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Title: Secrets, Lies, and the Truth
Author: Arianarose
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own anything having to do with Roswell, I just loved the show and the characters. Someone else owns them. The story is mine, although the idea isn't. It blongs to Lillie.
Category: M/L/Z AU
Summary: Challenge response. Ten years ago Liz Parker left town carrying a secret. A secret that she didn't want anyone to know. She was pregnant with her long time boyfriends's child. Zan Evans died before Liz could tell him. For the past ten years Max Evans has been also carrying a secret...


Liz looked around her apartment and sighed. It had taken a lot of hard work and many sacrifices, but she made a success out of her life. She never would have thought she could do it ten years ago, but she had grown a lot since then. It also helped that she met a wonderful person who willing to help her along the way.

"Mom? Are we going to leave soon?" a young voice asked.

Liz turned to look at her son, and smiled. He looked so much like his father that sometimes it was creepy, but he seemed to posess a lot of qualities that Zan did not. Liz never really pondered that too much since she was such an even tempered person. Zan had a mean streak, and at times he did get violent, never with or towards her, but he had an aggressive personality. Liz was happy to say that her son did not. In fact he sometimes reminded Liz of Zan's twin Max, which could be possible, after all Max and her son did share genes.

"Yes Travis, we will be leaving in a few minutes. We are just waiting for you "Aunt" Isabel," Liz told him.

Isabel had been a Godsend for Liz. She was a year older then Liz was and the first moment that Isabel laid eyes on Liz she was determined to help her out. Back then Liz was a frightened fifteen year old runaway. Isabel offered Liz a job in her parent's store and convinced her parents to let Liz live in the apartment above their garage. Isabel's parents agreed and only charged Liz $100 a month in rent. Liz didn't complain since she needed someplace to live. She very well couldn't live on the street with a child.

The doorbell rang making Liz jump. She had been so lost in thought that she wasn't aware of anything, least of all the time. Isabel was right on time, as usual.

"Come on Travis," Liz called down the hallway.

Travis came running down the hall stopping in front of his mother. The two of them had gone through some pretty rough times and he knew that what they were about to do was going to be extreamly hard for his mom, but like everything else they would get through this.

"Did you pack everything that you are going to need?" Liz asked.

"Yep. Everything is in my suitcase, and I've got two pairs of clothes, and books, and CD's in my bookbag," Travis said.

"Good. I've got the tickets. Let's go," Liz said.

Travis walked out first carrying his luggage with Liz following close behind. She locked the door and Isabel helped her carry her luggage down the stairs. Liz still couldn't believe that she was going to do this. She had to be crazy. That was the only explanation for it. She looked over at Travis and for the millionth time came to the conclusion that she was doing the right thing.


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Part 1:

Isabel parked her car in the long term parking lot of LAX. It had taken Isabel years, but she finally convinced Liz to go back "home." Well, it wasn't just her who convinced Liz and she knew that. They were making the trip together, and she could tell thath Liz really wasn't sure about going, but they both came to the conclusion that Travis needed to get to know his family.

Once the car was parked everyone got out and grabbed their bags. Liz was surprised that Isabel managed to only bring two suitcases, she was expecting a lot more especially since they were staying for two months.

After checking their baggage they walked to the terminal and waited by the gate. Liz was full of nervous energy. she was afraid of how her parents were going to react when they saw her. She took off shortly after the accident, without saying a word to anyone. She was going through an emotionally rough time. She couldn't deal with the news of her pregnancy, and yet she knew that she could never abort or give her child up for adoption. She knew that once word got out school would be hell, and Liz didn't think that she could handle the stares and whispers. But more then that, she knew how disappointed her parents would be in her and she couldn't allow that to happen, so she left.

"Isabel, I don't know if I can do this. I mean everyone must hate me," Liz said.

"Liz, I'm sure that no one hates you," Isabel replied.

"We don't know that. I left a lot of people without saying a word, my parents, Maria, Alex, Max," Liz said. "On top of all that, as if it's not bad enough, I'm returning home, after TEN years mind you, with a son!"

"Liz, you need to calm down. Now, I know that you are nervous, and you have every right to be, but you are a 25-year-old woman now and a very successful one at that," Isabel said, smiling.

Liz knew that Isabel was right and she knew that she was being irrational, but she couldn't help it. She felt like a pregnant fifteen-year-old again. She needed to get herself together before she got back to Roswell. It wouldn't do to be a mess, she's grown beyond that.

Travis sat back listening to his mother and his Aunt Isabel talk. He knew all about his father and why he has never met his grandparents. Liz thought that he was old enough to know the truth and she told him. He had listened to everything she told him and asked if he could meet his grandparents one day. That was what pushed Liz over the edge about going home. So she bought tickets and they were going to spend the summer in Roswell, New Mexico.

As they waited for the plane to board Travis tried to entertain himself without getting into trouble. His mother was stressed out enough, she didn't need to worry about him getting into trouble on top of everything else that she was dealing with. He took a book out of his back pack and read quietly, while his mother tried to get herself under control. As egar as he was to be meeting his family, if it was going to upset his mother that much then maybe they shouldn't go.

"Mom," Travis called softly, getting his mother's attention.

"Yes baby, what's wrong?" Liz asked, concerned.

"Mom, if this is too hard for you, then we should just stay here," Travis said. He hated seeing his mother upset.

Liz was overwhelmed by love. She couldn't belive how unbelievably sweet her son was. That was another thing that the didn't get from his father. Zan could be sweet and even romantic if he wanted to put out the effort, but he rarly did. He was never really mean to Liz, but there were many times where he wasn't exactly nice.

"That's ok sweetie. I will be just fine, I promise. I've been putting this off for too long. It's about time that I went home," Liz assured her son.

The flight was being boarded and Isabel helped Travis get his things together while Liz took some deep calming breaths. Liz thought of Maria and her aromatheraphy oils as she tried to calm down, and she wished that she had some.

Once they were buckled into their seatbelts and hte plan took off, Liz began to relax. She didn't know what was going to happen when she got back to Roswell, but nothing was ever going to get fixed if she stayed away. It was time she began acting likean adult and not some scared child.

Isabel noticed the difference in Liz and smiled. She knew that eventually Liz would find her courage. She didn't know what Liz did to find her courage, and she really didn't care, she just hated seeing Liz sefl-conscious and scared. Isabel had helped Liz come a long way from the scared 15-year-old girl in a new, big city, and she would be damned if all that hard work was for nothing.

The flight from LA to Roswell was interesting for Travis. He looked out the window at all the passing scenery in wonder. He never knew that the desert could be so beautiful. The colors were unbelievable and he couldn't believe that his mother left it for the smog of LA.

Liz, Isabel, and Travis waited for their luggage at the baggage claim, hoping that nothing got lost. Once all of their luggage was accounted for they rented a car. Travis was excited because the car came with a CD player. Liz put in one of his CD's and began the drive into Roswell. Even though it had been ten years since she'd been back, and she didn't go to the airport all that often when she lived there, she knew the way by heart.

The car was pretty quiet as each person was lost in thought. Liz knew where she wanted to go before she went anywhere else in Roswell, hoping that she would be able to find the courage that she needed there. Isabel wondered what Roswell looked like. She was curious to see if everything was alien themed or not. Travis couldn't help but wonder what his family was like. He was also nervous that they were going to be disappointed by him.

Liz pulled into the parking lot of the Roswell Cemetary, shutting off the engine. Isabel and Travis looked around confused.

"Mom? What are we doing here?" Travis asked. He knew that his father was buried here, but he assumed that they would go get a room first.

"There is someone that I need to talk to before I go into town, and I want you to meet him," Liz said.

The three of them got out of the car, and Liz led the way stopping in front of one particular tombstone. Isabel read the name and inscription. ZAN EVANS: 1983-1998. LOVING SON AND BROTHER.

"He never knew about Travis did he?" Isabel asked.

"No. I found out the day of the accident. I was going to tell him before school the following day so that we could figure something out, but Max called me at eleven telling me that Zan had been in a car accident. I got to the hospial as fast as I could, but the internal damage was too much. Zan didn't make it. I left the day after the funeral," Liz said, tears running down her cheeks.

"Come on Travis, lets give your mom a few minutes along," Isabel said, leading Travis back to the car.

Liz fell to the ground in front of Zan's grave, touching the headstone gently. Coming home brought back so many memories, especially memories of that day. Her emotions were runnign high that day. She had found out that she was pregnant and she was scared out of her mind, and then Max called telling her that Zan was in the hospital because he had been in a car accident. She got so worked up that she threw up for a good ten minutes.

"Zan," Liz whispered. "I'm so sorry that I haven't come to visit you until now, but I couldn't face coming home it was just too painful. You have a son. He is ten and his name is Travis. Oh Zan. I have tried so hard to make something of myself and I have, but my life will never be complete because you are not with me. I have a successful career as a journalist. Travis is doing very well in school, he's an A student. You'd be very proud of him. We'll be here for about two months, so I will come back to see you. I have to get hotel rooms and then face my past. Know that I love you." She kissed her hand and placed it on the headstone before walking away.

Liz felt a bit better after talking to Zan. She dusted the dirt and grass from her pants and walked back to the car. Travis and Isable were talking quitely, and Liz thankd the powers above again for bringing Isabel into their lives.

"Are you guys ready?" Liz asked.

"Yep!" Travis exclaimed, jumping into the back seat.

Liz smiled at her son and got behind the wheel. She drove to the cleanest motel in Roswell and rented two adjoining rooms. She and Travis were sharing one room, and Isabel was taking the adjoining one. Each room had two double beds, a large bathroom, and a fridge and microwave. Liz was tempted to put off visiting her parents until the folowing day, but she coudln't. She scolded herself for being such a coward and told Travis to go and wash up.

After she finished freshening up, Liz rounded Isabel and Travis up, the the three of them got back into the car and Liz drove to the Crashdown. She was so nervous that her hands were starting to sweat, and she had to concentrate on keeping her breathing steady.

They got to the Crashdown much to quickly for Liz's tast. "Why does everything have to be so damn close in this town," Liz wondered. "Well lets go," she said, trying to smile.

Travis and Isabel waited for Liz to join them on the sidewalk before heading into the diner. Liz took a deep breath as the bell jingled, letting everyone know that new patrons entered the establishment. A middle aged man turned at the sound and when his eyes landed on Liz he let out a gasp.

"Lizzie?" he whispered.

Liz's eyes filled with tears. Even though it had been so long, her father still recgonized her. "Dad."

Jeff Parker made his way to his daughter unaware of the two people with her. He was just excited that his baby girl was finally home. He couldn't believe it. Jeff enveloped Liz in a hug as soon as he reached her and Liz clung to him sobbing into his shoulder.

"I'm so sorry daddy," she kept whispering over and over.

"Nancy! Come Quick!" Jeff yelled. "It's ok baby, it's ok."

Liz's father stroked her hair trying to calm his daughter down. He had almost forogtten how it felt to hold her in his arms. He wondered why she left and what made her stay away for so long, but at the moment he did not need those answeres. He was content just holding his baby girl.

Nancy rushed into the restaurant after hearing Jeff yell. She had no clue what the emergency was but she ran out to find out.

"Jeff, what's..." Nancy's question died in her throat. She didn't have to see the face of the young woman that Jeff was holding to know who she was.

"Liz?" She cried. "Is it really you?"

"Mom, yes it's really me," Liz choaked out.

Nancy hugged her daughter to her and said a silent prayer. She longed for this day for ten years. It was hard trying to live each day knowing that your child was out there somewhere, but not knowing if they were all right, or even alive.

"Where have you been? Why didn't you ever come home, or even write. We were so worried about you," Nancy said.

"Mom, dad, there is a lot that I have to tell you, but not here. Can we go upstaris," Liz asked.

"Of course baby," Jeff said. "Come on."

He and Nancy led the way. Liz held out both of her hands and Travis and Isabel each took one. They knew that this was the part Liz was dreading. Neither of Liz's parents noticed them yet, so this introduction was going to be hard.

Jeff opened the door and he and Nancy stepped inside. Liz, Isabel, and Travis followed. Travis stood inbetween his mother and his Aunt Isabel, trying to to be seen. Now that he was here, at hsi grandparents house, he wasn't so sure that he wanted to meet them. He could understand why his mother put off coming home so long.

"Liz, you didn't tell us that you brought a friend with you," Nancy exclaimed, finally noticing Isabel.

"This is Isabel McBaine, my best friend. She and her family took me in ten years ago and helped me to get my life together. I owe them a lot, especially Izzy," Liz said, smiling at Isabel.

The two of them were more like sisters then friends, even though there was no blood ties between them. Liz was serious when she said that she owed Isabel a lot, and Liz knew that she would never be able to repay the debt.

"Well, you have our gratitude. Liz looks to be doing well, and I'm guessing you had a lot to do with that," Nancy said.

"I had something to do with it," Isabel said. "But your daughter is the strongest person I knwo, so I didn't have to do too much."

"Um, there is someone else that I want to you meet," Liz said, her voice shaking. She gave Travis's hand a squeeze. She could feel his trembling, and she wanted to send him some of her strength.

"Ah, a special man in your life maybe?" Nancy smiled.

"Something like that. Mom, dad, I'd like you to meet Travis Evans, my son," Liz said, stepping to the side giving her parents their first look at their grandson.


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