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Rating:: PG-NC-17
Summary:: Max, Tess, Isabel, and Michael did go back t Antar...for what to them was a couple of days, but when they come back everything has changed. This will start out UC but most likely turn out CC UCish...hehe.


Liz sits down and looks at herself in the mirror. She lives in her own apartment now with her new boyfriend...Sean out of all people. They have been dating for two years. It took her three years to get over Max....and she's still not over him. She's just with Sean, because he's been after her for the past three years. But she does care about him alot. He's helped her through alot...and she knows that he loves her. Liz runs a brush through her short brown hair. She looks a bit pale today, mostly because today marks the five year anniversary...since the depature. Liz wondered how things would have been if Max didn't leave. Would they be married? Sure Liz made up that whole sleeping with Kyle thing...but liz told him that before he left hoping that would make him stay. but it didn't turn out the way she wanted it. "Liz are you feeling all right?" Sean walks in the room and places his hand on Liz's shoulder. Liz smiles at him through the mirror and puts down her brush. She stands up and wraps her arms around Sean.
"Why wouldn't I be all right?"
"I don't know, you just look a bit pale...." Liz brushes her lips against his quickly.
"Come on, I am just nervous. Kyle showed me the ring he bought for Maria." I say with a small laugh. "I really don't know what Maria's reaction is going to be."
"I know that she is going to be happy. Kyle has made her very happy."
"Yeah....I have to head for work soon." Liz says with a long sigh. Liz's dream of being a scientist went down the drain when Max left. Now Liz works on Mr. Evan's firm. While Sean owns a very nice alien themed shop, that was doing very good for itself, it was attached to the CrashDown and Sean is co-partners with Liz's parents.
"I am just going to head over to Maria's for a bit." Sean says while kissing Liz. "I'll see you tonight, I have something special planned."
"You know spoil me rotten."
"Nothing but the best for my girl." Sean puts on his hat and goes out the front door. Liz sighs deeply when she sees him go...he'll never be Max.


They landed safely on Earth...hopefully undetected. Tess had a misscarriage, and when they went to Antar it was in complete Chaos...there was nothing to be done, and they were lucky they left alive. They were only there for a few days and Max was happy to be home...he couldn't wait to see Liz again. She was going to be so happy to see him. he's so happy he's coming back so soon. Tess wasn't happy though, she didn't like the gleam in Max's eyes, Isabel wasn't very excited to be back either. Alex was gone, and she was never going to be able to have him back. Michael was also anxious to see Maria. "Well, lets go home." Isabel says softly.


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I have a few surprises up my sleeve, trying to make this fic as intresting as cool and weird stuff might be happening...thanks for all the feedback!


“Yeah, I think it is time to go home. Its not like we have been gone for that long.” Max says with a reassuring smile. He was positive that everything was going to go back to normal. He couldn’t wait to see Liz again. Tell her that he loves her…and that he is sorry for sleeping with Tess. That it was the biggest mistake of his life to leave her alone in Roswell. Tess stares at Max, and could already tell what he was thinking. She was jealous of Liz…and she didn’t want to be. If only she hadn’t of lost the baby, then maybe Max would want to be with her. But no…he had to be ga ga over Liz Parker. She wondered what was so special about her. Tess always thought of Liz as plain looking.
“I have nothing to look forward to except to see mom and dad again.” Isabel says with a weak smile. At least she had that much left here. She will get to see Kyle too…she always found him to be somewhat cute. But she was sure that they would only be friends…he was way to into Buddha for Isabel’s liking.
“Sh*t, we left them that tape…what if they don’t want us back?” Max asks Isabel.
“Don’t worry about the tape Max, I told Liz to tell him to destroy it…because I was scared…what if the FBI found out or something. I took care of everything.” Max smiles at Isabel. No wonder she was princess…she certainly thought well, even if it was at the last minute.

They start to head back to Roswell. “Those are new.” Michael pointed out to the new hotels. How could they build those in a couple of days? They were all really confused. And the cars that zoomed past them…all brand new…ones that they have never seen before. “What the Hell is going on?” Michael asks…but it wasn’t exactly a question to everyone.
“I really don’t know, maybe we just don’t remember those hotels being here.” Tess says. She was trying to make herself sound believable, but it just wasn’t working. She didn’t even believe herself. There was defiantly something different…were they really gone for just a few days?

~Maria/Kyle’s house~

Sean pulls up to the driveway. Maria and Kyle have been living together for about a year now. Amy was very happy about it, because Amy just adores Kyle. Amy and Jim are dating, but decided not to go any further then that, because they know Kyle and Maria are going to get married and they don’t want them to be step-siblings. They thought it would be too weird. But Kyle and Maria are very happy together. The night that Michael left, Kyle came to Maria’s house to see how she was doing. They ended up sleeping in each other’s arms. Sean walks up to the house and knocks on the door softly. A bubbly Maria opens it. She wraps her arms around Sean. “Hi…where is Liz?”
“Oh, Liz had to work today.” Sean says with a soft smile. “I think that she will probably come by later. But don’t keep her too long, because I have something planned.”
“Oh…Sean are you going to propose to her?” Sean’s cheeks became a bit flushed. Yeah, he has been thinking a lot about marriage, but he knows that Liz isn’t ready for such a big step.
“No, that is going to come at a later time.” Sean says with a laugh. Maria gives him a small frown. “I am just going to be doing something romantic…”
“Did you do something Sean? Its not your guys anniversary.”
“No, I didn’t do anything.” Sean says while playfully pushing Maria. “Its just that…I don’t know, I love her…and it doesn’t hurt to show it every now and then.” Maria thought that was sweet. At first she wasn’t happy that Sean and Liz were dating, but soon she got used to the idea…and now she just loves them together. Sean is always spoiling Liz, especially when it’s their one-year anniversary, he really does go all out. Kyle comes out of the bedroom only in boxers; he was quite surprised to see Sean. Kyle quickly races back in the room and puts on a shirt and a pair of pants. Sean couldn’t help but to laugh…but quickly was weirded out because he knows what Maria and Kyle have been doing. Kyle comes back out and gives Sean and nervous smile.
“Hey man.”
“Hey, just came by for a short visit. I actually needed to talk to you Kyle.”
“Uh…yeah sure. Maria, we are going to have a manly talk outside. I will be back in a second.” Kyle wraps his arms around Maria’s petite waist and pulls her in for a kiss. Maria begins to kiss him back, not making it too long because Sean was standing there. Kyle pulls away and walks outside with Sean. “So, what did you need to talk to me about?”
“I wanted to talk to you about Liz. She…I know there is something different about her Kyle. At first I ignored it. I ignored how things magically caught on fire…how here skin grows green when she’s angry…but now its…I don’t know Kyle. I just want to know what’s going on. I have been with Liz for a while now, and if I ever want to marry her, then I don’t want secrets.”
“I think that maybe you should talk to Liz about.” Kyle says nervously.
“I have talked to her about it Kyle, but all she does it lie to me. Now I need to know what’s going on Kyle. You know that I love Liz…please just tell me.”
“Well Sean…me and Liz have the same problem. Me and her were healed by an alien…and now we have powers.” Kyle says in a small whisper.
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~Maria's house~

Kyle expected Sean to freak out. To scream or yell...or maybe even say that it couldn't be true, to beg Kyle to tell him the truth. But Sean just sat there and stared at Kyle for a few moments. This scared Kyle more then anything. He couldn't read Sean's expression at all. Sean then lets out a small laugh. "I always knew it...too many weird things, and I have heard the rumors about that Evan's kid in the beginning. two aren't aliens right? you can have normal kids?" Sean asked a little bit afriad. he wouldn't want to have alien babies. Sean was pretty cool with the whole situation because: 1. he loved Liz with all his heart. 2. He's always been suspicious of it. and 3. Sean knows what good people Kyle and Liz are. And he wouldn't care if they sprouted antennas every now and then.

Kyles sighs deeply in relief. He really thought that Sean was going to go into freak out mode. "Well, I am happy that you feel this way Sean. But you must realize that we are now putting you in danger."
"Kyle, I hope that you do know that I would die a thousand deaths for Liz." Kyle pats Sean on the back, in a friendly manner.
"Now I know why I've wanted Liz with you. Because I know that you would treat her good."
"She changed my life around. She made me into a good person...she believed in me."
"And you believed in her. Well, if you want a romantic evening with her tonight, you might want to start working on it now." Kyle says with a small laugh. "I know it sometimes takes you forever to do things." Sean and Kyle both laugh together. But Sean knows that Kyle is right. Sean had to make sure that everything was perfect and he had to start on dinner.
"Yeah, you are right. I need to go shopping and then start cooking. So I will see you later. If you can...just make suer that Maria doesn't see Liz today all toghter."
"I am sure I can find ways to keep Maria busy."
"Okay, that was a little bit too much information." Sean tease. Kyle playfully punches sean shoulder and Sean punches him back. The two of them have become really good friends...probably the best of friends.
"Tell me how everything goes between the two of you."
"I will, talk to you later man." Sean and Kyle wave good-bye. Kyle goes into the house to face maria's millions of question while Sean goes into his car, heading to the store to plan the perfect night.

~Pod Squad~

The four of them walk together and they realized that things were just too different. They were all really confused, mroe then ever now. Even the CrashDown has changed, it was larger then before. "I don't get this." Max says under his breath. "We were only gone for a few days, how come everything is so different."
"Are you sure this is the same Earth?" Isabel says trying to lighten up the mood, but it seemed to make things worse. "Okay, bad joke. Lets just go into the CrashDown and see what is going on." They all nod their head in agreement. Max hoped that Liz was working today. But when they walked in they were greeted by new faces. The inside of the Crashdown was redecorated...much nicer then before. Mrs. Parker comes out and looks at them with shock, causing all the plates in her hands to come crashing to the floor.
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When Mrs. Parker saw Max Evans her heart stopped which caused her to drop all her plates to the ground. The whole restaurant went silent, and all eyes were on her. Mrs. Parker just laughed it off and everyone went back to minding their own business. Nancy was not happy to see Max…or Michael for that matter. She didn’t really care about the two girls. But she knew that they came back for a reason. Someone just doesn’t disappear for five years and then come back to say hello. She bet that Max is coming back for Liz. Which Nancy has a big problem with that, because Nancy loves Sean, and wants him to be her son-in-law. Also Nancy sees how good Kyle is for Maria, and she doesn’t want anyone to tear that apart either. Nancy slowly makes her way over to them. She was very cautious as if she was afraid that they were going to bite. One of the other waitresses came over and began to pick up the plates that Nancy had dropped. Nancy stood proudly in front of the four long lost teens. She wasn’t sure what to say. “Liz isn’t here…and either is Maria. They don’t work here anymore.” She says bluntly. She knows that is why they are here, so why play games with them.

The pod squad notice that Nancy looks older, and they are still trying to figure out why. They know something is changed, but not that much has passed by. But then again, maybe their time is different from Earth time…but that just can’t be possible…Max thinks to himself. It was only a few Antarian days, maybe a few Earth weeks…he hoped. But it seems that he is wrong. “What do you mean they don’t work here anymore?” Michael asks. He was more then just anxious. He needed to see Maria again…he needed to wrap his arms around her and beg for forgiveness. He wished that he had stayed…he wanted to stay, but Max wouldn’t let him…and also the fact that Michael wasn’t sure if he could leave Isabel, who he loves dearly as a sister.
“They haven’t worked here for a while now. Maria and Liz have new jobs…way better then the CrashDown.” Nancy says with a nervous laugh. She thinks that they are acting weird. Plus the fact that they don’t look any older, they still look young.
“I really need to talk to Liz.” Max says in an urgent voice.
“I am sorry Max, I can not give you that information…actually I will not give you that information. You broke Liz’s heart and I will not let you break it again. Why don’t you do everyone a favor and just leave Roswell.” Max felt his heart sting. He hadn’t expected that reaction from Liz’s mother…her father yes…but Nancy. Max always felt that she some what liked him. Had Max really hurt her that bad? If he has, then he will make sure that everything is right. He will also let Liz know that he is never going to leave her again.
“Please, I just want to speak to Liz.”
“Okay, I am going to ask you one more time nicely to leave, and I am not going to ask you again.” Nancy says bitterly. Tess couldn’t help but to grin a bit. She was happy about Max’s rejection…Tess didn’t want Max and Liz together…not ever. Max and the rest walk out of the CrashDown looking defeated. There was nothing they could do. Max is now going to have to find Liz on his own. He wondered if she still even lived in Roswell. He sure hoped that she does.

~The Evan’s firm~

Liz took a break from her new case. The paper work was just giving her a headache. Her partner, Jesse, strolls into the room and hands Liz a cup of coffee. “Tough case…isn’t it?” Jesse asks with a long sigh.
“Yeah, but I feel her pain.” Liz says softly. “She thought she was in love with the guy…and he just destroyed her.” Liz says softly.
“Hey, come on now Liz, you have a good guy now.”
“Yeah, Sean is really great…isn’t he?” Liz asks with a small laugh. Jesse shakes his head to agree.
“You two are perfect for each other. Whenever I was working on his case…he would always talk about you and how you have made him into a better man.” Liz felt her cheeks heating up. She cared about Sean…she loves Sean…and she is happy that she is the one that changed him. Sean has also changed Liz, and she could never be more grateful to him. But Max…there was always Max. He will always be on her mind no matter what. Your first love is always on your mind. Liz sighs again and looks back down at her papers. She really didn’t want to finish this. Jesse sees the stress in her face. “You have been working too hard Liz, and Mr. Evans agrees with me. Why don’t you take the day off?”
“Because Sean is planning something romantic…and if I go home now then it’ll ruin the surprise.”
“Well then, go out…go shopping…buy a nice outfit and you be the one to surprise him.” Liz could feel the smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.
“You are so good to me Jesse.” She gives him a small hug and then runs out of the office.
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~Pod Squad~

Max felt lost and confuse. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do anymore. All he wanted to do was be with Liz, but it seems like he might not be able to do even that anymore. He wondered why Nancy had treated him like that. He wondered what was going on. Isabel picks up the newspaper in front of the CrashDown, and lets out a small scream. This got all of there attention as they scrambled over to her. “What is it Isabel?” Michael asks in a worried tone.
“Look…look at it.” Isabel says while handing them the newspaper.
“First Woman President?” Michael read on.
“Not those you idiots…look at the date.” Everyone’s eyes went to the date. It was 2006. Max couldn’t believe what he was seeing. A few days didn’t pass, but years have passed.
“No…no, this can not be happening!” Max says while throwing down the newspaper. “That’s a lie…a lie…we were only gone for a few days!” Max was in complete denial about the whole situation. He didn’t want to believe that he was gone for five years. That would mean Liz left Roswell…it could also mean that she is married…maybe even have kids! Max’s heart drops to his stomach. But Max wasn’t the only one feeling the shock of the year. Michael too was also in shock. He was thinking the same thing as Max. What if Maria was married? What if she was happy? Michael wasn’t sure if he could face Maria again. Isabel and Tess were neutral. They weren’t really feeling anything about the year. They had no one here waiting for them. Sure Isabel had her parents, but they will take them back with open arms. Isabel didn’t have any person that she left behind and could move on.
“Max lets just all calm down for a few minutes. I say we stay at a hotel and then we rest for a little while.” Says Tess trying to keep him calm. “We had a very long trip home Max, I think it would be good to sleep and then talk about this when we are all in a reasonable state.” She says softly. Isabel quickly nods her head to agree. Max felt completely lost. There was nothing else to do but to agree with Tess…for now.
“Yeah, you are right, lets just find somewhere to stay. And then tomorrow I am going to go out and find out what happened to Liz.”
“I really don’t want to rest…but I’ll be there for you Max.” Michael says with a smile. Max seemed more down then Michael. Michael knew that Max’s love for Liz was way beyond Michael’s love for Maria. Max and Liz were just perfect for each other…but that’s the problem…they ~were~ perfect for each other. And there was nothing that Max could say about that. Liz could be a new person now.
“Thank you Michael.” Max says in almost a whisper. He was trying his best not to cry, trying his best to stay strong and be a good King.

~The Mall~

Liz goes inside the first store. She wasn’t sure exactly what she was going to do special for Sean. She knew that Sean would be happy with just anything. He loved Liz…every waking moment he spent with her was special, and that’s what always brought a smile to Liz’s lips. Sean was grateful…and he knew what he had…Liz knows what she has. She rakes her fingers through her hair and holds her purse tighter to her body. “Miss Parker?” Liz turns around and gives a warm smile.
“Mary…you know that you can call me Liz.” Mary was one of her old clients. Her husband cut up her face when Mary handed him the divorce papers. The scars weren’t too bad anymore since Mary had extensive surgery. There was a two inch one on her left cheek, a one inch one on her forehead, and a tiny one on the upper corner of the right side of her lip. But Mary was absolutely beautiful. She had long raven hair that flowed passed her shoulder and down to her lower back. She had huge green eyes that were full of mystery. Her skin used to be white, but was now a bit tan. She also always wore a smile, even though she has been through hell and back.
“I am sorry, just I had you as my lawyer for a while, and I am just used to calling you Miss Parker. What are you doing here? I mean…getting anything special?”
“Yeah, me and Sean are going to have a romantic night tonight, and I am just out shopping. I am going to try to find something special.”
“Well, do you need any help? Maybe I can go shopping with you and then we can get a cup of coffee together before you have to go home.” Liz smiles at Mary and Mary smiles back.
“That sounds like a wonderful idea. But I have no clue what to get.”
“Lets go inside Victoria’s secret. You can always find something there.” Mary says with a smile. Mary and Liz go inside Victoria’s secret together. To find the perfect things…for the perfect night.

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~Liz/Sean’s place~

Sean lit the last vanilla scented candle and smiled at the wonder around him. The whole house is lit only by candlelight. He knows that Liz is just going to love it when she sees it. Sean smiles in satisfaction at a job well done. He couldn’t wait for Liz to come home. The pasta Alfredo was almost done…the oriental chicken was sitting on the counter cooling. Sean put white and red rose petals to the table…leading to the Bedroom. In the bedroom the bed was covered in rose petals, and by the bed was chocolate and whip cream. Sean felt himself hardening in anticipation. The thought of licking whip cream off of Liz’s body drove him wild. Him and Liz are always trying new things. Tonight, he wanted it to be absolutely romantic, the way he has pictured it in his dreams. He hears the front door open. He knows that it is Liz. He hears her let out a small gasp. She is surprise at the beauty of the house. “Liz.” Sean says while greeting her at the front door. He noted that she was carrying a bag from Victoria Secret, and he wonders what is inside. “How was work?” He asks her while wrapping his arms around her waist. Liz drops the bag lightly to the floor and wraps her arms around his neck. She kisses him softly.
“It was okay, I was spending the entire time thinking of you.” She said with a smile. “They let me off early though, this case has really been killing me.”
“Then tonight will be your night for relaxation.” Sean says with a smug smile. Liz smiles back at him, knowing exactly what Sean has in mind. But Liz doesn’t mind at all, because she has the same thing on her mind. Sean is just amazing in bed…and he does everything he can to please Liz.
“The place looks amazing Sean. I can’t believe you did all of this for me.” Liz says while feeling her cheeks turning a bit pink. Sean never stops spoiling her. Liz loves it though…she loves all the attention that Sean gives her.
“I know…I went all out for you, but I love going all out for you.” Sean says with a small laugh. “How about you go upstairs and freshen up, while I serve dinner.”
“Are you sure that you don’t need any help?”
“No, tonight is your night, I am doing everything for you.”
“Almost every night is my night Sean, you are making me feel terribly guilty.”
“Come on baby, I am just happy to have you. I love taking care of you…making you happy.” Liz smiles at him softly. She picks up her Victoria’s Secret bag.
“Well, I have a little surprise for you Sean. You might want to skip dinner and go straight to dessert.” Liz says with a grin.
“I already want to skip to dessert. Do me a favor, and don’t go into the bedroom, that surprise is for later.” Liz felt the anxiety building up. Now she wanted to see what is in the bedroom. But she is going to respect Sean’s wishes.
“Okay, I will just freshen up in the bathroom, and wear what’s in the bag.”
“That bag looks mighty small.” Liz just grins and walks away from him. Sean lets out a small groan as he watch Liz’s hips sway as she walked upstairs. “That woman is going to be the death of me.” Sean says under his breath while going back to the kitchen.

Sean went over to the pasta and turns it off. He couldn’t wait to see Liz. He hoped that she didn’t take too long getting ready. He loves that woman, more then he ever thought he could. And every time he sees her he just falls more and more in love with her. Sean pulls out two white china plates and starts to place the food on it. It looks and smells delicious. Liz always loves Sean’s cooking. He puts the plates on the table and then brings out two tall wine glasses. He then brings out a bottle of red wine. “Sean….” Liz says in a husky voice. This makes Sean’s eye go up immediately and he sees the goddess standing before them. He almost drops the bottle of wine.

~Kyle/Maria’s house~

“What did you tell him!?” Maria demands. She was just a little upset. Maria knew that he told Sean something, but Kyle wasn’t going to say anything.
“If I tell you, then you are going to kill me Maria.” Kyle says with a small laugh.
“Did you tell him about Liz? About Max and the others?”
“Maria, he already knows...I mean he knew before I told him.”
“Liz was supposed to be the one to tell him.” Maria says with a long sigh. “How was his reaction?”
“He still loves her…of course. Nothing has changed at all.”
“That is really good Kyle.” Maria wraps her arms around Kyle’s neck. “I love you…even though I yell at you sometimes.” Maria says with a laugh.
“I know, and I love you too.” Kyle says while kissing her neck. “Are we going to the lake tonight? I mean, will you be able to go?”
“Of course I will Kyle. Why are we going to the lake?”
“It’s a surprise…a big surprise.” Maria feels her insides feeling light…like they are floating. She has a feeling that Kyle is going to pop the question. She was going to say yes of course.
“I love surprises.” Maria says while kissing Kyle again. “I can’t wait.” But more surprises are in store…surprises they thought could never come true.
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this part is NC-17. If you do not want to read it...then skip down to the Pod Squad section.

~Sean/Liz’s house~

Sean had never seen anyone so beautiful in his life…he has never seen Liz look so beautiful. His mouth was slightly a gaped as he stared at her body. She wore s small red see through lingerie. Sean could clearly see her perky nipples. He wanted to suck on them so badly, and he knew that soon he was going to get his chance. Then his eyes went lower. He was a bit disappointed to see that she was wearing panties under the see through outfit. He wanted to see Liz in her full glory. At the end of the dress was a fluffy hem. She wore red heels. She slowly walks over to me. She wears a grin on her face, and Sean couldn’t help but to grin back at her. “You dropped the wine.”
“I don’t care about the wine Liz. You can fix it with your powers.”
“What how did you…” Sean didn’t let her finish the sentence. Sean wraps his arms around Liz and kisses her savagely. Liz returns the kiss with the same intensity. Their tongues duel together, trying to gain dominance. They began to explore every square inch of each other’s mouths. Sean picks Liz up and seats her at the edge of the table. “What about dinner Sean?”
“You’re my dinner.” Sean says in a husky growl. He attacks her neck with his lips and Liz moans deeply. His hands rest on her thighs and he slowly begins to massage them. Sean knew exactly how to drive Liz crazy.
“Oh…God…Sean, please don’t stop. I want you…oh I want you so bad.” Sean’s left hand wandered up and cupped her heat. Liz lets out a small gap. “Mmm…” She moans. Sean smiles at her, he was happy that she liked what he was doing.
“Why do you have to tease me like this Liz?”
“Because…I know that you like it when I tease you.”
“How about you take off this little thing, it’s really in the way.” Liz hops off the table and seductively sways her hips. Sean feels himself harden. Liz slowly dances for him. Sean wanted to run up to her and just rip off the clothes, but he was enjoying the dance. He sees the wine spreading across the wooden floor, but he could really care less. He pulls out a chair and he begins to watch Liz dancing. She sways her body slowly while she feels her body up and down with her hands. Sean wanted his hands to be the one touching her. She cups her breast and pushes them slightly together. He really liked how much her boobs grew over the year. She was now sporting a nice C cup. Her hands trail down to her stomach and she slowly rubs it. Sean lets out a moan. Liz decided not to tease Sean any more. She slowly lifts up the dress…inch by inch. Finally she threw the dress to the side. Sean drank in her almost fully naked body. His eyes burned into her breast, her nipples were hard like little pebbles. Liz walks over to Sean, swaying her hips more then just a little. She straddles his lap. “Jezus.” Sean felt himself get harder. He quickly takes her left breast into his mouth, sucking on it softly.
“Oh, Sean…” Liz says while running her fingers through his hair. She rocks her hips slowly on his raging hard on. This only made Sean harder. He sucked Liz’s breast a bit rougher now. “Hmp…” She was really enjoying herself, as she rocked her hips a bit faster.
“So that’s what my baby girl wants…” He picks her up and seats her on the table. Sean throws off his shirt and then unbuckles his pants. His pants fall to the ground, leaving him only in his black boxers. Liz looks him up and down, her eyes dilated with lust.
“Come here…” She says in a choked whisper. Sean was more then happy to oblige to her request. He goes between Liz’s legs and kisses her deeply. His hands made his way down to her red thong. He tries to pull it up, but she was sitting. Liz quickly lifts her hips so that Sean could take off her thong with ease. He gets them off and drops them in the wine. “Do you want me to take off the shoes?”
“No, its a lot more sexy if you keep them on.” Liz lets out a small giggle. “Tell me you want me.”
“I want you Sean.”
“What do you want me to do to you Liz.”
“I want you to fuck me.” Sean lets out an animalistic growl. Usually Liz said made love, but when she said fuck, it just turned him on even more. He pulls down his boxers and Liz looks down at his hardness. She licks her lips. He throws her legs over his shoulder and pulls their body close together. His tip was at her entrance. “Fuck me Sean…fuck me!” Sean wasn’t about to hesitate for another second. He plunges himself into her. Liz lets out a long moan.
“Sean….” He begins to pump in and out of her. He hears the food drop to the floor, but he didn’t care, all he cared about right now was Liz. Him and Liz making hot sweet love. “Sean, faster!” Sean watches her boobs bounce as she tries to match his pace. He leans forward and licks the tip of her nipple before takes it in his mouth. Liz scratches her nails down his back. “I’m cumming!” Sean pounds into her harder and they both explode together. Liz feels his seed go inside of her. She rests back on the table. “I love you Sean.” She whispers softly. Sean picks Liz up and kisses her forehead. He then carries her to the bedroom. He lays her down on the bed.
“Baby, I am going to clean up the mess downstairs and then come back up.” Sean and Liz kiss one more time before he disappears from the room.

Pod Squad

They find a place to stay at. Isabel and Tess were sharing a room while Michael and Max shared a room. Michael was downstairs looking through the phone book. He was going to find Maria. Max was in the room with Isabel and Tess. So Michael figured that he could disappear for an hour with out them having to worry about him. “Deluca…Amy…” He lets out a small growl. He knows Maria still isn’t with Amy. “Deluca Sean…” He didn’t see any more Deluca’s and that made him mad. The only Parker’s in there too was Liz’s parents. Michael didn’t know what to do anymore. He decided to maybe look for Kyle. Kyle would know where Liz and Maria are at, if he didn’t leave Roswell too. Michael quickly flipped over to the V section on the phone book. “Valenti Jim…Valenti Margaret…Valenti Kyle.” Michael smiled when he found Kyle’s address. He quickly scribbles it down on a piece of paper. It wasn’t too far from the hotel, actually walking distance.

Michael quickly heads out. Within a few minutes he was in front of a small white house. He took in a deep breath. Him and Kyle were never really that close, so he didn’t know how he was going to talk to him or what he was going to say to him. Michael shoves his hands into his pocket as he looks at Kyle’s house. “Just do it Michael.” Michael was never the one to chicken out on anything, so he wasn’t about to back out on this. It was just Kyle…what is so bad about Kyle. He isn’t going to reject him. He just might not give him the information he wants to know. That is the worst that he can do. Michael finally gathers up enough nerves and walks up to Kyle’s front door. He lifts his hand and rings on the doorbell. “Please be home.” Michael whispers to himself.”