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Title: One of the Guy's.
Author: The wonderful, the magnificent, the beautiful......wait that's someone else.
Summary: This is #2 challenge a la JBehrsGurl. Obviously I couldn't resist because it's one of those Best friend first fics and you know I can't resist them....
Authors Note: Please cash your Dreamer Insurance checks at the door. If you have not purchased one you can find them at you local Walgreens (they're practically on every corner dontcha know.)


Maria looked across the quad and huffed.

Once again Liz had gone off with the guys and she was left watching Isabel put on makeup. Not that that wasn’t fun of course. Heck, half the girls in school would pay spa prices to watch Isabel’s techniques. Still ever since 7th grade Liz had decided being a girl wasn’t so much fun any more and had pretty much deserted them.

“What’s the matter now?” Isabel placed her eye liner carefully in her makeup bag and reached daintily in for a eyelash curler.

“Liz hasn’t even come over to say ‘hi’ today.” She watched as Liz jumped on Michaels back and tackled him to the ground.

What she wouldn’t give just to touch him……….but that’s so not the point.

“Maria, give it a rest. If she wants to hang out with my under washed brother and his gang of equally dirtied miscreants then I say let her. But I swear to God, she wears one more black tank top……..”

She let the sentence gracefully come to and end showing that she really meant business.

They watched for a moment as Isabel’s brother, Max, pulled the petite Liz off of Michael flung her over his shoulder and started carrying her off until her painful punches in his back forced him to put her down. She promptly pushed him to the ground and hitting him until her held up his hands in surrender and all went peaceful again as they hugged in apology.

Maria’s eyes lit up and the matching making cogs in her brain churned.

“Oh my God Isabel!”

Isabel kept her head down and continued to paint her neatly filed nails in ‘Peachy Keen’ nail polish.


“Max and Liz would make such a great couple!!!”

Isabel carefully placed the brush back in the pot and screwed the lid back on before turning to Maria and abruptly and scrunching her face into a hideous grimace.

“EUW! My grody brother and Liz? Even I wouldn’t subject someone to that torture.”

Maria sighed exasperated. She should have known better than to even slightly suggest anyone would want to date Max.

“Isabel could you please forget that Max is the guy you have to share a bathroom with and look at the evidence?” She gestured towards the group and Isabel looked as Liz high fived Max and Alex threw down his playing cards in defeat.

Isabel’s perfect nosed creased a bit and she looked thoughtfully at them.

“I supposed I can see what you mean. But I know for a fact Max thinks of her as one of the guy’s and nothing more. I mean she kicks his ass everyday at football practice. It’s got to be hard when your coach throws a girl in the game instead of you.”

“Well if she looked a bit more girlish than maybe he would think about her like that. I say we take her shopping this weekend and fix her all up. She would look amazing in those jeans with the sequins we saw in that one shop.”

Isabel shook her head wisely.

“She’ll never go for it.”

“Well someone’s got to try.”

Et Voila. Feedback s'il vous plait? J'adore le fans! (hehe)*big*

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Whoa I am just stunned by the amount of feedback. Really shows the power of attention grabbing titles doesn't it. (which, by the way, credits for idea and title go to JBehrsGurl who is simply the coolest!)

Anyhoo I wrote this part quicker than it took me to write my history essay which proves how crap it is. Hoepfully this story will flow better in day's to come and I don't end up with a really crappy fic. For those you who read The Wallflower Society: I'm working on it......honest. For those of you who don't read it: Go read it. lol

Tea For Two is somewhere in my head refusing to come out so that might be a while but I'm currently working on a new fic. Don't know when I will post that but I shall tell you.

Thanks again for all the feedback!!!!

Here it is:

Part 1:

An ambush had been planned and as soon as the last bell had rung Isabel and Maria had firmly planted themselves outside Liz’s English classroom. Not without a customary trip to the 2nd floor bathroom of course.

“I’m telling you Chris the next time that loser comes near your girl just hit him ‘round the face. It’s not like it would make much difference. He’s as ugly as sin anyway.” Liz Parker stood a foot shorter than most of the guy’s in school but they all looked up to her for advice and guidance. It was almost like having a guy who knew the inner workings of a girls mind.

Real handy.

“Thanks Liz. See you at practice right?”


Liz began to walk toward the parking lot only to have 2 girls creep out of the shadows and onto the quad.

“Hey Liz!”

She turned around and grimaced at the look on Maria and Isabel’s faces.

It just screamed ‘I’m peppy. Pep pep peppy. Hey pepster, want peppiness? I’ve got some pep. Put some pep into that pep.’

God, no wonder they both ended up cheerleaders.

“Hey guy’s. What’s up?”

“Just thought you might like to come with us to the mall.”

Liz’s eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“This isn’t going to be like the lingerie incident is it? That was really awkward.”

“Yeh you and every other male in the tri-county area agree.” Isabel mumbled under her breath.

“Liiiiiiiiiiz,” Maria groaned, “That was totally necessary. I took a look in your underwear drawer and let me just say I have never seen so many sports bras in my entire life.”

“Maria…….wait! You were looking in my underwear drawer?”

“Liz you’re straying from the topic at hand.” Isabel reminded.

Liz looked at both of them with confusion on her face before remembering what she had been trying to say.

“Anyway as I was saying. It’s just so much easier to buy sports bras from Target in a ten pack then those little lacy things. What are they supposed to cover anyway?”

Isabel looked in horror at Liz.

“Did you just say you bought bras in 10 packs?! Oh Lord have mercy. I need H20.” She grabbed a water bottle out of her bag and took a swig while Maria patted her back in sympathy.

Liz rolled her eyes.

“Fine guy’s I’ll come. But no Victoria’s secret or I’m telling Dave that you asked me to take a picture of him in the locker room showers.”

Maria laughed and Isabel looked horrified.

“You wouldn’t!!”


By the time they reached the mall Liz was already regretting her decision. To many mentions of ‘those cute knee length skirts’ had been made and Liz began to wonder whether their was an ulterior motive.

“Why did you ask me to come anyway guy’s?”

Maria tried to look hurt.

“Because you are my oldest and dearest friend and you’ve been spending so much time with those……… “dudes” I feel like I don’t know you any more.”

Liz raised one eyebrow.

“Okay so I lied but only a little bit. You hardly ever talk to us anymore.” Maria looked genuinely upset and Liz couldn’t help but feel guilty.

“I’m sorry Maria. I just connect with them more you know? Girls are just so……..judgemental. Guy’s aren’t like that. Max, Michael, Kyle, Alex and Sean, they treat me as equals and that’s they way I like it.”

Isabel smiled widely.

“That is soooo great!”

“It is?” Maria and Liz chorused.

“Duh! What girl doesn’t want a boyfriend that treats her as an equal right?”

Liz sat in the back of Maria car watching in growing apprehension as the excitement level between the 2 girls in front grew frenzied.

Maria babbled something incoherent and Isabel agreed. Liz had a feeling they were going to try and set her up with Max. She wasn’t quite sure why she automatically thought of Max. In theory it could be Michael or Alex or even Sean!

“So what do you think?”

Liz snapped herself out of self-analyzation and focus on the 2 enthusiasts in front of her.

“About what?”

“About getting Max to notice you!”

Crap. She was too aware for her own good. How had she seen this coming? Why would she want Max to notice her in the first place? Why did she know for a fact that the ‘getting Max to notice Liz’ plan was going to entail several hours in changing rooms with…………*shudder* skirts?

“Guy’s I….”

“Good! Let’s go shopping!”

Maria pulled the reluctant Liz out of the car and they followed Isabel who marched towards the mall like a man on a mission.

And indeed it was a mission. But Liz would not back down.

No skirt was going to touch this girl. Even if it meant compromising with some constricting pants and maybe a colored tank top or 2.

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lol Merci pour le bonne feedback! hehe I'm glad you like it!

destinyrebel- someones been sneaking round my fics!!! lol quite alright! lol Of course she won't change herself. Lets be honest now. Besides the fact that all my fics are M/L AU with no aliens and most of them (not that I've written alot) have a best friends theme going on what else is mandatory when writing a Pixie origanal? The theme: Never change yourself for any guy. (this is why I have problems with the ever entertaining but completely flawed and superficial teen movies.)

I do believe it was incognito in Spin who wrote *searchs madly for her printed copy* ahh yes here it is :

That is why I'm relaying this morning to you: I want you to know that this isn't one of those stories where the girls gets all done up and pretty and the guy realises he loved her the whole time, just becasue this one night she happened to be prettier than usual. That's bullshit, that's not love, that's department store advertisment."

Isn't incognito a genius? Where has she scampered off to anyway? I miss Core.............sigh....

Anyhoo that me imparting the knowledge of my 15 short years on to you people who are probably older and wiser, or younger and wiser, maybe some of you who have had previous lives and are like, a billion times more wise than all of us put's late...I ramble....

Au revoir. (see I totally passed my french test)*big*
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Darlings! I know I've left you seriously hanging but I haven't been feeling quite myself and................yeh I'm bad with excuses.

Anyway hopefully I can get my brain in gear and we can have a part up tonight!

JBehrsGurl- Whats my problem? I have 0 clue!

Why am I not writing? see above!

lol I think I translated right but I don't take L'espanol!
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Well here I am! And LOOK! I brought a gift basket. It's a little alcking and I am the fruit but I do have a semi-decent story! *holds it out tentatively*

What d'ya say?

Part 2:

Each time an Abercrombie &Fitch loomed in the distance Liz sweated profusely and nervously looked from Isabel to Maria who seemed to be having the time of their lives.

The department stores weren’t so bad. At least she could sneak away into the men’s department for a few minutes to look at skate shoes.

Eventually though Isabel and Maria would find her eyes glinting wildly in the fluorescent lights of the stores carrying a multitude of brightly colored tops and a whole bunch of skirts in a variety of lengths and colors.

Liz was beginning to think the Spanish Inquisition could have gotten some serious tips from Isabel although Maria had drawn blood with the scented notepaper in whatever evil store had had the notepaper.

In the end Liz had managed to escape with her life and only one skirt that was thankfully floor length.

Liz’s savior was that the whole ‘men’s shirts look sexy on women’ thing was in style and so Maria had snatched an armful up shoved them at her. Liz laughed all the way to the dressing room and bought 12. What could she say? She liked it, it was comfy, why not buy them in bulk?


“We should totally have a girls night in.”

Liz was inclined to agree. The thought of ice cream right now was like heaven and she hadn’t properly talked to Maria or Isabel in a long while.

She looked up to find them both watching her expectantly for a witty comeback somewhere along the lines of ‘Hell no’.

She smiled at both of them.

“Sure thing.”

Maria beamed and Isabel bounced in her seat until the irregularity of her steering caused some honking and vicious hand signals.


They lay sprawled out on Maria’s bedroom floor eating just about every form of sugar known to man.

“So Liz, you totally like Max right?”

Liz raised one eyebrow and dug out a huge spoonful of ice cream.

“I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about it before. But lately………I don’t know.”

“You don’t know what?”

“Well just that every now and again when he touches me it just feels really……warm. And sometimes I just find myself staring at him. He is hot I suppose.”

Maria bobbed her head up and down in agreement and Isabel tried to force the look of disgust across her face.

The phone rang and Maria jumped off of the floor to grab it.

“Hello?” She blushed deeply at the reply and remained silent although Liz could hear someone talking on the other end.

She grabbed the phone from Maria and spoke into the receiver.


“Hey Liz. Where the hell are you? Kyle is doing some awesome things with milk and his nose. Sean and Alex already got into a fist fight about some model chick and Max was waxing philosophical about Cindy Lauper. I think he’s taking drugs Liz you have to come over and smack some sense into him.”

Liz laughed while looking at Maria who was trying to look uninterested and detached as if the caller would be able to see her playing hard to get.

“Michael I can’t. We are having a girls night in.”

“Girls night in? What the …….” Liz heard the phone clunk to the ground and someone swearing in a confused way in the background before a deep voice spoke on the other end.

“Liz? You there?”

“Yeh Max I’m here.”

“Oh hey. Girls night in eh? Does that mean you all sitting around wearing pink frilly nightgowns?” She heard him chuckle on the other and couldn’t help but close her eyes to the sound of his deep rich laugh.

“No Max it doesn’t. It means I’m prancing around in my pink bra and purple thong singing along to N*SYNC.”

“You are not. I’ve seen you underwear drawer. You have sports bras and boxers both of which I bet you bought in bulk from Target.”

Liz widened her eyes in shock. He knew her too well.

“What is this? Let’s look at Liz’s underwear day? Who else has been through my underwear?!” She shouted in exasperation.

On the other end of the line she heard Max repeat the question to the group.

“Umm Liz we had a hand count and it’s unanimous. We’ve all seen your underwear drawer.”

Liz growled.

“Tell yourself and then others that I am soooo gonna kick your ass tomorrow when I see you. I’m talking bloody lunch tables here.”

She smiled in satisfaction imagining the looks on their faces right now.

“Yeh? Well…………..I’m gonna tell coach.”

She raised an eyebrow.

“You do that Maxie boy.”

He laughed and again she gulped at the feeling that ran through her.

“Okay well you girls have fun.” He said putting on a mother-ish accent.

“Right back at you.” She said.

There was a short silence then:


She laughed.

“Bye Max. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Later Parker.”

She hung up the phone and turned to Maria who was jumping on her bed.

“OH MY GOD!! Michael is sooo hot. I totally froze!”

She jumped down from the bed and grabbed Liz by the shoulders.

“Liz you totally have to ask him if he likes me. But please don’t be obvious about it! I know how you guys are.”

“Hey I am not a guy.”

Maria raised both her brows and tilted her head before saying in a sing songy way:

“Well you sure act like one!”

merci pour le bonne feedback! More s'il vous plait?

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Ok guy's I know I have been gone for the longest time but....I can assure you I WILL have a new part of this out most likely within the NEXT 1-2 hours depending on meal times and what not.

I warn you that this a seriously unrealistic fic. Hopefully still funny but it's very fluffy a good word?

It's just very choppy and steriotypically teen movi-ish. Anway I'll be back really really really soon!!!
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Well I deliver unto you a new part.

I know you are shocked but please.....I don't want any hospital bills sent my way.

Thanx for bumping and being so patient. I know it's a pain when I go off on these nice long no writing things. Hopefully I can update everything else this week too!

Part 3:

“So the plan is, you go up to Sean and tell him that you are going out with him.”

Liz looked worriedly from Isabel to Maria.

“Shouldn’t I ask him?”

Isabel placed a hand over her eyes and shook her head while Maria wrapped an arm around Liz’s shoulder.

“Liz Liz Liz. You never ask a guy about anything. They get all indecisive and crap and it makes my job a lot harder. Believe me, this will work.”

“But what if Sean doesn’t like me like that?”

“Honey, Sean ain’t gettin’ a girlfriend anytime soon. He’d date a platypus if he thought he could get one.” Isabel reassured.

“Are you comparing me to a platypus Isabel? Cus’ I swear to Kyle’s Buddha…” Liz raised a fist.

“No darlin’ you’re fantastic. You will fill Sean’s heart with rapture and he will fall and his feet and weep for the beauty that God has allowed him to behold.”

Liz lowered her clenched hand and rolled her eyes.

“Whatever. Let’s just remember that Danny saw us at the mall and the entire school is waiting with baited breathe to see me in a frickin’ skirt so lets just get this over with ok?”


It was quite true that anybody who was anybody knew of the famous skirt Liz was rumored to be wearing.

Tess was heard saying she remembered how everyone was so surprise the first time she’d ever worn a skirt but unfortunately no one remember that day since they had all be 6 months old at the time and the skirt had come from the infants section of Laura Ashley.

So inevitably the second Liz passed through the front doors of the high school with her skirt swaying awkwardly around her ankles and looking quite strange with her dirty black Van’s peaking out with each step all eyes were on her.

Shocked gasps and a thump as some freshman passed out on the floor either from shock or lack on nutritional breakfast goodies.

The silence was broken and attention rapidly passed onto Tess Harding as she walked up to Liz her heels clicking noisily in the otherwise silent hallway.

“Well well well. Liz Parker in a skirt. Who would have thought? I had placed my bets you were next in line for a sex change down at Billy Bob’s ‘You hate ‘em, we take ‘em” Sex change clinic.’”

“Well Tessy now that you mention it….Could you give them a call for me? I know you have their number on speed dial.”

“Whatever Parker, just because you finally grow some estrogen and wear a skirt doesn’t mean every guy is gonna come a’runnin’.”

Tess whipped around and trotted off her high heels and the crowd gathered around them breathed out a sigh of released tension.

With many stares in the region from Liz’s waist down to her toes the crowd began to disperse and someone picked up the freshman who was out cold on the floor.

She walked out into the quad and spotted Maria and Isabel at a picnic table giving her enthusiastic thumbs up.

Feeling severe embarrassment and being generally self conscious Liz walked towards the table where her best friends sat. Only Michael and Alex were facing her and as their heads lifted to greet her both faces fell in shock.

“Holy shit.”


The others saw Michael and Alex’s face and turned around to see the cause of their shock.

“Oh dear Buddha. My world has been turned upside down.”

“Liz?” Max looked and the skirt clad Liz in shock.

“Now don’t freak out guy’s…..”

Kyle looked at Liz incredulously.

“Don’t freak out? Don’t freak out?!?!?! Your wearing a skirt for god’s sake. I can’t be sure of anything anymore. Is the sky blue? Is the grass green? Can dolphins hear people and what the hell causes photosynthesis??!”

“Kyle calm down. Clearly Liz has taken some mind altering drugs and needs help.” Max laughed.

“Max shut up.” Liz glared.

Max raised his hand in salute.

“Yes Ma’am.”

Liz rolled her eyes and turned to the real matter at hand.


She wasn’t 100% sure this would work. Plus there was the ultimate embarrassment if he refused. Her friend would all laugh and then Maria and Isabel would get pissed and think of another crazy plot to get Max to notice Liz.

Once again Liz had to ask herself if she even wanted Max to notice her. Looking over at him grinning she felt the familiar pang and wondered if it was love.

Taking a deep breathe she prepared herself for the worst.

“I think you look very pretty Liz.” Sean smiled.

“Thanks………umm.. I was wondering if maybe you’d ..umm…. like to go out with me?”

Once again a stunned silence fell across table and Kyle whimpered about horsemen and other various signs of the apocalypse.

“Umm well. Sure Liz. That’d be great.” He smiled widely and Liz couldn’t help smiling back. At least Maria and Isabel might back off a bit now.

“Well I’ve got to go to the library. Wanna come with me Liz?” Sean asked getting up from the table.

Looking at the stunned faces of her friends she nodded quickly.

“Yeh.” She began to follow Sean when she felt a warm strong hand encircle her wrist. She turned around to find Max grinning like a lunatic.

“Are you for real Liz? You and Sean?” He suppressed a burst of laughter before continuing.

“I mean….heck… we all thought Kyle would get a boyfriend before you! You’re just so… a guy. Then suddenly you’re all wearing a skirt and shit. Were you trying to impress Seany Weany?” He double over still holding Liz’s hand and began to laugh with force.

Liz felt anger rise up in her and she ripped her hand out of Max’s grip which caused him to stop laughing and look up and her angry face.

“Oh come on Liz. You have to admit. It’s quite funny.”

“It’s not funny Max!!!” She shouted.

“Just because I hang out with you guys and act like a guy doesn’t mean shit Max! It doesn’t mean shit! Just because I can fucking beat your sorry ass and I find most girls to be highly annoying doesn’t mean…… doesn’t…..God…” hot angry tears welled up in her eyes and leaked out of the sides. Her voice lowered to a whispered, “It doesn’t mean that I don’t want someone to tell me I’m beautiful and to hug me and kiss me and it doesn’t mean I don’t want to be loved. I may act like a guy Max but……..I’m still a girl that wants to get married and have kids and play happy families. So don’t you dare ruin this for me Max Evans. Don’t you dare.”

She wiped away and few salty tears and walked away leaving a stunned Max who had some part of him that wanted to run after her and tell her he was sorry and hug her. But he wouldn’t do that to any of his other friends. Maybe Kyle was right. Maybe the world had turned upside down.

She furiously wiped at her red face willing the tears to stop coming.

She didn’t even know why she was so upset. Well, maybe it was because this all the more proved that Max didn’t think of her as anything more a guy she could play football with. He probably hadn’t even noticed her had breast for God’s sake. Not that she had much in the chest area to notice.

Forcefully stopping her tears she walked off towards the library trying to forget anything Max had said and the reason he had said them.

dare I ask for feedback?
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I feel so bad that I have not posted in so long and even now that I have a part to post it really sucks!

Please forgive me. I'm working on being better!!

Thankyou so much for bumping this even though I don't deserve it.

Here you go!!

Part 4:

Max sat slowly back down completely stunned. What had happened to the girl the used to beat him up and call him names in the play ground? What had happened to the girl who played football better than any of them and could out run anyone in practice?

He crinkled his brow as if it might magically bring him an answer.

He just knew that behind him 3 sets of eyes were staring at him.

“Umm…Max. What the hell was that?”

“Yeh Max. I mean one minute Liz is wearing a skirt and the next she’s having a conniption fit. You don’t think Sammy got her addicted to whatever stuff he’s mixing up in his basement, do you?” Alex laughed at his own joke.

“Shut up Alex. It’s probably just PMS. You know girly stuff.” Michael teased.

“Has Liz ever PMS-ed before?”

“Probably not, she spends too much time around David. I swear that guy has so much testosterone it even makes me feel like a woman. Gives me the sudden urge for tea and Martha Stewart holiday specials.”

While they continued to laugh about Liz’s current situation Max sat, anger growing at their teasing laughter.

“Dammit! Will you just shut up! There’s nothing wrong with Liz.” He shouted in anger.

“I’d beg to differ Maxie.” A sugary voice spoke from behind Max.

Turning around Max could see the skirt barely covering Tess Harding’s overly tanned legs.

“God Tess, just leave already. We’ve had enough traumas involving estrogen today without your high pitched input.”

“Don’t be making up words around me Kyle Valenti. I’m not an idiot you know! It’s not even like anyone would be stupid enough to believe ‘estrogen’ was even a real word.” Tess placed a manicured hand on her hip and raised her eyebrows at the four boys who looked at her with shock.

“Right..uh huh. Definitely won’t be making up any more words.”

“Anyway if you want my opinion…..”

“Which we don’t.”

“…Liz Parker has gone crazy. I mean she’d have to be to think she would ever look good in a skirt. Plus any Cosmo girl knows you always wear form fitting shirts with skirts. Liz Parker has disobeyed Rule #17 in Fashion Rulebook.” She waved her hand in a flourish.

“Oh MY GOD!! Would you just SHUT UP! Do you really think anything you said just made sense?!” Max rubbed his face in exasperation.

“Whatever Max. Just know that there’s only one reason Liz wore a skirt today and it wasn’t Sean.” She looked pointedly up and down Max until it was quite clear what she meant before waddling towards her cheerleading friends.

“Do you really think she’s right?” Alex asked in a half whisper.

“I don’t know Alex. Why are you whispering?” Kyle whispered back.

“I don’t know.” Alex whispered again.

“Guy’s, I need to go think okay?” Max stood up with a crease in his brow and walked towards the main building.

”Wow that’s pretty heavy. Do you really think Liz likes Max?”

“Oh come on! Tess is full of shit. Max is a fool to believe her.”

“Kyle, if you never saw that something was bound to happen between Max and Liz then you’re the fool.”

I shouldn't even ask for feedback after submitting that sorry excuse for a part but ....please??!
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::Quietly creeps onto stage:: Okay people forst of all I am extremely shamefaced at the fatc that I last updated in OCTOBER!!! I am SOOOOOOOO SORRY!!!!

Well anyway I felt so bad I quickly wrote out this really short part in hopes that you might not want to hurt me quite as badly. So here goes :

Part 5:

Liz tore off her sneakers and threw them into her sports locker.

If being antagonized by Max wasn’t bad enough she’d got kicked out of practice for un-sportsmanship-like behavior. It wasn’t exactly her fault, she just saw Max across the field and in rage pushed David out the way and lunged at Max.

Okay so he hadn’t been able to breathe a few minutes but that was his problem not hers.

Looking down at the skirt that had caused all this she felt frustrated and pulled it on. Stupid thing. Made her legs look short and stumpy.

Once again she sighed. Since when had Liz Parker been aware of how her legs looked? Maybe she was just kidding herself. What did she expect out of this anyway? That Max would see her with Sean and become madly insane with jealousy?

Not likely. Max wasn’t one to fawn over girls. No, this was just another stupid plan formed by Maria and Isabel in attempts to make Liz a girl.

Well, they had succeeded. Liz was a girl, a very stumpy and awkward looking girl but still, a girl.

“Liz, are you in here?” She heard the door close tentatively and Alex’s footsteps nearing.

“Yeh Alex. Right here.”

“Oh.” He stopped and look concerned for a while then broke out into an infectious smile.

“So you took out Max pretty good, huh?” He laughed.

She smiled. “Yeh that was pretty awesome wasn’t it.”

He nodded and there was a bit of silence.

“Alex, do you think I’m acting ridiculous?”

“Well,” he pondered, “I don’t really know what you’re trying to prove but I do know that Max likes you just how you are.”

She looked at him in surprise and he just shook his head.

“Oh come on Liz. It’s obvious. It was bound to happen. Has been since you guys were like 3 years old and having baths together.”

“Oh. I really messed up by shouting at him didn’t I.” She laughed. “Guess I shouldn’t have chosen the day I wore a skirt to be the one I also started my period on.”

“You mean Liz Parker actually has a period?!” He smiled and she smiled back.

“Come on Parker. Milkshakes, you’re buying.”

“Sorry can’t. I have a date with Sean.”

“Euw Liz. I know you’re a girl and everything but Sean? Even I could have picked a better guy to go out with.”

“Yeh well thanks for the input Mary Jane but I’ll have you know he’s one of the more desirable men on campus. Say’s so in stall 3 in the girls bathroom.”

“Sick. So, my name in any of those stalls?”

“Yeh mentions something about a computer nerd I think.”

Before Alex could attack her she’d run out of the locker room……..and straight into Max.


Did it work??!