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Title: Departed
Author: Prue
Rating: I’m not sure maybe, PG-15??? Max. will be an R
Disclaimer: Sadly none of the Characters are mine, but I wouldn’t mind Michael! (With spikes)
Spoilers: The same events pretty much have happened up to Departure except:
Alex never died,
Tess never turned bad,
Liz and Max still aren’t together though,
Tess and Max have slept together in a drunken moment,
Max was drowning his sorrows about Tess breaking up with him once and for all, and Tess was kinda heart-broken that Kyle thought of her as only a sister, so they got drunk and slept together
The kiss between Tess and Max never happened at the Prom,
But Liz did break up with him,
Tess got pregnant and the baby couldn’t survive on earth yada, yada so they had to find a way home and they did
But instead of pregnancy being only a month, I’m making it 3months to fit in with my story.
Michael and Maria had their night of passion
Isabel and Alex were together as we know from the Prom, (I haven’t had them making love/sex cos I don’t think they would have. My Candy heart says M&M were first)
and the Sheriff is the Sheriff again.
And that is pretty much it. Can’t think of anything else.
Summary: Well, I don’t really want to say anything other than Maria’s late.
Category: Mainly M&M but it’s also, CC
Author’s Note: I would love feedback cos I’m not too sure about this.

Part 1
“That can’t be possible,” Maria muttered to herself. She looked back to the calendar and saw that the last time she had a period was over two months ago. How had she not noticed? Maria tried to think back to the most painful but wonderful night of her life. Had they used protection? Maria hadn’t even thought to use the protection her mom had sorted out for when she’d first discovered Michael in her bed.
Maria reached for her phone and dialled a number she knew off by heart.
“Hello?” a voice said.
“Liz I need you to come over and please can you buy a couple of pregnancy tests and bring them over.”
“Maria?” Liz said feeling confused.
“Liz, please just get over here as quick as you can.”
“Okay Maria. I’ll be over in about 20 minutes.”
And Maria hung up.
Maria started to pace around her room and reached for oil taking deep breaths and trying to calm down. It was nothing big. She mightn’t even be pregnant. She’d probably just forgotten to mark down her last period because she missed Michael so much. Nothing to worry about.
“Maria?” Liz’s voice came from the kitchen. “Maria, where are you babe?”
“In my bedroom,” Maria called out.
Liz came in and ran to her friend and hugged her tight. “How many weeks are you late?”
“About 2 months,” Maria’s muffled reply came from Liz’s shoulder.
“Come on babe, let’s get this over. You go into the bathroom and pee on the stick. I bought three. They only take three minutes. So you’ll know in five minutes. Okay?”
“Yeah, thanx Liz for coming at such short notice.”
“I wouldn’t leave you on your own for this. What sort of friend would I be? Come on Maria, go pee on the stick.”
“Pee on the stick, right.”
Maria walked off to the bathroom and a couple of minutes later was out holding the tests. She handed them to Liz and said, “I want you to look at them first.”
“Um okay.” Liz said. “Three minutes then.”
So Maria and Liz sat there in silence for three minutes watching the numbers on Maria’s digital clock change slowly.
“Times up,” Liz said. Neither made a move to go look. “Maria, I don’t think I can do it.”
“I should be the one to do it. You’re right.”
Maria got up and picked up the boxes and the tests and looked at them. She didn’t say anything.
“Maria? Are you pregnant?”
“Um, quite accurate. About 2 out of three times they are right.”
“So if all three say I’m pregnant I’m likely pregnant.”
“All three?” Liz took a deep breath before continuing. “Tell me what you’re feeling.”
“I’m relieved kinda.”
Liz was confused. She was relieved that she was pregnant? That didn’t make sense.
“You feeling a little confused?” Maria chuckled. “Yeah, it won’t make sense to mom I’m sure. I know that she’s going to be pissed but don’t you see. I’m going to have a part of Michael! He may be gone but I’ve a part of him with me. That makes me happy. Maybe I won’t feel so lonely. Yeah I know, I have the three of you but it’s not the same. I don’t love any of you like I love Michael.”
“I understand Maria. I understand. But what are you going to tell your mom? She’s going to flip. Especially as Michael won’t be around to help.”
“I’m going to tell her.”
“Tell her what?”
“Tell her about Michael being an alien.”
“Maria, is that wise.”
“I won’t have him being thought of as a bad person to my child. I won’t have my mother thinking of the father of my child as bad. It can’t hurt them anyway. My mom isn’t going to tell the FBI that her grandchild is an alien. I know my mom, and she ain’t like that.”
“You’re right.”
“Thanx, I’m glad I’ve your support.”
“Of course you have. And I’m going to be here for you and your child.” Liz thought before saying, “How many weeks do you think you are? Eight?”
“No, Michael and I only made love the once. The night before he left. So I’m about 6weeks.”
“Maria, why didn’t you tell me?”
“It hurt too much,” Maria had started to cry. “And you were heart broken as it was, with Tess being pregnant and Max gone.” Liz went over to Maria and hugged her. “Must be my hormones,” Maria said wiping her tears away.
“Must be,” Liz giggled. She then turned more serious and asked, “When are you going to tell you mom?”
“I’m going to book an appointment and make sure everything is okay. Then I’m going to ask the Sheriff, I mean Jim to help me tell her.”
“That’s probably a good idea. You want me to go?”
“Would you mind?”
“Of course not. I wouldn’t have offered otherwise. When are you going to tell Alex, Kyle and the Sheriff?”
“I’m going to wait till after the appointment to tell Jim and I’ll tell Alex and Kyle after I’ve told mom. I don’t want too many people knowing before mom.”
“Do you want me to phone up now and see if we can get you an appointment for this afternoon?”
“Yeah, okay.”
Liz left the room leaving Maria to ponder over the rest of her life. How she wished Michael was here helping her deal with this. No matter how glad she was that she had been left with a piece of Michael, it didn’t take away the fact that she was seventeen and pregnant. Trust Michael to leave her in what would be one of the most difficult things in her life.
She heard footsteps and Liz appeared at the door and said, “Dr. John says he’ll take you over his lunch break as he won’t be able to fit you in for a week. I explained I didn’t think you could wait that long as you needed to tell your mom. So he said he’d sacrifice his lunch. I said that was really good of him so we better go.”

Part 2

A tall dark-haired man came out and saw two young women sitting. One looking extremely anxious whereas the other looked relaxed and she was the one pregnant. “Maria, Liz, I’m ready for you now.”
Liz looked up and smiled anxiously and pulled Maria to her feet linking arms with her and following the doctor.
“Thanx for taking us at such short notice,” Maria said with a smile.
“That’s okay Maria. I know you probably want to tell your mom tonight.”
He opened a door letting Maria and Liz walk through. “Okay, sit up here Maria.”
Maria sat up and lifted her top when instructed and then had the gel put on her belly. “S**t that’s cold!” Maria said when the gel touched her.
Dr. John laughed and said, “That’s what they all say. Okay let’s have a look then. How many weeks do you think you are?”
“I’m about 6, we only did it the once. He, um, had to leave.”
“So you’ll be bringing the child up by yourself? Goodness!” he exclaimed.
“What’s wrong?” Liz said.
“Is my baby okay?”
“Yes, they are fine.”
Maria breathed out and then jumped up, “They????”
“Yeah, Maria you’re going to have twins.”
He turned the screen around and showed her the two heartbeats. Maria started to cry.
“Maria, what’s wrong?” he asked.
“Hormones,” Maria laughed. “I’m just so happy. They’re real.” She touched her tummy and said, “They are inside of me right this minute growing all the time.” She turned to Liz and said, “I’m going to be a mom!”
Liz hugged her friend and said, “Yeah you are.”
“I’m going to get a copy of that right?”
“Yes, of course,” the doctor said.
“Okay, I’m ready. Let’s go tell Jim.”
“Is that the father?” the doctor asked.
Maria laughed, “No. He’s going o help me tell my mom. They’re engaged you see.”
“Ah, the sheriff.”
“Okay, you go out to reception and book an appointment for two weeks time and we’ll see how they’re doing.”
“Thanx so much again for fitting us in,” Liz said.
“Are you sure you want to tell him by yourself?” Liz asked sitting in the car outside the Valenti house.
“Yeah. Thanx anyway,” Maria said turning to give her friend a hug before getting out of the car. I’ll phone you later, if I live.”
Maria walked up to the Valenti house and rang the doorbell.
She heard footsteps and Sheriff Valenti opened the door. “Hi Maria. What’s wrong? Is Amy okay?”
“Yeah she’s okay but I need to talk to you.”
“Okay, come in,” and the Sheriff stood aside letting Maria come in.
Maria sat down on the sofa and looked at her feet. She didn’t know where to start.
“So what do you want to talk about Maria?”
“There’s no easy way to say this so I’m just going to come out with it.” Maria took a deep breath before saying, “I’mpregnant.”
“You’re what?” Sheriff Valenti exclaimed.
“Okay. We can deal with this. I take it that it’s Michael.”
“Of course! What do you take me for!”
“Sorry, sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”
“It’s okay, you’re understandably upset. I mean, I’ve got two kids inside of me that are going to be half alien.”
“Have you told you mom?”
“Um, no. That’s what I wanted your help with.”
“Cos, I’m going to tell her that Michael is an alien.”
“I don’t want her thinking of Michael badly. You know as well as me that if Michael knew he’d be back here quicker than you can say Michael Guerin.”
“I know. And you want me to help you tell her?”
“Um yeah.”
“Well, mom’s going to be home in half an hour so if you came home with me now we could tell her.”
“Okay. Let me just write Kyle a note and then we can go.”
“She’s home,” Maria whispered.
“Are you sure about this. Are you ready to tell her everything.”
“I need to tell her it all in one go. I can’t have her thinking badly of Michael and thinking he left me. I can’t. I couldn’t deal. I love him to much.”
“Okay, well let’s go in.”
Maria and Sheriff Valenti got out of the car and walked to the door. Maria lifted her hand to open the door and the Sheriff saw that her hand was shaking really badly.
He put his hand over hers and said, “It’s going to be okay. Really it is.”
Maria looked up and smiled. “Thanx for doing this.”
And she opened the door and entered into her house and called, “Mom are you there?”
Amy came into the kitchen and said, “Hi Maria. Hi Jim.”
“Mom, we need to talk.”

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Part 3

The Same Time off in the Universe

“Do you think we’re here?” Tess said peering into the darkness.
She heard someone grunt, probably Michael.
“Hello? Are you guys awake?”
“I guess,” she heard Max mumble.
“Well, I think we’re there. Ready to venture out into the unknown?” Tess joked.
“How can you joke at a time like this!” Isabel exclaimed. “Kivar could have an army of skins lined up out there waiting for us.”
“Is, it’s going to be okay,” Michael said.
Tess reached out trying to find her friends. She felt someone’s hand and recognised it as Max’s. She took his hand in hers and felt the hand grasp hers. “Come on let’s go face the music.”
“You know we could just wait out tell Tess has her baby and then go back,” Isabel suggested.
“Isabel we don’t know how long that’s going to be,” Max said gently.
“I know, but I’m scared Max,” she whispered. “I betrayed my own people. Maybe I can’t remember but I’m sure those who live here do.”
“Is, it’s going to be okay,” Michael said. “I won’t let them do anything to you.” He reached his hand out grasping Isabel’s hand in his. He pulled her up and said, “Come on. Let’s get it over.”
They walked towards the light. Max holding Isabel and Tess’ hands and Michael holding Isabel’s. When they came out of the cave the granilith had brought them they had to shield their eyes from the bright light.
They could see a person in the distance coming closer and closer. Her hair blonde hair flowing behind her.
“Okay, it’s only one person. We can take them on if they are any danger,” Michael said.
“Zan?” they heard the person call. “Zan is that you?” The person came closer and closer and must have reconigised them ran forward and hugged Zan and said, “I’m so glad you’re home.”
Max didn’t know what else to do so he hugged her back. Then she looked back at the others and said, “Ava, Vilandra” and embraced them both saying how glad she was they were back.
“Rath, are you going to give me a hug.” Michael made no move to respond. He was shocked he didn’t know who this person was but he felt safe. That this person was no danger to him. “Never one for emotion, were you. I thought you’d have changed with the human DNA you had.” She embraced him anyway.
She gasped and drew back saying. “Rath you certainly have left yourself in a predicament back on earth.”
Michael felt confused. “What are you on about?”
“The blonde girl. The one you have very deep feelings for.”
“Yeah, what about Maria!” Michael said guardly.
“You do realise she’s pregnant?”
“What!” Max exclaimed. “Why didn’t you say Michael???”
“Well funny enough I didn’t know! I left a couple of hours after cos you screwed with Tess!”
“Michael, how could you leave Maria after having sex with her!” Isabel said angrily.
“Haven’t you ever heard of protection?” Tess said.
“I think you are one to talk!” Isabel exclaimed.
Tess blushed and said, “Well, we were a little out of it. Michael was sober.”
The girl was feeling confused and interrupted. “Excuse me, but didn’t you know about this?”
“No,” Michael said quietly. “How much time on earth would have passed for us to get from there to here.”
“About 6 weeks.”
“So she’s 6 weeks pregnant.” Michael sighed. “God, I wish I was there with her. Do you know if it’s a girl a boy.”
“All I saw was you um,” the girl blushed. “And the blonde girl, Maria together intimately and felt how deep you feelings were. Then I saw two fetuses and just knew that you were the father.”
“Twins! She’s going to have kids with alien powers. How stupid could you be Michael!” Max shouted. “She’s going to have to deal with two alien kids on her own. She’ll never be able to do it. How the hell will she keep that hidden. This is a disaster.”
“Max shut the F*ck up! How do you think I feel! My lover is back on earth, she’s pregnant with my children and I don’t have any way home!”
Max and Michael stood glaring at each other.Tes and Isabel stood awkwardly whilst the girl stood in shock.
“If you all can’t get on this planet will never be saved!” she snapped at the four of them.
“I’m sorry,” Michael said. “In all the confusion none of us thought to ask who you were.”
“Rath, I’m your sister. Falena.”
“Oh.” Michael looked a little shocked at the prospect of having family.
“Come on let’s go tell the others you have come home.”
And so Michael, Tess, Max and Isabel now split apart made their way after Falena.

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Part 4

“Maria, what’s wrong?” Amy asked feeling worry creep into her thoughts. “Are you in trouble, is that why Jim is here? Is it Michael again?”
“No, mom. Just sit down and let me tell you.”
“No, Maria. I will not sit down until I know what this is about.”
Maria sighed. “I’m pregnant mom.”
Amy sat down and gaped. She opened and closed her mouth not knowing where to start, what to say. She finally got out, “Michael.” And that one word was laced with more venom and hate that you could imagine.
Maria nodded holding her head up high. She wasn’t ashamed. She was proud. She was carrying the children of her lover. She wasn’t going to be ashamed of that.
“Where is he? I’m going to kill him!” Amy got up and came towards her daughter, anger filling her eyes. “Maria, you tell me right now where he is and I am going to go kill him!”
“I don’t know where he is. That’s what I want to talk about mom.”
“Young lady, what do you mean! Michael has left you alone and pregnant! Wait till I get my hands on him!”
“Amy, just listen you need to understand a few things,” the sheriff broke in so as to stop World War 3 occurring.
“Jim?” Amy looked at the Sheriff feeling confused. “Is there something I need to know about Michael? I want to know right now what he has done.”
“He’s gone home to his home planet mom.”
“Oh very funny Maria!” Amy said glaring at Maria.
“It’s true mom, Jim, tell her!”
“Amy, calm down and everything will be explained to you.”
Amy sat down and looked at her daughter and husband to be. “Well?”
“Okay mom, I’m going to tell you and you won’t interrupt me. Okay?” Amy nodded and Maria taking a deep breath continued. “It all started back in 1947, the crash. It wasn’t a weather balloon. Michael, Isabel, Max and Tess were in these incubation pods and they I guess, hatched. They came out looking like humans. When they came out they looked like regular six-year-olds. At first it was only the three of them, Michael, Max and Isabel. They got separated. Isabel and Max went to the Evans’ and Michael got shoveled around from foster home to foster home. He ended up with Hank who really mistreated him. Picking on a poor defenseless child. The three were re-united and kept the secret of their powers to themselves. Michael was more private than Isabel and Max, they had each other. Michael felt like he crowded them I guess.
Then Liz got shot and Max healed her. If he hadn’t done that she’d be dead. She was told she had to keep Max’s status to herself. But it was too much. Liz had to tell someone and she told me. I guess you could say I kinda freaked!” Maria laughed. “I ran screaming from the Crashdown!” Maria saw that this wasn’t gaining any laughs from her mother and continued. “Anyway. Liz and I were left with this big secret and it started to ruin our friendship with Alex. We weren’t allowed to tell him. Over the next year we had a whole big thing with the FBI and Tess arriving and explaining their destiny’s. To cut a really long story short, they were the Royal four on their planet. And they died. They were recreated partly human with their alien powers. Tess told them their destinies. Max and Tess were destined to be together and Isabel and Michael. We suffered broken hearts that Summer. Liz didn’t want to be the one who got in the way of Max’s destiny and so she broke up with them. Michael walked out on me saying he wasn’t safe and that he loved me.” Maria thought it would probably be best if she left out the part about Michael killing Pierce even if Pierce had been going to kill them Her mom had enough to deal with. “Alex and Isabel just drifted apart over the summer. Isabel wasn’t very excited about the prospect of being destined to be with Michael. He was like her brother. Michael and Tess hung out a lot I heard. Working on their powers or something. I guess they found some common ground between them. Neither had someone, family wise. Parents or siblings. By now Sheriff Valenti, I mean Jim, knew about us and we trusted him. Kyle also knew. Max saved his life after Pierce shot him.
Then school started and we’d loads to deal with. Over the summer most relationships were severed. Liz and my friendship wasn’t as great. She left me to deal on my own. Of course all couples had gone and Max and Michael weren’t as close. Max and I bonded. We’d both been dumped. Well over the course of the year we became a close group again. Some maybe too close. Tess got pregnant by Max.”
“Wait,” Amy said. “I thought it was Max and Liz?”
“Yeah it was till she broke up with him at prom.”
“Ah right.”
“Yeah. Kyle told Tess he only thought of her as a sister. Max and Tess got drunk and aliens can’t really drink much alcohol anyways. They really went for it and well woke up minus clothes. Next thing they found out Tess was pregnant. The baby was dying in our atmosphere. Alex had been trying to figure out the book cos he was good at things like that. He gave them the translation and there was a way home.”
Maria felt herself becoming emotional at the thought of what had happened only six weeks previous.
“Well, they left and here we are. I’m pregnant. And mom, I’m happy. It means a part of Michael remains with me. That’s what I want. Michael to be with me forever. Here I’ll get to beautiful children to look at every day.”
Jim attempted to add some light humor in to ease the mood. “Let’s hope they get mostly your genes then.”
Amy and Maria laughed. “Do you believe me mom?”
“I think I do. I doubt you make something like that up. And I know when you lie to me.”
Maria walked over to her Amy and gave her a hug and said, “I love you mom.”
“Love you too Maria.”
Jim feeling awkward got up to leave. “Um, I better go.”
“No don’t Jim,” Amy said. “You’re going to be my husband you’re going to have to be here to discuss what we’re going to do for living arrangements.”
Maria looked up and smiled. “If you like I’d be honoured if you’d be the grandfather of my children. They’ll have none on Michael’s side. At least that we’ll know about and see. And I’d be really like to you to be a part of this.” From being smiley Maria went to flustered and embarrassed.
“I’d be honoured Maria. Thank-you.”

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Part 5

“Mom,” Falena called. “Guess whose here?”
The sound of running above could be heard. Then a woman came running down the stairs and ran towards Michael. “Rath you’re home!” Michael was too shocked to do anything other than return the hug. It was a good five minutes before she turned to see the others.
“Vilandra, your majesty, you are as beautiful as ever.”
She hugged Isabel and turned to Tess. “Ava, your majesty you haven’t changed one bit. Still beautiful.”
“And Zan, your majesty. It’s great to see you back.”
Isabel felt confused and turned to the woman and said, “Shouldn’t you hate me?”
The woman looked shocked and asked, “Why”
“I betrayed you did I not?”
“I think it’s about time I told you what happened in your other life.” She turned to head to one of the rooms leading off from the massive hallway. “Follow me your majesties.”
After sitting down Max turned to the woman who seemed to be Michael’s mother and said, “You don’t need to call us ‘your majesty’ every time. We don’t really feel like that.”
“Okay, Zan,” the woman smiled. “Where do you want me to start?”
Tess laughed and said, “With who you are!”
“Don’t you remember me at all?” The four shook their heads. “Well, I’m Lady Amelia, Rath’s mother.”
“Oh,” Isabel said. After a moments thought, “I can’t remember you. Sorry.”
“That’s okay, it’ll al come back to you in the end. Anyway I’ll tell you what has happened in the last 7 years.”
“What we’ve only been gone 7 years,” Tess asked in astonishment.
“No, only about five. Every human year is equal to 36 days here. So about 5years and 130 days have passed since you died. Now do you want me to tell you what happened or not?”
The four nodded eagerly determined not to say another word till she’d finished.
“Well, it basically started when your father, Zan, King Zan IV - You were King Zan V – was killed by a terrorist. The terrorist was Kivar, a skin. There was a lot of uproar about it. Kivar and the majority of Skins weren’t happy with the way they were being treated. They felt they were discriminated against and maybe they were. But it didn’t give them the excuse to kill a good man. Well, as soon as you came to the crown Kivar wasn’t much happier. He never had liked you and he wanted the crown for himself. The planet was in uproar. The community had split. The shapeshifters and ourselves against the majority of skins.
You were crowned about two weeks after your father died. Antar needed a king to take control. You and your mother thought it best to have a strong Royal four. Ava, Rath, Vilandra and you. As Rath was your second, you took the ‘logical’ step and demanded Vilandra and Rath got married. Neither was very pleased especially Rath as he loved another. Vilandra and Rath had always been closed but their was really no feelings other than brotherly sisterly love. Vilandra already knew about who Rath really loved but you wouldn’t listen to them and said the had no choice. They had to get married. Ava did try to tell you. You and Ava had been betrothed since birth, and you two worked out well enough. You loved each other and I guess you thought they would grow to love each other. The one Vilandra had been betrothed to had been killed a couple of years back and no-one had really got round to finding someone suitable. Anyway, your mother thought the match would be good and my husband, Rath’s father thought it would be good for Rath’s future. He didn’t know of the love Rath had for this girl.” She looked over at Michael and smiled. ‘You had already asked her if she would marry you and you were going to ask her father for his permission. But then Zan made his decision. By the wish of his late father in his will he declared you two would get married. You see on our planet we pretty much have to do as the king says. What he says goes. So nothing could be done. Whether you were ever intimate I don’t know. And I really don’t want to if you do remember. Let’s just say you didn’t have any children. Ava did get pregnant but had a miscarriage.” She looked at Max and Tess her eyes filled with sympathy. “You were both understandably upset and then with the death of your father I think you started to lose it.”
“Mother,” Falena said. “Speaking of children . . .”
“Shush Falena we’ll discuss it later. Anyway you were now a strong group. You had your disagreements and Rath was upset about his marriage to Vilandra but you fought as a strong unit. I don’t know if you know but there was a group of Skins who thought Rath would be a much better leader. But Rath was too loyal to you to try and rebel against you. Lucky you.”
“Yeah we’d heard about that,” Michael smirked.
“Anyway, the next year after there was lots of fighting and then Ava got pregnant. Here on Antar a pregnancy is very short. Only 10-12 days. But Kivar took his chance from this. Being pregnant makes you very weak. No-one really knows what happened other than Kivar took his chance and attacked the castle killing everyone in it. No-one knows how he got in or found out about the pregnancy. It’s likely there was inside help.”
“Me,” Isabel whispered.
Amelia looked at Isabel feeling utterly confused. “Why would you betray your family and friends. I don’t know who told you that. Please explain. I know the Skins were telling everyone you helped them but why would they kill you then we wondered.”
And Isabel told Amelia all that she had discovered through the Skins about how she fell in love with Kivar and betrayed her family because of this.
Amelia laughed. “Yes, Kivar was certainly in ‘love’ with you. But I don’t think you were with him. I don’t know if you were in love. If you were I didn’t know of it and it wasn’t common knowledge. Whether your family knew I don’t know.
No it’s thought that their was a skin inside the castle but everyone in the castle was killed. The four Royals and all the servants. Your mother had been away visiting her family and didn’t get killed. Over the next couple of weeks scientists worked undercover and you were re-created. Human DNA was taken and mixed with DNA from your own bodies and somehow you were re-created. You were sent with a protector, Nasedo a shape-shifter who was to protect you whilst you grew up again. It was decided you were to be sent to earth as you would age quicker than you would have here. You never would have been defeated other than the fact Ava got pregnant. It was such a surprise when we woke up the next morning to hear you were dead.” Amelia’s eyes started to fill with tears. “I don’t think you can realise what’s it like to still be alive after your child has died.” Amelia wiped her eyes and said, “Sorry I forget about you two,” looking at Max and Tess. “You lost a child and even though you never met them and can’t remember you were upset. Anyway, Kivar took the throne quickly after that. No-one knew what to do and didn’t dare argue about the throne. So anyone with any Royal connection left the country. We went to one of the neighbouring planets and that’s where we are now. The granilith was brought here and programmed to bring you back here to win back the crown and the planet.” She looked at the four and smiled, “I’m so glad you’re back for good.”
“Mother!” Falena said feeling exasperated. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!”
“Tell me what?”
“Rath has to go back. Someone he loves lives back there and is pregnant.”
Amelia looked over at Michael and gasped. “You’ve left someone there whose going to have a child with powers. How’s she meant to keep it covered? Does she know what you are?”
“Yes Maria does. And it’s not a child, it’s twins. And I want to go back to her as soon as we get this sorted out.”
“And bring the children back home with you, good idea.”
“No. To stay. To stay with Maria. Maria’s my home and the mother of my children. I won’t take them away from her.”
“You can’t go. You need to be a strong unit. You can’t leave the three!”
“Please at least call me mom.”
“Mom, I love Maria. She’s my everything.”
Amelia sighed not knowing what to say. “Can I at least see her?”
“What bring her here? Is this atmosphere good for her.”
Falena laughed and said, “No Michael in a flash like how I saw her. But not like that though. I don’t actually know what she looks like, so can I see too.” And she reached out her hand to Michael taking his in hers. Michael reached out his hand to his mother and they connected, the three of them.
Michael’s mother and sister saw how deeply he felt for her and how beautiful he found everything about her. After they broke apart Amelia looked at Falena and shock and said, “I don’t believe it!”