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Summary: Alt. Unv. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Liz are the aliens . . Max, Isabel, and Michael were all picked up by the Evans. Liz was found by the mean, nasty Parkers (who don’t give a shit about her). Maria and Alex are still her best friends, they know her secret. That’s all.

Next Friday. Liz.

“We’ll take our check with our food.” I looked at Max in surprise. His behavior had been weird all week. I mean he actually showed up for class and was fractionally polite. And now he’s asking for the check in advance? Did this mean I was actually going to get a tip? I was starting to think he was high.
“That’s fine.” I looked at my watch, only twenty minutes before it was time to go. And this time I would have money for dinner on the way back....I will never eat at my parents restaurant, I know how they cook the food.
I’m not sure why I still bother to go. It’s been four years of searching and I’ve found nothing. Sometimes it feels like I’m not an alien. Like there was never any crash at all. If I couldn’t take stains out of my clothes by waving my hands over them I’d jump the theory that I’m crazy.
I was anxious. It was stupid. For twenty minutes I couldn’t stand still. Maria looked at me I was eating ants, however she said nothing. Alex was not as kind. “You expecting to get laid tonight or something? You’re all fidgety.” He bobbed his head at my feet which were tapping inectently. My foot stilled and I smiled at him. “No, just a bit jumpy. let me give the Stooges their check then I’ll change and we can go.”
I gave them the Evans’ their check and food, dealt with one other customer and went to change. Fifteen minutes later when I came back downstairs I was witness to a world wonder: the Evans had left a tip.


We hung back about a mile. If she saw us we were screwed. Isabel was nervous. Michael was just pissed, he didn’t care to have anybody looking into his past but himself. And I, I was just curious. I really just couldn’t envision Miss Perfect Parker being an X-File wannabe.
The tension in the jeep was thick enough to cut. Isabel decided to wield the knife. “What are we going to do if she really is snooping around the chamber?” Michael and I were silent. We had no idea as to what we were going do. We drove the rest of the way in silence.
She drove fast. By the time we got there her car was empty and none of them were in sight. “We split up. Whoever finds whoever.........just watch them and make sure they don’t find anything.” My words were tense. This was our birthplace. The only connection we had to our home....our planet.
I made my way over by the chamber. They’re really no way for her to open it but it was more than precious to us. She couldn’t find it. I followed an invisible path I knew by memory. And heard humming.
I very nearly cursed as loud as I could before I caught myself, I couldn’t get caught. I muttered the expletive under my breath and got caught anyway.
She stopped humming. I knew she’d heard me but I thought maybe, just maybe she’d look over me. I thought I might be lucky. I’m the unluckiest alien on Earth. Figures.
She came out from behind the rock. She didn’t look real scared but she was more than a little nervous. Then every emotion on her face dropped away to pure, unfiltered shock. Complete and total shock.......which could have something to do with the fact that she was staring at her lab partners face.
“Max?” Her voice was soaked in disbelief. “Yeah?” It might not have been the best idea to answer as cockily as I could. “What the hell are you doing here?!”


“What the hell are you doing here?!” My words rang out. My eyes were wide open. I was sure there must be something wrong with my sight. There was no way Max Evans was out in the desert. No possible way. I wanted answers, now!
His silence answered me. I got ticked. His feet were on my crash sight, so he could damn well answer me. The anger was evident in my voice when I question him again. “Max? Max! Is there any spefic reason why you’re here?”
He decided to be an asshole and answer my question with his own. “Is there any spefic reason why you’re here?” his tone mocking. I didn’t have the chance to think up an answer. A long shrill whistle cut through the air.
I took off running. And smiling as I left Max swearing. Maria’s call was unexpected but I had a clue as to what it what it pertained to. As Max was here his cohorts were probably not far off. Given her call I was assuming it was Michael she’d run into and not Isabel. Maria didn’t fear people she hated and she hated Isabel. Therefore by process of illlimination I was thinking it was Michael.
I covered the ground quickly. Quicker than Max. That wasn’t surprising. I knew the desert. It might as well
have well have been my house for all the time I spent there.
She was yelling before I’d even stopped. The words coming out of her mouth made me wince. “Unless you suddenly have acquired relatives without my knowledge this was not a group party. There is no reason, not a single one, for the ‘we-are-so-much-better-than-everybody-else’ club to be here. I sighed. In five minutes Maria would remember what she said, wince, and then promptly forget. It was just the way she functioned.
I wanted to keep my hearing so I cut in. “Maria. Maria! It’s a free desert. Why don’t we leave and come back another night?” She started to say something else and I slapped my hand over her mouth. She’d already made the comment about me having relatives; we didn’t need any more slip-ups.
I turned toward Max and Michael to explain with some lie but stopped when I saw them standing against the sky. It was frightening how they controlled the space around them. How they made the desert their own.
Both dressed in black to match the sky, they stood like gods presiding over worshipers. Maria had stilled behind me and I knew she was seeing the same thing; they could have been kings of the stars.
A sharp whistle broke me out of my study. It was Alex. The whistle asking ‘what was up’ ‘were we okay’ I whistled back, a short note telling him we were fine, then thinking a fast exit was a wise course of action I whistled again, long this time, to tell him we’d meet him at the car.
“Hate to interrupt your little bird calling secession but would you care to explain your presence here?” The sneer was evident in Michael’s voice. I poured all the sugar possible into my voice when I answered him. “We were going to call to eagles then stargaze..........but then those things got boring and we decided to have an orgy.” I smiled, grabbed Maria’s hand, and took off for the car.

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