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Surprise, Surprise!
Author: Britterz_8 or Brittany
Rating: Pg for some suggestions
Disclaimer: I only own the idea, Joscilyn, Jascyn, and Jordyn.
Summary: Just a little peice of one parter fluff, where max gets a welcome surprise.
Authors note: I dont know how good this is, I was just sitting in class, and I started writing this. So be kind, I know im not that great!And I love to tweak names, so they are all spelled weird. And the name Jascyn It wasnt my intention, but I love that name, so I messed with it. And the names are pronounced Josilyn and the nick name Joci is pronounced jaw-see and Jace is short for Jascyn. And the mistakes, well there are a lot of them, and my computer doesnt feel like letting spell check, and I am to tired to read threw it to find all of them.


“Joscilyn, Jascyn, c’mon we are going to the doctor.” Liz yelled to her

At that moment two four year old children came running into the living
room. “Do we get to go see daddy?” Joci, as she was called by mostly every
one, asked her mother.

“Yeah, I wanna see my daddy.” Jascyn, who looked like an exact
replica of Max Evans piped up excitedly.

“Well we are going to the same place as where your daddy is, but first
mommy has to go see another doctor about Jordyn.” Both Jacsyn and Joci put
there hands of their mother’s stomach.

“Don’t worry mommy, Baby Jordy is fine.” Both of the children said
at the same time. Even before he was born, he had the attention of everybody.

Liz reached down and rubbed her hand soothingly across her huge
belly. At 8 months she looked like she was ready to burst. “I know sweetie,
but the doctors don’t know that, and plus dont you want a picture to show
everyone when they come over to the house?”

Joci and Jace seemed to think about this for a minute. Yeah it would
be cool to see their baby brother, plus they got to see their dad in the process.
“OK mommy come on, we’s gonna be late” Joci pulled her little brother, who
was actually only 3 minutes younger, but younger none the less.

“Okay wait a minute I have to get my keys.” Just then the phone rang.
Liz adjusted her body so she could go into the kitchen to pick it up. “Hello.”

“Hi beautiful, how is your day going.” She heard her husband breath
into the phone. God how did he know to always say exactly what she needed
to hear?

“Hey, you know, this baby is going to be playing soccer the day he is
born.” Liz rubbed her stomach. Not that she minded so much, especially
since Max’s ‘unique’ family history, she was already past her due date. “And
your daughter decided to play catch with Zan, only she thought it would be
fun to scare the poor dog, and she used her ‘gifts’ to throw the stick across
the yard, and by the way, my son drew his mommy a picture today. So all in
all it was okay.” She heard stifling laughter from the otherside of the phone.
“Oh dont you laugh mister, you are the one that has to talk with Joci-” Just
the The little hybrid herself walked into the kitchen. Joci stopped with her
hands on her hips, and she was tapping her foot. “Oh my god I have to stop
letting our daughter hang out with Maria. Its almost scary.”

“C’mon Mommy we want to go see d-” Liz ran up to her and covered
her mouth with her hand.

“Where are you guys going?” Max asked, he was on a break, not that it
was really a break, sitting next to an old lady who had an ingrown toenail.
Right now he longed to see his children and wife, heck, even with the talk to
his daughter about levitting sticks

“Um........ to Michael’s bar, Maria is there and wanted tips on how to
handle her first trimester. Poor Micheal, he might not survive this
pregnancy.” Liz smiled at the thought, two of her best friends were finally
gonna have a baby.

“Hey, at least he isn’t walking on pins and needles waiting for his little
boy to be born.” Liz’s plan had worked, she didn’t want him to know they
were going to surprise him. He had been working really hard lately, trying to
get his residency completed with high marks, so that some day he could open
his own family practice, and Liz walnut have to go see Serena to make sure
the baby was all right.

Joci was getting really impatient, her mom and daddy could talk
forever “Moooooommmmmmyyyyyy, C’mon!” Liz looked down at her little

“All right sweetie I have to go before, I stress again, your daughter
kills me.” Liz laughed at her little girl.

“Alright baby I guess I will see you in the morning, my shift doesn’t
end until midnight. I love you.” ‘maybe sooner than you think’

“I love you to, bye bye” Liz breathed into the phone, she would never
get tired of telling him that.

“Bye baby.” Liz hung up the phone.

“Okay, Joscilyn, where is Jacsyn?” Liz pinned her with a look.

“He is outside.. waiting” Joci answered evasively. Liz knew that look.
“We was waiting or you, and we decided to climb the tree, he gots stuck.”

“Joscilyn Mari Isabella Evans, you brother better be all right.” With
that Liz waddled outside the door.

She looked into the tree, and sure enough there was her son, dangling,
with a scowl on his face. “See mommy, I told you he was stuck.” Joci

Liz walked over to the tree where her son was hanging. “Jascyn
Alexander Michael Evans, how in the world did you get up there?”

Jascyn shot an accusing look at his sister. “Well Joci dared me to get
the ball up there.” He pointed up to the blue ball hanging precariously out on
a limb. “I said I would do it, then when I got stuck, she ran in the house. You
goober.” He glared at his big sister.

Joci simply smiled secretively. I didnt make you. It was then Liz
noticed the branch that was seemingly twisted perfectly to capture a little boy
climbing. “Joscilyn you didnt happen to help your brother get stuck did you?
You know you better tell the truth young lady.”

Joci looked up guiltily. “I sorry mommy, I just thought it would be
fun.” Liz looked at he pitiful look her daughter was giving her, she definitely
was Max’s daughter, he was the only other one who could give her that look.

“Its not me you have to apologize too, what do you say to jacsyn? And
you better help him down.”

Joci walked up to the tree and used her powers to undo the twisted tree
branch, she helped her brother get down. “I sorry Jacy, will you ever pergive
me?” She asked her best little girl’s voice.

Jascyn reached out and hugged his sister. “Its all right Joci, I still luv
you, even if you are a goober head!” With that he took off toward the car.
Joci, never one to let someone et the best of her chased him. They jumped in
the car and strapped themselves into the car seats.

‘Damn these hormones!’ Liz thought, watching her twins like that
always got her teary eyed. ‘Well Jordyn lets go see whats taking you so long’

The ride to the hospital was uneventful, other than her twins trying to
out sing each other. Not that she minded, OK she did, but that story will stay
in the car.

Liz walked into the maternity ward of the hospital, there she saw
Serena, waiting for her. “There you are Liz, and my favorite two munchkins,
look what I got you.” She held out two suckers. The two children ran up and
took them gratefully.

“Thankyou aunt Serena!” They both said simultaneously.

“OK, now why dont you go play with the other kids down the hall.”
They both took off to the waiting room where the other kids were.

“Thanks aunt Serena” Liz said sarcasticlly, “You know if it wasnt bad
enough those to alwalys seem to be on a sugar high without sugar!” Serena

“Oh if they werent your kids you would have done the same thing.”
Liz looked at her for a minute

“Shut up, Come on, lets go see why this baby doesnt want to see the
outside world.” Liz said.

“Alright follow me.” Serena led Liz into a room with a ultrasound
machine. “lay down, Ok this might be a bit cold.” Serena sqeezed the gel
onto her tummy.

Liz jumped at the cool wetness. “A little cold, ya think?”

“Oh settle down.” She turned the machine on, and a little baby
appeared under where the microscope was. “Looks like he just wants to stay
in his mommy’s tummy a little while longer, but there doesnt seem to be
anything wrong.” Serena said with a certainty.

But to the average eyes, this picture would be all wrong. Where there
should have been one ambilical cord, there were two that spliced off in
diferent directions, and if it were a color screen, the woul have seen that the
extra cord, glowed green. But to Liz and Serena, this was normal.

“So I guess Max and I will just have t caox him out wont we?” Liz
said with a smile. She wanted to test out the old wives tale of making love to
induce labor.

“I guess so, hey is the barbaque still on at your house tommorow?”
Serena asked.

“Of course, be sure not to forget Kyle.” Liz said with a wink.

“OK see you tommorrow.” Srena waved. Liz waked down the hall to
the waitng room. She looked in to see her twins playing a card game. They
looked so cute that she almost cried.

She walked over to them. “Hey guys are you ready to see your daddy?”

“Finally, I was getin antsy!” Joci stood up straight. ‘Alright, no more
sleepovers with aunt Maria’ Liz thought with a smile.

“Do we really get to see Daddy?” Jace came up and asked. He looked
so hopeful, it made Liz’s heart feel great that she could say.

“Yeah baby we do.” She grabbed both of their hands and walked down
to the elavators.
“Dr. Evans, you have a patient in exam room 2.” Judy, the nurse told

“Ok, do you have the chart?” Max waerily asked her.

Judy knew it was a good thing that his wife and kids were here, he
didnt look like he could last another hour. Plus, he was such a sweet man, he
deserved a little reprieve. “Nope, its in the room.”

“Judy, this isnt somehting that I will be scarred for life for is it?” He
smiled pathetically.

Judy laughed and decided to give him a hard time. “Well, I didnt want
to have to deal with Dirty Joe, so I left him to you Max.” She almost gave up
the charade at the look on his face, but she new from past expiriences that,
after seeing his wife, he would be ready to take on anything. Plus he would
probably wind up thanking for hous on end later on.

“OH my god why cant that guy stop being run over by his own cart? I
mean who lets their OWN cart run over thier toes?” Max looked down at his
shoes. “Ok I will be there.”

Max walked threw the halls with no vigor. He had been on call for 8
hours, and it didnt end untill midnight, figuring that it was only 6 he was
pretty drained. And all he wanted to do was go home and see his wife and
children, god he missed them, as soon as his 3 year residency was over, he
planned on getting the hell out of this place, and spending a whole lot more
time at home. He missed the way Liz would sing to their children when they
had a bad dream, or the way Jacsyn would draw him pictures, or the way
Joci would constsantly want him to read her a story, and the way Jordyn
would respong to his hand on Liz’s tummy. With that thought he further dug
his own self pity hole. He was missing so much of Liz’s pregnancy, like the
little moment when Jordy would kick, or move . But Liz was always there to
call him when it happened.

Max knew he had to be home soon that only strengthened his resolve
to finish the year left he had. When he did that he would become the best
family man the world had ever seen.

He didnt even realise when he reached the Exam room door. He
pushed it open without looking up and sighed “Hey Joe, what is it thi-” He
looked up to see a pair of twins sitting on the bed, with the most beautiful full
tummied lady in the world sitting next to them.

A huge smile lit his face up when he saw them. “What are you guys
doing here?” He walked over to the bed and reached his arms out to scoop up
his babies.

“We mished you Daddy, so we came to see you silly.” Joci tucked
herself into her fathers warm chest.

“Yeah daddy, we just had to come see you.” Jace added.

“You did, did you.” He let go of them and walked over to his wife. He
wrapped his strong arms around her. “Oh I missed you.” He whispered into
her ear.

“We missed you too, all 4 of us.” She reached for his hand and placed
it on her stomach. “We all miss you so much.” She whispered back.

Max felp his eyes water when he felt his youngest son move
underneath his hand. He sat on the bed with Liz in his arms, and Joci and
Jace latched onto them.

“So what did you guys do today?” He asked them. The two hoodlums
laughed at thier fathers question. Liz snorted



Max walked through the halls with a new spring in his step. His family
had just left, and he felt rejuvinated. He looked down the hall and saw Judy
sitting down at the front desk. He walked up to her and hugged her.

“Thankyou, thankou, thankyou, thankyou thank-” He kept repeting.

Judy laughed. “If this is the response I get when Liz and the kids show
up, the better come around more often.” Max put her down

“You dont know what that meant to me, so anything you want, dont
hesitate to ask.” He generously offered.

Judy thoguht of this for a second. “Well come to think of it, Guess
who just wheeled in?” She burst out laughing at the look on his face.

Just a little one parter, I am actually writing the whole story, beginning
and after,just for fun. So if you want to read it, just let me know! Please leave feedback!

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