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Title: Fixing a Mistake
Disclaimer:The characters don't belong to me
Author's Note: This was my first fic so be nice. It's probably why it's so bad. It's sort of came from The End of The World idea but it's very different.

Fixing a Mistake

Part 1
Her body covered his, hiding from view the extent of his wounds. All around her the many dead bodies of those who had fought lay in twisted states. Blood everywhere mixing with enemies’ blood. A man who stood to the side watching her grieve could hear the quiet withdrawn sob from her. It’s 2011 and earth is coming to an end.
“Max,” she whispered. “Can’t you heal him?”
“Maria,” his voice showing the emotion he felt from loosing his brother, his best friend. “There’s nothing I can do, he dead Maria. He’s gone.”
“But I didn’t even say goodbye.” She looked up and Max gasped. Tears slowly came down her face and those soulful emerald eyes showed the heartache that had been experienced the last 10 years. Max couldn’t help it. He cried for the death of his sister Isabel, his brother Michael and his friends Alex and Tess.
Reaching out his hand to Maria he felt her pale small one slip in and he dragged her away from a scene she should never have had to see.

* * * * *
“How is she?” Max asked his wife Liz.
“She’s not good. She feels it’s her fault he died.” Liz paused thinking over the last few weeks. “It’s the end of the world Max. Michael was our only chance. How could he be defeated, he was strong!?!”
“I know Liz. But he gave up.”

* * * FLASHBACK * * *
They fought side by side. Michael paused after a skin disappeared into thin air.
“Max I can’t do it anymore. I can’t go on with life anymore without her,” Michael whispered.
“You can’t give up now!” Max exclaimed in fury. “She left you, get over it. It was 10 years ago. We have to save earth. You’re the last chance earth has of survival.”
Michael turned to see Nicholas behind him. Nicholas put out his hand and a protective shield appeared around the two of them. Max stood in shock and run forward to try and break through to help his friend. He knew that his friend had been defeated once before by Nicholas in their past life and that he would likely not try and fight back.
Max felt himself be thrown back at a strong force and landed awkwardly on his arm. All he could do was stand and watch as Nicholas raised a sword in the air and came down towards Michael. Michael didn’t even try and defend himself he just lay there and watched as the sword came down, right through his heart.
Max could feel the life going out of his friend and the pain. Then there was nothing. Max was alone. Isabel, Tess and Michael had gone. It was the end of the world.
Nicholas looked up and grinned at Max. Then he disappeared along with the rest of the skins who were still fighting into thin air. It was only a matter of time now, till Kivar was in control of earth too.


“Max, are you listening to me?” came Liz exasperated voice.
“Yes I’m sorry. Just remembering what Michael said to me.”
“What did he say?”
“Just that he’d given up ‘cause he could no longer go without her.”
Silence filled the room.
“We would have won. If only he hadn’t given up. We were so close!”
“Max, what are we going to do?”
“I know a way to fix this,” came a voice from the doorway. Max and Liz looked up to see Maria standing there. She must have heard everything we said thought Liz.
“Max. Would you have defeated them if Michael and me had been . . .” Liz looked at her friend and saw she has started crying again.
“If you’d been together?” came the quiet voice of Max.
Liz and Maria looked up at Max and he saw her nod. Liz went over to Maria and gave her a hug. “Don’t think about things like that.”
“But it’s true isn’t it Maria, “ came the bitter voice of Max. “He gave up ages ago and he was so strong. You destroyed that. When you went of to New York to sing with that Billy guy. You left him.
Maria broke down into fits of hysterics. “Max!” Liz was shocked that he’d say something like that.
“It’s true Liz! I left Michael and now because of me he gave up and . . .” Maria couldn’t continue anymore.
“Let Nicholas kill him.”
Liz gasped. “Nicholas killed him! Again!”
The atmosphere in the room has greatly changed. Max was glaring at Maria and Liz was in shock. All could be heard was the quiet sob from Maria.
“Well,” Liz said after 10 minutes silence. “There’s nothing we can do about it now. I guess we just have to wait till the end of the world. Max can’t Daniel help you?”
“No he’s far too young! And I won’t let him be killed too.”
“But there is something we can do,” Maria whispered.
“What?” Liz looked at Maria feeling confused.
“Go back and tell me I made the wrong choice.”

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Part 2

"So you can be the hero Maria? Is that why you want to change it? I wouldn't want to put you through that!" snarled Max.
"Max shut up!" Liz snapped. "Maria are you sure you want to do this? Go back on your dreams?

* * *FLASHBACK* * *
The club was packed. The excitement was clear to see on the faces of the men.
"We want Maria! We want Maria!" And she appeared.
"I can do this, I can do this," she muttered to herself. She glanced down at her clothes, what little of them there were. I feel like such a slut, she thought. Her dress hung low over her breast exposing a great deal and the bottom of the dress hung barely over her panties. She was glad none of her friends could see her now. She heard the music start to play and saw the lights dimming. Plastering a smile on her face she looked up and sang her heart out.


"I think I could do that." Maria thought to herself, I'd be doing myself a favor.
"But wouldn't you miss Billy?" Max asked sarcastically.

* * *FLASHBACK* * *
"Maria! Come out now!" Billy called impatiently.
"I look stupid in this! I look like such a slut! Couldn't I wear something, I don't know. A little less revealing?" Maria looked at herself in the full length mirror to see a total stranger looking bac at her in a sad excuse for a dress.
"I wouldn't even wear something this revealing to bed," she muttered.
Billy was sitting in the living room getting rather impatient. "Maria, we're going to be late. I thought you wanted this?"
Billy sat imagining all the money he was going to make off of Maria and she'd never even realise. He'd arranged it with a burly man who owned a club, a men's only club. He made $500 dollars a night for three songs. He'd made a deal for maria to sing once a week for a trial period of a month. And to think that Maria thought he loved her. He remembered when she first moved in. She'd told him that she was only there to sing not to pursue a relationship with her.
Maria appeared in the doorway. She stood there biting her lip and fidgeting. "You ready yet? " he snapped at her.
"How much are we making for this again?" Maria asked.
"$150. 75 each."
"Ok, let's go."


Maria still remembered the day she'd found out. He'd lied to her for 6 years. 6 years she'd lived in a tiny little appartment barely able to scrape together enough money to pay the rent each month. She'd managed to scrape together a couple more performances each week but a little mre low key. She'd never made it big.
"No, I'm fine with it all. I love Michael. I didn't want to leave but I didn't thing he wanted me back after all that time. I left okay. I didn't mean to hurt him. I loved him so much it hurt Max. Please don't be mad."
"Don't be mad! Because of you he gave up and now he's dead!"
Maria burst into tears remembering back to when she'd broken it all off.
* * *FLASHBACK* * *

Maria sat in the park waiting for Michael to arrive. She saw Michael appearing in the distance. "Oh no, he's brought flowers. He's going to make this hard." she muttered.
"You wanted to talk, which usually means you're gonna kick my ass, so I brought some friends."
"Thank you. I guess."
"Is he gone yet?"
"Feel better?"
"Getting there. What are we talking about?" Michael could feel dread creeping into his heart. This wasn't like Maria. Normally she had plenty to say.
"I wanna break up." Maria could see Michael's face filled with hurt and shock and she hurried on. "I want out because I love you so much. I love you more than you could possibly know."
"I'm lost."
"No, I'm lost. And you've been there the whole time to help me through all of it." Maria, you can't cry she thought to herself.
"All of what?" Now he was really confused.
"This whole thing-- this alien, human, the scary stuff, the bad stuff."
"And there was fun stuff, too."
"Yeah, but I haven't been honest in any of it."
"Listen, if you're trying to tell me that you're a bisexual or something, I'm--I'm cool with that. I'm..."
Maria shook her head. Michael recollected his thoughts still feeling confused.
"Why do you want out?"
Of course he has to ask the difficult question doesn't he, Maria thought.
"Because, Michael, I don't think I've ever been in. I mean, this girl you've known for the past 3 years-- Maria-- it's just not me."
"Of course it's you."
"No, it's not the me I used to be.
"Things change."
"Yeah, things change."
"Just like that. Will you come back to me?"
"I don't know."
Maria walked off. Don't cry, don't cry she thought to herself. Maria got out of his sight and she ran. She ran the whole way home.


"I want to go back and I want to fix it so that I can be with him. I'd rather have that than anything." Maria sobbed.
Liz thought back to when future Max had come back to tell her to break it off with Max.
"Maria are you sure about this?" Maria nodded. "Ok here's my plan."

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Part 3

“Remember when Future Max came to see me when I was 17?” Maria and Max nodded. “Well he said he came by the granilith. So what I need to do is to work out how to use the granilith to send Max back to tell past Maria that she needs to go with her heart.”
“Go with her heart?” snorted Max. “Go against her will more likely.”
Liz looked at Maria and could see that tears had already started to form in Maria’s eyes. Liz finally snapped. “Max I know you’re hurting but taking it out on Maria isn’t going to help anyone so f*** up!”
Max, surprised at the sudden explosion fom Liz muttered, “Sorry Maria.”
“That’s better. We have to work together here or else it’s the end. We’ll die too. Is that what you want?”
Max hung his head in shame realising how much he had been hurting Maria. He got up and walked over to Maria giving her a hug. “I’m sorry Maria. It’s just I was wanting to blame someone and you were just the easy target. I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. I know you love Michael and you never meant to hurt him.”
Maria looked at Max with those soulful emerald eyes and gave him a watery smile. “I forgive you and I’m sorry too. Let’s just work together to see what we can do about fixing this mess.”
“Anyway. Continuing with my plan. We send Max back to 2002 and get him to tell Maria that she needs to get back together with Michael.”
“Why can’t I go back? I think I’m more likely to believe me than Max. No offence.”
“None taken. But even if I go back, what’s to say that past Maria will get back with Michael. What if she feels as Maria does now, that he doesn't want to be with her? How am I going to explain to her that she needs to be with Michael or else the world will end? It’ll be like I’m saying the only reason she should be with him is because if she doesn’t it’s the end of the world.”
“You just tell me that I should go with my heart. Don’t say why. I’d rather not know about the future. Or she wouldn’t, I wouldn’t . . . You know what I mean. But anyway I’ll be able to convince myself easy enough.”
“Hold on,” Liz cried. “Two things. Maria you can’t go back because Future Max told me he couldn’t see himself or else they’d explode or something and neither of them would exist. So you can’t go back and convince yourself because it’s not possible. Max, you’ll find someway of convincing Maria. And anyway you can go and see Michael too. Drag him over and make them talk if you have too! You remember what Michael used to say after she left for New York.”

* * FLASHBACK * * *

“If only we’d talk Maxwell. Just talked we could have worked something out. I didn’t realise I was keeping her from her dreams. I love her so much. What am I going to do without her.”
It was two days since Maria had walked out of their lives forever. She hadn’t even said goodbye to Michael. Just said to Liz she was going to New York.
A knock at the door disturbed Michael and Max from their thoughts. Max went to answer.” Hey Liz. Come on in”
She cautiously walked into the room. Good nothing blown up she said mentally to herself. “Hi Michael. How you doing?”
“Not so good.” He paused for a moment before asking for the umpteenth time, “What exactly did she say to you Liz?”
“She just said she wanted to go to New York and follow her dreams.”
“And she’s just going to do this all by herself.”
“No. S*** I didn’t mean that” Liz kicked herself for letting it slip out. She’d sworn to Maria she wouldn’t tell Michael she was going their with someone.
Michael sat up and walked over to Liz. “Whose she going to be with Liz?” he asked in a low dangerous voice. The television exploded send frays of glass shooting across the room.
“Michael don’t get mad.”
“Tell me!”
“Michael let go of her.” Michael had Liz pinned up against the wall. “You’re hurting her. Let her go.” Michael let Liz free and she ran over to Max.
“Liz, has gone to Billy?” Michael’s voice had gone quiet.
“Not like that Michael.” She heard a sharp intake of breath and then his quiet sobbing. “Michael. She’s gone to New York to sing with him. Nothing else. She doesn’t love him. She doesn’t think of him like that.”
“She still went though didn’t she.”


Liz paused before going on. “I think the best time to go is around midnight. We’ll go tonight. The sooner the better. I think we’re going to need the orbs to activate it. Do you know where they are Max? He nodded rising to get them from the safe in the basement.

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Anyone readin this?

Part 4


“Max, we need to get going,” Liz called from the living room. Max had been talking to Daniel, his son by Tess for the last few hours. “I’m coming.”
“Dad, where are you going?” Daniel asked sleepily from under his covers.
“I’m going to go and try and get Uncle Michael, Aunt Isabel and mom back.”
“Oh.” There was a pause. “How are you going to do that?”
“Go back in time.”
“Oh. Will I see you tomorrow.”
“I don’t know son.”
“Okay. Night.”
Max quietly left his son’s room tears slowly falling down his cheeks.
“Are you ready?” Maria asked gently. “I would have liked children you know. Little Michael’s running around with that uncontrollable hair.” She laughed imagining little Michael’s. they would have been fun to make too, she thought to herself.
“Michael would have liked that too.” Max put his arm around Maria’s shoulder giving her a gentle squeeze. “Let’s go see what we can do about that, hey?”

* * * * *
There was nobody out and about. Probably hidden in their homes waiting for the end of the world, Max thought to himself. All the different nations had joined together to help fight against the invasion. But their weapons were no use to them against the skins. They killed a few but it had been up to Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess to fight them. Help had come, but not enough. Many from their home planet, Antar had given up and saw no use in fighting.
Michael had been strong. He was well able to destroy and win but his heart hadn’t been in it. The one thing he valued most had said she wanted to break-up. He wasn’t to know that she did love him and wanted to be with him but thought that he would no longer want her. He wasn’t to know.
That’s what he had to fix. If it meant he died next time around so be it. He would. But if it meant the world lived to see another day then that was good.
“Max, you missed the turning,” Maria’s voice broke through his thoughts. Reversing back he drove up gazing at the cliffs that hid his birthplace and what used to be the way ‘home’. Max took the hands of Maria and Liz and together, as the last remaining (bar Kyle who was in a coma from so many injuries) made the walk up. There’s no other way. I can do this Max thought.
I should be the one going. I should be the one who has to fix this. Not Max. I made the mistake I need to fix this. Maria was starting to hyperventilate.
Liz turned at the sound of her friend’s ragged breathing. She could see the tears beginning to form again and slide down Maria’s face. Letting go of Michael’s hand she turned wrapping Maria in a big hug. “Shush, Maria don’t cry. We’re going to make it all better now.”
“He stayed for me.” Maria whispered, remembering the moment he’d come out.

* * * FLASHBACK * * *

Liz, Max, Isabel, Michael, Maria and Kyle stand and watch as Tess disappears off in the granilith.
“What happens now Max?”
“I have to save my son . . .”
Max walked off Isabel following close behind. Liz turned to see Michael and Maria absorbed in each other and dragged a shocked Kyle after her to catch up with Max and Isabel.
“You came out first why?” Maria asked.
“I couldn’t go.” Michael pulled a stray hair of Maria’s lying across her face behind her ear softly kissing her earlobe.
“I realised for the first time that my home, it’s here with you.” Maria’s eyes filled up and tears started to leak through spilling down her face. “Don’t cry Maria.” Michael brushed her tears away kissing her eyes, then her nose and bushed his lips against hers. Maria leant forward grabbing his lower lip between hers. The kiss deepened and their tears mixed making it even more passionate. Michael’s tongue brushed against her lips trying to break through and explore her mouth. Maria allowed him entrance and his tongue explored her upper mouth grazing over her teeth then touching Maria’s tongue. Claiming her as his. Moving to her throat he run his tongue over he pulse point her found there. Michael could feel himself start to harden at the images he received from Maria of the night before and her wondering hand.
“Not now Maria. Wait till we get back to my appartment.”
Maria nodded but a mischievous gleam had appeared in her eyes. “Let’s go then!”


Liz didn’t know what to say to comfort her friend. Instead she just took her friends hand and led her into the granilith chamber.
Glancing around Max turned to Liz and Maria and said, “Ready?”
Liz began to nod but was interrupted by Maria. “No. I’m going too. To see Michael.”

Part 5

“Maria,” Liz said in a defeated voice. “Honey, are you sure that’s what you want to do? I mean, is it wise? What if you see you? You know what I mean.”
“Look. You mightn’t need to just convince me.”
Liz looked confused. “What are you talking about? Michael was so upset when you left. He’d love to be with you. He wants to be with you! Michael . . .”
Max had been thinking over what Maria had been saying and it all made sense to him. “No he wouldn’t.” Liz turned to Max feeling more and more confused by the minute.
“You where there that day Max. You saw what he was like. Of course he won’t say no to Maria if she asks to get back together with him.”
“Yes Liz. I don’t deny one bit he loves her. But he wouldn’t want to interfere with her dreams. He wants her to be happy. He said so to me himself!”
Max and Liz stood and pondered over the last ten years thinking of Michael and all he stood for. He was a friend, Maria’s lover and Max’s brother.
“That’s what I was thinking Max,” Maria said thoughtfully. “Do you understand why I have to go back? Do you understand why I have to go back and tell Michael he needs to be selfish? He’ll never take me back if he thinks it’ll stop my dreams. Even if he would go with me to New York and protected me. Maybe it would have been better.”
“What do you mean Maria?” Liz asked. “Protect you from what?”
Maria realised she’d said too much. She shrugged and turned away from Max and Liz, looking at the floor. Max walked round, lifting her chin up making her look into his eyes. “Maria, what happened in New York?”
“Nothing.” Max could see from Maria’s eyes that she was lying.
“Maria if you can’t tell me please show me. I need to know.” He looked over to Liz and saw she was clearly upset about her best friend’s strange behaviour. He reached out his hand to her beckoning her to join them. “We need to know. We’re your friends. We’ll not judge you.”
“I know.” And Maria took Max’s hand and Liz’s in her own. She showed them the humiliation of the performances, the awful conditions she was forced to live in, the loneliness and heartbreak she had felt. The thoughts of coming back to Roswell but afraid of rejection from her friends and Michael. The betray she felt the day she found out Billy had lied to her for 6 years.
“Maria,” Liz gasped. “I had no idea. Why didn’t you come home babe? You know we would have taken you back.” Tears were coming down Liz’s face and Max’s eyes had begun to water.
“Maria, I had no idea,” Max said. “I just . . .” He shrugged pulling Liz and Maria into a hug. “Why don’t we all go back and fix this?”
“That sounds like a good idea,” Liz’s muffled voice said. “Where do we want to go back too?”
Maria pulled away and said, “Three days before I’m due to leave.”
“Would it not be an idea to go back to when you first broke up?” Liz suggested.
“No, I think Maria needs the time to think about it,” Max said thoughtfully.
“Okay, well, if that’s what you both think. I’ll go get the granilith ready.”
Liz walked off, preparing the granilith for ‘take-off.’
“Are you sure about this Maria? Are you sure you want to go back?”
“Yeah, I’m sure max. I want to see him. I want to just touch him. Look into his eyes and see the love he holds for me there. I want to be able to get married, have kids and grow old together. The whole time in New York I would think about situations where I had a family. I was happy, Max. Michael was there and I had three beautiful kids. They were a mixture of me and him and the thought of missing out on all that used to make me cry.”
“Why didn’t you come Maria? We missed you so much. Liz missed having you to talk to.”
“I know. But I was ashamed and embarrassed by the mistake I’d made. I thought it was my punishment so I just lived with it.”
“Maria,” Max said and embraced her.
“Was Michael really unhappy?”
“Yeah,” Max said sorrowfully. “He had this box under his bed. He thought nobody knew about it but I found it. It was labeled Maria.”
“What was in it?”
“All sorts of things. Cinema tickets, bills from dinners, pictures of you, the oil you liked, pictures of the two of you and um . . .” Max looked away feeling embarrassed.
Maria laughed. “What’s the matter what else does he have in there.”
Max mumbled. “What did you say?” Maria laughed.
“A used condom and a bottle of pills. And also your Crashdown uniform.”
Maria looked mortified. “He what! That’s just gross! And how on earth did he get my he get my uniform?”
“He asked Liz for it when you handed it in.”
Maria laughed a genuine laugh. “See why I love him? He’s just too sweet.”
Max and Maria laughed feeling better than they had for days.
“It’s ready,” Liz’s voice came from the granilith chamber.
Max and Maria stopped laughing and took a deep breath each and got ready to walk.