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Title:The Game Of Love (Prev. Meet My Folks)

Author: Shama

Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Meet My Folks. They just happen to be shows that I love very much.

Summary: Based on my challenge, which I took because I really couldn't stop thinking about this and I really had to write it. Everything in this is exactly like it is in the show, except for a couple of things.

Category: M/L AU

Note: Liz is 19, Maria, Tess, and Max are 20. This is still set in Roswell.

Feedback: Yes Please. I love feedback!

I know it's short, but I didn't have that much time to write it. The next part will be longer.


Thanks to Angelic for the wonderful banner.

Part 1

Friday, 4:35 pm

This is a little weird for me. I've never done anything like this before. I've always been known as Perfect Little Lizzy Parker. My brother Alex signed me up for this thing. I'm kinda nervous I guess, though I'm not really sure why. It's just a game right?

Liz walks up to the door and knocks. A few seconds later. Diane Evans answers. "Uh hi I'm Liz." Diane smiles. "Oh hello. Come on in. we've been expecting you." Liz picks up her bags and walks in the house. "I'm Diane by the way and this is my husband Phillip, and that over there is Max." Liz smiles at them. "Here let me take your bags." Phillip says. "Oh no you don't ha.." "Nonesense it's fine really." "Oh okay." Max walks up to her. He extends his hand. She takes it. "It's nice to meet you." Max says. "Uh yeah you too."


My first impression of Liz was that she was very nervous around us. It was pretty clear to read that on her face. I guess we'll just have to wait until later to learn more about her though.

The doorbell rings


I am not nervous at all. I am so ready for this. I usually get along great with my boyfriend's parents. Whatever these people are gonna throw at me, I pretty sure I'll be able to handle. I'm not really sure about winning cause I don't know anything about this guy or the other two girls so we'll juist have to see how it goes.

Diane opens the door. "Hi I'm Maria." She says in a cheery voice. "Nice to meet you Maria, I'm Diane. Come on inside." Maria walks up to Liz. "Hey chica." "Oh my god, Maria you're here too?" "Yup, Alex told me about it and I thought it would be fun." "You know each other?" Max asks. "Oh hi are you Max?" Maria asks. Max nods. Maria jumps in his arms and kisses him on the cheek. "I'm Maria. Great place by the way." Max kind just stares at her with a confused look. Liz just laughs.


There is no doubt in my mind. I'm gonna win. I'm totally sure. First I'll just seduce the guy and get him to tell his parents to pick me. This is gonna be so easy. Can't wait to go to Hawaii.

"Hey I'm Tess." Diane nods. "Come on in."

"...Anyway me and Lizzy have been best friends ever since kindergarten." Maria explains to Max. He nods.


Well right now, Liz seems kinda like a nerd and Maria is way too loud so I'm not really sure who I like yet, but then again there is someone else supposed to come too.

"Max, honey, this is Tess." Diane says. Max nods. "Nice to meet you Max. I'm really looking forward to spending time with you alone." She says seductively. Liz and Maria stare at her in disgust.

Max smiles and licks his lips.

Let the games begin.


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frenchkiss 70 - I know, but like I said. Max will come to his senses. I've got how he does already planned out too. Thanks for the feedback

I'll try and have the next part up soon. I might be able to get it up tonight or tomorrow.
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I'm so sorry. I was planning on updating today, but I just realized I forgot part 2 in my locker at school. I go back to school on Tuesday and I just happen to be moving on Tuesday. So I'll have to wait till my computers hooked up in my new house to update. I'm really really sorry. I know this is taking forever. Please be patient with me.
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I'll have part 2, and maybe if I'm not too lazy to type, part 3 up tomorrow.
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I'm finally updating!
The Game Of Love Part 2

"Alright girls, why don't we all go into the living room.” Diane suggests

They all nod and follow her. "Take a seat.” she says pointing to the couch. The girls sit down. Maria on the left, Tess on the right, and Liz in the centre. Max sits down on a chair and Diane and Phillip sit on the couch opposite the girls.

Before Diane can say anything a door can be heard opening, the shutting. "Hey I'm home." Isabel calls. "Alright honey, we're in here."

She walks in holding a number of shopping bags. "Oh are these the girls?" She asks. Diane nods. "Okay great." She sits down next to her.

"Okay well, now that we're all here, why don't you three tell us about yourselves."

"Oh I wanna start." Maria says. "I'm Maria DeLuca. I'm 20 years old. I have a dog, named Petunia. My best friend is Lizzie here. I live by myself in Las Cruses, but I'm originally from Roswell. I go to UNM with Lizzie, who's 19, she'll be 20 in a couple months."

Liz looks at her

"She lives in Albuquerque. She has ever since her parents split..."

"Maria. I can tell them myself." Liz says visibly annoyed with her friend.

"Oh sorry." Maria says sheepishly.

Liz begins. "I'm Liz Ortecho. As Maria said I'm 19. I used to live in Roswell until I was 9, when my parents got divorced. I moved with my mom to Albuquerque, while my brother stayed here. Maria is my best friend. I attend UNM too. My original plan was to go to Harvard, but something...came up and I had to stay with my mom."

"Are you Jeff Parker's daughter?" Phillip asks. Liz nods. "Yes."

"Oh so that means you're Alex's sister." Isabel exclaims.

"Um ya, you know him?" Liz asks

"Yeah I'm Isabel."

"Oh my god I never would have guessed."

"Who's Isabel?” Maria asks.

"She's Alex's girlfriend." Liz replies.

"Oh that's ri"

"Um I think it's my turn now!" Tess says loudly.

Isabel glares at her.

"I'm Tess Harding. I'm 20 years old. My best friend's name is Courtney. I grew up in Santa Fe. I still live there. I also go to UNM..."

"Oh that's why you're so familiar. You're in my English class."

"Um I'm not done." Tess says. "I don't have any parents. My dad died when I was 16 and..."

"Oh you poor child." Diane says.

"Urrrrrrggggggghhhhhh! Stop interrupting me!" Diane looks taken back. "I mean I'm fine. I mean I'm still here you know."

"Yeah gerbil face, sluttinesss, and all." Isabel mutters.

"What was that?" Tess says shooting Isabel death rays.

"What? I said adorable face, happiness and all.” Isabel says innocently.

“I was pretty sure I heard something else.”

“Well you heard wrong. Maybe you should get your ears cleaned. Wax can be a problem you know.”

“Okay girls.” Diane interrupted. “That’s enough.”

“Oh I have a question. Why did you guys sign up for this?” Isabel asked.

“Alex.” Maria and Liz said at the same time. They looked at each other and laughed

“What about you Tess?”

“Oh my friend Pam told me about it and I thought it would be fun.”

“Well why don’t you girls get settled in your room. Max will you take them?”

“Yeah sure.” He replies.

He gets up and starts walking upstairs. The girls follow.

“Well this is your room.” Max said pointing to a room

“And where’s ours?” Tess asks

“Yours.” Max says. “Is right here.” He points to the same room.

She rolls her eyes. “Whatever.”

Max leaves.

“I claim that bed.” Maria says as they walk into the room.

“Who says you get to choose? I want that bed.” Tess says.

“I don’t think so, I claimed it first.”

“Shut up.” Liz says.

“Make me.” Tess retorts

“It’s just a bed. There are two others that look exactly like it.”

“Look I don’t know what you’re doing here, cause we all know that there is no way Max is gonna fall for you. That whole goody two shoes thing may impress his parents, but it sure didn’t have any affect on him.”

“Um hello. It doesn’t really matter who Max likes, it t depends on his parents. That’s the whole point of this game.” Maria says

“Yeah well do you really think they’re going to pick someone Max doesn’t like? They’re gonna ask him who he wants. And I’m sorry, but I don’t think its Liz.”

“Oh ya and its you right?”

“All I’m saying is…”

“Shut up you two.” Liz interrupts.

They look at her.

“It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s just a stupid game. Its not like one of us is gonna marry him or anything.”

“Well I think I like Tess.” Max says and leans back onto the chair.

“Excuse me.” Isabel exclaims. “Max she’s a stupid bitch. Plus she looks like a gerbil.”

“Watch it Isabel. Honey I think you’re judging too soon.”

“Yeah well I think she’s a lot better than Liz or Maria.”

“Urrgghh, Max would you for once think with your head and not your dick.”

“Isabel! Honey what’s wrong with Maria? She seemed like a nice girl.”

“And what about Liz? She’s really sweet, caring and smart. I liked her.”

“Yes I liked Liz as well.” Phillip says

Suddenly yelling could be heard from upstairs.

“Why don’t you say that to my face?!?” Tess yells

“I just did!”

“You guys are giving me a headache!” Liz screams.

“Um I think we should get them.”
“Girls what was going on upstairs?”

“Oh nothing, we just had a little argument.”

The doorbell rings.

Phillip gets up and answers it.

“I have a delivery for Phillip Evans.”

“Yes that’s me.”

He hands him a big, brown envelope.

“What is it Phillip?” Diane asks.

“I’m not sure.” He raises his eyebrows as he reads what is written on the envelope.

He holds it up for everyone to see. ‘Dirty Little Secrets’
(Sorry I don’t really remember exactly how everything was in the show. I’m not sure if there were three envelopes or just one.)

Liz’s eyes widen.

He opens it and pulls out a paper. “On the day of Liz’s first job interview she told all the other candidates that she was the boss’ daughter and that the job was already taken.”

They all look at Liz.

She just stares at the floor.

“Next is Maria. When she was 15 she met a guy on the Internet and told him she was 19 and had him drive to Roswell to meet her. They were supposed to meet at a hotel, but he showed up at her house instead and her mom found out. After that she was sent away to live with her dad.”
(True story: It happened to a girl I know, well knew. I haven’t seen her since she got sent away, which was like a year ago)

Maria then also looked down at the floor.

Phillip starts reading again.

“Tess once slept with a married man, worst part is he was 50.”

“Um he was 43, not 50 duh.” Tess says while rolling her eyes.

“Oh and that makes like so much of a difference.” Isabel says sarcastically



I must say I was definitely not expecting things like this. Liz’s was… I’m not going to say. For Maria, she was old enough to realise how dangerous that was. Not to mention stupid. And as for Tess, well…



Oh my god! I can’t believe that gerbil. That’s disgusting. I think Liz is a really good match for Max. You see he puts up this wall and acts the way he does just so he can hide whom he really is inside. I know for a fact that, that person inside is trying to fight his way out and… well it’s only a matter of time until he does.



I am praying that I am loosing here. I do not like Max at all. He’s good looking that’s for sure, but like come on. The whole time we were talking to his parents he was sitting there playing footsie with Miss 4 T (Trampy Trailer Trash Tess) Oh why did I let Alex talk me into this?

I'll try and have part 3 up soon. I would have had it up today, but my computer just started working and I've got school tomorrow.
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Thanks for the feedback. Part 3 will most likely be up Monday. Sorry, but my sis is coming home for the weekend and she said she's gonna need the computer for an essay. I will update today if I can though.
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Here you go.

The Game Of Love Part 3

The girls are sitting in their room.

Maria and Liz are talking to each other. Tess is reading a magazine.

Suddenly a phone rings. They look over at the fax machine, which has a paper printing from it.

Tess puts her magazine down and walks up to the fax machine and picks up the paper.

She starts to read it.
“During dinner, each of you must complete one of the following tasks:
1) Sit on Max’s lap three times
2) Give Max a massage once
3) Feed Max twice
(AN: I know they’re supposed to do something to his dad, but I thought it would be more fun this way.)
If you do not complete your assigned task or someone at the table realizes you were asked to do this, another secret about you will be revealed.
Good Luck!

“I call the massaging.” Tess exclaims

“And I get the feeding.” Says Maria.

They look at Liz.

“Guess that means you have to sit on his lap.”

Liz groans. “Kill me now.”

To which Tess retorts. “With pleasure.”

“Girls. Dinner!” Diane yells from downstairs.

They all look at the door.

“Well, lets go.” Maria says


I have nothing against Liz really. I just think she shouldn’t be here. I have no idea how I’m supposed to do this, especially with his parents sitting right there.


This whole thing is really freaking me out. I’m so scared I won’t be able to do it. Og god how am I going to feed him?

The girls walk into the kitchen

Isabel notices their nervous expressions. “Is something wrong?”

They shake their heads wildly. “NO!”

Then they walk to their seats and sit down.

Phillip starts passing out the plates. Liz gets up to help him. When she walks by Max she pretends to trip and falls on his lap.

“Oh I’m sorry.”

Max stares at her for a second. “Its um, its okay.”

She gets up and walks back to her seat.

‘Well that’s one down.’

After the food is set down everyone starts to eat.

“Mmmm. This is good.” Maria says. “Would you like to try some?” she asks Max, holding her fork out to him.

Max looks at her for a moment then puts his mouth over the fork. Maria slowly pulls it out. “Good?” she asks.

He nods. “Want another?”

After answering sure Maria slips another bite into his mouth.

Diane is glaring at her.

‘Oh ya I’m done.’ She thinks

“Do you have any paper towels?” Liz asks.

“Ya they’re in the kitchen, I’ll get them.” Phillip says.

“Oh no I’ll get them.”

When she walks back in she walks over to Max and sits on his lap. Liz begins wiping the side of his mouth with the paper towel. “You had something there.” She says smiling sweetly at him.

Isabel covers her mouth with her hand to cover up her laughs.

When Liz sits back down Maria gives her a high five under the table.

Tess then walks up to Max. “You look a little tense.” She says and starts massaging his shoulders.

Isabel gives her a dirty look.

“Come on one more time.” Maria whispers to Liz, who is staring intently at Max and Tess.

She couldn’t understand it, but for some reason she felt jealous.

“Tess would you mind sitting back down.” Diane snaps

“You have to do it now Liz. Or else another secret will come out. And what if its, well you know.”

Liz knew exactly what Maria was talking about. That definitely could not come out.

She gets up and sits on Max’s lap, putting one leg on each side and her arms around his neck. ”So Max, tell me something about yourself.”

“Girls what is going on?” Diane yells

Liz quickly gets off and returns to her seat.

The fax machine rings and Phillip gets the paper.

“The girls were assigned specific tasks to complete at dinner. Tess was to give Max a massage, Maria was to feed him twice, and Liz was to sit on his lap three times.” He reads and chuckles.

Isabel starts laughing. “Oh my god, that’s hilarious. Oh poor Liz you had to do yours three times.”

“It was hard, but I managed.” She says. She couldn’t control what she was feeling right now. Sitting on Max’s lap had caused weird sensations to flow through her body.

Max was feeling the same thing. He couldn’t understand it. ‘So she was only doing that cause she had too.’ Max thought sadly. ‘So! Why do I care? I don’t even like her. Yeah, then why can’t you stop staring at her? Shut up!’

Isabel looked at him and immediately knew what he was thinking. She was his twin after all. He liked Liz. He was trying to deny it. ‘Poor guy. He thinks Liz doesn’t like him.’

After everything was cleaned up the Evans’ and Isabel went upstairs, leaving the girls and Max alone.

“So what do we do now?” Maria asked

“Well we could go swimming.” Max suggested.

“Yeah that sounds good.” Tess replies with a nod.


Maria and Tess climb into the hot tub, while Liz slips herself into the pool.

Maria is wearing a red bikini, Tess a pink one, and Liz a black one.

Max gets into the pool and sits next to Liz on the stairs.

“So how do you like this so far?” He asks

“Its definitely not what I expected. You?”

“Oh I like it.” He replies with a laugh.

“I can guess why.” She says with a smile.

“So um, why didn’t you go to Harvard?”

She looks at him in shock.

“What?” He asks

“You mean you were actually listening to what I was saying?”

“Of course.”

She smiles. “Well I was… I was shot.”


“Yeah, I working in a restaurant and these two guys started fighting. One of them pulled out a gun and I was shot. I was in a comma for three months. After that I didn’t want to leave home or my mom.”

Max nodded slowly. “That must have been hard for you to deal with. Getting shot, I mean.”

“Yeah, I’ve never truly gotten over it.”

“Ho long ago was it?”

“A year. I was 18.” She said.

“Where were you shot?”

She puts her hands over her stomach. There is a scar there, but if you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t know it was there. “Right here.” She said.

Max puts his hand over hers. She looks up startled and their eyes lock.

“Hey guys come on, we’re gonna play truth or dare.” Maria calls

Liz stands up and begins to climb out. Max follows.

“Max you go first.”

“Maria truth or dare?”

“Truth.” She replies.

“ How old were you when you lost your virginity?”

A look of terror flashes across Liz’s face, but she quickly hides it.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but I was 17.”

“Max truth or dare?” Maria asks


“I dare you to kiss Liz for 45 seconds, with tongue.”

Liz looks at her and gives her this ‘What the hell are you doing’ look. She just ignores it.

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.” Tess says.

“No.” Max says. “I’ll do it.”

He steps closer to her and leans in.

“Well what do you think?” Phillip asks his wife.

“I like Liz.” She replies.

“Yeah me too.”

The fax machine rings. Phillip walks over and picks up the paper.

‘Mom and dad. If you want to check up on the girls turn on the tv.’

“Should we?”

“It wouldn’t hurt.” She says and picks up the remote.

When the tv blinks on, Phillip and Diane are completely shocked buy what they see.


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Thanks for the feedback and bumps, I'll try and have part 4 out soon.
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I have 4a done so that'll either be out today or tomorrow.
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Sorry guys, but I'm really busy tonight, I'll try to update tomorrow.
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Okay new part is coming. I'm at school right now, so I'll update when I get home. Love u guys. See ya later.
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Here you go, finally.
I have 2 versions of this part, cause the other was kinda dark so I wrote it over.

The Game Of Love Part 4a

"Phillip how can you just sit there and do nothing?" He sighed.
"Max is a grown man Diane, he can do what he wants, he's not a child anymore." She shook her head.
"She's corrupting him. Look at that." She pointed to the TV.
"He's never acted like that before. I want you to go and talk some sense into him."

Maria stared at her watch, occasionally glancing at Max and Liz. Everytime she did she felt like bursting out laughing. Liz had never acted like this before. She glanced back at her watch. 41...42...43...44...45.
"Okay you're done." They didn't stop She laughed, but Tess started seething.
"Okay you can stop now!"
Liz pulled away from Max and blushed.
"Whew is it hot in here?" Maria said while fanning herself with her hand.
Tess rolled her eyes.
"We're in a hot tub dumbass, obviously its hot."
"Was I talking to you?"
"Oh shut up."
"Make me."
Liz groaned. "Not again." she muttered and put her face in her hands.
"You okay?" Max asked
"Ya its just that they're always fighting. I don't know how I'm going to be able to sleep in the same room as them."
"Well you could always sleep in my room." Max offered
After seeing Liz's shocked face, he explained.
"I don't mean... together… I ... just thought you could my room...and I could sleep on the couch." He stammered.
Liz smiled. "That's okay, I'm sure I'll survive."
He nodded
They looked back at Maria and Tess who were now physically fighting. Maria had Tess in a headlock and Tess was scratching Maria's arm with her nails.
"What is going on?!?" They looked up to see Phillip Evans staring at them. Liz stepped further away from Max.
"Sorry Mr. Evans." Maria said
He shook his head. "Max can I talk to you?"
"Uh ya." He got out and walked with his father over to the patio.

"Max what was going on?"
"I don't know Maria and Tess just..."
"I'm not talking about Maria and Tess. I'm talking about you and Liz."
"Oh…" Max was confused
"Have you thought about what happens after this game is done? What happens after the Hawaii trip?"
"I don't understand."
"Max if you let these girls get their hopes up and start falling for you, what's going to happen? Only one girl wins and what happens after that? Will you even talk to them after the trip?"
"DAD! Do you really think I would do something like that?" Max was outraged.
"I don't know. In the beginning you wanted Tess and now you want Liz, you can't have both."
"What makes you think I want Liz?"
"I saw what you and her were doing Max, so don't play dumb."
"Dad, it meant nothing, it was a dare."
"It didn't look like nothing."
"Well it was!"
Phillip stared at him with disbelief.
"I cannot believe you. In the beginning your mother and I were going to give you the choice of whom you wanted, but that's gone right now. We chose who we want, you get no say."
"No! That's not fair!"
"No what's not fair is how you're playing with these girls' feelings. I'm ashamed of you."
"I don't know why you're getting so worked up it's just a game."

Liz felt tears come to her eyes as she heard Max. Even Tess looked sorry for her. Maria wrapped her arms around her. Tess put her hand on her back and rubbed it, soothing her.
"You don't need him." She said.
"Ya Lizzie, it'll be okay."
Liz pulled away.
"I don't know what you're talking about. He's right. This is all just a game. After we're all just going to go back to our normal lives anyway. I'm tired, I'm gonna go inside."
Maria and Tess watched as she left.
"She may be my competition, but no one deserves that." Tess said.
Just then Max came around the corner.
"Hey where's Liz." He asked while looking around.
"Why do you care it's just a game right?" Maria yelled.
Tess sneered. "Asshole."
Max looked at them with confusion before realizing that Liz heard him.
He attempted to go after her, but Maria held him back.
"I don't think so! If you go near her again I will Kick your ass! You try and touch her and I'll call the cops. If you come within 5 feet of her and I'll tell your parents to send her home, got it?! Liz has been through enough in her life, she doesn't need you breaking her heart."
"Maria I didn't..."
"I DON'T CARE! I'm warning you, Max. Stay away from her!"

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I'll try and update soon guys, but I've got exams coming up so it'll have to be after January 24.
Oh and I started a new fic called "When Our Time Comes" so check it out. Its about Max and Liz being childhood loves and being separated.

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