head in her hands and groaned.

There was a knock on the door, signaling the arrival of their dinner. Liz rushed to the door, glad to get out from under the teasing eyes of her family. She returned to the living room, and was bombarded by everyone.

“Hey” she called out, but no one listened. She shook her head at her family, and watched as the once full cartons, laid empty across her dining table. She looked around the room, and noticed for the first time that Harrison was in the room, and standing next to him, was the soldier from the Crashdown. They were both standing like status, reminding her of the soldiers that stood outside the palace in London....stiff, unmoved. She made her way over to them.

“Hey, aren’t you guys going to eat” she asked them.

“No thank you Your Highness” Harrison spoke to his Queen. Liz turned to the soldier, and noticed how tense he was, and was having a hard time annoying her eyes. Johnson couldn’t breathe, the moment she had entered the room, the air had left his lungs, and he was having a hard time focusing. He had heard her question, and felt the moment she turned to him.

“What about you.....” she let the sentence hang, hoping he would give her his name.

“Johnson, Your Highness” he kept his eyes trained on the wall behind her.

“Well Johnson, are you hungry” she asked politely.

“I’m fine Your Highness” Liz rolled her eyes at their formalities.

“It’s Liz” she told them. Johnson looked at Harrison, and the look he received, told him that in no uncertain circumstances was he to call her by her name, especially if he didn’t want to be on the next ship to Antar.

“With all do respect Your Highness, we are fine” Harrison spoke for the both of them, and Liz watched the way Johnson’s jaw reflexed. Johnson so badly wanted to look deep into her eyes, but she was forbidden fruit.......uncharted territory. The King would have him publically executed if he was to even look at her. Liz shrugged her shoulders, and made her way over the table, hoping to find any Orange chicken left.

Max emerged from his room 20 minutes later. He was relaxed, and had a big Kool-aide smile on his face. He immediately searched the room for Liz, and found her sitting in the chair between Isabel and Maria, with Tess sitting at her feet. They were laughing and talking, and she looked radiate. Liz felt the moment he had entered the room, and met his eye, she smiled at him before returning her attention to the girls.

“Hey son” Max turned to his father.

“Dad” he acknowledged, his eyes still focused on Liz.

“Maxwell, we should get started” Michael announced as he came upon the two of them.

“Right” Max knew Michael was anxious to get this over with, and everyone was waiting for his word to move.

“Alright everyone, lets get started we have a lot to discuss, and not a lot of time to do it” he spoke. He waited until everyone was settled, before he began.

“Some things have been happening lately, that you all are already aware of, but the time has come for decisions to be made” Max walked around the room, and all eyes followed him.

“Decisions that everyone expects for me to make for them, but I can’t. I know I’m suppose to be this powerful King and all, but I’m not, not in this lifetime. I may have Zan’s memories, just like you have Rath’s, or Ava’s or Vilandra’s” he stated to Michael, Tess and Isabel “but I’m not Zan. I’m Max Evans, and I can only follow my heart. I don’t know what decisions are right or wrong, but I do know that there are thousands of people depending on me on us to free them from the hands of a mad man. Some of you were dragged into this mess unwillingly, but you have proven yourself time and time again, and I thank you.

Things are about to get deep, and I don’t know what the outcome will be, but I know what I have to do, and that is fight for my people, free them. I stand before you all, not as your King, but as your friend, and I am here to let you know if anyone wants out, there will be no questions asked, no judgement past. The people in this room are my family, and I want you all to be safe, no matter what” he finished, running a hand thru his hair, turning his back as he waited on the response. He had been sitting in their room, long after Liz went to join the others. He needed to think. There was a lot about to happen, and he didn’t want them to be jumping into this without giving it a second thought.

They all stared at him in shock, did he really think they would walk away from him now, after all they had been thru together. A hand on his shoulder, jerked him out of his thoughts. He turned to see Michael standing next to him.

“As much as you would like to get rid of me, I’m here for the long haul” he smirked. Max pulled him into a hug.

“Thank you” he whispered, before pulling away and facing the group, a group who all stood before him, tall and proud.

“You think we’re going to let you have all the fun” Tess raised her eyebrow at him. One by one they all came to stand next to him, indicating they would stand beside him no matter what. Liz was last to reach his side.

“We’re in this together Max, all of us” she reached up and kissed his lips, before turning to face Harrison, who was looking at the group in awe.

“You may began” Max told him.

It was a long night, plans were made, strategies laid out. Johnson had located the training grounds of Kivar’s troops, and after several heated arguments and discussions and careful planning a decision was made....

They were taking back their lives....

WHAT DO YOU THINK................LADY S.
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Chapter 31

Silence, silence was all around them, and the only sound that penetrated the air was the roaring sound of the engine of the van as it carried them into the world of unknown. They were heading out to the warehouse where the rest of the Royal Army were waiting for their orders. Michael looked out the window into the passengers mirror, and saw the highlights to the car that carried his best friend and brother, and the woman he considered his sister. He could make out their silhouettes in the back seat, with Phillip seated next to them. Jeff and Nasedo riding up front. He could barely make out the small headlights of the vehicle behind them, housing Harrison and three other soldiers.

He turned his attention back to the occupants in the van. Johnson was sitting next to him in the drivers seat, completely focused on the task at hand. Michael couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but there was something about the soldier that stuck out at him, something familiar. He knows he should hate the guy for the way he keeps sneaking glances at Liz, but for some reason he felt like he should know him, recognize him. Michael shrugged off the feeling, and tried to regain his train of thought.

Michael turned towards the back of the van. In the seat directly behind them was Isabel and Alex. Isabel had her head resting in his lap, her eyes were closed, but he knew she wasn’t asleep, none of them had really slept in the last 48 hours. She was no doubt trying to find some type of center to their ever spiraling life. Alex was absently rubbing his hand up and down her arm, with his head resting against the window pane. As if sensing his eyes on him, Alex turned and met Michael’s eye, and gave him a shaky smile. He was scared, they all were. Alex was a computer geek, not a fighter, but he has proven his loyalty time and time again. He loved Isabel, and wasn’t going to let her face this without him.

Taken up the seat right behind them was Tess and Chris. They were struggled up close together, her head resting against his chest, while his chin resting on her head. He had noticed how they hadn’t left each others side every since she finally faced the demons of her past life. Chris whispered something in her ear, that caused a wide smile to grace her lips and his. ‘At least they could still find something to smile about’ Michael thought to his self.

Taking up the rear seat was Jim. Since there was no one sitting with him, he was stretched out across the seat, head leaned up against the window. He was staring out the opposite window, and Michael could tell he was deep in thought. No doubt thinking about the family he had left behind. Michael could definitely feel his pain, and his mind drifted to his wife, and their last confrontation.......

**** “I said no Maria” Michael told her, his voice taking on a deadly tone. Maria stared at him wide eyed. Her temper flared, and she was outraged. The others stared on in growing concern. They had been going at it for the last 20 minutes, and neither looked like they were backing down. They had just sat down and were discussing who was to go on the mission, and who was to stay behind. Michael had immediately stated that Maria was to stay along with Amy, Nancy and Diane, and watch after Bel and Xan. To say Maria was upset about his ‘order’, was an understatement, she was furious.

“NO, what do you mean no. You can’t tell me what to do, you’re my husband, not my father” she bit out at him, her hands on her hips, and that foot tapping a mile a minute. Something inside Michael overboiled, and he was now standing in front of her.

“You’re right, I’m not your father, but I am the father of that baby growing inside you, and I will not, and I mean will not let you put her life in danger” the room was silent, and thick with tension. They were both filled with anger and frustration. Their nostrils were flared, and they had both turned several shades of red with anger. They were breathing hard into each others face, and both refused to give in to the other. Sensing it was time for someone to play referee, Max stepped up to them.

“Ok, why don’t we all calm down, and talk this out reasonably” he started.

“I am talking reasonably Maxwell, and it’s final, SHE STAYS HERE” he spoke thru gritted teeth, as he stared his wife in the eyes, not backing down on his decision. Something in his eyes, made Maria snap, and she lunged forwards towards him, but she never made contact, because Max’s reflexes were quicker then she was, and before she could actually do Michael some bodily harm, he tossed her over his shoulders carefully, not wanting to hurt his unborn niece. Maria kicked and screamed for him to let her down, so that she could teach Michael about trying to boss her around.

Michael watched Max’s retreating form, as he carried his wife to their guestroom. He shook his head at her, and couldn’t believe that she was actually going to hit him.

“Hey” Michael looked down, and wasn’t surprised to see Liz standing next to him, after all she was Maria’s best friend, and she was probably going to chew him out for upsetting her.

“Why is she so stubborn” he asked, running a hand across his tried face. Liz could see the many emotions on his face, and the distraught in his eyes.

“Come on” she laced her fingers thru his, and Michael let her lead him over to the couch. He sat down with a heavy thud, and a loud sigh. Liz looked at the man who had captured her best friends heart, and someone she considered her brother, and although he meant well, sometimes she wondered if he really, truly knew Maria.

“She’s not being stubborn Michael, she’s scared. Not of this situation we are in, but of losing you, can’t you see that. She just wants to be wherever you are, so that she can know that you’re safe” she told him wisely. If Liz knew anyone better then she knew herself or Max, it was Maria, and she knew that when Maria was afraid, instead of showing that fear, she stuffed it inside, never letting her true fears out for everyone to see.

“But she won’t lose me” he spoke so softly that Liz barely heard him. She cupped his face in her hand, and stroked his cheek, trying to ease the tension in him. Liz had that effect on people, she always knew what to say or do to comfort them, even him.

“She doesn’t know that Michael, all she knows, is that you’re going off to the unknown, and leaving her behind, wondering if she would ever see you, touch you again. She loves you, and wants to be apart of this” Liz features changed, and before Michael could react, she slapped him upside the head.

“Ow, what the hell you do that for” Michael asked her, while rubbing the side of his head.

“Because brother dear, that’s for upsetting my friend” she leaned forward, and kissed him on the cheek “she’s stressed enough as is, and you’re not making it better by going around barking orders at her like some caveman” she hit him once again before standing and making her way into the kitchen, leaving Michael to stare after her with his mouth hanging open, and rubbing his head.


Meanwhile Max was left with the responsibility of trying to calm a very irate Maria, definitely not an easy task.

“Who does he think he is, ordering me around like some puppy” she asked into the air “I said NO Maria” she imitated Michael, and Max had to suppress his smile, because she so had Michael down pack.

“Why is he” she flopped back on the bed in frustration. Max gently laid down next to her, and together they laid there in silence, staring at the ceiling. Finally after Max could tell she had calmed down some, and her breathing had returned to normal, he linked his fingers thru hers and spoke.

“I won’t let anything happen to him” he told her, and squeezed her hand for reassurance. He continued to look at the ceiling, his eyes focusing on the water stain that Liz had been hounding him to fix every since last years Monsoon season. He felt Maria tense up beside him, but said nothing.

“I....I...what” she was nervous, and once again wondered how Max and Liz were able to read her so well, but her own husband was clueless.

“I know you’re Maria, hell we all are, but he’s right, you can’t go” he felt her anger rising again, and he rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand, and instantly felt the anger melt away. She sighed in defeat, and knew he was right.

“I’ll bring him back to you” he promised her, a promise he had every intention on keeping.

“Ok” she whispered. Max could hear the catch in her voice, as she desperately tried to hide her tears. He sat up, pulling her with him, and kissed her forehead. He wrapped her arms around her, and she laid her head on his chest.

“Please Max, please bring him back to me, to us” she cried pleadingly.

“I will” Max looked up to see Michael hovering in the doorway, and felt Maria tense a little, before relaxing against him. Michael slowly made his way over to the bed, and Max unwrapped himself from her embrace, and Michael took his place. Maria buried her head in his chest, and Max could hear the distinct sounds of her sobs as he exited.

“I’m sorry love” he stroked her back as she continued to soak his t-shirt with her tears.

“Please, please come back to me” she cried as she clutched her hand in his shirt, and tried to overcome her tears, but of course she was failing.

“Always” he told her. ******

It had taken all his strength and will power to leave her, and as he had watched her try to be strong as they pulled out of the driveway and she clung to Amy, silently begging him to come back to her, all the while he kept sending his love to her and his daughter, promises of his return on his lips. Even though they were connected, their connection was new, and not as strong as Max and Liz’s, and as much as he fought to stay connected to her, the connection faded about an hour outside Roswell. He could still her inside him, but their silent communication was gone. He wasn’t sure if she could still feel him or not, but he continued to send her love and reassurance. He turned his eyes once again out the window, and the scenery as it faded past him.

Max felt the vibration as the car continued on it destination. His mind kept wandering to the twins and the others they had left behind. Even though he had left ten armed soldiers with them for protection, he was still antsy. He could feel Liz shift in his lap, and stroked her arm until she calmed down, he knew she was talking to the twins, and it was probably getting emotional for her, but as much as he insisted that she stayed home with Maria and the others, she flat out refused and stated that she was going end of discussion. Bel and Xan weren’t to thrill about their parents departure, but with one look at all the anxious faces of the adults, they quickly succumbed to the parents wishes of being good, and listen to their Aunt and Nanas. He knew that as long as they were breathing air, his mom, Nancy, Amy and Maria wouldn’t let anything happen to his babies.

Max looked over at his father, and to his surprise, Phillip was staring right back at him.
Phillip had been looking out the window as stretches of desert met his view, when he felt Liz shift beside him, and he had watched the tender way his son soothed his wife, and once again proud of the man Max had became, and he was even more proud to be standing with him in his fight for his planet. It amazed him that even though Max, Michael, Tess and Isabel had all grew up here on Earth, and it was the only home they had ever known, that they would sacrifice their own lives for the lives of thousand of people that they barely remember. The unselfish ways of his children, had him rethinking his own priority. He was a lawyer working for dozens of heartless, cutthroat clients, that didn’t give a damn about who they hurt or dishonored in the process of getting what they wanted, and he had help them every step of the way. But as he sat beside his son, ready to face his enemies with him, he knew his heart was no longer into being a lawyer. No, his heart was with his family, and once this was all over, he was quitting the firm, and focusing more on spending time with his children and grandchildren. He had to smile, thinking of the new bundle of joy that would soon grace the lives. Phillip smiled at his son, and gave him a look that stated just how proud he was of him.

“Why don’t you try and get some rest” he told him, but Max only shook his head at him.

“I couldn’t sleep if I wanted to” he said honestly. Nodding his head in understanding, Phillip turned back towards the window, and slowly closed his eyes, knowing sleep was the farthest thing from his mind also.

Up front, Jeff too was having a difficult time setting his mind at ease, and had taken to counting each and every mile marker to calm his nerves. He had let his mind drift to Nancy and his grandchildren, and could help but wish Liz had stay also. He knew what they were about to walk into was dangerous, but he also knew how stubborn Liz could get, and when she stated she was coming, she left no room for objections. Jeff couldn’t believe that this was actually happening, but as he watched the taillights of the van in front of them, lending them to the final destination before they faced their enemies, he wondered once again what he was doing here, but as a image of Bel and Xan popped in his head, followed by a image of Liz, he knew it was for them, always for them. He wanted them to be safe, never having to look over their shoulders, to lead a normal life, and as he remembered all Liz had to face alone as a teenager, without his or Nancy’s support, he wasn’t about to let her go thru that again, and that was why he was here, to fight for his Babygirl and her family.


Maria watched as Bel and Xan sat side by side on their bedroom floor, both with identical looks of concentration on their faces. She knew they were speaking with at least one of their parents if not both, and she felt a pang of jealousy at her lose of connection with Michael. She had known the moment their ability to talk telepathically, and she had lose of his warmth immediately. She could still feel his feelings, and knew he was sending her his love and reassurance, but she just wished she could her his voice in her mind, telling her he was ok.

“Maria, sweetie do you want something to eat” she heard her mom ask, pulling her from her thoughts. She looked up into her moms smiling face.

“I’m fine mom” she assured her. Amy came and sat down next to her, and wrapped a arm around her waist.

“They’re still at it” she asked, nodding to the twins.

“Yeah. They miss them so much, and Max and Liz have only been gone for three hours, but I guess when you’re as connected as the four of them, any amount of time away is to long” Maria said as she watched the way the twins mouths moved, but no words were spoken. Amy could hear the hint of sadness in Maria’s voice, and knew she was missing that connection with Michael. When Maria had realized that she was no longer able to speak to him, she had went hysterical with worry, and Amy had to supply her with two vials of Cedar oil to calm her down.

“They’re going to be fine” she squeezed her tighter.

“Thanks mom” they sat there and waited for the twins to come out of their connection.


“But how come we can’t come” Bel whined, while Xan sat next to her playing with a blade of grass.

“Because baby, this is something with have to taken care of, and it would be easier if we know that you are home safe” Liz tried to reason with her daughter, but like her, Bel had a stubborn side, and couldn’t understand why they couldn’t go and help.

“It’s not fair” she pouted “I want you and daddy here with Xan and me” liz saw her lips quiver, and gently pulled her into her lap.

“I know baby, I know, but it’s just not safe” she stroked her head, as she cried softly into her breast. Liz looked over at Xan, and her heart ached. He was so much like Max, always hiding his feelings and trying tone strong for everyone...for Bel. She knew he was just as scared as Bel was, but he would never let his sister see him cry. He had to be strong for her. He knew his mommy, daddy and the rest of his family were going to take care of the bad men, and he knew exactly what kind of danger they were truly in, even though everyone tried hard not to let them know what was going on, but they forgot one thing. Bel and him weren’t normal kids, and could read their emotions and thoughts.
“Xan?” Xan looked up to his mother, and saw the worried expression on her face. She reached out her hand to him, and he eagerly placed his hand in hers. He crawled into her lap, and Bel scooted over to allow him some room. Hating to see his sister cry, he reached out and ran his hand over her face and evaporated her tears. He tweeked her nose, causing her to smile, which made him feel a whole lot better.

Liz watched in amazement at the tenderness of her son, and knew that he was every bit of Max and more.

“Were’s daddy” he asked her as he played with a strand of her hair. Liz couldn’t help but smile at his movement, knowing it was something he had picked up from Max.

“Daddy couldn’t make it, but he sent me to tell you he loved you very much, and would definitely be coming to visit you before you went to bed” she promised them.

“Ok” they both replied. She could still see how upset they were, but she wasn’t going to let that ruin her time with them.

“Hey” she looked down at them “why don’t we see if we could catch some of those butterflies out there” she pointed the field of flowers they were in, that had dozens of butterflies shattered about. Seeing their faces light up, she quickly raced out into the field with the twins hot on her tail.

Sometime later, they were all laying on their backs, watching the clouds float by, when she felt Max trying to wake her. She gripped their tiny hands in hers and squeezed them tightly

“I love you, and daddy loves you” she kissed them on their foreheads “be good for your aunt and Nana’s” she told them.

“We will” they vowed. Liz began to fade out, and watched as Xan pulled Bel against him as she started to cry, and with one final ‘I love you’ the connection broke,

Liz felt herself come out of the connection, and slowly opened her eyes, and to be met with Max’s loving face.

“Hey” was all he said with a smile.

“Hey” she returned with her own smile.

“How are they” he asked. He had wanted so bad to connect with them too, but he had so many thoughts running thru his head, he knew the twins would have picked up on it right away.

“They’re fine. Missing us, but they’re fine.....and safe” she added, knowing exactly what he was thinking.

“Good” was his only reply, before kissing her forehead. Finally able to focus, Liz realized that they had stopped. She sat up, and looked out the window, and was met with complete darkness. Confused, she turned to Max.

“Max, what’s going on” she asked him in concern. Sensing her worries, Max wrapped a comforting arm around her waist, and pulled her close.

“It’s ok, we’re here” he informed her. Liz looked around, and all she could see was darkness.

“Were exactly is here Max” she asked, but before he could answer, the car began to move again, and what was once dark and black, was consumed by light. Liz clung to Max, as the car seemed to move on it’s own. They all had a look of apprehension on their face, and they desperately tried to focus their eyes. Finally the light dulled and they were able to see once again, and the sight that met their eyes completely floored them.

MUCH LOVE..............LADY S.
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I'm so sooorrry I haven't posted in a while, but rest assure, I am working as we speak on the next part, and I hope to have it posted this weekend, so hold on it's coming..........

Lady S.
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I''m so sooorrry I haven''t posted in a while, but rest assure, I am working as we speak on the next part, and I hope to have it posted this weekend, so hold on it''s coming..........

Lady S.