Title: Hopes and Dreams
Author: Meredith
Category: M/L with a little of everyone else.
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Rating: PG-13 now (will become NC-17 later)
Summary: I don’t really have one. I just started writing this fic today and I have no idea where it’s going or where it’ll end up…
Feedback: Yes, please!
Author's Note: The title I honestly don't know where I get it all I know is it sounds familiar. So it you know it will you please tell me, so I can give credit to that person.

Hopes and Dreams


Have you ever wished for something that you knew was impossible? My name is Liz Parker and I did just that but here’s the scary part, it came true. It all started my freshman year in high school. I was what you would call a geek; most of my free time was spent, doing extra homework I requested from my teachers. (Took that line from a movie called “Never Been Kissed” no harm intended). I didn’t have many friends until my now best friend Maria Deluca moved to Roswell, New Mexico from L.A. Why would someone move from L.A. to Roswell, the smallest of all towns, I don’t know. To say the least she didn’t fit in, her hair was one too many colors (if I remember correctly it was a mixture of blue, purple, and pink), her clothes were kind of out there, and her personality well lets just say she wasn’t called “Hurricane Deluca” for being the calmest person. She was in fact just the opposite. Looking back, I realize now that the reason we became friends was because neither of us were happy with our lives. We both wanted a change and that were this story begins…


-Roswell Dream Girl*angel**bounce**angel**bounce**angel**bounce**angel**bounce**angel**bounce**angel*