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Title: Fighting For Our Love, previously Just to be with You
Author: Brittany
Rating: Pg-13 for now
Summary: What would happen if Max's followers came for him?
AN: Alright I really tried to post this on 9/11, and where I live it is, but I missed board time by like a half an hour. How annoying Well, please leave feedback, I thrive off it.

“We my friends are in desperate need of a vacation!” Maria looked at
Liz and Alex. Liz looked the same as she had since she returned from that
day at the cave, like she was on the verge of breaking down. Alex was just
off in Alex.

“Huh?” and “What.” Both of them snapped to attention. “C’mon we
are so dead around here. I know we all miss our aliens.” She stopped at the
look in Liz’s eyes. At the mention of “her” Alien, she just looked hollow, and
the all to obvious look of tears was on her face. She put her head down in
Alex’s lap and broke.

Maria was shocked, since that dreaded day at the cave, she had seen
silent tears cascading down her face, but never had she seen Liz break down
like this.

Across town a certain alien by the name of Max Evans felt his
soulmates pain. All he wanted to do was run to her house and comfort her.
But her was almost sure she wouldnt let him. God, his life wasnt fair! He felt
the tell tale tears, but he didnt stop them. In fact, he welcomed them. They
were a release of all the pain he was feeling.

At that moment, with that thought he realized something. She was
worth it. She was worth anything, and everything. “His” Liz was worth every
bit of pain to get to this point. The point of knowing, that he didnt need any
of this. They could make it work, now he just needed to convince Liz of this.

He pulled on some pants and shoes, and was out the door. He jumped
in his jeep, and broke every vehicular law on the way to his love.

When he pulled up the back alley to the crash, carefully not to gun the
enginwe, in fear of waking her father up, he parked underneath the fire
escape. He hopped out of the jeep, and ran up the ladder. He landed on the
balcony with a silent thud. He walked over to the window and saw his angel
with her head in Alex’s lap, and Maria was stroking her hair. He could here
her broken sobs.

Right then Max felt lower than scum. No, lower than whatever was
lower than scum. He felt the tears coming again, but he didnt fight them.

Max knocked on the window. Liz lifted her head, but she already
knew it was him. Alex looked torward the window, then looked back at
Maria. In a silent agreement, they both stood up.

Maria grabbed Liz into a hug, “Be happy Chica.”

Alex walked over to the window and opened it. He had every intention
of a ‘if you gurt her I will kill you’ speech, but when he saw the red swollen
eyes, the tear tracks going down his face, and his state of disaray, he couldnt
do it. “Do you love her?” He asked Max. He almost cracked a smile at Alex’s
act of brotherly affection, almost. “More than anything in my world, or any
other.” Alex nodded. He walked over to Maria and led her out the door
leaving Max and Liz alone to talk.

“Max-” Liz was about to start, but max put his index finger to her lips.
“Just here me out OK.” Liz sighed in defeat and shook her head. “ A long
time ago there was this guy and he was a king of some planet. And he was
married. He had a sister, and a second in command.’ Liz dropped her head,
not wanting a repeat of this story. “Please Max, I alr-” He put his fingers
back up to her lips. “You promised not to interupt. Anyway, this King was
killed, and his mother thought it would be cool if they cloned him and his
‘family’ so that one day they could take back what they once had. So they
sent clone embryo, things to earth, where they crashed. And 50 years later,
when a king his second in command, said king’s sister, and his bride were
supposed to come out, two little boys, and a little girl came out. One of the
little girls didnt. Ten years went by, and there was no sign of this so-called
king, or anyone else from this planet. But in there place was an arrogant pig
headed Micheal, a bitchy stuck up Isabel, and a totally in love Max, who has
on ocassion, been a little touchy and insecure himself. You see, that king
doesnt exist anymore, he died that day Who is left is me. Me, who loves you,
more than anything else in this world or any other. Now is where I want to
live, if that is one day on some other planet, I dont think I could go without
you.” Max took a breath, and cupped her face in his hands. “I dont know
how much longer I can take not hearing your laugh, not seing you smile, or
feeling your soul. So please let me love you.”

Liz was openly crying. She wanted so badly just to jump in to his open
arms, and kiss him till they died. But her head stopped her.

“You know I love you, because I do. But I cant be the person who
stops you from being something great. I know you Max Evans, and having
you love me is the best thing that has, or will ever happen to me, but with me,
you stop functioning like a leader, you become the most considerate man in
the world, and your every thought revolves around me, and if something
happened to anyone because of that, I couldnt deal with that. With me you
could be the best friend, lover, and everything else that coud perfectly meet
everything I could ever dream, but those thing, things that matter to me, arent
worth all the people who hang in the balance. My happiness can wait. It isnt
worth all of theirs.” She couldnt stop the river of tears pouring down her
cheeks. This was so hard. she just wanted to be selfish, but her pride wouldnt
let her.

On the ride here tonight, Max didnt think it was physically possible to
love anyone more than he loved this amazing women before him, but now he
knew he was wrong. Everyword out of her mouth was selfless, and
completely selfless. “You dont understand do you. When you are with me,
you level me, you make e a good leader, you see it was opposite of what you
think, because without you, I am rash, and I listen to Micheal, it is never a
good thing to listen to Micheal.” He told her. “And those people, they dont
have a leader they have a scared little boy, and I am scared Liz, I know you
can feel it. I dont know if I can do it. Defeating an evil I can only sence, who
the hell thought up that. I need you to help me.” Max pleaded, he was
prepared to go on all night if need be. He was going to fight for her, if it was
the last thing he did.

Hearing the plea in his voice, Liz couldnt take it anymore. If he was
willing to work this hard, then so was she. ‘Damnit,’ she thought, ‘just let
him love you!’ She knew that she had to make it work. And, like Max did
earlier that night, she realised that she needed Max, she needed to breath.

Mex felt the thick walls she had built around her heart come crashing
down. He took a tantative step forward, but careful not to invade her space if
she needed it.

Liz laughed out loud throug the tears aat his general cuteness. “God I
love you!” She took two big steps forward and jumped into his arms.

Max was momentarily floored when she said the words his heart
longed to hear, but when he felt her light weight thrown against him, it didnt
take him more than a second to realize that he was home! “I love you, I love
you, I love you.....” He breathed into her hair. Max soaked up everything
about her, in his eyes, she had no flaws. He knew she would disagree, but
that just ade him love her more. Max knew at that moment that he would
spend the rest of his life trying to keep this perfect creature safe, and happy.

Liz knew that this was whee she belonged. At right now she was sure
of one more thing. “Max, I love you, do you want me?”

Max was surprised. Of course he wanted her! Anyone could just go
ask Isabel, she had seen more than one dream with Liz ans just how badly
Max wanted her. “Yes Liz, I want you more than anything else, why?”

Liz knew it was now or never. “I want you to have all of me, just like I
want all of you. Will you make love to me? Make me your forever.” She
awaited his reaction.

“Are you sure you want this Liz?” He didnt want her to regret
something that would be the most beautiful thing of his life.

“Yes, I am absolutely positive. I love you And I want to give you
somehting no one else will ever get.” She looked into his eyes with a

Max dipped his head down and kissed her thouroughly. A few minutes
later, Liz needed more “Max, bed.”

Max nodded and picked her up. She giggled and kissed him harder. He
gentlylaid he down on the bed. “Are you positive Liz?” His amber eyes
searched for her answer,

“Yes, I am.” Her eyes left no room for doubt. With that Max lifted her
shirt up off her head.

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Okay I changed the name, from Just to be with you, to fighting for love. I didnt get much feedback, so I considered stopping, but then I realized that even if people didnt read, I just kept writing, so this is just for anyone who would like to stop bye to read this, cause I will probably post either way, but make no mistake feedback would be cool. Anyway with out furthur ado.....

Part Two

Max woke up to the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Liz’s bare
back was pressed up against his chest, while the early morning sunlight
beamed down on her. He rolled over so that he was laying on his back, she
unconciously shifted sothat she was laying almost on top of him. He ran his
finers threw her hair, and marveled at how wonderful their night together
was. It was absolutley perfect, and the second time was even better.

Looking at the clock, he noticed it was only 6:00 in the morning. He
figured he could sleep some more, not having the heart to wake her, and she
had told him that her parents didnt check on her in the morning when they
went down to the crash. While still stroking her hair, he fell back to sleep
with his angel in his arms.

That was how Nancy Parker found her daughter at 6:30. She opened
the door to tell her daughter that her and Jeff would be going to Albaqurqe
today, so not to wait up for them tonight.

When she saw Liz bare back on top of Max’s naked chest she was
about to screem for her husband. What stopped her was the smile on iz’s
face. As of late she had been coming into her room at night, to see her
daughter crying while she was sleeping. At the time she new it was over Max
Evans. But the look on her face now, was one of peaceful, and blissful
contentment. Nancy didnt know whether to wake them, or to just leave hem

In the end she chose the later, she realized, who was she to stop her
daughter’s happiness? She would have to ask her about if they did in deed
use protection. She didnt want her daughter to be burdend with a child so
young in life.

With that she closed the door, went into the kitchen and left a note
telling where her and Jeff would be.


This time it was Liz who woke up first. She looked up into her lover’s
face. ‘God he is gorgeous.’ Last night wouldbe one he would always
remember. They way he touched her so gently, like she was the most
precious thing in his world.

“You are the most precious thing in my world.” Max opened his eyes.
“Nothing else will ever even come close to preparing, exept maybe our son

Liz laughed. “So what makes you so sure that our first born child will
be a boy huh?” She reached down to tickle him.

He skidded away from her traveling fingers. “I have my ways.” With
that he set his hand on her stomach as a joke, but what he got surprised the
hell out of him. As soon as he put his hand on her stomach he was sucked
into an unknown connection.

He had no idea where he was, but he knew he liked being here. It was
peaceful. He was in the middle of a large room, that had a fireplace, and
some furniture. When he looked over he saw two small children, both with
raven hair. The boy seemed to be concentrating really hard, while the girls
was quietly supporting him.

The little girl looked over to Max, and indictated for him to be qiuet
with a little finger to her lips. When Max looked into her eyes, he thought he
saw somehting familiar, but she looked back at the boy before he really had a
chance to examine them.

The boy finally looked up at the girl and shook his head. The little girl
looked down at the soft carpet. Then she looked up and whispered to Max.
“You cant be here till she comes, but dont worry, when jaws comes, dont be

Max felt like he had to question her futher, but he felt himself being
sucked out before he had the chance. The little boy looked at him with the
same eyes as the girl. “Bye bye.” He waved to Max.

Meanwhile, Liz tried unsucessfully to wake Max up. As soon as he
had made contact with her stomach, he had fallen limp in her arms, and
seemed to just sleep. What really scared her now, was that she couldnt wake
him up. If she had really been paying attention to her head she would have
felt the slight pull, but she was to busy trying to wake Max up.

“Max, Max, if you can here me, get your butt up now! Im not kidding,
c’mon, you are scaring me. Please wake up.” She started to sob with the

Max woke up with a gasp. He momentarily forgot where he was.
When he felt Liz’s warm tears on his face he looked up into her sobing face.
Her eyes were closed as she rocked him.

He reached up and stroked her face. “Ssshhh, baby I am fine.”

Liz opened her eyes and looked down at him. “Oh my god, dont you
ever scare me like that!” She leaned down and sqeezed him as tightly as she
could. “What hapened?” She asked between kissing his face, and kissing his

“Baby, baby, im ok, it was just really weird, I was sucked into a kind
of other dimension, or something.” He tried to explain.

The logical side of Liz’s brain started to kick in. “What?”

“I know that souns funny, but there were these two kids, in fact they
lookes really familiar, but I couldnt place them. Anyway, We were in this
room, it looked like maybe a sitting room or something. But they told me not
to be afria when, jaws-”

Liz had a weird look on her face, like what he was saying was a little
unbelievable. “Jaws huh? Like the shark?” She then smiled.

“Hey, dont make fun of me! Im just telling you what I saw. But if you
dont believe me, I can show you what I saw.” He looked a little hurt that she
didnt believe him.

Liz nodded, she couldnt believe what he was saying, but she would
check it out, just in case.

Max grabbed her face in his hands, and opened a connection. When
Liz saw the two children, she just about gasped at them, and when he said
‘jaws is coming’ she new he was mispronouncing a name.

“Max, dont you know who they look exactly like?” She searched for
the answer in his Amber depths, some people would call eyes.

“No, I know that I know I just cant place them, why do you think it is
important?” He had no idea whay he would know who they were, but he felt
feircly protective, almost like- no, that wasnt possible, was it?

“Max, the little boy, he looked exactly like you.”

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FINALLY, a little bit about what happened before the summer *happy* Anyway,
sorry for the delay, but here is the new part!
Part 3
“What do you mean he looked exactly like me?” Max shook his head
at the ridiculous of that suggestion.
“Didn’t you see, they both had your eyes, that same almost amber
brown. I would know them anywhere.” Liz started to seriously consider what
was going on right now. She couldn’t be- no, she was on the pill. Of course
she wasn’t pregnant. But she had to be sure. “Max I need you to do
something, I need you to do a scan of my body.”
“I already have, and it is a wonderful body.” Max wiggled his
eyebrows suggestively while running his hands over her shapely hips.
Liz suppressed a grin. “No, I need you to do a scan, an internal scan.”
Max shook his head, this idea had already come to his mind. “Liz your
Liz silenced him with a look. “Max, we really should have been more
careful, I mean we didn’t really think about your-, even our differences. But I
need you to do this for me. Okay?” She tried to make his see the reality of the

Max looked deep within her eyes again, and started to look for
something, anything. He looked around more than once, but came up with
nothing. Somehow, on some level, that depressed him so much. He pulled out
of the intense connection and looked into at her with tears in his eyes. “No,
there isn’t anything.” Max didn’t know why he was so touchy about this, it
was a good thing she wasn’t pregnant, right?
Liz shared the same look. Somewhere, deep inside, she had for insane
reasons hoped that maybe there was a piece of her lover inside of her, but that
was just ridiculous. But then Liz had to ask herself, why did it hurt so much?
Liz leaned down, back over Max and started to cry. Gosh, why was she doing

Max leaned up and pulled her into his arms. His eyes filled with tears
again. “Its okay, its gonna be okay.”

Liz and Max decided to try and go back to sleep, while across town, a
very distraught Isabel looked for her brother. It was noon, and he still wasn’t
home. “Where is he!” She ran downstairs. Isabel grabbed the phone and
called Michael.

“Yeah” Michael tried to pick his head of the dream world. He really
didn’t like getting called this early in the morning.

“Have you seen Max?” Isabel hurriedly bit into the phone.

“No, I haven’t seen Max, but have you tried either his cell phone, or
maybe even Liz’s house?” He knew that Max had been sitting outside Liz
Parker’s window since that day at the cave. He had no doubt that he either
fell asleep, or- no, Liz wouldn’t.

“Good idea, I’ll try there, and by the way it is noon, most normally
people are up at this hour.” She couldn’t believe the man she called her
brother. He slept in all day, then got mad when you tried to wake him up.

“Yeah well, who said I was normal? Bye.” Michael hung up the phone
and tried to dig back into his covers

Isabel tried her brother’s cell phone.
Max heard his phone ringing wherever his pants were. He looked
down to his sleeping angel, and once again was struck by her beauty. He
placed his hand onto her abdomen, and wondered for the millionth time what
had happened.

The shrill ringing of his phone brought him back to reality. He reached
over the bed without disturbing Liz, and grabbed the phone out of the pocket
of his pants.

“Hello?” He wasn’t happy with whoever had called, they needed to
leave him alone to enjoy his alone time with the girl of his dreams!

“Where in the world are you, its noon and you arrant home, your not at
Michael’s, so where are you?” Isabel rushed out all in one breath.

“Slow down Tony Robins. I’m at Liz’s” He tried to whisper so as not
to wake Liz up.

“What are you doing there, wait dot tell me, you left this morning to
watch her wake up didn’t you? You pathetic love sick dog.” Isabel taunted
her brother, she figured if she embarrassed him, he’d stop.

Max laughed at his sister’s antics. But he didn’t want to tell her yet, he
wanted to cherish it for a little while longer. “Um, yeah, you got me Iz, but
umm.....I uh just walked down to the Crash for some lunch, and then I think I
might go out to the pod chamber to think, so dot expect me for a while,
okay?” ‘okay, if she buys that, she has been hit upside the head with the
stupid stick.’ Max thought to himself.

Isabel didn’t disappoint her brother. “Yeah okay, just when Liz wakes
up, make sure not to let her know you are there.” ‘Yeah, I wont’ Max thought

“Okay Iz, I will talk to you later. Bye” He couldnt wait to get off the
phone with her.

“Bye bye Max.” Isabel clicked off the phone. She was really worried
about her brother, he had actually spent the whole day there this time, was he
going insane? Well, maybe he could get Liz back, and in the process, she
could get her brother back.

Liz opened her eyes to see Max climbing back into bed with her. “Hey,
what time is it?” She reached out to touch his face, something she would
never tire of doing.

“Noon” He reached up and stroked the hand that tenderly held his
cheek. “So, what do you want to do today?” He twirled her hair around his
fingers, loving the smooth feel of them.

“Hm, well you know, my parents are gone for the day, and I dont have
to work, you?” She snuggled into his warm chest.

“I dont have to work either. Why dont we go do something, like I dont
know, have some fun.” He looked at her, fun wasn’t something that
happened all the time around the lives of the ‘I am, or know an alien club’

“Sounds great, I heard there is a carnival a couple miles outside
Roswell, it could be fun.” Liz looked into his wonderful eyes.

“Lets go, and why dont we invite the rest of the gang to go along.” He
reached to get out of the bed, but Liz stopped him.

“Wait a minute mister, we still need to talk about the gang. Like, just
because we decided to give up on this destiny, does that mean Tess has? I
mean, have you even talked to her in the last month.” She really didn’t like to
bring this up, but she had to.

“Um, yeah. After you refused to talk to me, and shut yourself up here,
Is and I tried some mind recovery teqnique thing. If you ask me it was a
hoax, I mean I dont really have any real concrete memories from whatever
that other life was. But she wont give up, I mean I have tried to be really nice,
I mean how may hints do you have to leave? Anyway, since she is staying
with he Valentis for a while, we could have her out of the way till we figure
some things out.” Max couldn’t understand why Tess wouldn’t give up.
Didn’t she want to be in love, not with someone she didn’t even know. All he
knew now was that his dreamgirl was in his arms, so it really didn’t matter. If
she asked him to jump off the moon, he sure as hell would try.

Liz and Max hadnt talked about any of this before, they feared it
would kill what they had. But now, they didn’t have a choice, they couldn’t
just hide from this forever. As much as it hurt they needed to talk about
things like tess, and the future, not to mention, how they were going to spend
their summer. For the first month, they had both just holed up in their rooms,
occasionally coming out when forced, but other then that could have been
classified as hermits. Alex and Maria were the only people who had even
seen Liz the whole time. Tess and the rest of the pod squad had been trying to
pull Max out, but after having just confessed his love for Liz, and then to
have her leave him when he really needed her, it just tore him apart. But now
they had each other, and they could get through it together.

“Well, what do you want to do, should we tell everyone?” Liz
wondered, was Max willing to tell everyone about them?

Max pulled her up and kissed her. “Hey of course I want to tell
everyone, I would scream it from the rooftops that I am an alien in love with
the most wonderful person in the world if I didn’t fear getting caught again.”
He really hoped she could see it in his eyes how much he loved her, because
he had meant every word he said last night.

“I know, I just find it hard to believe that you could love me, just a
little small town girl, and you, some big king of another planet.”

“I told you-”

“I know, you arent that person, but you are. And you will always be, I
see it you, you know. They way you are, you are a leader and you dont even
know it. And you are so good, you have no idea. You are just as scared as
everyone else, but you keep it together and you figure it out. And I, as well as
everyone else around you loves you for it.” Liz wrapped her arms around his
neck, putting herself in the very capable arms of the one she loved.

Max wrapped his arms around her, and sent as much love to her as he
could. “Hey, how do we keep getting off subject?” He stroked her hair. “I
meant it, we will have to talk to everyone sometime, I mean Alex and Maria
already know I am here, so we cant hide.”

Liz appreciated his attempt to lighten the mood, but everytime he
brought up the real world it reminded her of how selfish she was. But she
wouldn’t give him up now, not for the world, and she felt terrible for it.
“Well, we have to talk to them sometime. So lets just get it over with huh?”

“OK, sounds like a plan, but we should be careful of Tess, she might

“She can either take it, or she cant, and I am not willing to give you up,
so we have to find a way around her.”

Max loved how much she loved him, it gave meaning to his otherwise
very strange, black hole of a life. “OK, one problem, to face everyone, we
would need clothes.”

Liz looked down at herself and Max. They were both naked
underneath the covers. “Ok, but first we have to take a shower.” Liz jumped
out of bed, stretched and started for the bedroom. “Are you coming or not?”

Max was out of bed in a hurry, and running to jump in with her.
“Wait, this means we dont get to go to the carnival doesn’t it?” Max pouted.

“Another time lover boy.” Liz yanked him in with her.


“What do you think, should we attack?” Mathaki asked his superior.

“No, not yet, attacking now would bring me no pleasure. The stupid
boy king is no match for me know. Beside I have the stupid rat feeding us
information. We can wait until they prove themselves worthy apponents. The
queen, she is the only one that worries me, do you think she may figure
things out to soon?” Khivar asked his most trusted advisor.

“No. We have at least a little while until she does, but dont
underestimate her, she gives Zan strength.”

“I trust your word, we will wait, and when we attack, we will take
what is most precious to Zan.”

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