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Title: Into Exile
Author: Prue
Disclaimer: Rub it in why don’t you. I don’t own any of them!
Category: M&M of course with mentions of the other characters existing together but nothin on them I don’t think and AU
Author’s Note: This idea came after a book I read about called Into Exile by Joan Lingard (Is it okay if I steal the title?) I guess the idea has a basis to the book. For those of you who don’t now what it is about, it’s about this couple from Belfast (in Northern Ireland). The girl Sadie is Protestant and the guy, Kevin is Catholic and they run away to England together and start a life together. But my story is about the high upper class/royalty people. You’ll have to read my fic to understand. And lots of feedback. That would be great!
Background info: Okay, there’s lots of it so bear with me.

Set on Antar and if you can imagine everyone is dressed as if it was 1800s on earth but life is pretty modern with TVs, stereos, computers etc. and technology is very advanced. I haven’t decided yet if Kivar is going to exist as such but at the moment he definitely is not a threat.


Max, Michael and Isabel are the children of King Philip and Queen Diana of Antar. Max is the heir to the throne. Michael is the middle child with Isabel being the youngest.

Prince Max – Soon to find out that he is betrothed to Lady Maria but isn’t in love with her. He has his eyes set on Elizabeth, the daughter of a rich merchant.

Prince Michael – Has been having a secret affair with Lady Maria (although not very explicit, it’s more like courting just in secret). Planning to ask for her hand in marriage.

Princess Isabel – Betrothed to the Duke of Pembroke (Alexander/Alex)

Lady Maria and Lord Kyle are the son and daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Mornington (Jim and Amy).

Lady Maria – Soon to find out she is betrothed to Prince Max but is madly in love with his brother, Prince Michael.

Lord Kyle – Married to Lady Teresa who is the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Lutyens

Lady Teresa – Well, duh married to Lord Kyle

Elizabeth Montgomery – Daughter of a rich merchant, James Montgomery whose wife died a couple of years ago. Fallen for Prince Max during a ball her father was invited to.

Maria is the youngest(just 18 recently), Liz is 11mths older(19), Tess a year(19), Isabel 13mths older(19), Alex 3yrs older(21), Kyle 4yrs older(22), Michael 4yrs and 2mths(22) and Max the oldest at 25.

I don’t really know what else to say about my characters so please lots of feedback!

Chapter 1

“Jim,” King Philip said turning to his old friend. “I think tonight is the night.”
“For what?” Jim asked confusion crossing his face.
“To tell my son and your daughter that they are to be married.”
“I agree. When shall we tell them?”
“I’ve arranged for us to have dinner together.”
“Whose us, my friend?”
“Us is your darling wife, Maria, Kyle and his wife, my three children, my wife and the Duke of Pembroke. What do you think?”
“Whatever you think best,” the Duke said with a mock bow.
“Yes. Well I shall see you at 7.30pm. Be on time,” the king said with a pointed glare but with a twinkle in eye.
“Am I not always?” the Duke said with a shock and his hand coming to his chest.
King Philip laughed and said, “Jim I have known you forever and not once have I known you to be on time!”
“I’ll be there! Until then. Adieu.”
And the Duke departed the room leaving his friend to talk with the head of the council.


“The Duke and Duchess of Mornington,” a voice said from the doorway as a couple came into the room.
“Ah, Jim you have arrived on time as usual!” King Philip teased and turned to his wife. “May I escort you to the dining room my dear.” The Queen placed her arm through his and smiled at him and the couple led the way out of the drawing room to the dining room. The Duke and Duchess of Mornington and then the Duke of Pembroke with his fiancee Princess Isabel quickly followed them. Prince Max followed his sister a bored look upon his face. Lord Kyle guided his wife out leaving if the members of the recently vacated room had looked more closely a couple very much in love.
“Lady Maria, will you do me the honour of allowing me to escort you to the dining room.”
“Oh Mickey,” Maria said and elegantly stood to place her arm with Michael’s. As they walked slowly Maria took a deep breath and said, “Michael, when are we going to tell our family?”
“I don’t know Ria. I thought about doing it tonight but decided against it as it seems dad as an important announcement to make and I thought maybe it was best if we told our parents in private first.”
Maria pondered this and before they entered the room she said, “Whatever you think best Mickey.”
Michael led Maria to her chair and pulled it out before sitting on her right hand side. King Philip had arranged the table so that his son sat opposite Maria in the hope that, well he didn’t know quite what he hoped for but he hoped it would be good.
As the party was finishing their desert King Philip stood to make an announcement and everyone ceased talking. “Years ago myself and the Duke of Mornington came to an agreement. We wanted our families to merge. We didn’t want this merge though to affect the way our children grew up knowing who it was they were to be married to. But today we decided it was time to announce the engagement. Lady Maria and Prince Maxwell are to be wed.”
The shock around the faces of the room, except for the parents of the two, was evident. Maria gasped and turned to her parents and whispered, “No!”
“Maria, hold your tongue,” Jim snapped. “This is a wonderful decision that has been made that will benefit you. You will become royalty. Accept it. You and Max are close so it’s not like you are marrying someone you don’t get on with.”
“But I don’t love him!” Maria said tears forming in her eyes. She looked at Michael and though his face showed no emotion his eyes were full of turmoil and she saw that he was upset as her. She looked at her mother and said, “Mama?” Her mother looked away and shrugged her shoulders and said, “I would have thought you would have been happy at this arrangement.
“M-M-Max, I’m sorry but, but I do not l-l-love you.” Max was too much in shock at the news of the engagement to respond other than shake his head. He stood up and walked out of the room.
Maria looked at first her parents, then the King and Queen and the vacated seat of Max and then at Michael and tears ran down her face and she ran from the room. From what had started out as a happy day for Lady Maria had quickly turned into the worst day of her life. Her life was in ruins. Her hopes and dreams for the future had been teared down with one announcement.

Michael sat in shock after he heard his father announce that the woman he loved was to marry his brother. He could faintly hear Maria protesting and then felt the brush of her arms as she ran from the room. Michael stood up and muttered, “I’ll go talk to her,” and swiftly walked out of the room to comfort his lover.
“Well,” King Philip said. “That didn’t go well. But the nation wants this marriage. There’ll be nothing we can do.”
“They’ll soon learn to live with it,” Jim reassured his friend.
“I hope so. I hope so.”

The sun was sinking over the horizon the last rays of sunshine dancing across the garden reflecting on the water from the fountains and ponds. A girl came running across the freshly cut lawns and run into the maze her sobs to be heard. Maria entered the maze turning right and collapsing on the ground in a fit of tears. She heard a voice calling her name and felt arms circle her waist pulling her closely to them.
“Mikey,” Maria sobbed. “What are we going to do?”
“I don’t know Maria. I don’t know.”
Maria turned in his arms curling into his chest. She looked up and could see his deep brown eyes threatening to cry as well.
“I love you so much Mikey,” Maria said tightening her arms around his back not wanting to ever let go.
Michael bent down capturing Maria’s lips in his own. The kiss soon turned passionate and their tongues were fighting for dominance. Michael found her familiar pulse point and licked and nipped at it murmuring words of endearment. Maria pulled his mouth back to hers and sucked his lower lip between hers whilst Michael’s hands fumbled with her gown and was pulled down revealing her breasts. Michael passed the tips of his fingers down her bare back, feeling her startled little shivers and then the sudden hard points to her breasts. Michael pushed his face lower in a blind, compulsive touch-search of one cold, cushioned surface, his lips parted, pressing down over taut ruched flesh. Maria moaned as his tongue lingered for a dazed moment, then his hands clutched in agonized pleasure upon her back and sucked, nipped, kissed and then the cycle would start over again with the delighted moans coming from Maria.
“Mickey,” Maria moaned. “We can’t do this here. Someone might see us.”
Michael sighed and kissed the fleshy part of her breast before pulling the gown back up. “I don’t think I’d be able to watch my brother marry you. It would break my heart. Ria I don’t think we’ll be able to get our fathers to change their minds. And even if they do you know that the king isn’t able to break the rules that have been set on Antar since the beginning of time. The council will never allow it. Especially as I’m meant to join with Princess Courtney of Cotar. There’ll be annoyed if someone doesn’t marry her out of the king’s children.”
“Couldn’t we just make her marry Max?” Maria said hope in her voice.
“The council would never allow it! They wouldn’t want Cotar to have influence on how Antar is run. You know what Max is like. He would do anything to keep the peace.”
“I can’t stand up at the altar and make those vows when I don’t believe them and have no intention of keeping them. I hate our status. Sometimes I wish we could just live simple little lives.”
“What do you mean?”
“You know. Be one of the Antarians. Live a normal live. Make our own decisions. Who we love, what we wear, what we eat and drink and to earn a living. Can you imagine it Mickey? And a small home with a white picket fence and just all very simple. And our children running in the garden enjoying life. Not having to worry how they behave. Not having to worry what people will think if they run around screaming. Mickey that’s what I would wish for.”
“Me too Ria,” Michael said and replace a kiss on her forehead. “We better go back in.”
“But what are we going to do?”
“I think that we should go in and I shall be requesting a meeting with my father and your father tomorrow morning as I do believe you and your mother and father our staying the night with us. Then I shall tell them that I want to marry you. If they disagree then you and I will decide what we are going to do.”
“Okay,” Maria said and smiled. “I think it’s better if we go in separately. Tell mama and papa that I decided to depart to bed early.”
“Alright my love. Sweet dreams”
“I will, cos you’ll be there!” Maria said and winked running into the palace leaving Michael smirking.

“Well, son, what was it you wanted to talk about?”
“Maria and myself,” Michael said deciding there was no point in avoiding the subject but to go right in.
“There is no Maria and you, end of discussion,” his father said his temper starting to rise.
“Michael,” Jim said softly. “Do you want to stop Maria from something you know she would be good at. You know that the Antarians are starting to tire of the royals. They love Maria. She is kind, compassionate and full of love. She would restore the Antarians faith in the Royal Family. To ask to marry her would be selfish.” His voice had risen by the end and anger was creeping into his voice.
Suddenly the doors slammed open and an angry looking blonde stormed into the room. “Papa,” she said with a low voice, her anger and frustration very clear. “Do not talk to Michael like that. I can do that all by being a princess. I love Michael, I don’t love Max. If I was made to marry Max I would be filled with anger and resentment. What sort of Queen would I be with those feelings!?! I refuse to marry Max!” and with that she stormed out of the room her red gown flinging behind her.
Michael looked at the two men whose anger were clear to say and raised his eyebrow. “Well?”
His father turned his flashing eyes on his son and said in a low, angry voice, “Stay away from Maria Michael. You already have someone to marry. Get over her. If she thinks you don’t love her anymore then she’ll soon get over the heartbreak and move on and be able to restore faith in the royal family.” Michael opened his mouth to argue but his father beat him to it and said, “I’m saying this as the king Michael. It’s not up for discussion.”
With a last glare at his father Michael left the room heading for the maze in the gardens.

Maria saw the spiky hair of her lover coming across the lawn and him running to meet her at the entrance to the maze. They hurried around the corner and Michael grabbed her lifting her up and pulling her gown up so her legs could wrap around his waist as their lips joined together savagely each fighting for dominance. When the need for air became an issue they broke apart gasping.
“Mickey, I love you so much,” Maria gasped.
“I love you too Ria. They didn’t agree so I have a plan. I think . . .” Michael gasped but was cut off by a gasping Maria.
“I saw. You gave me a flash,” she said running her hand across his cheek.
“Meet me at 1am outside of your castle tonight.”
And with a last kiss they parted each away to prepare for their journey.

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Chapter 2

Michael sat on his horse in the shadows waiting for Maria to appear to him. He had taken what money he had. Enough hopefully to rent somewhere to live and buy some clothes for himself and Maria which would pass in lower society and to live on for a couple of weeks until they got jobs. Michael had it all mapped out in his mind what they would do. He knew that it wasn’t going to be easy but he knew that it was the sort of life he and Maria dreamed for.
The crunch of footsteps could be heard on the pebbly ground and then the creak of the gate as it opened enough to let a small young woman through. He saw her head turn in his direction and whistled softly. She quickly ran over to him and he leant down pulling her onto the horse to sit behind him. He tightened her arms around his waist and placed her small bag in the sacks attached to the saddle. He nudged the horse forward setting it off in a trot then a canter and then a gallop. They traveled for an hour at a straight gallop and were far enough from their homes to feel safe for the meantime. They dismounted and Michael allowed the horse to wander whilst he and Maria talked about their plans. They sat under a tree, Maria sitting in between Michael’s legs playing with the grass.
“I think we need to get as far away from here as possible. I want to go to Aslar first. It’ll take us a good day and night of traveling as long as we only stop for short periods to eat and such like,” Michael explained to Maria.
“I’ve brought some food with us so that we won’t have to stop and buy food,” Maria told him. “I also had some money left from my last visit to town. I was buying Mama’s birthday present.”
“I was able to get a hold of about $200. (AN-I didn’t know what sort of money to use so I decided on dollars but these are Antarian dollars. They’d probably get you what $800 American dollars would get you.) That should get us going and then we’ll look for jobs. But anyway when we get to Aslar we’ll sell the horse and catch a bus to Porta-Agaro. Then we’ll find somewhere to live and try and get jobs. Are you sure you want to do this?” Michael asked realising he’d just stolen her away without seeing if she was okay with the plan.
“Maria looked up at Michael and smiled. “I’m okay with it,” she said. “But are you sure you want to go against your father just for me? It might take a while to get over it but I’d understand if you didn’t want to take that sort of risk.” Maria could feel tears coming to her eyes and blinked them back and looked back down so that Michael wouldn't make the decision just because he didn’t want to upset her.
Michael pulled her chin towards him and said, “I would forsake everyone if it meant I could even have just one minute with you. You are more important to me than any living thing. Our children are going to be the only ones who’ll be able to hold a candle to you.” Michael hugged her tightly to him tickling her.
Maria giggled. “So you want kids do you?”
“Six. Three girl and three boys. All with your personality.”
Maria giggled. “We’re going to be happy aren’t we Mickey.”
“Very happy,” he said the first genuine smile he’d had since the announcement. “Now sleep for a bit Ria before we go on.”
Michael kept watch over Maria as she fell asleep content in his arms. He couldn’t bear to wake her up as she looked so peaceful but as the sun started to come up he gently shook Maria awake. “Ria, we need to get a move on. Do you want something to eat.”
Maria opened her eyes feeling disorientated. She suddenly remembered where she was and smiled realising it wasn’t just a dream. “No, I’m alright. Let’s get a move on.”
They rode for the next day and night only stopping for brief breaks to eat and drink. Michael pulled the horse to a stop at the top of a hill overlooking a city.
“Well, Ria there’s Aslar.”
Maria climbed infront of Michael looking over the city the sun coming over the horizon. “It’s so beautiful.”
They dismounted and eat the last of the sandwiches Maria had packed and then they made their way to the city at a leisurely trot. As they entered through the gates of the city they traveled through the main street where people could be seen setting up their stalls for the days market. Fruit stalls, clothes stalls, jewelry, furniture stalls, bits and bobs stalls and many more. Michael walked through allowing Maria to take everything in. He heard her gasp.
“This is so exciting,” she told Michael. “Normal people. They get to live normal lives. Michael we’re going to get to do that. You’re so clever Mikey.” Maria rambled on whilst Michael looked for a man he knew he’d be able to sell the horse to. Sandy Jaggers. Finally he found an area where horses where sold. He saw the black hair of Sandy Jaggers and called to him. The man turned and saw Michael. Michael dismounted and lifted Maria down after him taking her hand in his.
“Can we talk Jaggers?”
“Yes your majesty,” the man said bowing.
Maria gasped and said, “Mikey we’re never going to stay hidden.”
“Shush Ria,” Michael said as he tied the horse up and followed Jaggers into the nearby pub where they sat down at a table.
“What can I do for you your majesty.”
“Shush Jaggers. We don’t want people realizing who we are. Call me Michael as you normally do. This is. . .”
“Lady Maria. Yes I know. She’s engaged to Prince Max. It was in the papers. Michael excuse me for asking but what are you two doing here? Without any protection or well anyone!”
“Ria and I have runaway. We fell in love and my father won’t allow us to marry.”
“You’re mad!” Jagger said with shock. “The king will hunt you down. He’ll find you eventually. But I’ll not let on I saw you.”
“Thank-you,” Maria said smiling.
“Michael, but what is it you want me to do for you?”
“I want to sell my horse to you. I need the money so please give me a good deal.”
“It’s a fine animal so I’m sure I’ll be able to give you a pretty penny for it.” Jaggers thought for a moment and then said, “What about $80? I can’t really afford to give you much more than that. I do need to make a livin’.”
“No, that’s a fair price. What about for the saddle and stuff? How much’ll you give us for that.”
“I’d need to have a good look at it. I’ll have to ask my partner to say. Do you mind?”
They went outside and Michael managed to get $100 in total and good luck from Jaggers. He and Maria set up of the main street hand in hand to the bus station. They studied the bus times for Porta-Agaro.
“There’s a bus in a couple of minutes but I’m hungry so how about we catch the next one which is in a hour and go get something to eat?” Michael suggested.
“That sounds grand,” Maria said and smiled.

On the bus

They sat on the top floor of the bus. Maria had fallen asleep and Michael was counting out the money he had.
“$298 he muttered to himself. “That should be enough.”
“PORTA-AGARO,” a voice said over the intercom making Maria jump. They grabbed their bags and stepped out into the blazing sunlight. It was mid-day and the sun was extremely high.
“There’s a newsagent Mickey,” Maria said pointing one out across the square. They made their way over to it and bought a couple of newspapers and made their way over to the part and sat under the tree each looking through a newspaper.
“it doesn’t look like they are saying that you and I are missing. It explains why I’m not available for comment. ‘Lady Maria is unavailable for comment as she is spending sometime with her grandmother in the Priory. She is said to be happy at the new and looks forward to the wedding.’ Mickey they’re going to find me and force me to marry him. I don’t want to.” Maria’s eyes had began to fill with tears and she was trying hard not to cry save bring attention to them.
“It’s going to be okay Ria. Look I think I’ve found somewhere we can stay. Listen. ‘2 bedroom appartment with a kitchen, bathroom and a living area. Furnished. $50 a month and a deposit of $25 dollars.’ What do you think?”
“I think it sounds lovely. Shall we go and see it.”
“Okay, I’ll phone and ask. It’s near here actually.”
There’s a phone just outside the park/ Will you be okay here by yourself.”
“Yeah, of course I will! Go on.”
Maria sat back against the tree and daydreamed about the future her and Michael were going to have. Everything was going to be perfect.

As Michael made his way back he saw Maria leaning back against the tree her eyes closed. She suddenly sat forward panic across her face. She saw Michael and beckoned him over.
“We don’t have identities,” she hissed.
You see on Antar a system was put together by the government so that they would know where everyone on the planet was. Anyone without an identity card would be considered an illegal immigrant. Permission was only granted to immigrants with promise. It very rarely happened. Say maybe 100 people a year. A year on earth is the same as a year on Antar. These immigrants would be considered Antarians soon enough. The Antarians quickly accepted them.
“Calm down Maria. I’ve got it all sorted,” Michael said and dug into his pockets pulling out two identity cards. “We’re Michael Gueirn and Marianna Deluca from the planet of Mala. The only thing we have to do is change ourselves a bit.”
Maria passed her hands over his hair a glow coming from her hands. “There,” she said with a satisfied grin. She pulled out her mirror and showed him.
“Spikes Ria?”
“Yeah. You were cute as a child with those.”
Michael smirked and then passed his own hand over her hair and her straight blonde hair tumbled into long curls down her back.”
“I liked your hair like that when you were a kid too. You were gorgeous.”
Maria felt her long forgotten curls that her mother had made her get rid of when she five years ago when she became a teenager. She’d had to have her hair straightened.
“You haven’t given us the same name.”
Michael frowned in confusion. “Why would I? We aren’t married.”
“People will frown on us living together and not being married.”
“But we are engaged.”
Maria sighed and glimpsed at her hand. “No we’re not.”
Michael pulled out a box from the most expensive jewelers on the planet. “Yes we are.” He handed her the box and she tentatively opened it and found the most gorgeous ring she’d ever seen.
“Oh, Mickey, it’s gorgeous!”
Michael lifted the ring on her finger and slid it on. “I hope it fits. I had it specially made.”
It fitted perfectly and both smiled at each other with corny grins on their faces.
Michael stood up and reached down pulling Maria up. “We’re able to go have a look at it now.”

They’d seen all the rooms and were now standing in the living room with the estate agent.
“If you like what you see you can move in today,” the estate agent said with her toothpaste smile.
Michael pulled Maria to the side.
“What do you think?” He asked her.
“I love it. It’s so normal,” Maria breathed.
The estate agent give the pair an odd look but when they looked back at her she put the smile back on and said, “Have you decided?”
“Yes we’ll take it.”
“Okay, that’s great. If I could just have your cards and the deposit that would be great.” Michael and Maria handed her their cards and she gave them a smile handed them their cards and two sets of keys for the apartment.
“I hope you’ll be very happy here.”
After she had left Maria run over to Michael hugging him tight to her and he swung her round making her laugh. When she was back on the ground she gave Michael a chaste kiss and said, “I think we’re going to be very happy here.”

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Chapter 3

The sun crept in through the gap between the curtains waking Maria up. She turned and saw that Michael wasn’t there. She got up and walked into the living room and saw Michael lying on the couch the blankets he’d set up to make a bed for himself twisted around him. Maria sat down in one of the seats watching him as he slept. He was beautiful when he was asleep. He looked so peaceful and content. She saw his eyes open, quickly becoming aware of his surroundings. He saw her sitting near him and he smiled at her but she didn’t smile back.
“Mickey, why didn’t you sleep with me last night?”
Michael inwardly groaned. He’d hoped that this wouldn’t be an issue with the two of them. He had been hoping that she would have understood. He sighed and said, “Because if I had I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself making love to you.”
Michael sighed when he saw the hurt look on Maria’s face. “Don’t you want to?” Maria asked not wanting to look at him.
“Ria,” Michael said with a sigh. He got up and knelt down beside her lifting her chin up to look at him. “I want to more than anything in the world. I just thing we should wait until we get married.”
“But Mickey . . .”
Michael interrupted and said, “Maria we don’t have to wait that long. Please let’s not talk about it anymore.”
And with that Maria got up and walked to the bathroom clearly upset.
Michael sighed. He knew it was the right thing to do. It was really hard but it wouldn’t be for much longer, he was sure of it.

“Can I have the bill please?” Michael asked the waitress after they had finished their breakfast. Maria hadn’t said much throughout breakfast, Michael doing most of the talking. They had looked through the papers for jobs.
“Found anything Maria?”
“Um, there’s two things I can try. There’s an opening to be a secretary at a law firm or a job at a bar.”
“No what?” Maria said looking up feeling confused.
“No you can’t work in a bar. I won’t let you!”
“Why not!”
“It’ll be rough. It’s nowhere for a lady to be!”
“I’m not a lady anymore Michael.”
“You’ll always be a lady. I’d much rather you try for the secretary job, please?” he said reaching across to take her hand in his. “For me?”
Maria sighed smirking, “Are you jealous Mickey?”
Michael pulled back his hand not looking at her, “I know what people are like in those places!”
“Okay Mickey. What about you? Find anything?”
“Yeah. There’s an ad to recruit some new police officers. Could be interesting.”
“Well, shall we go and try? It says here that you just turn up and you’ll be given an interview.”
“Okay. I’ll stay and pay the bill and I’ll see you at home later.”
Maria beamed. “Our home. It sounds goo, doesn’t it Mickey.”
Michael smiled and said, “It does.”
“Well, I’m going to go home and tidy myself up a bit and then I shall make my way there. I hope I find it easy enough,” Maria said biting her lip. She got up and leant down and gave Michael a kiss on his cheek. “See you later. Good luck.”
“You too my lady.”
“I like the sound of that,” she said and winked and walked out of the café in the direction of their home.

“Well Michael. I think you look like someone who’d be suited for this job. You’ll have to do some training first. That’ll last for about two weeks. And if you pass you should be on the pay packet in about a fortnight. How does that sound?”
“That sounds great. Thank-you so much for the chance sir.”
The chief smiled and reached into his drawer pulling out a form where Michael was to write his details and where he was to turn up on Monday.
“Okay, so if you go there in after the weekend your name will be on the list and they shall be expecting you.”
“Thank-you so much,” Michael stood up shaking the chief’s hand.
“Good luck, Michael,” he said as Michael opened the door and walked out.

Maria nervously looked around at the women sitting around her. She thought they all looked more beautiful, glamorous than her. ‘I’ve no chance’ Maria thought desperately.
One by one woman were called until Maria was one of the last people left.
“Miss Deluca?” the receptionist asked.
“Yes,” Maria said standing up. “Mr Leary is waiting for you. If you’ll follow me.”
The receptionist led her to a door knocking the door and opening it when someone said to come in.
“Miss Deluca sir.”
The man at the desk looked up and smiled. “Miss Deluca please take a seat.”
Maria tentatively made her way to the seat sitting in front of Mr Leary.
“Miss Deluca, have you had any previous experience.”
“I haven’t, I’m sorry.”
“That’s quite alright Miss Deluca. You are hired.”
Maria felt confused. “Excuse me. Not that I’m not grateful but why are you hiring me?”
“Because you were honest and told me you had no experience. I don’t want someone else’s secretary. I want someone brand new. I’d like you to work in my style. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” He smiled at Maria and she smiled back though she was still confused.
“What if no one had come who hadn’t had experience?”
“Ah but . . . sorry I know it’s rather rude but can I call you some other than Miss Deluca?”
“Um yeah. My friends call me Ria or Maria.” Maria suddenly remembered her name had now been changed to Marianna. “My name’s Marianna though. But whatever you wish.”
“Maria it is. Anyway, Maria someone did come along so I don’t need to worry about what I would have done. Would you be able to start on Monday?”
“That would be great.”
“I’ll describe what you’ll have to do more on Monday and,” he reached into his drawer and pulled an envelope out. “This is an advance.”
“You really don’t have to.”
“Ah but Maria you see, I don’t mean to be rude but your style of clothes isn’t practical for work. I thin you would be better suited in something else. If you go to Delfino’s you’ll be able to get clothes more practical.”
“That’s alright Lady Maria.”
Maria gasped. ‘I don’t know what you are talking about,” she stammered.
“It’s alright Lady Maria. I won’t tell.”
“How do you know me?”
“I once was at a ball the king threw. My father is the Duke of Pemberly. Our family was invited and I noticed you. The most beautiful creature in the room who was on the arm of the brother of her betrothed. The two of you were obviously besotted with each other. When I heard you were to marry Prince Max I wondered how the two of you would take this news. Now seeing you here and reading that you were unavailable for comment I’m taking it that the two of you fled?”
Maria nodded in shock.
“I won’t tell I promise. I think this whole betrothal thing needs to go and I’m glad the two of you didn’t take it. And I wish you luck Lady Maria.”
Maria smiled. “thank-you so much.”
“Send Prince Michael my regards. He’ll know who I am. Say it’s Lord Philip Leary, son of the Duke of Pemberly.”
“Thank-you so much.”
“See you Monday Maria.”

Maria opened the door laden down with bags.
“Michael are you home?” she called.
“In here Ria.”
She left the bags in the living room and made her way to the kitchen. There she discovered Michael had laid the table candles and everything.
“I’ve cooked a romantic meal for two.”
Maria embraced Michael and said, “You’re so sweet.”
As they ate they told each other about their day. Michael had went and got some shopping and utensils. Maria told him that she had got them some clothes that were more suitable.
“Mickey, don’t get mad,” she said as they finished up their main course.
“Well I went for my interview as you know. It was Lord Philip Leery, son of. . .”
“I know who he’s the son of.”
“Well, he recognized me. Don’t worry he says he won’t tell. He worked it out. He knew that we loved each other because of the way we were at a ball.”
Michael didn’t say anything.
“Mickey please say something.”
“I’m not mad Ria. And I know Phil won’t say anything. It’s just what if more people recognize us. People will soon notice we’re missing outside of our families.”
“I know Mickey. And we’ll be made to go back but at least we can enjoy it whilst we can.”

“Maria,” Michael said as he sucked on her pulse point nipping an licking it. “I love you so much.”
“I love you too,” she moaned as Michael rubbed his fingers over her nipple making it come to a hard peak through her bra. Michael leant down sucking her through the thin material of her bra.
“Maria we have to stop,” Michael said sitting up and pulling her top back on. “Thank god I’ve booked the church for next Saturday.”
“Mickey,” Maria squealed. “Are you serious?”
“Yep. 10 o’clock next Saturday. We need to find two witnesses though but I’m sure we’ll be able to find someone. Has to be one male, one female.”
Maria sprang up and starting singing. She came to a stop and looked at Michael. “We’re getting married. I can’t believe it.”
With a last kiss she made her way to the bedroom still singing and Michael laughed and started to set up the couch.

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Chapter 4

Maria and Michael had an enjoyable weekend decorating their flat. They painted what would soon enough be their bedroom to look like they were gazing out at the stars. They painted the kitchen a warm amber colour to go with their bright yellow and orange crockery.
On Sunday evening they sat on the settee drinking hot chocolate from their bright yellow mugs.
“It’s really starting to look like our home,” Maria said smiling.
Michael turned to look at Maria and smiled saying, “It reflects you and your bright personality.”
Maria blushed and leant over kissing Michael lightly on his lips.
“I’m away off to bed. Want to be at my best for tomorrow.”
“If they have any sense they’re going to love you!”
“Thank-you Mickey. Night.”

Maria was the first home the next day and got out her card to unlock the door when she heard a voice.
“Have you just moved in?”
Maria turned around and saw a girl of about her own age with brunette hair lying half way down her back. She was petite like Maria herself with warm brown eyes.
Maria put out her hand and said, “Yes. Hi, I’m Maria but feel free to call me Ria. Would you like to come in?” Maria asked gesturing to her home.
“That would be lovely,” the girl smiled. “By the way my name is Liz, Liz Montgomery. I baked some cookies this morning would you like me to go get them?”
“Yeah, that would be nice. I’ll put the kettle on.”
“See you in a moment. I’m just opposite,” Liz said. ‘She looks familiar,” she thought to herself.
Maria unlocked the door and quickly ran about clearing the paint tins and brushes away. A knock at the door made Maria jump and she ran to answer it. Liz was standing at the door a plate of chocolate chip cookies in her hand.
“Come in,” Maria said. “Excuse the mess, we’ve been repainting. Let me just go make the tea. Take a seat.”
Maria ran into the kitchen carrying the plate of cookies and ran her hand over the kettle heating the water up quickly.
Only those of nobility on the planet had powers and her anyone seeing this, well it would be a big give away that Michael and Maria weren’t who they said they were. Michael had told her their first night at their new home that they’d have to be so careful. If anyone saw then using their powers they would get very suspicious.
Maria quickly made the tea and put it on a tray putting the plate of cookies on also. She made her way to the door and said, “Michael and I felt that the place needed a little brightening up so we spent the weekend painting it.”
Liz turned around and looked at Maria and suddenly realized who she was. She gasped and said, “Oh my goodness, I know who you are!”
Maria looked back at Liz fear running through her. “Who?” She asked nervously trying to keep her hands steady.
“Lady Maria of course!” Maria dropped the tray and Michael walked in to see the petrified look upon he face. He ran to her and said, “Ria, what’s the matter.”
“She knows Mickey. We’re never going to get away with this.”
“Who knows?” Michael asked confused. He then noticed the petite brunette sitting on their settee.
“Who are you,” Michael growled standing up pushing Maria behind him.
“I’m Liz Montgomery.”
“Sh!t!” Michael said. He turned to Maria. “Why on earth did you let her in! She is near enough nobility herself.”
“Please,” Liz said. “I won’t tell I promise. I already knew you were missing. You see. Your brother and I, um well you see. . .” She looked at her feet.
“Spit it out!” Michael snapped.
“We’re lovers,” she whispered. “Max told me that the two of you had fled. I wasn't allowed to tell anyone I knew about that. He was glad you had done it cos you see, Max asked me to marry him and I said yes. Then when I heard that the two of you were betrothed it broke my heart. I was at one of the balls at the palace and Max brought me outside and we saw the two of you.” Michael gasped.
“He knew?”
Liz smiled. “Yeah, long before that. I’d seen earlier on in the evening the way you two looked at each other and when I saw you in the gardens I said to Max, ‘They’ll be married one day, very soon I think.” Max agreed. Said the two of you had been in love for a long time but you never told anyone. He didn’t think it would be long before you were married.”
Maria and Michael stood in shock.
“Are you going to hand us in,” Maria asked.
“No, I want to help you. Max will be coming to see me on Friday for the weekend. Please let me tell him. He was so relieved that the two of you had fled. He was so worried that you Michael would never talk to him again. He didn’t know what to do. He was so upset. He said he didn’t want to marry someone who he thought of as a sister.”
Michael visibly relaxed and smiled. “He’s staying for the weekend. That’ll be great. It’ll mean he’ll be here on the day I marry Ria. It would honour me and Maria greatly if you attended our wedding. Well maybe not Max at the actual ceremony but if we go somewhere together for dinner. You’ll know of somewhere secluded I’m sure.” He turned to Maria and said, “I got myself a witness for Saturday. Did you get one?”
Maria out her hand to her mouth and said, “I didn’t I’m sorry.” She looked at Liz. “You wouldn’t would you?”
“I’d be honoured.” She walked over to Maria and grasped her hands in hers and said, “We’re going to be great friends. I can feel it.”
“Me too.”
“Do you want me to clean this mess up,” Liz asked.
“No, it’s okay. I can do it.” Maria turned around and run her hand over the mess of spilled tea and broken crockery and biscuits restoring it back to normal.
“Would you like to join us for dinner Liz?” Michael asked her. ‘I’m going to try and make a pizza.”
Liz smiled. “That sounds great. I’d like that very much. I’m so glad you’ve come here. I’ll finally have some friends. Everyone here stays away from me because they think I’m very rich and out of their league. I just wanted to make some friends when I moved here. And look at me making friends with what would have been the most glamorous royal couple for a long time.”
Michael and Maria smiled and Michael made his way into the kitchen hearing the happy laughs of his fiancee.