Title: Glitter & Grudge
Author: Donnie
Rating: not G not NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or it’s Character and the songs used are not mine.
Summary: Dark, angst, AU no aliens

I am the new girl. The new girl dressed in black, with a attuide to match. I have been in West Roswell High for two hours and all the girls already hate me, and the guys all love me. Because I am the black sheep the raven in the crowd of doves. Because I am a taste of bitterness when all they get is sweetness. I moved in with my grandmother. I hate her, Wait never mind I hate 99.9% of the things hat breath, Sneaks not included.

I have not always been like this. When I was 13 I had been a cheerleader, and had dreamt of a house with a white picket fence. Notice how I said 13, not 14. !4 was the number of years I had lived on this waste land of a planet before my life got fucked up. 14 was the number of the year the bad thing happened, the thing that took me speech for a year. Let’s not go into that right now.

“Excuse me could you give me head, I mean you just look like the kind of girl that wood.” I hate these bitches. Time to put him in his place.

:I would but I would have nothing to suck unless you call that lil peanut a dick.” I smile sweetly and walk away. Gay ass. They don’t get to me at all. I am a wall made by the ancient Celts, I will never crack, No those are not tears on my face. I have something in my eyes is all.

I find myself in the band room beating in some drums. While crying and singing all in one. Dame I have talent I could join the curicis, I probably could. But that is not the point.

The words flow from my mouth. I get it from my mother. How she ended up with a dick like me dad I don’t know. She could have been somebody if my dad had not knocked her up. Yeah I made my appearance into the world I wish I hadn’t.

You take me
But you're too
I don't wanna try
I don’t want to think about this why I am I thinking about this, I should stop I don’t want to think about this.

You can eat a d*ck!

Dark issues
Rude, vulgar, obsessive
Not true
Once in your life
You would be
So sure

Why am I singing this song? I don’t want to sing this song. I should stop. Damn it I want to stop!

You can eat a d*ck!

Humiliation, I'm suffocating
Humiliation, I'm suffocating
Humiliation, I'm suffocating
Humiliation, I'm suffocating
Humiliation, I'm suffocating
Humiliation, what the f*ck?

The humiliation was a bitch I don’t want to think about this! I am not singing anymore.

our father
who art in heaven
hollowed be they name
thy kingdom come
thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven
Kittie (Get off. You Can Eat A Dick)

The next thing I know I am beating on the drums as if I am the devils bitch. And the tears are flowing And I feel like drowning, and I am remembering, and I don’t want to. I want to stay in denial it never happened god damn it! Why doesn’t my brain know it did not happen? My body knows I am a wore so my brain should know it never happened. That I did it on my on accord.

And I am falling, falling into arms. Strong arms that lock and hold. It’s happening againg. It’s happening again. I look up and there are hazel and gold eyes looking into my brown. Who the hell is he? Why does he not know when you see a girl slamming on drums crying her eyes out that you walk by, and tell the hole school she is a psycho or that she gave you head? What is his problem? And who the hell is he?

Then he speaks and I faint.