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Author: Rach and MerJ

Summary: Based on the challenge by Mia Nora. I don't want to give too much away, so if you'd like to spoil yourselves silly, go check it out, but basically, both Max and Liz are missing vital senses, but together, they'll discover a sense above all.

Rating: PG-13. It's pretty much Fluff.

Category: M/L - CC

Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell do not belong to us, but to Melinda Metz. The idea of this fic, and the title, soley goes to Mia Nora.

Author's Note: Thanks, Mia, for giving us the chance to be a part of your talent. It's a wonderful challenge that I couldn't get out of my head. I hope I don't let you down. Thanks, to Kari, my beta for shifting this fic into her busy schedule. *happy* Thanks a bunch. Finally, to Talena, for the awesome banner she made us. It's absolutely wonderful, and the lyrics go with the story perfectly. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this, much love!

Title: A Sense Above All




The hot rays of the sun glared down at them, scorching their sweat slicked skin. The dirt so dry that clouds of dust billowed at every scuffle of their feet. Though, these conditions of severe heat went unnoticed to the people on the field. For their love of the game went beyond some fear of heat exhaustion.

Liz Parker pulled off her ball cap and swiped the sweat from her brow. She bounced from side to side on her feet, watching the runner on her base with her peripheral vision. Clapping her hand into her glove she cheered on her pitcher. One more out and it was their turn. Time to redeem their position on the score board.

The ball flew from the pitcher's hand with awesome speed, and Liz saw her runner lurch from his base. She yelled to the second basemen to guard their spot as she ran to hers, ready to make the easiest out. The batter had foul-tipped the ball, and it flew high over the catcher's head.

"Mask off!" she yelled.

The catcher's mask flew off, and her glove came up over her head, the ball soon falling inside.

"Three outs, everyone in the dugout!" her pitcher instructed.

Liz ran across the field, congratulating her teammate on the final out.

"Liz, you're up to bat next. Damrick on deck, and DeLuca in the hole. Liz, c'mere for a second."

She crossed the dug out to her best friend Alex Whitman, tugging on her batting gloves at the same time. "Good pitching, Whit," she commented.

Alex ignored her appraisal and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "Knock the hell out of the ball, Liz. Don't watch them fly by, okay? First two strikes, swing to kill, the third, just try to hit a single. All right?"

She flashed him a grin. "I got it," she answered.

He placed her helmet atop her head for her. "Good luck, make the small town of Roswell proud," he told her with a cheesy grin.

As she walked up to the plate, she eyed the pitcher. She was definitely accurate, and her speed was phenomenal, but Liz had hit off her before. She could do it again. Liz placed one foot inside of the batters box while the other stayed planted outside the white line. She choked up on her softball bat and kissed it for luck. Cheers from her family and friends could be heard from the stands.

"Up to bat is Roswell's very own Liz Parker. Freshman at West Roswell High School, she is the president of the Science Club and treasurer of the Key Club. Today is Miss Parker's fifteenth birthday," the announcer said over the PA system.

"Happy birthday, Liz, I love ya girl!" Maria DeLuca yelled.

Liz grinned happily, and then chuckled silently to herself when Maria's cousin, Sean, told her to shut it.

She stepped inside of the batters box and took two half swings, before settling the bat above her shoulder. Her gaze focused soley onto the pitcher.

Here's the wind up...and the pitch.

Liz took a level swing, the bat contacted the ball and sent it soaring into left field. Letting the bat fall to the ground, creating shifting dirt in the air, she set off running down the first base line, her eyes following the flight of the ball.

Kyle Valenti was flailing his arms about, yelling at her to round the base and head to second.

Don't look at the ball.

With her eyes focused only on her destination, she ran towards second. Once her foot hit the bag, she turned again to head to third. She could get an inside the park homerun out of it. If she ran hard.

Pumping her arms at her sides, she ignored Alex's orders of a halt at third and rounded to head home. A gust of wind lifted her helmet up and off of her head and it fell to the ground, letting her hair blow wildly in the wind. She saw the catcher standing in front of her, his hand outstretched ready to receive the ball. If she slid, she could make it.

Agonizing pain filled her head as she fell to the ground, her hand brushing over the home base. The shouts of the players filled her ears painfully.

"Liz, can you hear me?"

It was Alex, and now she was on her back staring at him. His worried gaze penetrated into her own pain filled one.

And then her world went dark.


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Author: Rach and MerJ

Summary: Based on the challenge by Mia Nora. I don't want to give too much away, so if you'd like to spoil yourselves silly, go check it out, but basically, both Max and Liz are missing vital senses, but together, they'll discover a sense above all.

Rating: PG-13. It's pretty much Fluff.

Category: M/L - CC

Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell do not belong to us, but to Melinda Metz. The idea of this fic, and the title, soley goes to Mia Nora.

Author's Note: Thanks, Mia, for giving us the chance to be a part of your talent. It's a wonderful challenge that I couldn't get out of my head. I hope I don't let you down. Thanks, to Kari, my beta for shifting this fic into her busy schedule. Thanks a bunch. Finally, to Talena, for the awesome banner she made us. It's absolutely wonderful, and the lyrics go with the story perfectly. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this, much love!

Title: A Sense Above All


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Part One

The warmth of the sun tickled her skin, reminding her of the times when the heat of the sun was the final perfect addition to an afternoon game of softball. Getting sweaty and dirty was the best part.  The winning was a distant plus.

Even though it has been four years since she'd played, Liz Parker still longed for the feeling of a dusty field beneath her feet.  To be able to swing a bat again.  To watch as the ball soars high into the air.

All of that is impossible now.  She'll never be able to watch another thing in her life.

"Here, Liz, try these on."

With a defeated sigh Liz pulled off a pair of sunglasses and took the pair her friend, Maria, was offering. "Remind me again why are we doing this," she muttered.

"Because, my clueless friend.  There are men in college, and being as we are women - the object of every man's affection - we must look our best,"  Maria said.  "Besides, your old shades are way out of style.  You haven't bought a new pair since the -"  Her voice softened and trailed off.

Liz groaned.  "Accident, Maria.  You can say it."  She hated the way Maria would always trail off at the end of her sentences, just because she feared hurting her feelings. It had been four years, Liz was over it now.

"I'm sorry, Lizzie.  I didn't want to hurt your feelings," she apologized, returning the glasses.

Liz instinctively latched onto Maria's arm as they walked down the sidewalk. "You assumed it would hurt my feelings, Maria."

"You're right, and do you know what happens when people assume, Liz?"  she asks her. "They make an ass out of you and me."

Liz shook her head at Maria's lame attempt at a pun and let her thoughts drift back to the years before.

The sight of herself running the bases brought a brief smile to her face. She could still see the ball flying high into the air, disappearing behind the sun's glare, and then falling deep into the outfield.  She could still feel chunks of dirt hitting her legs, and the wind in her face.  The cheers of her family and friends was now a distant echo in the back of her mind, while those memories retreated with it.

" I told Alex to meet us at the Crashdown, so we can decide what time we are heading up tomorrow."

Liz shook herself back to reality and nodded her head in agreement, responding to Maria's statement.  They, along with their best friend Alex Whitman, were moving into the same apartment complex in Las Cruces, where they were attending college.

Liz once had the ambition to go to Harvard, or some other prestigious school that certainly wasn't Las Cruces.  Alas, a life altering event - such as losing your sight - could change that ambition in a second.  Liz had to admit though, she would much rather attend a college with her best friends by her side instead of being thousands of miles apart and trying to maintain a relationship with them.

Besides, any place was better than Roswell.


Complete darkness.  Black.  That what it's like to be blind.  As a child, Liz would often close her eyes and search around her house blindly, as if she were just that.  Never in her wildest dreams had the vision of herself indeed being blind come forth.  She had always thought she'd be fortunate.  Fortunate enough to have the grades to go to Harvard, to become a Microbiologist, to stare into her husbands eyes.  The thought of never being able to see her husband made her heart clench - and her children, would she never see them as well?

Of course, there is always a surgical procedure she could have done, and her parents were generous enough to offer to pay for it, but Liz had respectfully declined.  This was something she needed to do herself.  It was her responsibility to earn enough money to have it done.  It was - after all - her fault this had happened.

Alex had felt an amazing amount of guilt, no matter how many times she consoled him, or how many times she told him it wasn't his fault, but her own. He still felt terrible, saying how he should have placed a smaller helmet on her head, that way it would have never fallen off. 

He's over it now.  They all are.  Four years is enough.  You learn to accept what curveball life has thrown you and take it in stride.  It had taken Liz several months before she could walk around the apartment without running into something.  She was finally bruise free.


Liz fell to the floor and nursed her bruised knee.  So much for being bruise free...

"Liz, are you okay?"  Maria asked in a worried tone. 

She felt her kneel down beside of her, and Maria's finger's skimming her knee.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I just have to get used to this apartment,"  came Liz's response. 

Alex was beside her then, and together they helped Liz to her feet. "There are boxes all over the place, Liz, you need to be careful,"  he chided her. "Maybe you should sit down until we get everything unpacked and have a clear and hazardous-free walk way for you."

"That could take awhile, Alex,"  Maria reminded him.

None of them were very motivational.

"Why don't we go out?  We can hit the streets and check out what this place has to offer,"  Maria suggests.

"I'm hungry,"  Alex mumbles.

"You're always hungry,"  Liz and Maria say simultaneously.

"All right, let me grab my shoes, and we'll be on our way,"  Liz states and heads slowly in the direction of her room.

"Liz, watch out for the -"




Senses.  All of them are vital.  Without her sight, Liz can't tell what something is simply by touching it.  Not very often, at least.  She can still tell what something is by her sense of smell.  Her test - well, let's just say Liz was the Champion of the Blind Taste Test.  As for her hearing, it doesn't really matter how well her hearing is, but how well she listens. There's a difference. You see, if you listen, you can hear so much more.  Liz listens to everything around her, and can easily identify if someone is approaching her.

"Liz, are you listening to me?"

Well, when she's not lost in thought.

"Oh, what? I'm sorry, Maria, what were you saying?"

"I said, do you want to head over to El Rincon's for dinner?"

But Liz wasn't listening anymore.  Something else had caught her attention.  The sound of cheering.  Not by a huge crowd, but by enough to make her wonder what is was all about.  Liz remembered the cheers of people in the stands, it would always boost up her confidence.  Always make her smile.


"What's going on over there?"  she asked.  Facing in the general direction of the cheering.

Her friends were silent for a moment, before Alex finally spoke.  "It's a game, looks like baseball,"  he answered quietly. "Let's head back."

"I want to listen,"  came Liz's response.  She latched onto Alex's arm and made him walk her across the street.

When they got closer to the, what seemed to be, exciting game, Liz smiled. She liked to think that she wasn't left bitter after the accident.  She enjoyed listening to the baseball and softball games on ESPN.  She loved the game so much that it wouldn't allow her to become bitter.

"Here, Liz, sit down,"  Maria instructed and helped her to the cool, smooth surface of the bleachers.

She sat quietly for a few moments. "Who's winning?"  she asked as the cheering grew louder.

"I don't know,"  Alex answered. "I think it's just a scrimmage.  There's no score board."

The pictures of strangers running the bases filled her mind.  The coaches urging them on from their positions behind first and third bases.  People sliding into the bases, billows of dirt drifting up into the air.

They stayed in silence, Alex watching, as Liz listened on.  She played the game inside her mind from the sounds of people yelling, feet pounding on the dirt, and bat coming in contact with the ball.

"I'm going to look for Maria, she went to check out the shops.  Then we'll head home, all right?"  Alex whispered to her.

She nodded her head, his retreating footsteps the last thing she heard of him.

The game continued on with further excitement and angst.  After the game was finished, she guessed the home team had won.

"Good game,"  she whispered, sitting back to wait for Alex and Maria to come back.


"Awesome game, Max,"  Michael Gurien said to his friend.  They had just finished a scrimmage against their neighboring hospital staff.  He and his friend Max were working as janitors at the local hospital until they finished college.  They had soon found out that the hospital was sponsoring a baseball team and had promptly signed up.

"Yeah, I know the ref was full of crap, but - Max.  Max?  Hello?"  He waved his hand in front of his friend's face, finally gaining his attention.  Max gave him an apologetic look. "Where'd you go man?"

Max nodded to the girl sitting alone in the bleachers.  She was wearing sunglasses but she seemed to be looking their way.  Michael glanced at his friend. "Do you want to talk to her?"

He grinned widely and nodded. 

"Great, let's go,"  Michael said and slapped him on the back.

As they approached her they went unnoticed by her.  It seemed as if she were lost in her own little world, a small smile forming on her lips.

Max stepped in front of her, his hands lifting and forming the words he wanted to say. His own disability left him without the ability to speak or hear.

Michael stayed behind him for a moment, wondering if maybe by chance this girl knew sign language.  However, she continued to stare right through him. Irked, Michael stepped up.

"What are you, blind?"

The woman jumped, her hand splaying over her chest. "Oh, my God, you frightened me,"  she whispered breathlessly.

He raised an eyebrow at her. "Yeah, well my friend here has been trying to talk to you."

"Oh?"  was all she said.

Michael looked at Max.  He was still staring at her, his brows furrowed.

"I'm blind, so I didn't see you approach me,"  she finally spoke. "And, I was thinking of something else, so I wasn't listening. I'm sorry."


Max gave Michael a glare, in which he simply shrugged.


"Liz?"  she turned to the direction of the voice, and Michael saw a beautiful blonde, and a tall lanky guy approaching them.  Both of their faces showed question and concern. "Is everything all right?"

She smiled. "Yes, everything is fine."  She turned her head back towards Max and Michael. "I'm sorry, what were you saying?"

He looked at Michael again and he shrugged. "My friend's name is Max, and he was wondering if you enjoyed the game,"  Michael translated.

Her smile grew wider and she nodded her head vigorously. "Yes, I did very much,"  she answered. "Were you triumphant?"

Max went into great detail about how most of their runs were because of his hits, while Michael watched him with his peripheral vision, eyeing Liz's two friends.  After Max was through he saw astonishment pass over the newest strangers' faces.

"Um, Max here made a lot of hits, we scored, and we won."  Michael cut it short and gave the blonde a half smile, unaware of Max's glare.

Liz frowned a bit.  "And Max can't speak for himself because..."

Michael's gaze drifted back to Liz.

"He's deaf, Liz," Alex answered before Michael could say a word. 

Liz gasped, her hand covering her heart.  "Oh, I'm sorry," she breathed.  Her heart went out to him...who knows how long he had to deal with his own disability.

Max elbowed Michael, silently telling him to focus on him, instead of the blonde across from them.  Once he was sure he had his attention, Max signed to him what he wished to say.

"Max, says there's nothing to be sorry about, he's dealt with it his whole life."  He looked to Max to be sure it was to his satisfaction.  He nodded.  "Well, then, we must be going, it was a pleasure meeting you all."  With that, Michael latched onto his friend's arm and pulled him along.

Much to Max's dismay, he followed Michael out of the park and to their car.  He poked him on the shoulder.  Once he turned around to face him, Max asked him what was going on.

"I didn't like the way her friends were looking at you," he answered after a moment.  "They were looking at you like you were a freak."

Max raised an eyebrow at him but before he could comment, Michael raised a finger at him.  "Don't start with me, Maxwell.  I am your friend and I am just looking out for you.  Eh - no buts, just get in the car."

Giving up, Max climbed into the car, his thoughts drifting to his blind angel.  He was captivated by her beauty the moment he saw her.  Her flowing brown locks hanging loose on her shoulders...  Max wished he could have seen her eyes from behind her sunglasses, but he imagined she didn't want people to notice her unseeing stare.  However, Max was intrigued, nonetheless, and was looking forward to meeting her again.



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