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TITLE: The Forbidden summer
DISCLAIMER: I Own nothing but my imagination
SUMMARY: Read and all will be revealed...kinda smutty.


The full coach continued it's journey, trudging it's descent down through the rocky paths.

The wind blew gently through the slightly ajare windows, mildly breezing through the passengers' hair.

Furthur and futhur forward, getting fartharaway from civilisation, and closer to a world of trees, log cabins, and chores.

The coaches occupants, 25 small children,aged from 10 to 15. Male and Female, some sleeping, some reading, and some glaring at the person next to them who was either snoring or chewing their gum extremely loud, with all the smacking noises.

But that wasn't all the travellers, seated at the front and back of the vehicle
were 7 teenagers, aged 17. Students from West Roswell High in New Mexico, they had decided to give up their summer and volunteer to be student counsellors at High Gate summer camp.

Well, not all volunteered, one young man,
Michael Guerin and a young woman, Liz Parker were infact 'forced' to attend. You see, Michael, is lucky, or unlucky as some say, to be dating the infamous Maria
'Hurricane' DeLuca, who just so happens to be Liz's best friend since childhood. Now Maria, when she knows what she wants,
she is very good at obtaining it. She believed that Liz needed to come, and she
couldn't be without her Mikey G for a whole 2 months. Even if three quarters of that 2 months ould probably be spent wih Michael and Maria at eachothers throats.... Literally.

Liz, on the otherhand, had to come, since Maria refused to let her mope around back
home all summer. Mope? You ask, Why would
someone like Liz 'always gotta have a plan' Parker be moping? Well you see, She
was, until recently in a very loving
relationship, with who she actually believed may be the love of her life. His
name was Max Evans, and he is also on this trip. Ooooooh I hear you shout. The perfect oppurtunity for them to rekindle what they lost. Right? No! Wrong!

Max maybe on this very coach, but so is someone else........ Tess Harding. Liz's fellow classmate, her biggest foe, her arch nemesis, her ex's new girlfriend!

That's right, Max is Dating Tess.... You have to understand the whole story really, OK, Here goes, brace yourselves.... Max is an alien! Ack, shock horror! So is his sister Isabel, his bestfriend 'Mikey G' and..... drum roll please... Tess Harding!!!

Ok, you all dead from a heart attack yet? No? I didn't shock you enough... well...
Liz, Maria and Alex.... know about their alien status! Alex, by the way is Isabel's
boyfriend of 3 months. His surname is
Whitman, he is an only child, likes to play the guitar and has a band called 'The Whits', how cliche.

Even though Liz knew about Max being from
Antar, his home planet and his kingdom, That's right... he's the king, she was madly in love with King Evans, or his Antarian name, King Zan. She would do anything for him, that included risking her life on several occasions to save him
from the FBI.

Now, imagine how she felt when Max confessed it was over between them, because he had to explore other options, with a fellow alien.

And now, he is going around, basically rubbing his relationship with Tess in her

Liz is usually a very high spirited person, but at this time, she is the most depressed any of her friends have ever seen her.

As she glances around the confined space of the coach she realises, not for the first time, that she is alone. Michael has Maria, Isabel has Alex, and Max.... her Max has Tess.

The bus suddenly halts to a stop and glancing over the sleeping form of Maria,
she sees that they have arrived, arrived to camp, to the forest, to Liz's hell.

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Well I guess it's about time I updated this huh... I know its short but I only just found it and was quite pleased with myself.

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part 2

Liz stepped of the crowded coach and inspected her surroundings warily.

She felt some what vulnerable, all alone, in the big bad forest.

She snorted as the little girl inside her screamed for her mommy.

A smile crossed her pretty features as she turned to Maria.

"Ria are you sure about this?" She asked.

Maria folded her arms over her chest and raised one perfectly shaped eyebrow at her life long friend.

"And why wouldn't I be?" She stared at the young girl, daring her to answer.

"Well... just think..." Liz struggled and racked her usally all so quick thinking mind for an answer. "Bugs", she stated. "Icky bugs... Lot's of icky, gruesome, crawly, long legged, furry bugs, crawling allover your face in the night".

Maria visibly flinched and Liz thought that maybe she had succeeded, then the blondes eyes' narrowed.

"Nuhuh... Lizzie, listen, I know what this is about..."

Liz gave her a cautious, nervous smile and replied, "you do?"

Maria nodded and put her arm reassuringly around her 'sister'. Then her fullm pouty lips opened and she said the three words that caused Liz the most pain she had ever experienced.

"Max and Tess".

If it was just simply Max's name or Tess's, it wouldn't mean anything, but it was the 'and' bit that bothered her. That single word suggested a whole lot of meanings.

On the one hand, it could be simple, Max and Tess were just doing something, standing near eachother for example. Then there was the worst case scenerio, Max and Tess were together, dating.

Liz felt bile rise to her throat, "I don't care about them Ria". God, she had gotten good at lieing lately.

Maria looked unconvinced but proceeded. "Ok then, if it's not about Romeo and Godzilla, suck it up... Liz this will look, like, so good on your Harvard application".

"I guess", she sighed, this was goong to be one long, painful two months.

"Hi everyone. Welcome". A new voice, outside of her group interrupted her solemn thoughts.

Liz looked up and took a sharp intake or breath, there, standing before her was a greek god. Light, faded blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. A body to die for, and the best part, he was staring right at her.

Suddenly this summer didn't look so bad after all, Liz thought to herself.


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